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  • Title: Coalition Home Page
    Descriptive info: .. Register.. |.. Login.. Home.. What is the Coalition?.. Organizational Chart.. What's New.. Members.. Membership Search.. I-95 Corridor Facts.. Contact Us.. Home Menu.. A partnership of transportation agencies and related organizations, from Maine to Florida and in Canada, working together to accelerate improvements in transportation across multiple jurisdictions and throughout all modes.. To go directly to the 511 Information website see list below:.. 511 Maine.. 511 New Hampshire.. Vermont 511.. 511 Massachusetts.. 511 Rhode Island.. 511 New York.. 511 New Jersey.. 511 Pennsylvania.. Maryland 511.. 511 Virgina.. 511 North Carolina.. 511 South Carolina.. 511 Georgia.. 511 Florida.. Additional Long Distance Trip Planning websites.. BeattheTraffic.. Bing Maps.. Google Maps.. INRIX Traffic.. MapQuest.. MapsGalaxy.. SigAlert.. Traffic.. com.. TrafficLand.. I-95 Vehicle Probe.. Vehicle Probe.. The I-95 Vehicle Probe Project is a groundbreaking initiative providing comprehensive and continuous travel time information on freeways and arterials using probe technology.. The network includes North Carolina and the Tidewater area of Virginia, full or nearly full coverage of limited access roads in New Jersey, Maryland and South Carolina and the northern and eastern portions of Florida.. Go to the Vehicle Probe page.. Mileage Based User Fee.. The Mileage Based User Fee project will be based on actual operating environments and current conditions in the selected states and will analyze specific adaptations that would need to be made to administer VMT based charges.. The project analyzed the alignment of required VMT administrative functions to those existing functions most prevalent within state DMVs, toll authorities and state Revenue Agencies.. Go to Project page.. Eco-Driving Campaign.. The I-95 Corridor Coalition member agencies have partnered in an Eco-Driving Campaign to provide drivers with easy changes that can be made to reduce fuel consumption, wear and tear on vehicles, and environmental impacts.. Click on the button below to see tips - such as removing unnecessary items from the trunk, inflating tires, and using cruise control - and other timely information from this Eco-Driving Campaign.. Go to the Eco-Driving page.. Incident Management Virtual Training.. Traffic Incident Management.. IM Virtual Training for 1st Responders - Intensive training program that uses three-dimensional, multi-player computer gaming simulation technology to test, validate, certify, and reinforce the dissemination of best incident management practices across the Coalition region.. Go to IM 1st Responders Virtual Training page.. 01.. Travel time info.. 02.. Administrative functions.. 03.. Public Awareness.. 04.. Virtual Training.. Pause.. News Flashes.. VPP Suite.. Operations Academy.. Freight Academy IV.. Weather-Related Events Response.. Commercial Vehicle Operations.. Hurricane Sandy AAR.. Electronic Tolling.. 2040 Vision.. M-95 Marine Highway.. Communicating to Manage Congestion.. As part of the Vehicle Probe Project (VPP), a set of performance measures tools, the VPP Suite, has been developed for analyzing and presenting archived operations data.. The VPP Suite provides great analysis.. How agencies can use it for maximum effect is still being worked on.. The Partners Using Archived Operations Data is a working group of metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), departments of transportation, and others that has been discussing this matter.. The Partners Using Archived Operations Data agreed on a few voluntary shared measures so they can educate decision-makers and the public effectively.. Using them will also help agency staff members communicate with each other.. The shared measures currently being considered/used by the participating agencies are as follows:.. Annual Hours of Delay (with Cost Option), including people's time and freight movement time.. Travel Time (including free flow, usual, and worst day of the month conditions).. Reliability Index (details to be determined; this may still switch back to Planning Time Index).. Duration of Congestion (this compliments the Reliability Index).. A brochure was developed to test of the measures while telling a comprehensive but brief story.. The Partners Using Archived Operations Data are offering this brochure template to all Coalition members! All they ask in return is that users share completed work and lessons learned so a base of knowledge can be built for all to improve managing congestion in the future.. The following documents will provide you with information on the work of the Partners Using Archived Operations Data and to help you to prepare your shared measures brochure:.. Quick Info on the Partners Using Archived Operations Data.. (PDF).. Sample Brochure.. (PPT).. Brochure Template.. (PPT).. Please contact Zoe Neaderland, AICP, Manager, Transportation Safety Congestion Management, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, with any questions at (215) 238-2839 or.. zneaderland@dvrpc.. org.. Congratulations to 2013 Operations Academy Graduates!.. Pre-study, lectures, workshops, field visits, homework, and exams…for two straight weeks the.. participants are totally immersed in transportation systems operations and management (TSMO) training.. The Operations Academy is an intense, timely, and nationally recognized program and acceptance to the program is highly competitive.. There were 32 graduates from 26 agencies from around the country.. Below is a list of all the graduates from Coalition member agencies.. Congratulations to them and to all the graduates.. Baltimore City DOT – T.. J.. Bathras, Jr.. District DOT – Teresita Harper.. Florida DOT – Dong Chen, John Philip Moore, and L.. K.. Nandam.. Georgia DOT – Paul DeNard.. Maryland State Highway Administration – Scott Yinger.. New Hampshire DOT – Mark Raymond Kirouac.. New Jersey Turnpike Authority – Danny Darnell Ross.. North Carolina State Highway Patrol – David L.. Allen.. Pennsylvania DOT – Benjamin J.. Flanagan and Eric Sponsler.. Vermont AOT – Tammy J.. Ellis.. Virginia DOT – Rusty F.. Fitzhugh.. 2013 Operations Academy – not shown, Scott Yinger, MdSHA.. The I-95 Corridor Coalition’s Freight Academy IV will be held April 27 - May 2, 2014.. The I-95 Corridor Coalition's Freight Academy is a unique immersion program designed to efficiently train public sector agency staff whose planning, operational, and/or management work impact goods movement decisions, investments, and interactions.. The Freight Academy program was developed based upon the models of successful training programs in freight and other related fields throughout the United States.. It consists of three components: pre-program review and assignment, a one-week immersion program, and a group Capstone project which is continued after the academy to further promote peer exchange.. The Freight Academy program complements the Federal Highway Administration's Freight Professional Development Program (FPD).. Freight Academy 2014 builds on previous core curriculum elements as well as new program elements related to changes in goods movement and supply chains.. Applications for the 2014 session were due January 24, 2014.. For more information on the program, visit.. www.. freightacademy.. Significant Weather-Related Events Response.. Recent experiences, including those encountered by transportation agencies during SuperStorm Sandy and other major weather-related events, have had a widespread geographical impact along the I-95 Corridor.. Coalition Leadership requested that the Coalition conduct a Significant Weather-Related Events Response Project to determine issues to be addressed as well as the Coalition’s prospective coordinative role as an information facilitator during emergency response.. Part of the initial project effort was conducting a brief survey of the Coalition Members seeking information about agency’s policies and practices pertaining to bridge-highway closures during significant weather events.. See the.. Survey Final Report.. October 24, 2013 Webinar:.. Significant Weather Related Event Bridge-Highway Closure Policies Survey.. Maryland State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division honored with ITS America Smart Solution Spotlight Award - Recognized for implementing Drivewyze motor carrier bypass telematics technology.. The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) recognized the Maryland State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division (CVED) for the organization's leadership in helping modernize Maryland's transportation infrastructure to improve safety and efficiency by deploying the Drivewyze commercial vehicle inspection pre-clearance program.. Drivewyze PreClear service works through a hands-free application that is pre-installed on in-truck devices or downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet to deliver a convenient, safe and secure automated bypass solution.. Maryland’s CVED conducted a live demonstration at the West Friendship Weigh Station in Howard County Maryland.. In attendance were representatives from public agencies at the state and Federal level as well as a number of motor carrier industry representatives.. In addition to the presentation of the award, speakers included USDOT/FHWA’s Administrator Victor Mendez, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator Anne Ferro, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Executive Director Stephen Keppler, Drivewyze President Brian Heath and American Truck Association CEO Bill Graves.. In presenting the award to Captain Norman (Bill) Dofflemyer, who leads the Maryland State Police CVE Division, ITS America Executive Vice President Tom Kern noted, "ITS America is excited to honor the Maryland State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division for its use of vehicle-to-infrastructure communications technology to provide a convenient, safe and secure bypass solution for motor carriers on our nation's roadways.. The Drivewyze PreClear service showcases how public-private partnerships are utilizing intelligent transportation systems to cost-effectively modernize our transportation infrastructure.. USDOT/FHWA’s Administrator Victor Mendez.. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator Anne Ferro.. ITS America Executive Vice President Tom Kern presents the aaward to Captain Norman (Bill) Dofflemyer, who leads the Maryland State Police CVE Division.. NASTO and the I-95 Corridor Coalition Conduct Hurricane Sandy After Action Review.. On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy moved ashore near Atlantic City, New Jersey.. The storm caused substantial devastation across a 17-state region, with over 100 storm-related deaths, power loss to over eight million people, and estimates of property damage in the tens of billions of dollars.. One of the functional areas of impact of Hurricane Sandy was the need to transport oversize and overweight vehicles through the affected region.. Transport was needed to secure equipment and job sites in the path of Sandy, to bring relief equipment and supplies to damaged areas, and to clear damage and debris from affected areas.. The primary responsibility for the review and issuance  ...   selected to be eligible for federal assistance under the Program.. “These projects will help make better use of America’s Marine Highway by reducing gridlock, improving the environment, and putting skilled mariners and shipbuilders to work,” said David Matsuda, Maritime Administrator.. Projects and Initiatives selected in the I-95 Corridor include:.. Cross Sound Enhancements Project (Connecticut DOT).. New England Marine Highway Expansion Project (Maine DOT).. Cross Gulf Container Expansion Project (Ports of Manatee, FL, and Brownsville, TX).. Gulf Atlantic Marine Highway Project (South Carolina State Ports Authority and Port of Galveston, TX).. Trans-Hudson Rail Service Project (Port Authority of New York New Jersey).. James River Container Expansion Project (Virginia Port Authority).. Hudson River Food Corridor Initiative (New York City Soil Water Conservation District).. New Jersey Marine Highway Initiative (New Jersey DOT).. East Coast Marine Highway Initiative (Ports of New Bedford, MA, Baltimore, MD, and Canaveral, FL).. M-95 Marine Highway Corridor Attributes:.. The 1,925 mile-long I-95 Corridor is the major North-South landside freight corridor on the East Coast.. The USDOT identified more than a dozen major freight truck bottlenecks along this route, along with significant critical rail congestion along the upper portions.. Projections of future freight volumes indicate increasing freight congestion challenges, with limited opportunity to increase landside capacity.. The Corridor is home to 15 of the largest 50 marine ports in the United States (as ranked by total throughput).. These ports handle approximately 582 million short tons of cargo, or 26 percent of the national total.. Much of this freight begins or ends its journeys with an I-95 transit.. Fortunately, the East coast also possesses a host of waterways, bays, rivers, and the Atlantic coast itself.. The Corridor is also lined with less congested, smaller niche ports that could play a vital part in the developing marine highway service network.. While several Marine Highway operations already serve this corridor, there is significant opportunity for expansion to help address growing congestion, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve energy, and lower landside infrastructure maintenance costs.. View additional information on.. America’s Marine Highway Program.. (USDOT Maritime Administration).. News from Our Members.. Text Stop Initiative.. Pennsylvania to Link I-95.. Maryland House Travel Plaza.. Freight Moves Florida.. Construction Alerts.. NYSDOT Launches Text Stop Initiative.. Continuing to advance New York State's efforts to reduce distracted driving, the New York State Department of Transportation and the New York State Thruway Authority unveiled special "Texting Zones" along highways that alert motorists to areas where they can pull-off to park and use their mobile devices.. The "It Can Wait - Text Stop" initiative directs motorists to Rest Stops, Travel Plazas, Park-and-Ride facilities, and other parking locations along the Thruway and highways that can dual-function as Texting Zones.. Unique signage was placed along major highways across the state to inform drivers where the approximately 100 Text Stops are located.. More information on the.. Fixing the Missing Link.. : By 2018, motorists will be able to connect from the westbound Pennsylvania Turnpike to southbound I-95, and from northbound I-95 to the eastbound Turnpike.. The long-awaited, $420 million direct connection between I-95 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike moved closer to reality Thursday with the approval of a $155 million section of the work.. The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, which oversees federal and state funding for transportation projects in the Philadelphia region, agreed to separate the $155 million project to allow work to start in June.. The $155 million will pay for widening and reconstructing about four miles of the turnpike in Bristol Township where the connection with I-95 will be built.. It will also pay for building three new turnpike bridges and installing the piers for the flyover ramps for the connection.. When the first stage of the direct connection is completed in 2018, I-95 will be rerouted onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike east of the connection and then onto the New Jersey Turnpike.. The current I-95 north of the connection will be redesignated as I-195.. The changes will provide an unbroken I-95 between Maine and Florida.. There currently is a missing section in New Jersey near Trenton.. Read.. article.. MDTA has issued a news release regarding the preview event that Lt.. Governor Brown, Senator Cardin and private sector partners toured the new 30 million Maryland House Travel Plaza.. When the MD House opened to the public during the week of January 20th, the Chesapeake House in Cecil County, Md.. , closed for reconstruction.. News Release.. Florida DOT Developing Freight Mobility and Trade Plan.. Florida DOT's Office of Freight, Logistics and Passenger Operations has been actively working to develop Florida's Freight Mobility and Trade Plan.. After six Regional Listening Sessions and a Freight Leadership Forum, Florida DOT has successfully completed the first phase of the Plan and gathered valuable information from Florida's public and private stakeholders.. Additional information can be found here:.. Below are white papers that were distributed during the Freight Leadership Forum:.. Building a Transportation Workforce.. FDOT Freight Project Delivery.. Finance Mechanisms for Infrastructure.. Infrastructure Enhancements and Innovation.. Multimodal Freight Transportation Regulations.. I-95 Maryland - Travel Plaza Redevelopment.. Maryland Transportation Authority has announced plans to redevelop two aging travel plazas along I-95 in Northeast Maryland.. The timeline for the travel plaza redevelopment is:.. Sept 2012 until 2013: The Maryland House Travel Plaza is closed for reconstruction; the Chesapeake House remains open.. (see a rendering of the new Maryland House travel plaza.. Courtesy Maryland Transportation Authority.. ).. Fall/Winter 2013/2014: The Maryland House Travel Plaza reopens for service; Chesapeake House closes for reconstruction.. Summer/Fall 2014: The Chesapeake House reopens for service.. For more information, click.. I-95 New York Construction.. Alexander Hamilton Bridge (I-95 over Harlem River) will have lane closures on the east-bound lower level;alternate routes should be considered.. and for real-time traffic information, call 511.. Pennsylvania's 511 Website Logs 2 Million Visits.. Pennsylvania’s 511PA system, which provides free travel information including construction alerts and real-time traffic cameras, reached a milestone in June of 2 million total website visits.. The 511PA telephone system has received more than 1 million calls and more than 15,000 people have signed up for personalized text or email alerts.. The 511PA system is accessible 24-hours-per-day, seven days a week at.. 511PA.. or by calling 5-1-1.. PennDOT asks motorists to not call 511PA while driving.. Motorists should safely pull off the road before calling, or do so before leaving home.. National P.. ublic Radio Series Features I-95.. National Public Radio (NPR) has produced a new short series featuring Interstate 95 – the series is informative and entertaining, and provides the public with a sampling of the substantial role that I-95 plays along the Eastern Seaboard.. The series covers topics such as the missing link, the Port of Savannah, tourism and jobs from I-95 in South Florida and in Maine, must-see exit stops, 95 songs for driving on I-95, and futurists’ ideas to keep traffic flowing.. I-95: The Most Traveled Road.. Go to.. NPR Special Series.. Primary Freight Network.. Coalition Comments on the Primary Freight Network Designation.. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) issued, through the Federal Register, a call for comments on the designation of a Primary Freight Network.. The Coalition has been working with our 16 State Department of Transportation members and a number of MPOs within the Corridor, along with other stakeholders to review and assess the proposed Designation of the Primary Freight Network.. These comments provided reflect the Coalition’s substantial experience with multistate freight transportation and its review of the proposed PFN designation with its members.. The Coalition’s comments are intended to complement, not supplant, the responses submitted by our individual member agencies, authorities and associations.. Annually, more than 5.. 3 billion tons of freight are shipped within/through the I-95 Corridor region.. Efficient freight movement that supports cost-effective supply chains for the region’s businesses and industries is critically important to the Coalition region.. In its Notice, the FHWA provided two possible designations of the PFN: a 27,000 centerline-mile network as mandated by MAP-21; and a 41,000 centerline-mile network developed by applying the MAP-21 selection criteria and then adding additional highway segments to close the major gaps in the 27,000 network.. The FHWA asked for responses to a number of specific questions about the PFN designation and designation process.. The Coalition’s comments address those questions that are most relevant to viewing freight and any network designations in particular from a multistate/corridor perspective.. To view the Coalition’s comments to the proposed designation of the Primary Freight Network, click.. Delaware DOT Secretary Bhatt Named Chair of I-95 Corridor Coalition.. Delaware DOT's Secretary Shailen Bhatt has been named Chair of the I-95 Corridor Coalition's Executive Board.. "The Coalition plays an important role in coordinating efforts among states and transit agencies to ensure travelers on the Corridor get to their destinations.. We are also sensitive to the need for the Coalition to address traffic congestion, unsafe road conditions, and loss of travel time.. In addition, we're striving for better coordination among transportation agencies during weather events," said Secretary Bhatt.. to listen to a Transportation Radio interview with Secretary Bhatt discussing his goals for the I-95 Corridor Coalition.. Travel Planning.. New Technologies Benefit Travelers along the I-95 Corridor.. Advancements in technologies are providing real time and historical travel trend information to travelers.. Following are examples of new tools to assist travelers in trip planning:.. Delaware - Mobile applications for real time travel:.. Android.. ,.. Apple.. Virginia -.. Holiday weekend travel trends map.. New York State -.. Mobile applications for real time travel.. Copyright 2013 by I-95 Corridor Coalition..

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  • Title: What is the Coalition?
    Descriptive info: Chairman’s Message.. Guidance Statements.. The I-95 Corridor Coalition is an alliance of transportation agencies, toll authorities, and related organizations, including public safety, from the State of Maine to the State of Florida, with affiliate members in Canada.. The Coalition provides a forum for key decision and policy makers to address transportation management and operations issues of common interest.. This volunteer, consensus-driven organization enables its myriad state, local and regional member agencies to work together to improve transportation system performance far more than they could working individually.. The Coalition has successfully served as a model for multi-state/jurisdictional interagency cooperation and coordination for over a decade.. How it all Began.. The Coalition began in the early 1990's as an informal group of transportation professionals working together to more effectively manage major highway incidents that impacted travel across jurisdictional boundaries.. In 1993, the Coalition was formally established to enhance transportation mobility, safety, and efficiency in the region.. During the 1990’s, the focus of the Coalition's program evolved from studying and testing intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technologies to a broader perspective that embraced integrated deployments and coordinated operations.. The Coalition's perspective evolved from a concentration on highways to one that encompasses all modes of travel and focuses on the efficient transfer of people and goods between modes.. Facilitation of regional incident management in areas such as pre-planning, coordination and communication among transportation and public safety agencies in the corridor remains a key part of the Coalition’s focus.. Today, the Coalition emphasizes information management as the underpinning of seamless operations across jurisdictions and modes.. The Future of the Coalition.. The Coalition continues to expand its perspective by paying increased attention to areas of growing national and regional concern.. It will provide organizational and technical support to foster learning and information sharing among Coalition member organizations and others.. It will help develop and manage information systems that will assist member agencies with system management and operations, provide a source of long-distance travel information for the traveling public, and support investment decisions of the Coalition and its member agencies.. It will accelerate coordinated system management and operations by facilitating deployments of cross-jurisdictional and multimodal programs and services.. The Coalition  ...   policies and guidelines that determine the manner in which it operates.. These operating guidelines have been compiled and are contained in the.. Procedural Guidelines Manual.. available as a PDF version.. Since procedures are always being revised, this manual will be updated on an as-needed basis.. Any comments or suggestions should be addressed to the current co-chairs of the.. Steering Committee.. or to any of the.. Coalition staff.. 2012 Procedural Guidelines.. Coalition Members.. Members come to the Coalition table because of the importance of the Coalition’s work.. The table is held together by members’ good will and the Coalition’s “Four C’s”: consensus, cooperation, coordination, and communication.. The Coalition’s lifeblood is the work of its member agency volunteers.. Coalition membership has broadened over the years, reflecting the depth and application of Coalition projects.. Recent Coalition work plans include projects that involve regional passenger and freight movements analysis, long distance trip planning on public transportation modes, development of real-time travel data across multiple jurisdictions, and quick clearance training for incident management.. Within the Coalition region this had led to an expansion of the number and types of agencies that participate in Coalition projects and activities, including transit agencies and metropolitan planning organizations.. Outside of the Coalition region, it has led to expressed interest in participating in Coalition work.. The Coalition brings to the table the key decision makers that have or will influence the operation of the Corridor including:.. State and Local Departments of Transportation,.. Transportation Authorities,.. Transit and Rail Agencies,.. Port Authorities,.. Motor Vehicle Agencies,.. State Police/Law Enforcement,.. US Department of Transportation,.. Canadian Province Department of Transportation,.. Intercity Passenger and Freight Transportation Providers, and.. Transportation Industry Associates.. The I-95 Corridor Coalition region of the United States hosts many of the nation's vital governmental, business, industrial, agricultural, entertainment, and recreational activities.. In order for the nation to thrive, the transportation facilities that serve these activities must be managed and operated efficiently.. Since many of the trips resulting from these activities, whether transporting freight or people, cross over multiple state and authority jurisdictional boundaries, no single operating entity is responsible for the overall efficiency, safety, comfort, or cost of travel, or its effects on the environment..

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  • Title: Organizational Chart
    Descriptive info: Organizational Chart:.. Member agencies, Coalition staff and private partners carry out the Coalition's projects and activities within an organizational framework that defines specific responsibilities and roles.. The Organizational Chart below depicts the Coalition's operating structure.. Obtain more information on each group simply by clicking on the interactive chart below..

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  • Title: What's New
    Descriptive info: Archived News.. Eco-Driving Saves Gas Money!.. The I-95 Corridor Coalition member agencies have partnered in an.. to provide drivers with easy changes that can be made to reduce fuel consumption, wear and tear on vehicles, and environmental impacts.. to see tips - such as removing unnecessary items from the trunk, inflating tires, and using cruise control - and other timely information from this Eco-Driving Campaign.. Read More.. Incident Management Virtual Training for First Responders.. I-95 Coalition Successfully Launches 3-D Virtual Incident Management Training for First Responders.. System Demonstrated at 2011 ITS World Congress.. Maryland and New York were the first Coalition Member States to host 3-D Virtual Incident Management Training Sessions for First Responders in August, 2011.. Participants praised the system’s ability to enable coordinated interjursdictional and interdisciplinary practice of best incident management techniques in a virtual world.. And, in mid-October, the Coalition demonstrated the training system at the ITS World Congress in Orlando, FL, where the Coalition sponsored the first-ever Incident Management-First Responder Day.. Hundreds of first responders and incident managers were briefed on the state of the practice, and then visited the outdoor emergency vehicle displays and ITS technology exhibits including a demonstration of the Coalition’s 3-D Virtual IM Training System.. Piloted earlier with the Regional Incident Management Task Force at the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Authority in Philadelphia, as well as with the Coalition’s Coordinated Incident Management Track Co-Chairs and Corridor-wide Regional Highway Operations Group (“HOGs”) Co-Chairs, along with representatives from Transportation Agencies, State and Local Police, Fire Departments, EMS, and Towing Companies, the I-95 Corridor Coalition’s 3-D Virtual Incident Management Training System forms the basis for an intensive training program that uses three-dimensional, multi-player computer gaming simulation technology to test, validate, and reinforce the dissemination of best incident management practices across the Coalition region.. This onsite training program provides practical, scenario-based, interactive, real-time incident management training simultaneously for multidisciplinary responders, and is designed to educate and validate quick clearance practices and related incident management techniques, as well as promote communication, coordination and cooperation among organizations involved in incident management.. More consistent performance, more innovation, and better and safer delivery of incident management services result from involving responders from many different agencies, exposing them to best practices, establishing expectations that they will meet or exceed standards for good practice, and allowing them to discuss methods and issues with their peers.. For more information, or to schedule a session, contact I-95 Corridor Coalition Operations Coordinator Capt.. Tom Martin at.. jtmartin@cox.. net.. "Great for interagency cooperation and communications.. ".. "This is better than tabletops.. "Excellent Course!!".. "Learned a lot from the course.. "Good class.. Beneficial to all agencies.. "Very happy that I attended this course.. ".. View.. three-dimensional program preview.. I-95 Corridor Coalition Incident Management Core Competencies Online Training.. The I-95 Corridor Coalition has developed an online Incident Management Core Competencies Training Module.. This approximate hour-long course covers basic scene safety and traffic management core competencies through a series of instructional videos followed by quizzes, and can be used as standalone training for anyone having access to the internet.. Access to the.. Core Competencies Training Course.. Vehicle Probe/Traveler Information.. I-95 Vehicle Probe Project Delivers Real-Time Travel Information.. Related Documents and Links:.. Project Page.. (Note: Most of the VPP documents/reports are located here on the “Highlights” tab).. Project One-pager.. Quick Reference Guide.. Project Interface Guide 3.. 4.. (updated September, 2011).. Overall Vehicle Probe Project Benefits Paper.. - August 2010.. Two-Year Validation Report.. - Revised 2010.. July 1, 2011 marked the start of the fourth year (Coalition Project Year 19) that Vehicle Probe Project (VPP) data is being provided to our members.. There are now 7,000 centerline freeway miles, more than 20,000 freeway and arterial miles in all, including continuous coverage of the I-95 corridor from New Jersey through Florida.. Coverage also exists in Rhode Island.. The network includes full coverage of freeways and major arterials in North Carolina and the Tidewater area of Virginia, full or nearly full coverage of limited access roads in New Jersey, Maryland and South Carolina and the northern and eastern portions of Florida.. In addition, coverage now includes ramps at 160 major highway-to- highway interchanges, with all states having interchanges included except Georgia.. Agency Participation.. – As the value of the data from the Vehicle Probe Project is realized through the various applications and the continued quality via the validation efforts, the member states have increased their commitment to this project.. In fact, all of the participating states have committed their own funds to continue  ...   could best contribute to a national effort in this area.. Following the recommendations of the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Commission, and the work of other organizations including the FHWA, the Oregon DOT, and the TRB, the workshop produced a set of recommendations regarding the issues that a multi-state pilot program for a VMT-based fee system should address.. Based on the experts’ recommendations, an initial proposal was considered at the Coalition’s June 2 combined Steering Committee/Executive Board meeting.. That proposal led to a decision to launch a project to identify the institutional and administrative requirements of a multi-state VMT-based fee system.. That project commenced in November 2009 and will conclude in the summer of 2010.. The final scope of work is referenced below.. In the summer of 2009, the Coalition assembled a Member Advisory Committee, consisting of senior representatives of Coalition member state departments of transportation and toll authorities to guide the Coalition’s work activities in this area.. That group convened twice to guide the development of the scope of work for the project described above.. It will continue meeting to guide the work as it progresses.. Advisors in specialty areas, such as administrative and legal issues, will also be consulted.. Full Report.. and.. Executive Summary.. of.. Administrative and Legal Issues Associated with a Multi-State VMT-Based Charge System.. - November 2010.. Multi-state VMT-Based Charge Initiative Presentation.. Project page.. Member Advisory Council Webcast Presentation.. - April 12, 2011.. - September 22, 2010.. Member Advisory Committee Webcast Presentation.. - May, 2010.. Multi-State VMT-Based Road-User Fee Initiative Presentation.. - by Mark Muriello, PANYNJ, at the 2nd Annual Mileage-Based Fee Symposium - April, 2010.. Member Advisory Council.. (updated April, 2010).. - September 10, 2009.. Brainstorming Session Summary.. – May 5, 2009.. DMV Outreach Responses.. Related Documents Links:.. Fuel Taxes to Mileage-Based User Fees: Rationale, Technology, and Transitional Issues.. - University of Minnesota.. Alternative Approaches to Funding Highways.. - Congressional Budget Office.. Rules for Charging a Pay-By-Use Price for Driving with a Motor Vehicle [Dutch Road.. Pricing Act].. - Netherlands Road Pricing Study.. International Scan: Reducing Congestion and Funding Transportation Using Road Pricing.. - USDOT/FHWA (Presentation File).. - USDOT/FHWA (Final Report).. - USDOT/FHWA (Executive Summary).. Discerning the Pathway to Implementation of a National Mileage-Based Charging System.. - Oregon DOT and Transportation Research Board (supporting document for TRB Report 299, above).. Mileage-Based User Fee Technology Study.. - FHWA/RITA.. Oregon's VMT Fee Program.. - Oregon DOT.. Implementable Strategies for Shifting to Direct Usage-Based Charges for Transportation Funding.. – NCHRP 20-24(69).. Technology Enabling Near-Term Nationwide Implementation of Distance Based Road User Fees.. Equity and Congestion Pricing – A Review of the Evidence.. - Environmental Defense Fund Research Report.. FHWA Tolling Pricing Program - Project: Oregon Mileage-Based Road User Fee Evaluation.. - FHWA.. NCHRP 19-08: Costs of Alternative Revenue-Generation Systems.. - Transportation Research Board.. National Evaluation of a Mileage-Based Road User Charge.. - University of Iowa.. TTI-TXDOT VMT Project Scope.. (attachment).. TXDOT VMT Mileage Primer.. Update: I-95 Corridor Coalition Effort Related to Toll Enforcement Across State Lines.. In 2010, over 20 states formed a committee through the Alliance for Toll Interoperability (ATI) to focus on researching states' ability to enact legislation to allow for state-to-state reciprocity agreements to pursue toll violations by another state, similar to motor vehicle agreements that uphold traffic violations, i.. ITS America.. I-95 Corridor Coalition Projects were Featured at ITS America Annual Meeting.. Real-time corridor wide travel volume and speeds, performance measures and congestion monitoring tools, multistate mileage-based user fees studies, truck parking space availability notification system development, and other timely I-95 Corridor Coalition projects were featured at the ITS America Annual Meeting, held May 21-23, 2012 at the National Harbor in Maryland.. Additionally, First Responders were invited to attend the “Incident and Emergency Responder Day,” with free admittance to related workshops, networking opportunities, and equipment displays, and access to the exhibit hall.. Related Links:.. Real Time Travel Information.. Vehicle Probe Project.. Performance Measures.. Multistate Mileage Based User Fee Initiative.. Truck Parking Initiative.. 2010 Freight Academy.. Traffic Safety Workshop.. Multi-State Traffic Incident Info Exchange.. Page:.. 1.. More.. DNNArticle.. There is no category.. Please add a category first.. DNNArticleCategory.. DNNArticle View.. Attached Files.. Return.. News Tree Directory.. News Flash.. " id="dnn_ctr879_Category_tvCategoryt5i" tabindex="-1">.. " id="dnn_ctr879_Category_tvCategoryt5" style="border-style:none;font-size:1em;">.. NUG for Incident Management.. M-95 Marine Highway Corridor.. Steering I-95 into the Future.. Update.. 1-95 Corridor Coalition.. 3-D Incident Management Training.. 2040 Vision for the I-95 Corridor Region.. i95 Coalition.. I-95 Coalition Real Time Traffic Info.. I-95 Corridor Coalition on the News.. News from Members.. " id="dnn_ctr879_Category_tvCategoryt28i" tabindex="-1">.. " id="dnn_ctr879_Category_tvCategoryt28" style="border-style:none;font-size:1em;">..

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  • Title: Members
    Descriptive info: Membership Types and Benefits:.. There are four types of membership within the Coalition: Full Membership, Affiliate Membership, Associate Membership, and Friends of the Coalition.. Benefits of Membership include:.. Greater efficiency through coordination.. Mutual support and technical assistance.. Opportunities to learn from each other's experience.. Shared research and development and field testing.. Access to a network of peers.. Full Membership.. Full Membership entitles an organization to a seat on the Executive Board, along with representation on the Steering Committee, Program Track Committees, and/or any special task forces and to one vote on any matter that is subject to a vote by any of those units.. Full Membership could apply to any organization who owns or operates a major regional system within the Coalition's 16 states and satisfies the annual membership payment requirement as detailed in the Coalition's Procedural Guidelines.. FULL MEMBERS.. Departments of Transportation (Voting).. Connecticut DOT.. Delaware DOT.. District DOT (Washington, DC).. Florida DOT.. Georgia DOT.. Maine DOT.. Maryland DOT (MD SHA).. Massachusetts DOT.. New Hampshire DOT.. New Jersey DOT.. New York City DOT.. New York DOT.. North Carolina DOT.. Pennsylvania DOT.. Rhode Island DOT.. South Carolina DOT.. Vermont Agency of Transportation.. Virginia DOT.. Transportation Authorities.. Delaware River Bay Authority.. Delaware River Port Authority.. Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission.. Georgia State Road Tollway Authority.. Maine Turnpike.. Maryland Transportation Authority.. Metropolitan Transportation Authority.. MTA: Bridges and Tunnels.. MTA: Metro-North Railroad.. New Jersey Transit.. New Jersey Turnpike Authority.. New York State Thruway Authority.. North Carolina Turnpike Authority.. Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.. Port Authority of NY NJ.. South Jersey Transportation Authority.. Other Agencies.. Amtrak.. Federal Highway Administration.. Federal Maritime Administration.. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.. Federal Railroad Administration.. Federal Transit Administration.. Associate Membership.. Associate Membership is open to any organization that owns or operates a local transportation system; is otherwise eligible to be a Full or Affiliate member but is outside the geographic boundary of the Coalition; or is a partner agency, such as State Police, other law enforcement organizations, and motor vehicle agencies.. Partner agencies typically contribute to the content and implementation of the  ...   of the I-95 Corridor Coalition.. should send an e-mail message to the.. Coalition.. and they will be added to the database.. Further descriptions of Coalition membership can be found in the.. Affiliate Membership.. Affiliate Membership is open to any organization that is a transportation-related association, such as a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) or other transportation planning agencies/organizations.. This type of membership entitles the organization to representation on the Program Track Committees and/or any special task forces.. AFFILIATE MEMBERS.. 128 Business Council.. AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.. American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators.. American Bus Association.. American Public Transportation Association.. American Towing Alliance, Inc.. American Trucking Associations, Inc.. Association of American Railroads.. Baltimore Metropolitan Council.. Chester County Planning Commission.. Central Midlands (SC) Council of Governments.. Coalition of Northeastern Governors.. Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.. E-ZPass Interagency Group.. Florida Inland Navigation District.. Fredericksburg Area (VA) Metropolitan Planning Organization.. Genesee Transportation Council.. Greater Hickory Metropolitan Planning Organization.. High Speed Ground Transportation Association.. Intermodal Association of North America.. International Bridge, Tunnel Turnpike Association.. Lebanon County (PA) MPO.. Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission.. MetroPlan Orlando.. National Association of State EMS Officials.. National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board.. National Industrial Transportation League.. National Private Truck Council.. Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition.. New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC).. North Carolina Capital Area MPO.. North Jersey Transportation Planing Authority, Inc.. Richmond Regional Planning District Commission.. Rockingham (NH) Planning Commission.. Seaport Advisory Council.. South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization.. South Western (CT) Regional Planning Agency.. Southeastern Regional Planning Economic Development District (SRPEDD).. Southern Maine Regional Planning Commission.. Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission.. Spartanburg (SC) Area Transportation Study (MPO).. Strafford (NH) Regional Planning Commission.. Towing and Recovery Association of America (TRAA).. TRANSCOM.. Waccamaw (SC) Regional Council of Governments.. Wilmington (NC) Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.. York County (PA) Planning Commission.. I-95 Corridor Coalition Friends.. Membership as a Friend of the I-95 Corridor Coalition is open to organizations or individuals not eligible for Full, Affiliate, or Associate Membership.. This type of membership entitles the organization to receive Coalition newsletters, general notices, and Requests for Proposals..

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    Descriptive info: Your browser does not support inline frames..

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  • Title: I-95 Corridor Facts
    Descriptive info: I-95 FACTS & STATS.. TOLLING ON I-95.. INTEGRATED CORRIDOR ANALYSIS TOOL.. Map Credit: Kim Perry, Robert Benincasa, Nelson Hsu / NPR.. View the.. I-95 Coalition’s 2040 Strategic Vision.. Maine.. YES.. Certain bridges.. YES (TransPass/E-ZPass).. New Hampshire.. NHDOT – I-95 section around Portsmouth Bridge is tolled, but other sections of I-95 not tolled.. Yes near Bridge.. NH Turnpike.. YES (E-ZPass).. Massachusetts.. Mass Highway Department – covers Rte 128 = I-95 in Massachusetts which is not tolled.. No.. Mass Turnpike.. Yes on Mass Pike (E-ZPass).. Connecticut.. I-95 Not Tolled.. Rhode Island.. New York.. I-95 crossing over GW Bridge (PANYNJ) is tolled, along with the section which coincides with the NYS Thruway; other I-95 sections in NY not tolled.. Yes partially.. Yes.. Yes E-Zpass.. New Jersey.. Portion of New Jersey Turnpike section =  ...   on Bridges.. Yes – PA Tpke.. Delaware.. DelDOT for I-95 section.. Yes – SR-1.. Maryland.. MdSHA for I-95 Tolled section and MdTA for Bridges along I-95.. Yes partially -- on Bridges and certain segments.. Virginia.. VDOT – I-95 sections not tolled.. No I-95 Tolling.. Yes – Dulles Toll Road and certain bridges.. Smart Tag/E-ZPass.. North Carolina.. No tolling on I-95 section.. Outerbanks tolling.. South Carolina.. Yes – outerbanks bridges.. Georgia.. Yes – Georgia 400 around Atlanta.. Cruise Card.. Florida.. Yes -- Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise and other shorter segment roads.. SunPass.. The.. Integrated Corridor Analysis Tool (ICAT).. is an analysis and planning tool, under development, to provide a GIS-based, multi-state transportation network (containing roadway and traffic data) that will cover the full 16-state Coalition region.. Following are example products from ICAT:..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: General Information.. For general information or inquiries, please contact us by e-mail at.. i95cc@aol.. , or by postal service at:.. 5000 College Avenue, Suite 2200, College Park, MD, 20742.. Coalition Staff.. The work of the Coalition is supported by four dedicated staff: an Executive Director, and three Program Coordinators.. The Coalition's Executive Director is responsible for managing the day-to-day implementation of the Coalition Business Plan.. The Executive Director reports to the Executive Board, consults regularly with the Steering Committee leadership, and directs the work of the support consultant for overall program support activities.. The position functions as both the internal and external focus for communicating the policies, processes, and structure of the Coalition and for directing the implementation of the Coalition's program.. The Executive Director may act on behalf of the Coalition on all matters, within any limits outlined by the procedural manual and the decision-making structure  ...   management processes.. The Coordinators assist Program Track Committee Chairs to develop agendas for meetings, bring appropriate consultant resources to support meetings/activities as needed, and monitor Program Track activities for conformance to the Coalition's goals and objectives as adopted by the Steering Committee.. This role involves attending meetings, monitoring consultants, and agencies participating in the projects.. Any budget changes, reallocation requests for Program Track activities or MOU's developed to support the activities of a Program Track must have the approval of the Program Coordinator.. The Program Coordinators participate in all activities of the Coalition.. The Coordinators represent the Coalition internally and externally providing information on policies and programs.. Marygrace Parker.. Travel Information Services and Vehicle Probe Project Coordinator.. Freight, Mobility, Safety Security Coordinator.. Phone: (518) 852-4083.. i95mgp@ttlc.. Sgt.. Ira Promisel.. Coordinated Incident Management Program Coordinator.. Phone: (914) 703-1050.. E-Mail:.. ipromisel@stac.. edu.. Patty Reich.. Program Manager.. Phone: (703) 307-0212.. pattyjreich@gmail..

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  • Title: Vehicle Probe Project
    Descriptive info: Committees.. Projects.. Library.. Training.. Travel Information.. Calendar.. Project Partners.. Contact Information.. Should you have any questions, please contact:.. For general project questions, Marygrace Parker at 518-852-4083 or.. For Data Validation, Stan Young at 301-403-4593 or.. seyoung@umd.. For Data, Rick Schuman at 407-298-4346 or.. rick@inrix.. For the Vehicle Probe Project Suite, Michael L.. Pack at 301-405-0722 or.. packml@umd.. edu.. For Contract Expansion Issues, Kathy Frankle at 410-414-2925 or.. kfrankle@umd.. The Vehicle Probe Project is a groundbreaking initiative and collaborative effort among the Coalition, University of Maryland and INRIX and has been providing comprehensive and continuous real-time travel information since July 2008.. Member agencies have found numerous uses for the data beyond simply travel information.. There are many project documents available for your use and reference as listed below.. Contract Documents –.. Includes the original contracting documents as well as two versions of the Data Use Agreement.. A Data Use Agreement needs to be executed to obtain project data.. Data Validation –.. Includes reports on all of the data validation efforts to date.. General Information Press –.. Includes a one page overview of the project as well as several papers on project benefits.. Coverage Expansion –.. Includes documents on the expansion of coverage for member agencies.. Technical Information –.. Includes the Project Interface Guide and other technical papers to assist in the use of the project data.. The coverage maps of the areas within the core states are also provided.. Project Presentations –.. Includes the presentations and meeting minutes for each of the Vehicle Probe Project Team status webcasts held and other pertinent presentations.. Please click on the tabs listed below to go directly to the desired topic.. for more info about the Vehicle Probe project (description, objectives, scopes, etc.. Available Information on the Vehicle Probe Project.. Contract Document.. Data Validation.. General Info & Press.. Coverage Expansion.. Technical Info.. Project Presentations.. Document.. Link.. Original RFP.. INRIX Proposal.. Response to Questions #1.. Response to Questions #2.. Data Use Agreement v 1 -.. Standard DUA for Coalition member agencies.. Data Use Agreement v 2 - directly with INRIX.. (for agencies who can't sign a third party agreement).. Data Use Agreement v 3 -.. for any consultant working for a Coalition member agency.. Section 6.. 0 DATA OWNERSHIP AND DATA LICENSING.. Payment Formula Method–March 2009 (Modification M009).. List of Agencies with Executed Data Use Agreements – updated: January 21, 2014.. Year 2013.. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – August 2013 (Georgia).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – April 2013 (Maryland).. Validation Methodology for Arterials – Part 1 – March 2013 (Virginia Case Study).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – February 2013 (Pennsylvania).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – January 2013 (Connecticut).. January 10, 2013 VPP Arterial Validation Plan Webcast.. Year 2012.. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – December 2012 (New Jersey).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – May 2012 (North Carolina).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – May 2012 (Rhode Island).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – April 2012 (Florida).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – March 2012 (Maryland).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – January 2012 (Pennsylvania).. Year 2011.. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – December 2011 (Delaware).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – December 2011 (New Jersey).. Challenges to Effective Arterial Traffic Monitoring - 2011 ITSWC.. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report for Freeways – September 2011 (New Jersey).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report for Ramps – September 2011 (New Jersey).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – June 2011 (North Carolina).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – April 2011 (South Carolina).. Year 2010.. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – December 2010 (Delaware).. Arterial Data Validation White Paper - November 2010.. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – November 2010 (Virginia).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – November 2010 (Maryland).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – November 2010 (Pennsylvania).. Two-Year Validation Report - Revised 2010.. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – August 2010 (New Jersey).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – July 2010 (New Jersey).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – July 2010 (Delaware).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – June 2010 (North Carolina).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – April 2010 (Maryland).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – April 2010 (New Jersey).. Validation of INRIX Data – Monthly Report – March 2010 (Pennsylvania).. Method for Estimation of Travel Times  ...   Quality Metrics in VPP – 2011 ITSWC.. Data Use and Application Guide Final Report (April 2011).. Historical Speed Comparison White Paper (April 2011).. Improvement of Real-Time Data Paper (May 2010).. Confidence Value and Smoothing Paper (April 2010).. Project Interface Guide 4.. 0 (updated February, 2013).. NCDOT Travel Time Information (July, 2009).. CHART’s Travel Time Guidelines (December, 2008).. Procedural Guidelines for Implementing Travel Time on DMS in CHART.. Appendix for the Procedural Guidelines for Implementing Travel Time on DMS in CHART.. Coverage Maps.. Original RFP Maps.. As-Built Maps.. Corridor Map.. New Jersey.. Maine.. Newark.. New Hampshire.. Pennsylvania.. Massachusetts.. Philadelphia.. Rhode Island.. Delaware.. Connecticut.. Delaware, Philadelphia, and Trenton.. New York.. Maryland.. Baltimore, Maryland.. Maryland - DC.. Washington, DC.. Virginia.. Northern Virginia.. North Carolina.. Richmond Virginia.. South Carolina.. Southern North Carolina.. Georgia.. Florida.. Northern North Carolina.. Year 2014.. Date/Place.. Presentations.. Links.. Minutes.. January 29, 2014 | NJ Pilot Study Testing Potential MAP-21 PMs Webcast.. Vehicle Probe.. Presentation:.. January 23, 2014 | Probe Data Comparison Webcast.. Fact Sheet:.. FHWA Operations Performance Measures Information:.. View webpage.. FHWA Freight Performance Measures Information:.. December 5, 2013 | Project Status Webcast.. Main Presentation:.. VPP Suite Updates:.. October 15, 2013 | VPP Suite User Group.. September 25, 2013 | Project Status Webcast.. June 6, 2013 | Project Status Webcast.. Agenda:.. Participants:.. June 6, 2013 | TISPTC Meeting.. Agency Updates:.. May 15, 2013 | Planning for MAP-21 and Beyond: Leveraging the VPP Suite Webcast.. Vehicle Probe Presentation:.. April 16, 2013 | Project Status Webcast.. INRIX Monitoring Site Update – April 2013:.. VPP Applications Use Survey Results – April 2016:.. February 13, 2013 | Project Status Webcast.. NCDOT - Speed Data Analysis and Visualizations:.. December 12, 2012 | VPP (INRIX) Next Gen ITS Applications Webcast.. Webcast Objectives:.. November 13, 2012 | Project Status Webcast.. September 18, 2012 | Project Status Webcast.. Real Time Performance Measure – Average Hourly Speeds on South Carolina Highway System.. June 6, 2012 | Project Status Webcast.. April 18, 2012 | Project Status Webcast.. February 8, 2012 | Project Status Webcast.. New Jersey - Using Archived Operations Data for Planning Purposes:.. DVRPC – Draft - Summary Further Thoughts on Regional Use of Archived Operations Data:.. December 8, 2011 | Project Status Webcast.. November 3, 2011 | Project Status Webcast.. September 20, 2011 | Project Status Webcast.. June 23, 2011 | Project Status Webcast.. May 24, 2011 | Project Status Webcast.. April 14, 2011 | Project Status Webcast.. Presentation - Main:.. Presentation - Vehicle Probe Project Suite:.. February 23, 2011 | Project Status Webcast.. January 20, 2011 | Project Status Webcast.. December 8, 2010 | Project Status Webcast.. October 27, 2010 | Project Status Webcast.. September 22, 2010 | Project Status Webcast.. August 10, 2010 | Project Status Webcast.. June 30, 2010 | Project Status Webcast.. May 26, 2010 | Project Status Webcast.. April 20, 2010 | Project Status Webcast.. March 16, 2010 | Project Status Webcast.. 3 Year Plan Info:.. February 9, 2010 | Project Status Webcast.. Ramp Locations:.. January 10, 2009 | TRB Annual Meeting.. Session 348 – SafeTrip-21.. SAFETRIP-21 and the I-95 Corridor Coalition:.. Session 531 – Vehicle Probe Project.. Vehicle Probe Project – Overview:.. Using VP data to put Automated Travel Times on Dynamic Message Signs in MD:.. North Carolina’s Application of the INRIX data:.. Session 703 – Nontraditional Data Sources.. Vehicle Probe Project – What's New, What's Next:.. January 7, 2010 | Project Status Webcast.. November 10, 2009 | Project Status Webcast.. September 30, 2009 | Project Status Webcast.. August 25, 2009 | Project Status Webcast.. July 16, 2009 | Project Status Webcast.. June 9, 2009 | Project Status Webcast.. Vehicle Probe Presentation:.. June, 2009 | ITS America Annual Meeting.. Vehicle Probe Project Overview:.. Validation Process:.. Filling the Data Gap-NJDOT:.. Bridging NC’s Data Gap:.. Using VP data for automatic TT on DMS in MD:.. May 5, 2009 | Project Status Webcast.. April 7, 2009 | Project Status Webcast.. February 24, 2009 | Project Status Webcast.. Year 2008.. December 3, 2008 | Project Status Webcast.. November, 2008 | ITS World Congress-NYC.. Vehicle Probe Project Data Collection:.. Filling the Data Gap-NJDOT:.. Vehicle Probe Project Validation:.. October 22, 2008 | Project Status Webcast.. August 25, 2008 | Project Status Webcast.. July 17 , 2008 | Project Status Webcast.. May 21, 2008 | Project Status Webcast.. TMC Coverage Analysis:.. April 2, 2008 | Project Status Webcast.. INRIX Presentation:.. April 11, 2008 | CT ME DOT Introduction.. UMD Background:.. I-95 Vehicle Probe Project Coverage – December 2013.. I-95 Vehicle Probe Coverage - Dec 2013.. I-95 Vehicle Probe page.. One-Click Reports and Links.. Project Page.. (January, 2014).. Quick Start Sheet.. (October, 2013).. 0.. (February, 2013)..

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  • Title: Coalition Eco-Driving Campaign
    Descriptive info: Green Driving Tips.. Following these simple driving tips can equal extra cash to expend in your travels --together, they can save you as much as $80* on a 700-mile round trip.. Before Hitting the Road.. Get the junk out of your trunk.. Save: $.. 04–$.. 08/gallon.. An extra 100 pounds reduces gas mileage by up to 2%.. Fully inflate your tires.. 11/gallon.. Experts estimate a quarter of all vehicles run on underinflated tires.. Change your oil.. Using manufacturer recommended grade of motor oil improves fuel economy by 1–2%.. Tighten your fuel cap.. Save: 30 gallons/year.. One of the easiest possible ways to keep gas in your tank.. On The Road.. Slow down and save.. Save: $14 by driving 60 MPH instead of 70 MPH.. Each 5 MPH you drive over 60 MPH is like paying an additional $0.. 24 per gallon.. Avoid aggressive driving.. Save: $1.. 25/gallon.. Speeding, rapid acceleration and hard braking can reduce gas mileage by 33% at highway speeds.. Use cruise control.. 54/gallon.. This helps maintain a constant speed and improves fuel economy up to 7%.. *Numbers based on 700-mile trip; 24 MPG vehicle mileage; $3.. 79/gallon gas price; and E.. P.. A.. estimated savings.. Eco-Driving: Drive Green, Save Green.. Gas prices are on the rise, and climate change and carbon emissions are on the minds of government agencies and citizens alike.. Fortunately, there are easy changes that any driver can take to alleviate these issues!.. The purpose of the I-95 Corridor Coalition’s Eco-Driving Campaign is to.. educate drivers.. about.. easy changes they can make.. to reduce fuel consumption and wear and tear on their vehicles –.. simultaneously.. saving money and  ...   of Governments.. Wilmington Area Planning Council.. Capital District Transportation Committee.. Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.. Delaware River Port Authority.. Baltimore Metropolitan Council of Governments.. Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council.. Massachusetts Department of Transportation.. New Jersey Department of Transportation.. North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority.. Note: click on the above hyperlinks to learn more about the respective agency’s eco-driving and other programs.. Eco Resources Websites by AASHTO.. Information on other transportation agency sustainability initiatives is available on the following AASHTO's websites:.. Center for Environmental Excellence.. Transportation and Climate Change Resource Center.. Resources for Drivers:.. Fueleconomy.. gov.. – The Fuel Economy Guide, hosted by.. EPA.. , helps car buyers choose the most efficient vehicle to meet their needs.. This website also provides eco-driving tips, and an updated average price per gallon for the U.. Hypermiler Tips.. – Detailed resource compiled by the.. State of Massachusetts.. , including eco-driving tips by location and weather condition.. Environmental Defense Fund.. – National campaign to turn off idling engines.. Ecodrivingusa.. – Provides tips, an eco-calculater and an eco-quiz for drivers trying to understand their impacts on carbon emissions and how to reduce those impacts while saving money on gas.. Resources for Transportation Agencies:.. The I-95 Corridor Coalition would like to to assist any member agency in the implementation and promotion of the Eco-Driving program in their state.. If your agency is interested in becoming a partner in this program, please contact.. The following downloadable materials are available for your use.. "Drive Green, Save Green" Poster.. – Download and print a free poster.. Drive Green, Save Green Web Template.. – Download a detailed website resource for building a Drive Green, Save Green campaign web page..

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