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  • Title: i-Docs - interrogating the field of interactive documentary
    Descriptive info: .. i-Docs.. Navigation.. Home.. About.. The Team.. Judith Aston.. Sandra Gaudenzi.. Jess Linington.. Mandy Rose.. Nick Triggs.. Arnau Gifreu.. The Symposium.. Contact.. Search.. All posts, i-Docs 2014, Videos / July 31, 2014.. Making Hollow: case study interview with Elaine McMillion-Sheldon.. Read More.. All posts, News Events / July 29, 2014.. Making the City Playable: A Conference – Watershed September 10 11.. All posts, i-Docs 2014, Interviews, News Events, Symposium / April 28, 2014.. From iPad to installation: interactive documentary on multiple platforms.. All posts, Research Articles / March 17, 2014.. Can we measure the impact of an i-doc? Kat Cizek in the last episode of the UX Series.. All posts, Interviews / May 28, 2014.. The Awra Amba Experience: collaboration, crowd-funding and community.. Click to sort by topic.. All posts.. Guest posts.. Interviews.. News Events.. Resources.. Symposium.. Videos.. Read more.. Inside the Distance: Sharon Daniel s i-doc on restorative justice now online.. INSIDE THE DISTANCE: an interactive web documentary on restorative justice by Sharon Daniel is now online, following its gallery installation last year.. A touchscreen installation version of INSIDE THE DISTANCE premiered in the exhibition CONVICTIONS at STUK Kunstencentrum in September 2013.. i-Docs interviewed artist, Sharon Daniel in November about the solo exhibition, which included four of her documentary works on criminal justice, (“i-Docs in Public.. 08.. 18.. 2014.. Four interactive storytelling hacks looking for participants.. Four interactive storytelling hacks on different sides of the world are looking for participants this is an exciting opportunity to get a project idea of the ground, with hacks giving the space for new ideas, collaboration and perhaps most importantly, the chance to create a working prototype.. Feast your eyes on these four upcoming hacks: First up and here in.. 13.. What will we do when we get there? Anticipating Digital Broadcast Archives.. Guest post from Joe Smith, Kim Hammond and George Revill , The Open University The Earth in Vision project is exploring the potential and significance of digital broadcast archives (DBAs), looking at environment related media as a case study.. We are working specifically with fifty hours of BBC broadcast archive of environmental programmes from the late 1950s onwards.. In addition to.. 07.. It has been an exciting few months for Elaine McMillion Sheldon since her session at i-Docs earlier this year, with her interactive documentary Hollow gaining impressive recognition.. Following the teams Peabody Award, they have since been nominated for an Emmy within the New Approaches to News Documentary Programming: Current News category competing against mainstream productions including the Guardian s NSA Files Decoded.. 07.. 31.. Making the City Playable: Imagining and making the cities of the future.. 29.. Constructing Door into the Dark: an insight into the immersive documentary experience.. Door into the Dark - an immersive documentary experience about what it means to be lost, from producers Anagram was fully booked throughout Sheffield Doc/Fest and has been receiving nothing but praise from its participants since.. As well as installing DITD for festival delegates at Sheffield, project creators May Abdalla and Amy Rose (Anagram) also took part in a session about.. 01.. i-docs opportunities: funding, pitching workshops.. There have been a few opportunities for interactive documentary makers over the last month, so incase you missed them, here s a quick rundown.. Most of the calls have already been posted on either our Facebook group or through Twitter so make sure you re following us! Future of Storytelling prize: The FoST Prize will be awarded to the most exceptional.. 06.. 27.. Interrogating audiences: What do we mean by engagement and evaluation?.. Kate Nash is a Lecturer in Media and Communications at the Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds.. Her research is focused on emerging forms of documentary, combining production and audience study.. She has kindly provided her paper: Interrogating audiences: What do we mean by engagement and evaluation?, which she presented during i-Docs 2014, in its entirety including the accompanying presentation (see.. 25.. Webdocs for social change: a guest post from Carles Sora.. Original text written by Carles Sora for CCCB LAB Blog (2014) and republished with permission.. Over the past few years we’ve seen the emergence of online interactive documentaries, a documentary sub-genre that straddles documentary practice and interactive design.. These webdocs are now attracting the interest of European authors, festivals, producers and television networks.. In late May, the DocsBarcelona documentary festival organised a.. guest posts.. 20.. Netwars/out of CTRL: an interview with producer Michael Grotenhoff.. Recommended at Sheffield DocFest by keynote Rob Tercek, Netwars/Out of Ctrl is an interactive web series that explores the possibilities of cyberwarfare and our own, personal relationship with the web.. I spoke to the project producer Michael Grotenhoff about his inspirations for the project, the process of production and how it s been received so far What prompted you to make Netwars.. 16.. Doc/Fest 2014: an insider s view of the Crossover Market.. Every edition of Sheffield’s Doc/Fest is different, but for me this year was particularly special because I came with two hats: my usual i-doc observer one, and my new i-doc director/producer one.. In other words: this year I presented a project to the Crossover Market and got selected.. So, together with Mike Robbins from Helios Design Labs and Sarah Arruda,.. The Quipu Project: a framework for participatory interactive documentary.. Chaka Studio demonstrated their Quipu Project at Sheffield Doc Fest yesterday morning during the continued interactive talks.. The session was a great opportunity to catch up with the projects progress since the React Hub Future Documentary Sandbox and gauge the reaction from the wider documentary community.. The interactive documentary focuses on the case of forced sterilisation in Peru, which affected.. 10.. Games Killed the Video Star: Five Ways That Play Is Beating TV at It s Own Game.. I connected to YouTube on a new device recently, so a device without the vast user history Google likes to collect.. I noticed at the top of the screen were the top 5 Most Popular Right Now videos for the UK.. What struck me was that 4 out of 5 were video games.. The only non video game offering was.. 05.. Transforming Bisbee: the role of the interactive documentary.. Guest post by Allison Otto, “Bisbee” Project Director I grew up in the American Southwest and for two, amazing years I lived in a 26-foot, 1958 vintage Airstream in Bisbee, Arizona.. It’s a beautiful, remote little town nestled deep in the Mule Mountains, nine miles from the Mexican border.. Like many rural communities in the US, though, Bisbee is struggling.. 04.. i-Docs presents Ingrid Kopp: A field guide to interactive storytelling.. Technology has always changed how we tell stories but something extraordinary is happening at the moment.. The speed of technological progress, coupled with the web and social media, has led to a host of new storytelling possibilities.. The new storytelling paradigm has been described as participatory, cross-platform, immersive, transmedia, and interactive.. But what kinds of stories are possible now? This.. 05.. 30.. See All.. The Prisons Memory Archive: Questioning and Engaging with Interactivity at i-Docs 2014.. Guest post from Laura Aguiar, Cahal McLaughlin and Jamie McRoberts Queen’s University Belfast The Prisons Memory Archive (PMA) is an ongoing research project and its aim is to offer possibilities of engaging with the story of the ‘other’ in a society that is emerging from decades of political violence.. One way of doing this, we believe, is through interactive documentary.. 03.. 17.. New Documentary Ecologies: Emerging Platforms, Practices and Discourses.. Guest post from Kate Nash, one of our keynote speakers at i-Docs 2014.. How can we begin to conceptualise the way in which documentary is being re-thought in light of contemporary media cultures and technologies? This is the central question that the contributors to New Documentary Ecologies: Emerging Platforms, Practices and Discourses explore.. Taking ‘the ecological’ as a heuristic that.. Reflections on Firestorm: Guest post from Mary Mitchell.. The following is a guest post from Mary Mitchell with her thoughts on the Guardian’s interactive documentary, Firestorm.. The Guardian’s second foray into interactive documentary, ‘Firestorm’, is a beautifully crafted piece of immersive storytelling.. Centered on photographs taken by The Holmes Family family fleeing a Tasmanian bushfire, the project crafts interviews, photographs, text and a breathtaking soundtrack into a linear.. 02.. Participatory Documentary [and the city]: A research project from Daryl Mulvihill.. Interactive documentary crosses over into a number of disciplines and urban ism is no exception.. Katerina Cizek s work with Highrise and McMillion s recent documentary Hollow both explore people s relationships to the environments they live in and how they could be improved.. Architect and urban designer Daryl Mulvihill is continuing this research through a project entitled Participatory Documentary [and the city].. His company dmau s work.. 2013.. Using dialogue as a way to create peace.. This is a guest blog post from Paulina Tervo.. I was invited by i-Docs to write an update to our interactive project, The Awra Amba Experience.. Much has already been written about the project and is circulating on the internet, so I decided focus this blog post on elaborating on our plans for outreach solutions.. I live around half a.. ‘Newsgames’: playing with the news.. Using a game as a narrative resource in journalism is nothing new, although it is a minority pursuit.. Nevertheless, the influence of gaming strategies is growing in digital works and even two Pulitzer journalists are working in a documentary and a game.. Their goal is to make the world aware of the conditions of inequality in which women and children.. evadominguez.. 10.. 08.. 2012.. Notes from Exploiting the Feedback Loop #xosummit: Guest post from Tomas Rawlings.. Guest post from Tomas Rawlings, who chaired a panel at the (very) recent Crossover Summit at Sheffield DocFest you can read his original article here, along with tons of other great blog posts about games, networked media, technology, evolution nature.. On Wednesday I chaired a session about feedback, games and media at the Crossover Summit at Sheffield Documentary Festival (image).. 14.. Jonathan Harris, or the personal story as creation.. Jonathan Harris, the mind behind We Feel Fine and Cowbird, among others, was in Barcelona  ...   14 festival, from 30 April to 11 May, organized by CINETECA, hosts a meeting point for professionals interested in interactive documentary.. There is also an ideas laboratory originating in the EMBED and DOCMA initiatives, in collaboration with Intermediae, and with the participation of RTVE.. es.. Media Lab (Spanish TV).. The Web.. Webdox 2014: hands-on workshops inspiration for online storytellers.. Here is the great news: this year i-Docs and Webdox are exploring the same areas, but in different ways, and in different places.. i-Docs 2014 (Bristol, 20-21th of March) was organised around three themes that seemed topical to us: new production models, how to assess engagement and evaluation and new i-docs territories platforms.. We had two amazing days of explorations and,.. i-Docs 2014: catch up with day one.. As day one of i-Docs draws to a close and delegates head towards our special performance of Choose Your Own Documentary, you can catch up with the huge amount of talks, top moments and awesome projects that have been discussed by scrolling through our Storify below: [View the story "i-Docs 2014: Thursday 20" on Storify].. Choose Your Own Documentary in Tribeca Storyscapes section.. Exciting news from Tribeca last week as they announce their selections for the upcoming festival.. Five projects made it into the interactive Storyscapes section, including Choose Your Own Documentary a show which is part of i-Docs 2014! Tribeca Film Festival’s Storyscapes, created in collaboration with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Gin, is a juried section at the Festival to showcase innovative and interactive.. Bibliography.. A selection of papers and publications about interactive documentary.. Most are freely accessible online, some may require institutional login.. 15.. Tools.. A list of tools and further resources for creating your own interactive documentaries.. Think we re missing something? Tell us in the comments or via idocsinteractive@gmail.. com.. Research Articles.. A collection of research articles and papers from i-Docs contributing editors and associates.. If you have a relevant piece of research you d like to see published here, please contact us at idocsinteractive@gmail.. Related websites.. A collection of i-Docs related blogs, websites and portals put together by the i-Docs team.. We d love to grow this list, so please add suggestions in the comments section or via our Facebook group.. If you think we ve missed any resources off this page please add them in the comment section below.. i-Docs 2014: catch up from day two.. A slightly belated catch up from the second day of i-Docs 2014, scroll down to see what went on! A selection of the sessions have also been recorded and will be available online over the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled.. [View the story "i-Docs 2014: Friday 21" on Storify].. 24.. Bjarke Myrthu on the role of the interface in an i-doc.. The interface is content says Alexandre Brachet from Upian.. What does this mean? The interface is no just a way to navigate through content, it is a way to place the user within a story space, and by doing so it gives roles, it explains the possibilities, it generates feelings in the users and it therefore becomes a type of.. 09.. FOCUS SPAIN: the first latin panel at the i-docs conference 2014.. The Spain Focus panel is the first panel discussion at a conference on interactive documentary that focuses on the production of the emerging Latin field.. During 1hour and 30 minutes, three projects will be presented at different stages of development: Barret Films, with projects such as “The Voices of Memory” and “0 accountable”, the first Spanish production company specialised in the production of.. A Door Into The Dark at i-Docs 2014.. We are pleased to announce that i-Docs 2014 delegates have the chance to experience Door Into The Dark , a work-in-progress from current Pervasive Media Studio residents, Anagram: Just a block down from the busy conference, a door into the dark has been installed.. Be led by the hand into a world of characters who know the true meaning of being lost.. Makers of interactive documentary Hollow discuss lessons learned.. Yesterday afternoon the makers behind the incredibly successful interactive documentary Hollow got together online to answer some of your questions.. Moderated by Opeyemi Olukemi (Digital Initiatives at Tribeca Film Institute) the Google Hangout involved Director and Producer Elaine McMillion, Sound Designer Billy Wirasnik, Technical Director and Senior Developer Robert Hall and Art Director/Designer and Architect Jeff Soyk.. The team answered.. 01.. 22.. Ingrid Kopp asks Jason Brush about design thinking in the UX Series.. The UX Series has launched two days ago, and the discussion about UX methodologies and i-docs design is already spreading could this mean that we are hitting a hot topic?? Ingrid Kopp has just asked Jason Brush (Executive vice president of Creative and UX at POSSIBLE) to extend on her own contribution Watch their exchange on the UX Series, and add to it if.. Between the Lines: Storytelling in the New Landscape.. Between the Lines festival, which took place back in March, have released a number of videos from this years festival including the whole storytelling session with Caspar Sonnen, Alexandre Brachet, William Uricchio and our very own Mandy Rose.. The festival, a partnership between DocHouse and the Frontline Club, explored the challenges facing documentary makers, investigative journalists and citizen reporters in the new media landscape.. As well as this.. 26.. Jesse Shapins and James Burns ring in the web doc revolution!.. Initiated at Mozfest last year, the web doc manifesto has been rumbling under the surface for the past few months.. Although it s been spoken of and added to during a number of subsequent events and meetups, it has never been quite so passionately presented as it was at the all-day TFI interactive event.. Recounted by Zeega founders Jesse Shapins and.. Henry Jenkins at Madrid Transmedia Living Lab 2012.. Also have a look at Robert Pratten s (CEO of Transmedia Storyteller LTD) keynote slides, which introduces a methodology for participatory storytelling and illustrates with examples from his work: Transmedia Living Lab, Madrid from Robert Pratten You can find out more about the Madrid Transmedia lab here.. i-Docs 2011 Florian Thalhofer.. Berlin-based Florian Thalhofer is an artist, documentary filmmaker and inventor of Korsakow, a software to create database films.. Below is his keynote from i-Docs 2011, where he discusses this software, what can be done with it and his current projects at the time, enjoy!.. i-Docs 2011: short documentary.. A short video with some of the highlights from the 2011 symposium, including Nick Cohen (BBC) Siobhan O Flynn (University of Toronto) and Florian Thalhofer s (Korsakow creator) brilliant keynote:.. Video: Transmedia for Social Documentaries.. What does the word transmedia actually mean? What do documentaries need to be to ensure that they are seen in this complex media world? On this event, transmedia creators discussed what transmedia actually means, how documentaries can adapt to take advantage of this new medium and the opportunities it offers for new storytellling techniques.. Tribeca Film Institute at The New.. ninasimoes.. 2011.. This site is a space for news, research, analysis and dialogue about interactive documentary (i-docs).. We welcome contributions from practitioners and researchers in the field.. Click to.. find out more.. about what we do and how to become a part of the community.. Join our Facebook community.. I-docs.. org.. This group is for all people interested in interactive documentaries (i-docs).. It is an initiative of http://i-docs.. Octavio Fraga Guerra.. August 18, 2014 5:35 am.. Now!: Un pasado-presente escrito en imágenes.. Por: Octavio Fraga Guerra* (VIDEO).. cinereverso.. Reivindico al cine documental como obra de arte y erguida expresión del pensamiento lúcido.. También, de sus impostergables construcciones artesanas, cuyos derroteros artísticos han de ser coherentes con la humanidad.. View on Facebook.. Jigar Mehta.. August 16, 2014 10:16 pm.. Call for proposals for AJ+ Labs and Camden International Film Festival pitch competition.. Looking for fresh new ideas.. 1 View on Facebook.. Kel O'Neill.. August 16, 2014 8:55 pm.. Hey LA people, this is finally happening:.. http://www.. meetup.. com/StoryCode-Los-Angeles/events/200504952/.. StoryCode Los Angeles.. www.. Please join us for an evening with virtual reality storyteller Nonny de la Peña.. Learn about de la Peña's groundbreaking nonfiction projects, from Hunger in Los Angeles to Project Syria, and intr.. 7 View on Facebook.. Chris Sarantis.. August 16, 2014 9:36 am.. Hey everyone! I'm a London-based freelance composer and I'm looking for film-makers to work with.. I have a short film on 4oD called 'Drone', that I scored, starring Ewen Bremner (Trainspotting/Black Hawk Down) directed by Daniel Jewel and there's only 18 days left to see it! Check it out and please get in touch if you need music to your short/doc/commercial.. all opportunities will be considered:.. channel4.. com/programmes/the-shooting-gallery/4od#3737191.. The Shooting Gallery - 4oD.. The Shooting Gallery on 4 on Demand.. Watch The Shooting Gallery online when you want on 4oD.. The new series of The Shooting Gallery continues with a selection of micro-documentaries from the multi-award winning Tate-Channel 4 collaboration The Lost Art project.. Nine films tell the stories of some of….. Alex Mitchell.. August 15, 2014 4:33 pm.. We have a great set of talks and workshops lined up for this year's ICIDS 2014 conference, and registration is now open.. See the Call for Participation for links to the academic program, bios for our invited speakers, registration details, and more!.. http://narrativeandplay.. org/icids2014/call.. html.. ICIDS 2014 | Call for Participation | Papers.. narrativeandplay.. Camera-ready copy for papers, demos, posters and workshops are due on 18 August, 2014.. Call for papersThis year, the International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS) will take place in Singapore at the National University of Singapore, marking the conference's first venture to Asi….. 3 View on Facebook.. Explore resources.. Bibliography.. Papers and publications about interactive documentary.. Research Articles & posts.. From our i-Docs contributing editors and wider community.. Related websites.. A selection of blogs and web portals.. Tools.. Tools that can be used to create interactive documentaries.. Top guest posts.. August 7, 2014.. June 20, 2014.. June 5, 2014.. Recent interviews.. July 1, 2014.. June 16, 2014.. May 28, 2014.. Supported by.. Toggle the Widgetbar.. Supported by.. Blog.. i-Docs presents.. Type and Press enter to Search..

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  • Title: About- i-Docs: a site dedicated to interactive documentary
    Descriptive info: This site is for people involved with or interested in interactive documentary.. We call this work “i-docs” – a term coined by Sandra Gaudenzi who was one of the co-founders of the i-Docs project.. The website is a space for news, analysis and dialogue between practitioners, researchers, students and enthusiasts – a place where we hope you can learn, reflect and expand your understanding of the field.. The website is run on a community model.. If you would like to contribute a post on the aesthetic, ethical, political or business aspects of i-docs then we would like to hear from you.. We welcome shorter news-based posts as well as longer academic work and dissemination of research.. contact i-Docs Research Associate Jess Linington.. for more information.. The i-Docs website is one arm of the i-Docs project which is a research strand within the Digital Cultures Research Centre at UWE Bristol.. i-Docs began with a Symposium - the first dedicated to interactive documentary convened by Judith Aston, Jon Dovey and Sandra Gaudenzi in March 2011.. Two further i-Docs Symposia have since  ...   interactive documentary.. At this point in the development of this fast-moving field we feel that it is important to have an expansive definition that can embrace the many different kinds of work that are emerging.. The i-Docs site includes coverage of projects that you may find elsewhere described as web-docs, transmedia documentaries, serious games, cross-platform docs, locative docs, docu-games, pervasive media.. For us any project that starts with an intention to document the ‘real’ and that does so by using digital interactive technology can be considered an i-doc.. What unites all these projects is this intersection between digital interactive technology and documentary practice.. Where these two things come together, the audience become active agents within documentary – making the work unfold through their interaction and often contributing content.. If documentary is about telling stories about our shared world; we are interested in what happens as the audience get more closely involved in this way.. At the heart of i-Docs is the question; what opportunities emerge as documentary becomes something that is co-created?.. Share this:.. Share.. Facebook.. Twitter.. nickt.. 2010.. 1..

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  • Title: The Team - i-Docs
    Descriptive info: Although we have a small core team, i-Docs is community led site and we re always keen to hear from you! Join our.. Facebook group.. , follow us on.. or drop us an email via our.. contact page.. As co-Founder and co-Director of i-Docs, Judith brings understanding and vision, based on nearly thirty years of experience in the field, to the ongoing expansion and development of the i-Docs community.. She started her career by working on pioneering projects with Apple Computing, the BBC and Virgin Publishing, completed her PhD on interactive documentary in 2003, and co-initiated the first i-Docs symposium in 2011.. Her ongoing work with i-Docs on strategic development, convening the symposia and contributing to the website is part of her role as a Senior Lecturer in Film and Media at UWE, where it plays an integral part in both her teaching and research interests.. She has a particular interest in pushing at the edges of i-Docs, looking at where they intersect with areas such as digital publishing and live performance, and making sure that technological possibilities are placed within a broader cultural and critical context.. This perspective is heavily influenced by her own background in Anthropology and by her ongoing interest in i-Docs as a means through which to represent multiple points of view and encourage intercultural dialogue.. With this in mind, she continues to work as a producer/advisor on i-Docs projects, lectures internationally on the subject, and provides specialist input into festivals and training programmes.. Full bio.. @judithaston.. See all posts from Judith.. Sandra is co-Director of i-Docs.. She initiated the i-Docs conference in 2011 with Judith Aston and Jon Dovey, gave it its name, and started its website and Facebook page, which is now a successful open resource for our global i-docs community.. She regularly blogs about i-doc matters on both i-Docs and.. interactivefactual.. net.. Sandra also co-curates the WebDox conference in Leuven, speaks at conferences, both in the UK  ...   all posts from Jess.. Mandy is co-Director of i-Docs.. She takes responsibility for strategic direction and manages the team.. Mandy got involved with i-Docs as a contributing editor to the website in 2011 and co-convened the 2014 Symposium.. Mandy’s contribution draws on her practice-based research into the intersection between documentary and networked culture and her interest in co-creation within emerging documentary practice.. Mandy is a frequent invited speaker at academic and industry events both in the UK and internationally.. She was an advisor on the REACT Future Documentary Sandbox and is one of the curators of the MIT Open Documentary Lab _docubase.. Mandy’s writing on emerging documentary appears in The Journal of Documentary Studies (Intellect Books 2013), The Documentary Film Book (Palgrave 2013) and DIY Citizens; Critical Making and Social Media (MIT Press 2014.. ).. @collabdocs.. Collab Docs.. See all posts from Mandy.. Nick Triggs is the Digital Cultures Research Centre s Administrator.. As such, he is instrumental in the planning and running of the i-Docs symposium, as well as support for i-Docs throughout the year.. Contributing Editor.. Arnau Gifreu is a Professor of Communication and Multimedia Studies at the University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia and at ERAM (University of Girona).. He is a Doctor in Communications and has a master’s degree in digital arts from the Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona).. Gifreu has published various books and articles in his research area, interactive and transmedia non-fiction, and specifically on interactive documentaries.. As well as being a part of the i-Docs group, he is also a research affiliate with the MIT Open Doc Lab.. In terms of research stays, he has been a research lecturer at Harvard University (Harvard Metalab) and York University (Future Cinema Lab).. He has worked and collaborated in direction tasks for television stations such as 25TV and TVC (Televisió de Catalunya) and production companies such as Tasmania Films and MediaPro.. @agifreu.. Personal website.. See all posts from Arnau.. nicktriggs.. 19..

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  • Title: The Symposium - i-Docs
    Descriptive info: i-Docs is the first symposium dedicated to interactive documentary and has been convened by Judith Aston and Sandra Gaudenzi alongside Jon Dovey in 2011 and with Mandy Rose in 2014.. The symposium is an initiative of UWE Bristol’s Digital Cultures Research Centre, which is located in the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol.. When.. The i-Docs symposium takes place bi-annually at the end of March, with the next edition planned for 2016.. Where.. The symposium runs in the Watershed, Bristol, where both the DCRC and PM Studio are located.. Previous symposia.. i-Docs 2014.. i-Docs 2012.. i-Docs 2011.. The symposium on March 20th – 21st saw nearly 200 international delegates in Bristol for two plus days of presentations, panels and live events.. Many delegates arrived on Wednesday afternoon for the REACT Hub Future Documentary Showcase – where prototypes developed within REACT’s recent Sandbox were unveiled.. Four of these projects – Orion, Quipu, Boron Mon Amour / 94 Elements and Jack the Ripper 125 were all explored in more depth within the i-Docs programme.. During Thursday and Friday the Symposium explored three themes within parallel strands Production Models, Engagement and Evaluation, and New Territories.. Keynote speakers included new media artist Hank Willis Thomas (Question Bridge), documentary storyteller Elaine McMillion (Hollow), media historian Professor William  ...   (rip! A Remix Manifesto), Professor Brian Winston (University of Lincoln), Sharon Daniel (University of California, Santa Cruz), Paulina Tervo (Awra Amba Project) and, via Skype, Kat Cizek (Highrise).. i-docs 2012.. from.. DCRC.. on.. Vimeo.. See full list of speakers.. See the 2012 schedule.. See related posts.. The first Symposium took place on March 25th, 2011.. This one-day gathering of 120 delegates showcased recent projects and provided space for discussion of the artistic, economic and political implications of new forms of factual representation.. Speakers included Alexandre Brachet (Upian), Matt Adams (Blast Theory), Nick Cohen (BBC) and Florian Thalhofer (Korsakow).. The evening saw City Symphonies a screening of Jean Vigo’s A Propos de Nice (1930), followed by a live response from documentary film-makers Keith Marley (Liverpool John Moores University) and Geoffrey Cox (University of Huddersfield).. See the 2011 schedule.. Alongside the Symposia the i-Docs team also convene, curate and deliver related events.. These have include labs at Open City Docs and at Digital Bristol Week, conferences WebDocs 2013, workshops – Popathon Bristol 2014, and public talks by Daniel Burwen and Ingrid Kopp.. We plan to develop this strand of our work as i-Docs Presents.. We welcome enquiries about potential collaborations.. Check out the i-Docs Presents page for details of upcoming one-off i-Docs talks..

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  • Title: Contact - i-Docs
    Descriptive info: We d love to hear from you!.. i-Docs is first and foremost a forum for discussion, comments are always welcome, but why not submit a post for publication? Use this as a place to develop your ideas, discuss the world of interactive documentary or inform us about upcoming projects!.. If you are interested in sending us a piece, feel free to email us at:.. idocsinteractive@gmail.. or use the contact form below:.. Your Name (required).. Your Email (required).. Subject.. Your Message.. To use CAPTCHA, you need.. Really Simple CAPTCHA.. plugin installed.. 09.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply..

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  • Title: Making Hollow: case study & interview with Elaine McMillion-Sheldon - i-Docs
    Descriptive info: Following the teams.. Peabody Award.. , they have since been nominated for an.. Emmy.. within the New Approaches to News Documentary Programming: Current News category competing against mainstream productions including the Guardian s NSA Files Decoded and NPR s Planet Money makes a T-shirt.. Elaine commented:.. “Everyone who contributed to the project, from the residents to the technologists, should be honored,” Sheldon said.. “It s rare to see an independent project, not affiliated with a network or corporation, nominated for this type of award.. We would love to see this nomination encourage a dialogue on a national scale about the future of small towns in our country.. ”.. Elaine McMillion-Sheldon interview at i-Docs 2014.. Alongside this honour, Hollow was at.. Capitol Hil.. l.. last week for a screening organised  ...   and Elaine, giving the WVU Libraries perpetual licensing rights to the documentary.. In order to encourage students and professors to use the film’s material for research, historical and educational purposes, the University will house the film and will make it available to view on the web.. The journey and growth of this project is incredible, as is Elaine s dedication to the McDowell county residents.. This was something that was very apparent during her case study presentation during i-Docs, which we are very pleased to be able to share with you below.. An insightful and detailed talk which is a must watch for any independent producers looking to make an interactive documentary, as Elaine outlines the huge scale of work and commitment involved enjoy!.. Elaine McMillion-Sheldon case study: Hollow..

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  • Title: Making the City Playable: A Conference – Watershed...
    Descriptive info: 10th September 2014 – 11th September 2014 | Watershed, Bristol.. Making the City Playable.. – Convened by Watershed, the Festival of Ideas and UWE Bristol’s.. Digital Cultures Research Centre.. and featuring Google Creative Lab’s.. Tom Uglow.. , DCRC’s.. Tine Bech.. and.. Seth Giddings.. , architect.. Usman Haque.. , artist.. Luke Jerram.. , and Ogilvy’s.. Tara Austin.. this two-day international conference will explore the theme of the ‘Playable City’, asking what it might mean for citizens, urban planners, tech giants, small companies, artists and designers in imagining and making the cities of the future.. Playable City is a people-centred counterpoint to the notion of the Smart City, challenging public narratives around technology-driven cities which often feature a fear of isolation, or the extinction of community and conversation.. At Watershed Bristol on 10 and 11 September, we will be bringing together a brilliant group of thinkers, makers, planners and civil disobedients to look at cities as playable places and ask the question: how do we make and unmake our future cities?.. Spaces are limited and tickets are moving fast.. Book your spot here.. !.. The conference will feature playful interventions, networking, debate and discussion, artist commissions and an academic strand with two contrasting panels:.. Forms of Engagement.. There’s no point  ...   city and its citizens – in which people of all ages have their needs for a playable environment met.. Cities of the future with the children of the present: from neighborhood to childhood – Hugo Monteiro Maria José Araújo (Polytechnic Institute of Porto) Portugal.. The already-playable city: children’s outdoor play in the age of virtual media – Seth Giddings (UWE Bristol) UK.. Drøme methodology: Serious Urban Games – Lieve Achten ([ew32] KHLim – PXL) Annelies Marechal ([ew32]) Netherlands.. Playable public places for later life – Ben Spencer (Oxford Brookes University) UK.. The academic strand is convened by.. Dr Michael Buser.. (Planning Architecture, UWE Bristol),.. Dr Kirsten Cater.. (Computer Science, University of Bristol),.. Professor Jon Dovey.. (Screen Media, UWE Bristol),.. Associate Professor Mandy Rose.. (Digital Cultures, UWE Bristol) and.. Dr Angie Page.. (Policy Studies, University of Bristol).. As part of the conference we will unveil.. Shadowing.. by Jonathan Chomko and Matthew Rosier, the winning project of the 2014 Playable City Award.. This brand-new artwork will give memory to Bristol’s city street lights, enabling them to record and play back the shadows of those who pass underneath, inviting interaction between those who share a space.. For more information on the conference programme and speakers, visit.. Making the City Playable Conference..

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  • Title: From iPad to installation: interactive documentary on multiple platforms - i-Docs
    Descriptive info: Avatar Secrets.. , the interactive documentary for the iPad has scaled up its ambitions, installing a large scale interactive installation at.. Hot Docs.. for the duration of the festival.. Audiences are invited to visit, stay, and interact with the dynamic screens, which are running a special 20 minute preview version of Avatar Secrets, complete with layers of additional content that can be accessed through “hot spots” on screen.. I caught up with Ramona to find out how Avatar Secrets has moved across iPad to installation:.. What were the challenges of reproducing your work for an installation?.. One of the biggest challenges was right at the beginning, figuring out what our approach to versioning it would be whether we wanted to use projections and Kinect type technology, or have an iPad plugged into a large display so that people could interact on the tablet with a large screen showing their interactions, but neither of those felt like the most faithful translation of the experience.. It was really important to us to retain that crystal clarity of the imagery and to use touch screens to translate the experience we re developing for the iPad to a live festival audience, and so we decided on large scale touch screen displays.. Creative director Michaele Jordana with the installation at Hot Docs.. While the documentary is being built for iOS, the installation is built in HTML and runs in Chrome.. In terms of user experience, it s not a direct translation of the app-doc experience, because in a live festival setting, the context of how the project is experienced and interacted with is different, and so we needed to make adjustments to make the experience the best it could be for the live audience.. For instance, in the app, in interactive mode, you can progress from scene to scene by swiping the screen, which gives viewers the time and ease to explore interactive content before proceeding in the story; with an installation, you can t depend on having an audience member always around to swipe the story forward, and you want the content to be dynamic and equally engaging for someone passing by as it is for someone who is directly engaging, so we decided that for this setting, the content needs to progress on its own.. Since the story moves forward on its own, the interactive hot spots” in the installation version are timed in thematically, but also rhythmically, so that they seamlessly expand the narrative and the experience when they are triggered.. Because  ...   especially in the documentary film festival setting!.. It s up now, and the early response has been so positive I think people are really hungry for, and excited about, new ways of engaging with documentary.. It s delighting to make discoveries on your own, as you watch and guide your own experience with an interactive piece, and watching others engage with the installation has been great!.. Want to know more? Check out this recent interview with Ramona about the project.. For the more technically minded how did you go about the process of scaling the work up?.. Our primary platform is the iPad, which has a screen size of 1024 768.. All of our video content is shot HD, and luckily, early in the process, we decided that we would produce all of the art work at a higher resolution than the tablet output.. This was partly to account for retina displays and getting the absolute most exquisite image on every device, but also to give us the freedom to version the project and repurpose content for different screens, setting and audiences… and this was months before we even knew we d be creating an installation for Hot Docs!.. The concept for the Hot Docs installation was to produce a large scale touch screen version of the tablet experience, for a large audience in a public space.. We wanted to version the tablet experience into a more cinematic experience, for festival attendees, while keeping the magic of the interactivity and touch interface.. We settled on 55 inch HD screens because they are the perfect balance of large enough to be eye catching as an installation, but not too large for people to engage with and interact with.. 55 inches is big, especially on an HD screen that people are standing arms length from, so the images need to be crisp! There was a lot of fine tuning, finding the right balance between resolution and file size, to achieve crisp, clean imagery on these large screens without bogging down the playback with heavy file sizes.. There was some creative re-framing, too, as the aspect ratio switched up from 3:4 to 16:9.. If you re at Hot Docs and have some how missed the installation, it s in the main lobby of the TIFF Bell Lightbox until the 4 May.. Tomorrow Ramona will also be part of the Hot Docs Industry panel:.. Tablet Strategies: New Directions of Interactive Documentary.. , speaking on the incredible creative storytelling potential of new platforms, including the tablet..

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  • Title: Can we measure the impact of an i-doc? Kat Cizek in the last episode of the UX Series - i-Docs
    Descriptive info: The last question of.. the UX Series.. is the one million dollars question: how do we understand, and measure, the impact in an i-doc?.. What is the time-frame we should consider in the evaluation? Is it about the number of people exposed to our message? Is it about telling others about our documentary and issue? It is about changing attitudes? Is it about wanting to know more? Is it about wanting to be involved in a solution? Is it about considering the effect on the subjects rather than on the audiences?.. The reality is that it could be all of the above, and none of these are clearly quantifiable shifts.. Google Analytics offers us the possibility to track behaviours on our websites: clicks, page visits, interaction paths and time spent on content.. My first interview, with.. Harry Davies from Google.. is all about this: what can we measure with the tools that we have right now.. What I found fascinating is to discover how Google is trying to master both quantitative and qualitative information about user behaviors.. in a clear attempt to go beyond what the user did iand to start tackling WHY the user did something.. If we listen to Google, and to marketing people, we have the impression that digital media really allows us to know our users/audience but is this true? As.. Kat Cizek.. , NFB s Director of Highrise, points out in her interview we are still struggling to understand  ...   pursue audience analysis.. Production money will be more available if one can prove a track record of success stories, and the overall cultural marketing trend pushes us to confuse success with traffic numbers.. In the commercial world new tools are being build to be ever more efficient in tracking our users behaviours.. Should we make use of such tools?.. Clint Beharry.. , from the Harmony Institute, tell us how their new free web application, ImpactSpace, works at mapping media impact by using trend analysis, social media content spread and similar documentaries s positioning.. Is such a contextual approach able to balance Google Analytics insular approach (the analysis of the single website out of its media and social context)? As Clint says there needs to be a tool that is focused for storytellers to understand impact beyond hard numbers and that allows them to look beyond their own product and look at the big picture.. Look at what other people have done in the past, learn from their own mistakes.. Finally, what is the value of one to one interviews and user experience surveys?.. Kate Nash,.. keynote speaker at i-Docs 2014.. , will present us the result of a long qualitative research she has done to evaluate the impact of three current i-docs.. What does the qualitative approach offers us that gets forgotten in the quantitative logic? If you want to be part of this debate, join us at i-Docs in a few days time!..

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  • Title: The Awra Amba Experience: collaboration, crowd-funding and community - i-Docs
    Descriptive info: The.. Awra Amba Experience.. is an incredible project which I first encountered at i-Docs 2012, where Paulina Tervo (project producer/director/lead) presented the initial stages of the interactive documentary and introduced us to this inspiring community.. Two years on and the project is nearing the end of a.. crowd-funding campaign.. that aims to get the interactive documentary finished and online.. I caught up with Paulina and Serdar Ferit (director/cinematographer/editor) to see how the project has developed and how crowd-funding has affected their overall process.. So for those who aren t aware of the campaign, interactive documentary and your work with Awra Amba, could you give us a quick rundown of the project?.. We have known the.. Awra Amba Community.. since 2004 and have watched them grow and develop since then.. In 2010, we started working in partnership with the community on an innovative, interactive documentary for multiple platforms, which aims to tell their story in a comprehensive and engaging way to a global audience.. The Awra Amba Experience.. invites you to explore the village through a 360° immersive landscape and discover Awra Amba s way of life and philosophies in 10 interactive real life environments, each linked to a different global theme.. The experience, which will be available on computers and tablets, is based on the tour that visitors are given when they visit Awra Amba in person (hence the name of the project).. Inside each interactive environment (such as the school, the weaving workshop, the assembly hall etc), users meet the people of Awra Amba and are able to explore over 90 minutes of fascinating stories, through short films and multimedia.. A preview of the interactive experience.. The experience will ask the user questions throughout their visit, creating a tailor-made journey for each visitor, based on their interest.. Having explored the content, users can join in an on-going discussion about the theme in each interactive environment.. A member from the Awra Amba community will be available for a live chat with the audience once a week, answering questions but also having the possibility to ask the audience questions.. We are working hard to design a version of the project that can be used in classrooms, to introduce children to concepts such as gender equality, sustainability and democracy.. We are at a stage where the prototype is ready and a lot of the content has been edited.. We are raising funds on.. Indiegogo.. to be able to finalise all the multimedia content, programme the user experience and turn it into a tablet app.. Why did you decide to make the Awra Amba Experience an interactive documentary?.. In 2008 we made a 30-minute documentary in Awra Amba.. It was screened all over the world at festivals, museums and broadcast on Link TV and other online platforms.. It prompted a huge number of questions about the way the community lives and is set up.. At the same time we took the film back to Awra Amba, who were very excited by the fact that people all over the world were engaged by their story.. We had long discussions with Zumra and other community members about how they would like to use the film.. The Awra Amba community also expressed a wish to connect with people outside.. At that time there was no internet connection in Awra Amba, but they were aware of the power of the internet.. We came to the collective conclusion that we should extend the documentary and use the internet as the main platform to tell it.. Serdar and I have both worked on participatory media projects in the past  ...   understand what we are working on, so that they feel empowered to share the project within their networks, helping us grow our audience.. The feedback from the screenings also helped us identify the areas which we need to work on more to make the user experience better, easier to understand and more engaging.. You decided to crowd fund the last part of the interactive documentary what pushed you to do this and how had the project been funded up to this point?.. Crowd-funding is one of the trickiest ways of financing your project.. You are really opening yourself up in public and have to be very aware of how you come across to lots of different people.. You also have to be able to take and respond to criticism in a timely manner.. It s a process that has taught us many things about audience engagement, building a community around your project / issue, and it has even helped us shape the project and define our core audience.. [Crowd-funding] has even helped us shape the project and define our core audience.. We decided to run a campaign after we had tried all possible avenues for financing the iDoc.. We have come a long way already, and need only a small amount to finish it so that we can launch it online.. The development and production of the project has been financed primarily by the Fledgling Fund in the US, along with a grant from the Finnish AVEK and CBA Worldview.. Last year we also did a short crowd-funding campaign in Finland.. What do you think the differences are, in terms of funding and support, between making an interactive documentary and making a linear one?.. The problem is there are no clear financial models for interactive documentaries.. When pitching the project, we were always asked if it was a website designed to complement a TV or feature doc.. As iDoc makers, I believe that we need to look beyond the traditional film financiers and explore new industries, such as social entrepreneurship funds, publishing, arts, technology etc.. iDocs are a new emerging genre, and the beauty is that you can get really creative, by mixing technology with art, traditional documentary film and build in social change goals, that is why I think we can not limit ourselves to only documentary funding.. From your experiences, is crowd funding something you would try for other projects in the future?.. I think it s something you can do only once if you re asking for money from your closest friends, family and colleagues.. If you have a community who are supporting any project you do, such as Timo Vuorensola s Iron Sky, I think it s possible to crowd fund repeatedly.. But that means you are really pre-selling your next project to your existing fans and that fan base needs to be huge.. The funding campaign for this project finishes this Friday and every little really helps as it s running on a flexible funding model so everything raised will go towards making this interactive documentary a reality:.. We would like people to take a few minutes to watch our trailer, which explains the project in a nutshell, and share the link far and wide with their friends, family and colleagues to help us bring out this globally significant story and start conversations that can inspire us all to change our own societies for the better.. Follow this link to find out more and fund the Awra Amba Experience:.. http://igg.. me/at/awraamba.. Comments.. Pingback:.. The Awra Amba Experience: collaboration, crowd-funding and community i-Docs | Transmedia Camp 101..

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  • Title: Inside the Distance: Sharon Daniel's i-doc on restorative justice now online - i-Docs
    Descriptive info: INSIDE THE DISTANCE:.. an interactive web documentary on restorative justice by Sharon Daniel is now.. online.. , following its gallery installation last year.. A touchscreen installation version of.. INSIDE THE DISTANCE.. premiered in the exhibition.. CONVICTIONS.. at STUK Kunstencentrum in September 2013.. i-Docs interviewed artist, Sharon Daniel in November about the solo exhibition, which included four of her documentary works on criminal justice, (“.. i-Docs in Public Spaces.. ”) In Sharon’s “Case Study” presentation about.. at i-Docs 2012 she talked about the project and how it came about:.. “In 2010, when.. Public Secrets.. was included in the Artifact Festival at STUK, I was invited to give a talk to a small group of researchers and professors at KULeuven’s Institute of Criminology (LinC).. In conversation with my audience after the talk I became interested in their work on restorative justice, which presents a productive alternative to the oppressive practices of retributive justice and punishment that I documented and critiqued in my projects.. Undoing Time.. The  ...   Justice is institutionalized within the criminal justice system.. fIn Mediation,.. victim and offender face each other across a table.. The meetings often begin with a verbal reconstruction – an agreement about what happened – who was hurt and how and then an attempt to understand why.. For.. INSIDE THE DISTANCE.. I staged reenactments of these encounters as described to me in interviews with victims, offenders and mediators, and edited the video to sound from the interviews.. It is an extensive work that includes over 100 original edited video clips of varying lengths with audio excerpted from over 40 interviews conducted in Belgium over a two-year period.. explores the subject positions of each participant and the many ways in which those positions are fluid.. The online version of the project launched at the bi-annual conference of the European Forum for Restorative Justice in Belfast this summer.. You can see the project at.. insidethedistance.. and you can learn more about Sharon’s other i-docs and installations at.. sharondaniel..

    Original link path: /2014/08/18/inside-the-distance-sharon-daniels-i-doc-on-restorative-justice-now-online/
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