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  • Title: Welcome to i3net
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome to the.. European Network for.. Intelligent Information Interfaces.. The i3 community is about design, technology and people.. It's about computer systems in the lives of ordinary people.. It's about the effort to promote.. affordable web design.. and.. virtual tour photography.. And it's about advanced high-risk research into the future.. Disappearing Computer.. Support and enhancement of everyday life through interacting artefacts.. Creation of artefacts, design of the functionality they support and how they work together to form people-friendly environments.. The school of the  ...   the benefit of all, the elderly, the tourist, the museum, the gathering, the neighbourhood.. The virtual and the real, the inhabited information space, the virtual get-together.. home.. +.. about i3net.. services and publications.. CI projects.. ESE projects.. 2014 i3net.. org.. About the i3net web pages.. Revised: Aug 20 2014.. Mail to.. webmaster@i3net.. i3magazine 13.. i3mag: the i3 experience - full texts.. i3books in progress.. New video.. i3 in the media.. Other.. Past events.. Organisations can join the i3 community.. Task Groups.. Advertise on i3news.. Sitemap..

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  • Title: Disappearing Computer
    Descriptive info: Disappearing Computer.. Disappearing Computer is the name of the next i3 research programme.. The Disappearing Computer vision of the future is that computing, information processing and computers will disappear into the background, just like, for instance, electricity has done already.. It's everywhere, it's useful, and we don't have to think much about it.. The 16 projects are expected to be launched by January 2001.. Representatives from the projects already met at the Annual Conference 2000.. Read more about the background in i3magazine no 7 or electronically on.. http://www.. i3net.. org/ser_pub/services/magazine/march2000/..

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  • Title: Experimental School Environment
    Descriptive info: Experimental School Environment.. Twelve i3 projects research the school of the future for the 4-8 year old.. Go straight to project.. web sites.. Browse information on the projects:.. Clickable map of member sites.. In Vitro Fertilization Lender.. ESE and i3net meeting 1 October 1998, Brussels.. ESE Call information and services 1997.. Project interrelationships.. Project leaflets.. Project start dates.. Results of the ESE call.. Visit ESE relevant sites:..

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  • Title: Connected Community and Inhabited Information Spaces
    Descriptive info: Connected Community and Inhabited Information Spaces.. Thirteen i3 projects research local communities and/or virtual communities.. Visit.. selected information.. on each project.. Browse general information on the projects:.. Background and administrative information:.. CI schemes.. Projects in keywords.. Joint publicity material:.. CI-ESE poster.. Project leaflets (Nov.. 1998).. 1997).. Project interrelationships (Nov.. Projects at a glance (Nov..

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  • Title: About i3net
    Descriptive info: i3net.. The European Network for Intelligent Information Interfaces.. i3net, the European network for intelligent information interfaces, was created in 1996 to explore visionary, human-centred interactive systems for people in their everyday activities.. The global vision pursued by the i3 community is to help invent and shape the future through comprehending the basic structures and trends in society and in the life of the individual.. Based on that understanding, i3 focuses on research lines that investigate new relationships between technology, people and design.. i3net has supported three research programmes: Connected Community (1997-2000), Inhabited Information Spaces (1997-2000) and Experimental  ...   built links with closely related EC initiatives such as The Disappearing Computer (2000 - 2003).. All this brings the current size of the community to about 450 researchers from around 150 organisations, one third of which are companies.. The mission of the current i3 interim network (March 2002-February 2003) is to provide continuity for the community while a proposal for a new network, supported by a broad panel of i3 members, is developed and negotiated.. The name of this new network will be Convivio.. These pages describe the evolving goals and strategy of i3net, its programme and organisation..

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  • Title: Services and publications
    Descriptive info: Services and publications.. Pursuing its goals and strategy, i3net will be offering an increasingly range of services and publications to i3 projects and to the i3 community at large..

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  • Title: About the i3net web pages
    Descriptive info: An.. overview of the i3net web pages.. is provided to show their basic structure.. A.. web server statistics.. gives an overview of the number of visits paid to the i3net web site.. The following icons are used on the i3net web pages with meanings as explained:.. is a link to a survey of the most recent information on this server and a list of future and past i3 and i3net calendar news.. is a link to pages which  ...   links to the Esprit home page at Cordis and the EUROPA web server.. We recommend the use of a relatively recent browser, such as Netscape 3.. 0 or later.. We will be very happy to receive any ideas you might have for improvements of our web pages:.. If you have technical comments and suggestions concerning these web pages please send email to.. If you have comments and suggestions concerning the contents of the i3net web pages please contact.. coordinator@i3net..

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  • Title: News
    Descriptive info: News.. This page contains a list of new information available on the i3net web pages followed by a list of future and past i3 and i3net calendar news.. New information.. IVF loans online.. i3magazine, 13.. th issue, Februaruy 2003.. Shortcuts.. Past i3 events.. Future probes.. members only.. Workshop support.. - members only.. Other Links.. Animated i3.. Photos from the EITC'97.. i3news mail archive.. See the.. i3 launch poster.. and how to get it.. i3.. projects card.. projects map.. i3 and i3net calendar news.. Past i3 and i3net calendar news.. Event.. Date.. Place.. i3 at Orbit/Comdex Europe 2001.. 25-28 September 2001.. Basel.. i3net Coordinating Group meeting.. 27 September 2001.. i3 Summer School.. 1-10 September 2001.. Ivrea.. Internal DC jamboree 2001: Disappearing Days and Nights.. 20-21 June.. Stockholm.. 18 May 2001.. Amsterdam.. i3 Spring Days 2001.. 23-25 April 2001.. Porto.. 22 April 2001.. 5 February 2001.. Rome.. 16 November, 2000.. IST 2000.. 6-8 November, 2000.. Nice.. Exhibitions with i3 and press releases.. November 2000.. i3 Annual Conference 2000.. 13-15 September, 2000.. Jönköping.. 12 September, 2000.. Desert Rain.. 3-5, 7-9 and 11-12 September, 2000.. 12 July, 2000.. 25 May, 2000.. i3 Spring Days 2000.. 1-3 March, 2000.. Athens.. 29 February, 2000.. Workshop on action-related sound.. 15-16 December, 1999..  ...   Cyberstar '98.. June, 1998.. Cologne.. 27 April, 1998.. Workshop on.. personalised and.. social navigation in information spaces.. 16-17 March, 1998.. 27 February, 1998.. Milan.. Planning of Annual Conference.. 23 February, 1998.. i3 Workshop:.. Industry meets the.. Intelligent Information Interfaces Requirements.. 20 February, 1998.. Deadline for proposals for the.. Experimental School Environments Call.. 16 February, 1998.. i3net roadmap meeting.. 27 November, 1997.. i3 exhibition.. at the European Information.. Technology Conference EITC'97.. 24-26 November, 1997.. Deadline for pre-proposals for the.. 18 November, 1997.. Special Information Workshop.. on the.. Esprit Long-Term Research Call on Experimental School Enviroments.. 22 October, 1997.. Launch of i3 projects.. June-September, 1997.. 4th i3net Coordinating Group meeting.. 30 September, 1997.. i3 kick-off meeting.. 21 March, 1997.. 3rd i3net Coordinating Group meeting.. Meeting of Esprit Networks.. 13-14 March, 1997.. Newcastle.. Selection of i3 projects completed.. March, 1997.. Presentation of i3 projects to the ITC.. 26 February, 1997.. i3 Call deadline.. 18 December, 1996.. Esprit Long-Term Research Workshop.. 28 November, 1996.. i3 Session.. 9 November, 1996.. 2nd i3net Coordinating Group meeting.. Doors of Perception conference.. 7-8 November, 1996.. Esprit Information Day.. 23 September, 1996.. Call for i3 projects.. 16 September, 1996.. 1st i3net Coordinating Group meeting.. 10-11 September, 1996.. Copenhagen.. Formal start of i3net.. 4 September, 1996..

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  • Title: i3magazine
    Descriptive info: i3magazine.. i3magazine is published three times per year..

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  • Title: i3books in progress
    Descriptive info: It has already been decided by the CG that the i3book on Connected Community will be edited by Patrick Purcell, Imperial College of Science and Technology, London.. Dave Snowdon, Xerox Research Centre Europe, Meylan is editor of the i3book on Inhabited Information Spaces.. Follow the progress on the i3 IIS book on the website.. Now it has also been decided that John Siraj-Blatchford, Homerton College, Cambridge will edit the i3book on Experimental School Environments..

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  • Title: TV clips
    Descriptive info: TV clips.. New Zealand TV3, Inside/Out, 16 June 2002.. From an event in New Zealand (april 2002) where Tony Brooks is illustrating how it is possible to create aesthetic resonant environments on a large scale and for a large cross-section of the public, including disabled and elderly people (27 minutes).. Swedish TV4: interview from AC2000, 14 September 2000.. With a glimpse from the exhibition of the CAB project and comments from children, local organiser Bo Gustafsson and i3net coordinator Niels Ole Bernsen.. In Swedish and Danish (2 min.. ).. TVDanmark: ITV, 20 April 2000.. During an interview with Tony Brooks examples of his work is shown, much of which is based on music (he is a former bass player) and partly for the benefit of disabled people.. In English and Danish (30 min.. SKY TV, GlobalVillage clip1, 2 February 2000.. "We don't teach technology, we teach with technology" says Alison Druin in this presentation of the i3 ESE projects.. Also with comments from Duncan Smith, Bridget Cooper and Steven Benford (5 min.. SKY TV, GlobalVillage  ...   2 min.. NIMIS: RTL, Guten Abend NRW (regional evening news), 9 June 1999.. The classroom of the future has an interactive blackboard.. One of the pupils is testing NIMIS, hear what Julia thinks.. Also commented by Ulrich Hoppe (German, 2 min.. NIMIS: ZDF, logo Kinderprogramme (news for children), 4 June 1999.. The most modern classroom in Europe has a touch screen instead of a blackboard.. Hear the opinion of the children and the teacher (in German, 2 min.. NIMIS: ZDF, Drehscheibe Deutschland (regional news), 4 June 1999.. 100.. 000 DM is the price for the electronic classroom with multimedia for children in the first grade.. Ulrich Hoppe, school children and the teacher are commenting (German, 2 min.. NIMIS: SAT1, Hauptnachrichten (main evening news), 2 June 1999.. The digital blackboard makes it easier to teach.. With comments from children and NIMIS coordinator Ulrich Hoppe (German, 2 min.. NIMIS: WDR3, Aktuelle Stunde (local evening news), 2 June 1999.. A demonstration of the electronic classroom commented by Frank Tewissen, Ulrich Hoppe, the pupils and their teacher (German, 3 min..

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  • Archived pages: 85