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  • Title: INGAS
    Descriptive info: .. home.. about.. publications.. contact.. links.. INGAS Description of the project.. The main objective of "INGAS - Integrated GAS Powertrain" Collaborative Project is to deploy a custom designed engine integrated with a specific aftertreatment system, applied to a light duty vehicle able to achieve a 10% higher fuel conversion efficiency than that of a corresponding 2006 diesel vehicle and complying with an emission level lower than Euro 6.. Additional features are:.. Advanced storage systems and vehicle architectures.. Multi-grade fuel tolerance and fuel flexibility.. To achieve the INGAS targets, three main combustion technologies will be compared:.. Sub Project A1 "CNG technologies for passenger cars" will develop a natural gas car powered by a 1.. 4 liter displacement engine using the sequential multi-point port gas injection and following the stoichiometric approach.. Sub Project A2 "Turbo DI CNG engine"  ...   9 liter displacement engine using port gas injection or low pressure direct gas injection and following the ultra-lean combustion approach.. Three main enabling technologies will be compared and assessed:.. Sub Project B0 "Fuels for advanced CNG engines" will define/supply the gas mixture of the requested quality, conduct analysis and purpose solutions in order to affect in a flexible way storage, combustion, aftertreatment and performance of the CNG vehicles.. Sub Project B1 "Gas storage for passenger car CNG engine" will develop advanced gas storage and filling systems including specific components and gas sensors.. Sub Project B2 "Aftertreatment for passenger car CNG engine" will develop an aftertreatment system for natural gas vehicles having special regards to CH4 conversion efficiency and NOx abatement under stoichiometric and lean combustion operations.. Copyright 2008 - Integrated GAS Powertrain - All rights reserved..

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