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  • Title: IAAP International Association for Analytical Psychology of CG Jung
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Contact.. Forum.. User Login.. Who We Are.. Mission.. Executive Committee.. Committees.. Societies Membership.. Individual Members.. IAAP Societies.. Developing Groups.. Router Groups.. Individual Membership.. Membership Procedures.. Organizational Papers.. Governing Documents.. IAAP Ethics.. Founding of IAAP: 1955.. Analysts.. Public List of Analysts.. Analysts Only.. IAAP Committee Reports.. Council of Societies.. IAAP Delegates Meeting.. Society Membership Procedures.. Database Directory App.. Obituaries.. Congresses.. 2013 Copenhagen.. 2010 Montreal.. 2007 Cape Town.. 2004 Barcelona.. Sunday – August 29, 2004.. Monday – August 30, 2004.. Tuesday – August 31, 2004.. Wednesday – September 1, 2004.. Thursday – September 2, 2004.. Friday – September 3, 2004.. 2001 Cambridge.. Conferences.. 2013 Conferences.. 2012 Conferences.. Previous Conferences.. Resources.. Download Area.. IAAP Newsletters.. Publishing.. Featured Books.. Journals.. Publishers.. Books by Publisher.. Limited Previews.. Academic Resources.. Collected Works : Abstracts.. Academic Abstracts.. Academic Posts.. Graduate Schools.. Archive.. Annotated Bibliography.. Media.. Photographs.. Audio.. Video.. Web Links.. Articles.. Commemorating Jung.. Analytical Psychology.. Interviews.. Clinical Papers.. Psyche and Culture.. September 11, 2001.. French.. News.. Announcements.. Events Calendar.. Past Announcements.. My Account.. Member Access.. My Forum Profile.. IAAP Congress 2013.. XIXth International Congress for Analytical Psychology.. August 18-23, 2013 || Copenhagen, Denmark.. The theme of the Congress will be: 100 Years on: Origins, Innovations and Controversies.. Read More.. 1.. Copenhagen Congress Website.. Copenhagen.. Congress Website.. Congress Registration, Hotel Booking, the Congress Program,.. Morning & Evening Events, Optional Tours, Contacts.. Congress Theme : 100 Years on:.. Origins, Innovations and Controversies.. The website for the XIXth IAAP Congress in Copenhagen is online and begins with the Program details and a full Sunday of events : the Pre-Congress Workshop ("Movement as Active Imagination"), other Sunday events (the meeting of the North American Societies, CNASJA, the Council of Societies Review, the Meeting of Candidates and Routers, of ISST, of AGAP) and finally the Opening Reception at the Scandic Hotel.. Use the Congress website in English at.. http://cg-jung.. dk/en/.. or in Danish at.. dk/.. to register for the Congress.. You can make your hotel reservation at the same time.. hotel booking site.. In the picture above, on the shore in the foreground is the Tycho Brahe Planetarium.. Behind the planetarium and to the left is the Scandic Hotel, the site of our Congress.. will be held.. The photograph is by Lars Gehrlein (LarsGe) and it can be found and purchased as a print at.. www.. 500px.. com.. Documents related to the Delegates Meeting.. For IAAP analysts who plan to attend the Congress:.. To reach the.. documents related to the Delegates Meeting.. :.. Log in with your id and password..  ...   was founded in 1955 by C.. G.. Jung and a group of international analysts.. The IAAP holds a Congress every 3 years, publishes the proceedings, authorizes new societies, and supports developing groups and individual routers.. C.. G.. Jung, (1875-1961).. Carl Jung was one of the creators of modern depth psychology.. He contributed many ideas which continue to inform contemporary life, like: complex, archetype, persona, shadow, anima and animus, personality typology, dream interpretation, individuation.. IAAP Mission.. IAAP Constitution.. Founding of IAAP: 1955.. IAAP Executive Committee.. IAAP Societies.. List of Analysts.. Commemorating Jung.. Jung's Collected Works.. CG Jung: Analytical Psychology.. Search IAAP Site.. Website Guide.. We have redesigned and reorganized the IAAP website.. Also new features were added.. We hope that you will find it more pleasant and easily to navigate.. In order to familiarize with it here is a summary of the website features.. Google Translate.. Recent Discussions.. Improving IAAP website.. Started by.. Administrator.. While we work on the website's appearance, make adjustments to various componen.. 1 year ago.. 2.. 9895.. Header Images.. The IAAP Congress 2013, Copenhagen:.. : here we are using an image of the Egeskov Castle in Denmark.. For the.. The JAP International Conference.. held earlier, we used a detail from a 1933 painting by Shindo Reime, "Foot of the Falls," that is exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.. For.. The 30th International Workshop on Childhood and Adolescence.. , we used a photograph the "Real Alcazar de Sevilla" by Riccardo Melillo (CC - Creative Commons Copyright).. Quick Links: Let's know each other.. Discussions with other registered IAAP members.. Contact Us.. IAAP staff organized in categories - you can write individually to any contact.. Public List of IAAP Analysts.. Quick view and search through all analysts.. IAAP Database Directory.. External database application with full details about all analysts.. Quick Links: IAAP in Action.. Media.. :.. Photo Galleries.. |.. Audio Records.. Video Articles.. See photos from IAAP events.. Check multimedia resources (audio and video).. Congresses.. Found out about past and next IAAP Congresses.. You can see how it was on.. Barcelona 2004.. Cape Town 2007.. What's next? Check the.. Events Calendar.. and the.. Latest Announcements.. Quick Links: Expanding Horizons.. Check this year's.. Conferences.. Download Area.. Useful documents and articles to be downloaded.. Academic resources.. Jung's Collected Works : Abstracts, Academic Abstracts, Annotated Bibliography : Cross-Currents.. Let's Read!.. FeaturedBooks.. and browse.. Limited Preview Books.. You can also check our library with suggestions for.. Books by Publisher.. for you to enjoy.. Login Form.. Remember Me.. Forgot your password?.. Forgot your username?..

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  • Title: IAAP International Association for Analytical Psychology of CG Jung
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  • Title: Contact
    Descriptive info: Officers.. Staff.. Analyst Members..

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  • Title: Forum
    Descriptive info: IAAP Forum.. IAAP discussions may be initiated by or given permission and support by the IAAP.. Please direct your requests to the Chair of the Publications and Communications Sub-Committee.. Subscribe via email.. Subscribe via email.. Subscribe via rss.. Search.. or Ask a Question.. Discussions.. Categories.. Tags.. Users.. Login.. Register.. Username.. Forgot Password?.. Password.. Could  ...   Unresolved.. Unanswered.. Latest.. Popular.. Loading.. Administrator.. 2.. replies.. 9895.. views.. Improving IAAP website.. posted in.. IAAP Website.. Website.. more than a month ago.. Last replied by:.. DP Williams.. Page :.. Board Statistics.. Total Posts:.. Total Resolved Posts:.. Total Unanswered Posts:.. 0.. Total Users:.. 3120.. Latest Member:.. Joseph R.. Lee.. Online Users:.. 283 other guests..

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  • Title: Who We Are
    Descriptive info: Mission Statement.. Analytical Psychology originated in the work of the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961).. Offering a comprehensive model of the human psyche, analytical psychology includes a psychotherapeutic approach for improving mental health and facilitating maturation of the personality as well as a theoretical body of knowledge with wide applicability to social and cultural issues.. The International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) was founded in 1955 and is the accrediting and regulatory organization for all professional analytical psychologists’ groups.. The main objectives of the IAAP are to advance the understanding and utility of analytical psychology worldwide, and to ensure that the highest professional, scientific and ethical standards are maintained in the training and practice of analytical psychologists among its Member Groups.. The IAAP addresses these objectives, in part, by organizing a regular triennial international congress and offering assistance to various regional and professional meetings.. In addition to overseeing and financing the publication of the Congress Proceedings, the IAAP supports relevant research projects, and promotes the translation and dissemination of important contributions to the Jungian literature.. As part of its mission to promote analytical psychology worldwide, the IAAP actively encourages the formation of Developing Groups in countries and regions without existing IAAP Groups and furthers their progress by organizing local courses and conferences, by supporting the growth of their libraries, and by assisting in ways that foster their integration into the larger community.. As an international body, the IAAP promotes communication among its member groups and coordinates their activities.. This is done by publishing a yearly Newsletter, maintaining a website (www.. iaap.. org), coordinating information about the professional status of analytical psychologists in different countries, and assisting its member societies to negotiate with the state authorities and with one another.. Overall, the IAAP endeavours to facilitate the growth of local initiatives while remaining respectful of the autonomy of its member groups.. Internationale Gesellschaft für Analytische Psychologie.. Analytische Psychologie ist der Name, mit dem die tiefenpsychologische Richtung bezeichnet wird, welche im Werk von Carl Gustav Jung (1875 - 1961) aus der Schweiz  ...   di Psicologia Analitica.. Psicologia Analitica è la denominazione data alla psicologia che trae origine dall’opera di Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) di Zurigo.. Jung è uno dei massimi esponenti della psicologia del profondo.. La IAAP è una organizzazione internazionale di professionisti che esercitano la psicologia analitica.. I suoi scopi sono la promozione dello studio della psicologia analitica e la sua diffusione; il mantenimento di alti livelli nel training, nell’esercizio della professione e nella condotta etica; l’organizzazione di congressi.. Alla IAAP aderiscono oltre 2000 soci in tutto il mondo.. Associação Internacional de Psicologia Analítica.. Psicologia Analítica é o nome dado à psicologia originada no trabalho de Carl Gustav Jung (1875 - 1961) na Suíça.. Jung é um dos mais importantes pensadores da psicologia profunda.. A IAAP é uma organização internacional de profissionais engajados na prática da Psicologia Analítica.. Os objetivos da Associação são promover o estudo e disseminar o conhecimento da Psicologia Analítica, exigir a manutenção de altos padrões de treinamento, de prática e de conduta ética e promover congressos.. A Associação tem mais de 2000 membros espalhados pelo mundo.. Asociación Internacional de Psicología Analítica.. Psicología analítica es el nombre que se le da a la psicología que se originó con la obra de Carl Gustav Jung, el psiquiatra suizo (1875-1961).. Jung es uno de los máximos exponentes de la psicología profunda.. La Asociación Internacional de Psicología Analítica (IAAP), creada de conformidad con el Artículo 60 y sig.. Del Código Civil Suizo, es una organización internacional de profesionales en ejercicio de la psicología analítica.. Sus objetivos son la promoción del estudio de la psicología analítica y su difusión; el mantenimiento de altos niveles en las normas de formación profesional, en el ejercicio de la profesión y en la conducta ética de sus miembros; y la organización de congresos.. La IAAP cuenta actualmente con más de 2000 miembros a través del mundo.. La IAAP persigue estos objetivos con todo respeto por la autonomía y los intereses profesionales de sus Grupos Miembros y de sus Miembros Individuales.. Mission.. Executive Committee.. Committees.. Societies Membership.. Organizational Papers..

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  • Title: Mission
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  • Title: Executive Committee
    Descriptive info: IAAP Officers.. Joseph Cambray, President | Tom Kelly, President-Elect.. Marianne Müller, Vice-President | Jan Wiener, Vice-President.. Angela Connolly, Honorary Secretary.. Mariuccia Tresoldi, IAAP’s President Secretariat.. Yvonne Trüeb, IAAP Secretariat | Don Williams, IAAP Webmaster.. Emilija Kiehl, Newssheet and Newsletter Editor.. Sibylle Koersgen, Archive Project Secretary.. IAAP President.. Joe Cambray (NESJA).. 23 Temple St.. # 1.. Boston, Massachusetts 02114.. United States.. Telephone: 617-720-7835.. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. IAAP President-Elect.. Tom Kelly (IRSJA).. 4060 Grey Avenue.. Montréal, Québec.. H4A 3P1 Canada.. Telephone: 514-488-2098; Fax: 514-488-2098.. IAAP Honorary Secretary.. Angela Connolly (CIPA).. Via Agostino Bassi 13, Roma I-00191.. Italy.. Telephone: 06-333 27 92.. IAAP Vice-President.. Marianne Müller (SGAP).. Herrengasse 7, Bern.. CH-3011.. Switzerland.. Telephone: 031-312-3500.. Jan Wiener (SAP).. 24 Dyne Road, London.. NW6 7XE..  ...   London, UK.. IAAP Webmaster.. Donald Williams (IRSJA).. 2322 20th Street, Boulder, Colorado 80304.. Telephone: 303-918-5136 (mobile).. Website :.. org.. IAAP Archive Secretary.. Sibylle Koersgen.. The following IAAP groups were selected and have sent representatives to serve on the IAAP Executive Committee :.. AJAJ : Association of Jungian Psychologists, Japan : Toshio Kawai.. SBrPA : Brazilian Society for Analytical Psychology : Denise Ramos.. DSAP : Danish Society for Analytical Psychology : Misser Berg.. CGJILA : C.. Jung Institute of Los Angeles : Joanne Culbert-Koehn.. SAAJA : Southern African Association of Jungian Analysts : Fred Borchardt.. AIPA : Associazione Italiana Psicologia Analitica : Alessandra de Coro.. CSJA : Chicago Society of Jungian Analysts : George Hogenson.. AGAP : Association of Graduate Analytical Psychologists : John Desteian.. AJB : Associaçao Junguiana do Brazil : Walter Boechat..

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  • Title: Committees
    Descriptive info: IAAP Committees.. Education Working Party.. Year.. 2010-2013.. Angela Connolly.. , IAAP Honorary Secretary.. Committee Chair.. Jan Wiener.. , IAAP Vice-President.. JoAnn Culbert-Koehn.. (CGJILA).. Denise Ramos.. (SBrPA).. Misser Berg.. (DSAP).. Toshio Kawai.. (AJAJ).. Constitutional Review Working Party.. 2010-2013.. Marianne Müller.. , IAAP Vice-President.. Tom Kelly.. Joe Cambray.. , IAAP President.. John Desteian.. (AGAP).. Fund Raising Sub-Committee.. (CGJILA).. Honorary Members Sub-Committee.. (DSAP).. Society Applications Sub-Committee.. , IAAP President-Elect.. (ex-officio).. Publications and Communications Sub-Committee.. Walter Boechat.. (AJB).. Alessandra de Coro.. (AIPA).. George Hogenson.. (CSJA).. Fred Borchardt.. (SAAJA).. Emilija Kiehl.. (consulting).. Don Williams.. Individual Members Sub-Committee.. , President-Elect.. , Vice-President.. Academic Sub-Committee.. (AJAJ) and.. (SBrPA).. Committee Co-Chairs.. Developing Groups Sub-Committee.. , IAAP President-Elect.. , IAAP Honorary Secretary.. Ethics Committee.. Ann Casement.. , United Kingdom, BAP, JPA.. Erel Shalit.. , Israel, IIJP.. Honorary Secretary.. Mariana Arancibia.. , Chile, IM.. Christopher Beach.. , United States, NESJA, AGAP.. Carole Beebe Tarantelli.. , Italy, CIPA.. Christian Gaillard.. , France, SFPA.. Sonoko Toyoda.. , Japan, AJAJ, AGAP.. Ethics Committee Contact:.. Chair, Ann Casement LP.. 3 Hans Crescent.. Flat D.. London SW1X 0LN.. Telephone:.. 020 7052 0832.. E-mail:.. Grants and Research Sub-Committee.. Grants and Research Sub-Committee.. Guidelines for applications.. Requests for grants:.. This should  ...   funds:.. This should include a brief description of the group or individual member making the request, establishing the research capacities; statement of the purpose of the research; justification of the efficacy of the research project; statement of the specific methods to be used; numbers, dates, etc.. ; proposed completion dates; commitment to present a final scientific and financial report to the committee or, in case of a pluri-annual research project, an annual scientific and financial progress report regarding the status of the research.. The Grants and Research Sub-Committee refers the progress reports to the Academic Sub-Committee for advice.. The IAAP prefers to participate in research projects that have obtained matching funds and requests written acknowledgment of its participation in whatever publication is forthcoming from the research.. Informal questions concerning applications for funds may be addressed to the Chair or the members of the Sub-Committee.. Please note that the IAAP financial year does not coincide with the academic calendar, but with the civil year, from January to December.. All requests in writing, with financial figures in Swiss francs, are to be submitted to:.. Information pending notification by 2010-2013 newly selected Grants and Research Sub-Committee.. September 2010..

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  • Title: Societies & Membership
    Descriptive info: The International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP), established in accordance with Art.. 60 et seq.. of the Swiss Civil Code, is an international organization of those engaged in the practice of Analytical Psychology throughout the world.. Its aims are:.. To promote the study of Analytical Psychology;.. To disseminate knowledge of Analytical Psychology;.. To require the maintenance of high standards of training, practice, and ethical conduct;.. 3.. To hold Congresses.. The IAAP pursues these aims with due regard for the autonomous status and professional interests of its Group Members and Individual Members.. Categories of Membership in the IAAP:.. Group Members.. are societies of IAAP analysts that have been elected to membership as a body.. By virtue of its election, all of its members, both present and future, who are professionally and analytically qualified, become members of  ...   there is no Group Member with training status.. Exceptional cases may be considered.. Honorary Members.. are individuals who are selected to IAAP membership because of outstanding contributions to the field of Analytical Psychology and the values and goals of the IAAP.. Generally they are not analysts, and Honorary Membership in no way entitles them to practice psychotherapy or to call themselves Jungian analysts.. Developing “Groups”.. constitute a special category in the IAAP.. Developing “Groups” are associations of people in regions or countries in which there is no existing IAAP Group Member.. The individuals comprising such groups are students of Analytical Psychology, working primarily as professional psychotherapists, physicians, and educators or in other relevant professions.. Belonging to a Developing Group does not imply membership status in the IAAP.. Developing Groups.. Router Groups.. Individual Membership.. Membership Procedures..

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  • Title: Individual Members
    Descriptive info: Update pending.. Arancibia, Mariana.. Betak, Ludvik.. Blomqvist, Gunilla.. Bock, Elisabeth.. Cervini, Ana Antonietta.. Danest, Francis.. Dhaoui, Héchmi.. Gat, Geula.. Giegerich, Wolfgang.. Gogela, Ulrike.. Gudaite, Grazina.. Han, Oh-su.. Jerotic, Vladeta.. Khegai, Lev.. Konstantinova, Anna.. Kronberg, Yvonne.. Kutzinski, Dvorah.. Manevsky, Sergey.. Ní Nualláin, Máirín.. Petrova, Teodora.. Popovic, Velimir.. Prothmann, Leo.. Raevsky, Stanislav.. Rasmus-Nielsen, Birte.. Rudakova, Tatiana.. Schelke, Randi.. Schulmann, Valentin.. Shen, Heyong.. Suh, Dong-Hyuck.. Thyberg, A.. Stina M.. Viterbi-Ben, Horin Mirjam.. von Heydwolff, Andreas.. Wylie-Warren, Frances.. Young, Anne..

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  • Title: IAAP Societies
    Descriptive info: IAAP Societies Details.. IAAP.. Societies.. IAAP Societies Details.. Societies : Geographical Listing.. Societies : Alphabetical Listing.. Default.. Random.. Austria ÖGAP.. Österreichische Gesellschaft für Analytische Psychologie -- ÖGAP Penzinger Str.. 69/11 A-1140 Wien Tel.. 01-9005-12755, Fax 01-9005-17425.. ….. Belgium BSJP.. Société Belge de Psychologie Analytique - SBPA Secretary : Marie-Agnès Van Eeckhout-Gueur Avenue Vendôme 21 B 1380.. Belgium SBPA.. Belgische School voor Jungianse Psychoanalyse -- BSJP Ecole Belge de Psychanalyse Jungienne Belgian School for Jungian.. Brazil AJB.. Associaçao Junguiana do Brasil -- AJB Jungian Association of Brazil E-mail: \n This email address is.. Brazil SBrPA.. Brazilian Society for Analytical Psychology -- SBrPA Instituto São Paulo Rua Dr.. Flaquer, 63 Paraíso, São.. Canada OAJA.. Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts -- OAJA 223 St.. Clair Ave.. W.. (3rd floor) Toronto, Ontario.. Canada WCAJA.. Western Canadian Association of Jungian Analysts -- WCAJA c/o Catherine Ellis, President 1190-A Fort Street Victoria.. Denmark DSAP.. Danish Society for Analytical Psychology -- DSAP Carl Baggers Alle 23 Charlottenlund DK-2920 Denmark tel: + 45.. France SFPA.. Société Française de Psychologie Analytique -- SFPA Institut C.. Jung de Paris 13 rue Ganneron Paris.. Germany DGAP.. Deutschen Gesellschaft für Analytische Psychologie -- DGAP Alexanderstrasse 92 Stuttgart D-70182 Germany E-mail: \n This email.. Israel IIJP.. Israel Institute for Jungian Psychology -- IIJP President: Avi Baumann Ha'Kfir 151 Jerusalem 96952 Israel Tel:.. Israel ISAP.. Israel Society of Analytical Psychology -- ISAP President: Rafi Youngman, Ph.. D.. P.. O.. Box 585, Ra’anana 43104.. Israel NIJS.. The New Israeli Jungian Society -- NIJS President: Weiler Bina-Blanka 6 Hadar Street Herzlia 46290 Israel.. Italy AIPA.. Associazione Italiana per lo Studio della Psicologia Analitica -- AIPA Istituto di Roma President: Gianni Nagliero.. Italy ARPA.. Associazione Richerche Psicologia Analitica -- ARPA President: Augusto Romano Corso Galileo Ferraris 155 Torino 10134 Italy.. Italy CIPA.. Centro Italiano di Psicologica Analitica -- CIPA Presidente : Vito Marino De Marinis Vice Presidente : Elisabetta Franciosi.. Italy LIRPA.. Laboratorio Italiano di Ricerche in Psicologia Analitica -- LIRPA Information pending Non-training status.. Japan AJAJ.. Association of Jungian Psychologists, Japan -- AJAJ Sawada-Building 2F 201 Takoyakushi-Sagaru, Takakura-Dori Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto 604-8216 Japan.. Korea KAJA.. Korean Association of Jungian Analysts -- KAJA Room 402 Sungbuk Plaza Building, 94-1, Seongbuk 2-dong, Seongbuk-gu,.. Lithuania LAAP.. Lithuanian Association of Analytical Psychology -- LAAP Information pending Non-training status.. Mexico SOMEJ.. Sociedad Mexicana C.. Jung -- SOMEJ Mexican C.. Jung Society Ana Soni, President; E-mail: \n This.. Netherlands  ...   22343 London W13 8GP United.. United States: Chicago CSJA.. Chicago Society of Jungian Analysts -- CSJA C.. Jung Institute of Chicago 203 N.. Wabash, Suite.. United States: Dallas DSJA.. Dallas Society of Jungian Analysts -- DSJA President: Cheryl Soignier P.. Box 670527 Dallas, Texas 75367-0527.. United States: Georgia GAJA.. Georgia Association of Jungian Analysts -- GAJA c/o William Willeford, Ph.. 4945 North Peachtree Road Atlanta,.. United States: Inter-Regional Society IRSJA.. The Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts -- IRSJA President: Patricia Berry, Ph.. ; E-mail: \n This email.. United States: Los Angeles CGJILA.. Jung Institute of Los Angeles -- CGJILA C.. Jung Institute of Los Angeles 10349 West.. United States: New England NESJA.. New England Society of Jungian Analysts -- NESJA C.. Jung Institute--Boston 21 Hartford Street Newton, MA.. United States: New Mexico NMSJA.. The New Mexico Society of Jungian Analysts -- NMSJA President: Jacqueline Zeller-Levine E-mail: \n This email.. United States: New York NYAAP.. Jung Institute of New York President: Elizabeth Stevenson; E-mail \n This email address is.. United States: North Carolina NCSJA.. North Carolina Society of Jungian Analysts -- NCSJA President: Jenny Lee Yates, Ph.. ; e-mail: \n This.. United States: North Pacific NPIAP.. North Pacific Institute for Analytical Psychology -- NPIAP President: Valerie McIlroy; E-mail: \n This email address.. United States: Ohio OVAJA.. Ohio Valley Association of Jungian Analysts - OVAJA Chair: Janice Zalla 557 Locust Run Road Cincinnati,.. United States: Pacific Northwest PNSJA.. Pacific Northwest Society Of Jungian Analysts -- PNSJA President: Anna Lyons-Roost 1311 Willagillespie Eugene, Oregon 97401.. United States: Philadelphia PAJA.. United States: Pittsburgh PSJA.. Pittsburgh Society of Jungian Analysts -- PSJA President: Stanton Marlan, Ph.. 5400 Hobart St.. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.. United States: San Francisco CGJISF.. Society of Jungian Analysts of Northern California -- CGJISF C.. Jung Institute of San Francisco 2040.. United States: Southern California CGJISC.. Society of Jungian Analysts of Southern California -- CGJISC c/o Jane M.. Sweeney, Ph.. , President 6852.. United States: Washington DC JAWA.. Jungian Analysts of Washington Association -- JAWA President: Janice A.. Quinn, PhD, LCSW 1005 S.. 16th.. Uruguay SUPA.. Sociedad Uruguaya de Psicologia Analitica – SUPA President - Dr.. Mario Saiz Bv.. Artigas 1468 11200 - Montevideo.. Venezuela AVPA.. Asociación Venezolana de Psicología Analítica -- AVPA c/o Dra.. Diana Rísquez Thielen Calle las Mesetas, Anexo.. Venezuela SVAJ.. Sociedad Venezolana de Analistas Junguianos -- SVAJ Venezuelan Society for Jungian Analysts Av.. Los Pinos, Qta..

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