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  • Title: Joomla Idea Pool: Top (1292 ideas) – Customer Feedback for Joomla!
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About Joomla.. Community.. Forum.. Extensions.. Resources.. Documentation.. Developer.. Shop.. Joomla Idea Pool.. Welcome to the Joomla Idea Pool.. Please add your suggestions here for future versions of Joomla and vote on current suggestions.. What features would you like to see in future versions of Joomla?.. You've used all your votes and won't be able to post a new idea, but you can still search and comment on existing ideas.. There are two ways to get more votes:.. When an admin closes an idea you've voted on, you'll get your votes back from that idea.. You can remove your votes from an open idea you support.. To see ideas you have already voted on, select the "My feedback" filter and select "My open ideas".. More info….. Enter your idea.. (thinking…).. Reset.. Enter your idea and we'll search to see if someone has already suggested it.. If a similar idea already exists, you can vote and comment on it.. If it doesn't exist, you can post your idea so others can vote on it.. Category (optional).. Content.. Joomla Extension Directory.. Metadata.. SEO/SEF.. Search.. Site Administration.. Describe your idea… (optional).. 1.. 2.. 3.. votes.. Sign in.. prestine.. Your name.. Your email address.. Check!.. invalid email.. or sign in with.. UserVoice password.. Forgot password?.. Create a password.. I agree to the.. terms of service.. Signed in as.. (.. Sign out.. ).. Close.. Post idea.. Cancel.. Submitting.. Vote for an existing idea.. ).. or.. Post a new idea….. Hot.. ideas.. Top.. New.. Category.. Content (403).. Joomla Extension Directory (48).. Metadata (10).. Search (25).. SEO/SEF (41).. Site Administration (415).. Status.. under review (2).. planned (2).. started (1).. Not Applicable (1).. completed (21).. declined (43).. My feedback.. My ideas.. My comments.. A native Content Construction Kit.. The possibilty to create custom content types.. Choose the fields and fieldtypes they should have.. The works.. 3,933.. votes.. Vote.. 0 votes.. 1 vote.. 2 votes.. 3 votes.. Remove votes.. You have.. left!.. (?).. 143 comments.. Flag idea as inappropriate….. Delete….. Admin.. Built in Forms Component.. A built in forms component will be very useful and would increase more possibilities by integrating in to the core.. 3,110.. 87 comments.. mutisite.. mutisite support in joomla.. 2,246.. 73 comments.. Built-in backups.. Create a system for Joomla to manage site backups and restores.. Explore the ability to also allow backup/restore for specific extensions or site sections.. 1,851.. 49 comments.. JCE should be part of the core.. Joomla Content Editor should be part of the core.. TinyMCE is too feature poor of an editor and the media manager capabilites are much better than the existing one in Joomla core.. 1,583..  ...   backend).. 820.. 50 comments.. Content Tagging.. Implement a tagging system available for content.. Use the search index as a common location for content to be tagged.. 723.. 31 comments.. Completed in the Tags component in version 3.. 1.. Content Commenting.. Implement a commenting system available for content.. Use the search index as a common location for content for commenting.. 707.. 23 comments.. Nooku FM integration.. Reading and developing on Nooku Framework lately, integrating this framework to the core or at least as part of the standard components will boost joomla extension development.. As a matter of fact, adding nooku architecture to Joomla will improve and separate core development from extension.. I just became a fan of nooku development, so you should check its features.. nooku.. org.. 550.. 43 comments.. User Profile image/avatar.. Allow site users to upload an image file to be associated with their profile.. The image could then be displayed along with any site posts and/or comments.. This is a sorely missing feature for Joomla which I hope to see added in a near term release (version 1.. 7 or 1.. 8).. 533.. 64 comments.. Resizing of images.. The possibility to set the size of images that is uploaded to the site.. Not all the users has the knowledge needed to reduce size of images before uploading them.. If this could be done automatic it would be greate! Admin sets the parameters and all the images are sized the way admin wants!.. 447.. 14 comments.. Manage and creation of user profile fields.. Option to easily add new user fields to user profile and manage user profile fields, something similar to the following image.. http://www.. protechsystems.. us/stuff/joomla/userfields_management.. png.. I will sponsor this feature up to $500, only if approved to be added to the core.. 409.. 19 comments.. New or Overhauled Admin Interface.. As Joomla and community extensions have grown and matured over the last 5 years, the admin UI needs to allow for the way the workflow and features have changed.. 315.. XML Sitemap Generator.. General settings in each component s Options.. On/Off and priority settings in Meta Options for each item/article view.. 290.. 1 comment.. Previous.. 4.. 5.. 64.. 65.. Next.. Don't see your idea?.. New and returning users may.. sign in.. Sign up.. Feedback.. 10.. 10 votes.. Joomla Idea Pool.. All ideas.. 403.. 48.. 25.. 41.. 415.. Feedback and Knowledge Base.. Searching.. No results.. Clear search results.. Give feedback.. 1,280.. Joomla!.. ©2005-2010.. Open Source Matters, Inc.. All rights reserved.. Joomla hosting.. by Rochen Ltd.. Design by Kontent Design.. Accessibility Statement.. Privacy Policy.. Log in.. Customer Feedback for Joomla!.. ·.. © 2014.. Terms of Service..

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  • Title: UserVoice Terms of Service – Customer Feedback for Joomla!
    Descriptive info: These are the terms of service for UserVoice, the service that powers this support portal, not for.. itself.. UserVoice Terms of Service (End Users).. UserVoice Inc.. ( UserVoice or the Company ) offers UserVoice (the Service ) according to the terms of service (the Terms of Service ), as well as the.. privacy policy.. (the Privacy Policy ), which together constitute an agreement (the “Agreement”) declared below.. The Company reserves the right to modify these terms without notice.. Your continued usage of the Service constitutes your acceptance of these terms.. Violation of any terms will result in termination of your account.. General Terms.. The Service is not intended for children under 13.. By using the Service, you are representing that you are at least 18, or that you are at least 13 years old and have your parents permission to use the Service.. The Company may prohibit any user from using the Service in its sole discretion at any time for any reason, and is not liable for any damage or loss resulting from such prohibition.. You are responsible for using the Service in a private and secure manner.. The Company is not liable for any damage or loss due to unauthorized account access resulting from your actions.. You may not use the Service for any illegal activity or to violate laws in your jurisdiction.. You may not use the Service to distribute unsolicited email ( spam ) or malicious content such as viruses or worms.. You may not exploit the Service to access unauthorized information.. Any abuse or threatened abuse of other users of the Service or of Company personnel will result in immediate account termination.. Any failure of the Company to enforce or exercise a right provided in these terms is not a waiver of that right.. Should any provision of these terms be found invalid or unenforceable, the remaining terms shall still apply.. This Terms of Service constitutes the entire agreements between you and the Company and supersedes any and all previous agreements, written or oral, between you and the Company, including previous versions of the Terms of Service.. These Terms of Service shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, without giving effect to principles of conflicts of law.. You and the Company each agree that any action at law or in equity arising out of or relating to these Terms of Service will be filed only in the state or federal courts in and for San Francisco County, California, and hereby consent and submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of such courts for the purposes of litigating any such action.. Modification to Service.. The Company reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue the Service for any reason, with or without notice.. User Conduct and Submissions.. Subject to the license granted below, any remarks, ideas, graphics, photographs, or other information (collectively, Content ) communicated to the Account Holder (as defined below) and posted on the Service in a Hosted Area (as defined below) belong to the person who posted such content.. You may use any Content posted by you in any other way without restriction.. You may only use Content posted by others in the ways described in these Terms of Service.. You give the party (the Account Holder ) who owns the domain name as hosted on the Service in which you post your Content (the “Hosted Area”) a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable , fully-sublicensable license to publish and use your Content.. In addition to the right to publish, you also grant the Account Holder under said license the following rights, without limitation: (i) the right to reproduce or copy or create derivative works thereof; (ii) the right to transfer, deliver, and sell the Content, which includes the distribution via computer and networks; (iii) the right to edit, modify, adapt, arrange, improve, correct, develop, translate, in all or in part; (iv) the right to update/upgrade by adding or removing; (v) the right to film, perform or post the Content in any media, and (vi) the right to use or incorporate all or any part of the Content in any products or services of the Account Holder (whether or not associated with the Service).. Except as described in our Privacy Policy, neither the Company nor any Account Holder will be required to treat any Content as confidential.. By posting Content you hereby waive any and all rights to be compensated by UserVoice or any Account Holder for such Content.. In order to operate and improve the Service, the Company needs the right to make certain uses of your Content as well.. Therefore, when you post Content in any Hosted Area, you also agree to grant the Company an irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, fully sublicenseable, non-exclusive license to copy, distribute, sell, publicly display, publicly perform and make derivative works of your Content on the Service and on services affiliated with the Service regardless of the form of media used or of whether such services now exist or are developed in the future.. The submission of your Content on the Service is entirely voluntary, non-confidential, gratuitous, and non-committal.. You understand that the Account Holder may be working on the same or similar Content, that it may already know of such Content from other sources, that it may simply wish to develop this (or a similar Content) on its own or it may have taken/will take some other action.. In return for the Account Holder s review and consideration of your Content, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to the terms enumerated below, and further agree that these terms shall apply to any additional material previously or later submitted:.. The Content represents your own original work.. You have all necessary rights to disclose the Content to the Account Holder.. In doing so, you are not violating the rights of any third party and you know of no other individual or entity whose rights will be infringed upon by the Account Holder s review and/or use of the Content.. You understand that disclosure of Content to the Account Holder does not establish a confidential relationship or obligate the Account Holder to treat your Content (or any related materials) as secret or confidential.. You understand that the Account Holder has no obligation, either express or implied, to develop or use your Content and that no compensation is due to you or anyone else for any inadvertent or intentional use of your Content, related ideas or ideas derived from your idea.. You understand that the Account Holder assumes no obligation with respect to any of your Content unless and until the Account Holder enters into a written contract with you, and then only as expressed in that contract.. In the absence of a separate formal contract, your rights shall be limited to those existing under the patent laws of the United States.. If your Content is the subject of a pending or issued patent, you have disclosed or will disclose that fact to the Account Holder.. To the extent you hold a patent in the Content, the Account Holder acknowledges that no license under any patent is herein granted to the Account Holder.. Any license to use a patented Content shall be in the form of a written contract, in which event the Account Holder s obligations shall be only those expressed in such contract.. The Account Holder will give your Content such consideration as is warranted by its sole judgment.. The Account Holder s review of your Content shall not be construed as any recognition of the novelty or originality of the Content.. The Account Holder is not obligated to give reasons for rejecting your Content or to reveal the Account Holder s activities that are related to the subject matter of the submitted Content.. Neither the discussion or negotiations between the Account Holder and you relating to the possible purchase or license of the Content, nor the making of any offer for the purchase or license of the Content, shall prejudice the Account Holder in any way, or be construed as recognition of the novelty, originality, priority, other rights or value of the submitted Content.. Further, the Account Holder s consideration or its discussions or negotiations with you will not in any way impair the Account Holder s right to contest the validity or infringement of your rights.. You acknowledge that the Account Holder, directly or indirectly, may (i) be working on the same Content or a similar Content to the Content, or (ii) already know of such Content from other sources, or (iii) simply wish to develop this Content or as similar to the Content on its own.. You hereby irrevocably release and forever discharge the Company and all Account Holders and their affiliates and subsidiaries (together, the Released Parties ) from any and all actions, causes of actions, claims, damages, liabilities and demands, whether absolute or contingent and of any nature whatsoever, which you now have or hereafter can, shall or may have against the Released Parties or their respecting successors and assigns with respect to the Content, including without limitation in respect of how the Company and its affiliates and subsidiaries, directly or indirectly, use the Content, with the sole exception in respect of the foregoing release and discharge being your right to bring a claim of patent infringement.. The Company has the right, but not the obligation, to remove Content that it determines in its sole discretion to be unlawful, offensive, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene or otherwise objectionable, that violates any party s intellectual property, or that is detrimental to the quality or intended spirit of the Service.. The Company also has the right, but not the obligation, to limit or revoke the use privileges of account of anyone who posts such Content.. The Company reserves the right to remove any Content from the service, at its sole discretion, including unacceptable content.. Examples of unacceptable  ...   you to refuse the setting of cookies.. However, if you select this setting you may be unable to access certain parts of our site.. Unless you have adjusted your browser setting so that it will refuse cookies, our system will issue cookies when you log on to our site.. Information collected by third parties.. UserVoice may use services that collect data remotely by using pixel tags, web beacons, clear GIFs, or similar technologies.. Such technologies can recognize certain types of information on your web browser, check whether you have viewed a particular web page or email message, and determine, among other things, the time and date on which you viewed them and the IP address of the computer from which you viewed them.. UserVoice Services may be linked to or provided through third party websites.. UserVoice is not responsible for the privacy policies and/or practices on such third party websites.. When linking or accessing such websites, you should carefully review the privacy policy of such third party to determine how it handles information it separately collects from you.. How information is used.. UserVoice uses the information it collects from you to deliver UserVoice Services to you and continuously enhance your user experience.. Generally speaking, we use the collected information to communicate with you, fulfill your requests, customize the content, improve our products and services, protect our and your rights, and comply with laws and regulations.. We may use your personal information to send you promotional information and updates regarding UserVoice and its products and services.. You may choose not to receive such information and opt-out of such future communications.. by clicking here.. All such communications sent to you will also contain instructions for opting-out.. The information that we collect from you may be used in aggregate form in various ways to optimize and improve UserVoice Services.. While such information may be based on information about you, it will not identify you personally.. We may use such information for the following purposes: website management, administration and security, promotional activities, and research and analysis.. With whom information is shared.. Public Information.. UserVoice may share as it sees fit information that you voluntarily make public, including information that you post on any blogs, message boards, chat rooms or other similar forums, whether or not such forums are owned by UserVoice.. Since such public information can be accessed by the public and used by any member of the public, such use by third parties is beyond the control of UserVoice.. Personal Information.. If we have your express consent, UserVoice may share your personal information that it collects with business partners, and other third parties that are not affiliated with UserVoice.. Note that if you sign up for service from one of our affiliates, we may ask for your consent to share with such third party partner certain of your personal information.. While UserVoice is not responsible for the acts of such partners, we encourage all of our partners to adopt privacy policies that protect against the disclosure of personal information to third persons.. UserVoice may disclose your personal information without asking for your consent in order to protect the legal rights of UserVoice or its affiliates, and each of their respective investors, directors, officers, employees, agents, and suppliers; to protect the safety and security of users of the UserVoice Services or to enforce our Terms of Use; to protect against fraud or for risk management purposes; or to comply with or respond to the law or legal process or a request for cooperation by a government entity, whether or not legally required.. If you notify us that you believe your legal rights have been violated by UserVoice or another user of the UserVoice Services, we may provide the information that you provide to us to others to the extent that we believe it is necessary to evaluate and respond to your complaint.. For instance, if you submit a notice of copyright infringement to us, we may send a copy to the person or entity who uploaded, stored, or transmitted the material addressed by the communication.. Also, in order to provide goods or services that you have requested or to complete a transaction at your request, UserVoice may share your personal information with its third party service providers, including companies that assist with payment processing, business analytics, data processing, account management, and other services.. We require these companies to agree that they will only use personal information about you that they have obtained from us to provide us with specific services that we have requested and not for any other purpose.. Non-Personal Information and Aggregate Data.. UserVoice may share with third parties your personal information and related aggregated data.. For example, UserVoice may share IP addresses of its users to provide anonymous aggregated data to business partners about the volume of use on the UserVoice Services and the specific UserVoice Services in which users are most interested.. Because this form of data does not identify particular users, these third parties will not be able to contact you based solely on this data.. Change of Control.. If UserVoice sells all or part of its business, or makes a sale or transfer of assets, or is otherwise involved in a merger or business transfer, or in the unlikely event of bankruptcy, UserVoice may transfer your personal information and non-personal information to one or more third parties as part of such transaction.. How you can control the information we collect, use and share.. You have the choice about whether to disclose your personal information or other information about yourself to UserVoice.. Regardless of your choices with respect to promotional communications and updates regarding content, UserVoice may send you administrative messages, service announcements, terms and conditions of your account, or other similar communications, without offering you the opportunity to opt out of receiving them.. You can change your privacy settings at any time.. You may delete your UserVoice account, in accordance with our Terms of Use,.. Please note that, if you cancel your account, UserVoice may retain some information about you but will discontinue posting such information on the UserVoice Websites.. How information is protected.. Your UserVoice accounts may be secured by member-created passwords, in which case reasonable precautions are taken to ensure that your account information is kept private.. You are responsible for keeping your passwords confidential.. We ask you not to share your password with anyone.. UserVoice uses reasonable measures to protect your information stored within our databases, and we restrict access to such information to those employees who need access to perform their job functions, such as our customer service personnel and technical staff.. Any payment transactions will be encrypted using.. SSL.. technology.. Despite these efforts, please note that we cannot ensure or guarantee the security of your information.. Unauthorized entry or use, hardware or software failure, and other factors may compromise the security of your information at any time.. Users from outside the United States.. UserVoice and its UserVoice Services are based in the U.. S.. , and our offices are headquartered in the U.. Please be aware that information you provide to us or we obtain as a result of your use of the UserVoice Services may be processed and transferred to the U.. and be subject to U.. law.. This information may also be processed by staff working for us or for one of our suppliers in the U.. The privacy and data protection laws in the U.. may not be equivalent to such laws in your country of residence.. By using our website, participating in any of the UserVoice Services, or by providing us with your information, you consent to this collection, transfer, storage, and processing of information to and in the U.. UserVoice will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that you data is treated securely in accordance with this privacy policy.. US-EU Safe Harbor Framework.. UserVoice complies with the US-EU Safe Harbor Framework as set forth by the U.. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information from European Union member countries.. UserVoice has certified that it adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement.. To learn more about the Safe Harbor program, and to view our certification page, please visit.. export.. gov/safeharbor/.. In compliance with the Safe Harbor Principles, UserVoice commits to resolve complaints about your privacy and our collection or use of your personal information.. European Union citizens with inquiries or complaints regarding this privacy policy should first contact UserVoice at:.. San Francisco, CA 94105.. support@uservoice.. com.. Attn:Chief Executive Officer.. UserVoice has further committed to refer unresolved privacy complaints under the Safe Harbor Principles to an independent dispute resolution mechanism, the.. BBB.. EU.. SAFE.. HARBOR.. , operated by the Council of Better Business Bureaus.. If you do not receive timely acknowledgment of your complaint, or if your complaint is not satisfactorily addressed by UserVoice, you may contact the.. program at the address below:.. Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.. 4200 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 800.. Arlington, VA 22203.. Phone:.. 703-276-0100.. Web:.. bbb.. org/us/safe-harbor-complaints.. Changes to this privacy policy.. From time to time, we may make changes to this privacy policy.. In order to ensure that you are familiar with our most updated policies and practices, you should check the effective date indicated above of this privacy policy each time you use the UserVoice Services.. If we make any changes, we will notify you of such changes by posting the updated privacy policy on the UserVoice Websites.. We may also send you an email alerting you of such changes.. You will be bound by any such changes to the policy when you use the UserVoice Services after those changes have been posted.. If we make material revisions concern practices where we have represented that we will obtain your consent to use or disclose your personal information, we will obtain your consent before taking any action inconsistent with those representations..

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  • Title: Joomla Idea Pool: Hot (1292 ideas) – Customer Feedback for Joomla!
    Descriptive info: Having a turning page memorial book to automatically turn a page each day to display names memorialised that day fed from your Memorial ext.. vote.. 0 comments.. Administrator error reporting.. Error Reporting options in Global configuration, to enable error reporting only for the Admin area.. Also we could consider adjusting error reporting enabling/displaying by usergroup, so for example a Super User can view errors, while other won t.. isis template: put the Search and Filtering tools for Articles on the left column and out in the ope.. I really would like for the isis template to put the Search and Filtering tools for Articles back over on the left column and out in the open at all times.. They make sorting and searching so much simpler.. My list of Articles get up to 100 items long so I use these filtering dropdowns extensively.. Having to make the two extra steps to get to them - then to find that they have disappeared every time I want to look at something is quite frustrating.. I mutter each and every time I need to use them.. The earlier Joomla 3+ releases had them over on the side - it was so much nicer.. The earlier Joomla….. more.. Take a glance at the Website Template Deployer (WTD).. Between the developer and the customer( or website owner), someone became the Website Template Deployer (WTD).. They do not develop or design something , but help others who want to own a website( website owner).. Maybe we should meke further segment to this our CMS roles.. Modules - Allow Pre and Post Content for All Modules.. I wish that it would become standard that every module have a PRE and POST area so that you can insert some text before or after any module.. Many of the default Joomla! modules allow this (Login Module for example) and it is nice on certain sites to be able put a description before or after something.. For example, to do a slideshow, you have to put the one module with the title on and the slideshow in it.. and then follow that with a new module with the title hidden in order to add a readmore which also puts in a big space that has to be removed in the code.. It would be nice and seemingly not too difficult to be able to add a pre and post spot that allows HTML so that you could add a readmore or something similar.. What do you think, Joomla! team?.. and then follow that with a new module with the title hidden in order to add a "readmore" which also puts….. create shipping managment system components.. create and manage shipping qoute.. create and manage own shipping rates.. send and recive private mail.. and.. Catch login attempts, log and ban IP (something like fail2ban).. I m administrating few Joomla sites.. Recently  ...   If Joomla had a module that allowed for insertion of single selected articles non-experienced administrators do not have to fiddle around with custom html modules (which is a very dummie unfriendly name by the way).. Options could be:.. title (show|hide).. linked title (yes|no).. content: (introtext|fulltext|none).. readmore (yes|no).. readmore_title (yes|no).. Breadcrumbs or other indicator of the current folder in Media Manager.. In the Media Manager, it would be great to have the name of the current directory/folder indicated somewhere on the page.. With long or complex directory structure under /images, it s easy to lose one s place.. Reinstall Joomla.. One-click reinstall core Joomla.. Many of us sometimes play with Joomla too much :) It can be great future to avoid many problems for nontech users.. 8.. Language Select enhanced.. Must improve the Plugin System - Language Filter.. Include a way to customize the context menu to choose language, that the function is extended to the following:.. - Menu Drop-down or Drop-up.. - Menu columns 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 columns.. - Menu Skin by color palette in Color Picker.. - Optional Button to modal window (Popup), is ideal for large sites in multiple languages , 10 or 20 language.. Smush.. it built into Media Manager.. Have Joomla Media Manager automatically Smush images during upload.. Header modules.. Implement custom html modules that go in the header of the template for things like Google Analytics, custom scripts, etc.. There are times when custom scripts need to go on only 1 page, not all of them, but templates are all or nothing, unless you duplicate the template with the script for just a few articles.. It s also safer and easier than editing the template itself.. It s not very efficient.. Add the ability to move images from one folder to another in media manager.. It would be great it were possible to move images from one folder to another by dragging them.. If the image dragged has been used in some article already, automatically update the URL so that the browser can still find it without having to manually change everything.. Multiple categories filter in article manager.. A tiny small suggestion:.. There are cases where we need to filter articles by categories in article manager and choose more than 1 category.. This is more considerable, when we have to deal with Multilingual content and the way we usually build this within the core.. We might end up with multiple categories with the same name, below a Parent Language Name category.. It would be cool if we would be able to filter articles,.. from multiple categories, so we can have displayed all articles from various languages that belong to the same context-category.. kindly include a video component in the next release of Joomla version.. There should be a video component in the core of Joomla which can be used to managed videos..

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  • Title: Joomla Idea Pool: Top (1292 ideas) – Customer Feedback for Joomla!
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  • Title: Joomla Idea Pool: New (1292 ideas) – Customer Feedback for Joomla!
    Descriptive info: Filter by menu item in the module manager.. I like the idea of having a way to see which modules are assigned to a particular menu item.. But going item by item (you have to open one by one) is very frustrating.. To have a filter in the Module Manager which allows filtering by menu item and have all modules in a list without opening each menu item individually, it would be crazy.. Import data from Wordpress.. As someone who made over 500 websites, I often got request to migrate existing website made in Wordpress to Joomla..  ...   (Joomla), but there are only few extensions that do migration to Joomla.. And some of that websites have few hundreds of posts.. Prestashop Integration.. Although there are some shopping carts / ecommerce add-ons for Joomla already, it would be great to have integration with other open source ecommerce solutions such as PrestShop.. Either APIs or via an extension / module.. The integration should be two-way so that Joomla sites can display products, categories, shopping carts etc and so that Prestashop can display better CMS content.. Also, single sign-on between the two systems would be great.. Thanks.. Craig..

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  • Title: A native Content Construction Kit – Customer Feedback for Joomla!
    Descriptive info: Michiel.. shared this idea.. November 17, 2010.. Anonymous.. shared a merged idea:.. Flexicontent.. May 28, 2011.. Show description.. The integration of Flexicontent in the core.. Tweet.. 143 comments.. Add a comment….. Post comment.. abacmedia.. commented.. March 20, 2014 08:03.. Flag as inappropriate.. No further replacements of the core.. An easy CCK integrated into the core of Joomla that take advantage of new features (tags, versioning.. ).. It would be wonderful!.. Mark Simko.. March 08, 2014 11:50.. Keep CCK as an extension.. Thtere s enough complexity now.. As an extension, those that need a CCK can add the one they like or need.. January 06, 2014 10:14.. A CCK would be very welcome.. But within the CCK I would like to see easy creation of 1-to-many and many-to-many relations and the possibillity to use the realtions when creating forms and views, both in the frontend and in the backend.. Cappu.. December 09, 2013 06:08.. I would vote for Seblod.. It is amazing!.. Interesting discussions on the Seblod forum:.. Joomla 3.. 2 + Seblod or Drupal 7/8 ?.. seblod.. com/community/forums/general-discussions/joomla-3-2-seblod-or-drupal-7.. Seblod or FlexiContent?.. com/community/forums/general-discussions/what-do-you-think-about-flexicontent.. Kareebu.. November 03, 2013 14:02.. Wow, a whole 20$ for a CCK ? BIG SPENDER!.. Samuel Mehrbrodt.. October 25, 2013 00:32.. Hi everyone.. This issue is a big deal for me, so I m willing to pay USD 20.. 00 for it.. This offer is registered on FreedomSponsors (.. freedomsponsors.. org/core/issue/371/a-native-content-construction-kit-cck-for-joomla).. If you solve it (according to the acceptance criteria described there), please register on FreedomSponsors and mark it as resolved there.. I ll then check it out and gladly pay up!.. Oh, and if anyone else also wants throw in a few bucks on this, you should check out FreedomSponsors!.. micker.. October 14, 2013 00:02.. please test flexicontent all is in.. perfect compatibility with com content.. and ok for j3.. 1.. cardin.. October 13, 2013 23:55.. Atleast some basic additional fields should be made available like Input / Textarea / Select / Image / Checkbox / Date / Link / Radio Button / Select Multiple /.. Rene Holleman.. October 04, 2013 07:39.. A must have in order to make joomla availabel for our clientsinfo.. Joel Garcin.. September 27, 2013 05:40.. The great lack in Joomla.. Drupal does it nativly and in a near future, it will be absolutly necessary for Joomla survival as major CMS.. Component like Seblod, K2 avec too heavy for big website, Joomla! need to hase theses features in the core for easy website development and fill the gap from Drupal, EasyPublish and others strong CMS.. September 05, 2013 22:32.. Try FLEXIcontent or seblod.. it very robust cck.. Hassan Barjas.. September 05, 2013 15:54.. @Keith, until Joomla starts to offer  ...   not only the site is slower and fatter because every component has its own content system, it s also less unified.. Ruben Reyes.. July 31, 2013 05:04.. Flexicontent is already an excellent cck model that uses the standard joomla article and adds content types and fields.. One of the great things of Flexcontent is that its architecture is extensible, meaning that you can customize and develop your own templates for each category and item type, as well as build your own field types if needed.. Perhaps the same architecture can be used in the Joomla core.. Cecellia Bunos.. June 10, 2013 01:41.. Get jreviews ! its has been removed from JED due to its licence modal.. June 09, 2013 13:18.. I ve been building websites with Joomla for the past years and I m proficient with PHP.. I have used seblod, fabric, and fields attach.. The two main problems with current CCK s is that most extensions do not support them, and poor documentation.. The Joomla native CCK should be integrated as a standard that all extension developers adhere to so that instead of having a few extensions for this CCK and a few for another all extensions would be compatible with the native CCK.. It should enable all types of fields and conditional fields, and advanced search and display of content according to the different fields (something that Seblod excels at) so for example a category blog menu page could display only the articles with specific fields that match a selected criteria.. i.. e.. display all articles that have a field start date from a certain date, or all articles with fields product: set to Toys and field age set to: under 10.. This is essential for Joomla s survival as a CMS as Wordpress and Drupal offer a native CCK and as such offer much better usability.. June 08, 2013 01:48.. it will be cool to have native cck inside joomla.. Jonathan.. May 04, 2013 14:29.. Simple.. the same stuff of extra-fields from K2 in the Joomla native article core.. and article styles overrides from K2 too.. And K2 image handling too, and.. a lot of other stuff from K2 xD.. Having the Joomla Article system and K2 Article system in the same site, dunno don t make any sense to me.. Joomla could let extensions developers to make nice effects or tools for sites.. But, in case of K2 is like the CMS isn t joomla anymore, it s only K2.. It s just constructive criticism, but how can a serius team like joomla let a extension replace the basic function of any cms: article handling?.. 3 votes here.. Regards!.. 6.. 7.. :.. Content..

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  • Title: Joomla Idea Pool: Content (402 ideas) – Customer Feedback for Joomla!
    Descriptive info: Blog for Joomla.. Like boggers, wordpress we can have a full functioned blog for joomla witch includes comment,comment, approval, pinback , sharing etc.. 221.. 7 comments.. HTML5 support via XML switch in Joomla! templates.. Although there have been other requests to add HTML5 support for Joomla!, I think the proposed solutions may complicate things.. Here s a simpler one: let the template developer choose HTML5 in the templateDetails.. xml file and have Joomla! generate the HTML5 equivalent meta tags that it currently outputs in jdoc:include type= head /.. A DEEPER EXPLANATION.. A simple solution to attach HTML5 per template and not entirely on a Joomla! site is to add a new XML api call in the templateDetails.. xml where a template developer can declare if their template is HTML5 compatible or not.. Something like:.. ishtml5 true /ishtml5.. That way we can have HTML5 and non-HTML5 templates installed on our Joomla site, without breaking compliance where required.. And we can still switch templates per Joomla! site section using different doctypes.. The other proposed solutions either refer to complete code refactoring (takes time) or a global site switch in the Global Configuration options (which toggles the entire site HTML5 or not - causes issues where HTML5 may not be suited).. If we let the template developer decide on the HTML doctype, we provide more freedom and flexibility for a better result.. If Joomla! adds options to automatically attach e.. g.. a js library that makes new HTML5 elements compatible with IE (html5shiv.. js for example), we complicate things further, as happened with Mootools in the past.. Let the template developer decide on stuff like that too.. All Joomla! needs to do is spit out the right meta info per the HTML5 spec (e.. meta charset= utf-8 / ).. In other words, generate the HTML5 equivalent of existing HTML4 meta tags as output by jdoc:include type= head /.. Here's a simpler one: let the template developer "choose" HTML5 in the templateDetails.. xml file and have Joomla! generate the HTML5 equivalent meta tags that it currently outputs in jdoc:include type="head" /.. A simple solution to "attach" HTML5 per template and not entirely on a Joomla! site is to add a new XML api call in the templateDetails.. That way we….. 216.. 26 comments.. Workflow.. Put content through a customizable workflow before publishing.. 138.. 8 comments.. Improved External Media Integration.. Build a mechanism for integration the Media Manager with external media sites such as Flickr, YouTube,  ...   get the key feature added to Joomla as soon as possible!.. Thank you!.. =-).. Cormac DC.. 112.. Media Manager Expansion.. Expand the Media Manager to allow users to build media galleries which can be displayed in various ways.. Build functionality to handle basic image manipulation or integrate with third party media manipulation services such as photoshop.. com or kaltura.. 105.. Built-in Integration with Social Networks.. The hability to add social media buttons like Facebook s like or Twitt Me s on articles.. It s mainly because there are several ones but none that allow full customization without gettin into PHP code, and that s simply not Joomla!.. 89.. 4 comments.. RESTful API for Joomla!.. Wouldn t it be great to add the RESTful API and move away from XML-RPC?.. - Each method along with its own URL.. - CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) functions.. - Output: JSON, XML, etc.. 73.. Multiple Authors of a Single Article.. It would be really cool if a article had the possibility of having multiple authors.. I ve searched all through the forums which many seem to be in support of this.. Perhaps either a button Add Another Author , or a simple comma to separate the usernames on the Article Owner list.. This would make it so another user (author) could edit the article as well.. This would then change the need to make all my users a editor which increases the security of people s content if this feature was added.. And for those who do not want multiple authors for there content, don t select another author.. It would be simple and make managing content easier.. I've searched all through the forums which many seem to be in support of this.. Perhaps either a button "Add Another Author", or a simple comma to separate the usernames on the Article Owner list.. This would then change the need to make all my users a editor which increases the security of people's content if this feature was added.. And for those who do not want multiple authors for there….. 66.. 10 comments.. Drag and drop Template Designer.. A template designer where one can drag and stretch the module positions to where he wants them to be and then generate all the necessary code, files and folders.. Pagination for categories and subcategories.. Pagination for categories like [1] [2] [3], this will split a list of categories / subcategories into multiple pages.. 55.. 2 comments.. 20.. 21..

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  • Title: Sign in – Customer Feedback for Joomla!
    Descriptive info: New and returning users may sign in..

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  • Title: Built in Forms Component – Customer Feedback for Joomla!
    Descriptive info: Bhargav Teja.. Nov 17, 2010.. 87 comments.. August 2, 2014 5:52 AM.. This is great proposal!.. It would make work with Joomla easier.. And without additional modules.. Please do it as soon as possible.. shoulders.. March 9, 2014 4:03 AM.. there is a free solution to forms that i have discovered and because it is so good and easy to use i don t think it needs to be part of the core.. My main reason i wanted it part of the core was, i wanted an easy contact form.. I did not need anything overcomplicated and i did not want to got through the hassle of linking to a joomla user (lazy i know).. Most website contact forms have only the following field; name/email/subject/message but occasionally i wanted to add an additional filed like telephone number.. The options out there were either paid/overcomplicated/non configurable modules.. Then i found Joomlashine uniform (free and) does everything.. module/page/plugin.. you can have up to 3 forms of the free version.. So i would check this out.. March 8, 2014 11:51 AM.. Just buy one of the commercial ones.. You encourage development by forking over a few bucks for them, and you can choose the one you like.. October 25, 2013 12:39 AM.. This offer is registered on FreedomSponsors:.. org/core/issue/373/built-in-form-component-for-joomla.. October 16, 2013 1:07 PM.. One of the best example of form component for a CMS i ve come across after very long time is the Webform module in DRUPAL.. Right now there is almost none such form component for joomla.. For a non-tech component such as Drupal webform is a huge time saver.. Shyam Sunder Verma.. September 6, 2013 6:20 AM.. You can utilize a simple and free form tool -.. joomlaxi.. com/products/item/joomlaxi-forms.. html.. July 31, 2013 5:08 AM.. I don t think this needs to be part of the core.. There are several excellent forms components out there.. For instance we have been using RS Forms Pro for years and we are very happy with it.. Jitendra Khatri.. July 26, 2013 1:59 AM.. You can Use JoomlaXi Forms Which Provides ou many integrations.. For Using this you can use.. http://minikomi.. github.. io/Bootstrap-Form-Builder/.. for building Forms and then Copy the html generated by form builder in the form of JoomlaXi Forms.. Create an Action and attach this on the Form.. when the Form will be submitted from your site all control on submitted data is in your hand, now you can process it in any way which you want.. JoomlaXi Forms Team working.. Lukas Greblikas.. July 2, 2013 8:23 AM.. But there is Contacts component already.. With it you can create a form for contact.. Does it not satisfy you?.. Michael Reiter.. March 22, 2013 2:33 AM.. A built in forms component would be very useful.. Until now you always have to hope the forms component you are using will we updated to the next version of joomla , you have to wait months until  ...   frameworks that are commonly adopted in the ICT mobile environment, namely using Bootstrap because this appears to be the direction a bulk of the environment is going/accepting and extending across platforms, OS, and CMS systems.. Use of multiple CK breaks rather than fixes the purpose of Joomla as the common web-mobile-anywhere dev platform,.. Seblod is well thought out as tool to build applications that can work within the core and Bootstrap/responsive environment that is needed in order to expose the power of the underlying database and web/mobile environment consistently.. Joomla CKs are becoming fractured and driven in different directions by template providers that also threaten to drive incompatible implementations of frameworks, Joomla remains short of its promise because it still has the impacts of a nearly broken base of developers.. Come together on core frameworks like Bootstrap and push CK on top.. Add with ratings as to how much it modifies the core and is able to be removed without causing the content or core to break.. Joomla is at a cross roads of building on a great foundation or becoming unmanageable.. Alonzo Turner.. November 11, 2012 12:27 PM.. Here is a link to a 2.. 5 compatible component that uses the admin interface to build xml files and then uses JForm to load the xml.. It is very rough at this stage, but it should function as a good proof of concept.. Data collected in the forms can be downloaded in CSV format.. https://github.. com/subtext/com_forms.. Sheikh Pervez Hameed.. September 21, 2012 11:20 PM.. Required very much.. David.. July 27, 2012 4:06 PM.. I d like to see forms, but I would need some math capabilities to the forms, and ways to exploit the relational database options of mySQL.. Fedik.. April 18, 2012 2:07 AM.. think, this suggestion will solved automatically after implement A native Content Construction Kit in core ;).. Shane.. March 17, 2012 9:10 AM.. This would be really good, I often use RS Forms which is pretty good but the thought of having forms built in would be perfect!.. March 13, 2012 5:45 AM.. Thank you very much for Build in Forms.. Go ahead.. March 12, 2012 6:16 AM.. Thanks for Forms.. It is very much important for me.. cause I need to collect specific information from user, so I m looking for forms from begging.. Now I satisfy.. Marina.. November 30, 2011 11:00 AM.. I d really like to see CKForms built into the core.. In admin you can have create mutiple forms (simple contact / newsletter subscribe), all types of fields can be added (select, checkboxes (limited), radio, simple text input / password ect).. There s also optional captcha and the CSS is pretty easy to figure out.. Best of all.. it emails the owner, can send an autoresponder to the user and it SAVES the users inputted data to a database.. I use it ALL the time in 1.. 5 (no dev yet for 1.. 6/1.. 7)..

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  • Title: mutisite – Customer Feedback for Joomla!
    Descriptive info: jetwang.. 73 comments.. October 25, 2013 12:37 AM.. org/core/issue/372/multisite-support-for-joomla.. Oliver König.. July 27, 2013 10:26 AM.. what is a m u t i s i t e ? a typo?.. Cor Kevenaar.. May 5, 2013 1:05 AM.. yesss i need thiss so much becaus i have more than 60 sites to update :(.. March 22, 2013 2:37 AM.. this would be useful because you have to update joomla only once for all the sites.. But ONLY if updating joomla to the next version (including the extensions!!!) is a smooth process.. Remember the migration from 1.. 0 to 1.. 5 and 1.. 6.. Should the update create problems, it would mean it creates problems to all your sites!!!.. Larry Fleisch.. October 18, 2012 10:37 AM.. I have actualy had several requests for this.. Would be very useful!.. tom.. September 27, 2012 1:52 AM.. Multisite with multi database system would be perfect.. September 21, 2012 11:21 PM.. Very much required.. August 31, 2012 8:42 AM.. This could be useful since the available third party extensions are very complicated.. WordPress has this ability build in as well, but I [resume it will be not so easy to put this in the core without creating a lot of overhead for people who do not use this function.. Perhaps the solution could be to give an option during install so that no redundant code is installed if there is no need for it.. Slava Aliev.. June 24, 2012 12:12 AM.. Great idea, I use this feature in Bitrix CMS.. very useful.. Haldor.. May 13, 2012 11:09 AM.. I think Guy Jeffries said it best.. What people mean by multisite support are a multi database Joomla  ...   JED.. I think this would be better packed down into it s component parts and by bringing these part together it will be possible to make a variety of different solutions as well serving other possibilities that are not about different sites, such as landing pages from email campaigns or multi databases for one site.. I think what is actually being asked for here is a multi database/prefixed-table-set which can be chosen based on the url.. A plugin which does that alone would do the majority of the heavy lifting for a multisite solution, this could even just pick on some tables and share others.. Perhaps a URL choosing rules system not unlike the ACL system with the users being domains and the access being db tables.. After that it s just a way of presenting different database set-ups based on the data set for the site - cloning, new install etc.. One area of multi-sites which look to have have added massive complexity is different load outs of assets which with the ACL system appear to me to be redundant now.. Asiri Warnakulasuriya.. January 16, 2012 7:19 AM.. A must have!!!.. Fabio Perri.. January 10, 2012 12:43 AM.. Very very great idea !.. adronbeast.. January 2, 2012 5:51 AM.. may be usefull.. Rafael Santana.. December 21, 2011 7:22 AM.. Please! Essential.. pedro.. December 13, 2011 4:44 AM.. bom.. jmanu80.. November 24, 2011 11:13 AM.. Yes multisite yes for multisite.. aneesh.. November 15, 2011 10:31 PM.. yes, we can do it by developing a component.. like onrevenue.. us/aneesh.. But joomla need some core level modification.. Jean-Marie GROUD.. November 13, 2011 12:20 AM.. Multisites !!!!!!!! Multisites !!!!!!!!.. Merci merci merci.. Site Administration..

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  • Title: Joomla Idea Pool: Site Administration (415 ideas) – Customer Feedback for Joomla!
    Descriptive info: Search for and install new (JED) extensions from the backend (Administrator).. Make it possible to search for new extensions in JED and install selected extension from the backend of a website (WordPress like).. 229.. Joomla 1.. 6 ‘User Profile’ plugin has an option for Terms of Service but no option to set TOS would like to suggest to add a drop down to choose an article to make it as TOS or an input box to write article ID for TOS.. 203.. Drag-and-drop.. editing by using the drag-and-drop features of a rich administration interface.. (extentin manager, editing area, etc.. 179.. 5 comments.. Rapid Development Tool For Joomla.. We need a rapid development tool for joomla like in cakephp and zend frameworks do.. Joomla has a good framework.. A joomla rapid development tool will make developers to develop their controllers, model and views.. This will change joomla from cms to a great web development framework.. 165.. JQuery Support.. JQuery and MooTools work integrated without conflict.. 127.. Built-in simple or advance ecommerce system management.. Built-in ecommerce system like shopping, payment.. So that joomla will also be called as CMS as well as ecommerce management system.. Thus the user will use the inbuilt core functionality, with using third party components.. 121.. Security future.. - add an firewall/antivirus app in joomla core scanning each item uploaded 2 joomla.. - all plugs components in extensions should be re-evaluated and check if they are safe.. - developers should be punished if they make unsafe plugins or components.. Dev s P or C is only accepted if it contains the required security features.. - /administrator in  ...   them and you get a message in back end saying so.. -Joomla should also have a write button when you press on this you can write,change, update yor site when you log out it s autoswitched 2 read only And I MEAN EVERYTHING IN JOOMLA IS THEN READ ONLY.. -you should also be able 2 make the username look like astrix instead of it being readable, we can even get Secretive by adding a keyscrambler.. _Ok that s it I m going 2 sleep safe.. Dev's P or C is only accepted if it contains the required security features.. The backend should also be switch off automatically when you logout, I turn my off by going 2 webhost renaming administrator 2 adXXXministraXXtor or what….. 116.. Plugin management.. Expand the plugin manager as in the module manager, to be able to assign the page where to load or not each plugin.. 111.. show modules by language.. Show Modules, and position by languages.. for example display Module #1 for English Language and display Module #2 For another language (For Exmple Persian [Farsi] Or Arabic) is RTL Direction.. its very simple thas CSS Set and programming.. 102.. cookies.. A way of preventing cookies being placed on the visiting computer by Jooma, Template, or extensions.. So that the visitor could deactivate by agreeing to accept cookies.. To be compliant with EU regulations.. 77.. Language Installation During CMS Install.. Allow administrators to install language packs during the CMS installation process.. 68.. Don t save FTP password.. When you need to use FTP, show a window to enter the password, and save in the session (temporarily)..

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