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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Contact.. Sitemap.. Login.. Home.. Congresses.. Specialist Seminars.. About ITC.. ITC Library.. iTeletraffic.. ».. Home.. Teletraffic science is the traditional term for all theoretical fundamentals and engineering practices to describe data flows in telecommunication networks, the performance of the usage of network resources, procedures for sizing of resources and engineering the networks for given traffic load and quality of service requirements.. For more than 50 years of the 20th century, traffic or teletraffic has been identified primarily with telephone networks.. With the huge development of computers, stored program control of network nodes and computer communication, the traditional teletraffic science field naturally extended to computer networks, mobile and wireless/optical networks, and for a wide spectrum of new applications.. Today, the convergence between the voice network, the Internet, the television and mobility raises new questions that request new models and tools to be developed.. In addition, the development  ...   description and quantitative performance analysis.. Traffic flows are described by stochastic processes with complex dependencies which have to be validated by traffic measurements.. Modelling also includes operational properties of resource control reflected by service strategies such as queueing disciplines, admission control, and routing.. The results of such performance analyses are used for resource dimensioning (sizing), resource management, and network optimization while providing targeted Quality of Service.. Teletraffic science is closely related to methods of operation research (queueing theory, optimization, forecasting) and computational sciences (simulation technology distributed systems).. In this context, ITC represents a wide community of researchers and practitioners and is regularly organizing events like Congresses, Specialist Seminars and Workshops in order to discuss the latest changes in the modelling, design and performance of communication systems, networks and services.. News.. 26th International Teletraffic Congress.. 2013.. 11.. 22 00:00.. -----------------------------------------.. In Memoriam: Arne Jensen.. 2008.. 12 14:58..

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  • Title: Contact
    Descriptive info: Contact.. Mailing Lists.. This website provides a mailing list for ITC members which allows to write all members using.. itc@i-teletraffic.. org.. To automatically receive all information which might be of interest to the Teletraffic community, you must first subscribe the mailing list.. You may also unsubscribe by filling the relevant form with the  ...   Unsubscription.. Important.. : In order to avoid broadcast of useless messages to all ITC members, the Reply function is configured such as to direct reply messages to the sender only.. Queries and Comments.. If you have any queries or comments concerning the International Teletraffic Congress and its website, feel free to email to ITC..

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  • Title: Sitemap
    Descriptive info: Headermenu.. Sitemap.. Previous ITC Congresses..

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  • Title: Congresses
    Descriptive info: Congresses.. ITC 26.. 2014.. Homepage.. Coming soon.. ITC 25.. ITC 24.. 2012.. ITC 23.. 2011.. ITC 22.. 2010.. Program.. ITC 21.. 2009.. ITC 20.. 2007.. ITC 19.. 2005.. ITC 18.. 2003.. ITC 17.. 2001.. ITC 16.. 1999.. ITC 15.. 1997.. ITC 14.. 1994.. ITC 13.. 1991.. ITC 12.. 1988.. ITC 11.. 1985.. ITC 10.. 1983.. ITC 9.. 1979.. ITC 8.. 1976.. ITC 7.. 1973.. ITC 6.. 1970.. ITC 5.. 1967.. ITC 4.. 1964.. ITC 3.. 1961.. ITC 2.. 1958.. ITC 1.. 1955..

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  • Title: Specialist Seminars
    Descriptive info: Specialist Seminars.. Specialist Seminars are regularly organized on specific themes which are usually hot topic issues.. Their purpose is to gather more frequently top level experts for in-depth discussion on key issues relevant to the chosen themes.. Future ITC Specialist Seminars:.. 22nd ITC Specialist Seminar on Energy Efficient and Green Networking.. ,.. 20-22 November 2013, Christchurch, New Zealand.. Previous ITC Specialist Seminars and workshops have been organized on the following themes:.. 21st ITC Specialist Seminar on.. Multimedia Applications - Traffic, Performance and QoE.. 2-3 March 2010, Miyazaki, Japan.. 20th ITC Specialist Seminar on.. Network Virtualization - Concepts and Performance.. 18-20 May 2009, Hoi An, Viet Nam.. 19th ITC Specialist Seminar on.. Network Usage Traffic.. 8-9 October 2008, Berlin, Germany.. ITC Workshop on.. Future Internet Design and Experimental Facilities.. 21-22 July 2008, Wuerzburg, Germany.. 18th ITC Specialist Seminar on.. Quality of Experience.. 29-30 May 2008,.. Karlskrona.. , Sweden.. 17th ITC Specialist Seminar on.. Teletraffic Engineering Challenges for Next Generation Mobile Networks.. 10-11 May 2006, Melbourne, Australia.. 16th ITC Specialist Seminar on.. Performance Evaluation of Wireless and Mobile Networks.. 31 August - 2 September 2004, Antwerp, Belgium.. 15th ITC Specialist Seminar on.. Internet Traffic Engineering  ...   Communications.. 27-29 October 1998, Yokohama, Japan.. 10th ITC Specialist Seminar on.. Control in Communications.. 17-19 September 1996, Lund, Sweden.. 9th ITC Specialist Seminar on.. Teletraffic Modeling and Measurement in Broadband and Mobile Communications.. 7-9 November 1995, Leidschendam, The Netherlands.. 8th ITC Specialist Seminar on.. Universal Personal Telecommunications: Traffic Issues Related to Services, Architecture, Control and Performance.. 12-14 October 1992, Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy.. 7th ITC Specialist Seminar on.. Broadband Technologies: Architectures, Applications, Control and Performance.. 9-11 October 1990, Morristown, NJ, USA.. 6th ITC Specialist Seminar on.. Traffic Theory for New Telecommunications Services.. 25-29 September 1989, Adelaide, Australia.. 5th ITC Specialist Seminar on.. Traffic Engineering for ISDN Design and Planning.. 4-8 May 1987 Como Lake, Italy.. 4th ITC Specialist Seminar on.. ISDN Traffic Issues.. 5-7 May 1986, Brussels, Belgium.. 3rd ITC Specialist Seminar on.. Fundamentals of Teletraffic Theory.. 20-26 June 1984, Moscow, USSR.. 2nd ITC Specialist Seminar on.. Traffic Measurement and Traffic Simulation and their Role in Telecommunication System planning.. 25-28 October 1978, Budapest, Hungary.. 1st ITC Specialist Seminar on.. Modeling of SPC Exchanges and Data Networks.. 16-18 October 1977, Delft, The Netherlands.. Regional Seminars.. The old Regional Seminars page can be found.. here..

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  • Title: About ITC
    Descriptive info: About ITC.. The International Teletraffic Congress (ITC) was created in 1955 by.. Arne Jensen.. to initially cater to the emerging need to understand and model traffic in telephone networks using stochastic methodologies, and to bring together researchers with these considerations as a common theme.. Over the years, it has broaden its scope to address a wide spectrum ranging from the mathematical theory of traffic processes, stochastic system modelling and analysis, traffic and performance measurements, network management, traffic engineering to network capacity planning and cost optimization, including network economics and reliability for various types of networks.. Today, with its conferences, specialist seminars, regional seminars, training courses and publications, the ITC aims at a worldwide forum for all questions related to network and service performance, management, and assessment, both present and futuristic.. The notion of traffic is broadly used to encompass data traffic from the MAC layer all the way to application traffic in the application layer.. The scope of ITC is thus ranging all issues embedding operations, design, planning, economics and performance analysis of current and emerging communication networks and services, to be addressed by applying a variety of tools from different fields, such as Stochastic Processes, Information theory, Control theory, Signal and Processing, Game theory and optimization techniques, Statistical methodologies  ...   which gathers a number of technical experts, from universities and the research arms of key corporations in the industry, from countries having a strong tradition in teletraffic development.. The.. responsibilities are to disseminate information on teletraffic which is of interest for the whole community and:.. to select the locations of.. Plenary Congresses.. and to ensure their high-level technical programme ;.. to support.. on specific topics of current interest ;.. to promote.. for the dissemination of teletraffic concepts in developing countries ;.. to facilitate the liaison activity with the ITU through participation in the standardization process and in the Development Programme.. The technical program and the organization of each ITC event remains within the responsibilities of the hosting country, but with significant IAC support to guarantee that the event is consistent with the quality standards established during the previous congresses.. The ITC Plenary Congresses were scheduled tri-annually from 1955 until 1995 when the interval became bi-annual to account for the ever-accelerating development of network technologies, products and services and the associated dramatic increases in network demands.. Similarly, to better cover the impact of dramatic changes undergoing in the field of computer and communication systems, networks and usage, it has been decided to hold the Plenary Congress on an annual basis from 2009..

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  • Title: Bibliographic Database
    Descriptive info: Bibliographic Database.. ITC Bibliographic Database.. Search:.. Advanced search.. Year:.. All.. ::.. ,.. Jacek Danda.. and.. Dominik Kobylarz.. A common Interface to Transfer Data Between Telemedicine Devices and Smartphones for Monitoring of Chronic Diseases.. BibTex.. J.. W.. Bosman.. R.. D.. van der Mei.. Nunez-Queijaz.. A Fluid Model Analysis of Streaming Media in the Presence of time-varying Bandwidth.. Debasis Mitra.. Qiong Wang.. A Model-based Study of the Impact of Managed Services and the Spawning of Applications in Broadband Networks.. Athanassios Androutsos.. A Note on Federation Management: Autonomic Resource Allocation with Economic-enhanced Agents.. Richard T.. B.. Ma.. John C.. S.. Misra, Vishal Lui.. A Preference Model for Deciding the Market Share of Network Service Providers.. Christine Fricker.. Philippe Robert.. James Roberts.. A Versatile and Accurate Approximation for LRU Cache Performance.. Zhe Huang.. Danny H.. K.. Tsang.. James She.. A Virtual Machine Consolidation Framework for MapReduce Enabled Computing Clouds.. Yun Liu.. Bocheng Zhu.. Amelioration of Five Phase Reservation Protocol on Contention Probability Calculation.. Louis Plissonneau.. Ernst Biersack.. Parikshit Juluri.. Analyzing the Impact of YouTube Delivery Policies on User Experience.. Felipe Mata.. Piotr Zuraniewski.. Michel Mandjes.. Marco Mellia.. Anomaly Detection in VoIP Traffic with Trends.. Shohei Kamamura.. Yuki Koizumi.. Daisaku Shimazaki.. Takashi Miyamura.. Shinichi Arakawa.. Kohei Shiomoto.. Atsushi Hiramatsu.. Masayuki Murata.. Attractor Selection-based Virtual Network Topology Control with Dynamic Threshold Reconfiguration for Managed Self-organization Network.. Raymond Carroll.. Bio-inspired Future Service Environments.. Slawomir Kuklinski.. Comparative analysis of different autonomic management architectures.. Jan Rogowski.. Halina Tarasiuk.. Comparison of loss-based overload control mechanisms in signaling system with SIP protocol.. Ghida Ibrahim.. Computing Resources Placement in a Multi-CDN Context.. Andres Ferragut.. Fern Paganini.. Content Dynamics in P2P Networks from Queueing and Fluid Perspectives.. Hans van den Berg.. Developments on self-organization in mobile access networks.. M.. Sosnowski.. W.. Burakowski.. Evaluation of mean waiting time in the system with vacations.. Lingjie Duan.. Jianwei Huang.. Biying Shou.. Femtocell Service Provision with Dual Channel Competition..  ...   of Web Usage and Experience Based on Link-Level Measurements.. Giuseppe Bianchi.. Ken Duffy.. Douglas Leith.. Vsevolod Shneer.. Modeling Conservative Updates in Multi-Hash Approximate Count Sketches.. Eitan Altman.. Tania Jimenez.. Yezekael Hayel.. Modeling the impact of horizontal and vertical monopolies in the telecommunication market on the diversity of accessing content.. Grzegorz Danilewicz.. Marcin Dziuba.. MSMPS Packet Scheduling Algorithm for VOQ Switches.. Kok-Kiong Yap.. Nick McKeown.. Sachin Katti.. Multi-Server Generalized Processor Sharing.. Jarno Nousiainen.. Jorma Virtamo.. Pasi Lassila.. Multidirectional Forwarding Capacity in a Massively Dense Wireless Network.. Tomasz Janaszka.. Dariusz Bursztynowski.. Mateusz Dzida.. On Popularity-Based Load Balancing in Content Networks.. Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal.. Florin Ciucu.. On the Impact of Finite Buffers on Per-Flow Delays in FIFO Queues.. Vineet Abhishek.. Bruce Hajek.. On the Incentive to Deviate in Core Selecting Combinatorial Auctions.. Peter Jacko.. Sofia S.. Villar.. Opportunistic Schedulers for Optimal Scheduling of Flows in Wireless Systems with ARQ Feedback.. Scott Jordan.. Gwen Shaffer.. Principles of Device Attachment and Control.. Sharad Birmiwal.. Ravi R.. Mazumdar.. Shreyas Sundaram.. Processor Sharing and Pricing Implications.. Wouter Minnebo.. Benny van Houdt.. Pull versus Push Mechanism in Large Distributed Networks: Closed Form Results.. Maria Vlasiou.. Jiheng Zhang.. Bert Zwart.. Rob van der Mei.. Separation of Timescales in a Two-Layered Network.. Eric Gourdin.. Yuhui Wang.. Some Further Investigation on Maximum Throughput: Does Network Coding Really Help ?.. Raluca-Maria Indre.. Thomas Bonald.. Davide Cuda.. Ludovic Noirie.. Towards All-Optical Packet Networks.. Prof.. Alex Galis.. Towards Self-management in Software Driven Networks.. Henning Schulzrinne.. Transitioning to a VoIP PSTN â the Intersection of Technology, Economics and Regulation.. Florian Wamser.. Dirk Staehle.. Jan Prokopecy.. Andreas Maederz.. Phuoc Tran-Gia.. Utilizing Buffered YouTube Playtime for QoE-Oriented Scheduling in OFDMA Networks.. Y.. Sinan Hanay.. Virtual Network Topology Control with Oja and APEX Learning.. Valentin Burger.. Frank Lehrieder.. Tobias Hoßfeld.. Jan Seedorf.. Who Profits from Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing? Traffic Optimization Potential in BitTorrent Swarms.. This year / Total:.. 52 / 2489.. All congresses..

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  • Title: News
    Descriptive info: News.. no news in this list..

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  • Title: 26th International Teletraffic Congress
    Descriptive info: News Single.. 22.. 2013 00:00 Age: 211 days.. The 26th International Teletraffic Congress will take place on September 08-12, 2014 in Karlskrona, Sweden.. ITC is an annual event that provides a venue for researchers from academia and industry interested in design and control of communication networks, protocols, and applications.. ITC solicits original contributions, especially contributions that  ...   Furthermore, contributions that provide important insights on real-world networking problems, e.. g.. , based on measurements, application of analytical techniques or simulations, are strongly encouraged.. The 26th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC26) will be held in Karlskrona, Sweden, from September 08-12, 2014.. Further information can be found on the official webpage of the.. - Back to: Home..

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  • Title: In Memoriam: Arne Jensen
    Descriptive info: 26th International Teletraffic Congress.. 12.. 2008 14:58 Age: 6 yrs.. By: Prosper.. Arne Jensen, ITC Founder, has passed away.. We have just heard with great sadness that Arne Jensen passed away on November 11, 2008.. Professor Arne Jensen was the key person behind the creation of the International Teletraffic Congress in 1955, which he chaired from 1955 until 1991.. Arne was born on February  ...   Statististics in 1944.. He was thus with the Copenhagen Telephone Company and in 1948, he completed, with E.. Brockmeyer and H.. L.. Halstrøm, the book on Erlang's achievements:.. The Life and works of A.. Erlang.. From 1962 he had been a Professor at the Technical University of Denmark in Statistics and Operations Research.. Arne Jensen was Emeritus Chairman of the International Advisory Council of ITC..

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