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  • Title: International Academy of Astronautics
    Descriptive info: .. Arabic.. Bulgarian.. Chinese.. Deutsch.. Dutch.. English.. Espanol.. Francais.. Greek.. Hindi.. Italiano.. Japanese.. Magyar.. Polski.. Portugues.. Romana.. Russian.. Turkish.. Ukrainian.. News.. -.. Calendar.. Call for Papers.. Studies & Position Papers.. Acta Astronautica.. Commissions.. Study Groups.. Home.. Wednesday, 15 January 2014.. Site Search.. Flash News.. Season s Greetings and a Happy New Year.. Heads of Space Agencies Ceremony during the Gala Dinner,.. January 09, 2014,.. Washington DC, USA.. IAA Summit Declaration.. On January 10, 2014, 32 Heads of Space Agencies gathered in Washington DC to discuss topics of international importance on Planetary Robotic and Human Spaceflight Exploration.. The International Academy of Astronautics announces the.. IAA Summit declaration.. that was welcomed by all agencies leaders.. The International Academy of Astronautics has proposed to Space Agencies specific activities enhancing global cooperation in space exploration which have resulted from the Heads of Space Agencies Summit in 2010.. The IAA welcomes participation in these.. specific activities.. by Space Agencies.. IAA Space Exploration Conference.. The International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) held a.. space exploration conference.. (Planetary Robotic and Human Spaceflight Exploration) in Washington D.. C.. , United States, on 9 January 2014.. The.. preliminary program.. is available on this website.. There was the following parallel sessions:.. 1) Human Aspects in Spaceflight.. 2) Scientific Goals in  ...   Exploration) in Washington D.. , United States, on 10 January 2014.. The IAA Heads of Space Agencies Summit on Exploration.. announcement.. is available.. 32 Heads of Space Agencies discussed the Summit Declaration follow-on implementations and new fresh ideas on international cooperation through the following round tables:.. 1) The Importance of International Cooperation.. 2) Space Stations.. 3) Space Exploration: LEO Beyond.. 4) Benefits of Space Exploration.. Reception and Gala Dinner.. on January 9, 2014 to reunite over 30 Heads of Space Agencies and their delegations as well as government officials, distinguished scientists, Summit participants and special guests.. Because this IAA Summit is taking place in cooperation and conjunction with the ministerial International Space Exploration Forum, a policy dialogue on space exploration at minister-level hosted for the first time by the US Department of State, this gala dinner brought together both communities and Ministers and their delegations.. Roger Krone, President of Network and Space Systems for Boeing Defense, Space Security at the Boeing Company receiving a token of appreciation during the Gala dinner on January 9, 2014 from Madhavan Nair, IAA President and Jean-Michel Contant, IAA Secretary General.. Supporting donors Platinum+:.. Supporting donors:.. Partners:.. COSPAR.. IAF.. IISL.. b.. Dictionaries.. Prog.. Cttee.. Paper Database.. Site Map.. Contact Us.. 2014 International Academy of Astronautics..

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