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  • Title: Welcome to IAITAM
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. The Association.. About IAITAM.. IAITAM in the News.. Terms and Conditions.. Contact Us.. Membership.. Membership Levels.. C-Level Program.. Fellowship Program.. IAITAM Member List.. ITAM Industry Providers.. Provider News.. Provider Directory.. Education.. Upcoming Events.. Certifications.. CAMP.. CSAM.. CHAMP.. CMAM.. CITAD.. CITAM.. Recertification.. IBPL Adv Study Courses.. Acquisition Management.. Asset Identification.. Communication & Education.. Compliance & Legislation.. Disposal Management.. Documentation Management.. Financial Management.. Policy Management.. Project Management.. Vendor Management.. MSITAM.. Executive Briefing.. Recent Webinars.. Conferences.. Speaker Call.. 2015 Spring ACE.. Publications.. ITAK Article Database.. ITAM360.. Best Practice Library.. Best Practice BluePrint.. Employee Awareness.. Industry White Papers.. Gray Paper.. Training Centers.. About APMG.. Accreditation.. Industry Directory.. Login.. Members Only.. Resources Overview.. Strategic Information.. ITAK Subscription.. Career Center.. Monthly Digest.. IMUG User Groups.. Online Store.. Industry Content.. Article Database.. Welcome to IAITAM.. NETWORKING.. IAITAM members have direct access to real-world experiences from peers around the globe in organizations of every size and type.. Members learn how to establish and incorporate an ITAM program as part of their everyday corporate life.. -.. IAITAM Membership Levels.. -.. IAITAM Members.. Member Resources Overview.. Member Login.. WORLD RENOWNED TRAINING.. IAITAM professional training and certification programs are developed by experienced IT business professionals, including professional Software, Hardware and IT Asset Managers from around the globe.. Our knowledge transfer is real world – vendor neutral and compliance agency neutral.. Training: In-person / Online.. Certification / Recertification.. Find an ATO.. ADVANCED EDUCATION.. The MSITAM degree is awarded by William Howard Taft University to students who successfully complete the rigorous distance study program.. IAITAM curriculum has been included in the program to provide the best possible combination of real world best practices alongside best of breed academic curriculum.. Masters Program - MSITAM.. Certificate of Advanced Study.. ITAM RESOURCES.. IAITAM publications  ...   to our customers.. STAYING CONNECTED.. Provider Member News.. CONFERENCES EXHIBITIONS.. The goal of the IAITAM Annual Conference and Exhibition has been to grow the ITAM practice through education and the most targeted networking since we started in 2002.. The IAITAM 2013 ACEs are no exception.. Advance your ITAM program as you gain knowledge at the only events in the world devoted to bettering your future through the expanding field of IT Asset Management and the establishment of global best practices.. IAITAM 2015 Spring ACE - ITAM Spring Training.. April 28-30 | San Diego, California USA.. Hilton San Diego Resort Spa.. Attend Spring ACE.. Location Details.. Become a Sponsor/Exhibitor.. UPCOMING EVENTS.. November 2014.. CSAM: 2-3 | Sandusky, OH.. CITAD: 2-3 | Sandusky, OH.. IAITAM 2014 Fall ACE: 4-6 | Sandusky, OH.. CHAMP: 7-8 | Sandusky, OH.. ITAM Foundations: 17-18 | Live, Online GMT.. December 2014.. CHAMP: 1-2 | Live, Online.. CSAM: 1-2 | Live, Online.. ITAM Foundations: 4-5 | Live, Online.. CSAM: 8-9| Live, Online.. CITAM: 8-11 | Live, Online.. January 2015.. CITAD: 6-7 | Live, Online.. CSAM: 6-7 | Live, Online.. CITAM: 12-15 | Live, Online.. ITAM Foundations: 12-13 | Live, Online.. CHAMP: 20-21| Live, Online.. CSAM: 20-21 | Live, Online.. CITAM: 26-29 | Live, Online.. CMAM: 26-27 | Live, Online.. February 2015.. CITAD: 2-3 | Live, Online GMT.. CSAM: 2-3 | Live, Online GMT.. CITAM: 9-12 | Live, Online.. ITAM Foundations: 9-10 | Live, Online.. CSAM: 17-18| Las Vegas, NV.. CHAMP: 19-20 | Las Vegas, NV.. CITAM: 23-26 | Las Vegas, NV.. CMAM: 23-24 | Live, Online.. View full schedule.. Contact IAITAM Member Services at +1.. 330.. 628.. 3012.. to bring IAITAM Training to your organization.. Privacy Policy.. |.. Contact US.. FAQs.. © Copyright 2009.. Copyright Avectra Inc 2014..

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  • Title: Welcome to IAITAM
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  • Title: What is IAITAM?
    Descriptive info: Processing, Please Wait.. What is IAITAM?.. The International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers, Inc.. (“IAITAM”) the professional association for individuals and organizations involved in any aspect of IT Asset Management (“ITAM”), Software Asset Management (“SAM”), Hardware Asset Management, and the lifecycle processes supporting IT Asset Management in organizations of every size and industry across the globe.. IAITAM officially incorporated in 2002, after years of extensive research.. The concept of IAITAM though started as far back as 1998 when a group of software and hardware asset managers began meeting to discuss the need for a centralized organization devoted to expanding and codifying information and knowledge within the IT Hardware Software Asset Management fields.. This research led to some specific needs for the newly created profession of IT Asset Manager, including:.. Advanced training programs and certification needed to be developed to build formal expertise and to gain the professional recognition necessary to function effectively within the IT Asset field and be relevant to a global community.. There was a definite need on the part of Asset Management professionals to obtain access to unbiased answers to specific questions through a neutral industry advocate.. Professionals needed to have a secure area to frankly discuss mission critical issues within the IT Asset field with other IT Asset Managers.. There was and still remains a definite need to educate executive management regarding the benefits of acquiring and retaining trained expertise in the field of IT Asset Management and program implementation.. The IT industry as a whole had not recognized the value of accurately monitoring IT assets and consequently suffered from over-investment and under-utilized IT assets.. IAITAM milestones over the subsequent decade include the release of the Hardware Asset Management (CHAMP) course in mid-2004 to accompany the existing Software (CSAM) and IT Asset Management (CITAM) courses.. The release of the first ITAK magazine in December of 2004 was also a ground breaking event for the IT Asset Management industry.. No other publication caters directly to the educational needs of the profession to this day.. In 2005, IAITAM surpassed the 1000 member mark and in 2006 released the first edition of the IAITAM Best Practice BluePrint, the forerunner to the IAITAM Best Practice Library.. In 2007, IAITAM introduced its Fellowship program for the membership to elect key individuals  ...   the product, a performance model built to aid in a program assessment evaluates current strengths and weaknesses and maps out the follow-up actions necessary to attain asset management.. Never before has the industry encountered such a comprehensive interactive roadmap and diagramming of an ITAM program.. Another innovation, the IAITAM ACE™, starting back in 2002, has become the largest and only conference and exhibition in the world solely dedicated to ITAM.. With annual growth exceeding all expectations, the educational content, expert speakers, sessions and exhibit fair combine to deliver practical advice and best practices for the attending practitioners, their superiors and colleagues.. 2010 also lead to the opening of a second office for IAITAM in Las Vegas, NV USA and further growth with Japanese and UK offices in early 2011 brought an IAITAM presence to over 100 countries around the globe.. Throughout IAITAM’s history, we have striven to support the IT Asset Management profession through expert training and advice as well as lead the occupation down a path of best practice to enhance the business drivers of ROI, efficiency, risk avoidance and professional development for the practitioner and their organizations.. IAITAM's Mission Statement.. IAITAM’s mission is to be the principle resource for comprehensive IT Asset Management best practices worldwide, enabling practitioners and industry professionals to achieve continuous success through ongoing education, certifications and networking as well as providing information pathways for knowledge enrichment and professional growth.. About Our Founder.. Barbara Rembiesa, CEO President.. Before founding IAITAM, Barbara held key positions in both the financial and consulting sectors.. Barbara has implemented and supervised asset tracking projects, discovery tool implementations and has been brought in as an industry expert to consult major savings and loans, universities, manufacturers and high tech industries throughout the United States.. Barbara has also, successfully represented corporations in negotiations with compliance agencies for software violations.. Barbara has implemented and designed disaster recovery programs for professional software testing and storage facilities including, but not limited to, off-site storage facilities, and has helped over 200 companies before forming IAITAM and successfully implemented improved software and hardware acquisition programs.. As President and Co-founder of IAITAM, Barbara brings over a quarter century of industry knowledge and experience to the management of IAITAM, and provides key guidance and the entrepreneurial spirit to its staff and members..

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  • Title: IAITAM In The News
    Descriptive info: IAITAM In The News.. For all media inquires, contact Will Harwood at the Hastings Group:.. Telephone: +1.. 703.. 276.. 3255.. Email:.. wharwood@hastingsgroup.. com.. 2014 July 24 Press Release.. :.. Report: IRS, Other Agencies Not Storing Instant Messages.. CANTON, OH/// July 24, 2014 // Newsmax.. --.. Government agencies aren't storing Internet chat messages or cellphone texts, former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner's emails revealed this month, even though analysts say communications that may constitute official documents should be archived.. Read More.. Report:.. 6 Questions for the IRS about Lois Lerner's emails.. CANTON, OH/// July 24, 2014 // Joe for America.. A professional IT trade group with significant expertise in IT best practices has 6 questions that need to be answered about Lois Lerner’s – and at least 20 other IRS employees – email.. 2014 July Talk Radio:.. 6 Key Questions that Need to be asked.. 2014 July 23 Press Release.. How To Avoid The IRS Technology Fumbles.. CANTON, OH/// July 23, 2014 // Nextgov.. The Internal Revenue Service has had difficulty accounting for a hard drive it says it destroyed and backup tapes that may or may not have been saved -- a situation that has sounded security alarms for some who see information technology management problems throughout government.. IT Experts Challenge DOJ/Congress on Missing IRS E-mails.. CANTON, OH/// July 23, 2014 // New American.. An international organization representing information technology (IT) managers says there is a relatively easy way to get to the bottom of the Internal Revenue Service’s mounting scandal over thousands of "missing" (and possibly incriminating) e-mails.. Lois Lerner's Missing Emails May Not Have Been Destroyed, Could Still Be Recovered: House Republicans.. CANTON, OH/// July 23, 2014 // HNGN.. House Republican investigators said Tuesday that the computer hard drive of ex-agency official Lois Lerner -- a key figure in the IRS targeting scandal -- was less damaged than the agency let on and that backup tapes containing her missing e-mails may still be available, Politico reported.. The Hunt for Lois Lerner's emails.. CANTON, OH/// July 23, 2014 // Hot Air.. Atop that, some technology experts are raising questions about a new court-ordered IRS account of what happened to Lerner’s hard drive because it does not include typical documented proof of device destruction.. 2014 July 22 Press Release.. Continued Corruption: Lerner's 'Missing' Hard Drive was Recoverable.. CANTON, OH/// July 22, 2014 // TPNN.. The House Ways and Means Committee has had enough excuses from those seeking to protect the IRS from the fallout surrounding the IRS scandal.. The committee learned on Tuesday that the hard drive containing the so-called “lost” emails from Lois Lerner’s office was “scratched,” but very much recoverable, despite earlier assertions by government IT specialists.. IT Professionals respond to IRS emails probe.. CANTON, OH/// July 22, 2014 // The Plazz.. Amid a Tea Party probe into the IRS’ targeting of Tea Party groups, the IRS put out a bid for the destruction of 3,200 more agency hard drives, the Washington Times reports.. The Hunt For Lois Lerner's Emails.. CANTON, OH/// July 22, 2014 // Accounting Web.. Rachael Bade of Politico wrote on Tuesday that some technology experts are raising questions about a new court-ordered IRS account of what happened to ex-agency official Lois Lerner’s hard drive because it does not include typical documented proof of device destruction.. How Credible is the "My Computer Crashed" Excuse For Universities?.. CANTON, OH/// July 22, 2014 // The College Fix.. A former IRS executive’s alleged loss of emails dealing with the possible targeting of conservative nonprofits raises issues not only for the government, but also the collegiate community.. Report: Investigation of missing IRS email holds lessons for your business.. CANTON, OH/// July 22, 2014 // PCWorld.. CANTON, OH/// July 22, 2014 // Politico.. Lois Lerner’s emails and hard drive were all destroyed.. Or maybe not.. The case of the former IRS official’s lost emails became more complicated this week after a top agency official said he’s no longer 100 percent sure there are no back-ups.. Those comments veered from prior IRS statements on the issue that has revived the tea party targeting controversy.. IRS changes its story on lost emails and hard drive crashes.. CANTON, OH/// July 22, 2014 // American Thinker.. IRS Commissioner Koskinen’s testimony that all backup tapes of Lois Lerner’s emails have been destroyed may be “inoperative,” to use the term employed during Watergate when stories changed.. The House Oversight Committee chaired by Darrell Issa has released the transcription of testimony taken last week revealing that the IRS is changing its tune.. Lerner's Lost Emails: 6 Questions IRS IT Must Answer.. CANTON, OH/// July 22, 2014 // Cruxial CIO.. An IT advisory group says the information technology department at the IRS should have multiple ways of tracking emails from former official Lois Lerner, who is at the center of a probe into whether the tax agency unfairly targeted conservative groups.. IRS now not sure if backup emails exist, but claims more hard drives crashed.. CANTON, OH/// July 22, 2014 // NetworkWorld.. Don't get whiplash as an IRS attorney testified that the IRS is not sure if backups of Lerner's emails still exist, but other IRS officials with whom she would have communicated.. their hard drives crashed too.. 2014 July 21 Press Release.. IRS Lawyer: Lerner Emails Still Could Be Retrievable.. CANTON, OH/// July 21, 2014 // Newsmax.. Two years' worth of missing IRS emails from former official Lois Lerner could still be available on backup, an agency official says.. Report: IT Group Offers 6 Questions Investigators Should Ask About Lois Lerner's Emails.. CANTON, OH/// July 21, 2014 // Riverside Daily Digest.. The President of the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers, a group with expertise in IT best practices, posed six questions she thinks lawmakers and the DOJ should ask about the loss of Lois Lerner’s emails.. What Happened To the IRS IT Asset Management Team?.. CANTON, OH/// July 21, 2014 // Lucianne.. An Ohio-based trade association, the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM), wants to know why the IRS’s IT Asset Managers have apparently “disappeared at a key juncture.. ”.. IT Group Offers 6 Questions Investigators Should Ask About Lois Lerner's Emails.. CANTON, OH/// July 21, 2014 // Breitbart.. The President of the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers, a group with expertise in IT best practices, posed six questions she thinks lawmakers and the DOJ should ask about the loss of Lois Lerner's emails.. IRS: More hard drive crashes but maybe Lerner's emails can be found.. CANTON, OH/// July 21, 2014 // Before It's News.. Maybe it would be easier to name the IRS employees who did not crash their hard drives.. In a segment of testimony released by Congressman Darrell Issa IRS Deputy Associate Chief Counsel Thomas Kane cast doubt on the assertion that Lois Lerner's emails were irretrievably lost and then added 4 more IRS employees who had experienced computer trouble.. CANTON, OH/// July 21, 2014 // Politics Balla.. IRS lawyer:.. By the way, the hard drives of some other employees who dealt with Lois Lerner also crashed.. CANTON, OH/// July 21, 2014 // Hot Air.. Assuming the data isn’t recovered and no one is punished, as seems likely, this is a get-out-of-jail-free card for the next president’s administration, no?.. CANTON, OH/// July 21, 2014 // Fox News Nation.. Report: IRS official: Lois Lerner email trail may not be cold.. CANTON, OH/// July 21, 2014 // Politico.. A top IRS official is now uncertain about whether backup tapes of the lost Lois Lerner emails may exist, according to testimony released by Republicans — a potentially significant plot twist in the controversy that has shaken the IRS in recent weeks.. CANTON, OH/// July 21, 2014 // Weekly Standard.. IRS official: Lost Lois Lerner emails may still exist.. CANTON, OH/// July 21, 2014 // Washington Examiner.. Could the IRS have those missing Lois Lerner emails after all? New testimony from a key Internal Revenue Service official indicates the IRS may not have lost two years of emails sent by former top IRS official Lois Lerner after all.. CANTON, OH/// July 21, 2014 // Conservative Critic.. 6 questions about the IRS’s missing emails, from IT experts.. CANTON, OH/// July 21, 2014 // The Washington Post.. Did the IRS intentionally lose e-mails to cover up potentially incriminating communications relating to the agency’s targeting controversy, or did the records go missing because of bad technology management?.. 2014 July 21 Press Release:.. 6 Key Questions The U.. S.. Department Of Justice Needs To Ask As It Investigates Lois Lerner's Lost Emails.. CANTON, OH/// July 21, 2014 //PRNewswire-USNewswire -- What questions should the Justice Department and Congress ask as they probe the lost emails of Lois Lerner at the IRS? The roadmap is clear to International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM) experts, who deal with issues of this sort on a daily basis.. 2014 June 26 Press Release:.. IAITAM Head: IRS Explanation of Lost Emails Does Not Seem Plausible.. Smoking Gun? Expert Says Hard Drive Shredding Would Have Required Record of Destruction Under IT Asset Management Policy; IRS and Outside Contractor Should Have Full Records of Drive Destruction.. CANTON, OH///June 26, 2014///--Who destroyed the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) email hard drives? When were the drives destroyed? Where is the documentation that goes with such destruction?.. 2014 April 02 Press Release:.. IAITAM and EY Announce Collaboration to Bring Industry the First IT Asset Management Organizational Certification.. EY Will Use IAITAM's Renowned ITAM360® Assessment Tool To Deliver The Assessment, And IAITAM Will Award The Certifications Based In That.. CANTON, OH///April 2, 2014///The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) announces the first IT Asset Management Organizational Certification of its kind to the industry at large.. IAITAM, who is vendor-neutral and prides itself as offering real-world solutions to IT Asset Management (ITAM) issues, is taking its assessment product (ITAM360® Assessment), which is based off of the IAITAM 12 Key Process Areas (the only documented ITAM architecture), and commissioning Ernst Young (EY) to deliver the assessment.. EY, as a global organization, can provide services in the technology space and is perfectly positioned to deliver this assessment with IAITAM with its global reach, credentials in compliance and position of independence.. Together IAITAM and EY will deliver the global standard for organizations to aspire to in ITAM.. Are You on Cloud 9.. By: Dr.. Barbara Rembiesa, D.. Litt, CEO of IAITAM.. The benefits and consequences of cloud computing being introduced into an organization's environment has been an issue well debated.. Once the decision has been made to introduce the cloud into the organization however, it has become a free-for-all situation where end users use the solution that is best suited for their purposes.. This leads to a phenomenon known as Cloud Sprawl, where information has been "sprawled" out amongst multiple cloud platforms.. 2013 October 15 Press Release:.. IAITAM APMG-International  ...   embracing, consumer technology.. What do they know that you don't?.. If your IT department is resisting the "consumerization" trend, it's in the minority.. Recent research shows that most enterprises are proactively addressing this trend and the new relationship between IT and users that often accompanies a consumer IT strategy.. What do they know that you don't?.. Modern IT support management.. By: Adam Jadczak.. Computerworld Polska- Take off the design of the training and certification of IAITAM-International Association of managers to the Management Resources IT.. So far, these courses were not available in Poland.. They are-with ITIL-a parallel route of training for IT professionals.. 2012 April 18 Press Release:.. IAITAM Executives Speak on Software Licensing Management at CDW Sponsored 8-City Seminar Series Produced By CIO Magazine, Computerworld and Network World.. 2012 March 27 Press Release:.. IAITAM Awards First MSITAM Scholarship.. 2012 March 09 Press Release:.. William Howard Taft University Partners with IAITAM to Develop New Master of Science in Information Technology Degree Program.. Service Management in the Data Center Depends on IT Asset Management.. By: Takeshi Takeuchi, Japan Branch Manager at IAITAM.. Published by The Datacenter Journal.. The combination of technology changes and the adoption of service management has transformed data centers into IT service providers.. Regardless of whether the business model includes external customers, data centers have more in common: offering IT services as products to be consumed by users.. The internal customer moves from the older view of the facility as a cost center to viewing it as a profit center because of the product-maker mindset that is part of service management.. The expectations of users are viewed as expected outcomes rather than as uses of technology.. If a data center provides external services, the provider differentiates itself from the competition on the basis of service capabilities rather than technology.. This transition from a technology-driven model to a service-driven model empowers the data center to use virtualization, pooling and other cloud computing technologies to satisfy user requirements.. 2012 January 23 Press Release:.. Poland's Top Business School Includes I.. T.. Industry Certifications in MBA and Postgraduate Programs.. Profiles: Perspectives of an E-Scrap Pioneer.. What was electronics recycling like before certification, the tech bubble or the Internet age? E-scrap has come a long way, according to one of the industry’s early innovators, highlighted in our recurring E-scrap Profiles series.. By: Jenny Schuchert, Japan Branch Manager at IAITAM.. Reprint from E-Scrap News December 2011.. The electronics reuse and recycling industry has experienced exponential growth in recent decades as organizations in every sector seek protection from data, environmental, brand and compliance risks.. The response to the need was a rapid but responsible, its evolution was guided by a handful of forward-thinking innovators.. One of them is Ray Chapman.. 2012 January 04 Press Release:.. IAITAM Appoints Executive Vice President and General Counsel.. IAITAM brings asset management courses to UK channel.. Former FAST boss John Lovelock is returning to the channel at the helm of US IT asset management (ITAM) outfit IAITAM, which is expanding into Europe having previously managed the region out of the States.. The organisation, which was closely involved in the development of ISO software asset management (SAM) standards, already claims to have 500 online subscribers in the UK, and will be running its first course on Certified Software Asset Management in London towards the end of the month.. 2011 November 07 Press Release:.. IAITAM Expands Into Australia With Local Strategic Alliance.. IT group moves to Jackson, plans to add 100 jobs.. JACKSON TWP.. —.. An organization that helps companies with information technology has moved here and has begun hiring up to 100 people.. The International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers has moved its headquarters from Suffield Township in Summit County to 4848 Munson Street NW, tripling its office space to accommodate growth.. IAITAM Has Moved!.. The International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (.. IAITAM.. ) has moved its main headquarters to Canton from Suffield, Ohio, tripling the association’s office space in order to accommodate its accelerated growth.. The new office space is located at 4848 Munson Street NW, Canton, OH 44718.. 2011 October 21 Press Release:.. Prestigious IAITAM Fellowship Awarded to Three Outstanding IT Asset Managers.. 2011 October 17 Press Release:.. Certified Software Asset Manager Course Available in E.. U.. Honorary Doctorate of Letters Awarded.. (10/13/11)- William Howard Taft University honors founder and CEO of International Association of I.. Asset Managers, Inc.. (.. ) -- Barbara Rembiesa -- with an Honorary Doctorate of Letters for her contributions to the field of I.. Asset Management (ITAM) and her extensive philanthropic contributions to the community.. 2011 October 13 Press Release:.. Taft University Awards IT Visionary With Honorary Doctorate.. 2011 September 20 Press Release:.. Former Gartner Analyst and Zig Ziglar Protégé Selected as Keynotes at IAITAM 2011 Annual Conference and Exhibition.. 2011 September 07 Press Release:.. FAST Ltd Proudly Announces Main Sponsor - IAITAM.. 2011 September 04 Press Release:.. Accenture, Chevron Wells Fargo Executives to Speak at the IAITAM 2011 Annual Conference and Exhibition.. Cash for clunkers: Old tech equipment boosts the bottom line.. Some organizations are recouping cash as they send old PCs, servers, and laptops out the door.. By: Mary K.. Pratt.. Computerworld - Like most big companies, GlaxoSmithKline had systems in place to help keep track of its computers, servers and other IT equipment.. Even so, equipment would still fall through the cracks -- employees would leave, and managers would forget to call the desktop services group to pick up their computers.. Or workers would need extra machines for special projects but then fail to turn them in when the projects were complete.. Or people would ask to hold on to old computers after an upgrade to clear off data, and the unit would fall off the roster.. 2011 May 18 Press Release:.. IAITAM Announces Fourth Office in London UK.. 2011 May 04 Press Release:.. IAITAM Announces Third Office in Tokyo Japan.. IAITAM Announces Third Office in Tokyo Japan - Japan Version.. 2011 April 06 Press Release:.. IAITAM President Barbara Rembiesa Platinum Special Contributor Award from ISO/IEC 19770 SAM Standard.. IT Asset Disposal is a Corporate Social Responsibility, Not Just an Obligatory Act.. By: Barbara Rembiesa, President of IAITAM.. As companies deploy new technologies, they are faced with the issue of what do with their older IT assets.. As the green movement and a call for greater corporate social responsibility have grown over the last decade, it is no longer acceptable for organizations to throw out old technology or simply to pass it along.. IT asset disposal is a serious corporate social responsibility that should be taken to heart by both the private and public sectors and can reap huge benefits for the internal IT organization while, at the same time, being a good corporate citizen.. While proper asset disposal has been a growing movement amongst companies, many still consider it an obligatory act to comply with the “green” movement, despite the regulatory compliance laws.. Organizations fail to understand that correct disposal methods can be extremely beneficial if properly planned and executed – from positioning the company as the “good guy” to increasing financial value of assets that have traditionally been looked at as depreciating in value, resulting in financial loss year-over-year – to closing compliance gaps.. 2010 November 30 Press Release:.. ISO/IEC Grants Extended Distribution.. Cloud Computing?.. Hold on a Minute.. Litt, President of IAITAM.. Published in CIO Update.. The buzz word of the day in the industry is “cloud”.. Executives are hearing the word at every turn.. They associate the word with spending less, smaller.. IT.. departments, and promises of no hassles.. Sounds great for the organization and everyone should jump right on board, right? No!.. Anyone that has been around the industry long enough is looking at.. cloud.. computing as a trip back to the mainframe days of pay-to-play.. Executives, on the other hand, are looking at the concept as a new and exciting way to get rid of the headache of IT.. Unfortunately, (no disrespect intended) they just don’t get it.. The 3 Top Problems of ITAM Administration.. By: Barbara Rembiesa, President of IAITAM.. Published in Enterprise Systems Journal.. IT asset management (ITAM) is a tactical foundation corporate executives need to make sound strategic decisions.. ITAM needs more than just an administrator to manage it.. IT asset management (ITAM) is a word bandied about for the last couple of years as an important functional area necessity for IT to make strategic and managerial decisions.. Although the industry has decided to take up this battle cry, the reality is lagging far behind.. The role of ITAM has been delegated to highly functional IT administrators or middle management, who immediately place it into the hands of an IT administrator.. Few C-level or executive decisions makers pay attention to ITAM programs until they are asked to cut costs -- which has been the trend for the last two years.. The recession has put a spotlight on ITAM, but hurdles governing the program execution remain.. 2010 October 28 Press Release:.. December is ITAM Awareness Month.. IAITAM Reveals Data from Its What’s Happening with ITAD Survey.. ISO/IEC 19770-1 SAM Standard Embraced By IAITAM.. IT Asset Management: How to Bring Value To Your Organisation (Part 2/2: Key Processes).. Litt, President of IAITAM.. Once you understand how these foundational processes exist within the enterprise, then you are in the position to venture into the other key processes that support the ITAM program:.. Acquisition Management:.. Effective IT acquisitions empowers the rest of your IT Asset Management program by applying process, determining pathways for exceptions and generating the initial documentation and records for the IT assets before the acquisition is even completed.. Asset Identification:.. Asset ID is a key enabler of many related activities in the Software Life-cycle, Hardware Life-cycle, IT Acquisition and Documentation Management Key Process Areas at the point when an organization applies that unique identifier to incoming IT assets.. IT Asset Management: How to Bring Value To Your Organisation (Part 1/2: Vision).. When evaluating core business practices, IT Asset Management has not made the list for most enterprises.. In the past, ITAM has been viewed as a practice that lies solely within the realm of IT and not considered to add measurable value to the organization.. IT was often viewed as foreign to executive management with little buy-in and business practices within IT were often immature compared to other business practices with little executive buy-in and not necessarily viewed as adhering to the overall goals of the organization.. When evaluating the ITAM program on its merits, you can see it yields quantifiable benefits such as budgetary savings, risk reduction and enterprise-wide efficiencies.. By definition, ITAM is the process of managing the business side of IT, therefore as a business practice, the targets and measurements must adhere to standard business methodologies and adhere to the organization’s goals and contribute to the bottom line..

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  • Title: netFORUM Team/Pro
    Descriptive info: IAITAM Terms and Conditions.. Notice and Disclosure.. In general, you may visit this website without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information.. IAITAM collects domain information from your visit to customize and improve your experience on our website.. Some portions of this website may require you to give us personally identifiable information, which is information that enables us to identify you, such as your name, email or other address.. If you opt to provide us that sort of information, we also may use it for purposes such as verifying your identity, sending you information, or contacting you.. For certain programs, we may make your information available to our business partners, for marketing and other purposes which we believe may be beneficial to you.. Choice/Opt-Out.. It is our intent to inform you before we collect personally identifiable information, and tell you what we intend to do with it.. You will have the option of not providing the information, in which case you may still be able to access other portions of this website, although you may not be able to access certain programs or services.. In certain portions of this website, we also may enable you to "opt out" of certain uses of your information, or elect not to receive future communications or services.. Data Security.. IAITAM's intent is to strictly protect the security of your personal information; honor your choice for its intended use; and carefully protect your data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration, or destruction.. We have put in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure information we collect online, including the use of encryption when collecting or transferring sensitive data such as credit card information.. Data Quality and Access.. IAITAM strives to keep your information and data accurate, complete and current.. We will promptly take steps to correct any inaccuracies in your personally identifiable information which we are made aware of.. Business Relationships.. This website contains links to other websites.. IAITAM is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites.. Public Forums.. Portions of this website make chat rooms, forums, message boards, and/or news groups available to visitors.. Please remember that any information that is disclosed in these areas becomes public information and exercise caution when deciding to disclose any personal information.. All Memberships are non-refundable.. All Memberships are non-transferrable.. All Memberships are valid for one year from the date of purchase.. IAITAM reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership at any time.. Individual Membership:.. may not be transferred to any other individual or to an organization.. Corporate Membership:.. Corporate membership is valid for all employees within the organization.. Provider Membership:.. Provider membership is valid for all employees within the organization.. Training Course Prerequisites.. The CSAM or CHAMP courses are recommended prerequisites to the CITAM course.. The CSAM and CHAMP courses set the groundwork for the CITAM course and provide the student with the necessary foundation to begin an IT Asset Management program.. Training Course Hours.. Unless otherwise noted, on-location courses begin at 9:00am in their respective time zone; Certification testing is available on-line 24 hours a day during the twenty-eight (28) days immediately following receipt of the exam notification email.. On-line courses commence at their specified date/time which is available in the.. Events Calendar.. on the IAITAM website; Online courses are always listed in US Canada Eastern Time Zone (GMT-05:00); Certification testing is available on-line 24 hours a day during the twenty-eight (28) days immediately following receipt of the exam notification email.. Certification.. The certification examination results are pass/fail.. Students must achieve an 85% to pass.. The certification exam must be taken on-line within 28 days of course completion.. Certification exam results are provided to the examinee.. Employers requesting certification test results must request the results through the student or a release must be signed by the student taking the certification test authorizing IAITAM to release the student’s test results.. In the unfortunate event that a student is incapable of passing the course, the student will receive an instant notification from IAITAM's Exam Center.. The first retake for a student is free of charge because the ultimate goal of IAITAM is to enhance the knowledge of each and every course attendee, however re-testing is available to a student only once.. If the student fails to achieve their certification a second time, the student will be required to retake the entire course at their own expense.. Retakes must be completed within the initial 28 days of receiving the exam notification email.. ONLY THOSE INDIVIDUALS THAT COMPLETE AN IAITAM CERTIFICATION COURSE AND PASS THE IAITAM CERTIFICATION EXAM, CONFIRMED BY IAITAM HQ, ARE PERMITTED TO USE THE ACRONYM DESIGNATING INDIVIDUAL COURSE CERTIFICATION.. THIS POLICY WILL BE STRICTLY MONITORED AND ENFORCED.. IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION OR CONCERN, PLEASE CONTACT IAITAM HQ AT.. INFO@IAITAM.. ORG.. Recertification/Expired Certifications.. All professionals certified by IAITAM should participate in the Recertification Program.. IAITAM accepts recertification submissions every month.. Recertification must be completed by the anniversary date of your most recent certification or recertification, whichever is most recent.. All certified professionals (certified by passing at least one IAITAM certification test) will receive a recertification notice with instructions.. Recertification happens when you complete the Recertification Program or successfully pass another IAITAM certification exam providing this takes place within one calendar year of your initial certification.. Certified individuals need only recertify once to renew all Certifications in good-standing (current or recertified through the program or another IAITAM certification).. The Recertification Program consists of a short survey as well as an exam consisting of 20 questions pulled randomly from a database.. A score of 100% is required in order to pass the exam, however the system will allow the user to take the exam as many times as needed and only missed questions will need to be re-answered.. There is no time limit on taking the exam however, the exam must be successfully completed prior to the end of the month in which the individual’s certification(s) expires in order to keep their certification(s) in good standing.. Every Monday, the Recertification Program links will be sent to those who purchased the Recertification Program in the previous week (if Monday is a holiday, links will be sent on the next normal business day).. A $75 Member / $150 Non-Member processing fee is required for participation in the IAITAM Recertification Program.. Certified professionals who do not recertify are considered expired and must cease using the CSAM, CHAMP, CMAM, CITAD or CITAM designation(s).. To become certified again, they must retake and pass the certification exam that coincides with their credentials within 6 months of expiration; more than six months out can only be renewed by taking the full course along with successfully passing the respective certification exam at the course and exam's regular price.. Annual Conference Only.. All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies.. All IAITAM Events.. IAITAM reserves the right to use all audio, video, and photographic footage from any IAITAM Event for future IAITAM promotions.. All registrations are accepted based on IAITAM's approval.. No one under the age of twenty-one (21) is permitted at any IAITAM Event.. Payment.. Purchase Order: Terms = net due 30 days.. Include a copy of PO with your.. IAITAM Registration Form.. Check/Money Order: Make payable to IAITAM, Inc.. and enclose with your.. Credit Card: IAITAM accepts MasterCard, Visa, Amex, and Discover.. All fees are to be paid in U.. dollars.. Payment details are due upon registration.. Fees must be received by IAITAM prior to the start of the event.. All fees are subject to change.. Discounts: Offers cannot be combined, only valid on new registrations, exclude IAITAM Certification testing fees.. Membership discounts are available directly through IAITAM and IAITAM.. org.. IAITAM is not responsible for unused member benefits; refunds will not be given for unused benefits or products/services purchased in lieu of benefits.. Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy.. Reschedule or Cancellation request must be received in writing by IAITAM at least 91 days prior to the start of the event.. Notice should be sent to IAITAM at 4848 Munson St.. NW Canton, Ohio 44718 or.. info@iaitam.. Less than 90 days till Education Event = 0% Refund.. Greater than 91 days till Education Event = 50% Refund.. IAITAM reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any course.. Normally, at least 30 days written notice will be provided to registered attendees.. In the event of a course cancellation by IAITAM, any payment made for the cancelled course will be refunded or can be held for another course at IAITAM’s discretion.. Force Majeure – IAITAM shall not be liable for any failure or delay in the hosting of a course if such failure or delay is caused by fire, flood, strike or other labor interruption, terrorism, war, riot, an act of God, an act of government, insurrection, civil disturbance or other cause beyond IAITAM’s reasonable control.. On-site Courses Only.. Please contact IAITAM directly for information about on-site courses.. An on-site specialist will contact you to discuss course dates, facilities, pricing, and any additional requirements.. On-site courses to be held in the United States must be scheduled at least 60 days in advance of the start of the course.. On-site courses to be held outside of the United States must be scheduled at least 90 days in advance of the start of the course.. 50% of the on-site course fee is due upon the scheduling of the course, with the balance due 30 days prior to the commencement of the course.. Course fees do not include related travel expenses for IAITAM trainer(s).. Travel expenses will be billed within 30 days of the end of the course and are due within 10 days of receipt of same.. All certificates for students passing the certification exam will be issued to a single contact within the organization for distribution.. A 50% cancellation/reschedule fee of the total on-site course fee will be assessed for any on-site course canceled/rescheduled within 90 days of the start of the on-site course.. For International travel, the instructor’s airfare will be billed and payable when the course is scheduled along with the fifty percent (50%) payment due.. All additional charges for lodging, meals and incidentals will be invoiced within thirty (30) days of the course completion.. Virtual IBPL Advanced Training.. Subject to.. IAITAM Publishing LLC Terms of Use Agreement.. (See below).. IAITAM Publishing, LLC Terms of Use Agreement.. BY DOWNLOADING, ACCESSING OR USING ANY PART OF THE LICENSED PRODUCTS, AS HEREINAFTER DEFINED, YOU EXPRESSLY AGREE TO AND CONSENT TO BE BOUND BY ALL OF THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT.. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ALL OF THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT, YOU MAY NOT DOWNLOAD, ACCESS OR USE ANY PART OF THE LICENSED PRODUCTS.. The  ...   Licensed Products and their respective components or any other obligation of IPLLC under this Agreement.. Under no circumstance shall IPLLC be liable for any harm caused to Your IT environment by the accessing, downloading, installing or use of the Licensed Products, any components thereof or any derivatives of the Licensed Products and their respective components.. IPLLC shall not be liable for any action, cause, claim, damage, debt, demand, liability or loss of business, including reasonable costs and attorneys’ fees, based on Your use of the Licensed Products, any components thereof or any derivatives of the Licensed Products and their respective components.. Confidentiality and Proprietary Information; Non-Disclosure.. Confidential and Proprietary Information.. Confidential and Proprietary Information shall include the Licensed Products, any components thereof and any derivatives of the Licensed Products and their respective components, any and all updates to the Licensed Products and any and all other information furnished by IPLLC to You, whether by a member, director, officer, employee, agent or representative of IPLLC, in whatever format and whether or not marked as “Confidential”, except information which (i) was or becomes generally available to the public other than as a result of disclosure by You or Your shareholders, members, directors, officers, employees, agents or advisors, (ii) was available to You prior to it being furnished to You, or (iii) becomes available to You from a source other than IPLLC subsequent to it being furnished to You by or on behalf of IPLLC; provided, however, that in the case of (ii) and (iii) above, the source of such information was not bound by a confidentiality agreement with IPLLC regarding the same.. Non-Disclosure of Confidential and Proprietary Information.. You agree that the Confidential and Proprietary Information of IPLLC will be used solely for the purpose of enhancing Your use and management of Your IT assets and ITAM program, and further agree that the Confidential and Proprietary Information will be kept confidential by You and Your shareholders, members, directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives (collectively, the “Representatives”) who need to know the Confidential and Proprietary information strictly for the purpose of enhancing Your use and management of Your IT assets and ITAM program (it being understood that the Representatives shall be informed of the confidential nature of the Confidential and Proprietary Information, shall be directed to treat the Confidential and Proprietary Information confidentially and not to use it other than in connection with the purposes defined herein, and shall have consented to do so).. In any event, You shall be responsible for any improper use of any of IPLLC’s Confidential and Proprietary Information by Your Representatives.. Furthermore, You agree that You shall not use the Confidential and Proprietary Information of IPLLC for Your own benefit or for the benefit of others other than as provided herein.. 7.. Your Representations and Warranties.. You represent and warrant to IPLLC that:.. You are over the age of eighteen (18);.. You have the power and authority to enter into this Agreement and perform Your obligations under this Agreement;.. You shall comply with all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement; and.. You have provided accurate and complete registration information, including, without limitation, Your legal name, Your job title, Your email address and the legal name of Your company, its address and its telephone number.. 8.. Indemnification.. You agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend IPLLC, its members, directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives and affiliates from and against any action, cause, claim, damage, debt, demand or liability, including reasonable costs and attorneys’ fees, asserted by any person or entity, arising out of or relating to this Agreement or Your use of the Licensed Products, any components thereof or any derivatives of the Licensed Products and their respective components.. 9.. Termination.. This Agreement is effective until terminated by You or IPLLC or in the event You (i) terminate or suspend Your business operations, (ii) become subject to any bankruptcy or insolvency proceeding under Federal or state law; (iii) become insolvent or become subject to direct control by a trustee, receiver or similar authority; or (iv) have wound up or liquidated, voluntarily or otherwise, your business operations.. IPLLC may terminate this Agreement immediately if You breach any term or condition of this Agreement.. You may terminate this Agreement at any time by destroying the Licensed Products, any components thereof, any derivatives of the Licensed Products and their respective components and the media it was delivered to You in, including all hard copy and electronic formats and any customized components of the Licensed Products created by You, and erasing all copies of the Licensed Products, any components thereof, any derivatives of the Licensed Products and their respective components and any customized components of the Licensed Products residing anywhere in Your IT environment and providing a certificate from an officer of Your company attesting to the termination of the license permitted herein; the effective date of such termination; the destruction of the Licensed Products, any components thereof, any derivatives of the Licensed Products and their respective components, any customized components of the Licensed Products created by You, and the media, electronic or otherwise, on which the Licensed Products and their respective components were provided to You; and the date of such destruction.. 10.. General Provisions.. All notices, consents and other communications required or permitted under this Agreement shall be in writing and either delivered personally, sent by registered or certified mail, postage pre-paid, transmitted by facsimile transmission, or sent by overnight courier to the following address or such other address as IPLLC may specify in accordance with this Section 10.. Any such notice mailed in accordance with this Section 10.. shall be deemed given when so delivered personally or sent by facsimile transmission, or if sent by overnight delivery or certified mail, return receipt requested, upon first attempted delivery.. IAITAM Publishing, LLC.. Attn: Legal Department.. 4848 Munson St.. NW.. Canton, Ohio 44718.. Facsimile: 330.. 3289.. Binding; Nonassignability.. This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties and their respective successors and permitted assigns, but otherwise is not intended to confer rights or remedies upon any person other than the parties hereto.. You shall not pledge, mortgage, assign, license or otherwise transfer or dispose of, including by operation of law, in whole or in part, any of the rights and benefits conferred upon You pursuant to this Agreement, except as expressly permitted in this Agreement or as may be consented to in writing by IPLLC.. Injunctive Relief.. You acknowledge and agree that any breach of the covenants contained in Sections 2 and 6 may result in material and irreparable harm to IPLLC.. You, therefore, agree that IPLLC has the right to seek an injunction or other equitable relief to enforce this Agreement and any of its provisions, without prejudice to any other rights and remedies it may have.. Severability.. If any term or provision of this Agreement, or any portion of such term or provision or the application of such term or provision to any circumstance is finally determined by binding arbitration or by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, such term, provision or portion of such term or provision shall be ineffective to the extent of such determination, without rendering invalid or unenforceable the remaining terms and provisions of this Agreement, which remaining terms and provisions shall be construed to preserve to the maximum extent possible the intent and purposes of this Agreement.. Any such invalidity or unenforceability in any jurisdiction shall not invalidate or render invalid or unenforceable such term or provision or any portion of such term or provision in any other jurisdiction.. Governing Law; Venue.. This Agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio as if fully performed therein and without reference to its conflict of laws principles.. All actions to enforce any right under this Agreement must be brought in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, or the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, as their respective jurisdictions may lie, and You consent to personal jurisdiction and venue in these courts for any such actions.. You waive any right you may have to demand a jury trial in any action between them.. Jurisdiction.. THE PARTIES HERETO IRREVOCABLY CONSENT TO THE PERSONAL JURISDICTION AND VENUE OF THE COURT FOR CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OHIO FOR ALL DISPUTES RELATIVE TO THE CONSTRUCTION AND ENFORCEMENT OF THIS AGREEMENT AND FURTHER CONSENT THAT ANY PROCESS, NOTICE, MOTION OR OTHER APPLICATION TO EITHER SUCH COURT OR JUDGE THEREOF MAY BE SERVED OUTSIDE THE STATE IN WHICH THE COURT IS LOCATED BY REGISTERED OR CERTIFIED MAIL OR BY PERSONAL SERVICE, PROVIDED THAT A REASONABLE TIME FOR APPEARANCE IS ALLOWED; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, THAT IF FEDERAL LAW APPLIES, THE FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF OHIO SHALL HAVE SUCH JURISDICTION.. Amendments.. No change to this Agreement shall be valid unless in a writing signed by IPLLC which refers specifically to this Agreement and states its intention to change it.. Force Majeure.. To the extent that IPLLC is not able to perform an obligation under this Agreement due to fire, flood, strike or other labor interruption, terrorism, war, riot, an act of God, an act of government, insurrection, civil disturbance or other cause beyond its reasonable control, IPLLC shall not be liable for failing to perform that obligation except that this Section 10.. h.. may not excuse You from the obligation to pay money to IPLLC that is owed for the Licensed Products in accordance with this Agreement.. Third Party Beneficiaries.. This Agreement is not intended, nor shall it be deemed or construed, to create or confer any rights, including, by way of example but not limitation, third party beneficiary rights, to any person or entity other than the parties.. No Waiver.. IPLLC may waive any of its rights under this Agreement by an appropriate writing that specifically refers to the contractual right being waived, but a failure by IPLLC to enforce a right, including without limitation, a right arising as a result of a breach of this Agreement, or to insist upon performance of an obligation arising from this Agreement, shall not be construed as a waiver of any of its rights, nor shall it affect the validity of this Agreement or any part of it, and or prejudice IPLLC’s rights regarding any subsequent action.. Entire Agreement.. This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes any and all communications, representations and arrangements, whether written or oral (whether given or made before or after the date hereof).. No representations, statements or agreements were made or relied upon by either party, other than those expressly written in this Agreement..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Thank you for your interest.. You can contact us at any time.. USA.. World Headquarters.. Canton, Ohio 44718 USA.. Toll-free: +1.. 877.. 942.. 4826.. Facsimile: +1.. Web:.. www.. iaitam.. Las Vegas Office.. Spanish Vista Professional Center.. 4955 S.. Durango Drive, Suite 111.. Las Vegas, Nevada 89113-1053 USA.. Europe.. London Office.. Telephone: +  ...   3-1-1 Higashi Ikebukuro Toshima-ku.. Tokyo 170-6045 Japan.. Telephone: +81.. 050.. 5806.. 3345.. takeshi.. takeuchi@iaitam.. jp.. International Services.. For all media inquires contact Will Harwood at the Hastings Group:.. IAITAM Member Services.. Sponsoring or Exhibiting at the IAITAM Annual Conference & Exhibition.. conference@iaitam.. Advertising or Authoring in ITAK.. ITAK@iaitam.. ITAM 360 Information.. ITAM360@iaitam..

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  • Title: IAITAM Membership
    Descriptive info: IAITAM Membership.. Being an IAITAM Member demonstrates a commitment to growing the IT Asset Management profession.. IAITAM encourages knowledge sharing and experiences among their members.. IAITAM Members have access to real-world experiences from peers around the globe in organizations of every size and type through their Member benefits.. Members learn how to establish and incorporate an ITAM program as part of their professional development.. Members also learn to make a difference by getting involved in current events that are shaping the ITAM industry.. IAITAM is the only globally recognized membership and training organization dedicated to offering the highest quality benefits, expertise, best practices, and professionalism to their members in this industry.. IAITAM and IAITAM Members are truly dedicated to the advancement of the ITAM Professional.. IAITAM provides a common base of understanding, terminology and a broader perspective on the opportunities for IT Asset Management through the contributions of its Members.. Members include specialists in Software Asset Management, Hardware Asset Management, Negotiations, Financial, Procurement and Property Management, just to name a few.. IAITAM is also unique in that providers of services and tools are included as Members of the Association, offering an equal opportunity to add their knowledge and experiences into the centralized knowledge warehouse that is IAITAM.. Click on the links below or visit the.. IAITAM Online Store.. to register online.. Download the.. for all pricing or to place an order via fax or.. email.. Corporate Membership.. (Best Value).. IAITAM’s Corporate Membership was designed to meet the ongoing needs of the enterprise at every stage of ITAM program development.. This membership is the premier package for members, offering team access to all IAITAM offerings at the greatest discount levels offered as well as ongoing services designed for the enterprise.. More Information.. Price: $2,240.. 00.. Join Today!.. Individual Membership.. IAITAM's Individual Membership program was developed for those that not only want to grow in their chosen profession,  ...   focused market of well-qualified professionals as well as gives its Provider Members the opportunity to share their expertise through a broad range of marketing opportunities and educational offers for the Provider’s customer base.. Provider Member staff can also benefit from the training programs offered by IAITAM in order to broaden the industry perspective of their employees, which helps them to understand the complete ITAM lifecycle and where their products and services fit within that program thereby increasing their value to their customers and shortening their sales cycles.. Price: $2,990.. 00.. IAITAM Membership Benefit.. Corporate Membership.. Discounted IAITAM Hosted IT Asset Management Training and Certifications*.. X.. Discounted Rate to IAITAM's ACE - Annual Conference Exhibition*.. Access to IAITAM White Papers at a Reduced Rate or Free*.. Access to IAITAM Member Digest*.. ITAK Subscription at No Charge*.. Access to IAITAM Member User Group Meetings*.. Ability to Submit Job Openings to IAITAM for Posting*.. Discounted pricing on the IBPL - IAITAM Best Practice Library*.. Access to Monthly Survey Results *.. Access to Members only Gray Papers Published Quarterly *.. Ability to purchase ITAM360 Knowledgebase*.. Receives IAITAM CXO Conference Pass at No Charge (quantity 2).. Half-price IAITAM ACE passes (quantity up to 4).. Choice of IAITAM Publication at No Charge (quantity 1).. Choice of Advanced Training Course at No Charge (quantity 1).. Discounted.. IAITAM Hosted IT Asset Management Training and Certifications for any Employee within an.. Organization.. Discounted Rate to IAITAM's ACE - Annual Conference for any Employee within an Organization.. Discounted Private IAITAM Hosted Corporate Training.. IAITAM Best Practice BluePrint at No Charge (quantity 1).. IAITAM Employee Awareness Program at No Charge (quantity 1).. Reduced Exhibit Fees for IAITAM’s ACE - Annual Conference Exhibition.. Multiple Marketing opportunities to reach IAITAM Database and Members (For Full List See Provider Section).. Annual Cost.. $2,240.. $365.. $2,990.. * IAITAM Core Benefits.. **Discount valid on regular registration price only.. IAITAM Training Terms and Conditions..

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    Descriptive info: IAITAM CXO PROGRAM.. Real-world Solutions for Real-world Executives.. IAITAM CXO is an exclusive program comprised of C-level executives from around the world.. IAITAM’s focus over the past decade has always been to bring real world value and solutions to organizations in managing their IT Assets.. This program brings together the knowledge and experiences from organizations around the world with proven methodology, rather than a single source of theories, that will allow organizations to mature  ...   at the C-level by offering proven, real-world solutions to the challenge of aligning IT with your business goals.. AVAILABLE PACKAGES.. Corporate CXO $5,500.. Valued Up to $7,485.. - One Year.. - One year subscription for up to 10 ITAM 360 users.. or.. one printed IAITAM Best Practice Library.. - One Certification Course with Exam (excludes CITAM).. One IAITAM ACE pass.. - Executive focused Webinars, ITAK and Meetings.. Provider CXO $6,000.. Valued Up to $8,235..

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  • Title: Fellowship Program
    Descriptive info: IAITAM plays a prominent role in determining and promoting IT Asset Management best practices, but it is our Membership that truly drives industry best practices.. As the field matures, experts and leaders emerge who can influence and lead the efforts for process improvements as business demands increase.. IAITAM recognizes these experts for their contribution by awarding them the recognition of IAITAM Fellow.. These individuals have gone above and beyond in their respective areas and have contributed to the ideals of IAITAM and IT Asset Management best practices.. IAITAM promotes and encourages individuals who go above and beyond to promote and move the ITAM industry forward.. To assist this, IAITAM provides many opportunities and avenues to promote the industry.. Those activities include:.. - Chairing IMUG sessions.. - Contributing to IAITAM industry webinars.. - Adding content to ITAK magazine and weekly news events.. - Speaking at the IAITAM ACE events.. - Supporting IAITAM efforts and provide feedback and guidance in areas critical to our members.. - Other outlets are available as well, such as volunteering to help with the development/editing of ITAM related standards, providing peer support for other individuals establishing ITAM programs, etc.. IAITAM Fellows regularly meet to discuss new programs, member benefits, product and content development and IAITAM events.. Their contributions are extremely valuable to the organization.. IAITAM wishes to extend our thanks to the current Fellowship team, and we encourage all to reach out to the Fellows, for they are a representative mix of the IAITAM Member community and their combined expertise and knowledge is unsurpassed in the field of IT Asset Management.. You can contact the Fellows via email at.. What is an IAITAM Fellow:.. IAITAM plays a prominent role in determining IT Asset Management best practices and industry direction.. It is the membership that drives best practices, and experts and leaders with foresight emerge from within that base that can positively influence and extract improvements as business demands increase.. Receiving the recognition of being an IAITAM Fellow is not only a reflection of personal achievement, but it also highlights those leaders from the ITAM community who have achieved a substantial level of understanding of the ITAM industry.. These individuals are advocates within their own environment for the advancement of ITAM industry best practices and are willing to assist IAITAM and its Members around the world in advocating best practices in asset management.. The Fellowship designation is only awarded to those individuals who have gone above and beyond and provided thought leadership to move the industry forward and have contributed positively to the IT Asset Management profession.. IAITAM encourages its Members to nominate those  ...   the total number of Fellows must not exceed 10% of the total IAITAM membership at any time.. Nominations to become an IAITAM Fellow must be submitted to IAITAM by an IAITAM member for consideration by July 1.. Fax the completed.. nomination form.. to IAITAM at +1.. The nomination period is open from now until the end of June.. All nominees will be contacted and qualification paperwork in the form of a questionnaire will be issued to all Nominees by July 17th.. The IAITAM Fellowship Program Questionnaire is required for consideration and must be completed and submitted to 4848 Munson Street NW, Canton OH 44718 USA, Attn: IAITAM Fellow Nomination Committee by August 1.. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our offices at +1.. 3012 or toll free at +1.. 9IAITAM.. Induction into IAITAM’s Fellowship Program is a great honor with great responsibilities.. Nomination does not guarantee appointment.. Official inductees will be announced and inducted during IAITAM ACE (Annual Conference Exhibition) events.. Qualifications for Fellowship nomination:.. - Being an active and contributing Member of IAITAM.. - Have made significant contribution to the field of IT Asset Management in the form of:.. * Best Practice implementations/Process Improvements.. * ITAM/Hardware/Software Program implementations.. * Articles in ITAK or other periodicals.. * Books/White Papers of educational nature.. - speaking at major conferences and/or seminars.. - Contributed towards best practice and industry standards moving forward.. - Have demonstrated substantial achievement from a thought leadership standpoint over a period of at least five years.. - Be a person of integrity who has a proven record of expertise, experience and success in helping organizations achieve results in managing their assets.. - Be respected in the field of asset management.. - Be an advocate of IAITAM.. IAITAM wishes to extend our thanks to the current Fellowship team, and we encourage all to reach out to the Fellows, for they are individuals who have gone above and beyond to move the industry forward.. Current Fellows include:.. - Barbara Rembiesa, CEO President of IAITAM.. - John Tomeny, VP, Business Development for Sassafras Software, Inc.. - Larry Shoup, CEO and President of Silver Tree Solutions, Inc.. - Roger Mallett, Senior Architect Software Principal for HP.. - Steven Klos, Founder and Managing Partner of Agnitio Advisors.. - Paul “Doc” Burnham, Technical Consultant for ServiceNow.. - Howard Hastings, Client Solutions Director at Techworksers, Inc.. - Elizabeth Armstrong, Manager IS Asset for Ohio Health.. - Walter Darrough, Management Consultant, Asset Services for Dell, Inc.. - Krzysztof Baczkiewicz, Principal in TranspectIt.. - Barbara Sellers, IT Director for USAA.. - Heather Young, Global Director - SAM Programs for Microsoft Corporation..

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  • Title: IAITAM Member List
    Descriptive info: Below is the IAITAM member list.. IAITAM members cross most industry sectors, demographics and include public and private organizations across the globe.. IAITAM respects the privacy of it's members, therefore:.. - IAITAM's member list is comprised of those Individual, Corporate and Provider Members that have chosen to be included in the member list.. If you do not see your organization on the list and wish to be added, please contact IAITAM via email at.. - Only organization names will be published.. - Those organizations with more than one member will only be noted on the list once.. - No personal information is noted or distributed via the IAITAM website.. - IAITAM does not sell its member list.. IAITAM actively markets to the member community on behalf of our.. Provider Members.. ; If you are interested in marketing opportunities through IAITAM, please send your email to.. To remove your organization from the member list - please contact IAITAM at.. (i)Structure.. Farm Credit Services of America.. Phoenix Health Systems.. 1E.. Farmers Insurance Group.. Phoenix Technology Partners, Inc.. 21st Century Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.. FBL Financial Group, Inc.. Piedmont Natural Gas.. 24 Hour Fitness USA Inc.. Federal Aviation Administration.. Pilkington North America.. 2nd Solutions, LLC.. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.. Pima County Government.. 3 Step IT, Inc.. Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta.. Pinebreeze Technologies.. 360 Incorporated.. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.. Pioneer Natural Resources.. 3M Company.. Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.. Pioneer Natural Resources Company.. AAA Insurance Exchange.. Federal Reserve Bank of St.. Louis.. Pitney Bowes Inc.. AARP.. Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.. Pixar.. ABC - American Broadcasting Company.. FHL Banks - Office of Finance.. PJM Interconnection.. ABC Enterprise Systems.. Fidelity Investment.. Plante Moran, LLP.. ABN AMRO.. Fifth Third Bank.. Platte River Power Authority.. Absolute Software Corporation.. Fireman's Fund Insurance.. Power Engineers, Inc.. Academy Sports and Outdoors.. First American Title Insurance Company.. PPG Industries, Inc.. ACCA - Assoc.. Chartered Certified Accountants - Pakistan.. First Bank.. PPL Corporation.. Accenture Technology Infrastructure Serv.. First Citizens Bank.. PPL Services Corporation.. ACE CASH EXPRESS.. First Data Corporation.. Precision Task Group.. ACE INA Holdings Inc.. First Energy Corporation.. Premera Blue Cross.. Aclara Technologies.. First Tennessee National Corporation.. PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP.. ActioNet.. FIS Technology Business Services.. Prime Therapeutics.. Acxiom Corporation.. Fiserv Insurance Solutions.. Prince George's County Maryland.. Ada County Idaho.. Fish Richardson P.. C.. Principal Financial Group.. Administaff, Inc.. Five9 Technologies.. Professional Veterinary Products, Ltd.. Administrative Office of United States Courts.. Flexera Software.. Progress Energy Service Co.. LLC.. Adobe, Systems, Incorporated.. Flint Hills Resources, LP.. Progressive Insurance.. ADP, Inc.. Florence Reboul.. Proquest LLC.. ADT Security Services, Inc.. Fluor Corporation.. Protiviti, Inc.. Advanced Auto Parts.. FMC Technologies.. Provance Technologies, Inc.. Advanced Marketplace.. Ford Motor Company.. Providence Health Systems.. Advanced Systems Development.. Forest City Enterprises, Inc.. Prudential - Uni-Data Services, LLC.. AECOM - United States.. Forest Laboratories, Inc.. Public Service Co of New Mexico.. AECOM Technology Corporation.. Formerly Johnson and Johnson.. Publix Super Markets, Inc.. Aegian Consulting Services Corporation.. Forrester Research.. PWGSC Public Works and Gov.. Services CA.. AEP American Electric Power Company, Inc.. Fossil Partners, L.. P.. PWXT-Pantex LLC.. AFG - American Financial Group, Inc.. Foster-Melliar, Inc.. - South Africa.. QSGI - QualTech Services Group, Inc.. AFLAC Incorporated.. Four Inc.. 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OGIS - RI CO, Ltd.. WCI Communities, Inc.. Elbit Systems of America.. Ohio Health.. We Energies.. Electro Optics.. Ohio National Financial Services.. Weil, Gotshal Manges, LLP.. Electronic Arts Canada.. Ohio Savings Bank.. Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of IA.. Embarq Holdings Company LLC.. Ohio University.. WellPoint inc.. Emerald Connect.. Olympus America, Inc.. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.. Emerson Electric Company.. Omnicare.. WeRecycle.. EMF Enterprise, LLC.. Omni-ID.. West Bend Mutual Insurance Company.. Emory Henry College.. OmniLink Corporation.. West Monroe Partners LLC.. Emory University.. OnePak, Inc.. Westfield Group.. Emporia State University.. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.. WestJet.. En Pointe Technologies.. Open iT, Inc.. WhereWhen Corporation.. Enbridge Energy Company.. Open Text Corporation.. White Canyon Software.. Engagent, Inc.. Oppenheimer Funds.. Wilbur-Ellis Company.. Entergy Corporation.. OptimalAssets, Inc.. Williams-Sonoma, Inc.. Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee.. Optimum Nutrition, Inc.. WilmerHale.. EPC, Inc.. Oracle Corporation.. Wink Companies, LLC.. Equifax, Inc.. Orange County Information Systems.. Winter Haven Hospital.. Equigroup Ltd PTY.. ORSYP.. Wintershall Holding GmbH.. Equinix.. Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.. Wipro Technologies.. EquipNet.. Pactiv Corporation.. Wood Group Mustang.. Equity Office Properties.. Paragon Development Systems.. Woodward Governor Company.. Eracent Inc.. Parsons Corporation.. WopIT Management.. ERCOT.. Parsons International Ltd.. World Bank.. Erie Insurance Group.. Partners HealthCare System.. World Savings.. ESPN.. Patton Boggs LLP.. World Vision.. eTelligent Solutions Incorporated.. PC Connection.. Worldspan LP.. Evangelical Christian Credit Union.. PCAOB.. WorleyParsons.. eWaste Tech Systems, LLC.. PCGCampbell Company.. Worthington Industries, Inc.. Executive Office of the President.. Peabody Energy Corporation.. WPX Energy.. Exel, Inc.. Peel Regional Police.. Wyndham Vacation Ownership, A Wyndham Worldwide Company.. Expedia, Inc.. PEMCO.. Mutual Insurance Company.. xAssets.. Experian.. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.. Xcel Energy Services, Inc.. Express Metrix IT Asset Management Software.. PepsiCo, Inc.. Xperien.. Express Scripts, Inc.. Perot Systems Corporation.. Yahoo Inc.. Extendworks LLC.. Perrigo Company.. Yahoo!, Inc.. ExxonMobil Exploration.. Personal account.. Yale University.. ExxonMobil Global Services Company.. Pervasive Spaces.. Yellow Book Inc.. Exypnos Consultoria.. Petroleum HR Council of Canada.. Yellow Roadway Technologies.. F.. Hoffmann-La Roche AG.. Pfizer Inc.. YUM! Brands, Inc.. Facebook, Inc.. PG E Pacific Gas Electric.. Yuma Regional Medical Center.. Faegre Benson LLP.. PGDS US One.. Zain Nigeria.. Fair Play Olive Oil Co.. PHH Corporation.. Ziff Brothers Investments.. Farm Bureau Insurance.. Philadelphia Gas Works.. Ziften Technologies, Inc..

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  • Title: Provider Member News
    Descriptive info: 2013: August 28 Press Release.. RF Code Launches Program to Upgrade Enterprises from Passive-to-Active (P2A) RFID Asset Management.. 2013: August 01 Press Release.. DestructData, Inc.. Releases New Hand Held Data Erasure Verification Tool.. 2013: January 11 Press Release.. Blazent Launches "Closed-Loop Quality" Initiative to Enhance the Impact of Leading IT Service Management Platforms.. 2012: May 18 Press Release.. BTC Distinguished for Innovations.. 2011: November 10 Press Release.. Micro Hosts ITAD Industry Leaders at Next-Generation IT Recycling and Distribution Center in Las Vegas.. 2011: October 04 Press Release.. HiTech Assets Executives participate in Educational  ...   17 Press Release.. Siwel Consulting Enhances ITAM Program Development Methodology.. 2011: July 25 Press Release.. iET Solutions Launches Powerful Pack of IT Service Management (ITSM) Tools for On-premise Use and the Cloud.. 2011: July 07 Press Release.. 1E, the global leader in IT efficiency software today announced its expansion into Germany.. 2011: J.. une 28 Press Release.. Blancco's Solution Answers Cloud Computing Need for Erasure of Storage Systems in Live Storage Environments.. 2011:.. April 19 Press Release.. 2011 Software Efficiency Report by 1E.. 2010:.. November 30 Press Release.. Vendor Management: The Changing Landscape..

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