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  • Title: Home - Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation
    Descriptive info: .. Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation.. T.. u.. r.. k.. e.. y.. ,.. A.. M.. o.. s.. a.. i.. c.. O.. f.. C.. l.. t.. We don't operate as a charity, but.. provide legal cover.. for Evangelical Christians in Turkey.. “This is eternal life, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.. ”.. (John 17:3).. The reason we exist is to know Jesus intimately, reflect Him in our lives, and make Him known to others.. The first Evangelical entity officially recognized by the government of the Republic of Turkey.. The land of Asia Minor is the historical setting of the first expressions of the Christian faith, widely recorded throughout the New Testament.. Today, this land continues to host some of the most ancient churches.. However, the Christian presence has shrunk dramatically in the last century due to many adverse circumstances.. Although the Protestant or Evangelical faith began spreading in Turkey during the 19th century, it was not until the late 20th century that it began to consolidate.. Christians still face many difficulties as they attempt to be accepted in their own society even though Turkey boasts as being the most pluralistic culture in the Middle East.. The.. Istanbul.. Protestant Church.. Foundation.. , which primarily consists of.. Turkish converts to Christianity,.. is the first.. Evangelical entity.. officially recognized.. by the government of Turkey.. View video.. Flash: I looked, and there.. a great multitude.. from every nation, tribe, people and language.. standing before the throne.. Our Churches.. Our churches are composed mostly of Turkish citizens who have embraced the Christian faith and desire to exercise their.. freedom of conscience, religion, and expression within the framework of mutual respect.. They advocate.. for the normalization and protection of minority rights and desire to bless Turkish society through the personal exercise of  ...   no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again.. (2Co 5:14-15).. What keeps us going is Christ's love and witnessing lives transformed by Him.. A few weeks ago our lawyer asked M, a member of the Church in Izmit (picture in the right): “Is there any way for your family to desist in their efforts to take all your properties?” She referred to the land and apartments that he earned after a lifetime of hard work.. M in his tears replied: “They will immediately desist if I deny Christ! But how can I reject the most valuable treasure I have?” “Well, at least try to retain a property” She answered, and he, without stopping to mourn: “Would not Jesus give his cloke when people attempted to take away his coat in a court?” (Matthew 5:40).. Watch.. M's testimony (in Turkish only).. Read more.. inspiring stories.. of lives transformed by Jesus.. Home.. About Us.. Our Vision.. Understanding the Faith.. For the Common Good.. News Events.. Contact Us.. Legal Notice.. ¡ L A S T M I N U T E !.. * Christmas.. Celebration.. * A.. memorable day.. * Helping.. iraqi refugees.. * What is.. Esther's House.. ?.. * Appointment with the.. Minister of Culture.. * News about the.. cemetery.. SEVEN STARS TOUR.. offers you amazing trips from Genesis to Revelation in Turkey.. The m.. artyrs of Malatya, TR, 2007;.. Necati Aydın's verses.. More information?.. Fill out our.. contact form.. Thank you!.. Leave your comments in our.. guestbook.. Address:.. Bağdat Cad.. No: 85/1.. , Altıntepe, Maltepe 34840,.. Istanbul, Turkey.. Phone: +90 216 366 94 94.. Fax: +90 216 366 94 94.. E-mail:.. istpc@mail.. com.. 360° virtual tour.. Online Users Counter.. Visitors since February 2012:.. Print.. |.. Sitemap.. Recommend this page.. © Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation.. Login.. Logout.. Edit page..

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  • Title: About Us - Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation
    Descriptive info: Who are we?.. We are evangelical believers.. in Turkey.. who want to use all legal, spiritual and human resources wisely to fulfill God's plan of sharing His eternal love in every place and with every creature.. What is Protestantism?.. ".. Protestants.. " or ".. Evangelicals.. " are the popular titles given to the heirs of.. the sixteenth-century.. Reformation which was distinctive in it's desire to rediscover the very message of the Gospel.. The Reformation encouraged the translation of the Scriptures into the vernacular languages.. This, in turn, stimulated the personal reading of the Bible; and thanks to the newly discovered printing press, it quickly reached a broad audience.. The reading and application of the Bible is still the primary focus for Evangelicals.. This allows for a closer personal relationship with Christ, which is the heart and essence of the Christian life.. Wycliffe's Bible.. Name of the translations into English that were made under the direction of John Wycliffe, during a period from approximately 1382 to  ...   was once for all entrusted to God’s holy people.. (Jude 3).. 2).. Faith is the only.. 'merit' required to receive eternal life, which is.. a gift from God.. , who in the person of Christ died on the cross for all, as ultimate sacrifice for our sins:.. "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.. ".. (Ephesians 2:8).. 3).. To live the faith is the only.. intended purpose of the community of believers (the church), which should stay out of the powers of this world.. This encourages the separation of church and state:.. "Render therefore unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's.. (Matthew 22:21).. For more information please fill out our.. Thank you!.. İstanbul.. Protestan.. Kilisesi Vakfi.. Bağdat Cad No: 85/1, Altıntepe.. Maltepe.. 34840.. ,.. İstanbul, Türkiye.. Tel/Fax: +90 216 366 94 94.. mail: istpc@mail.. Our History.. Historic Creeds.. Official Documents.. Statment of Faith.. Regulations for Worship..

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  • Title: Our Churches - Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation
    Descriptive info: Our churches mainly consist of Turkish believers who want to progress in the knowledge of Christ, learn to reflect Him in their lives and involve others in this pursuit through love.. "This is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.. ".. What "church" means?.. In Turkey.. the concept of.. church.. is identified.. with Christian buildings and institutions.. In fact, the dictionary defines "church" as:.. a).. "Gr.. ekklesia 1.. A Christian Temple.. 2.. Christian denominations (.. ) 3.. A Christian religious institution.. 4.. The Papacy and council of bishops who teach Christianity and its precepts, and lead the community of the faithful".. (Dictionary of Turkish.. Academy of Culture, Language and History).. Although the most common use is this one, the etymology and the New Testament usage of the word.. "church" primarily.. means.. :.. b).. "Assembly of people, community of believers, congregation, church, place of assembly.. (Classical Greek Dictionary, Bibliograf).. The Istanbul Protestant Church.. IPC.. is a community of believers that was established in 1995 according to the principles of the NT and protected by the  ...   Arabic), The IPCF is not subject to the Lausanne Covenant, signed at the end of the First World War after the armistice.. Therefore our Foundation enjoys all the rights and privileges pertaining to other civil foundation of the country.. 1st official church.. The building of our main church (Altintepe-Istanbul) is the first Christian church built and officially recognized by the State, since the formation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923:.. http://www.. youtube.. com/watch?v=avNcyEwxw98.. Other fellowships.. Other churches (fellowships) associated with the Foundation meet in buildings provided by the Foundation.. Each individual fellowship is registered as "Representive Offices" of the "Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation.. The Turkish Criminal Law (TCK) 529 explicitly prohibits.. "the practice of religious acts outside places of worship or the instigation of religious demonstrations in streets and public spaces.. ".. Hence the need for locations specifically dedicated to worship services.. Today, the communities under the foundation are:.. The Altintepe Protestant Church - ISTANBUL.. The Pendik Protestant Fellowship.. - ISTANBUL.. The Izmit Protestant Felowship.. - Kocaeli.. The Eskisehir Protestant Fellowship.. - Eskisehir.. Altintepe - ISTANBUL.. Pendik - ISTANBUL.. Izmit - KOCAELI.. Eskisehir - ESKISEHIR..

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  • Title: Our Vision - Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation
    Descriptive info: "Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, they are already white for harvest".. (John 4:35).. Our vision is to bequeath a spiritual heritage to the Evangelical Community in Turkey and to equip it to bless this country and the ends of the earth with a model of a sustainable church which can be renewed under the guidance of Scripture and the Holy Spirit for both this generation and the ones to come, in order to help the Church become an agent of good and a valid intermediary in Turkish society.. Therefore, we exist.. To promote generations of worshipers who love and serve the Lord as disciples so that they devote their lives to ministry and provide the necessary resources for the work of God.. To practice the Lord's commandment to love one another as He has loved us, doing good to our neighbor in an unselfish way, to the best of our possibilities and resources.. To proclaim the Gospel "to every creature" using legitimate and culturally acceptable means, and establishing communities in all provinces  ...   To advocate for, and identify ourselves with the mistreated, the disadvantaged and those who suffer injustice, to heal their wounds, to comfort them and help them overcome adversity.. To safeguard the legal personality of the church as a tool that allows believers to witness the love of Christ to society in a dignified way, protected by the law.. To provide the facilities that legitimize the church in the eyes of authorities and Turkish society: church buildings, schools, seminars, camping grounds, etc.. To educate the children of Christian families in Turkey by emphasizing character building and Christian values so that they may become the pillars of tomorrow's Church and society.. To receive, train, and supervise members of the global Church that want to work in cooperation with IPCF and the National Church in diverse areas of ministry.. There is nothing extraordinary about finding a daisy in a garden.. But finding it in the desert is something unheard of.. Our vision and dream is to see what's unheard of.. become every day reality !.. Our Prayer.. Training.. Literature.. Television..

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  • Title: Understanding the Faith - Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation
    Descriptive info: The need to clarify the faith for Muslims.. Muslims have many misconceptions about the Christian faith.. They believe that.. The Bible has been changed in the Church councils.. Jesus did not die on the cross, but Judas died in his place.. Christians believe in 3 gods.. If Jesus is called "Son of God," this implies that God had sex with Mary.. Everything seen in Hollywood films is a reflection of a Christian lifestyle.. The Crusades continue today through globalization.. Paul invented Today's  ...   helpful to both Christians and Muslims to gain a better understanding what Christian faith is really about.. But above all things what Muslims doesn't know is the message of salvation and hope in Christ.. So let's start with the basics:.. ·.. The Plan of Salvation.. Is there one god or three?.. Does God have a Son?.. What happened at Nicea?.. The Gospel of Barnabas.. For more detailed responses:.. answering-islam.. org/.. What "Trinity" means?.. What "Son of God" means?.. The Gospel of Barnabas..

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  • Title: For the Common Good - Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation
    Descriptive info: L A S T M I N U T E !.. The Catholic Church in Istanbul has contacted us to draft a protocol for the use of the cemetery.. Learn.. in the second article.. of this page why this subject is so important for the evangelical community in Turkey.. (February 17, 2012).. Projects for the common good.. The Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation (IPCF) advocates for the needs not only of the churches associated with it, but also for the rest of God's people in Turkey, and Turksih society at large.. Currently there are several projects of public interest that we are involved in:.. Campaign for the condemnation of "hate crimes" (below).. Cemetary for the Evangelical community (below).. Help to refugees through the community in Eskişehir (.. link.. ).. Hate Crimes.. Turkey boasts of a tradition of tolerance and has typically portrayed itself as a mosaic where ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity thrives.. However, particularly in the case of Christian minorities, hate crimes have been hatching at an alarming rate over the past 5 years.. On February 5, 2006, the Catholic priest Andrea Santoro was shot and murdered by a under age ultranationalist while performing ritual prayers in the church that he ministered in Trabzon.. The instigators were not prosecuted.. On January 19, 2007, Hrant Dink the editor in chief of the Armenian newspaper "Agos" based in Istanbul, was shot dead at the entrance to his office by an under age ultranationalist.. Hrant Dink and his wife.. Rakel Dink.. were outspoken Evangelicals.. It is said that the reason for his murder was his call to the authorities to recognize the massacre of Armenians in the early twentieth century.. On April 18, 2007, Necati Aydin (36), Ugur Yuksel (32) and Tilman Geske (45) were brutally murdered in the office of a Christian publishing house in Malatya by three young people.. The instigators of crime have not been been prosecuted either.. They are  ...   in general not only through their participation in institutional events such as forums, governmental advisory committees, and human rights initiatives but also through their own initiatives, such as the celebration of its.. 10th Anniversary.. which was attended by officials representing the government.. We also promote health, educational, and social integration projects in conjunction with municipal authorities.. If you are interested in any of these projects please.. contact us.. !.. A cemetery for the Evangelical community.. One of the first questions that Turks ask when approaching the Gospel is: "If I become a Christian and die where would you bury me?" This question might surprise you, and perhaps you are asking yourselves, "Why is this issue so important? ".. All burial spaces in Turkey are allocated according to specific religious and ethnic groups.. Currently existing cemeteries are assigned to Muslims Turks or Armenians and Greeks Christians, etc.. There is no cemetary for Turkish Protestants.. Hence the dilemma and the difficulties that arise when the an ethnic Turk who is not a Muslim dies.. The IPCF requested authorities the lease of property for this purpose.. However, after a long and arduous process, the official response urged the Foundation to request for one of the existing cemeteries that were not being used by Christian minorities in Istanbul.. Currently the IPCF has received approval from the Catholic Church in Turkey to use one of its abandoned cemeteries.. This is not just about solving a practical necessity in case of death, but it is a way of strengthening the presence of the Christian community in the Turkish society.. It is a matter of great importance that we obtain a respectful resting place for the Evangelical community in a culture which.. places such high esteem.. on dignity and honor.. As seen in the slides below, the cemetery needs to be restored before it can be used.. If you are interested in any of this projects, please..

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  • Title: News & Events - Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation
    Descriptive info: Stay Up To Date.. We look forward to your visit!.. Dont forget to check here regularly for the latest news, events, activities, and celebrations of the Foundation.. Scroll down for details.. İPKV Altıntepe Protestan Kilisesi, 2012 Noel Kutlaması.. A memorable day.. Every April 23rd tens of thousands of "pilgrims" visit the church of San Yorgi, which is found on one of the islands just off Istanbul's shore.. The overwhelming majority are 'Muslims' who seek the blessing of the saint.. Meanwhile, hundreds of brothers and sisters of the Istanbul churches take advantage of this day to proclaim the Good News.. These thousands of people that on any another day and in any another place would reject with disgust that they were approached with the Gospel, receive it calmly and with curiosity.. For hours, believers distribute the NT (about 30,000), hand out Christian books, pray one by one for all those who are willing, and preach the message of salvation to as many souls as they can!.. Read below the highlights of the various Easter celebrations in the IPCF churches.. The advertisement:.. Next April 7 at 7:00 pm, Easter and Resurrection Celebration, at the Istanbul Protestant Church in Altintepe.. Spiritual songs, prayer, drama, preaching, blessing and snack s.. (April 1, 2012).. In Pendik.. On Saturday April 7 at 11:00am the Pendik church held its Easter breakfast, with various guests.. One of them F, who received the Lord last Christmas and after 3 months at sea as a ship's cook, has lost his job because of the NT found in his cabin.. But he's so happy!.. In Altıntepe.. On Saturday again between 19:00 and 21:00 hours, our church in Altintepe-Istanbul had the privilege of presenting the antidote to sin to multiple guests: the blood of the Lamb, as he was lifted up like the brazen serpent was in the times of Moses (John 3:13-15).. We pray that the seed planted in the hearts will produce its fruit.. In İzmit.. This Sunday  ...   and Events.. section provides important information about our foundation and its relationship with the Turkish society, the Turkish state and its impact on the country's media:.. The Foundation in the News.. : National and international press.. : Held on October 23, 2010.. Other Links.. : Realted sites in Turkish and English.. Articles Downloads.. : Various free materials of interest.. Our year-round special activities.. Christmas Celebration.. Every year on the Saturday closest to the 24th or 25th December at 8:00pm we host a public Christimas celebration.. This is a huge opportunity to share the good news of the Gospel and the birth of Christ with hundreds of guests who visit us.. Easter Celebration.. Our annual Easter celabration is also a great opportunity to reflect on the central message of the Gospel: the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for us sinners, our source of eternal life.. This is yet another great chance for hundreds of visitors to hear the.. Good News.. The "Jesus" film.. Several times a year the "Jesus" film or other movies are screened in all of our fellowships.. These movies offer us countless opportunities to share the Gospel with our community.. We distribute and mail invitations.. Many have heard the message through such showings.. Concerts, choirs, drama.. On special occasions we host classical music choirs, gospel concerts, drama or similar activities sometimes organized by or Foundation and other times through Secular Conservatories or foreign groups seeking to use our chapel.. These are valuable opportunities to reach our neighbors by connecting them to the wonders of God's creativity through the arts.. Various seminars and conferences.. Seminars and conferences with engaging topics provide opportunities for visitors to be exposed to the truths of the Gospel and to clarify widespread prejudices in Turkish society concerning the Christian faith.. Many social issues are taken up in other seminars; such as a the a seminar on the prevention of the drug addiction organized by the local police department..

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  • Title: Contact Us - Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation
    Descriptive info: Online Contact Form.. Contact us directly, at any time, using this simple form:.. Your message:.. *.. Name:.. E-mail Address:.. Please enter the code:.. Note.. : Fields marked with.. are required.. Directions..

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  • Title: Legal Notice - Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation
    Descriptive info: This website has been created by the Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation,.. officially established.. in Turkey, for informative and personal usage.. Through this legal notice the IPCF warns that any.. misuse of the information contained.. or.. violation of the privacy policy is punishable under the.. US Data Protection Law.. Turkish law also protects privacy and confidentiality and penalizes its violation: See.. Data Protection Law.. of the Republic of Turkey (in Turkish).. The navigation in this website implies acceptance and knowledge of legal warnings, conditions and terms of use contained therein..

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  • Title: Altintepe - ISTANBUL - Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation
    Descriptive info: "My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations".. (Mark 11:17).. Click here.. for virtual tour of 360°.. The Altıntepe Protestant Church (Istanbul).. Bagdat Cad No: 85/1, Altintepe,.. Maltepe, Istanbul TURKEY.. (see Google map below).. Phone/Fax: +90 216 366 9494.. www.. ipkv.. org.. Timetable:.. Sunday worship.. at 11:00 am.. For attending one of our prayer groups please contact us.. Office schedule:.. Monday, Wednesday  ...   recognized as a Christian temple since the founding of the Republic of Turkey in 1923.. Click.. here.. to watch the news coverages about it in several national television channels in Turkey.. Our Location:.. Some pictures:.. Pictures relating the construction of the Altintepe church, along with some snapshots of its members:.. Virtual tour of 360°.. (To rotate the image click on it and drag left or right)..

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  • Title: Home - Istanbul Protestant Church Foundation
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