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  • Title: i-create | therefore-i am: i-create | therefore i-am | a blog about opensource technology and rich internet applications
    Descriptive info: .. You are here:.. Home.. i-create | therefore-i am.. i-create | therefore i-am | a blog about opensource technology and rich internet applications.. Interactive News Roundup #7.. By.. Brendon Smith.. on.. August 22, 2014.. |.. Leave a response.. Here are a few curated links from around the web.. If you are a creative engineer or developer you may find some of these links to be very informative and handy.. Keep Up On FlipBoard HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, AND CSS Collective #129Look and Feel * Beautiful Open * Hextris * JS RegEx * Typ.. io * A Better [ ].. Continue reading.. Interactive News Roundup #6.. July 31, 2014.. Keep Up On FlipBoardTodd s team at Tivo has been doing lots of innovative work with haXe check his speech out! HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, AND CSS Collective [ ].. Interactive News Roundup #5.. July 15, 2014.. Keep Up On FlipBoard HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, AND CSS Collective #124Clipping in CSS and SVG * CSS is a Mess * DropKick.. js 2.. 0 * Mazwai * [ ].. Interactive News Roundup #4.. July 1, 2014.. Keep Up On FlipBoard HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, AND CSS Collective #122Google Design * Human JavaScript * Favicon Generator * Visualizing Algorithms * Wikipedia Concept * HTMLHint [ ].. interactive news roundup #3.. June 10, 2014.. Keep Up On FlipBoard HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, AND CSS 10 tips for a killer design portfolioAs a creative professional you live and die by the quality [ ].. interactive news roundup #2.. May 19, 2014.. Keep Up On FlipBoard HTML5 and JavaScript: Collective #116CSS Shapes * WTF, forms? * Smart use of :target * Responsive Images Done Right * Filtrex [ ].. interactive news roundup #1.. May 13, 2014.. I will start publishing this list on a weekly basis it is a collection of links that deal with interactive content.. Keep Up On FlipBoard HTML5 and JavaScript: Collective #113 - CSS True Titles * Sorting * [ ].. Using voxelJS with Processing and Hype.. September 22, 2013.. So I recently re-released TweetBlaster as BotBlaster dropping twitter integration.. I found in the end the twitter integration slowed down the game.. So the new version is much faster.. I will also be adding ad support via unity3d ad system.. I have also decided to make the game free.. I will also be releasing an [ ].. TweetBlaster is available now on the Play Store.. April 7, 2013.. So for the past few months I have been working on a social video game that is a first person shooter.. Primarily to teach myself how to make video games and have fun while doing it.. So I choose to use Unity3d which has some really nice features built in for game developers.. It was [ ].. Old School Simple FPS with app Source.. August 19, 2012.. This is a simple class that you can use to rapidly create a simple fps or old school role playing game.. Games don t necessarily have to be complex sometimes the beauty is in the simplicity.. So let me give you a little history.. Growing up I had a 486 and well I loved it spent [ ].. Away3D Mobile App with Source.. July 31, 2012.. 1 Response.. Well whats not too like about being able to rapidly create a mobile  ...   feel free to invade the home.. Now is the time for hardware hacking with android as the remote.. Think of all the things we can accomplish and with Google s open accessories api s we don t need to pay Google a fee to play with the [ ].. ThreeJS model parser for Away3D Broomstick running on Molehill.. May 30, 2011.. This JSONOBJ parser will take obj js models for three.. js and parse them for Away3D BroomStick.. I created this class because I thought it would be nice to share assets between the two engines.. I also think other people can use it.. I think the majority of people would like to have models ready for [ ].. Molehill Away3D Dancing Fish Demo Part 1.. May 16, 2011.. 2 Responses.. Requires Install of Flash Player Stage3D Download Example / Launch Demo Away3D specifically broomstick really cleans up the competition should look out.. It is easy to use and is ridiculously fast! The upcoming flash player is such a leap from the previous versions its really quite astounding.. So if you haven t downloaded that latest flash [ ].. Simple Star Wars webGL Arcade Game.. April 10, 2011.. Arcade games are simple visually appealing, fun, and if your lucky extremely addicting.. This example is not meant to be an artistic expression it is a simple example of what is possible in a couple of hours with webGL and a few open source tools.. I am really excited about Molehill and I will be [ ].. webGL Crystal Demo.. December 21, 2010.. This demo utilizes webGL shows an animated 2d canvas on a 3d object and has a 3d plane that displays video.. This demo also takes advantage of the Audio Data Api that is currently in the Firefox 4 Beta.. I have been playing around with the energizeGL and processingJS and I have found they complement [ ].. 1.. 2.. 18.. Next.. Sites.. SeaCloud9 Interactive.. SeaCloud9 Commercial Development.. stArcade9.. Brendon Smith Social Networks.. On Linkedin.. Bookmarks.. On Twitter.. On Facebook.. Recent Comments.. Darek Wills on.. seacloud9.. 3d.. ActionScript.. Adobe.. Adobe AIR.. Air.. Android.. Apollo.. Apple.. art.. as3.. Away3D.. C#.. CakePHP.. CSS3.. Experiment.. Flash.. Flash Develop.. Flex.. Game engine.. Games.. Generative Design.. Google.. haXe.. HTML5.. hype.. JavaScript.. JQuery.. JSON.. Life.. Linux.. MashUp.. OpenGL.. Open Source.. OpenSource.. PaperVision3D.. Processing.. roundup.. Silverlight.. Technology/Internet.. twitter.. Unity.. Web.. webGL.. Webware.. Yahoo Pipes.. WP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by.. Roy Tanck.. and.. Luke Morton.. requires.. Flash Player.. 9 or better.. Monthly.. Yearly.. Links.. August 2014.. July 2014.. June 2014.. May 2014.. September 2013.. April 2013.. August 2012.. July 2012.. January 2012.. August 2011.. 2014.. 2013.. 2012.. 2011.. 2010.. 2009.. 2008.. 2007.. 2006.. 2005.. agit8.. Ben Nadel.. Bit-101.. Bruce Jawn.. Causecast.. D.. I.. Y.. Dr Woohoo.. draw.. logic.. Flight404.. Flong.. generatorX.. gSkinner.. Jonathan Snook.. Joshua Davis.. Jot.. Kirupa.. LifeHacker.. Make.. Minor White.. Mr Doob.. NihiLogic.. NurseOnTheRun.. octane42.. OpenFrameWorks.. PV3D.. Senocular.. Sephiroth.. ShineDraw.. Stroep.. SWX.. Tech News.. Toxi.. UnitZeroOne.. World We Live In.. ZeusLabs.. Photos.. Recent Media.. My Latest photos.. 0.. That s the way we #stroll in Berkeley.. 3.. 5.. Suffering through yet another gorgeous day at Skates on the bay consuming sushi.. Life is so tough.. Dandy Warhols at the Independent in SF.. Tweets by seacloud9.. tweets.. Copyright 2014..

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  • Title: interactive news roundup #7
    Descriptive info: /.. August.. 22.. Keep Up On FlipBoard.. HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, AND CSS.. Collective #129.. Look and Feel * Beautiful Open * Hextris * JS RegEx * Typ.. io * A Better 404 Page * DesignersPics * ColorRun * PerfBar.. Collective #128.. Pure CSS parallax scrolling * Making of Aprilzero * Shrthnd * element.. animate() * Blog With Jekyll And GitHub Pages * Digital trip * AngularJS Style Guide.. Collective #127.. CSS Triggers * SVG Transform * SVG Masks * Fontface Ninja * Dub Delay with Web Audio API * baguetteBox.. js * T3.. Node Roundup: V8 Vulnerability, git-promise, awesome-nodejs.. Node Roundup : Building Node.. js Together, node-libnmap, httpolyglot.. TJ Fontaine wrote about Node from a release management perspective on the official Node blog, in Building Node.. js Together.. It covers documentation, code quality, and the growing team of core contributors and contributors that are employed full-time to work on Node[.. ].. p5.. js.. - Generative Art Framework.. Building the Firefox browser for Firefox OS.. As soon as the Boot to Gecko (B2G) project was announced in July 2011 I knew it something I wanted to contribute to.. I’d already been working on the idea of a browser based OS for a while but it seemed Mozilla had the people, the technology and the influence to build something truly disruptive.. […].. Page Preloading Effect.. A tutorial on how to re-create the page preloading effect seen on the website of Fontface Ninja.. We are going to use CSS animations, 3D transforms and SVGs[.. JavaScript: using closure space to create real private members.. For a recent.. project.. , I was discussing with.. @johnshew.. about the way JavaScript developers can embed private members into an object.. My technique for this specific case is to use what I call “closure space”[.. Blast.. js – Blast Text Apart to Make it Manipulable.. js separates text in order to facilitate typographic manipulation.. It has four delimiters built in: character, word, sentence, and element.. Alternatively, Blast can match custom regular expressions and phrases.. Blast is highly accurate; it neither dumbly splits words at spaces nor dumbly splits sentences at periods.. Features include: 1) By traversing text nodes, all HTML, [.. A clever new take on parallax scrolling.. Makes the Height of Selected Elements Equal with jQuery.. MatchHeight.. js makes the height of all selected elements exactly equal.. It’s a more robust equal heights plugin that correctly handles mixed padding, margin, border, box-sizing, rows, groups.. It handles images and responsive layouts by automatically updating when needed.. To test, apply different combinations of options below to try different edge case scenarios.. You can also [.. 5 reasons you should be using Sass today.. By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Sass and how “You really need to start using it!” Learning a new tool can suck and finding the time to do so is next to impossible but sometimes a tool comes along that changes our industry and is too good to ignore.. As our web pages and […].. New JS Library: grid.. Send to KindleI’m continuing to dig through old code and consolidate and release it.. This new library, grid, is not a CSS layout util, but draws grids of various kinds on an HTML5 Canvas.. Here’s a demo of the various kinds of grids it can currently draw.. Click for full size.. I could go into […].. Extending HTML with AngularJS s Directives.. Generate Nice SVG Background Images with Trianglify JS.. Trianglify is a javascript library for generating colorful triangle meshes that can be used as SVG images and CSS backgrounds.. It was inspired by btmills/geopattern, and uses d3.. js to build the polygons and SVG and SVG filters for rendering.. It also includes the colorbrewer color palette library to get you up and running quickly.. Requirements: [.. JavaScript Cellular Automata.. Over the last few days I have started learning JavaScript.. Creating a simple 2D cellular automata seemed like a good start.. The cells in an outer totalistic CAs get updated based on their 8 immediate neighbouring cells surrounding them.. The most famous example would be John Conway‘s Game Of Life.. To see the results of […].. Google I/O 2014 App Source Code Now Available.. A collection of useful tools for a resourceful web designer.. There are no two projects that are the same.. And just like every project is unique, every designer is unique as well.. But despite their uniqueness, all designers have one thing in common: They all believe they know exactly where to find the best resources and tools for their websites.. Not only the best tools, [.. Onsen UI – A Framework for HTML5, PhoneGap Cordova.. Onsen UI is a Custom Elements-Based HTML5 UI Framework for Building your Mobile Front End.. Onsen UI makes building applications simple basing on the concept of Web Components.. Applications can be build using HTML tags web developers already know.. It is built on top of heroic AngularJS and performance craving Topcoat.. Onsen UI is designed [.. Programming games in the browser.. A programming game is a computer game where two or more programs compete with each other.. What are the basic requirements for programming games and can they be realized in browsers? With JavaScript? 4 basic claims There are 4 basic claims.. Competing programs: must run isolated from the main program.. must communicate with the main […].. HTML5: Network Information API.. Final Tips for Best Practices in WordPress Development.. Understanding and Working with Content Types in WordPress.. Turning a WordPress Server Dashboard into a Widget.. Solid PHP Packages with Modern Coding Standards.. The League of Extraordinary Packages is a group of developers who have banded together to build solid, well tested PHP packages using modern coding standards.. They comply to the standards of the PHP-FIG.. They adhere to the best-practices put forward by PHP The “Right” Way.. They distribute code via Packagist and Composer.. Ask 100 developers [.. Remy Sharp on the web community and life after jQuery.. Remy Sharp is the co-author of Introducing HTML5, a curator at HTML5Doctor.. com, creator of JS Bin and founder of the Full Frontal JavaScript conference.. We chatted to him about jQuery, code playgrounds and his upcoming talk on Node and real-time[.. Inheriting Views in Backbone JS.. BackboneJS provides an awesome technique for structuring our application code.. And RequiresJS makes it modular.. So we can write separate modules for each HTML[.. Backbone Directives.. 22 stunning examples of CSS3 animation.. The latest CSS3 properties have opened a multitude of new doors to web designers and developers.. It s now possible to create animations and interactivity entirely in CSS markup, without going near Flash, Silverlight or After Effects[.. Rolling Your Own Framework.. WebGL / openGL.. WebGL around the net, 14 August 2014.. WebGL continues to move the needle of art and science.. This week, we look at interactive documentaries, film-based worlds and sandbox MMOs.. A Spacecraft for All.. This stunning interactive documentary chronicles the 36-year journey of  ...   genre.. It had never reviewed the software renderer version.. But more important I was fascinated by the way the engine repurposed the hardware of the early 90s.. The IBM PC was absolutely not supposed to do what id Software ended up doing with it.. I believe that many would be interested to know the technical struggle behind it: How a realtime 3D game ran on an machine with convoluted segmented memory model, no floating point unit and a slow VGA display.. Game Engine Black Book: Wolfenstein 3D will be released as a free pdf with the option to purchase a paper version via Createspace on Amazon.. com.. If I can find the time more of them would be released.. Each would feature many explanatory drawings detailing, the architecture, the algorithms, the constraints due to the hardware of the time, interviews of the development team and afterthoughts.. I would like to hear from the community if there is an interest in a serie that could end up including Doom, Quake and other great game engines[.. MOBILE.. Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 15 August 2014.. Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news! 15 Free Sources to Learn Swift Programming Language - If you are not yet aware of this, Apple has introduced a new programming language called Swift in this year’s WWDC, alongside the new Mac […].. Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 8 August 2014.. Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news! 1Password for iOS goes on sale as developer confirms iOS 8 update will be free for current users - AgileBits, the team behind the 1Password security app that we’ve reviewed in the past, announced […].. Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 1 August 2014.. Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news! Apple promoting tax-free holiday purchases in the US – Apple will cut sales tax charges for purchases made in-store and online during the tax-free holiday, which in most states is August 1 to […].. Balloons.. Many people have asked about the Balloons playground we demonstrated when introducing Swift at WWDC.. Balloons shows that writing code can be interactive and fun, while presenting several great features of playgrounds.. Now you can learn how the special effects were done with this tutorial version of ‘Balloons.. playground’, which includes documentation and suggestions for experimentation.. This playground uses new features of SpriteKit and requires the latest beta versions of Xcode 6 and OS X Yosemite[.. Swift Literal Convertibles.. Last week, we wrote about.. overloading and creating custom operators.. in Swift, a language feature that is as powerful as it is controversial[.. DIY.. How to Get Started DIYing Anything with LittleBits.. Making things with electronics is tough, but if you re just starting out, littleBits are an easy way to start experimenting with all kinds of projects.. You can connect real world components to the cloud instantly, program.. If This Then That.. recipes, and even connect it all to an Arduino.. Here s how to get started using them[.. New Technology.. Microsoft s found a way to smooth out your GoPro shakycam footage.. GoPro footage is great when well-shot, but the jittery results from less-talented individuals can induce nausea or seizures.. If you re interested in doing sped-up time lapse shots, however, Microsoft researchers have created an algorithm that makes[.. Disney tech auto-edits your raw footage into watchable video.. More and more people are starting to record their daily lives, whether by traditional video cams or first-person live-loggers attached to glasses, headsets, necklaces or even handbags.. Since a group of people (say, at a party) are bound to capture[.. Polaroid s cute Cube camera lets you record video just about anywhere.. You can stick action cameras in many places, but they re still not that portable; you probably won t (or can t) shove one in your pocket in case you want to document an adventure.. You can certainly try that with Polaroid s new Cube camera, though[.. BitTorrent s Bleep messenger is a secure, decentralized chat platform.. There s a distinctive sound your computer makes when an online friend is trying to get your attention.. Sometimes its high pitched, other times its a low, warm tone, but regardless of your chat software, the onomatopoeia probably reads something like[.. Y Combinator-Backed ListRunner Eliminates Hospital Paperwork.. A majority of a doctor’s time is spent writing down notes to the next doctor on duty about what’s been going on with a patient over and over again with a simple pen and paper, according to Dr.. Jeeshan Chowdury.. His new Y Combinator-backed startup, ListRunner, promises to eliminate the paperwork with a mobile app.. Read More.. Researchers turn culture into cold, hard data.. You may have put a lot of thought into your carefully constructed status update, but have you considered how, exactly, that update socially ties you to your peers? Probably not but researches from Yahoo Labs, the University of Torino and Stanford[.. 9 dazzlingly creative uses of visual projection.. Visual projection is become a common way for designers and creatives to tie together their love for design, animation and live art elements in one experience.. Here are some great examples of the technique in action, against a range of different platforms[.. You can now build Oculus Rift VR apps for the Mac.. Now that the new Oculus Rift is in customers hands, the Facebook-owned VR company has been working even harder on things like its SDK.. With the latest release, version 0.. 4.. 1, the SDK now officially supports OS X computers.. In other words, this means.. The Future of Oculus Rift, According to the Man Who Invented It.. f anyone knows what s going to happen to virtual reality it s Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus VR and inventor of the Oculus Rift.. So I asked him[.. Digital novel The New World offers more than a good story.. The New World, a digital novel by Chris Adrian and Eli Horowitz, tackles topics like love, grief, memory, and immortality.. Special e-book design elements add to the immersive experience[.. Now On Kickstarter, Tickle Makes Learning To Code Fun With Scratch.. There are a lot of games and puzzles now that promise to teach kids how to code, but Tickle stands out.. Now on Kickstarter, the iPad app was created in part by Mike Chen, a professor of computer science at U.. C.. Berkeley.. Its name is a reference to Scratch, the programming language it uses, which educates people about the fundamentals of coding.. Related posts:.. Interactive News Roundup #6.. interactive news roundup #2.. interactive news roundup #1.. Interactive News Roundup #4.. interactive news roundup #3.. Posted in.. ,.. Game Creation.. i-create.. Tagged.. Andy Warhol.. Blender3d.. Previous..

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  • Title: Brendon Smith
    Descriptive info: GUI Development, Action Script, Java Script,.. NET, AJAX, Java, PHP, CakePHP, Mashup Development, Flash, Silverlight, C#, XML, SQL, Apache, IIS, Photoshop, Fireworks,etc.. Oh, and Biking and Camping.. 9..

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  • Title: interactive news roundup #6
    Descriptive info: July.. 31.. Todd s team at Tivo has been doing lots of innovative work with haXe check his speech out!.. Collective #126.. CSS Figures * DomFlags * PatternBolt * Responsive Images * Responsive Logos * Critical * Dialog Element in Chrome * GitHub s CSS.. Collective #125.. viewBox and preserveAspectRatio * Font of the Future * The Creative Class of MMXIV * Ripple Click Effect * Breach * Rome * raumrot.. Collective #124.. Clipping in CSS and SVG * CSS is a Mess * DropKick.. 0 * Mazwai * CSS Colorguard * GifLinks * elq.. Node Roundup: npm CLI Roadmap, Nodemailer, Jasmine-Utils.. Node Roundup: Building Node.. Serve Responsive Retina Images with Dense.. Dense is a jQuery plugin that offers an easy way to serve device pixel ratio aware images, bringing in retina support to your website.. Clear the blurry, images be crisp.. The responsive, retina-ready image is implemented by simply including the jQuery plugin on the page and calling its $.. fn.. dense() initializer method.. The initializer method is [.. Undo with Object.. observe.. TypeScript Week.. TypeFramework: A TypeScript Web Framework.. Why you should manage your CSS with pattern libraries.. Social networking built into the Web? W3C gives it a go.. The effort aims to make it easier for programmers to include social networking functions on websites and Web apps and for new social networks to launch.. The best free WordPress plugins for August 2014.. Ladies, Gents… welcome back! It’s time for another round of WordPress plugins that you might just find useful.. As per usual, I’ve installed every plugin listed here and given it a test.. We have a variety of plugins, too.. Some of them add features to WordPress, integrate with third-party services (which seems to be a […].. 11 websites that perfect UX by focusing on details.. Charles Eames said, “The details are not the details.. They make the design.. ” A website is a composite of details—and its content is communicated through them.. Whether designed to provide information or serve as an app, a well-executed site is one that has turned a critical eye to everything, from the copy to images to […].. My side project: an HTML5 game every week.. No matter how much you love your work, whether you re a website builder or a creative director, it s good to have a side project to keep your creativity on its toes.. We asked Thomas Palef about his playful side project[.. A Fast Anonymous Browser Fingerprinting JS Library.. Fingerprinting is a technique, outlined in the research by Electronic Frontier Foundation, of anonymously identifying a web browser with accuracy of up to 94%.. A browser is queried for its agent string, screen color depth, language, installed plugins with supported mime types, timezone offset and other capabilities, such as local storage and session storage.. Then [.. CSS Triggers.. I figure we needed a definitive reference for what work is triggered by changing various CSS properties.. It s something I get asked about often enough by developers, and while we can do tests with DevTools, I have both the time and inclination to shortcut that for everyone.. I m nice like that[.. Find out what happens when you change a CSS property with CSS Triggers.. Instead of spending time performing your own tests, you can now use Paul Lewis CSS Triggers to understand the ramifications of setting the value of a CSS property to something other than the default, or of updating that value[.. New JS Library: Shapes.. Send to KindleAnother week, another JS library.. http://ift.. tt/1yQcBGp.. Again, I’m sure there are hundreds of other libraries that add improved functionality for Canvas drawing.. There’s even CreateJS, which is super powerful, creating a Flash-like display list with animation, etc.. That’s cool, but it kind of becomes a framework that you need to buy into fully.. Notification Styles Inspiration.. Some simple ideas and effects for unobtrusive website notifications.. A little script is employed for showcasing some styles and CSS animations are used for the effects[.. BitcoinJS 1.. 0.. Event listeners popup, @media sidebar, Cubic bezier editor + more – Firefox Developer Tools Episode 33.. A new set of Firefox Developer Tools features has just been uplifted to the Aurora channel.. These features are available right now in Aurora, and will be in the Firefox 33 release in October.. This release brings many new additions, especially to the Inspector tool: Event listeners popup Any node with a JavaScript event listener […].. Building applications for Firefox OS using AngularJS.. When you start developing for Firefox OS you might be underwhelmed by the tools that are provided.. There is no standard UI toolkit, or a JavaScript framework that all apps build on.. This is not a situation that’s inherently bad because in essence Firefox OS is the web; and thus gives you complete freedom in […].. Tips for Writing Maintainable WordPress Themes: Tools.. XIBALBA – A WEBGL FIRST PERSON SHOOTER.. excellent article.. More than a year ago I started to work on a project that was supposed to be released for 7DFPS – a game dev competition about making a First Person Shooter in 7 Days.. I didn t meet the deadline, but the game I started back then is now finally finished[…].. WebGL image transition.. I have a page that uses this WebGL shader to make a transisiton from one image to another:.. tt/1nuazcG.. All of my files, the JS and HTML and images, etc I ziped here:.. tt/1p7va4J.. IE/Assassin s Creed/BabylonJS shader competition complete!.. A while ago.. this competition.. was posted here.. It has since concluded, and I m wondering if any of you entered! I would love to see your entries[.. WaveGL = WebGL + Audio.. Resources for HTML5 game developers.. Today we released Firefox 31 and it offers a couple of new features that help HTML5 game developers to code and debug sophisticated games.. In addition Mozilla blogged about the first commercial games leveraging asm.. js, Dungeon Defenders Eternity and Cloud Raiders both of which were cross-compiled in to JavaScript using the Emscripten compiler.. Games like […].. Mozilla’s Asm.. js Technology Makes Its Commercial Debut With Dungeon Defenders For The Web.. For the longest time, web-based gaming meant that you had to install (often dubious) plugins to make games run smoothly in your browser.. WebGL and other technologies changed that a bit in recent years, but because JavaScript isn’t exactly a speed freak, plugin-free gaming never quite took off.. Mozilla has been trying to work around this with asm.. js, a subset of JavaScript that can run….. Saving Nemo WebGL Game.. Getting Started With Phaser: Building Monster Wants Candy.. OpenFL Development Update.. The best version of OpenFL ever is in development, as well as a new version of Lime that is very exciting.. It would ruin things to spoil all of the surprises, but it is long overdue to share what we are doing, and why we have been working so hard[.. Haxe Roundup № 210 | Haxe.. :Lets start off with probably the biggest news, Greg Caldwell has released Away3D 1.. 0-alpha, available now from haxelib, which is a complete port to OpenFL working across all platforms.. This release….. Haxe Roundup № 209 | Haxe.. :Taigolr has created and released another library, Assets Manager, which “provides utilities to manage external file”.. Manage meaning queue, load and save files using “relative, absolute paths….. TiVo on Xbox One and Fire TV possible after Adobe ousted.. TiVo has quietly ousted Adobe from its DVRs, with the freshly-released Summer Update switching away from Flash and Air for the UI, and opening the door to one day running TiVo services on Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, and other platforms.. WWX2014 – Speech : Todd Kulick “Shipping one million lines of Haxe to one million devices”.. The 4th International Haxe Conference WWX2014 organized by Silex Labs took place from 23th to 26th may 2014 in Paris.. Here is the video of Todd Kulick’s speech at WWX2014.. TODD KULICK Todd Kulick Vice President of  ...   Shield ADD-ON.. This.. Arduino Shield Add-on.. has extended RPI 32PIN Connector to Arduino PIN, which will facilitate connections to all kinds of arduino shields.. Meanwhile, two groups of electronic brick interfaces are equipped on the add-on, which are free to be connected to various electronic bricks[.. LittleBits Now Lets You Build Your Own DIY Smart Home.. We ve known and loved littleBits for some time, and now, they just got a lot more useful with the introduction of cloudBit.. CloudBit is a module, a.. k.. a.. bit, that brings internet connectivity to anything.. With the rest of the littleBit library, you can now effectively create your own internet of things,.. no fancy Google products.. necessary [.. How the Internet of Things Could Aid Disaster Response.. jfruh writes While the Internet has made communications easier, that ease had made us very dependent on the Internet for communications — and, when disaster strikes, power and infrastructure outages tend to shut down those communications networks when we need them most.. But now researchers are examining how the so-called Internet of Things — the proliferating array of Internet-communicating devices in our lives — can transmit emergency messages via ad-hoc networks even when the Internet backbone in a region is inoperable[.. Build Your Own Voice Controlled TV Unit with an Android Phone.. Taking a little time to be a couch potato is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.. If you want to maximize your laziness.. tjos DIY setup from.. Jayvis Vineet Gonsalves.. lets you control your TV with your beautiful voice[.. Programming the Nintendo Entertainment System.. For the Mini Ludum Dare 52 retro challenge, I created a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System using 6502 assembly code.. I decided to share what I learned in the form of a 20 minute Lightning Talk at our annual Knoxville technical convention called Codestock.. For those of you who were not able to attend, […].. This Free MIT Photojournalism Course Helps You Take Meaningful Photos.. We highlight a number of free online courses in our.. Lifehacker U series.. , but this free course from MIT on documentary photography and photojournalism is completely free, open to the public, and will teach you to improve your photography skills, even if you re not trying to catch a scoop[.. Learn Linux with This Free edX Course from the Linux Foundation.. Intro to Linux is normally a $2,400 course from the Linux Foundation, but it s being offered for free now on edX.. If you ve ever wanted to learn how to use the open source operating system, there s no better time than now[.. 10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Chromecast Master.. Got yourself a super-cheap streaming dongle from Google? Or thinking about picking one up? Here are 10 lesser-known tricks and tips that you can use to get more from your Chromecast and unlock some of its hidden potential[.. Ulysses is coming to life thanks to virtual reality.. Look, there s nothing to be ashamed of if you ve been plowing through James Joyce s Ulysses for the past, oh, decade.. It s such a challenging read, that a developer thought it best to create some sort of a virtual reality world based on the piece[.. David Attenborough s next 3D nature doc and new VR experiences are coming soon.. The 3D hype may have died down from its peak a few years ago, but Sir David Attenborough is continuing to make use of the technology (check after the break for a video explaining some of the infatuation with it) for his critically acclaimed nature[.. Oculus to get hands on with new virtual reality gear.. Facebook s virtual reality company is readying motion control prototypes for its headsets to offer a more immersive experience for consumers.. Samsung Might Have Found A Shortcut To Mobile Virtual Reality Through Oculus VR.. If you’re interested in virtual reality, then a new report from CNET that maintains Samsung is working directly with Facebook-owned Oculus on a headset that uses mobile devices to generate VR environments and experiences should get you excited.. We’ve heard before that Samsung was working on its own VR headset, but this is the first time we’ve heard that they might have a….. The new $350 Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is now shipping.. We were expecting to see the new iteration of the Oculus Rift arrive on developer s doorsteps earlier this month, but unfortunately it hit a couple of delays.. Road to VR points out a Reddit thread where pre-orderers confirmed their credit cards have.. What Are the Key Challenges of Moving to the Second Screen Platform?.. The whole second screen apps frenzy is still spreading and more and more people are becoming enticed by the idea of being able to connect to the TV content with the help of other digital devices such as the smartphone and the tablet.. This is especially the case since the price of such devices has […].. Second Screen Apps Can Change the Way We Watch TV Games.. Live TV shows are always more exciting for the audience at home than those filmed according to the script.. There is something about the element of surprise and the unexpected situations that the TV crews cannot handle right away that keeps people pinned in front of the screen.. In a way, we could even say […].. Serif releases free alternative to Adobe Illustrator.. Affinity Designer is a vector-drawing tool at a low price (and currently free in beta) Over the last 25 years, Serif s range of software has long been highly regarded within the design community as providing a decent cut-price alternative to Adobe s.. Prepare For Emergencies Through Crowdsourcing.. If flooding in your town is imminent, do you know where to go to stay safe? If a heat warning has been put in place, can you find the nearest cooling center to cool down? Using the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s OpenFEMA Initiative, Appallicious created the Disaster Assessment and Assistance Dashboard (DAAD) that offers communities a tool for recovery efforts.. FRAMED* – Canvas for the art of our generation.. Every once in a while a project comes along that will change how we think, discuss and produce digital art.. Four+ years in development, FRAMED* will not just be a canvas, but a platform and a community hub for the art of our generation[.. Microsoft explains quantum computing so even you can understand.. Quantum computing may someday blow away today s smartest machines.. It s weird and heavy on the physics, but Microsoft thinks you can handle it.. From idea to exhibition: developing art for Google.. Digital Revolution is an art exhibition currently running at London s Barbican Centre.. Part of the exhibition is Google s DevArt project a selection of code-based installations.. Google commissioned three established artists for the show, and ran[.. Google finds partner to produce smart contact lenses for diabetics.. An agreement between the Google[x] research lab and pharmaceutical giant Novartis will license the technology for actual medical use for people with diabetes and other conditions[.. Apple and IBM Announce Partnership To Bring iOS + Cloud Services To Enterprises.. jmcbain writes: According to an article on Recode, Apple and IBM have announced a major partnership to bring mobile services to enterprise customers.. The deal calls for IBM and Apple to develop more than 100 industry-specific applications that will run on the iPhone and iPad.. Apple will add a new class of service to its AppleCare program and support aimed at enterprise customers.. IBM will also begin to sell iPhones and iPads to its corporate customers and will devote more than 100,000 people, including consultants and software developers, to the effort.. Enterprise applications will in many cases run on IBM s cloud infrastructure or on private clouds that it has built for its customers.. Data for those applications will co-exist with personal data like photos and personal email that will run on Apple s iCloud and other cloud services.. Interactive News Roundup #7..

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  • Title: interactive news roundup #5
    Descriptive info: 15.. Collective #123.. Smarty Pins * Intense Images * Google I/O 2014 Videos * Flat Star Wars Icons * Select or Die * Devicons * deb.. js * simpl.. info.. Node Roundup: SocketCluster, i18n-generator, generator-gulp-angular.. Node Roundup: newspeak, CatchMe, Catnap.. Registering Angular.. js Components, ChainyJS.. Moving Atom To React.. What is The Point of CSS Preprocessors.. WebRTC Video Mixing with Mixology.. How to Create Your Own HTML Elements With Web Components.. (Excellent Tutorial).. 15 CSS blend modes that will supercharge your images.. One of the most invaluable features of Photoshop—arguably, the feature that powered it ahead of its competition—is blend modes.. Blend modes take two pixels laid on top of each other and combine them in different ways, for example the darker color blend mode will simply render the darker of the two pixels.. When expanded across […].. A Flexible jQuery Plugin to Style Select Elements.. Select-or-Die is a jQuery plugin to style select elements.. If you feel like adding a placeholder that’s displayed before anything is selected.. Once a selection has been made the placeholder will be removed until the user clicks the SoD again.. You can also add a prefix that’s displayed in front of the selected option.. When [.. Pixels are expensive.. How pixels get onto your users screens is something you should know about.. Not for the sake of knowing, but because in order to be effective as a modern web developer you re going to need to optimize for it.. Raneto – An Open Source Knowledgebase for Nodejs.. Raneto is a free, open source Knowledgebase platform for Node.. js that uses static Markdown files to power the knowledgebase.. Raneto can be called a “static site generator” of sorts as it doesn’t require a database.. All of your content is stored in the content folder in Markdown (.. md) files and the entire knowledgebase structure and [.. 22 Single Page Portfolio WordPress Themes.. In Today’s round ups we’ve collected 22 well made premium single page wordpress themes, which is suitable for any agency or personal portfolio’s.. Jarvis – Onepage Parallax WordPress Theme Brooklyn – Creative One Page Multi-Purpose Theme Corsa – Retina Responsive Creative OnePage Theme OneUp – One Page Parallax Retina WordPress Theme DIGNITY – WordPress One [.. Autobahn|JS.. Add Motion Control to a Kiwi.. js Game With the Leap Motion Controller.. CartoDB’s Odyssey.. js Is An Open-Source Tool For Telling Stories With Interactive Maps.. Adding captions and subtitles to HTML5 video.. This article is also available on MDN.. With the introduction of the video and audio elements to HTML5, we finally have a native way to add video and audio to our websites.. We also have a JavaScript API that allows us to interact with this media content in different ways, be it writing our own […].. How to get started with next-generation website prototyping.. Recently I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the current toolset and accepted practices for creating UI and UX ‘deliverables’.. In my experience, building static mock-ups in Photoshop and Illustrator no longer captures the essence of current UI design.. Likewise, creating wireframes and UX documentation in tools such as Axure seem to communicate very little of how a site or app actually feels to use.. These […].. \An Alternative to AMD: CMD.. Parallax Sound Waves Animating on Scroll.. Read the full article at: Parallax Sound Waves Animating on Scroll Scrolling animations are fun.. They are fun to create and fun to use.. If you are tired of bootstrapping you might find playing with scrolling animations as a nice juicy refreshment in your dry front-end development career.. Let’s have a look how to create animating […].. clrs: A Color Library for HTML/JS/CSS/Canvas.. Send to KindleAs most of you know, I grew up as a programmer using Flash and ActionScript, and in the last few years have been much more into web programming, particularly with HTML’s Canvas.. In general I do like Canvas a lot.. It’s a different mindset than Flash, but I enjoy the challenge.. One thing […].. WebGL around the net, 7 July 2014.. 3D interstitial ads and printable designs lead the next wave of WebGL’s mainstream adoption.. Amazon just launched their first ever interactive 3D wake screen experience, to promote Relativity Media’s “Earth to Echo” – powered by Verold.. Pinshape, the community marketplace for 3D printable designs, announced a partnership with Clara.. io to provide interactive renders of Pinshape designs.. NOT mainstream [.. WebGL around the net, 2-July-2014.. Web-based Virtual Reality: fast, cheap, out of control and now RUNNING IN YOUR BROWSER.. Virtually Awesome! Vlad Vukićević, WebGL creator and VR guru at Mozilla, discusses the First Steps for VR on the Web.. Firefox now has support for Oculus stereo rendering of Canvas elements, CSS3 3D transforms, mixing Canvas and CSS into single 3D display [.. What do you mean by shaders? Learn how to create shaders with babylon.. (excellent article about shaders!).. You may have noticed that we talked a lot about babylon.. js during.. //Build 2014.. If you do not, you can  ...   and iPhoto: What to do with your image library - When most companies kill off a neglected product, the damage is usually limited to the few remaining customers that have stuck […].. Weekly Mobile News Roundup – July 4 2014.. Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news! Siri Will Soon Understand You a Whole Lot Better - It all started at a small academic get-together in Whistler, British Columbia.. The topic was speech recognition, and whether a new and unproven approach […].. Metal, a new graphics API for iOS 8.. Exciting times for graphics on iOS 8! At its recent World Wide Developers Conference, Apple introduced Metal, a new graphics API that’s low-overhead, high efficient, and designed specifically for the A7 chip.. It provides a way for game makers to take full advantage of iOS hardware and achieve far greater realism, detail, and interactivity in […].. Famo.. us: Do We Really Need Another JavaScript Framework?.. An anonymous reader writes Front-end developer Jaroen Janssen has a post about Famo.. us, a custom built JavaScript 3D rendering and physics engine meant as a replacement for the standard layout engine of the browser.. The engine effectively replaces a big chunk of HTML5 in order to render more efficiently by using technology based on WebGL.. Janssen questions whether the world really needs another JavaScript framework: Is it a bad thing that Famo.. us replaces major parts of HTML5? To be honest, I m not sure.. As a Front-end developer I have to admit it makes me slightly uneasy to have to use a custom API instead of standard HTML5.. On the other hand, like almost everyone that makes web apps for a living, I have been terribly frustrated by some of HTML5 limitations, like slowness and browser incompatibilities.. Either way, it might be a good thing to try a fundamentally different approach so I m keeping an open mind for now.. us chases another holy grail, namely the write once, run anywhere dream.. Instead of having to write different code for different platforms, like iOS and Android, developers can write one application that works and looks as good on all platforms, in theory anyway.. This of course saves a huge amount of time and resources.. Unfortunately, this idea is not without its problems and has never really worked very well with earlier attempts like Java-applets, Flash and Silverlight.. In the end native applications have so far always been faster and slicker and I m pretty skeptical Famo.. us will be able to change this.. - The debate rages on how do you feel about famous?.. Epilog – Interactive Light and Shadow by Schnellebuntebilder.. Epilog is a room installation that uses light, sound and haze to create a 25-minute constantly transforming world of moving images and sounds.. Play the World – Listening to the global soundscape that surrounds us.. Play the World invites visitors to perform with a keyboard that finds samples with the same note in near realtime from web radio stations around the world.. New Technologies.. Homestar Runner Might Be Coming Back.. For Real.. That little update in April.. was the first time that the internet got new Homestar Runner stuff in three years.. Now, the cult cartoon s creators say that we ll be seeing more of Strong Bad, the Cheat and the show s other characters soon.. Are you ready for a Strong Sad Tumblr?.. Read more.. The future of data-driven design.. Hailed as the world s most innovative design company by Fast Company magazine in 2011, San Francisco-based Stamen Design specialises in making big data beautiful, with a particular focus on how maps can communicate complex information in an aesthetically pleasing way.. Oculus starts shipping latest Rift VR headset prototype this month.. Were you one of the over 45,000 to pre-order the latest prototype VR headset from Oculus? Well, if so you could be seeing the $350 Rift Dev Kit 2 rather soon.. The company recently announced that the first round of new hardware has left the production.. Third-person Oculus Rift hack delivers a true out-of-body experience.. Who says VR needs to be experienced in the first-person? Using a stereo pair of GoPro cameras, mounted to a tall antenna carried in a backpack, some obscenely intelligent makers in Poland have discovered that it s possible to enjoy an Oculus Rift.. Virtual Reality Gets A Real Content Studio With Launch Of Alchemy VR.. In the wake of the Facebook acquisition of Oculus VR, and the launch of Sony’s Project Morpheus a week earlier, virtual reality has quickly moved beyond its gaming roots and has seized the imagination of a generation of designers, entrepreneurs, and technologists.. Now you can add award-winning storytellers to the list, with the launch of a new entertainment studio from London called….. RPi Roundup – 3rd July 2014.. How to Balloon Map Your Neighborhood, Google Maps Style.. actionscipt.. amazon.. firefox.. Mobile.. Mobile Web.. node.. Oculus.. vr..

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  • Title: interactive news roundup #4
    Descriptive info: 01.. Collective #122.. Google Design * Human JavaScript * Favicon Generator * Visualizing Algorithms * Wikipedia Concept * HTMLHint * fast.. js * Gifffer.. Collective #121.. Web Starter Kit * Smallworld.. js * Steady.. js * SideComments.. js * Call to Idea * Wavepot * MobileVis * Homeless Fonts.. Collective #120.. Outdated Browser * Odyssey.. js * will-change * Type Sample * Browserify * Emulators in JS * bounce.. js * Boba.. js * Keylight.. Node Roundup: npm s New Web Framework, Notes from the Road, TJ Fontaine Interview.. Node Roundup: Node 0.. 8.. 27 and 0.. 10.. 29, BipIO, Reducto.. Node Roundup: husky, grunt-npmcopy.. Hya: JavaScript Synths and Plugins.. Steady.. js – A Module to Do Logic for onScroll Event.. Steady attaches a handler to the onscroll event, that excutes the trackers.. Then it calls another function that checks the conditions with values inside a requestAnimationFrame to avoid making the onscroll handler fat and slow, [.. Easy audio capture with the MediaRecorder API.. The MediaRecorder API is a simple construct, used inside Navigator.. getUserMedia(), which provides an easy way of recording media streams from the user’s input devices and instantly using them in web apps.. This article provides a basic guide on how to use MediaRecorder, which is supported in Firefox Desktop/Mobile 25, and Firefox OS 2.. What other [.. How to Create a Tiled Background Slideshow.. A tutorial that shows how to recreate the four tiles slideshow effect seen on the website of Serge Thoroval.. Using 3D transforms, transitions and animations, the aim is to implement a smooth effect and add some variations.. Adding Scrolling Effects with Scrollme jQuery Plugin.. 20 Freebie UI Graphics for Website Layouts.. Web developers who love to build websites often run into the same problem: lacking a pixel-perfect design mockup.. Without a competent designer you’re often left to rebuild existing ideas or code simple interfaces without too much detail.. But you can also download free PSD or AI graphics to use as a replacement for your own [.. Boba.. js – A JavaScript Library for Google Analytics.. js is a small, easily extensible JavaScript library that makes working with Google Analytics easier.. It supports the old ga.. js library as well as the new analytics.. js library.. It has one out of the box function, trackLinks, and makes tracking everything else child’s play.. Requires jQuery.. Requirements: jQuery Framework Demo:.. tt/1o9PODZ.. License: MIT License.. Miminal Promises with Thenable.. 5 great places to find free design tutorials.. When it comes to design, learning can be fun.. But it can also be expensive and time consuming.. So if you re looking to expand your creative and technical mind, but not your wallet, then you ll be after some high-quality free tutorials.. Parallax Scrolling Animator For Professional Designers.. Webydo?s Closed-Beta Invite.. Elegant Font Icon Picker jQuery Plugin.. jQuery fontIconPicker is a small (3.. 22KB gzipped) jQuery plugin which allows you to include an elegant icon picker with categories, search and pagination inside your administration forms.. The list of icons can be loaded manually using a SELECT field, an Array or Object of icons or directly from a Fontello config.. json or IcoMoon selection.. json file.. 10 tips for building a killer portfolio website.. If you work as a designer, you need a portfolio and a portfolio website is the easiest and quickest way to showcase your work.. Even if you have a physical portfolio, a website is pretty much expected these days in addition.. However if you are not a pro web designer you may not be au fait with the best way to lay out your portfolio website.. Here are some top tips to help you along the way.. Faster UI Animations With Velocity.. From a motion design perspective, Facebook.. com is phenomenally static.. It s purposefully dumbed down for the broadest levels of compatibility and user comfort.. Facebook’s iOS apps, on the other hand, are fluid.. They prioritize the design of motion; they feel like living, breathing apps.. This article serves to demonstrate that this dichotomy does not need to exist; websites can benefit from the same level of interactive and performant motion design found on mobile apps.. Before diving into examples, let s first address why motion design is so beneficial.. The post.. appeared first on.. Smashing Magazine.. Ideas for Subtle Hover Effects.. Some creative and subtle hover effect inspiration using modern CSS techniques including 3D translate and pseudo elements.. Create Interactive Stories for Journalists Designers.. Odyssey.. js is an open-source tool that allows you to combine maps, narratives, and other multimedia into a beautiful story.. Creating new stories is simple, requiring nothing more than a modern web-browser and an idea.. You enhance the narrative and multimedia of your stories using Actions that will let you tell your story in an exciting [.. WebIDE Lands in Nightly.. Editor’s note for the impatient: if you want to help test it on a recent nightly you can toggle the devtools.. webide.. enabled preference in about:config.. The WebIDE is available today under Tools Web Developer App Manager and will be renamed in tomorrow’s Nightly into WebIDE.. If you’ve been following our Developer Tools series on the Mozilla Hacks blog, […].. ServiceWorkers and Firefox.. Since early 2013, Mozillians have been involved with the design of the Service Worker.. Thanks to work by Google, Samsung, Mozilla, and others, this exciting new feature of the web platform has evolved to the point that it is being implemented in various web browser engines.. What are Service Workers? At their simplest, Service Workers […].. 10 steps to engaging user experience.. These days, building websites or applications that attract and retain customers has become somewhat of a science.. For people who aren t well versed in the digital space, I often compare the work that I do as a UX designer to an architect.. Like the architect who builds your home, my UX team builds a comprehensive blueprint, which outlines every single detail of the site s features and functionality.. 6 steps to perfecting minimalism in web design.. Over the past few years, web design has been rocked by various trends that have come and gone.. One of the trends that has staying power, is minimalism, simply because it’s a timeless concept that has been popular in various mediums throughout the ages.. So why not in web design? One of the things about […].. V8 Optimization Killers.. WebGL around the net, 24 June 2014.. 3D ads and popup books! It doesn’t get more fun than this in WebGL Land.. Here are this week’s developments: Glacéau Smartwater has launched a beautiful 3D ad campaign, Explore the Sky.. The ad features animated camera fly-throughs and great interaction.. You can even paint clouds in the sky! Could this be a glimpse into the future of [.. WebGL around the net, 17 June 2014.. Virtual Reality and Stereo Photography lead this week’s WebGL developments.. At last week’s San Francisco WebGL Developers Meetup, we got a glimpse of WebGL running on the Oculus Rift.. The very next day, Josh Carpenter and Vlad Vukićević of Mozilla announced that Firefox nightly builds will soon include native support for Oculus Rift head tracking and stereo [.. Easy accelerated 3D Games in a browser with JavaScript and WebGL using Three.. js or Babylon.. Let s ignore that we haven t got a web-agreed-upon way to do just about anything, much less basic line-of-business apps with data-bound text boxes over data, and just revel in the fact that we can do hardware-accelerated 3D graphics in our browsers with WebGL.. This works today in all the latest browsers.. Virtually Anywhere.. Now that WebGL is truly everywhere, the close-knit, doggedly persistent and technically masterful group of folks who made it happen over the last several years can take a collective bow.. From Vlad Vukićević, WebGL’s creator, to the countless engineers and working group members on browser teams who created a great spec and world-class implementations, to Ricardo Cabello Miguel, aka Mr.. doob for the amazing Three.. js, to us camp followers and blogging faithful: congrats, felicidades, and kudos on a job well done!.. 30 amazing examples of WebGL in action.. Adobe Flash Professional CC 2014 is here! It seems the WebGL.. fakelove/chromadepthGLSL · GitHub.. Parrot Hunt WebGL Game (not quite like Duck Hunt).. Haxe Roundup № 206 | Haxe.. Lets start off with an article written by Lars Doucet titled Dear Adobe: Support Haxe, save your Tools.. With a great title, Lars goes into how Adobe can profit big from depending on Haxe and  ...   headset maker says it s planning to sell its products at the lowest possible price, despite investment costs that could reach into the billions.. Oculus game teaches journalists how to survive in war zones.. You re sat in the back of an armored personnel carrier when, suddenly, something hits you and the lights go out.. Stumbling out of the darkness, you emerge onto the battlefield armed with just a video camera and a first-aid kit.. Laying in front of you.. 3D Windowing System Developed Using Wayland, Oculus Rift.. An anonymous reader writes Developed as part of a university master thesis is this truly 3D windowing system environment.. The 3D desktop was developed as a Qt Wayland compositor and output to an Oculus Rift display and then controlled using a high-precision Razer mouse.. Overall, it s interesting research for bringing 2D windows into a 3D workspace using Wayland and the Oculus Rift.. The code is hosted as the Motorcar Compositor.. A video demonstration is on YouTube.. Oculus CEO: We re using Android as model for expansion.. Oculus s Brendan Iribe says the virtual reality headset maker wants to sit down with any hardware maker willing to talk partnerships.. Second Life s second act will be a social network for virtual reality.. Eight years ago, I was slouching through my college s required mass-media course and silently groaning while my professor excitedly mapped out the promises of Second Life.. That online virtual world, where players create items, clothes, buildings and.. Universities Look To Oculus Rift To Lure Students To Campus.. When you hear “Oculus Rift” you think games, but it looks like virtual tours are becoming a new category to the uses for the virtual reality device.. Founders of YouVisit, a virtual tour company, Taher Baderkhan, Abi Mandelbaum and Endri Tolka met in their first year of college and they had one thing in common: they were all international students.. Rendor Turns Your Single-Camera Smartphone Into A Real 3D Scanner.. Using a piece of paper with a specially printed grid and a regular smartphone, Rendor may have just cracked the 3D scanning code.. The system allows you to create a 3D scan of almost any object simply by taking video of it from every angle.. The program interpolates the shape of the object based on how it is positioned on the grid and then generates a usable 3D file.. How-To: Build a Solar Powered Raspberry Pi.. Build Your Own XBMC-Controlling Bluetooth Remote.. Interested in making your own custom remote for your XBMC? Make shows off a guide to make your own using a cheap Bluetooth module and a custom case.. Raspberry Pi introduces the new Compute Module which can be used on a custom board.. The build here uses a Bluefruit EZ-Key, a bit of soldering, and (an admittedly pretty ugly) 3D printed case.. The process itself if pretty easy to do, and once you re done you ll have a little Bluetooth remote you can use to control your home theater PC.. It should be easy enough to modify the case to suit your style, and otherwise it s a easy build to make for yourself.. PiFox Bare metal 3D rail shooter.. Visual encyclopedia builds itself by scouring the internet.. Crowdsourced knowledge bases like Wikipedia encompass a lot of knowledge, but humans can only add to them so quickly.. Wouldn t it be better if computers did all the hard work? The University of Washington certainly believes so.. Its LEVAN (Learn.. IMAX shows why its 4K camera could get you watching 3D movies again.. Is 3D video on the decline, destined to return to the realm of novelty? Not if you ask IMAX.. The company has just detailed a large-format 4K camera that could give 3D movies a (frankly needed) visual boost.. The trick, the company says, is that the.. The Killing storyline recap sets you up for the final season on Netflix.. Netflix has revived The Killing for one final six-episode season, but what if you re not sure about binge watching the first three (already on Netflix, of course) to get ready? A video posted by the service gives you a good peek at some of the.. Amazon lines up a drama from writers behind Braveheart and Lost.. Amazon clearly doesn t think that one politically charged show is enough to counter Netflix efforts like House of Cards.. The online retailer turned media producer has ordered a pilot for Point of Honor, a drama set on the cusp of the American Civil.. Amazon’s Fire Phone Introduces Firefly, A Feature That Lets You Identify (And Buy!) Things You See In The Real World.. With the debut of the Amazon Fire Phone this afternoon, the company introduced a new feature called Firefly, which is largely designed to let you identify — and then, of course, buy — things you see out in the real world.. Firefly takes advantage of the smartphone’s camera to let you identify things like phone numbers, movies, books, games, CDs, food and more just by pointing….. Here Is The Full Video Of Amazon’s Fire Phone Launch Event.. As you probably know, Amazon launched its Fire Phone today.. Sadly, the company didn’t make a live stream available, so you had to make do with our live blog.. But it really takes video to get a feel for the phone’s main feature — its dynamic perspective 3D mode — but as promised, Amazon has now posted the full video of the event.. Microsoft Brings Penny Arcade Artist To An Engineering Team To Work Out Surface Pro 3 Issues.. Microsoft is gearing up to begin shipping its Surface Pro 3 tablet, and many have already had a chance to test out the latest in tablet/laptop hybrids.. One early tester is Penny Arcade’s Mike Krahulik (aka Gabe) who was a huge fan of the Surface Pro 2 because with the stylus, it was an awesome digital artist tool for hand-drawn creations.. Gabe wasn’t so impressed with the Surface….. Pre-Crime Startup BioCatch Raises $10M Series A.. If you’ve ever seen the movie Minority Report, you’ll be familiar with the “Precognition” concept: the ability to see into the future — in the film’s case, to stop a crime before it’s actually committed.. Israeli cybercrime startup BioCatch effectively does just that.. Online nanodegrees boost your career without requiring time off.. Climbing the career ladder can be daunting.. You frequently need new skills to move ahead, but it s not always practical to take time off just to get some new credentials.. However, AT T and Udacity may have just solved this conundrum by unveiling.. How to Deal With a Bad Game Jam Theme.. Oxford University s smart glasses help people with partial vision see more detail.. When we hear the term smart glasses these days, we tend to focus more on the smart and less on the glasses.. Researchers at Oxford University see things the other way around: putting the emphasis on glasses suggests a device that helps the visually.. Turn On a String of Lights By Calling a Cellphone.. It s hard to find what you re looking for in the dark.. Instructables users Jayefuu and Kiteman developed a way to light up a small area whenever you call a cellphone.. The setup uses a battery-powered strand of lights, a basic circuit board with a phototransistor, and a cheap cellphone with the capability to light up its screen when called.. When you call the cellphone, the backlight comes on and activates the phototransistor, and that turns the lights on.. They developed this for use at music festivals so it s easier to find your sanctuary in a sea of tents, but you can use it for anything.. Find your car in a giant parking lot at night, light up your porch when you get home, or anything else you can come up with.. For a complete guide to making the setup, check out the link below.. The Next Generation Of Atari.. Atari is back.. Again.. After the crash of Nolan Bushnell’s empire in the early ’80s, several ventures attempted to resurrect the iconic brand.. Atari Interactive is the latest, emerging from chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this year, and is now ready to make a splash in the mobile market with a renewed focus in established verticals.. Is this interactive comic the future of the industry?.. How to Make an Indie Game Trailer With No Budget.. Google Acquires Mobile Testing Platform Appurify, Will Keep It Open On iOS And Android.. Interactive News Roundup #5..

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  • Title: interactive news roundup #3
    Descriptive info: June.. 10.. 10 tips for a killer design portfolio.. As a creative professional you live and die by the quality of your design portfolio; it sums you and your work up and is the first port of call for anyone looking to hire or commission you.. It needs to show the breadth of your output, your skills and experience, how you generate and execute ideas, basically your whole creative process.. Collective #119.. webcompat.. com * Guide to Wireframing * picture * Sigmund Freud Typeface * Swift Cheat Sheet * beeplay.. js * JSNice.. Collective #118.. CSS Blend Modes * Custom Gestures * Cody * HTML5 Forms * Animating SVGs * Spell Up * Git Guide * Experiment.. Collective #117.. 808 Cube * Mobile And Accessibility * ShortcutMapper * Object.. observe() * oozled * The Illusion of Motion * Web Design Field Manual.. Next-Generation Responsive Web Design Tools: Webflow, Edge Reflow, Macaw.. To prepare for a talk about the changing roles of designers and developers, given at HOW Interactive a few months back, I interviewed 20+ web shops.. Validated by my own experience, I found that.. many of them faced challenges fitting responsive design into their workflow.. , and the role of most web designers had changed to include coding in some form or another.. At least half of the designers knew HTML and CSS well but wanted a more visual way to get at it.. Inspiration for Article Intro Effects.. Some inspiration for effects applied to title headers of articles with a fullscreen image.. The idea is to show some creative transition when continuing to the article body.. Node.. js + Pianobar.. Node Roundup: mongo-select, asynctrace.. Node Roundup: webpack, Mitm.. js, musicmetadata.. Automated Workflow for Front-end Developers.. A Detailed Introduction To Node.. js And MongoDB.. js is a rapidly growing technology that has been overtaking the world of server-side programming with surprising speed.. MongoDB is a technology that’s revolutionizing database usage.. Together,.. the two tools are a potent combination.. , thanks to the fact that they both employ JavaScript and JSON.. JSCapture: Screen Capture Library with JS and HTML5.. Hammer.. js: touch-action fix.. App.. js – JavaScript UI Library for Mobile Web Apps.. Shaving Bytes with JavaScript Booleans.. Developers are always search for ultimate way to create something with the least amount of code.. This, of course, is one of the reasons we use minifiers: to serve code as small as possible.. Of course this practice has numerous benefits, like faster download time, less storage consumption, etc.. One way that minifiers are able to […].. How to Do Parallax Properly with Great Performance.. Parallax has become, for better or worse, an increasingly popular web trend.. The problem is, a vast majority of sites using parallax suffer from terrible scroll performance.. It’s especially bad on devices with high pixel density like retina MacBook Pro’s.. Dave Gamache has published an article: Parallax Done Right.. He played quite a bit with [.. Best Tools and Plugins for Creating Parallax Websites.. Advanced Techniques for Professional CSS Development.. Once you learn the basics of web development it’s common to either move into backend languages or push further into more detailed concepts.. CSS alone is such an expansive subject which now includes a handful of fun CSS3 properties.. Advanced development includes complicated topics that you often need to go out of your way to [.. A Collection of CSS Loaders / Loading Spinners.. CSS Shapes 101.. Rectangles inside other rectangles: this is what our webpages have always been made of.. Tutorials for Creating 3D Effects in CSS3 and JavaScript.. It seems as though 3D is quickly becoming the new 2D in digital design.. This pattern has moved from the big screen onto smaller screens for the web.. With a growing number of CSS/JS libraries for animation it has become easier to render objects right within the browser.. These tutorials should provide an excellent introduction [.. Sharing Polymer Components: Part 1.. MotorCortex.. js Makes Web Animations Easy.. webgl confirmed in ios 8.. WebGL around the net, 27 May 2014.. This week in WebGL: Tetris, quantum computing, and… Assassin’s Creed!.. Quantum Computing Playground.. Quantum Computing Playground is a browser-based WebGL Chrome Experiment.. It features a GPU-accelerated quantum computer with a simple IDE interface, and its own scripting language with debugging and 3D quantum state visualization features.. Quantum Computing Playground can efficiently simulate quantum registers up to 22 qubits, run Grover s and Shor s algorithms, and has a variety of quantum gates built into the scripting language itself.. Blend4Web Demo Reel 2014.. A couple of online WebGL scene editors.. www.. goocreate.. clara.. playcanvas.. verold.. 3dtin.. tt/YvNqpo.. Assassins Creed BabylonJS promotion.. Today, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Ubisoft to launch the first ever Assassin’s Creed title on the modern web with HTML5, 3D WebGL graphics, and JavaScript.. The.. Assassin’s Creed Pirates.. web-based experience is available today for free play in five languages worldwide.. New gameplay based on the popular iOS Assassin’s Creed Pirates game allows you to step into the shoes of Alonzo Batilla, a young captain, racing his ship through the Caribbean seas, evading mines and other hurdles, amidst searching for treasure.. Elm 0.. 12.. 3 WebGL.. Elm now supports 3D rendering with WebGL! Huge thank you to John P.. Mayer for designing and implementing such a simple API for this.. It has been really fun to work with so far and we are excited to see what people can do with it!.. 3 : WebGL support in a Functional Reactive compile-to-js language : webdev [x-post from r/webdev] : webgl.. WebGL (Web Graphics Library): a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 3D graphics in compatible browsers without the use of plug-ins.. WebGL programs consist of code written in JavaScript and shader code executed on a computer s Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).. Google  ...   like to describe how it can be done.. Blog can be found here:.. tt/1m7qnx0.. And two screens from one day working on the game the game is for MOBILE as you can see;.. Blender Game Engine Demo: Stars.. Blenderrendersky has posted a demo level of his project ‘Stars’ with some interesting concepts.. I’ve done a small Demo for my upcoming Blender Game.. It features a small Level where.. Epic s Unreal Engine 4 Flappy Bird homage Tappy Chicken now available for free.. Epic Games can crow all it wants about how easy its next-gen development toolset is to use, but until we actually see results, those words are pretty hollow.. That changes today with the release of Tappy Chicken, the first Unreal Engine 4 game.. The Coolest iOS 8 Features Apple Didn’t Talk About Today.. Apple Launches Swift, A New Programming Language For Writing iOS And OS X Apps.. At its WWDC developer event today, Apple surprised all of the developers in the audience by launching a new programming language called Swift.. This new language seems to be poised to replace Objective-C as the main programming language on Apple’s platforms.. Swift will use the same LLVM compiler and runtime as Apple’s Objective-C implementation, so Swift and Objective-C code can….. Swift is Here.. Well today Apple announced their new programming language called Swift.. This is very similar in syntax to what the next version of JavaScript will look like.. I’m pretty excited about it even though I spent all that time learning Objective-C.. I’m planning on blogging and creating some tutorials on the new language and I even procured.. swiftvideotutorials.. for any video tutorials I end up doing.. Neat Effects, No Code Required.. Bounce, swivel, spin.. Today’s interface design is all about making things move.. But the tools we use to create those interactions haven’t kept pace with our smart, intuitive enough for a 3-year-old devices.. Origami – A Free Design Prototype Toolkit for Quartz.. CocoaPods.. Civilization is built on infrastructure: roads, bridges, canals, sewers, pipes, wires, fiber.. When well thought-out and implemented, infrastructure is a multiplying force that drives growth and development.. But when such formative structures are absent or ad hoc, it feels as if progress is made.. in spite of.. the situation.. 30 Amazing iOS 7 UI Kits – Part Two.. When iOS7 was first released there was a lot of arguing about the new flatter design, while most people loved it there were just as many who hated it and swore they would never upgrade to iOS7.. The design changes were made by Jony Ive who by many is regarded as a design genius.. In […].. AppGyver Launches Composer, A Drag-And-Drop Tool For Building HTML5 Apps.. Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 6 June 2014.. Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news! Everything Apple Tried to Kill Today at WWDC - Today at WWDC, Apple announced a huge batch of products aimed straight at the heart existing companies and apps.. Here are just a few of the […].. Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 23 May 2014.. Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news! Scanbot goes free for 24 hours – Our favorite iPhone scanner app, Scanbot, can now be downloaded free of charge for a limited time.. The PDF creator and annotator is optimized for the […].. The 8 best free photo editors.. Leap Motion s latest motion tracking tech can see your joints.. California will soon issue licenses for driverless cars.. Chrome 35 Launches With New APIs and JavaScript Features.. An anonymous reader writes Google today released Chrome version 35 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.. The new version is mainly for developers, especially those building Web content and apps for mobile devices – this release doesn t appear to have any new features targeted at the end user.. Working With Templates in Symfony 2.. DESIGN AND VENTURE.. ORG.. Geoff Dowd has in his right hand a new input device that is likely to bring back a lot of love for Adobe again.. It’s a pressure-sensitive stylus designed for precision input that is paired with a new kind of device that is like a meta-ruler.. You can read a bit about this direction here.. Normandy landings recreated in Oculus Rift D-Day simulation.. 3D virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift are often lauded as the next big thing in entertainment, but they re also helping to change the way we learn.. id Software s Original Softdisk Games Open Sourced.. An anonymous reader writes The original games developed by John Carmack, John Romero, and Adrian Carmack at Softdisk, where the legendary programmers originally met and went on to start id Software, have been open-sourced under the GPLv2.. The games are now owned by Flat Rock Software and the open-source titles available are Catacomb, The Catacomb, Catacomb 3D, Catacomb Abyss, and Hovertank3D.. The oldest of these games are written in Borland Turbo Pascal while the others are in Borland C++.. The source-code can be downloaded from GitHub.. Generative.. Creating Impressionistic Art with Processing.. Brian Eno and Karl Hyde: How many shapes can dance on a record?.. Brian Eno and Karl Hyde have launched an interactive augmented-reality app to accompany their new record, Someday World.. Beginners Guide To Projection Mapping.. This video will show you how the basics of projection mapping and how to do it on the cheap! Acquiring the PartsHere’s what you will need: Projectors: Amazon –.. http://goo.. gl/q3XN2S.. Build One from Recycled Parts –.. tt/McgCCq.. Build One for $5 worth of parts –.. tt/1vXCMKZ.. TOTAL COST: ~$60.. 00 or less Installing and Configuring VPT7 […].. Google Chrome.. mobile devices.. Web development.. web trend..

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  • Title: interactive news roundup #2
    Descriptive info: May.. 19.. HTML5 and JavaScript:.. Collective #116.. CSS Shapes * WTF, forms? * Smart use of :target * Responsive Images Done Right * Filtrex * October * Octotree * Stashhh.. me * Finch.. Node Roundup: Newman, selenium-test-runner, ncc.. Jesse Freeman Five keys to success when building HTML5 games (FutureJS 2014).. This is a talk from Barcelona FutureJS 2014 (.. http://futurejs.. org).. JavaScript.. is an incredibly versatile language and one of my favorites for rapidly building fun casual games.. In 2013 I made 12 games for the One Game A Month game jam and came in 3rd place out of hundreds of developers.. It was an eye.. The data scientist s laboratory.. Beaker is a code notebook that allows you to analyze, visualize, and document data using multiple programming languages including Python, R, Groovy, Julia, and Node.. Beaker s plugin-based polyglot architecture enables you to seamlessly switch between languages and add support for new languages.. Morphing Buttons Concept.. Some inspiration for a morphing button concept where the action element (button) morphs into a component.. The examples show different types of components, i.. e.. fullscreen overlay, modal window, sidebar and more.. Picturefill 2.. 0: Responsive Images And The Perfect Polyfill.. Not since the early days of web standards have I seen our community rally around a seemingly small issue: responsive images.. Over the last.. four years.. (yeah, it’s been about four years), we’ve seen many permutations of images in responsive design.. From the lazier days of setting.. max-width: 100%.. (the absolute minimum you should be doing) to more full-featured JavaScript implementations, such as Picturefill and Zurb’s.. data-interchange.. method, we’ve spent a lot of time spinning our wheels, banging our heads and screaming at the wall.. I’m happy to say that our tireless journey is coming to a close.. The W3C and browser makers got the hint.. Response Brackets Extension Source.. Well after a long delay I’m happy to announce that my responsive design extension for Brackets is.. now available on Github.. Please be sure to read this entire post before you check it out so you don’t experience any issues.. Some important notes I haven’t had the time to update the extension to work in the latest version of Brackets.. It wouldn’t take much work to do but I can’t be sure as I’ve haven’t done any JS work [.. Friendlier HTML Form Controls with CSS Magic.. Shine.. js A Library for Pretty Realistic Shadows.. 21 free tools for perfecting your portfolio.. One of the tasks, that as designers, we are constantly being asked to tackle is to build impressive and fitting web-based portfolios for clients, friends, and even ourselves.. Portfolios stand as a virtual calling card, connecting your work with people across the world wide web at the click of a ‘Stumble’ or search result link.. WebGL / OpenGL:.. OF emscripten.. OpenFrameworks Ported to webGL!.. Live Cube Maps Reflections in Your Three.. js Game With threex.. cubecamera.. This is post is part of the ‘one threex a day’ challenge.. This challenge is to publish every day one game extension for three.. js! One per day, every day and that for 2month! In this post, we gonna talk about threex.. threex.. cubecamera is a three.. Scary Monster For Your Next FPS Game In Three.. js With Threex.. md2character.. This is a screencast for learningthree.. js blog.. It is about a Scary Monster For Your Next FPS Game In Three.. md2character.. Read more.. Perlin Terrain Procedural Generation For Your Game With Threex.. terrain.. It is about Perlin Terrain Procedural Generation For Your Game With threex.. terrain.. GLSL.. an open collection of GLSL Transitions.. Double precision approximations for map projections in OpenGL.. The problem: OpenGL specification/extension ARB_gpu_shader_fp64 that brings support for double precision operations on the GPU specifically states that double-precision versions of angle, trigonometry, and exponential functions are not supported.. All we get are the basic add/mul operations and sqrt.. haXe / ActionScript / Air:.. Haxe Roundup № 200.. Game Mechanic Explorer HaxeFlixel.. Android Development: Beyond Java.. Learn Haxe in (Y) minutes.. Andreas Söderlund s WWX  ...   is….. iPad Node Based Image Editing and Compositing with Nodality.. iPad Node Based Image Editing and Compositing with Nodality 1.. Apache Flex, Vitapoly Core Image were used to create the first and only node based image editor and compositor for iPads.. High performance AGAL grass animation.. Unity / Blender3d:.. kbengine mmo sources(server + client + ogre + unity3d + html5 + cocos2d).. http://www.. kbengine.. org.. Demo-Unity:.. unity3d demo sources:.. tt/RTwiNn.. Blender Game Engine – Drivable Vehicles.. Blender render sky is back with a Game Engine demo – drivable vehicles.. Check out his Forest Demo too! Blender render sky writes: I made some drivable vehicles in the BGE.. So far I´ve got a jet,.. New Technology:.. Care about an open internet? Tell the US government on Twitter today.. Rumors that the FCC would let ISPs like Comcast or Verizon give an internet fast lane to well-heeled customers has become a debacle, with Google, Yahoo and a hundred other companies denouncing the idea.. The FCC and chairman Tom Wheeler have been in.. Solar road could change how we power the world.. The Solar Roadway hopes to use the large, flat areas provided by roads to generate solar power, decreasing the reliance on fossil fuel energy.. What is HDR and When Should I Use It In My Photos?.. Dear Lifehacker,.. I ve got this setting called HDR on my phone s camera, but I m still not sure what it.. does.. It s supposed to make my pictures look better, but sometimes my pictures just come out blurry or washed out! Am I doing something wrong?.. Chromecast Support Coming To Mobile Firefox.. sfcrazy (1542989) writes Chromecast is a great device, and concept, however it is more or less limited to Google s Chrome browser and supported apps.. That seems to be changing: Mozilla is working on bringing Chromecast support to its Firefox browser.. Mozilla meeting notes from 14 May clearly mention Chromecast support for the browser: Work week in SF, making good progress.. Hoping to have Netcast and Chromecast support landed by the end of the week.. Generative Art:.. Sablo for iOS – Exploring the nebulous boundary between order and chaos.. Created by Ernst Uys, Sablo for iOS lets you explore the boundary between order and chaos using the Abelian Sandpile model (also known as the Bak–Tang–Wiesenfeld model) in theoretical physics.. How Amiga hackers saved Andy Warhol s digital images.. A new documentary from the HIllman Photography Iniative (see the video below) has revealed exactly how those now-famous Andy Warhol Amiga works were extracted from decrepit 3.. 5-inch floppies.. First, researchers had to figure out that the image files.. Electronic artists turn 600 phones into a symphony of light and sound.. Forget Prince s Purple Rules demanding smartphone-free concerts, one group is actually encouraging fans to wave their handset in the air because it s part of the show.. Electronic group Booka Shade recently performed a concert where the audience s.. Processing port of realistic terrain in 130 lines.. PhonoPaper for iOS/Android – Graphical sound generator and writer.. Created by Alexander Zolotov, PhonoPaper is a format of graphical representation of the sound (music, human voice, etc.. ); in other words, it is the 2D audio barcode (by analogy with the QR-code).. Microsoft puts on an infinite light show to make data pretty.. If you re Microsoft, how do you convince people that data is more than just a dry set of charts and graphs? You put on one heck of a light show, that s what.. The company recently marked the launch of a database server app by opening the Infinity.. UI:.. 30 Amazing iOS 7 UI Kits – Part One.. Weekly Mobile News Roundup – 16 May 2014.. Once again the week is coming to an end and that means it’s time for a roundup of the past weeks news! Apple Just Put Its App Design Bible On iBooks For Free - Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines, a set of tips and rules for designers that was previously only available through the developer portal, is […]..

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  • Title: interactive news roundup #1
    Descriptive info: 13.. Collective #113.. -.. CSS True Titles * Sorting * Isomer * Inline SVG vs Icon Fonts * Project Parfait * Politespace * Hutt * seen.. Collective #114.. - CSS Shapes 101 * Web Fundamentals * Velocity.. js * GestureKit * Panoramic * Codassium.. 9 Uniquely Designed WordPress Theme Layouts.. Create Attractive Animated Hover Effects Easily.. Chrome DevTools Features You May Have Missed.. Tutorial: Saving game data as an image Have you ever wondered,.. CSS vs.. JS Animation: Which is Faster?.. How is it possible that JavaScript-based animation has secretly always been as fast — or faster — than CSS transitions? And, how is it possible that Adobe and Google consistently release media-rich mobile sites that rival the performance of native apps? This article serves as a point-by-point walkthrough of how JavaScript-based DOM animation libraries, such […].. Create a Brilliant Sprited, CSS-Powered Firefox Animation.. Velocity Animation Outperforms jQuery at All Level.. GestureKit.. 5 Best JavaScript libraries.. BEST FOR… Managing JavaScript Small amounts of JavaScript code are best included using the Script tag.. Once a program is made up of a group of interdependent libraries, a more sophisticated way tends to lead to better results.. Require.. js offers utility functions to simplify things.. asm.. js performance improvements in the latest version of Firefox make games fly!.. The latest version of Firefox which launched last week includes a major update to the user interface as well as to features like Sync.. Another area in which this release brings significant improvements is in asm.. js performance, which as we will see below is very important for things like games.. To put that aspect of […].. Private Bower.. How to create an animated sticky header, with CSS3 and jQuery.. Trends come and trends go.. The ones that stick around the longest do so because they solve a particular problem.. A trend that’s popular right now for that very reason, is sticky elements; elements that behave normally until we scroll, and then maintain their presence on the page somehow.. The trend started with sidebars, but where […].. Coding Math: Episode 24: 3D Points and Lines.. This week we transition from 2.. 5D into full 3D.. Support Coding Math:.. tt/SfmUUR.. Source Code:.. tt/SfmSfG.. Build for the Next Generation of Gamers with Fire TV.. I got my first game console, the original Nintendo, in 1985 and it forever changed my life.. Today, kids take for granted how accessible and abundant games are.. WebGL:.. The Approaching WebGL Arms Race.. The biggest news coming out of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco might be about the next gen Occulus Rift Dev kit or the new Sony “Project Morpheus.. ” However, the true sneaker surprise is currently nothing more than a footnote in the announcement of the Unity 5 engine.. Why we decided to move from plain JavaScript to TypeScript for Babylon.. One year ago when we decided to sacrifice all of our spare time to create Babylon.. js we had a really interesting discussion about using TypeScript as main.. Beautiful Dynamic Laser Beams for Your Space Game with threex.. laser Game Extension For Three.. Realistic Physics for Your 3D THREE.. js Game with THREEx.. Oimo.. tt/R8ckO8.. It is about Realistic Physics for Your 3D Game with THREEx..  ...   is.. ONLINE SWF TO SVG CONVERTER.. Upload your SWF files and watch it become SVG very quickly.. Navigate through frames and generate SVG for specific frame.. Zoom in and out as you like and hit save to download the output file.. This is a free to use SWF to SVG online converter.. Ubisoft uses Adobe AIR and Starling for new cross-platform.. \.. Unity:.. Working with Unity s 2D Tools.. Unity WebGL exported demos are online.. Blender to Unity Workflow! Part 1.. As promised, I’ve been working on writing out a tutorial on my personal workflow, and the same process I used in Sail! It’s aimed towards people who work with Unity3D but don’t know the first thing about modeling (it’s a lot easier than you’d think!), but it can also be useful to people who get […].. Shader Compilation in Unity 4.. A story in several parts.. 1) how shader compilation is done in upcoming Unity 4.. 5; and 2) how it was developed.. First one is probably interesting to Unity users; whereas second one for the ones curious on how we work and develop stuff.. Short summary: Unity 4.. 5 will have a “wow, many shaders, much fast” shader importing and better […].. Build Arkanoid With Unity: Project Setup.. Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe Joins Us To Talk VR In The Facebook Era At Disrupt NY.. Disrupt NY 2014.. kicks off in less than a week, and we’re thrilled to announce that.. Brendan Iribe.. Oculus VR.. founder and current CEO, will join us for a fireside chat to talk about Oculus’ future now that the company.. has been acquired by Facebook.. Brendan is scheduled to talk on Monday, May 5th at 2pm.. Imogen Heap’s sensor-packed gloves will change digital music making forever (interview).. What s next in mobile? Find out at MobileBeat, VentureBeat s 7th annual event on the future of mobile, on July 8-9 in San Francisco.. Register now and save $400! Digital music is made out of square and sine waves.. These sounds ….. PlayStation 4 indie devs are already using Project Morpheus.. Becoming an independent PlayStation 4 developer is easy, Sony s Adam Boyes tells us: You just have to sign up.. The PlayStation VP of publisher and developer relations was explaining what the company has done to woo indie devs.. Half the job was just.. Apple Patents MacBook Keys With Built-In Displays, Touch Sensors And Haptic Feedback.. Mozilla asks the FCC to rethink net neutrality with content providers in mind.. Like some, Mozilla is concerned that the FCC s second take on net neutrality won t be enough to guarantee that internet service providers (ISPs) treat all content fairly.. To that end, the Firefox developer has just given the FCC a solution of its.. GitHub Open Sources Its Atom Text Editor.. Rock Band creator s new iOS rhythm game creates levels around your own music.. The studio behind Rock Band has a new rhythm game out for the iPhone and iPad that creates its levels around each player s own music collection.. Generative music band Netcat just released a who album as a Kernel module.. Diplo with special guest Joshua Davis NBD.. so excited for tomorrow.. FB / F8.. 님이 사진을 게시했습니다.. via Instagram.. ift.. tt/QXebWr..

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  • Title: SkullCraft Splash Screen created with webGL utilizing voxelJS, Processing, and the Hype Framework
    Descriptive info: September.. So I recently re-released TweetBlaster as.. BotBlaster.. dropping twitter integration.. I will also be releasing an iOS and Amazon App versions soon.. I may in the future add support for in app purchases like weapons etc.. So moving on I have decided to concentrate my efforts on creating a new game system for unity which might take longer but reaps better rewards.. One flaw of my previous approach to video game development was the need for custom built models.. This is a slow process which sometime requires purchasing assets from other professionals to use.. My next game will avoid this entirely.. I plan on creating all the art assets algorithmically.. All graphics for the next game I will create myself.. In bot blaster there is also a lack of a story line this will not happen with.. SkullCraft.. will have a story to compliment the game play.. I want the next game to have 3 game genre types available within the levels.. Those types will include racing game, accelerometer controlled level, and RPG.. I want to first develop the game in webGL using.. voxelJS.. I would then like to port over what I have created with voxelJS to unity3d.. I would also like to make this library have assets that can be easily dropped in to create cool effects and games quickly.. I plan on hosting all the changes of the desktop webGL version on github so it will be open source.. So this post is only the first of many because this game will take me a significant amount of time to develop.. I have also been trying to create more art work with Processing in my spare time.. So my blog might sometimes begin to discuss utilizing processing to create algorithmic art and taking those creations from the computer to the canvas.. I have also been keeping these sketches up on github so feel free to explore my.. sketch book.. This demo uses the.. In this example you will see how to use.. processing.. to create textures for 3d objects within voxelJS.. It is important to realize that voxelJS is built on top of.. threeJS.. so most  ...   and it is fun to utilize it within threeJS.. I know that I can create a variety of special fx rapidly utilizing these methods.. In my opinion the way to go is to load all of the processing code via javascript.. When you go to the.. processingJS.. website they do have easier ways to lazy load the scripts although what we will be using.. ProcessingJS compiles your processing file to javascript so if you want you can write the processing entirely in javascript or mixin some javascript functions.. var.. $projDiv.. =.. $.. '#pContain'.. ;.. canvasRef.. ' canvas id= skullz / '.. p1.. new.. loadSketchFromSources.. 'skullz'.. ,.. 'scripts/skullz.. pde'.. $projDiv.. append.. canvasRef.. //this code is called to initialize the processing code.. canvasCallback.. add.. prCodeInit.. createText.. fire.. 'createText'.. //this code is used to wrap the 2d canvas to the threejs model.. wrapTexture.. function.. canvas.. document.. getElementById.. texture.. window.. game.. THREE.. Texture.. canvas.. texture.. needsUpdate.. true.. material.. MeshBasicMaterial.. overdraw.. map.. side.. DoubleSide.. transparent.. wrapS.. wrapT.. RepeatWrapping.. // in the code you will see the processing pde files that are called.. Thoughts on the future.. I may also port this to.. away3D.. It is no secret that I love ActionScript and this might be cool and run fast on Air Mobile as well but my first quest is to get it done for webGL then port it to Unity3d and then we will see where things head from there.. I also believe that with the next version of Android we will see webGL support within Android and I am sure iOS can t be far behind.. With webGL I know I have the most flexibility because I can use javascript canvas to create animated textures this is not an easy task within unity3d if you do not have a pro version.. That might be an advantage when it comes to Air but the most important thing beyond story line and graphics / style, is game play and performance.. It has to perform well to be played.. #perfomanceisking.. Virtual Painting with Hype.. Away3D with Hype Fish Tank.. Processing JS.. Tweet Tank in Away3D and Hype.. Tweet Tank in Away3D and Hype pt.. 2.. ProcessingJS.. Unity3d..

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  • Title: TweetBlaster is available now on the Play Store
    Descriptive info: April.. 07.. So I choose to use.. which has some really nice features built in for game developers.. It was a tough decision in regards to what technology to choose for creating TweetBlaster.. TweetBlaster is written in UnityScript (unity3d s version of JavaScript) and C#.. When I originally wrote this game it went through several iterations the first version was a javascript canvas game.. But at the time on mobile devices the canvas game was simply not fast enough.. I then ported the game over to webGL unfortunately most mobile devices do not support webgl by default.. So I eventually decided I would purchase and use Unity3d to get the job done.. It is a really good technology for game development possibly one of the best game engines around.. So What is.. TweetBalster.. ?.. TweetBlaster.. is a social first person shooter that s also a simple game of tag.. When you submit tweet hash tags into TB, it populates the levels with them.. Each time you Blast in TB, you send a tweet randomly picked from the ones you submitted.. This tweet notifies the user that you have Blasted their tweet..  ...   my experiments and future games.. The reason for this is primarily to become better at C++ and because I can port C++ applications relatively painlessly to Adobe Air and webGL.. To do this I will utilize.. Flascc.. Emscripten.. I have seen some great webGL ports using emscripten that run blazingly fast even on mobile devices.. I also fully expect that when the next version of Android is released Key Lime Pie it will most likely support webGL by default.. Another added benefit will be that If I want to build a native version I will always have that option it will obviously just be a pain to re-write pieces of the applications for different platforms.. Right now I am in the process of evaluating porting over.. Jedi Outcast.. from native to webGL.. So hopefully in the near future I will be able to share with you what I have learned.. I am also studying.. openFrameworks.. Cinder++.. because when I write a new game I would like it to be utilizing one of those frameworks.. Using voxelJS with Processing and Hype.. Away3D Mobile App with Source.. WebGL Rendering of BSP Maps.. PlayStore.. Tweet..

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