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  • Title: Jonathan Kulp — Home
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to main content.. Jonathan Kulp.. Composer, Guitarist, Musicologist.. Home.. Blog.. Bio.. Compositions.. Publications.. Media.. Contact.. New Construction Here.. Thu Nov 28 15:00:07 CST 2013.. MySQL got hosed on my Wordpress site.. I apologize if you ended up here following a link that is now broken.. I fear there will be broken links across the interwebs.. I've built a new site now from html5 and css.. No more databases.. It'll take a while to get old blog posts up, but I'm prioritizing posts that dealt with fixing various problems on Linux.. Half the time these are my own references when I forget how to do stuff haha! I have no idea what I'll do about my Piwigo photo gallery.. Moodle and Statusnet instances are history too.. Curse you, MySQL!!.. Meter Signs in Academic Writing.. Sat Dec 7 08:08:59 CST 2013.. If you spend any time at all writing about music then you've faced the issue of how to deal with meter signs in your writing.. Most of us just give up early and use fractions like 3/4 and 6/8, but this has always annoyed me, because of course meters are not fractions.. Sharp ( ), flat ( ), and natural ( ) symbols are another annoyance but those will have to wait for another post (spoiler: they're super-easy in HTML!).. I remember a time when my word processor had acceptable  ...   Angels.. , which includes selections from my.. Five Poems of Emily Dickinson.. , is now available via mp3 download on Amazon:.. http://amzn.. com/B00B6A424S.. 2013-01-07 15:38:43.. I got my copy of the new recording.. by CN Lester and Toby Carr a couple of weeks ago, much sooner than I expected.. It's excellent.. They included three songs from my song cycle.. CN's voice is beautifully suited to the songs, and I love her flexible performance style, which shows excellent classical training but also experience in popular genres.. Toby Carr's performance on the guitar is rock solid and always musical in some very demanding repertoire.. The whole thing is great.. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the CD, visit.. CN's website.. for information on how to do so.. I believe that for the moment at least there is no way to purchase the tracks as mp3 downloads.. Thanks so much for recording my songs, guys!.. Lester / Carr to Record Dickinson Songs.. 2012-11-20 01:09:26.. I got an email today from guitarist.. Toby Carr.. telling me that he and mezzo-soprano.. CN Lester.. are planning to record three songs from my song cycle.. Also on the recording will be music by Benjamin Britten and Peter Maxwell Davies, plus a newly-commissioned work by.. Philip Lawton.. Good luck with the recording, guys, I can't wait to hear it!.. http://jonathankulp.. org.. last updated 23-Dec-2013 at 11:51:25 AM..

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