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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. ILOG Foundation LTD.. Internationale Liga der Opfer der Gewaltherrschaft.. International league of victims of abuse of power.. The International League of Victims of Abuse of Power/Internationale Liga der Opfer der Gewaltherrschaft Foundation LTD (ILVAP/ILOG ) was founded in 1999 mainly by European victims of dictatorial transgressions as a task force in pursuit of justice, especially focusing on the mutual recognition of the rule of law and the fundamental right of private ownership.. Since the so-called democratic heirs of totalitarian governments have been reluctant to redress in a satisfactory manner the mass confiscations perpetrated by their predecessors the International League's main objective is to encourage and initiate the passage of long overdue enactments regarding the prompt restitution or equivalent compensation for the unlawful seizures.. Interacting inter alia with highly reputed legal scholars, supranational and international institutions along with  ...   Deutschland [Germany]; Savez Udruzenja Za Zastitu I Unapredenje Vlasnistva I Vlasnickih Prava U Republici Hrvatskoj [Croatia]; Lega Nazionale D'Istria Fiume Dalmazia [Italy]; Zdurzenje Lastnikov Razlascenega Premozenja [Slovenia]; American Owners of Property in Slovenia [USA], Focus Group [USA and Canada]; Committee for Private Property Inc.. [USA, Europe]; The Czech Coordinating office [USA, Europe],International Democracy Action Council [USA], Te Dehna Te Shkurtera Te Aktivitetit Te Shoqates Kombetare Te Te Shpronesuarve Pronesi Me Drejtesi [Albania]; Lietuvos Zemes Savininku Sajunga [Lithuania], Association for Restitution of Private Property in Macedonia [USA], Hrvatska udruga vlasnika otudene imovine za vrijeme fasistickog i komunistickog redima, Club Autoktonja [Croatia] Associazione Culturale Giuliana [Italy]; Human Rights for Minorities, in Central Europe, Vancouver Society [Canada], ProKarelia, Tarton Rauha ry,Aluepalautus ry [Finland]; APP, Asociatia pentru Proprietatea Privata [Romania]; A.. U.. N [Spain].. copyright 2000-2011 ILOG Foundation LTD | Info(at)i-l-o-g.. org..

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  • Title: Petitions
    Descriptive info: Throughout the years ILOG and its cooperating organisations have submitted numerous petitions to the European Parliament as well as other institutions.. On the next pages you will find a copy of the most important ones:.. ILOG.. EP-Petition No.. 0853-10.. 64/2006.. 437/99.. Studio Legale Carta..

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  • Title: Memorandums
    Descriptive info: ILOG Foundation LTD Memos:.. Memo September 2010.. - the Zlata Ebenspanger Case.. Human Rights Day 2009.. HIstorical Precedents.. Pinheiro Principles - Restorative Justice.. Property Rights are Human Rights.. The European Court of Human Rights and the Restoration of Property Rights after the Fall of Totalitarian Regimes.. Property Seizures in 20th and 21st Century.. 'Imperfect Justice'.. Unresolved Property restitution claims.. Memo 2000..

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  • Title: Essays
    Descriptive info: Essays.. Study on how the memory of crimes committed by totalitarian regimesin Europe is dealt with in the Member States, sumitted by Prof.. Dr.. Carlos Closa Montero.. Crimes commited by totalitarian regimes, by Peter Jambrek.. De Zayas: Armenians have strong, legitimate claim for reparations, 28.. 10.. 2010.. Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity.. Ed.. Dinah L.. Shelton.. Gale Cengage, 2005.. eNotes.. com.. 2006.. 2 Oct, 2010.. Real Property Law and Procedure in the EU by Dr.. habil C.. Schmidt and C.. Hertel, LL.. M, 2005..

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  • Title: Laws and Conventions
    Descriptive info: A collection of International Law, Conventions, Treaties, Agreements and Declarations as well as National Constitutions with respect to the protection of Human Rights in particular Property Rights:.. International Law.. National Constitutions.. Agreements..

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  • Title: Resolutions
    Descriptive info: Compilation of the most important Resolutions:.. UN Resolutions.. European Resolutions.. U.. S.. Resolutions..

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  • Title: Country Reports
    Descriptive info: Bosnia and Herzegovina.. Post-Conflict Housing Restitution.. The Human Rights Perspective with a Case Study of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Buyse 2008.. Bulgaria.. Restitutiionand Market in the Bulgarian Land Reform , 2005 Raul de Arriba Bueno.. Land restitution in post communist eastern Europea: a critical analysis of the Bulgarian system, 2002 Leland Rhett Miller.. Aspects of land consolidation after the Bulgarian land reform, 2001.. Diana Kopeva and Nivelin Noev.. Restitution of Fraim Land in Bulgaria, 1995 Ann Louise Strong.. Burma.. The Impact of the confiscation of Land, Labor, Capital Assets and forced relocation in Burma by the military regime, Dr.. Nancy Hudson-Rodd and others.. Croatia.. Post-conflict property restitution in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2002 Williams.. Czech Republic.. The Benes Decrees and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, Prof.. Steve Peers, October 2009.. Exile, Return and Restitution in the Czech Republic, 2005 Katherine Vadura.. Restitutionand Retrodiction, Karn.. The Czech and Slovak Law of Restitution, 1994 Heinz.. Restitution of  ...   my Land, 1996 Erimar von der Osten.. German unification: restitution of nationalised properties, Dr.. Joachim Ragnitz.. Seizure of eastern German properties 1945-49 and 1990, Leoan Mangasarian ,phD.. Rückerstattung Ost, Jan Philipp Spannuth.. Hungary.. Holocaust Restitution and the Claims Conference, 2006 Daniel Kladden.. Property Rights and Transitional Justice: Restitution in Hungary and East Germany, 2005 Jessica Tucker-Mohl.. The legislative framework for agricultural transition in Hungary, Nigel Swain.. Italy.. Italian Property Claims in Croatia and Slovenia,fait accompli? 2003 Alexandra Mareschi.. Poland.. The Problems of Property Restitution in Poland (1939 -2001), Marek Jan Chodakiewicz and Dan Curell.. Romania.. Asociatia Pentru Proprierarea Privata, Ing.. Claudius Mott 2006.. The roof over our heads, Lavinia Stan 2006.. Restitution: A Romanian Smecherie, Herzfeld Rubin, 2001.. Russia.. Still Seeing Red, Cosgrove.. Slovenia.. Property Restitution in Slovenia - ten years of procrastination, Vlado Bevc 2001.. South Africa.. Case Studies of the changing interpretations of Land Restitution Legislation in South Africa, Belling 2008.. Spain.. Ortega Report..

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  • Title: Court Cases
    Descriptive info: International Court of Justice.. Legal Consequences of the construction of a Wall in occupied Palestinian Territory.. 2006.. Certain Property (Liechtenstein v Germany), 2004.. United States of America.. District Court of Florida, 2006 Rosner v United States.. Circuit Court, 2005 Vatican Bank.. Department of Justice, 2004 Whiteman v.. Republic of Austria.. District of Los Angeles, 2002, Altman v Republic of Austria.. District Court, Paquete Habana,1900.. European Court of Human Rights.. Preussische Treuhand  ...   and others v Germany, 2005.. Jahn and others v Germany, 2005.. Broniowski v Poland, 2004.. Kopecky v Slovakia.. , 2004.. Malhous v Czech Republic, 2001.. Prince of Liechtenstein v Germany, 2001.. Cyprus v Turkey, 2001.. Former King of Greece v Greece.. Brumarescu v Romania, 1999.. The Holy Monasteries v Greece.. , 1994.. Brauerei Feldschlösschen and others v Germany.. European Court of Justice.. Judgment of Court of Cyprus must be recognised, 2009..

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  • Title: Open Letters
    Descriptive info: UNRESOLVED PROPERTY CLAIMS - Open letter 2005.. To whom it may concern!.. We kindly call upon EU and International institutions, politicians, legal scholars, NGO's and the press to help us insist on establishing a forum competent to deal with confiscated property claims as well as implementing the necessary legal mechanisms to provide an effective and enforceable remedy in cases where a violation has been established.. Up to the present date claims regarding communist mass property confiscations have not been resolved in accordance with international law.. Recent decisions, namely von Maltzan and others (No.. 7191/01), show that the European Court of Human Rights prefers not to touch the subject and tends to consider itself ratione temporis not competent to hear such claims.. The UN Human Rights Committee, although more responsive to these questions in context with discrimination, may only issue recommendations, which most countries, in particular the Czech Republic, simply ignore.. (cf.. N.. Communications: No.. 586/1994 Adam v Czech Republic,516/1992 Simunek v Czech Republic, No.. 857/1999, Blazek v Czech Republic, No.. 747/1997, Des Fours Walderode v Czech Republic, No.. 945/2000 Marik v Czech Republic).. Unfortunately, the European Union  ...   quite apparent that there is something terribly wrong with the present system; former totalitarian and abusive regimes fall outside of the scope of the European Union's legislation as well as the jurisdiction of European Court of Human Rights.. There is a striking absence of individual procedural capacity.. This creates an unacceptable climate of impunity, which must be amended as soon as possible.. In this respect we refer to ILOG's EP-Petition, EPP-ED resolution condemning totalitarian communism (available under.. www.. projusticia.. net.. and.. ) and our correspondence with the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights.. Fortunately, the office of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe has taken note of our suggestion regarding the establishment of a competent forum.. Due to the additional workload the Council of Europe will surely a priori try to avoid adopting the necessary measures, unless of course the public opinion compels them to do otherwise.. Therefore, for the sake of Justice, it is important that we all, victims, intellectuals and institutions determinedly demand the establishment of a competent and independent tribunal, otherwise the Judiciary will continue to disregard the victims..

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  • Title: Reports
    Descriptive info: United Nations.. Agricultural Privatisation in Central and Eastern Europe and The CIS, Allina-Pisano, 2007.. CSCE.. Helsinki Commission seeks action on Nazi, Communist-era property Restitution, 2005.. Helsinki Commission Renew call for property compensation, 2004.. Briefing to examine property restitution and compensation in post-communist Europe, 2003.. State of Affairs for American Claimants.. Property restitution efforts examined, 2002.. The long struggle home, 1999.. Department of  ...   Western Balkans, 2009.. Proptery Restitution in Central and Eastern Europe.. FAO.. Implementing the Pinheiro Priniciples, 2007.. Land Reform in Easter Europe, 2001.. European Union.. Council conclusions on the memory of the crimes committed by totalitarian regimes in Europe, European Council, 10.. 06.. 2011.. The memory of the crimes committed by totalitarian regimes in Europe, European Cmmission 22.. 12.. Property restitution in Albania..

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  • Title: Press Release
    Descriptive info: 12.. 02.. 2009 Meeting with MEP.. On the 12th February 2009 Uipi and ILOG Foundation LTD had a meeting with the Vice President and the Head of the Secretariat of the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament.. Due to the numerous petitions, which have been submitted to the European Parliament regarding property restitution, both Mr.. Edward McMillan-Scott.. and Mr.. David Lowe.. are very much aware of our problems.. We discussed various issues.. In particular the Lisbon Treaty and its potential and of course the current tender (Private properties issues in Romania and the western Balkans).. We were able to put forward and discuss our concerns regarding the notice, such as the strict conditions.. In return Mrs..  ...   as well as ILOG are fully conscious of this and are committed to finding an appropriate institution, which is capable to draft such a survey.. ILOG handed over a copy of the Italian Petition regarding the low compensation rates and a Circular from the Czech Coordinating Office to the Head of the Petitions Committee, Mr.. , who appreciated the valuable information.. With regard to McMillan-Scott s suggestion to review the possibilities of the Lisbon Treaty, we stated our wish to install a working group.. We truly believe that all parties were satisfied with the meeting and hope that our suggestions can be implemented and that we are able to continue to exchange information on this high level..

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  • Archived pages: 41