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  • Title: Home - IC2
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Project summary.. IC2 Concept.. Work Packages.. News.. Publications.. Events.. Contact.. Deliverables.. Norway.. Sweden.. Finland.. Denmark.. Germany.. Research and.. technology.. development.. Demonstration.. Training and.. Dissemination.. The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (.. FP7/2007-2013.. ) under grant agreement n 246172.. Intelligent and Customized Tooling (IC2) addresses the need for new technology and organizational models for the tooling industry.. By developing a technological foundation and organizational models for intelligent tooling systems customized for the needs of users, the European tooling industry can increase competitiveness through knowledge intensive tooling and increased customer value.. IC2 will be a multidisciplinary research with hybrid manufacturing, coatings and tribology control, surface embedded sensors and new organizational models.. IC2 will combine state-of-the-art additive and subtractive processes into a hybrid manufacturing cell.. Such a cell will typically integrate the precision and performance of high-speed milling, grinding and/or polishing with the geometrical freedom of Additive Manufacturing Technology for the production of tooling inserts, cores, channels and cavities.. Advanced coating technologies will be used to create intelligent surfaces featuring embedded sensors, high  ...   intensive tooling for the benefit of European manufacturing competiveness.. The impact of IC2 knowledge intensive tooling will be substantial reduced time-to-marked, process tact times and tooling/manufacturing costs.. The new technology enables new business models with full tool life cycle service and enhanced high value tools for the manufacturing industry.. The hybrid manufacturing enables rapid and high quality tool maintenance, while the sensors enables remote tool and process condition monitoring.. The main objective of IC2 is to:.. Increase the competitiveness of European tooling industry through development of new technologies and new organizational and business models?.. Administrative summary:.. Project duration:.. 1.. 10.. 2010 - 31.. 09.. 2013.. Number of partners:.. 16 in total, consisting of 9 Industrial (8 SME's and 1 large), 2 universities and 5 research institutes.. Countries represented:.. Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany.. Work input:.. 316 person months.. Budget:.. 4.. 6 million Euro.. EC contribution:.. 3,2 million Euro.. Coordinator:.. SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing AS.. Lars Tore Gellein.. lars.tore.gellein@sintef.no.. Consortium:.. 2010 IC2 - Intelligent and Customized Tooling | Phone (coordinator): +47 920 38 688 | Mail:.. | SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing AS.. Design by.. Bobolo..

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  • Title: Project summary - IC2
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  • Title: IC2 Concept - IC2
    Descriptive info: The IC2 concept:.. Although tool-less manufacturing such as additive manufacturing technology is increasing, the use of tools, dies and moulds are still a very important part of manufacturing in Europe.. Since price-based competition will be increasingly difficult, the European tooling industry needs to offer higher customer values through development of new technologies, and organizational and business models.. With these new approaches, the industry can offer intelligent custo mized machine parts and value adding services enabling;.. (i) better process control,.. (ii) more advanced prod ucts,.. (iii) decreased overall manufacturing  ...   a need to develop new and smarter tooling concepts, and reorganize tool makers supply chain based on new emerging enabling technologies.. :.. hybrid manufacturing, surface-em bedded sensors and wear resistant and low-friction/self lubricating coatings.. IC2 will:.. combine new enabling technologies, orga nizational and business models in order to achieve knowledge intensive tooling based on in-depth under standing of the engineering requirements.. focus on injection molding tools, but believe that results can be ap plicable to other tools, dies and molds although additional applied research would probably be needed..

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  • Title: Work Packages - IC2
    Descriptive info: Management:.. WP1: Project management.. Research and Technology Development:.. WP2: Tribology coatings and surfaces.. WP3: Embedded sensors.. WP4: Hybrid Manufacturing.. WP5: Organizational models.. WP8: Business models.. Demonstration:.. WP6: Industrial demonstrators.. WP7: Knowledge intensive tooling.. Other:.. WP9: Dissemination and training.. To achieve the project objectives, the defined research challenges are addressed in nine work packages (WPs).. The WPs are:.. They are indicated in the GANTT-chart below:.. There are strong interdependencies between the RTD WPs and the two DEMO WPs:..

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  • Title: News - IC2
    Descriptive info: IC2 essentials in film.. Looking back at the project, we find there are a number of points we wish to share with you all regarding our experiences, plans and expectations.. The first video gives a brief overview of how working with the project has affected our day-to-day business.. The second video goes deeper into the specifics of what has been achieved through IC2.. Enjoy the viewing!.. Thorough article on IC2 and the final open meeting.. Following the open meeting in Oslo, 17 September 2013, Plastforum has published an article on the project and the open meeting September, 2013.. Read the full article in their e-publication (Norwegian only):.. http://project.. vbook.. no/project.. asp?version_id=1179 page=59#b58.. Presentations from the annual open IC2 meeting in Oslo, 17 September 2013.. On 17 September the last of our open meetings was held in Oslo.. The meeting gathered about 50 representatives from industry and academia.. The day was packed with presentations on results from the project and reflections over further challenges, and the Norwegian Research Council provided information on Horizon 2020.. The day ended with a tour of MiNaLab.. Downloadable presentations from the meeting:.. Lars Tore Gellein, Coordinator of the IC2 project, SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing, Norway:.. An introduction to the EU project IC2 - Intelligent and Customized Tooling.. Dr.. Martin Geiger, Cirp, Germany:.. Industrial demonstrators - an instrument to shift R D results into real business processes.. Bjarke Holl Christensen, Danish Technological Institute, Denmark:.. Embedded thin-film temperature sensors on tool parts with tailored protective coatings.. Sanna Tervakangas, DIARC-Technology Oy, Finland:.. Thin film coatings for plastic moulding tools.. Vegard Brøtan, NTNU, Norway and Dr.. Klas M.. Boivie, SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing, Norway:.. Hybrid Manufacturing - combining subtractive and additive manufacturing techniques.. Lars Stenerud, Plasto, Norway:.. IC2 demonstrator: Practical challenges in advanced injection moulding.. IC2 demonstrator: Knowledge Intensive Tooling.. Stephan Schüle, Frauhofer IAO - Institute for Industrial Engineering, Germany:.. From business opportunities to business models - impact of new technologies on the collaboration network of the tooling industry.. IC2 presented at AM plattform meeting.. The entire IC2 project, with emphasis on Hybrid manufacturing and the WP7 demonstrator, was presented at the AM-platform meeting in Brussels on June 13.. th.. The Hybrid Cell presented at RapidTech 2013.. Klas Boivie presented the Hybrid Cell at RapidTech conference in Erfurt, Germany, on May 15.. EuroMold 2012.. IC2 had a booth at Euromold 2012 in Frankfurt, 27-30 November 2012.. We made contact with many other scientists, engineers and managers who showed great interest in the various topics addressed by IC2.. Lars Tore Gellein (right) and Tommy Schönberg (middle) presenting the IC2 project to visitors at EuroMold 2012.. photo: IC2.. We prepared a video for Euromold that gives you a quick introduction to the project and what we would like to achieve.. Please find it here:.. video.. The handouts below are quick introductions to the different topics and focus areas of the project:.. Hybrid Manufacturing: Integration of additive and subtractive manufacturing systems.. New organizational and business models for the tooling industry.. Surface embedded sensors for injection moulding tools.. Demonstrator: Knowledge intensive tooling.. Inspiring industrial conference at Grundfos.. photo: Lars Pleth Nielsen.. On 28 September, Grundfos in Bjerringbro, Denmark, hosted an IC2 open industrial conference.. The conference attracted a lot of attention, and more than 80 delegates from industry and academia participated on the day.. A number of excellent presentations, both from the hosting company, the IC2 project and other externals, kept our energy levels up during the day and made the intervals buzzing with activity.. Presentations:.. Lars.. Tore Gellein, Coordinator of the IC2 project, SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing A.. S:.. An introduction the the EU project IC2 - Intelligent and Customized tooling..  ...   Heimsheim, Germany.. The second picture shows the auditorium with the booth of cirp in the background, where the participants had the possibility to get more information about IC2.. Photo: M.. Geiger.. RapidWorld.. The RapidWorld is a trade show for technologies used for flexible product development.. Key technologies are Rapid Prototyping Rapid Manufacturing, Digitising, Scanning, Materials, Quality Assurance and Product Design.. The event is focused on customers in south Germany and Switzerland mainly from the medicine business.. The event is parallel to the Medtec, which is the largest European trade fair for medicine.. '.. IC2 partner cirp GmbH joined the fair, and used the oppurtunity to present our project to visitors.. The picture below shows Ralf Nachreiner (left) explaing our project to Patrik Ohldin from Arcam AB.. photo: M Geiger.. RSD 2010.. Results from industrial deposition of electrically insulating Al.. 2.. O.. 3.. coatings were presented at the conference for Reactive Sputter Deposition,.. RSD2010.. , in Ghent, Belgium.. The Al.. thin film coatings are of relevance as an insulating coating for embedding the sensors in the molds.. The audience at the conference is experts from academia within the field of thin film coatings as well as producers of PVD coating equipment.. The content of the poster titled Target erosion effects in reactive pulsed DC magnetron sputtering of alumina describes how target erosion must be addressed in the deposition process to go from academic parameter variations to industrial production.. Many of the findings presented at the conference are well known and relevant to most people in the community, however, neglected in many academic studies.. The consequence may be coatings with dramatically different properties, if the findings are not taken into account in the production.. The hardness of the deposited alumina coating can vary dramatically with the erosion of the sputter target.. This is due to the change from crystalline to amorphous coating.. Note that all the data on the graph are made with the same recipe, only changing the erosion of the sputtering targets.. EuroMold 2010.. The.. EuroMold.. fair is one of the most important fairs for design, rapid technologies and toolmaking industries in Europe, and takes place annually in early December in Frankfurt / Main Germany.. The cirp GmbH, partner in IC2, was exhibitor in hall 11, booth C11, in the 2010 event from 1.. st.. to 4.. of December.. The aim was presentation of cirp services in order to deepen existing contacts and to acquire new customers.. The fair was well visited.. Besides the typical business conversation, cirp was able to discuss the contents and aims of IC2 with several specialists from potential customers.. A small poster and handouts were used for the discussions.. It turned out, that the aims of IC2 mostly fit with their requirements.. A lot of visitors mentioned they will be interested to hear about the first results on the next EuroMold, or want to be informed if new services are created by these R D activities.. An increase in IC2 contents is planned on future exhibitions.. IC2 partner cirp GmbH at the EuroMold fair in December 2010.. photo: Klas Boivie.. Kick-off meeting in Norway.. On the 25-26th of October the IC2-project had its kick-off meeting in Trondheim, Norway.. Thirteen out of the sixteen partners were represented, with one or several participants.. The social aspect is important in such a meeting.. This picture is from the "fjordrafting"-session, a memorable boat trip to the other side of Trondheimsfjorden:.. photo: Lars Tore Gellein.. However, we did also have several sessions with financial, administrative and technical focus.. The below picture is from a "work package speed-dating"-session:.. Newsletters.. October 2013.. October 2012.. March 2012.. March 2011..

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  • Title: Publications - IC2
    Descriptive info: University of Stuttgart (IAT) and Fraunhofer IAO:.. Handbook on Business Model Development.. Articles in:.. werkzeug formenbau.. May 2013:.. Neue Geschäftsmodelle für den Werkzeugbau.. werkzaug formenbau.. November 2012:.. Feedback vom Werkstück.. IC2-video:.. Video.. Handouts for Euromold 2012:.. Nachreiner, Ralf-D.. ; Flexible tooling technologies for plastic parts.. 7.. Coachulting Forum, Wernau, Germany, June 29, 2011-07-30.. Christensen, Bjarke Holl; Nielsen, Lars Pleth: Internationalt projekt om værktøjsudvikling.. October 2012..

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  • Title: Events - IC2
    Descriptive info: IC2 conference, 17 September 2013, in Oslo, Norway.. Our annual open meeting, actually the last one, will take place in Oslo, Norway.. Results from the project will be presented.. In addition, a National Contact Point (NCP) from the Norwegian Research Council will give us some information about.. Horizon 2020.. , supported by our Project Officer from the EC.. Finally, there will be a presentation of MiNaLab (.. www.. minalab.. no.. ), followed by a guided tour.. Book the date!!.. The programme is now  ...   Norwegian text only).. IC2 present at Euromold 2012, 27-30.. November, in Frankfurt, Germany.. You will find us in Halle 11, stand number F65.. Link.. to Euromold home page.. ------------------------------------------------.. IC2 conference, 28 September 2012, hosted by Grundfos.. See full programme.. here.. 12-months open meeting in Germany.. The 12-months open meeting of IC2 will be held in Heimsheim the 16th of September.. in conjunction with a yearly technology day arranged by cirp GmbH.. Below you will find the preliminary timetable:.. Vorläufiges Programm / preliminary timetable:..

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  • Title: Contact - IC2
    Descriptive info: Project coordinator:.. Phone: +47 92038688.. WP-Leaders:.. WP2: Tribology coatings and surfaces:.. bhc@teknologisk.dk.. WP3: Embedded sensors:.. tommy.schonberg@acreo.se.. WP4: Hybrid manufacturing:.. klas.boivie@sintef.no.. WP5: Organizational models:.. stephan.schuele@iat.uni-stuttgart.. de.. WP6: Industrial demonstrators:.. dr.martin.geiger@t-online.de.. WP7: Knowledge intensive tooling:.. WP8: Business models:.. flavius.sturm@iao.fraunhofer.. WP9: Dissemination and training:.. helena.ronkainen@vtt.fi.. Sign up for updates, newsletter and other information related to the project:.. E-mail address.. *..

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  • Title: Deliverables - IC2
    Descriptive info: Completed project deliverables.. Public deliverables, marked blue, are downloadable as PDF files by clicking on deliverable name.. Deliverable name.. Lead beneficiary.. -6 months reporting notes.. SINTEF.. -12 months reporting notes.. -18 months reporting notes.. -24 months reporting notes.. -30 months reporting notes.. -Deposition of wear-protective DLC (ta-C), DLC (a-C:H) and CrN coatings.. DTI.. -Deposition of insulation layers.. -New optimized protective coatings applicable for sensor protection on hybrid manufactured devices.. -Functional embedded sensor systems selected for tools, with optimal protective and tribological coat.. VTT.. -Specification of required dimension control when patterning temperature, pressure and strain sensor.. Acreo.. -Shadow mask patterning meeting specifications.. -Direct write patterning meeting specifications.. -Sensor patterned on tool part.. -Laser patterning (UV or ablation) possibilities compared with specifications.. -Calibration curves for temperature sensors on tool part.. -Work plan for the integration of additive and subtractive processes.. -A generic positioning system integrated.. -Hybrid cell installed.. -Prototype integrated control system for the hybrid cell.. -Conceptual design prototype  ...   of case study geometry.. -Design of mother tool and bridge tooling inserts.. -Mother tool and bridge tooling inserts according specifications.. -Simulation and tool design software capable for designing tool inserts based on in-data from sensor.. -Experimentally found sensor readings from real production in the bridge tooling inserts.. -Tool insert designs.. -Descripton of IC2 business models.. -Report for implementation of new business model for hybrid manufacturing.. -The first version of the Dissemination plan.. -1st Newsletter for distribution.. -1st Dissemination progress report.. -2nd Newsletter for distribution.. -3rd Newsletter for distribution.. -2nd Dissemination progress report.. -4th Newsletter for distribution.. SINTEF.. Short names:.. SINTEF:.. Plasto:.. Plasto AS.. RIT:.. Raufoss Industrial Tools AS.. Baldur:.. Baldur Coatings AS.. VTT:.. Valtion Teknillinen Tutkimuskeskus.. DIARC:.. DIARC-Technology Oy.. Acreo:.. Acreo AB.. MikroP:.. Mikroplast Aktiebolag.. DTI:.. Teknologisk Institut.. Recon:.. Recon AS.. NovoN:.. Novo Nordisk A/S.. PolerT:.. Polerteknik ApS.. FhG:.. Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.. V.. Cirp:.. cirp GmbH.. USTUTT:.. Universität Stuttgart.. NTNU:.. Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet..

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  • Title: Partners - IC2
    Descriptive info: Partners from Norway:.. SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing (SINTEF) is a subsidiary of the SINTEF Group the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia with approximately 2000 employees.. SINTEF is located at Raufoss and in Trondheim and thereby co-located with both one of Norway s largest manufacturing industrial hubs as well as the leading academic environment at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.. SINTEF is a recognized R D organization within the field of Additive Manufacturing and is a pioneer in research on Hybrid Manufacturing where additive and subtractive processes are combined in an intelligent hybrid manufacturing platform.. Based on concepts like Design for Performance and OMOS (Optimum Manufacturing Operation Sequencing) the objective is to develop sustainable manufacturing of unique high-value and technologyintensive products, like production tools.. A metal-based state-of-the-art additive manufacturing process will be purchased this year for the realization of a laboratory infrastructure focused on hybrid manufacturing.. Plasto AS is a custom injection molding company focused on R D to find new solutions for a more competitive future.. The 40 employees cover the entire field from R D, design, CAE, CAD, mould making, automation, injection molding, assembly and finishing.. The mould production is placed to China due to cost reasons but Plasto will support competitive European mould manufacturing.. Hence, Plasto will by attending this project evaluate new technologies for relocation of the production back to Norway.. Plasto will also look into the possibilities for reduced time-to-market.. This will also lead to reduced time for optimizing products and moulds.. Plasto currently supplies the automotive, lightning, furniture and the oil gas industries.. Raufoss Industrial Tools.. Raufoss Industrial Tools (RIT) is a part of the Bandak Group.. RIT delivers design and manufacturing of industrial tools, machine parts and components.. In addition RIT also have a commercial heat treatment plant and a complete laboratory for calibration services.. RIT perform design in Unigraphics and SolidWork.. For the manufacturing RIT have competent personnel and CNC machine tools for turning, milling, erosion and grinding.. Baldur Coatings AS offer services within depositions of thin films of inorganic and organic- inorganic hybrid materials on simple and complex geometrical substrates.. The company is a spin-off from the research group at the University of Oslo (UiO) and deliver coatings and contract research to both industry and university.. Baldur Coatings AS mainly focuses its efforts on depositions utilizing the Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technique which provides conformal pinhole-free films on complex substrates.. A selection of frequently deposited films are: Al2O3, TiO2 (amorphous, anatase, and rutile), ZnO:Al, ZrO2, MgO.. Baldur Coatings AS also possesses unique expertise in deposition of materials with complex stoichiometries and materials of an organic-inorganic nature by the ALD technique.. NTNU.. Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskaplige Universitet (NTNU) is Norway s premier academic institution for technology and the natural sciences, with equally strong programmes in the social sciences, the arts and humanities, medicine, architecture and fine art.. About 3100 degrees are awarded each year, of which 800 are bachelor s degrees, 2000 are master s degrees and 310 are doctoral degrees.. NTNU is a participant in 60 projects in the European Commission s 6th and 7th framework programmes.. The Department of Production and Quality Engineering has research activities on metal-based additive manufacturing, metal cutting processes, manufacturing systems, and other topics related to manufacturing and production.. The research facilities at the department will be a key resource for the experimental work in the IC2 project.. Partners from Sweden:.. Acreo is a research institute with 120 employees whereof 30 is working with R D of nanoelectronic components.. Acreo have one of Europe s most advanced laboratories for component development.. The cleanroom facilities covering a total area of more than 1300 m2 is a common resource for research, development, production and education of semiconductor technology and devices.. MicroPlast AB.. Since 1971, when it started trading, Microplast Aktiebolag has gained more than 35 year's experience in the design and manufacture of molding tools and in injection molding.. In the first few years, the company concentrated on the manufacture of injection molding machinery, but the operation gradually moved towards the production of molding tools and then into injection molding as well.. This is the background to our current business strategy: The production of advanced precision molding tools for injection molding in high-tech thermoplastics for components requiring very fine tolerances.. Today, Microplast Aktiebolag is a high-tech production company in the thermoplastics industry.. We specialize in the design and production of advanced molding tools and moldings which require a very high level of precision.. The injection-moulded parts are primarily made from difficult-to-machine plastics, including ETFE, ECTFE, LCP, PEEK, PES, PPS and PPSU for clients who demand very fine tolerances.. We primarily work with products used in medicine and biotechnology, ventilation and sanitation engineering applications, water distribution and precision engineering/hydraulics.. By prioritizing investment in technically-advanced machinery and in-house software development, our  ...   higher precision.. The injection molding department is capable of producing small to medium size productions as well as large mass production.. The plastics department has the capacity and equipment required for final processing, installation, ultrasonic welding and special packaging.. Novo Nordisk AS is a healthcare company and a world leader in diabetes care.. In addition, NovoN has a leading position within areas as haemostasis management, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy.. NovoN manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products and services that make a significant difference to patients, the medical profession and society.. With headquarters in Denmark, NovoN employs more than 27,000 employees in 81 countries, and markets its products in 179 countries.. NovoN s tooling department in Hillerød, Denmark, has a solid experience in design and application of injection molding in connection with e.. the development and subsequent fully automatic fabrication of e.. : NovoPen 4.. The vision of the mould department is to create the optimal design and state-of-the-art molding platform facilitating high quality products with as close as possible to zero failures.. Common for the design phase and the subsequent high quality production is the ability to ensure highly accurate insulin dosages, easy-to-use for all types of patients and virtually unbreakable products.. On-line process control and validation of the cavity filling is therefore of utmost importance.. The tool and mould department at NovoN is involved in the development of new NovoN pen generations and various products for medical applications.. Polérteknik ApS.. Polérteknik Aps has a solid experience in a wide range of state-of-the-art polishing and surface texturing techniques as well as a skilled staff capable of polishing and texturing various surfaces according to individual customer specifications.. Polérteknik Aps serve a wide range of national and international customers within different fields.. These are polishing and texturing of tools and moulds for injection molding, different forms for die casting masters, hot and cold embossing etc.. Common for all the applications is the demand for a perfect surface finish optimized for the specific needs.. Often the mechanically or chemically processed surface will be enhanced with plasma-based surface coating techniques.. Polérteknik Aps has 11 employees in highly equipped production facilities.. High brilliance polishing achieving surface finish beyond a surface roughness of 1 micron is among the specialties of the company.. Tailored roughness by applying various advanced blasting techniques are used to meet customer design and surface demands.. Polérteknik Aps has a range of different ultrasonic cleaning facilities to ensure optimal degreasing and effective removal of the applied polishing agents in order not to damage the very vulnerable mirror finished surfaces.. Quality is ensured by routinely controls and optical inspection as well as electronic image quality evaluation.. Partners from Germany:.. Fraunhofer IAO.. Fraunhofer-IAO is mainly working in the fields of information engineering and production technologies, technology and human resource management, product development, business development and innovation and industrial R D-management.. The institute is working with the production and tooling industry since years in EU funded projects like Prominence, Aricon, e-mmediate etc.. as well as consulting project regarding innovation, new business models and organizational process and structure.. FhG IAO has specific research and demonstration labs for new production organization (ModellFabrik), new service development (ServLab) and a lab for engineering in product development (VISUM) which will be used in IC2.. CIRP GmbH.. CIRP GmbH was founded in 1995 with one small stereolithography machine (manufacturing of plastic prototype parts) and a CAD system as one of the early Rapid Prototyping service bureaux in Germany.. The main business was the contract manufacturing of stereolithography parts.. During the last years, CIRP changed to a contract manufacturing service bureaux with a wide range of innovative manufacturing technologies for early models, prototypes in different development phases up to small series production.. Small engineering services and the manufacturing of an own product supplement the contract manufacturing.. CIRP is a limited liability company with about 25 employees and flat hierarchy structured by technology clusters.. CIRP moved into a new own factory and office in the end of 2008.. University of Stuttgart IAT.. The Institute for Human Factors and Technology management (IAT) of the University of Stuttgart is mainly working in the fields of information and communication technology, technology and human resource management, product development, business development and innovation and industrial R D-Management.. Through the involvement in various projects like Rusmeco (Enhancing Russian SME collaboration and business development through Communities of Practice), Fit2Solve (Transformation of producers to solution providers) or Vermiko (innovation cooperation for product and solution development) the University of Stuttgart has long-term experience in the production and tooling industry and in developing and implementing organizational models.. The close cooperation between University of Stuttgart and Fraunhofer enables the use of Fraunhofer research and demonstration labs.. IAT will implement and demonstrate WP5 results in these jointly used labs specified in the Fraunhofer partner description..

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  • Title: WP9: Dissemination and Training - IC2
    Descriptive info: WP9: Dissemination and Training.. Activity type: Other.. WP-Leader: Helena Ronkainen.. Main objectives:.. Ensure an effective dissemination and industrial exploitation of the knowledge and results generated all over Europe.. Facilitating state-of-the-art knowledge flow integrated over Europe.. Finding new and novel applications of the generated results through a dedicated and effective dissemination.. Training SME personnel in the possibilities of applying hybrid manufacturing and advanced embedded sensor systems..

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