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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors and Suppliers.. Home.. About IABES.. IABES board of directors.. IABES committees.. IABES and conservation.. Bylaws.. Ethical guidelines.. IABES membership.. Member Institutions.. IABES Membership categories.. Individual members.. Sponsors.. News and events.. Conferences.. Get social.. Job opportunities.. Gallery.. Contact.. Member Login.. You are here:.. Welcome to.. IABES.. Advancing the international  ...   2014.. IABES European conference to be held in France.. Two American gatherings planned in the US.. Read more.. Raising Atlas moths.. Read all about this very interesting study on the hostplant preferences of the Atlas moth.. News from IABES conservation project.. Report about a year of field work on the endangered Homerus Swallowtail in Jamaica..

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  • Title: About IABES
    Descriptive info: IABES mission statement.. :.. Representatives of the butterfly industry worldwide started meeting on a regular basis in 1997, when the first International Conference of Butterfly Exhibitions was organized.. In 2001, the International Association of Butterfly Exhibitions (IABE) was established to advance the international butterfly exhibition industry through representation, communication, education, and marketing.. In 2008, the association officially welcomed butterfly farmers and suppliers to the organization and was renamed the International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors and Suppliers (IABES)..

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  • Title: IABES board of directors
    Descriptive info: IABES Board of Directors 2013.. Ulrich Hartmond.. President.. Magic Wings Butterfly House.. Museum of Life and Science.. 433 Murray Ave, Durham, North Carolina 27704.. USA.. Phone: (919) 220-5429.. E-mail:.. This email address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Second term serving:.. 1.. 1.. 2012- 31.. 12.. 2014.. Michael Buckman.. Callaway Gardens, Cecil B.. Day Butterfly Center.. 1584 Callaway Meadow Lark Way, Pine Mountain, GA 31822.. Phone: +706-663-5017.. First term serving:.. 2014- 31.. 2016.. Cheryl Tyndall.. Niagara Parks Commission Butterfly Conservatory.. P.. O.. Box 150.. (2405 Niagara Parkway).. Niagara Falls ON.. CANADA L2E 6T2.. Phone: 905-356-8554 Ext.. 243.. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots.. First term serving:.. 2013- 31.. 2015.. Elisabeth  ...   Ph:+49 2622 15478.. After two terms:.. 2006- 2011.. Paola Vargas.. La Guacima de Alajuela.. Del Club Campestres los Reyes 400 mts Sur, 100 este.. Costa Rica.. Phone: +506 2438-0400.. Fax: +506 2438-0300.. Jacob Olander.. Treasurer.. Urbanizacion Montesserin.. calle B, No.. E16-213, primer piso.. Quito – Ecuador.. Box 17-17-1501.. Phone: 5932-245-1671.. Fax: 5932-245-0652.. IABES Staff.. Lauren Williams.. Americas membership liasion.. Cockrell Butterfly Center.. Houston Museum of Nature and Science.. One Hermann Circle Drive.. Houston, Texas.. USA.. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots.. Marisca Kuyper.. Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia.. membership liason.. Butterflyhouse Zoo Emmen.. Hoofdstraat 18.. 7811 EP Emmen.. The Netherlands.. Email:.. Chantal Derungs Jakob.. Editor International Flutterings, Webmaster.. Papiliorama Swiss Tropical Garden.. PO Box 160.. 3210 Kerzers.. SWITZERLAND..

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  • Title: IABES committees
    Descriptive info: IABES Committees.. Caspar Bijleveld.. Chairman of the Conservation Committee.. Papiliorama Foundation, Switzerland.. John Calvert.. Chairman of the European Government Liaison Committee.. Stratford-upon-Avon Butterfly Farm, UK.. Dr.. Enzo Moretto.. Chairman of the Guidelines and Recommendations Committee.. Butterfly Arc - Esapolis.. M.. Chairman of the Conference Committee..

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  • Title: IABES and conservation
    Descriptive info: IABES Conservation.. In the largest remaining stretch of tropical forest, deep in the hills of Western Jamaica known as Cockpit Country, flies a giant among butterflies, the rare and endangered Homerus Swallowtail (.. Papilio homerus.. ).. Threatened mostly by habitat loss through bauxite mining, this majestic butterfly has become the delicate ambassador of this still pristine habitat.. Today, several partners in conservation have teamed up into an alliance to try and save Homerus and Cockpit Country (.. www.. cockpitcountry.. com.. The project, implemented in the field by the Windsor Research Centre (WCR) of Jamaica, has received financial support from the Dutch Zoo Conservation Fund (DZCF) as well as the International Tropical Conservation Foundation (ITCF,.. shipstern.. org.. In 2006, the International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors and Suppliers (.. iabes.. ) decided to join the effort.. IABES’ role is not only to spread the word about the necessity to preserve butterflies and their habitats - one of the major aims of IABES’ members in the first place -, but also to do something very concrete for a highly threatened butterfly.. Through its Conservation Committee, IABES coordinates activities between partners within the project, and organizes fundraising within IABES.. So far, 14 members have joined the “Save Homerus” campaign, under the motto.. "one institution may raise only a small amount of money, many together, however, can make a huge difference ! ".. Proceedings of the Symposium On The Conservation of Homerus Swallowtail Cockpit Contry.. April 19th, 2010.. View/ download here.. Save Homerus Alliance.. Facts on the Homerus Swallowtail.. In 1988, the Homerus Swallowtail was listed in the World's top twelve endangered species of all categories by the IUCN; protected as an Appendix I species of CITES by the Jamaican Wildlife Act of 1988.. As the largest species of the genus.. Papilio.. in the world and the largest butterfly in the Western Hemisphere, this rare butterfly once inhabited most of Jamaica but has now dwindled into only two tiny populations: an eastern population, found where the Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains merge, and a western population in the Cockpit Country.. The Homerus Swallowtail larvae feed on.. Hernandia catalpaefolia.. and.. H.. jamaicensis.. , plants which are both endemic to Jamaica, and development takes a long 84 days from egg to the emerged adult.. Its adult numbers fluctuate rapidly, with peaks in July/August each year.. Currently endangering the Homerus Swallowtail at Cockpit Country are loss of forest canopy cover, illegal collecting and most importantly mining.. How can we Save Homerus?.. The IABES Conservation Committee, together with its partners and foremost the Windsor Research Centre of Jamaica, has devised the following mid-term strategy for the preservation of the Cockpit Country of Jamaica, habitat of the endangered Homerus swallowtail.. Definition of boundaries in the field.. It is unclear today what exactly the boundaries of Cockpit Country are or should be, as these have not been legally defined.. It is feared that key habitats for Homerus  ...   the minimal benefits of bauxite mining, and on the fact that the creation of mining roads and the destruction of the pits will represent serious threats to the long-term development of eco-tourism in the region, notwithstanding the threats to aquifer and water quality.. Explore the possibility of land acquisition by the project in the western part of Cockpit Country:.. this area appears more and more to be a key area in the Conservation of Homerus, and there is a chance that it may be neglected in a future definition and protected status of Cockpit Country.. The project aims at creating a private wildlife refuge for Homerus through the acquisition or lease of land in a key area of the western part of Cockpit country (in the Cambridge –Garlands-Niagara-Chesterfield area).. This would help gain a foot in the area and raise awareness for its importance, while also allowing for the construction of a regional information centre for tourists and Jamaican nationals alike.. HELP SAVE HOMERUS !.. If you are an butterfly related institution / IABES member:.. Do passive fundraising, by pledging x $ cent(s) per visitor per year (e.. g.. 30’000 visitors @ 5 cents/visitor = US$1,500 ).. Fundraise in your institution with the help of a display (see below).. Organise special campaigns / events.. Encourage your visitors to become Friends of Homerus.. Link these pages to your website.. If you are an Individual:.. Make a donation and spread the news.. You can also download.. this PDF form.. , should you want us to debit your credit card.. You can then fax this form to us, which will be deleted after use.. IABES conservation.. Sparkasse Koblenz.. Germany.. BLZ 57050120.. Account number: 178038.. IBAN CODE: DE24570501200000178038.. SWIFT: MALADE 51KOB.. If you have a website, include the Save Homerus banner on your blog/website and link to this page.. Promote this page on social networks like Facebook.. Institutions who to this day have pledged to help Save Homerus :.. Papiliorama Foundation.. (Kerzers - Switzerland).. Edinburgh Butterfly Farm.. (Scotland - UK).. Stratford Butterfly Farm.. (England - UK).. Monteserra Butterfly House.. (Sicily - Italy).. Bornholm Butterfly Park.. (Denmark).. Montegrotto Butterfly House.. (Italy).. Vlinders aan de Vliet.. (Leidschendam - Netherlands).. Penang Butterfly Farm.. (Malaysia).. The Butterfly Farm of St-Martin.. (French West Indies).. The Butterfly Farm.. (Aruba).. The Butterfly Farm of St-Thomas.. (US Virgin Islands).. Butterfly Farm Bonaire.. (Bonaire).. The Tropical Butterfly House.. (Sheffield – England – UK).. Rotterdam Royal Zoological Garden.. (Netherlands).. Will you join us in saving Homerus?.. PLEASE JOIN US !.. It will not cost you much to set-up your own campaign, but the results will be beneficial to both you and the project.. Any amount you may fundraise will help, and together we can make a difference and save this amazing and endangered giant.. To make a pledge and start your fundraising activity, please email "Yes we will Save Homerus!" to.. This page is being updated, please come back for more information..

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  • Title: Bylaws
    Descriptive info: BYLAWS OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BUTTERFLY EXHIBITORS AND SUPPLIERS.. ARTICLE I.. OFFICE.. Section 1.. 1.. Business Offices.. The principal office of the International Association of Butterfly Exhibitions and Suppliers (the corporation, hereafter referred to as the Association) shall be located in Thornton, Colorado, USA.. The Association may have such other offices, either within or outside Colorado, as the Board of Directors may designate or as the affairs of the Association may require from time to time.. 2.. Registered Office.. The registered office of the Association, required by the Colorado Nonprofit Corporation Act of 1998, is to be maintained in Colorado and may be, but need not be, the same as the principal office if in Colorado, and the address of the registered office may be changed from time to time by the Board of Directors of the Association.. 3.. Purpose.. The purpose of the Association is to promote the international industry of live butterfly exhibitions and their suppliers.. Such interests of the industry could include but are not limited to:.. !--[endif]-- promoting cooperative marketing and public relations;.. maintaining fluid and constant communication with government regulatory bodies, international couriers, and others involved with the functioning of the industry;.. regularly organizing regional and international industry-wide conferences.. serving as a clearinghouse for matters of mutual interest such as, but not limited to, environmental education, breeding techniques, technical installations, employment opportunities and maintaining a database of members – exhibitors, suppliers, consultants and others – for the benefit of all dues-paying members;.. developing common projects in the field of, but not limited to, awareness, conservation, education, scientific databases, etc.. ;.. the publishing of an industry newsletter;.. and more, as defined by the Board of Directors and in accordance with the above.. 4.. Non Profit Trade Activities.. The Association is a non-profit trade association.. The Association does not pursue any profitable activities.. Any budget surpluses are to be fully reinvested in the Association.. 5.. None Political Affiliations.. The Association shall endorse no partisan politics of any form nor any political candidate(s) or issue(s).. However, the association may represent its members in discussions with government agencies regarding regulatory issues that affect the members.. ARTICLE II.. MEMBERS.. Section 2.. Classification, Qualification, Privileges and Election of Members.. Whenever the term “members” is used herein without further modification it shall refer to all members of every class.. (a) The Association shall have the following classes of voting members defined as and having the privileges indicated:.. (i) Regular Members: Regular Membership is open to all institutions, public or private, that currently display or rear and/or supply living butterflies, whether seasonally or year-round, or will be opening a display within one calendar year.. Individuals and businesses that are engaged professionally as consultants in the industry are also welcome as members.. Subject to an invitation of the Board of Directors, so too are those individuals and institutions that are in some way devoted to the advancement of the industry but don’t necessarily fit in the category of exhibits, supplier and consultants.. Upon payment of annual dues, the institution named is entitled to appoint one (1) Institutional Representative who shall represent the member institution as the point of contact for all correspondence between the member and the Association, and shall have one (1) vote on all business decisions brought by the Board of Directors before the Association for a vote by the membership.. (ii) Flagship Members: Flagship Membership is open to all institutions that qualify as members above.. Flagship Membership differs from Regular Membership in the amount of annual dues required, being twice (two times) the amount paid by Regular Members.. -.. In exchange, Flagship Member institutions will be more prominently featured in Association materials, including the website, brochures, and other promotional articles.. (b) The Association shall have the following class of non-voting members defined as and having the privileges indicated:.. (i) Individual Members: Individual Membership is open to all persons interested in furthering the mission and purpose of the Association.. Upon payment of annual dues, the individual is entitled to receive all notices, publications, newsletters, and other membership informational materials of the Association.. Individual Members, although non-voting for regular membership business, may serve in a voting capacity as a Director of the Board if elected as such by the voting members.. (c) Eligibility All individuals or legal entities interested in supporting the furthering of the mission of the Association are eligible for membership, and shall be deemed members of the Association upon payment of current dues, unless item (d) applies.. (d) Denial of Membership Any corporation, institution, or individual with practices or goals in conflict with the mission of the Association and/or its Ethics Guidelines may be denied membership by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.. Dues.. (a) Payment Dates Initial dues may be payable at any time, applicable to the current calendar year, and annual dues thereafter must be paid before the end of March for each calendar year.. Dues shall be deemed in arrears if not paid by the end of March for that calendar year.. Members from whom payment is in arrears as of April 1 will be considered suspended and re-inscription fee will be added to the membership fee.. Membership privileges will be denied to any member whose dues are in arrears.. (b) Amount Due Annual dues (in US dollars) for the various classes of membership shall be established each year by the Board of Directors.. Payment may be made in US dollars or in other currencies accepted by the Board at an exchange rate established by IABES.. (c) Payment Methods The Board of Directors may establish such rules and procedures for the manner and method of payment, the collection of delinquent dues, and the prorating or refund of dues in case that the Board of Directors deems necessary and appropriate.. Attendance at IABES conference.. Non-members may join any IABES conference for one time only by invitation of the Board of Directors.. If a potential delegate wishes to attend a subsequent ECBES or ICBES gatherings, the delegate’s institution must be a member in good standing for the same year of the conference (e.. membership dues paid in 2009 for a conference held in 2009).. IABES conferences fees are determined for members and non- members.. The amount for non-members shall not be less than 1.. 5 times the conference fee for members.. The board may waive any or all of the additional fees for first time attendees, presenters or consultants.. Suspension and Termination of Membership.. The Board of Directors may expel any member of the Association for any cause it may deem sufficient for expulsion.. This action, or the re-installment of an expelled member, may be taken only after approval by a 2/3 majority of the Board of Directors.. A member may appeal such action to the Board of Directors or at least have the right to a proper hearing to state their case against the expulsion before action is taken by the Board of Directors.. To protect the association against legal action following an expulsion, the ‘right to sue’ shall be limited or excluded.. Transfer of Membership.. All memberships in the Association are nontransferable.. Members shall have no ownership rights or beneficial interest of any kind in the assets of the Association.. 6.. General Assembly of Members.. Given the international nature of the Association, general assemblies will not be held physically, but only virtually.. A General Assembly is held once a year, but further Assemblies may occur if requested by one-fifth of the membership.. Any matters brought to the membership for a vote can be presented at a meeting, for example during any of IABES’ international conferences and may also be consultatively voted upon during such meetings.. For the official and annual General Assembly, the Board of Directors must prepare an agenda of the topics that require a vote, presenting each of these in a clear and objective way.. 7.. Voting by Mailed Ballots.. Voting by the members may also occur by mail, with ballots to be distributed to each eligible Institutional Representative by the Secretary of the Association or the Executive Director.. Such balloting by mail will include a voting response deadline of no less than two weeks from the time of the mailing.. The vote of a majority of the returned ballots shall be the act of the members.. 8.. Committees.. Any member of the association may propose the creation of a committee for any appropriate purpose.. The Board of Directors must approve its creation and/or dissolution.. Members of the committee shall elect a chairperson, subject to approval by the Board of Directors, who shall preside at all meetings of the Committee and supervise the conduct of the committee’s affairs.. This chairperson does not have to be a board member, however at least one board member should serve on each Committee.. The committee chairperson will be responsible, upon request of the Board of Directors, for reporting on the committee’s affairs.. ARTICLE III.. BOARD OF DIRECTORS.. Section 3.. General Powers.. The business and affairs of the Association shall be managed by its Board of Directors, except as otherwise provided in the Colorado Nonprofit Corporation Act, the Articles of Incorporation, or these bylaws.. Number.. The Association is directed by the Board of Directors, with a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 11.. Voluntary Membership.. All members of the Board, in their capacity as members, act on a voluntary basis.. They travel to meetings at their own expense, except in extraordinary cases.. IABES funding for such cases will be decided by a majority vote of the Board.. Composition.. The Board’s composition should represent as best as possible the geographic distribution of the association’s membership.. Directors must be at least eighteen years old but need not be residents of Colorado.. Election, Tenure and Qualifications of Regular Board Members.. At each annual General Meeting of the Board, those directors not re-elected, reaching the end of two terms, or wishing to end their activity before the end of any given term are replaced by new candidates.. The candidates are chosen by a simple majority of votes by the General Assembly of Members.. A maximum of four changes of Directors can take place at each annual General Meeting.. If necessary, the Board of Directors, by the affirmative vote of a simple majority, can decide to change the length of the term of a given member, in order to stay within this limit of four changes.. Term Limitations.. With exception of what is stated in Section 3.. 5 and a decision of the majority of the members, no Director shall serve on the Board of Directors for more than two consecutive terms.. One term lasts three years or less.. Vacancies.. Any board member may resign at any time by giving written notice to either the President or secretary of the Board of Directors.. A board member’s resignation shall take effect at the time specified in such notice, and unless otherwise specified therein, the acceptance of such resignation shall not be necessary to make it effective.. Any vacancy occurring in the Board of Directors may be, but need not be, filled by the affirmative vote of a majority of the remaining Directors.. A board member that is elected to fill a vacancy shall be elected for the term remaining of the member whose position he or she is replacing.. Candidates for election to the Board of Directors may be nominated by current board members or may be self-nominated.. Meetings of the Board.. (i) General Meeting: An annual General Meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held during either an international convention if a majority of Directors is present, or virtually via either a phone conference and/or an internet dialogue.. The purpose of the General Meeting is to review the financial condition of the association, allocate duties among the Board and to carry out such other business as may come before the meeting.. Any action required or permitted to be taken at a meeting of the directors may be taken without a meeting, if consent in writing has been obtained by the affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the board beforehand.. (ii) Working Meetings: Working Meetings of the Board of Directors are called by the Executive Director at least twice a year.. Their purpose is to allow the Board to decide on current affairs, prepare voting agendas, prepare General Assemblies (whether virtual or physical) and any other matter or decisions deemed necessary.. Any action required or permitted to be taken at a meeting of the Directors may be taken without a meeting, providing consent in writing has been obtained by the affirmative vote of the majority of the members of the board beforehand.. (iii) Notice: the Executive Director organizes the meetings of the Board of Directors, makes sure all can attend and sorts out the best possible virtual method, as well as day and hour of the meeting.. Notice shall be  ...   conditioned upon the faithful performance of such person's duties and for the restoration to the Association of all books, papers, vouchers, money and other property of whatever kind in such person’s possession or under such person’s control belonging to the Association.. Advisory Board.. The Board of Directors, in consultation with the Executive Director, may ask any or all Members of the Association to act as an Advisory Board.. The advisory board shall be nonvoting, and may be consulted individually or as a group at the discretion of the Executive Director or other Association personnel.. Membership on the advisory board shall be voluntary, and compensation shall be limited to reasonable travel expenses incurred during requested consultation meetings.. Advisory board members may terminate their position on the board at any time by notifying the President of the Board of Directors.. Anti-Discrimination Policy Statement.. The selection of employees, consultants, contractors, accountants, attorneys and other professional agents of the Association by the management, Board of Directors, or any committee or officer designated to do so, shall be based upon their respective qualification and/or capabilities and shall not be based on race, creed, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disabilities, veteran status, or on any political services or affiliations.. ARTICLE V.. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR.. (a) The IABES will employ an Executive Director.. The terms and conditions of the director’s employment are specified in a contract, which is tacitly renewed, unless stated otherwise.. The Executive Director shall, subject to the direction and supervision of the President and the Board of Directors,.. (i) be the chief administrative officer of the Association with general responsibility for all day-to-day operations of the Association;.. (ii) propose, prepare and present to the President and the Board of Directors specific programs and activities that will further the Association’s purposes;.. (iii) Organize General Meetings, Work Meetings and help organize conferences;.. (iv) direct and supervise the implementation of the programs and activities approved by the President or the Board of Directors;.. (v) assume responsibility for all matters related to communication between the association and its membership.. This includes but is not limited to the maintenance of the association’s website and the timely publication of the association’s newsletter,.. The International Flutterings.. ;.. (vi) follow-up on memberships, analyze non-renewals, as well as help and encourage the Members of the Board in contacting and/or gaining new members;.. (vii) attend, whenever possible, IABES-sponsored conferences; and.. (viii) perform all other duties and responsibilities as may from time to time be assigned to the Executive Director by the President or the Board of Directors.. (b) The Executive Director should be present at all Board meetings with a consultative vote only.. The Board of Directors may add or subtract items to the list of duties above, under the condition that the employment contract and remuneration be adapted accordingly.. ARTICLE VI.. INDEMNIFICATION.. Section 6.. Indemnification.. A director of the Association shall perform the duties as a director, including duties as a member of any assigned committee of the Board, in good faith, in a manner as is in the best interests of the Association, and with such care as an ordinarily prudent person in a like position would use under similar circumstances.. In performing these duties, a director shall be entitled to rely on information, opinions, reports and statements, including financial data, prepared or presented by persons and groups listed in Section 3, but it shall not be considered to be acting in good faith if the director has knowledge concerning the matter in question that would cause such reliance to be unwarranted.. A person who performs these duties shall not have any liability by reason of being or having been a director of the Association.. Those persons and groups on whose information, opinions, reports, and statements a director is entitled to rely are:.. (a) officers and employees of the Association whom the director reasonably believes to be reliable and competent in matters presented;.. (b) counsel, accountants and other such persons as to matters which the director reasonably believes to be within such persons’ professional or expert competence; and.. (c) a committee of the board on which the director does not serve, as to matters within its designated authority, which committee the director reasonably believes to merit confidence.. Insurance.. By action of the Board of Directors, the Association may purchase and maintain insurance in such amounts as the board deems appropriate to protect itself and any person who is or was a director, officer, employee, fiduciary or agent of the Association, or who, while a director, officer, employee, fiduciary or agent of any other foreign or domestic Association or of any partnership, joint venture, trust, other enterprise or employee benefit plan from and against any liability asserted against or incurred by a person in any such capacity or arising out of a person’s status as such, whether or not the Association would have the power to indemnify such person against liability under applicable provisions of law or this Article.. Insurance may be procured from any insurance company designated by the Board, whether such insurance company is formed under the laws of Colorado or any other jurisdiction, including any insurance company in which the Association has an equity or any other interest, through stock ownership or otherwise.. The Association may create a trust fund, grant a security interest, or use other means (including, without limitation, a letter of credit) to ensure the payment of such sums as may become necessary to effect indemnification as provided herein.. Right to Impose Conditions to Indemnification.. The Association shall have the right to impose, as conditions to any indemnification provided or permitted in this Article, any reasonable requirements and condition and may appear appropriate to the Board in each specific case and circumstances, including, but not limited to, any one or more of the following:.. (a) that any counsel representing the party to be indemnified in connection with the defense or settlement of any proceeding shall be counsel mutually agreeable to the party and the Association;.. (b) that the Association shall have the right, at its option, to assume and control the defense or settlement of any claim or proceeding made, initiated or threatened against the party to be indemnified; and.. (c) that the Association shall be subrogated, to the extent of any payments made by way of indemnification, to all of the indemnified party’s right of recovery, and that the party to be indemnified shall execute all writings and do everything necessary to assure such rights of subrogation to the Association.. Saving Clause; Limitations.. If this Article or any Section or provisions thereof is invalidated by any court on any grounds, then the Association shall nevertheless indemnify each party otherwise entitled to indemnification hereunder to the fullest extent permitted by law or any applicable provision of this Article that shall not have been invalidated.. Notwithstanding any other provision of the Bylaws, the Association shall not indemnify any person or purchase any insurance in any manner or to any extent that would jeopardize or be inconsistent with the qualifications of the Association as an organization described in section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code, or that would result in the imposition of any liability under section 4941 of the Internal Revenue Code.. ARTICLE VII.. IABES ETHICS GUIDELINES.. Members and member institutions of the Association pledge to follow the Association’s Ethics Guidelines.. Such Ethics Guidelines take effect as approved by the General Assembly and changes to the Ethics Guidelines must be approved by a majority of votes of Association members.. The Ethics Guidelines shall always accompany the association by-laws.. ARTICLE VIII.. MISCELLANEOUS.. Section 8.. Account Books, Minutes, Etc.. The Association shall keep correct and complete books and records of account and shall keep minutes of the proceedings of its members, Board of Directors and committees.. Any member or director, or such person’s authorized agent or attorney may inspect all books and records of the Association, for any proper purpose at any reasonable time.. Fiscal Year.. The fiscal year of the Association shall be as established by the Board of Directors.. Conveyances and Encumbrances.. Property of the Association may be assigned, conveyed or encumbered by such officers of the Association as may be authorized to do so by the Board of Directors, and such authorized persons shall have power to execute and deliver any and all instruments of assignment, conveyance and encumbrance; however, the sale, exchange, lease or other disposition of all or substantially all of the property and assets of the Association shall be authorized only in the manner prescribed by applicable statute.. Designated Contributions.. The Association may accept any designated contribution, grant, bequest or devise consistent with its general tax-exempt purposes, as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation.. As so limited, donor-designated contributions will be accepted for special funds, purposes or uses, and such designations generally will be honored.. However, the Association shall reserve all right, title and interest in and control of such contributions, as well as full discretion as to the ultimate expenditure or distribution thereof in connection with any such special fund, purpose or use.. Further the Association shall acquire and retain sufficient control over all donated funds (including designated contributions) to assure that such funds will be used to carry out the Association's tax-exempt purposes.. The Association reserves the right not to accept contributions from any organization or individual, on any grounds deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors of the Association, including but not limited to contributions from organizations, corporations, or individuals with practices or goals in conflict with the mission of the Association.. Conflicts of Interest.. If any person who is a director or officer of the Association is aware that the Association is about to enter into any business transaction directly or indirectly with such person, any member of such person's family, or any entity in which such person has any legal, equitable or fiduciary interest or position, including without limitation as a director, officer, shareholder, partner, beneficiary or trustee, such person shall:.. (a) immediately inform those charged with approving the transaction on behalf of the Association of such person's interest or position;.. (b) aid the persons charged with making the decision by disclosing any material facts within such person's knowledge that bear on the advisability of such transaction from the standpoint of the Association; and/or.. (c) not be entitled to vote on the decision to enter into such transaction.. Loans to Directors and Officers Prohibited.. No loans shall be made by the Association to any of its directors or officers.. Any director or officer who assents to or participates in the making of any such loan shall be liable to the Association for the amount of such loan until it is repaid.. References to Internal Revenue Code.. All references in these bylaws to provisions of the Internal Revenue Code are to the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and to the corresponding provisions of any subsequent federal tax laws.. Amendments.. The power to alter, amend or repeal these bylaws and adopt new bylaws shall be vested in the Board of Directors.. Severability.. The invalidity of any provision of these bylaws shall not affect the other provisions hereof, and in such event these bylaws shall be construed in all respects as if such invalid provision were omitted.. Representation.. The Association is legally engaged by the signatures of at least two active Board Members.. The Association may confer a right of signature to a third party, if approved by the affirmative vote of a majority of the Board.. Modification of By-laws.. The by-laws of the Association take effect as from the moment they have been approved by the General Assembly of Members.. A change of Statutes cannot be imposed on Members.. Any change must be approved by a majority of votes during a General Assembly or by the majority of the returned ballots sent out previously by email.. Dissolution/Liquidation.. In case of dissolution or liquidation of the Association, its assets as a whole can only be transferred to an organization pursuing a similar purpose.. If such an organization does not exist, the assets must be transferred to a non-profit conservation organization whose objectives include the protection of butterflies and their habitats.. Initial Configuration.. As soon as feasible, the IABES will take over all assets, Members, Members of the Board of Directors, Employees of any other item legally registered; to the “International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors (IABE)”, headquartered in the State of Colorado, USA.. The legal existence of the Association will only be validated upon the dissolution of said “IABE”, with a copy of the dissolution act from the State of Colorado to be attached to the initial statutes of the Association.. ADOPTION OF STATUTES.. These Statutes were approved by the General Assembly of the Members of the IABES.. on the.. of.. 2008 as is attested and countersigned by the.. Members of the Board of Directors:.. ………..

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  • Title: Ethical guidelines
    Descriptive info: IABES ETHICS GUIDELINES.. • All IABES members pledge to use their exhibits as a means to educate the public about butterflies and other insects and the importance of conserving them and their natural habitats.. •Harvesting and farming of butterflies used in exhibits do not endanger any species (i.. e.. , any wild-caught butterflies are to be harvested in a sustainable manner).. • IABES members, whether butterfly farmers/suppliers or exhibitors, do not introduce exotic species or potential pests, and take precautions accordingly..  ...   butterflies.. IABES members guarantee that all their stock comes through legal channels and are willing and able to disclose the source of their butterflies.. IABES members must comply with all pertinent labour laws.. Child labour is explicitly forbidden unless it happens within the family nucleus and does not interfere with schooling.. •IABES members ensure that their stock (whether caterpillars or butterflies) is housed and cared for in a humane manner, with adequate food and space, and appropriate temperatures, humidity and hygiene..

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  • Title: IABES membership
    Descriptive info: IABES Membership.. [.. Download Membership Form.. ].. All representatives of butterfly exhibits or breeding facilities are invited to become a member of IABES.. Researchers or individual unaffiliated butterfly experts may join as individual members.. Membership categories..

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  • Title: Member Institutions
    Descriptive info: IABES World map and member institutions.. IABES World Map.. [ Download World Map ].. Patron members.. Voted the Best Tourist Attraction in the US Virgin Islands by readers of The Virgin Islands Daily News!.. Mission Statement: We encourage our visitors to increase the populations of their local butterflies by planting their host plants.. Contact person: William Slayter.. Facility Address:.. Route du Galion.. Quartier d'Orleans.. St.. Martin, 97152 F.. W.. Phone/ Fax: 599- 544- 3562.. thebutterflyfarm.. Flagship members.. Papiliorama Swiss Tropical Gardens.. Mission statement: The Papiliorama Foundation aims at raising awareness for the conservation of tropical and indigenous animal and plant species and their habitats.. Through its sister foundation ITCF, Papiliorama makes a concrete contribution to the conservation of tropical nature in Belize (Central America).. Shipstern Nature Reserve was founded in 1990 by the ITCF and its existence depends on donations made by the visitors of Papiliorama.. papiliorama.. ch.. Contact Person: Caspar Bijleveld.. Phone: +41 31 756 04 61.. Fax: +41 31 756 04 69.. Moosmatte 1.. Switzerland.. Mission statement: The mission of Garten der Schmetterlinge Schloss Sayn is to bring people closer to nature, to remind them of the small things in this world, and reawaken the awareness for our own environment.. We acknowledge our responsibility for the gift of nature – through understanding we will be able to protect her.. schmetterlinge.. net.. Contact Person: Gerlinde Blaese.. Phone: +49-2622-15478.. Im Fürstlichen Schloßpark.. Fax:.. 56170 Sayn.. Neotropical Butterfly Park NV.. Mission statement: Creating awareness and love for nature trough education with the ultimate goal the conservation of natural habitat.. butterflyparksuriname.. Contact person: Amira Eriks.. Phone: +597 366525.. Lelydorpweg 123.. Wanica.. SURINAME.. Regular members.. Asia, Australia and New Zealand.. Penang, MALAYSIA.. butterfly-insect.. Tropical Entomological House.. leppidio.. Quezon City, PHILIPPINES.. Island Butterflies Farm.. Marinduque, PHILIPPINES.. Tropical Papilionidae Butterfly Farm.. Otago Museum Tropical Forest.. Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND.. otagomuseum.. govt.. nz..  ...   CA, USA.. sixflags.. com/discoverykingdom.. Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden, The Strong.. Rochester, NY, USA.. museumofplay.. Cecil B.. Day Butterfly Center,.. Callaway Gardens.. Pine Mountain, GA, USA.. callawaygardens.. Hershey Gardens Butterfly House.. Hershey, PA, USA.. hersheygardens.. Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory.. Niagara Falls, ON, Canada.. niagaraparks.. Sertoma Butterfly House.. Sioux Falls, SD, USA.. sertomabutterflyhouse.. Butterfly Pavilion.. Westminster, CO, USA.. butterflies.. Pacific Science Center.. Seattle, WA, USA.. pasci.. Butterfly Garden,.. The Museum of Science, Boston.. Boston, MA, USA.. mos.. Minnesota Zoo.. Apple Valley, MN, USA.. mnzoo.. Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.. Cambridge, ON, CANADA.. cambridgebutterfly.. The Dow Gardens.. Midland, MI, USA.. dowgardens.. Science North.. Sudbury, ON, CANADA.. sciencenorth.. ca.. Zoo New England.. zoonewengland.. Victoria Butterfly Gardens.. Brentwood Bay, BC, CANADA.. butterflygardens.. Wings of the Tropics at Fairchild.. Coral Gables, FL, USA.. fairchildgarden.. Wings of Fancy at Brookside Gardens.. Montgomery, USA.. montgomeryparks.. org/brookside.. Europe.. Zoo Antwerp.. Antwerp, BELGIUM.. zooantwerpen.. be.. Zoo Krefeld GmbH.. Krefeld, GERMANY.. zookrefeld.. de.. Mainau Schmetterlingshaus.. Insel Mainau, GERMANY.. mainau.. Schmetterlingsgarten Pfronten.. Pfronten-Weissbach, GERMANY.. blumen-hartmann-pfronten.. schmetterling-erlebniswelt.. Tiergarten Nürnberg.. Nürnberg, GERMANY.. tiergarten-nuernberg.. Jardins des papillons.. Hunawihr, FRANCE.. jardinsdespapillons.. fr.. Jardin des papillons.. Grevenmacher, LUXEMBOURG.. papillons.. lu.. Butterfly Arc, Esapolis.. Montegrotto Terme, ITALY.. butterflyarc.. it.. Casa delle Farfalle Monteserra.. Viagrande, CT, ITALY.. parcomonteserra.. Pavees Soc.. Coop.. Bordano, UD, ITALY.. farfalledebordano.. Mariposario del Drago.. Tenerife, SPAIN.. mariposario.. Mariposario de Benàlmedena.. Benàlmadena, SPAIN.. mariposariodebenalmadena.. Miguel Angel Juan Hernandez.. arisa Sauri Ferrer.. Alicante, SPAIN.. Vlindersafari.. Gemert, NETHERLANDS.. vlindersafari.. nl.. Butterfly Pavilion, Artis Royal Zoo.. Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS.. artis.. De Orchideën Hoeve.. Luttelgeest, NETHERLANDS.. orchideenhoeve.. Butterfly House Zoo Emmen.. Emmen, NETHERLANDS.. dierenparkemmen.. Vlinders aan de Vliet.. Leischendam, NETHERLANDS.. vlindersaandevliet.. Royal Rotterdam Zoological/ Botanical Gardens.. Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS.. diergaardeblijdorp.. Tropical Zoo Berkenhof.. Kwadendamme, NETHERLANDS.. vlindertuindeberkenhof.. Stratford-upon-A.. , UNITED KINGDOM.. Butterfly Forest, Bristol Zoo Gardens.. Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM.. bristolzoo.. uk.. London Pupae Supplies.. Horspath, UNITED KINGDOM.. oxfly.. Butterfly Journey, Chester Zoo.. Upton by Chester.. chesterzoo.. Bornholms Sommerfuglepark.. Nekso, DENMARK.. sommerfugleparken.. dk..

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  • Title: IABES Membership categories
    Descriptive info: IABES MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES.. Regular:.. 150 US$.. Regular Membership is open to all institutions, public or private, that currently display or rear and/or supply living butterflies and other invertebrates, whether seasonally or year-round, or will be opening a display within one calendar year.. Upon payment of annual dues, the institution named is entitled to appoint one (1) Institutional Representative who shall represent the member institution as the point of contact for all correspondence between the member and the Association, and shall have one (1) vote on all business decisions brought by the Board of Directors before the Association for a vote of the membership.. Flagship:.. 300 US $.. Flagship Membership is open to all institutions that qualify as members above.. Flagship Membership differs from Regular Membership in the amount of annual dues required, being two times the amount paid by Regular Members.. In exchange, Flagship Member institutions will be more prominently featured in Association materials, including the website, brochures, map and other promotional articles.. Patron:.. 500$ and more.. Patron Member institutions will be listed first in Association materials, including the website, brochures, map and other promotional articles.. They will have an announcement in every issue of.. The Flutterings.. Non Voting Members.. Individuals.. : 50 US$.. Individual Membership is open to all persons interested in furthering the mission and purpose of the Association.. Advertisers:.. 150 US$ and more.. Are those people not directly related to the industry but who would like to support IABES.. They can advertise in The Flutterings,  ...   corporate sponsors, including photo contests, travel magazine articles, and an upcoming.. Imax.. promotion.. IABES members are expected to participate fully in IABES marketing projects, including visitation surveys and other data-gathering methods to be implemented while researching cooperative marketing strategies.. Eventually, as determined by the membership, the Association could facilitate cooperative purchasing of some gift store merchandise, represent members in dealings with regulatory agencies and package delivery services, or other activities that benefit member institutions.. Through cooperation and the open exchange of information between member institutions, IABES will serve to improve the butterfly exhibition industry by promoting an ethical, healthy exhibit science, and also serve as an information resource for our visitors.. If you are interested in creating a Butterfly House, IABES can direct you toward resources available with information on how to get started.. In the United States, additional information about permitting and regulatory issues is available from the.. U.. S.. Department of Agriculture.. Another way to learn more about the Butterfly Exhibition industry is to attend the.. IABES conferences.. or meet some of our members at the.. Invertebrates in Education and Conservation conference.. (July 22-26, 2014 in Rio Rico, Arizona).. If you already own or operate a Butterfly House and would like more information on joining the International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors Suppliers, or for information about becoming a sponsor, contact us at:.. International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors Suppliers.. Attn:Lauren Williamson c/o Cockrell Butterfly Center.. 5555 Hermann Park Drive.. Houston Texas 77030.. A.. Phone: 713-639-4750.. Fax: 713-639-4788..

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  • Title: Individual members
    Descriptive info: INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP.. Are you interested in supporting the International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors and Suppliers? Membership in IABES is also available to individuals who support the mission of the Association.. Individual members are non-voting but through their membership help promote the butterfly exhibition industry.. In addition to receiving periodic newsletters from the Association, individual members will be eligible for special offers and discounts from many of the IABES member institutions.. You can support the Association by joining as an Individual Member for US$50.. 00 per calendar year.. 2014  ...   Ventanas en Corcovado Research Education Center, Costa Rica.. Prof.. Michael Boppré.. Freiburg, Germany.. Maarten Bijleveld.. Papiliorama Foundation, Kerzers, Switzerland.. Ken Thorne.. Thorne's Insect Shoppe Ltd, P.. Box 684, Lambeth Stn, London, Ontario, Canada, N6P 1R2.. Victor Cayabyab.. Entomproducts, 44 Tooklea Crescent, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1S 4C1.. Serdal Turkel.. Antalya, Turkey.. Pit Thul.. Buchwaldstaffel 24, 70186 Stuttgart, Germany.. Karl Rich.. Norwegian Institute of International Affairs.. Ko Veltman.. Netherlands.. Wim Kersten.. Hortus Utrecht, Netherlands.. Laura Chrisholm.. Missouri Botanical Gardens, USA.. John Watts.. Texas Discovery Gardens, USA.. Michael Weissman.. Kallima Consultants, USA..

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