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    Descriptive info: .. Homepage.. About us.. Members.. ITERA Committees.. Activities.. Press Releases.. Videos.. Downloads.. ITERA Offices.. Contact.. Welcome to ITERA Life-Sciences Forum.. Tissue engineering.. is the use of a combination of cells, engineering and materials methods, and suitable biochemical and physio-chemical factors to improve or replace biological functions.. While most definitions of tissue engineering cover a broad range of applications, in practice the term is closely associated with applications that repair or replace portions of or whole tissues (i.. e.. , skin, bone, cartilage, blood vessels, cornea reconstruction, bladder, etc.. ).. Often, the tissues involved require certain mechanical and structural properties for proper function.. The term has also been applied to efforts to perform specific biochemical functions using cells within an artificially-created support system (e.. g.. an artificial pancreas, or a bioartificial liver).. The term.. regenerative medicine.. is often used synonymously with tissue engineering, although those involved in regenerative medicine place more emphasis on the use of stem cells to produce tissues.. In 2003, the NSF published a report entitled The Emergence of Tissue Engineering as a Research Field , which gives a thorough description of the history of this field.. Regenerative medicine is a rapidly evolving field of therapy integrating different scientific and technical areas ,including cell biology ,biomedical and computer engineering as well as clinical medicine thus creating an interdisciplinary exchange network of skills, ideas, materials and efforts  ...   of cells derived from several organs and tissues.. During the last five years imaging techniques in combination with nanotechnology become increasingly more relevant.. In its limited interpretation, the term cell therapy refers to the use of cells alone and in the absence of scaffolds and of encapsulation, it can represent the simplest approach of regenerative medicine.. Tissue engineering is aimed at the regeneration of biological tissue through the use of cells, with the eventually aid of supporting structures and or biomolecules.. Examples include using living fibroblasts in skin replacement or repair, cartilage repaired with living chondrocytes, or other types of cells used in other ways.. Such a definition indicates culture, expansion and or differentiation as well as optimal cryopreservation of the cells.. During the 1st and the 2nd.. ITERA Life-Sciences Forum Workshops.. different authors, chairmen and speakers have shown that by new research approaches and more insight information's in cell biology we will enter into new perspectives in cellular therapies for different diseases.. As chairman of the ITERA I would like to thank especially Prof Dr Maurizio Muraca, member of ITERA and Head of the Department of the Laboratories at the Bambino Gesu Ospedale in Rome for his contribution to this introducing ITERA information and welcome text.. Albert Ramon.. Chairman.. Use of this website signifies your agreement to the.. Disclaimer.. 2008 Itera.. All rights reserved.. Webdesign Vector BROSS..

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  • Title: About us
    Descriptive info: ITERA Life Sciences Forum has been founded in 2004 based on the experience in networking of the founder and actual chairman.. ITERA Life Sciences Forum is a unique and open organisation based on the principles of networking in which young and senior researchers in the field of sciences, physic, medicine, biology, physiology, pharmacology, bio-engineering and engineering are welcome and are participating members.. ITERA Life Sciences Forum has created this networking to chare the knowledge of the academic world with the knowledge of small and middle sized enterprises (SME's), with the aim to participate in the Framework programs of the European Union.. Albert Ramon.. As President of ITERA I received the UNESCO recognition of the International Code of Ethics, presented by the UNESCO Chair of BioEthics and Human Rights Prof Dr Alberto Garcia Gomez (21 November 2011).. Awarded with the Otto Meyerhof Price 2010-2013 in Neuss, Germany Otto Meyerhof (Nobel Price 1922).. Invited by the The University of Queensland Australia to participate on the Comparative Study of Processses, Systems and Regulations in Manufacturing and Application of Stem Cells and other Cell Therapies.. Invited Guest lector at the Theodor Bilhartz Institute Cairo-Egypt.. Member of different Scientific Societies BASL, IPLASS, GSZ , ISHD.. Elected as member of the Advisory Board of Directors Unithink (DOMO-group).. Invited as ITERA Chairman at the World Congress TERMIS in Vienna 2012 (Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society).. Consultant of Immunologic and Infectious Diseases, at the University Hospital of Antwerp, dept.. Gastroenterohepatology headed by Prof.. Dr.. P.. Pelckmans, and Prof.. Michielsen.. Nanotechnology in Medicine, R D Project in cooperation with WFUBMC, ITERM, Vision4 Life-Sciences, and ECMTA.. Guest lector at the Baptist Wake Forest University, Institute for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.. Founding member of ITERM ( Institute of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine) at Lukas Hospital Neuss, Germany.. CMO Unithink (Chief Medical Officer).. Organizer of the 4th Symposium ITERA.. The theme of this yearâ Ÿs workshop is Stem Cells: From the basic research to the pre-clinical and clinical applications.. Invited speaker on the C.. E.. Alken-Preisträger Mannheim.. Study Project: Optimization and application of a nanotechnology based amplification technique for visualizing various biomolecules.. Prof.. Marc Ramael, Prof.. A.. Ramon.. Organizer of the 3rd Symposium ITERA, Theme 3rd symposium: Stem Cells from the cord-blood, cord and placenta; scientific approaches, pre-clinical and clinical applications.. Founder and CEO Vision4 Life-Sciences, Think tank for Innovative Applications in Pharma- and Biotech Industries.. Co-investigator for 8 Projects submitted for the EU Frame Works, 3 projects awarded.. ITERA members participated in HEPADIB HYPERLAB.. Organizer of the 2nd ITERAsymposium, Research Project Hepatic Cells, Isolation, differentiation, characterization  ...   of Liver Diseases: An Overview Diagnostic and Clinical Aspects.. Authors: Prof.. Krueger GRF, A.. Ramon AMC.. Guest editor InterVirology, International Journal.. Novel Immunology Aspects of CMV-Related Diseases.. Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Therapy.. Elected member of the International Scientific Professionals (Whoâ Ÿs WHO).. Co-organizer and speaker at the International Workshop on HSV infections, Kerkrade, Netherlands headed by Prof.. Krueger GRF.. Co-author Study Protocol on Cytokines in Obesity, Are circulating cytokines playing a role in obesity.. A CYTOB-pilot study.. Headed by Prof.. Van Gaal, University Hospital, Antwerp Dept.. Endocrinology.. Co investigator in a Benelux Hepatitis C study Protocol.. Consultant Dept of Microbiology at the University of Maastricht.. Investigator CMV patent.. CMV Patent, Co-author: Human Cytomegalovirus Antigen and its use (Triple Antigen) n 5.. 800.. 952.. Chairman and speaker ELAS meeting Brussels.. Cytokines and Liver diseases, New Biomarkers.. Hypothesis as novel Biomarkers in Liver dieases.. (European Ligand Assay Society).. Genzyme, Virotech Award, Award for the Contribution in R D and QCM of different projects.. Organon Teknika Award (AKZO Nobel Award 1992): Partner in Research and Development.. Co-author of Clinical Study of Psychoneuro-Immunological and Endocrine Network Regulation of Growth and Metastasis in Human Breast Cancer Patients.. Project Officer: Prof.. GRF Krueger.. Invited guest-lector at the University of Houston Medical School.. Invited guest lector : Lyme Project at the Gustav Liebig University, Prof.. Wellensiek.. Co-founder International Institute of Immunopathology, Köln, (USA, Japan, Mexico) Director Prof.. Co-investigator in an EU Frame Work Project n 86400465DE07PUJU1.. Pathogenesis of Malignant Lymphomas Epidemiology Immunopathology and Virology studies in prelymphomatous conditions (incl.. AIDS) and in malignant lymphomas.. Director Prof.. Co-investigator in a Clinical Trial, International IVIG Study protocol in ARC (Aids Related Complex) Prof.. Krueger GRF, (visiting Fellow Prof.. Gallo).. Click here to view.. Albert Ramon's CV.. Composition of the Board of Directors and the Scientific, Medical, Ethics and Legal Advisory Committees.. ITERA Life Sciences Forum has a Board of Directors, a Scientific and Medical Committee and is advised by a Legal and Ethical Committee.. The founder of ITERA Life-Sciences Forum was elected as president for a period of five years.. The president has been in his past career co-investigator in the IVIG, AIDS project 1984-1987 and was Vice-President of the former International Institute of Immunopathology during the period 1987 till 1992.. In 1992 he received the Organon Teknika AKZO Award Partner in Research.. In 1999 he established the AIMO (Autologous Immune Modulated Onco-Vaccination) research group from which an international collaboration has been developed to steer the vaccination against cancer.. He has been awarded by WHO s is WHO and holder of a CMV patent for vaccination and diagnostic purposes..

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  • Title: Members
    Descriptive info: Members.. ITERA Life Sciences Forum has members at the following places:.. 70 Universities and University Hospitals.. 45 Biotech Companies.. 20 Research Centres.. 14 Stem Cell Institutes.. 9 Private Hospitals.. 2 Pharmacy Companies.. 1 International Law Office.. 1 UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights.. Membership registration..

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  • Title: ITERA Committees
    Descriptive info: ITERA Life-Sciences Forum has different working committees:.. Albert Ramon (Chairman),.. iteralifesciences@gmail.. com.. Steering Committee:.. Thomas Otto,.. thomas_otto@lukasneuss.. de.. Peter Michielsen,.. peter.. michielsen@uza.. be.. Peter De Waele, MSc.. ,.. pdewaele@c3bs.. Martin Hinoul,.. martin.. hinoul@lrd.. kuleuven.. ac.. Dirk Ysebaert,.. dirk.. ysebaert@uza.. M.. Walter Van Pottelberge,.. walter.. vanpottelberge@abc.. Maurizio Muraca,.. muraca@opbg.. net.. Alberto Garcia-Gomez,.. agg@arcol.. org.. Philippe Hénon,.. henonp@ch-mulhouse.. fr.. Ir Han Van Driel,.. hanvandriel@klinikz.. Gerhard Krueger,.. Gerhard.. Krueger@uth.. tmc.. edu.. Marc Waeterschoot,.. mjw@phare.. Jan Schrooten,.. jan.. schrooten@mtm.. Executive Board Ethical Committee Regulatory Affairs:.. Dimitar Georgiev,.. georgiev@spnet.. Martin Imhof,.. imhof@meduniwien.. at.. Kathleen De Greef,.. Kathleen.. greef@uza.. Han van Driel,.. hanvandriel@klinkz.. Theol.. Vassilios Fanaras,.. bfanaras@otenet.. gr.. Peter Verdonk,.. pverdonk@yahoo.. Scientific Advisory Board:.. Lorenza Lazzari,.. lo_lazzari@yahoo..  ...   vlaz@hst.. V.. M.. James Koudy Williams,.. kwilliam@wfubmc.. Stuart Forbes,.. Stuart.. Forbes@ed.. uk.. Eumorphia Remboutsika,.. Remboutsika@fleming.. Apostolos Psychogios,.. athensgenetics@gmail.. Jean-Pierre Timmermans,.. jean-pierre.. timmermans@ua.. Dirk Van Dyck,.. vandyck@ua.. Jorgen D'Hondt,.. Medical Engineering Advisory Board:.. Stefan Jockenhoevel,.. Jockenhoevel@hia.. rwth-aachen.. Martijn Van Griensven,.. martijn.. griensven@lbitrauma.. Heinz Redl,.. office@lbitrauma.. Ivan Martin,.. imartin@uhbs.. ch.. Medical Therapeutic Advisory Board:.. Christof Stamm,.. stamm@DHZB.. James Yoo,.. jyoo@wfubmc.. Daniel Surbek,.. Daniel.. surbek@insel.. Wilfried Schroyens,.. Wilfried.. schroyens@uza.. Luc Van Gaal,.. Luc.. gaal@uza.. Marie-Jose Tassignon,.. Marie-jose.. Tassignon@uza.. Desmond Schatz,.. schatda@peds.. ufl.. Michael Haller,.. hallemj@peds.. Joan Garcia-Lopez,.. joangarcia@bstcat.. Mohamed Wishahi,.. Wishahi@gmx.. Julieta Rojo-Medina,.. julieta.. rojo@salud.. gob.. mx.. Alexander Charonis,.. acharonis@athensvision.. Eliane Gluckman,.. eliane.. gluckman@sls.. aphp.. Etienne Sokal,.. etienne.. sokal@uclouvain.. Boros Mihály,.. boros@expsur.. szote.. -szeged.. hu..

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  • Title: Activities
    Descriptive info: Activities.. Members of ITERA Life-Sciences are participating members in three EU-Framework projects: e.. a.. CRYSTAL and HEPADIP and were recently awarded the HYPERLAB project.. The IWT (Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology) recently confirmed that ITERA members will be involved in the HEPSTEM project with participating groups from the Flemish Universities and one research group (KUL, UGENT, VUB and IMEC).. 2009.. - ITERA in cooperation with the Wake-Forest University is a co-founding partner for the Institute of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (ITERM) at the Lukas Clinic Neuss, Germany.. 2010 -.. R D project in cooperation with WFUBMC (Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Centre), ITERM, Vision4 Life-Sciences and ECMTA (European Centre for Medical Technical Applications): Nanotechnology in Medicine.. 2010.. - R D cooperative project with the Institute of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (ITERM) Lukas Clinic with Prof.. Mihaly Boros, Institute of surgical Research at the University of Szeged Hungary.. 2011.. - Invited to participate on a Comparative Study of Processes, Systems and Regulations in Manufacturing and Application of Stem Cells and other Cell therapies by the University of Queensland Australia School of Pharmacy.. Activities 2009-2010.. Overview of the general activities of ITERA since the last Workshop in October 2008 in Maastricht.. 1.. General Activities.. Organisation updating:.. - EU Offices headed by ITERA members (volunteers) website.. www.. itera-ls.. - Composition of different expert committees, website.. - Recruitment of new members,.. - A private family investor signed an agreement to create a foundation supporting young and senior researchers.. - Planning and preparation of the workshop 2011.. 2.. ITERA Partnerships:.. - ITERA members are involved in projects with DZITM (Deutsches Zentrum zur Entwicklung und Prüfung innovativer Techniken in der Medicine).. dzitm.. - ITERA and DZITM are partner organizations.. - ITERA members cooperate with ITERM (Institute for Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine).. - ITERA members corporate with the Rheinisch Westfälisches Zentrum für Beckenchirurgie e.. ).. - ITERA members corporate with ECMTA (European Center for Medical and Technical Applications) located in cologne, Germany.. - ITERA is a cooperation partner of the WFIRM ( Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine).. wfubmc.. edu/wfirm.. 3.. Memberships:.. - The Chairman and different ITERA members are member of :.. - IPLASS (International Placenta Stem cell Society).. iplass.. - GSZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Stammzellforschung e.. V.. stammzellforschung.. - The Chairman of ITERA is member of TERMIS (Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society).. termis.. - ITERA is a member of IBIO (Industrial Biotechnology).. bitlifesciences.. - ITERA and DZITM are partner organizations.. 4.. National and International Projects.. - Different ITERA members participate in National as well as in International Projects for example:.. - Belgium IWT-SBO BRAINSTIM project.. - Belgium 3 different new FWO Projects concerning Neural Stem Cells, Microglia, Glioblastoma.. - EU FP7 HYPERLAB Project.. - EU FP6 ongoing project HEPADIP.. - DFG project: Improved biocompatibility of meshes used for hernia, incontinence and organ prolapsed repair by plasma coating results of in vitro and in vivo studies.. (DFG : Deutsches Forschungs Gemeinschaft) in cooperation with DZITM, ITERM (see above) and University of Szeged Hungary.. - Submitted Projects:.. - Feasibility of diamond nano particle use for tracking and labeling of myoblasts and satellite cells.. (DZITM, ITERM).. - Therapy of refractory postoperative stress incontinence by the use of autologous skeletal muscle- derived cells (MDC).. (DZITM, ITERM).. 5.. International Congresses with ITERA participation:.. - AUA (American Urology Association) San Francisco, USA.. - EAU, ( European Association of Urology) Barcelona, Spain.. - SIU, (Societé Internationale d Urology) Marracech, Marocco.. - ICS, (International Continence Society) Toronto, Canada.. - Colloquium Urologie, Düsseldorf.. 6.. Admitted Publications in cooperation with DZITM, ITERM and ITERA (2010):.. Since the founding and the cooperation between DZITM, ITERM and ITERA,.. 17 Publications has been admitted in different journals.. In the meantime 3 Medical Books have been published and 1 periodical.. 7.. Honorable mentions:.. - The founders and the Board members of ITERA (International Institute of Tissue  ...   as speakers or moderators on different international and national symposia, workshops as well as congresses.. From the 23rd until the 24th of October 2006 the.. 2nd ITERA Life-Sciences Forum workshop.. on Autologous Stem Cells Perspectives, Features and Future of Regenerative Medicine was held in Maastricht (The Netherlands) at the Vaeshartelt Castle Congress Hotel.. During this 2nd workshop the representative of the EU welcomed and supported the ITERA initiative.. From this 2nd workshop several important projects have been further developed and elaborated.. The BestLiverCell project is headed by Prof.. Maurizio Muraca (Head of the laboratory Ospedale Bambino Gesu, Rome) together with several other European experts.. Crucial factor in this project is the development of standards of stem cell lines.. The BestLiverCell project has been presented and discussed during an international workshop on 27 February 2007 in Antwerp, at the university hospital of Antwerp, chaired by Prof.. Dirk Ysebaert and Mr.. Johnny Vanderstraeten, CEO.. Several Belgian, European and North American biotech and pharmacy companies were invited, who are active in the field of innovation and who are conducting research on autologous and allogeneic therapies.. Furthermore two other projects will be initiated as well as one therapeutic oriented project with autologous adult stem cells in the area of stress incontinent treatments.. The storage and cryopreservation of the cells will be done by specialized companies also active in the CRYSTAL project.. At September 13th, 2007 the Chairman has been invited for the EU Workshop GMP facilities Non Commercial Clinical Trials in Brussels, as ITERA Life-Sciences Forum is a member of the ISSAC ( Independent Scientific and Stakeholders Advisory Committee).. 3rd ITERA Life-Sciences Forum workshop.. was held in Maastricht (The Netherlands) from the 24th until the 27th of October 2007 at the Vaeshartelt Castle Congress Hotel.. This workshop was organized in cooperation with the Newcastle University upon Tyne and the Newcastle Centre of Cord Blood Stem Cell Institute by Prof.. Colin McGuckin Head of the Department of Regenerative Medicine and his associated Professor Dr Nicolas Forraz.. There was a participation of speakers, chairmen, invited people from 18 different countries.. The theme of the 3rd Workshop has been committed by the organizing committee and was: Stem Cells from the cord-blood, cord and placenta; scientific approaches, pre-clinical and clinical applications.. This workshop was dedicated to the Nobel Price Laureats in Medicin Biology, Immunology and Physiology.. About the 4th workshop.. The former workshops were dedicated to the different composers and Nobel Prize laureates in Medical Biology, Immunology and Physiology.. This.. 4th ITERA Life-Sciences Forum workshop.. , once again organized in the Vaeshartelt Castle Congress Hotel, is dedicated to the Young Researchers -members of ITERA- and indeed to the volunteers of the local ITERA offices.. The workshop is organized in collaboration with the NovusSanguis, the international research consortium on cord blood stem cells and adult stem cells for therapeutic applications.. The theme of this year s workshop is Stem Cells: From the basic research to the pre-clinical and clinical applications.. EU projects Framework Program of FP 7 (submitted).. Health-2007-2.. 4.. 5-11: Translational research aiming the treatment of urinary-incontinence.. Coordinators Prof Dr Otto Thomas Lukas Klinikum Neuss Department of Urology Germany.. 2.. 1-7: Restorative approaches for therapy of neurodegenerative diseases.. Coordinator PD Dr.. Steiner Barbara Charite Berlin Germany Department of Neurology.. Preliminary title of the project:.. Basic mechanisms of endogenous plasticity in neurodegenerative diseases of the adult CNS.. Marie Curie Training Networks FP7-People 2007-1-1-ITN Newblood.. Coordinator Prof Mc Guckin Colin University of Newcastle upon Tyne Stem Cell Institute UK.. Health-2007-B, Network with ISSAC and PLACET (Placenta Cells at the Round Table with Adult Stem Cells from other Sources) aim networking the European placenta derived stem cell scientific community, and to bridge this network with other existing stem cell research communities.. 1st workshop 17-19 June 2005.. 2nd workshop 23-24 October 2006.. 3rd workshop 24-27 October 2007.. 4th workshop 12-15 October 2008.. 5th workshop 21-22 November 2011..

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  • Title: Press Releases
    Descriptive info: ITERA Press Releases.. Date.. Title.. Summary.. 28/10/2008.. Storage of umbilical cord stem cells makes sense.. * Consensus found on six fundamental issues including storage and applications of umbilical cord de-rived stem cells * Public-shared banking viewed as a good solution for individuals and the general public * To date, over 85 diseases can be treated or supported with stem cells..

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  • Title: Vodcasts
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  • Title: Downloads
    Descriptive info: Download 1st ITERA consensus meeting.. ITERA Abstract Book, Maastricht Conference November 21-22 2011..

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  • Title: ITERA Offices
    Descriptive info: ITERA Life Sciences Forum has offices in all European countries, Asia, Africa, South Africa and USA:.. UnivDoz Andrea kolbus.. Heinz Redl.. Austria.. Andrea.. Office@lbitrauma.. ITERA Benelux.. Belgium.. Dimitar Georgiev.. Bulgaria.. Xin Wang.. China.. wangx@sibs.. cn.. Mohamed Wishahi.. Egypt Africa.. wishahi@gmx.. Philippe Hénon.. France.. Alexander Jung.. Germany.. Alexander.. Jung@t-online.. Thomas_otto@lukasneuss.. Stuart Forbes.. Great Britain.. Maurizio Muraca.. Ornella Parolini.. Lorenza Lazzari.. Italy.. Renald Blundell.. Malta.. renald.. blundell@um.. mt.. Ir Han van Driel.. Netherlands.. Trine Fink.. Vladimir Zachar.. Scandinavian Office.. Hugo Van Bever.. Singapore.. paevbhps@nus.. sg.. Daniel Surbek.. Switzerland.. Ivo Abraham.. Koudy Williams.. USA.. iabraham@matrix45..

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  • Title: Contact
    Descriptive info: Chairman ITERA Life Sciences Forum.. ITERM (International Tissue Engineering Regenerative Medicine) Centre.. Lukasklinikum - Urology.. Preussenstrasse 84.. 41464 Neuss.. For further information or membership application, please contact:.. Nicole Leyssens.. Secretariat ITERA Life-Sciences Forum.. E-mail:..

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  • Title: Disclaimer
    Descriptive info: Disclaimer ITERA.. While reasonable efforts have been made to include accurate and up-to-date information on the site, Cryo-Save Group does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, completeness, correctness, timeliness, or usefulness of the site or the information contained on the site and in particular on the webpages about ITERA.. Under no circumstances Cryo-Save Group can be held responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided.. Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information  ...   which is incomplete or incorrect, will therefore be rejected and denied.. The information provided here should not be used nor considered as complying with the related legislation in a particular country.. This website and the information that you receive cannot be used nor considered in any way for being fully compliant with the national legislations.. This site is only offering complementary information for that purpose.. If you want to comply with national take-back legislation, you must contact the necessary authorities directly..

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