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  • Title: GreenLife Societyt
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  • Title: GreenLife Society
    Descriptive info: NEWS.. 19.. 02.. 10 GreenLife starts Systemised Collection of Plastic Waste on Havelock Island.. 10 GreenLife sets up the Plastic Recycling Centre in Dolly Gunj Port Blair.. 14.. 09.. 08 Dugong 'Best Friend Club' Starts in Dwarka with Sanjay Salaiya.. 08 GreenLife Training to Changing Forest Officers into Marine Rangers.. 08 GreenLife-Dugong Preliminary Survey in the Gulf of Kutch at Gujarat.. GreenLife Society was founded in 1991 to connect active people and organizations worldwide to work for a better world.. It is a politically and religiously non-biased network, which strives to solve problems in a comprehensive way.. Our  ...   emphasize mainly on wildlife conservation but relate our work to the local population needs on how they can manage their own natural resources and at the same time preserve their precious natural resources.. The efforts made are done solely by local people and this effort we have named GreenLife Society.. The website is designed to search through our projects with ease, details on projects or other questions such as volunteering or data can be asked directly by emailing us.. Viagra.. GLS is supported by The Finnish Embassy, Coral Reef Alliance and Myllykoski Corporation.. GreenLife Society 2008 -.. Contact Info..

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  • Title: Documenting Illegal Activity
    Descriptive info: Documenting Illegal Activity.. It is a fact, that if serious conservation efforts are not made for Dugongs in the Andaman and Gulf of Mannar the Dugong will become extinct.. Other species such as sharks, rays other sea life are under serious threat due to the species being wipe out due to poaching and over fishing.. Here are some pictures which tell a thousand words!.. Why we have to be vigilant?.. Click here to report incident..

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    Descriptive info: ILLEGAL ACTIVITY REPORT.. Please use this form to report any suspected illegal activity Dugong killing, stranding, shark finning, turtle egg poaching, whale hunting or strandings.. Any activities you feel we should look at, please send us an email and any details or evidence you have.. We will report valid violations to the Chief Wildlife Warden in the concerned area.. If you have further details such as GPS coordinates please include them in the details.. Please attach single photo, video with the form.. If you have many or if you have other material please send them via email to: info(at)greenligesociety.. org or to our postal address: 141 Island Niwas, Delanipur,  ...   Dominican, Rep.. Ecuador.. Egypt.. El Salvador.. Finland.. France.. Germany.. Greece.. Guatemala.. Honduras.. Hong Kong.. India.. Ireland.. Israel.. Italy.. Jamaica.. Japan.. Luxembourg.. Mexico.. Morocco.. Netherlands.. New Zealand.. Nicaragua.. Nigeria.. Norway.. Paraguay.. Peru.. Poland.. Portugal.. Puerto Rico.. Russia.. Saudi Arabia.. South Africa.. Spain.. Sweden.. Switzerland.. Taiwan.. Turkey.. United Kingdom.. United States.. Uruguay.. Venezuela.. Other.. Mobile.. Telephone.. Email.. Time of Discovery.. Date of Discovery.. Day.. 01.. 02.. 03.. 04.. 05.. 06.. 07.. 08.. 09.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. Month.. Year.. 2008.. 2009.. 2010.. 2011.. 2012.. 2013.. 2014.. 2015.. Location of Incident.. Details.. Attach image (max 5MB)..

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    Descriptive info: WANT TO VOLUNTEER?.. GreenLife Society is looking for volunteers in it's projects.. If you are interested in volunteering please send an open application to.. info@greenlifesociety.. org.. or you can fill in the form below.. The season for volunteer work is between.. December and May.. , the terrain is tough and remote this is not a place for people who need comforts usually found in other volunteer organizations.. We prefer the person applying for volunteer work to:.. •.. Be the minimum of 18 years of age and healthy.. •.. Have some experience in  ...   project location.. Cover for lodging, training, upkeep and contribute to future conservation work.. Who know how to swim or snorkel.. Who have organized their own insurance.. VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM.. First Name.. Last Name.. Birth date.. Before 1960.. 1960.. 1961.. 1962.. 1963.. 1964.. 1965.. 1966.. 1967.. 1968.. 1969.. 1971.. 1972.. 1973.. 1974.. 1975.. 1976.. 1977.. 1978.. 1979.. 1980.. 1981.. 1982.. 1983.. 1984.. 1985.. 1986.. 1987.. 1988.. 1989.. 1990.. 1991.. 1992.. 1993.. 1994.. 1995.. 1996.. 1997.. 1998.. 1999.. 2000.. Gender.. Male.. Female.. Home Address.. Period of Volunteering.. Start:.. End:.. Details/CV.. Attach Word or Text document..

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    Descriptive info: CONTACT INFO.. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at:.. GreenLife Society.. 141 Island Niwas.. Delanipur, Port Blair.. Andaman Nicobar Islands.. Office: +91(0) 3192245567.. GSM1: +91(0) 9933292177.. GSM2: +91(0)994 036 1167.. Email: info(at)greenlifesociety.. org..

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