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  • Title: Information Habitat: Where Information Lives - home of the peace cubes, information ecology and tiddlywikiperfect
    Descriptive info: .. information habitat.. where information lives.. home.. |.. mission.. climate change 2.. 0.. peace cubes.. digital bridges in peace.. gandhi-king season.. uniting for peace.. queries.. contact.. contribute.. index.. search.. information habitat's mission.. Co-facilitation of peaceful, creative, participatory global transition to knowledge-based societies, economies, and environments - and to the as-yet-unfulfilled promise of a new millennium.. more.. Much of.. Information Habitat.. 's focus has been on the development of a series of web sites, with a focus on the creative application of freely available online tools in support of the.. United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.. and related international decades.. Climate Change 2..  ...   2.. 1 (beta).. net/plan-b/.. Economics of Climate Change: The Stern Review.. net/stern-review/.. The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom.. net/wealth-of-networks/.. UN Documents Cooperation Circles: Gathering a Body of Global Agreements.. un-documents.. Our Common Future.. net/wced-ocf.. htm.. NGO Committee on Education.. ngo-education.. Education, Youth & Technology for Sustainable Development.. net/workshop/.. Culture of Peace.. Peace Caucus: The Wild Cards in Climate Change.. peacecaucus.. Seasons of Peace Cooperation Circles.. seasons-of-peace.. Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence.. gandhi-king-season.. The Peace Cubes.. peace-cubes.. where information lives.. the web site of.. information habitat where information lives.. is registered as.. common content.. under a.. creative commons.. attribution-noncommercial-sharealike.. license.. y..

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  • Title: mission of information habitat: where information lives - global transition to home of the peace cubes and information ecology - a language of peace, sustainability and justice
    Descriptive info: information ecology.. dataperfect digital engine.. co-facilitation of peaceful, creative, participatory global transition to knowledge-based societies, economies, and environments - and to the as-yet-unfulfilled promise of a new millennium.. cultivating holistic appreciation of fundamental properties of information, information systems and networks, and the freedom that these properties can offer from the constraints of the laws of conservation of mass and energy.. collaboration in the development and dissemination of open source platforms for broad-based public participation in policy dialogue and decision-making at local, national and international levels.. fostering the recognition of one  ...   peace cubes / virtual light and colour cubes as icons of one light in all.. discovery, design, creation and exploration of networks of digital bridges - bridges between the material and the digital realms, bridges across digital divides of all forms; digital bridges between different cultures, beliefs and ways of being in the world; digital bridges to a knowledge-based world.. development of an open source pre-k to 100+ curriculum in information ecology - from elementary to advanced levels in the arts, sciences, theory, practice, learning and teaching of information ecology..

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  • Title: Uniting for Peace: Petition for an Emergency United Nations Resolution on Iraq
    Descriptive info: uniting-for-peace.. net.. Order 45.. : Coalition Provisional Authority - NGO Regulations.. subscribe.. to unitingforpeace@yahoogroups.. com.. People, please sign.. here.. - Organizations please endorse.. View endorsements.. Reference documents.. Français.. Español.. Contact Information:.. Security Council.. Member States.. Petition for an.. Emergency United Nations Resolution on Iraq.. United Peoples & United Nations: Uniting for Peace.. We, the undersigned,.. Deploring.. the current invasion and occupation of Iraq by foreign forces as an act of aggression in violation of the United Nations Charter and international law;.. Deeply concerned.. by the Security Council's failure to condemn the current invasion and occupation of Iraq;.. Further concerned.. about threats and coercive efforts by the United States to influence the votes of others -- in disregard of clear expressions of popular will and the principles and the Charter of the United Nations -- on a recent proposal to invoke Resolution 377 (V) Uniting for Peace;.. Deeply troubled.. by the humanitarian crisis, violations of human rights, destruction and looting - with irreversible consequences - and recognizing the urgent need for nonpartisan international assistance to the Iraqi people;.. Call.. upon the.. to ensure that the United Nations plays a central role in restoring peace and security in Iraq.. If the Security Council, because of lack of unanimity of the permanent members, fails to act with respect to the following matters relating to international peace and security,.. then we call.. upon all.. of the United Nations to immediately convene an Emergency Meeting of the General Assembly, under the provisions of General Assembly Resolution 377 (V), Uniting for Peace, to act.. 1.. Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Response.. To mandate.. :.. the immediate mobilization and deployment of a United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Iraq;.. the immediate and orderly withdrawal of the occupying forces;.. the coordination, by the United Nations, funded by the invading powers, of the response to the humanitarian disaster in Iraq, with particular attention to provision of medical care, food and restoration of water supplies; and.. the  ...   removal of depleted uranium, cluster bombs, and un-detonated munitions; and.. to promptly investigate.. and gather evidence of any war crimes and crimes against peace and humanity that have been committed by the belligerent parties in Iraq, in preparation for prosecution of all such crimes.. 4.. Illegality of Preventive and Preemptive War.. To declare.. that preventive and preemptive war -- as advocated and practiced by the United States and supported by some other Member states -- violate international law and the principles and Charter of the United Nations;.. to hold.. the attacking forces responsible for their violation of international law and the Charter of the United Nations; and.. to impose.. sanctions against countries that wage preventive war.. 5.. Prohibition of Advantage and Profit from Illegal War.. To prohibit.. the invading powers from taking advantage of their illegal use of military force to establish military bases in Iraq;.. that the invading powers and their corporations are prevented from entering into any contracts for the rebuilding of infrastructure, or the development or sale of Iraqi resources, particularly including oil, except as authorized by the United Nations; and.. to prohibit.. the invading powers and their personnel from removing or acquiring any Iraqi national properties.. 6.. Peace and Security in the Middle East.. To resolve.. that, as a matter of urgent priority, the Middle East should be established as a zone of peace respecting the sovereignty of all states, and the rights and dignity of all persons, including the right to self-determination and all forms of religious belief and expression; and.. to declare.. that all states in the Middle East must be free of occupation or domination by any foreign power and free of all forms of weapons of mass destruction.. 1 May, 2003.. Uniting for Peace Coalition -.. http://www.. Organizations please endorse.. News & information:.. unitingforpeace-subscribe@yahoogroups.. com.. Download One-page Printable / Readable Versions.. | Original: WP 5.. 1+ / WpWin:.. petition.. wpd.. | PDF.. pdf.. | Word.. doc..

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  • Title: Queries on opening to the Light
    Descriptive info: habitat.. igc.. org/queries.. Queries on Opening to the Light.. on opening to the light.. on unity with nature.. on environment and development.. gifts of light.. Do you open your self to the acceptance of God's grace?.. Do you open your self to the acceptance of God's miracles?.. Are you careful not to possess any idea too firmly,.. Knowing that another may draw you closer to truth?.. Are you aware that living in the Light.. Requires constant surrender to the Light?.. Do you recognize that you are the Light of the  ...   in your life that center you,.. Do you turn to them when you need to?.. Do you allow your anger, guilt, jealousy and fear.. To slip away from you?.. Do you recognize that they are impediments between you and.. The Light which flows only through love?.. Do you live your life in such a way as to.. Draw all things into harmony with God's love?.. These.. Queries on Opening to the Light.. were shared by Barry Morley at.. Baltimore Yearly Meeting.. of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), 1989.. 08.. 08..

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  • Title: contact us: information habitat: where information lives - home of the peace cubes and of information ecology and one light in all - a language of peace, sustainability and justice
    Descriptive info: information ecology index.. people's agenda for economic justice.. contact information habitat.. information ecologist:.. robert pollard.. email:.. ecology2001@mindspring.. phone:.. +1.. 212.. 864.. 3156.. mail:.. 203 west 107th street, 8a.. new york, ny 10025..

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  • Title: information ecology archives of information habitat projects - index of classes and categories
    Descriptive info: org/classes/.. information ecology archives.. key domains.. key classes.. peace.. conferences.. public participation.. ecological design.. index of project classes.. access to information.. org/classes/.. access.. administrative procedures.. admin-pr.. art.. art.. baltimore.. baltimor.. biodiversity.. bd.. by-laws.. by-laws.. children.. children.. commission on sustainable development.. csd.. community-based organizations.. communit.. community development.. comm-dev.. conference documents.. conf-doc.. conference registration.. conf-reg.. conferences.. conferen.. consensus documents.. cons-doc.. consulting.. consult.. corrections.. correct.. culture.. culture.. database.. database.. database-generated web sites.. db-ws.. dataperfect digital engines.. de.. diet.. diet.. digital bridges.. db.. digital economics.. dig-econ.. dissemination of information.. dissemin.. document storage.. doc-stor.. ecological design.. eco-desi.. economic development.. econ-dev.. economics.. economic.. education.. edu.. electronic publishing.. e-publis.. email lists.. eml.. energy.. energy.. environment.. env.. family.. family.. freshwater.. water.. gandhi-king season for nonviolence.. gksnv.. global governance.. global-g.. government.. governme.. habitat & human settlements.. habitat ii.. h2.. healing.. healing.. health.. health.. home ownership.. home-own.. indigenous people.. indigeno.. information architecture.. info-arc.. information  ...   networks, committees & caucuses.. ngo-nets.. nonviolence.. nonviole.. one light in all.. one-ligh.. open source.. open-sou.. participant interactive message system.. pims.. participatory processes.. pp.. partnership.. partners.. peace.. peace cubes.. peacecub.. peaceful properties of the internet.. ppi.. population.. populati.. public participation.. particip.. publishing.. publish.. quakers.. quaker.. reconciliation.. reconcil.. recycling.. recycle.. religion.. religion.. september 11, 2001.. 911.. social development.. social-d.. spirituality.. spirit.. strategy.. st.. sustainable agriculture.. sust-agr.. sustainable development.. sust-dev.. sustainable economics.. sust-eco.. sustainable home economics.. home-eco.. trade and investment agreements.. tia.. training.. training.. un economic and social council.. ecosoc.. unced / earth summit.. unced.. united nations.. un.. uniting for peace coalition.. ufp.. urban agriculture.. urban-ag.. values.. values-p.. virtual light & colour cubes.. vlcc.. water.. water-p.. web sites.. web-site.. whole earth partnership informatics participation.. wepip.. women.. women.. year 2000.. y2k.. youth.. youth.. a project of.. information habitat: where information lives.. the.. information ecology archives.. are registered as..

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  • Title: Google Search Information Habitat: Where Information Lives - home of the peace cubes and information ecology - a language of peace, sustainability and justice
    Descriptive info: is available under a.. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3..

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  • Title: The Peace Cubes / Virtual Light & Colour Cubes: An Introduction
    Descriptive info: the peace cubes.. templates.. journey of light, reconciliation & peace.. journey of the peace cubes.. oh say can you see.. queries on opening to the light.. dedication.. peace faces.. domino peace tiles.. a brief history.. about.. the peace cubes - an introduction.. -.. virtual light and colour cubes.. are a pair of virtual entities with dimensions of.. red.. ,.. green.. and.. blue.. , that contain all colours, and within which the colour at any point is equal to the sum of their red, green and blue coordinates - based on the html expression.. color=".. rr.. gg.. bb.. ".. - where rr, gg and bb are two-digit hexadecimal numbers.. there are two.. that are:.. mirror images.. photographic negatives.. of each other.. offer a new - light-centred - framework for understanding light and colour and serve as gateways to  ...   offering endless visual fascination, and an invitation to playfully explore the many facets of their beauty.. follow the.. - with thumbnail images of each of the links, to learn more about their history and development.. please visit the links on this page to begin to discover the wonders of the peace cubes.. you can click on.. to access printer-ready pages that will allow you to assemble your own peace cubes - and sets of "peace faces" and "domino peace tiles" - that can provide hours of enjoyment for children of all ages.. explore some of the online series of images based on the peace cubes.. if you enjoy the peace cubes, please share them with friends - and please consider making a.. contribution.. to help make the peace cubes more widely available,.. are available under a.. 0 license..

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  • Title: Digital Bridges in Peace - An installation in Digital Bridges @ Westbeth exhibit, a gateway to digital bridges
    Descriptive info: Digital Bridges in Peace.. Digital Bridges @ Westbeth.. Light and Colour Cubes.. Rivers of Light.. Images of the Peace Cubes.. Faces of the Cubes.. Reconciliation in 16 Colours.. Light and Colour Tiles.. Twin Cubes of Light and Colour.. Rainbow Cubic Sine Waves.. Twisted Pairs of Cubes.. the peace cubes.. digital bridges in peace is registered as.. creative commons license..

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  • Title: Coalition Provisional Authority Order Number 45 - non-governmental organizations - a framework for civil society?
    Descriptive info: CPA/ORD/25 November 2003/45.. Original (pdf).. Note:.. Order 45 was signed by L.. Paul Bremer, Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority on 25 November, 2003.. If you are not convinced that these intrusive regulations offer a framework of freedom for Iraqi civil society and for international NGOs, please express your concerns to all your representatives in Government.. For news and information on Iraq, please subscribe to.. unitingforpeace@yahoogroups.. U.. S.. Congress.. Coalition Provisional Authority Order Number 45.. Non-Governmental Organizations.. Pursuant.. to my authority as Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) and under the laws and usages of war, and consistent with relevant U.. N.. Security Council resolutions, including Resolutions 1483 and 1511(2003),.. Recognizing.. the CPA's obligation to provide for the effective administration of Iraq, and to ensure the well being of the Iraqi people,.. Noting.. the need for a centralized method of registering non-governmental organizations, and the need to take measures to coordinate their activities,.. Determined to.. ensure the security of the Iraqi people and prevent the misuse of non-governmental organizations for fraudulent or illegal purposes,.. I hereby promulgate the following:.. Section 1.. Definition of Terms.. 1).. "Non-Governmental Organization" ("NGO").. means any organization or foundation that is organized to undertake one or more of the following as its principal activities: humanitarian assistance and relief projects; human rights advocacy and awareness; community rehabilitation and resettlement; charitable works; educational, health, and cultural activities; conservation; environmental protection; economic reconstruction and development; promotion of democratic practices; development of civil society; promotion of gender equality; or any other non-profit activity that serves the public interest.. (Unless otherwise specified, the term "NGO" in this Order refers to both Domestic and Foreign NGOs.. ).. 2).. "Domestic NGO".. means an NGO that is established with its registered office or headquarters inside Iraq.. 3).. "Foreign NGO".. means an NGO that is established with its registered office or headquarters outside Iraq.. 4).. "Minister".. means the Minister of Planning and Development Cooperation.. 5).. "Ministry".. means the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation.. 6).. "The Office".. means the NGO Assistance Office within the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation.. 7).. "Relevant Ministry".. means the ministry with which an NGO plans and/or implements part or all of it entire program in Iraq.. 8).. "International Organization".. means an organization that (a) is created by an international agreement or other formal constitutive document, (b) established under international law, (c) has international legal identity, (d) performs functions of a genuinely international character, and (e) has an organ with independent decision- making.. Such term includes, but is not limited to, the United Nations (including its agencies), the Arab League, and the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank.. Section 2.. Registration Requirements.. NGOs wishing to operate programs in Iraq must be registered.. International Organizations shall be accredited by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, or his or her designee, and are not required to register as NGOs.. NGOs that are not registered are not legally entitled to operate programs in Iraq.. An NGO registers by filing the following with the NGO Assistance Office, or with a regional registration representative designated by the Ministry;.. a).. A copy of its articles of association, constitution, or other document stating its aims, objectives, governing structure, and sources of funding.. b).. An application that shall include the following information:.. i).. Full name of the organization.. ii).. Full address of the NGO's headquarters and contact person(s) outside of Iraq by name, title, phone number, and email address.. iii).. Full address of the NGO in Iraq.. iv).. Date of arrival of the NGO's reprcsentative(s) in Iraq (if the application is made inside Iraq).. v).. Complete list of any previous visits to or activities in Iraq.. vi).. Complete statement of revenue and expenses and assets and liabilities for the current year and the previous 3 years (or the years the organization has existed, if less than 4).. vii).. If the applicant has existed for less than one year, it must give financial data for the current year and projected budget for the next two years.. viii).. List of any members of the governing body of the NGO who are also public officials or employees of any government or governmental entity.. ix).. Domestic NGOs must provide the names and addresses of all members of the board of directors of the NGO.. and Foreign NGOs must provide the name of the head of mission in Iraq and the name of the worldwide head of the NGO.. x).. List of any organizations or individuals that effectively control, or any organizations that are effectively controlled by, the NGO.. (For example, an NGO is effectively controlled by an organization to which it is required to report, or that provides the NGO with directives or policies that the NGO is required to follow.. An organization or NGO is effectively controlled if more than 50% of the voting power (or percentage of ownership, if applicable) is controlled (directly or through another entity) by another organization or by another individual or group of individuals acting in concert.. xi).. List of names and addresses of any substantial contributors to the NGO (including, but not limited to, governments, governmental entities, and private foundations making grants to the NGO), amount of the substantial contribution, and relationship of the contributor to the organization.. A contribution is substantial if it was received in the current year or any of the previous 3 years, and it is both valued at over 10,000,000 Iraqi dinar and is over 10% of the total revenue for the organization for the year in which it was received.. xii).. List of loans to the NGO other than from banks or other lending institutions in excess of both 10,000,000 Iraqi dinar and 10% of its total revenues.. Identify the amount of the loan and the lender.. c).. A notarized copy of registration or other proof that a Foreign NGO is a legal entity in a foreign country.. d).. Certificate or other proof that the Foreign NGO is registered as a not-for-profit entity in its jurisdiction of organization.. e).. Written statement by an authorized representative of the NGO's headquarters stating:.. Activities that the organization is planning to carry out in Iraq.. Name and address and other contact information of the individual or individuals in Iraq authorized to represent the organization  ...   Office thirty days prior to the date of decision to dissolve.. If the NGO does not notify the Office within this time, the NGO will not be deemed to have taken the decision to dissolve until thirty days after the date of the electronic mail, facsimile, or the postmark of the envelope containing the notice.. An NGO that decides to dissolve or cease operations shall submit a report to the Office, stating:.. The date of dissolution or cessation of operations.. The provisions made for terminating its affairs including arrangements for satisfactory completion of its ongoing projects in Iraq.. The amount of assets, if any, remaining after discharge of liabilities.. The disposition or intended disposition of those assets, if any.. How the determination to dispose of those assets, if any, was made.. The Office shall remove the NGO that has dissolved or ceased operations from the register of active NGOs in Iraq.. Section 5.. Audit and Review.. The Office may conduct audits and reviews of NGOs at such times and places in Iraq as it may determine to ensure that NGOs are in compliance with this Order.. The Office may request that an NGO supply such documentation to the Office as it determines necessary or appropriate to ensure that the NGO is in compliance with this Order.. Such requests may be made electronically, by facsimile, or in writing mailed to the most recent e-mail address or postal address provided by the NGO to the Office.. If, after 14 days from the date of the sending of the electronic request or the facsimile request or 45 days from the date of the mailing of the written request, the NGO has not responded, the Office may draw such conclusions as it deems appropriate.. If the Office determines, as a result of an audit, review, or document request, that the NGO is not in compliance with this Order, it may (i) provide guidance to the NGO to assist it in complying with the provisions of this Order; (ii) or if the conduct is grossly negligent, fraudulent, criminal, or a threat to security (a) suspend the registration of the NGO for a defined period of time; or (b) revoke the registration of the NGO.. If the Office determines, as a result of an audit, review, or document request, that the NGO is engaged in conduct that is grossly negligent, fraudulent, criminal, or a threat to public order, safety, stability or security, it may (a) suspend the registration of the NGO for a defined period of time; or (b) revoke the registration of the NGO.. Section 6.. Penalties.. If an NGO found to be operating programs after the suspension or revocation of its registration, the Administrator may, in his discretion, close the operation, confiscate the property, and seal the premises of the NGO.. Section 7.. Economic Activities.. An NGO may engage in raising funds for sustaining its programs through income generation projects within Iraq.. An NGO may own property, or manage property without possessing it, for the accomplishment of its purposes.. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Foreign NGOs are not permitted to purchase or own real property, either directly or through an entity.. An NGO shall not distribute any net earnings or profits to any person.. The assets, earnings, and profits of an NGO shall be used to support the not-for-profit purposes of the NGO and shall not be used to provide benefits, directly or indirectly, to any founder, director, officer, member, employee, or donor of the NGO or to any individual who is a spouse, child, grandchild, parent, grandparent, or sibling of any of the aforesaid, or majority owner of an entity that is a member of the NGO.. This section does not preclude the payment of reasonable compensation and provision of reasonable employee benefits to such persons for work performed for the organization.. The NGO may provide such individuals and entities with benefits that are generally available to the public.. No part of the income or property of an NGO may be paid to or for the benefit of any political party or for the benefit of any candidate or group of candidates for public office.. Section 8.. Partnership Arrangements with Other Agencies and Local NGOs.. An NGO shall inform the Office and the Relevant Ministry of its intention to enter into a joint venture or other contractual arrangement (an "Arrangement") with one or more foreign entities or international organizations, if such an Arrangement is related to the NGO's operations in Iraq.. If an NGO intends to enter into an Arrangement with a local NGO, it is required to inform the Office of its proposed program, including budget, with the local NGO.. Section 9.. General Provisions.. The Minister may delegate to Ministry officials any authority conferred under this Order.. The NGO shall submit to the Office an annual activity and financial report for the previous financial year.. Two or more NGOs may voluntarily merge in accordance with their constitutions and Iraqi law.. An NGO shall inform the Office within thirty business days of any material change with respect to documents submitted for registration.. The NGO shall submit a list of all foreign staff stating their qualifications and responsibilities within 90 days of approval of registration.. The list shall be updated when the quarterly activity reports are submitted to the Office.. This Order supersedes any inconsistent provision of Iraqi law, including statutes, rules, resolutions, and judicial interpretations thereof, which relate to the registration and operation of Foreign NGOs in Iraq, including but not limited to, inconsistent provisions contained in Law Number 34 of 1962, and Law Number 13 of 2000.. All NGOs operating within Iraq prior to this Order shall comply with its provisions within 90 days of the date this Order entered into force.. The Minister may issue Administrative Instructions as necessary to implement this Order.. An NGO should attend government coordination meetings as appropriate in order to ensure the effective delivery of assistance.. This Order shall terminate and be of no force and effect when the CPA transfers all governmental authority to the transitional Iraqi administration and recognizes the full sovereignty of that administration.. Section 10.. Entry into Force.. This Order shall enter into force on the date of signature.. L.. Paul Bremer, Administrator.. Coalition Provisional Authority..

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  • Title: Sign the Uniting for Peace Petition for an Emergency United Nations Resolution on Iraq
    Descriptive info: Note: This page requires frames.. To sign the Uniting for Peace Petition for an Emergency United Nations Resolution on Iraq,.. please go to.. petitiononline.. com/MayDay03/petition-sign.. html.. y..

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  • Archived pages: 533