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  • Title: International Academy of Practical Theology
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About IAPT.. History.. Our Mission.. Organization and By-Laws.. IAPT Publications.. Membership.. Members and CVs.. Membership fees and Donations.. Conferences.. 2015 Conference.. Abstract submission.. 2013 Conference.. 2011 Conference.. Chicago 2009.. Brisbane 2005.. Manchester 2003.. Working Groups.. Practical Theology in Underrepresented Regions.. Catholic Approaches to Practical Theology.. Interfaith Approaches to Practical Theology.. Practical Theology and Poetics.. Methodology in Practical Theology.. News.. President s Newsletter November 2013.. Previous Newsletters.. Job Postings.. Links.. Blog.. Welcome to the website of the International Academy of Practical Theology (IAPT), a scientific community dedicated to the the study of and critical reflection on practical theological thought and action.. At present, IAPT has members from over 20 countries.. On this website you will find a list of IAPT members, the by-laws of the Academy, a  ...   which practical theology is done.. Out of respect for the diversity of these contexts, the Academy seeks to promote international, interracial, and ecumenical dialogue and understanding.. 2015 Conference Pretoria.. Where: Pretoria, South Africa.. When: 16 – 20 July 2015.. Theme: Practicing Ubuntu: Practical Theological Perspectives on Injustice, Personhood and Human Dignity.. See conference page for more information.. Recent Posts.. YALE DIVINITY SCHOOL Position in Pastoral Care.. IAPT 2015 Call for Papers.. President’s Newsletter May 2014.. Subscribe to International Academy of Practical Theology.. Get the latest updates delivered via email.. Contact Us.. If you wish to contact IAPT, please send us an.. e-mail.. Please be aware that IAPT wishes to serve the worldwide community of academic practical theologians and is not able to provide services to the larger audience..

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  • Title: History :: International Academy of Practical Theology
    Descriptive info: You will find here photos and recollections about the history of the International Academy of Practical Theology.. We mention with gratitude the names of the founding fathers / mothers: Riet Bons-Storm; Don S.. Browning; Camil Menard; Karl Ernst Nipkow; Rick Osmer; Dietrich Rössler; Friedrich Schweitzer; and Hans van der Ven.. Founding of International Academy of Practical Theology: Princeton Meeting, 1991.. From left to right: Hans van der Ven; Don Browning, Camil Ménard; Dietriech Roessler; Rick Osmer, Riet Bons-Storm; Friedrich Schweitzer, Karl Ernst Nipkow.. RECOLLECTIONS:.. The birth of the IAPT, a personal impression , by Riet Bons-Storm.. It was in 1991, in Princeton, after a meeting of seven men and one woman – I am very honoured I was woman – that the IAPT was born.. But like all births, this birth was not an unexpected event.. There was a gestation-period: a period of bi-lateral international meetings between practical theologians.. For instance, in July 1990 about twenty practical theologians from the Netherlands and the USA met in the Mennonite Center in Elspeet, in the Netherlands.. The theme was: “Transformation of the Local Church”.. Although these bi-lateral conferences were interesting and fruitful, the need was felt for a broader organization, where practical theologians from all over the world could communicate.. Other disciplines had such organizations.. It was time for practical theology to become an adult discipline on the forum of theologies.. So in 1991, August, 1-4, the seven founding fathers and the one founding mother came together in Princeton,  ...   during a conference on practical theology in 1990 at Blaubeuren/Germany, the site of Tuebingen university’s conference center.. This conference brought together a number of new interests in * as an academic discipline, from Germany, from the United States, and from other countries, most of all the Netherlands.. Key speakers were, among others, Don Browning, James Fowler, Dietrich Rössler, Karl Ernst Nipkow.. I myself had been active as one of the organizers of the conference.. Since I had been a postgraduate student at Harvard in the late 1970s and also had started internationalizing my own work by organizing international conferences since the early 1980s, the idea of an international academy seemed very attractive to me.. Moreover, it became clear that there was a convergence of similar developments in different countries that we could make use of.. Two key ideas were behind the efforts for founding the new academy.. First, it was not considered sufficient that the various subdisciplines of * should have their international organizations (such organizations exist in a number of areas, like religious education, homiletics, pastoral counseling, etc.. ).. If * should be taken seriously as a discipline, it should also have its own organization at an international level.. Second, the aim of the academy should be to bring together researchers who are working within the field of * in different countries.. In other words, the aim was not to organize conferences but to facilitate international research projects as well as to create ongoing exchange on research..

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  • Title: Our Mission :: International Academy of Practical Theology
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  • Title: Organization and By-Laws :: International Academy of Practical Theology
    Descriptive info: The main purposes of IAPT are of an academic nature.. Therefore one can come to know IAPT by reading publications, conversation with members, and attending conferences (upon invitation).. There is however also an organizational dimension to it.. The.. executive committee.. and.. by-laws.. provide insight into IAPT as an organization.. Executive Committee.. President.. Jaco S.. Dreyer.. , South Africa.. Vice President.. Pamela Couture.. , Canada.. Secretary.. Robert Mager.. Treasurer.. Neil Pembroke.. , Australia.. Conference Host.. Malan Nel.. Member at Large.. Constanze Thierfelder, Germany.. Faustino Cruz.. , USA.. By-Laws.. By-Laws of the International Academy of Practical Theology.. Adopted by the Academy April 26, 1997.. Revised April 11, 2001 and April 4, 2007.. CONTENTS.. I.. Purpose of the Academy.. II.. Description of the Academy.. III.. Membership and Guests.. IV.. Eligibility for Membership.. V.. Membership Rules and Procedures.. VI.. VII.. Election of Officers.. VIII.. Committees and Conference Planning Procedures.. IX.. Finances and Membership Fees.. X.. Theme and Schedule of Official Meetings.. XI.. Working Language of the Academy.. XII.. Amendment of By-Laws.. XIII.. Attestation and Date of Effectiveness of By-Laws.. The purpose of the International Academy of Practical Theology is the study of and critical reflection on practical theological.. thought and action.. A.. While affirming the practical nature of all theology, the Academy is primarily interested in practical theology as a distinct academic discipline.. The Academy assumes that practical theology serves the practice of the Christian church in society.. However, as a scholarly organization, it is dedicated primarily to study and analysis of the theory of theologically informed practice.. It is oriented toward the historic subdisciplines of practical theology such as pastoral care, homiletics, religious education, liturgics, and social service in both their ecclesial and public forms.. It is also interested in new areas of inquiry such as congregational studies and church development.. It is even more concerned with the development of models accounting for the theoretical coherence and unity of these disciplines.. This means that the Academy is interested in investigating and developing comprehensive frameworks for ordering practical theology itself.. In addition, it is interested in the relation of practical theology to the other theological disciplines and the modern human sciences.. B.. The Academy understands practical theology as a theological discipline that stands in a unique relationship with modernity.. It recognizes that practical theology emerged primarily in response to the forces of modernity and is relevant to addressing the trends of modernity, in both their positive and negative forms.. This includes, for example, the cultural influences of the Enlightenment, institutional and ideological differentiation with their ensuing forms of pluralism and individualism, new forms of injustice and abuse of power, and the various modern and post-modern reactions to these trends.. The Academy also is interested in practical theological reflection on the inner dynamics of the church and on the church’s interaction with secular value systems, unchurched Christians, other religions, and new religious movements.. C.. The Academy intends to stimulate various models of research on practical theology, including methodological reflection on hermeneutical, historical, empirical, systematic and other constructive methods.. It also hopes to foster critical, interdisciplinary dialogue, engaging the social sciences, ethics, and other relevant disciplines.. Membership and Guests.. There are two categories of full membership in the Academy.. Full members are referred to as Active or Retired, but only for purposes of setting the size of the Academy.. Active membership in the Academy shall not exceed a number set by the members from time to time at their stated business meetings.. At each conference the membership shall approve the maximum size and growth of the Academy for the period running through the next conference.. Active Members maintain active status by payment of dues and regular attendance at Academy conferences, as defined in the Membership Rules and Procedures of these By-Laws.. Active Members may forfeit membership by failing in these responsibilities, as determined by the Executive Committee according to the Membership Rules and Procedures.. Retired Members are former Active Members who upon retirement choose to remain members of the Academy by participating as much as they wish in the Academy and by payment of dues.. Retired Members are welcome to attend Academy conferences but are not required to do so.. They may participate in business meetings with voice and vote.. D.. Guests are welcome to attend official conferences of the Academy at the invitation of  ...   meeting.. The Executive Committee has responsibility for the affairs of the Academy between business meetings, including final decisions on the program, place, time, cost, and other practical arrangements for the next conference and all matters related to membership, dues, finances, and official communications on behalf of the Academy.. Officers shall be elected at the official business meetings of the Academy.. The Executive Committee of the Academy shall serve as a committee to nominate its successors.. It shall submit a roster of officers to the membership at each of the stated business meetings of the general membership of the Academy.. It shall not be assumed that the holder of any office will be nominated for another office.. No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office, with the possible exception of the Treasurer.. The President and Vice-President shall serve for one term only.. The Nominating Committee (Executive Committee) shall submit its nominations of officers in writing to the membership of the Academy at least six months prior to the stated meeting of the Academy.. Alternative candidates for one or all of the offices may be nominated by a petition containing ten signatures of current members.. Petitioners shall ascertain, and indicate in their petition, that their nominee is willing to serve if elected.. Petitions must be received by the President of the Academy three months prior to the next scheduled official conference of the Academy.. The Nominating Committee (Executive Committee) shall present to the membership at the time of election (and earlier if it wishes), along with its own slate of nominees, the names of all persons properly nominated by petition.. Officers shall be elected by a majority of the members of the Academy attending the business meetings of its official conferences.. The Program Committee shall consist of twelve persons, elected by the membership of the Academy in an early business meeting of each conference.. The Executive Committee makes eight nominations and the general membership four.. In the full process of nominations and elections, attention shall be given to regional, national, racial and gender representation.. At each conference, the Program Committee shall present a theme for the next conference to the Academy membership for their approval.. The Program Committee, through its Chair, shall consult with the President and Executive Committee about the content and structure of the program and shall submit a proposal for the program to the Executive Committee for its review and approval in a timely manner.. Such sub-committees, working parties, or other groups set up from time to time by the Academy or the Executive Committee shall be responsible to the Academy through the Executive Committee with whom they shall consult and to whom they shall submit proposals for its review in a timely manner.. Financial assessments shall be determined from time to time by a majority vote of the members attending the stated business meeting, upon recommendation of the President and the Executive Committee.. The Treasurer shall create orderly procedures for receiving, dispersing, and transferring funds from meeting to meeting and country to country, and for insuring that accounts are properly reviewed and published.. Official conferences of the Academy normally will be held once every two years at a time of maximum convenience for its members.. The theme, place and schedule of official conferences shall be determined by a majority vote of members attending the preceding business meeting of the Academy.. It is the responsibility of the Executive Committee to make recommendations as to the time and place of official conferences of the Academy.. The place of conferences should be chosen with consideration given to international distribution and accessibility of sites.. Nominations of places for future conferences should be forwarded to the President of the academy in a timely manner.. English shall be the working language of the Academy.. These By-Laws may be amended by two-thirds of members attending stated business meetings of the Academy.. The above By-Laws, as approved at the business meeting in Seoul, Korea, Saturday, April 26, 1997, and amended in Stellenbosch, South Africa, Wednesday, April 11, 2001, and in Berlin, Wednesday, April 4, 2007, are now in effect.. Hans van der Ven,.. President Carol Lakey Hess, Secretary, April 26, 1997.. Mary Elizabeth Moore, President Elaine Graham, Secretary, April 11, 2001.. Elaine Graham, President James Nieman, Secretary, April 4, 2007..

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  • Title: IAPT Publications :: International Academy of Practical Theology
    Descriptive info: Many important contributions in the realm of practical theology come from members of IAPT.. We are working on a list of essential readings.. Members can submit their suggestions.. IAPT supports the.. International Journal of Practical Theology.. The listing here includes the volumes with papers of previous IAPT conferences.. 9th IAPT Conference, Chicago, 2009.. Edward Foley.. (ed):.. Religion, Diversity, and Conflict.. Münster: LIT 2011 (Series: International Practical Theology 15).. 8th IAPT Conference, Berlin, 2007.. Wilhelm Gräb and Lars Charbonnier.. (eds):.. Secularization Theories, Religious Identity, and Practical Theology.. Münster: LIT 2009 (Series: International Practical Theology 7).. 7th IAPT Conference, Brisbane, 2005.. Hans-Georg Ziebertz and Friedrich  ...   2003.. Elaine Graham and Anne Rowlands (ed):.. Pathways to the Public Square.. Münster: LIT 2005 (Series: International Practical Theology 1).. 5th IAPT Conference, Stellenbosch, 2001.. Pamela D.. Couture and Bonnie J Miller-McLemore (ed):.. Poverty, Suffering and HIV/AIDS.. Cardiff: Cardiff Academic Press: forthcoming.. 2003.. 4th IAPT Conference, Quebec, 1999.. Paul Ballard and Pamela Couture (eds):.. Creativity, Imagination and Criticism the Expressive Dimension in Practical Theology.. Cardiff: Cardiff Academic Press, 2001.. 341pp ISBN 1-899025-24-3 £21.. 50.. 3rd IAPT Conference, Seoul 1997.. Paul Ballard and Pam Couture (eds):.. Globalisation and Difference Practical Theology in a World Context.. Cardiff: Cardiff Academic Press, 1999.. 212pp.. ISBN 1-899025-11-1 £21..

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  • Title: Membership :: International Academy of Practical Theology
    Descriptive info: © Robert Mager 2011.. MEMBERS AND CVS.. DUES AND DONATIONS.. MEMBERS ONLY RESOURCES..

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  • Title: Members and CVs :: International Academy of Practical Theology
    Descriptive info: Herbert Anderson.. (em), Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, San Francisco, USA.. Michel Andraos.. , Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, USA.. Dale P.. Andrews.. , Vanderbilt University Divinity School, USA.. (.. CV.. ).. Francis-Vincent Anthony.. , Salesian Pontifical University, Rome, Italy.. Tom Beaudoin.. , Fordham University, New York, USA.. Zoë Bennett.. , Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK.. Abraham Berinyuu, University for Development Studies, Tamale, Ghana (.. Martina Blasberg-Kuhnke.. , Universität Osnabrück, Germany.. Riet Bons-Storm.. (em.. ), University of Groningen, The Netherlands.. Stephan Borgehammar.. , Lund University, Sweden.. Johan Bouwer, NHTV Breda International University of Applied Science, The Netherlands.. James M.. Brandt.. , St.. Paul School of Theology, USA (.. Brandt CV.. Lynn Bridgers, University of New Mexico, USA (.. Bridgers CV.. Rein Brouwer, Protestant Theological University, Netherlands.. Kathleen Cahalan.. , Saint John s University, Collegeville MN, USA, (.. Cahalan CV.. Mark Cartledge.. , University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.. Elaine Champagne, Université Laval, Québec, QC, Canada.. Johan Cilliers.. , Stellenbosch University, South Africa.. , Emmanuel College of Victoria University in the University of Toronto, Canada (.. , Seattle University, School of Theology and Ministry, Seattle, USA.. Kenda Creasy Dean.. , Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, USA (.. Dean CV.. Blanches de Paula.. , Universidade Metodista de São Paulo, Brazil.. Karlijn Demasure.. , Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Canada.. Annemie Dillen.. , Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven, Belgium.. , University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa (.. Dreyer CV.. Yolanda Dreyer.. , University of Pretoria, South Africa.. Eleazar P.. Fernandez.. , United Theological Seminary, New Brighton, MN, USA.. Ana Thea Filipovi.. ć, University of Zagreb, Croatia.. Edward Foley.. , Catholic Theological Union, Chicago IL, USA.. James Fowler.. ), Emory University, Atlanta, USA.. Leslie Francis.. , University of Warwick, United Kingdom.. Bryan Froehle.. Thomas University, Miami, Florida, USA (.. Froehle CV.. Brigitte Fuchs, Université de Fribourg, Switzerland.. Ottmar Fuchs, University of Würzburg, Germany.. Mary McClintock Fulkerson.. , Duke University, USA.. R.. Ruard Ganzevoort.. , Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands (.. CV on website).. Stefan Gärtner.. , Tilburg University, Netherlands.. Wilhelm Gräb, Theologische Fakultät, Berlin, Germany (.. Gräb CV.. Elaine Graham.. , University of Chester, United Kingdom.. Kathleen J.. Greider.. , Claremont Lincoln University, USA.. Colleen Griffith,.. Boston College, Chestnut Hill MA, USA.. Thomas H.. Groome.. , Boston College, Chestnut Hill MA, USA.. N.. (Kees) de Groot.. Jaesung Ha, Korea Theological Seminary, Cheonan, Korea.. James Haire, Charles Sturt University, Canberra, Australia (.. Haire CV.. Gerard Hall.. , Australian Catholic University, BRISBANE, Queensland, Australia.. Thomas J.. Hastings, Japan International Christian University Foundation, New York, USA.. Hans-Günter Heimbrock.. , Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt M, Germany.. Chris Hermans.. , Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.. Jeanne Hoeft.. , Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas City MO, USA (.. Hoeft CV.. David Hogue.. , Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Evanston IL, USA.. Rodney J.. Hunter.. (em), Emory University, Atlanta GA, USA.. Gerrit Immink.. ,  ...   Boston University School of Theology USA.. (CV).. Christoph Morgenthaler.. (em), University Bern, Switzerland.. Julian Müller.. Jean-Guy Nadeau.. Marilyn Naidoo.. , University of South Africa, South Africa.. Doris Nauer.. , Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule Vallendar, Germany.. (em), Pretoria, South Africa (.. James R.. Nieman.. , Hartford Seminary, Hartford CT, USA.. Isabelle Noth.. , University of Bern, Switzerland.. Richard R.. Osmer.. , Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton NJ, USA.. Evelyn Parker,.. Southern Methodist University, Texas, USA.. Stephen Pattison.. , University of Birmingham, United Kingdom (.. Pattison CV.. Blanches de Paula, Methodist University of São Paulo, Brazil.. Ramiro Pellitero.. , University Navarra, Pamplona, Spain (.. , University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia (.. Pembroke CV.. Clélia Peretti, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, Brazil.. Nancy Pineda-Madrid.. , Boston College, Boston MA, USA.. Uta Pohl-Patalong.. , Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel, Germany.. James N.. Poling.. (em), Black Mountain, NC, USA (.. Poling CV.. Nancy Ramsay.. Ramsay CV.. Indukuri John Razu, ACTS Academy of Higher Education, Bangaluru, India.. Anthony G.. Reddie.. , Bristol Baptist College, UK.. Esther Reed.. , University of Exeter, United Kingdom.. Thomas E.. Reynolds.. Ulrich Riegel.. , Universität Siegen, Siegen, Germany.. (CV on website).. Bert Roebben.. , University of Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany (.. Roebben_CV.. Andrew Root.. , Luther Seminary, St.. Paul MN, USA (.. Root CV.. Ursula Roth.. , Evangelisch-Theologische Fakultät, Universität München, Germany.. Daniel S.. Schipani.. , Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart IN, USA.. Thomas Schlag.. , University of Zürich, Switzerland.. Valburga Schmiedt Streck, Escola Superior de Teologia, Sao Leopoldo, RS, Brazil.. Robert Schreiter.. , CTU, Chicago, USA.. Bernd Schröder.. , Georg-August University, Goettingen, Germany.. Friedrich Schweitzer.. , Universität Tübingen, Germany.. Jack Seymour.. , Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Evanston, IL, USA (.. Seymour CV.. Jeanne Stevenson Moessner.. , Southern Methodist University, Dallas Texas, USA.. Eric Stoddart.. , University of St Andrews, UK.. Bryan P.. Stone.. , Boston University School of Theology, Boston MA, USA (.. Stone CV.. William Storrar.. , Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton NJ, USA.. Ignatius Swart, University of South Africa, South Africa.. John Swinton.. , University of Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom.. Elizabeth S.. Tapia.. (Philippines), Global Ministries, the United Methodist Church, New York City, USA (.. Tapia CV.. Constanze Thierfelder.. , Marburg University, Germany.. Wayne Tinsey, University of Notre Dame, Fremantle, Australia.. Mai-Anh Le Tran.. , Eden Theological Seminary, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA.. Johannes A.. Van der Ven.. , Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, The Netherlands.. Terence Veling.. , Australian Catholic University, McAuley at Banyo, Brisbane, Australia.. Heather Walton.. , University of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.. Peter Ward.. , King s College, London, UK.. Raymond J.. Webb.. , University of St.. Mary of the Lake, Mundelein IL, USA.. Casparus Wepener, University of Pretoria, South Africa.. Birgit Weyel.. Gerard Whelan.. , Gregorian University, Rome, Italy.. Claire E.. Wolfteich.. , Boston University, Boston MA, USA.. Young Gweon You, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea.. Hans-Georg Ziebertz, University Würzburg, Germany..

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  • Title: Membership fees and Donations :: International Academy of Practical Theology
    Descriptive info: On this page members across the world can pay their membership fees (dues) safely and simply using credit cards or paypal accounts.. Payments and Donations in the same currency can be combined in one transaction, but payments in two different currencies for example dues in US dollars and conference fees in Euros require two transactions.. Please contact the.. treasurer.. if you have any questions.. To become a member of IAPT, a scholar must be nominated by two current members of the academy, and subsequently be endorsed by the Executive.. Dues.. Dues Euros.. Dues 2015-2016 €60,00 EUR.. Dues Dollars.. Dues 2015-2016 $80,00 USD.. Membership fees Dollars.. Dues 2013-2014 $80,00 USD.. Membership fees Euros.. Dues 2013-2014 €60,00 EUR.. Scholarship Donations.. IAPT wishes to sponsor colleagues from underprivileged contexts in order to allow them to participate in the conference.. This enhances our work, expanding our  ...   backgrounds, giving me insights in my theological reflection that I probably would not get otherwise.. It also helped to establish contact with colleagues and their theological reflections through publications in Brazilian theological journals and in this way also engage students in a more international theological discussion.. At the same time it is a way of exchanging research and knowledge from the perspective of Latin America where in the last decades there has been a quite rich discussion in the field of Theology and Religious Sciences.. Valburga Schmiedt Streck, Brazil.. If you want to make a contribution, please use our donation button in USD or EUR.. If you want to apply for funding, please contact the president (.. president@ia-pt.. org.. Donation 1 $25,00.. Donation 2 $50,00.. Donation 3 $100,00.. Donation 4 $250,00.. Donation 1 €25,00.. Donation 2 €50,00.. Donation 3 €100,00.. Donation 4 €250,00..

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  • Title: Conferences :: International Academy of Practical Theology
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  • Title: 2015 Conference :: International Academy of Practical Theology
    Descriptive info: 12th Conference of the International Academy of Practical Theology (IAPT).. July 16-20, 2015.. Pretoria, South Africa.. The next IAPT conference will take place in Pretoria, South Africa, and will be co-hosted by the University of Pretoria and the University of South Africa.. The conference will start on Thursday afternoon 16 July 2015, and will end with a conference dinner on Monday evening 20 July 2015.. The conference theme is ‘Practicing Ubuntu: Practical  ...   the call for papers will be available one year before the conference.. Plenary themes and speakers will include:.. Practicing Ubuntu: Prof.. Raymond Khumalo (Practical Theologian at University of Kwazulu-Natal).. Injustice and human dignity: Prof Pamela Couture (Practical Theologian, Emmanuel College, Victoria University, University of Toronto, Canada).. God and personhood: Prof Wentzel van Huyssteen (James I.. McCord Professor of Theology and Science, Princeton Theological Seminary).. Download the call for papers.. Submit an abstract..

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  • Title: Abstract submission :: International Academy of Practical Theology
    Descriptive info: Please note that this call for papers is for IAPT members only.. All abstracts from non-members will be ignored.. IAPT 2015 abstract submission.. Name.. *.. Affiliation.. Email.. Abstract (150 words).. Submit..

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