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    Archived pages: 225 . Archive date: 2013-12.

  • Title: kate raynes-goldie // k4t3.org — Deconstructing social media, digital privacy and internet culture
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. about.. blog.. contact.. publications presentations.. Subscribe.. K4T3.. follow me on Twitter.. (07.. 04.. 2013).. Radical Transparency: Privacy after a Decade of Facebook.. (09.. 13.. 2012).. Privacy in the Age of Facebook: Discourse, Architecture, Consequences.. 21.. 2011).. Just say no to e-health records, because your doctor might think you're a bitch.. (05.. 07.. Targeted phishing of Playstation Network victims begins?.. (04.. 02.. The Dark Side of Online Group Coupons.. projects.. Gaming Privacy.. (Making a cross-media privacy game with Canadian children, funded by the.. Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.. ).. Atmosphere Industries.. (We are an award-winning game design non-profit.. We make unusual games.. ).. recess.. to.. (A monthly community gameup/forum for experimental games in Toronto).. PrivacyCampTO.. (An annual privacy unconference - Canada's first and only - funded by the.. and hosted by the.. EDGE Lab.. research.. I'm a researcher, educator and game designer based in Fremantle, Australia.. I co-founded.. , an award-winning game design non-profit.. I'm also currently teaching at Curtin  ...   What Games Can Be.. ".. TEDxPerth.. Perth, Australia.. December 8, 2012.. The social shaping of privacy enhancing technology.. For Your Eyes Only.. Brussels, Belgium November 29-30, 2012.. Educating (with) Facebook.. Internet Research 1.. 3.. Manchester UK.. October 18-21, 2012.. Gaming Privacy: making a privacy literacy game with Canadian Children.. Internet Research 13.. "Making an online privacy game for kids, with kids.. ".. Media 140 Digital Futures.. Perth, Australia, April 28, 2012.. "Co-Creating with Kids: Experiences from Collaborative Interactive Design.. INplay 2012.. Toronto, Canada.. May 15, 2012.. Recent forthcoming publications:.. " Kate Raynes-Goldie.. Curtin University, Australia.. PhD Thesis.. 2012.. Annotated bibliography: Digitally mediated surveillance, privacy and social network sites.. " Kate Raynes-Goldie Cybersurveillance and Everyday Life: An International Workshop.. University of Toronto, Canada.. 2011.. The stranger danger: exploring surveillance, autonomy and privacy in children’s use of social media.. " Jason Nolan, Kate Raynes-Goldie, Melanie McBride.. Canadian Children: Journal of the Canadian Association for Young Children.. (36)2, pages 24-32.. (.. see also past talks publications..

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  • Title: about
    Descriptive info: I m a researcher, game designer an educator.. I am an expert in privacy and Facebook, which I have been following since 2004 and was also the subject of my.. PhD research.. I m interested in the use of social media and games in supporting and empowering people in making the world better, especially with respect to sustainability, health, community, social justice and the protection of civil liberties, in particular privacy rights and freedom.. I have been researching the internet, online community, social media, privacy, activism and social change for over ten years.. I m currently a lecturer at the.. at Curtin University in Perth, Australia and a facilitator and director of the board of.. Living Smart.. , an award-winning sustainability program that empowers individuals to make real and lasting change.. I am also the co-founder of.. , an award-winning pervasive and cross-media gaming non-profit and an Associate at London s.. Six to Start.. I specialise in action research and ethnographic approaches, which I bring together with my game design background to create inclusive and insightful research projects.. Our most recent project was.. , which used action research methods to create and study a privacy literacy game for children with a group of  ...   a Winning Selection at.. TIFF Kids.. 2010 in Toronto.. I have appeared on MTV, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), NPR and ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) and in ELLE, the Globe and Mail, Spacing Magazine, and La Presse and have presented my work at a wide range of international academic, government and industry conferences including SXSWi,.. , NXNEi, Media140, Netsquared, the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners and the Association of Internet Researchers Annual Conference.. Research and Background.. Previously, I was faculty at the.. CFC Media Lab.. s Interactive Art and Entertainment Programme (now part of the.. OCADU/CFC Media Lab Digital Futures program.. in Canada), where I ran the social and networked media unit.. I was also a Research Associate at Ryerson University s.. Experiential Design and Gaming Environment s Lab.. (Canada) where, I researched.. privacy and autonomy in censorware and MMOs for kids.. I have also worked as a researcher and social media consultant for a variety of high tech community groups/non-profits, including the youth-focused.. TakingITGlobal.. I have a PhD from.. Curtin University.. and an honours degree from the.. University of Toronto.. in.. Semiotics.. Communication Theory and Philosophy (double major).. I’m also a graduate of the.. s Interactive Art and Entertainment Programme..

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  • Title: publications & presentations
    Descriptive info: PhD thesis.. Raynes-Goldie, K.. (2012).. PhD.. Curtin University, Perth, Australia.. http://www.. k4t3.. org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/privacy_in_the_age_of_facebook_raynes-goldie.. pdf.. papers and book chapters.. Jason Nolan, Kate Raynes-Goldie, Melanie McBride.. (36)2.. [.. pdf.. ].. Kate Raynes-Goldie.. Cybersurveillance and Everyday Life: An International Workshop.. html.. Aliases, creeping, and wall cleaning: Understanding privacy in the age of Facebook.. First Monday, 15(1).. 2010.. Wiki Collaboration Within Political Parties: Benefits and Challenges.. Kate Raynes-Goldie and David Fono.. In T.. Davies S.. P.. Gangadharan (Eds.. ), Online Deliberation: Design, Research, Practice.. CSLI.. 2009.. ].. Our Space: Online Civic Engagement Tools for Youth.. Kate Raynes-Goldie and Luke Walker.. In L.. Bennett (Ed.. ), Civic Engagement: The MacArthur Series on Digital Media and Learning.. MIT Press.. 2008.. Hyperfriends and Beyond: Friendship and Social Norms on LiveJournal.. David Fono and Kate Raynes-Goldie in M.. Consalvo C.. Haythornthwaite (Eds.. ), Internet Research Annual Volume 4: Selected Papers from the Association of Internet Researchers Conference.. Peter Lang.. 2007.. Pulling Sense out of Today s Informational Chaos: LiveJournal as a Site of Knowledge Creation and Sharing.. First Monday, 9(12).. 2004.. talks.. Making an online privacy game for kids, with kids.. Youth Privacy.. Kate Raynes-Goldie and Matthew Johnson.. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.. s Insights on Privacy Speakers Series,.. Ottawa, Canada.. September 8, 2011.. Subversion for Fun and Safety: Resistive Privacy Practices on Facebook.. Internet Research 10: Internet Critical.. Association of Internet Researchers.. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.. October 7-10, 2009.. Facebook: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.. Canadian Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation.. Wychwood Barns, Toronto, Canada.. October 22-25, 2009.. Open Politics: Collaborative Writing as a New Method of Deliberation and Decision Making.. Kate Raynes-Goldie and Michael Pilling.. Ottawa Congress Centre, Ottawa, Canada.. October 27-30, 2005.. Hyperfriendship and Beyond: Friendship and Social Norms on Livejournal.. Internet Research 6.. 0: Internet Generations.. Chicago, Illinois.. October 5-9, 2005.. ] Wiki Use by Political Parties: a Case Study.. 2nd Annual Conference on Online Deliberation/DIAC-2005.. Stanford University.. Palo  ...   Maker Children: DIY culture and perspectives on social technologies.. Alexandra Bal, Alison Gaston, Jason Nolan, Kate Raynes-Goldie and Yukari Seko.. DIY Citizenship.. November 12-14, 2010.. Where are we now? The inter-generational shift in privacy perceptions.. (opening plenary).. Peter Hustinx, Omer Tene, Peter Schaar, Kate Raynes-Goldie, Chris Hoofnagle and Alice Marwick.. 32nd Annual Conference of Privacy and Data Protection Commissioners.. , Jerusalem, Israel, October 27-29 2010.. summary.. ] Privacy, Facebook and the Californian Ideology.. On the Philosophy of Facebook.. Anthony Hoffmann, Korinna Patelis, Kate Raynes-Goldie, Trebor Scholz, Dylan Wittkower and Michael Zimmer.. Internet Research 11.. , Gothenberg, Sweden, October 21-23 2010.. Can Social Games Do Social Good?.. Tony Walsh, Dave Lazar, Martin Best, Kate Raynes-Goldie and Jennifer Hollett.. NXNEi.. June 16, 2010.. Web 2.. 0 Suicide.. Ujwal Arkalgud, Gordan Savicic, Kate Raynes-Goldie and Steven James May.. June 15, 2010.. 0 and Non-profits.. Kate Raynes-Goldie, Nick Moraitis and Andrew Apostola.. New Connections, Vibewire Inc.. NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre, Sydney, Australia.. November 30, 2007.. We Know Your Every Thought Privacy in the Digital Age: A discussion on Privacy, Cryptography, Data Mining and Rights in the age of Google and Facebook.. Kate Raynes-Goldie and Dave Cake.. Night s Edge, Emerald Hotel.. November 10-11, 2007.. Under 18: Blogs, Wikis, and Online Social Networks for Youth.. Andrea Forte, danah boyd, Elisabeth Sylvan, Kate Raynes-Goldie and Erin Reilly.. SXSW.. Austin, Texas.. March 10-13, 2007.. Surfing the rolling cloud of connectivity: ICT and the developing world.. David Barnard, Partha Sarker and Kate Raynes-Goldie.. Netsquared, Santa Clara, California.. May 30-31 2006.. Trust in the Media.. Canadian Centre for Ethics and Public Affairs.. Don Newman, Kim Meek and Kate Raynes-Goldie.. University of King s College, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.. February 9, 2006.. other writing.. Apathy and Irony.. The Globe and Mail.. August 9, 2004.. Blog the Vote.. Now Magazine.. June 10, 2004.. Race Baiting.. March 18, 2004.. What s Adbusters Doing Making Runners in China?.. February 19, 2004..

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  • Title: Privacy in the Age of Facebook: Discourse, Architecture, Consequences
    Descriptive info: by.. kate raynes-goldie.. on.. September 13, 2012.. academic.. ,.. californian ideology.. facebook.. thesis.. In July, my PhD thesis passed examination.. Today, after making the required (thankfully minor) revisions, I submitted the final version to my university!.. Download.. ] or access via.. Curtin Library repository (eSpace).. Abstract.. Most academic and journalistic discussions of privacy on Facebook have centred on users, rather than the company behind the site.. The result is an overwhelming focus on the perceived shortcomings of users with respect to irresponsible privacy behaviours, rather than an examination of the potential role that Facebook Inc.. may have in encouraging such behaviours.. Aiming to counterbalance this common technologically deterministic perspective, this thesis deploys a multi-layered ethnographic approach in service of a deep and nuanced analysis of privacy on Facebook.. This approach not only looks at both the users.. and.. creators of Facebook, it examines Facebook Inc.. in the context of historical, cultural and discursive perspectives.. Specifically, this thesis details how the company s privacy policy and design decisions are guided not simply by profit, but by a belief system which which encourages radical transparency (Kirkpatrick, 2010) and is at odds with conventional understandings of privacy.. In turn, drawing on Fiske s model of popular culture, users make do with the limited privacy choices afforded them by the site, while at the same time attempting to maximise its social utility.. As this dynamic demonstrates, Facebook Inc.. plays a critical, yet often overlooked role in shaping privacy norms and behaviours through site policies and architecture.. Taken together, the layers of this thesis provide greater insight into user behaviour with respect to privacy, and, more broadly, demonstrate the importance of including critical analyses of social media companies in examinations of privacy culture.. Stuff which might be useful for Facebook, social media privacy researchers.. In Chapters 3 and 8, I expand on my definition and application of social privacy as distinct from institutional privacy  ...   13 at 5:07 pm.. Philosophy: it matters.. | beyond words.. 06.. 13 at 11:59 am.. 2.. comments read them below or.. add one.. Anne Marie Cunningham.. 19.. 12 at 6:36 am.. Hello Kate,.. I just want to say a very big Well done! and an even bigger thank you for publishing your thesis here.. I am excited just reading down through the table of contents!.. Anne Marie.. Christine Prefontaine.. 11.. 20.. 12 at 4:07 am.. Kate! Just want to say so awesome that you finished! Yayyyyyyy.. I know you worked so hard.. Really really proud of you.. Way to go :).. Leave a Comment.. Name.. *.. E-mail.. Website.. You can use these.. HTML.. tags and attributes:.. a href= title= abbr title= acronym title= b blockquote cite= cite code del datetime= em i q cite= strike strong.. is, among other things, a philosopher of the internet and designer of (mostly) analogue games.. This is her blog.. Tags.. australia.. barcamp.. barcampperth.. boston.. cbc.. civicengagement.. conference.. curtin.. feminism.. geek feminism.. gender.. greg.. internet culture.. internets.. irony.. livejournal.. myspace.. panel.. perth.. plazes.. privacy.. redbull.. roflcon.. selfsurveillance.. sns.. social media.. socialtechnology.. socialweb.. spark.. sxsw.. sxswi.. thefacebook.. toronto.. travel.. Uncategorized.. web2.. 0.. web 2.. worldofwarcraft.. wow.. youth.. blog roll.. Alex Leitch.. CBC Radio s Spark.. Claire Buré.. Constance Wiebrands.. David Fono.. Helen Merrick.. Josh Whitkin.. Leigh Honeywell.. Luke Walker.. Margaret Maitland.. Matthew Allen.. Michael Pilling.. Nick Moraitis.. Nicolas Ritoux.. Ryan Bigge.. Simone van Hattem.. Tama Leaver.. older stuff.. July 2013.. September 2012.. July 2011.. May 2011.. April 2011.. February 2011.. December 2010.. November 2010.. October 2010.. July 2010.. March 2010.. February 2010.. March 2009.. February 2009.. October 2008.. September 2008.. August 2008.. July 2008.. May 2008.. April 2008.. March 2008.. February 2008.. November 2007.. October 2007.. July 2007.. June 2007.. May 2007.. April 2007.. March 2007.. November 2006.. October 2006.. May 2006.. February 2006.. August 2005.. Search.. meta.. Log in.. Entries.. RSS.. Comments.. WordPress.. org..

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  • Title: kate raynes-goldie // k4t3.org — Deconstructing social media, digital privacy and internet culture
    Descriptive info: k4t3.. org blog.. deconstructing social media, digital privacy and internet culture.. July 4, 2013.. I spoke yesterday at.. ANZCA2013.. in Fremantle, Australia about some of my latest work coming out of my.. on the philosophy Facebook, radical transparency and privacy in the context of a decade of Facebook (as of next year).. A full paper is in the works, but here s where I m at so far.. Slides.. The amount and scope of personal information shared on Facebook has markedly increased over the past decade (Stutzman, Gross, Acquisti, 2013), a privacy shift that has been reflected in internet usage more broadly.. In the words of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO: [In 2004] when Facebook was just getting started, most people didn’t want to put information about themselves on the Internet.. So, we got people through this really big hurdle of getting people to want to put up their full name, a real picture, mobile phone number…and connections to real people… (Zimmer, 2008).. As Zuckerberg s statement suggests, these changes were not accidental.. Facebook has intentionally and consistently pushed users to to increase their personal disclosures, or, as those at Facebook describe it, to become more open and connected (Raynes-Goldie, 2012).. As their revenue model is based on datamining and targeted advertising, Facebook has a clear financial motivation to encourage its users to share more personal information on the site.. However, profit is not the company s only motivation.. Underpinning Facebook s push towards less privacy is a deep ideological belief that if if we all lived more open, transparent and less private lives, society would be more compassionate, equal and just (Smith, 2007).. It is a belief that Zuckerberg and his inner circle at Facebook describe as radical transparency (Kirkpatrick, 2010, p.. 207).. Based on an extensive archival and media analysis of primary and secondary materials gathered over the last decade (including developer changelogs, court documents, official blog posts, interviews, and first hand employee accounts) and this paper will examine how Facebook has attempted to impose radical transparency upon its users, and indeed the internet more broadly.. Specifically, this paper will outline how the company, through a variety of mechanisms (technical, discursive, social and policy-based), has strategically transformed Facebook s culture from a locked down, student-focused community to a much less private, more open social network where nearly a billion people actively share their personal information and daily activities changes which, due to the global pervasiveness of Facebook, have had a ripple effect on privacy culture more broadly.. Overall, this paper will document exactly.. how.. why.. a decade of Facebook has significantly changed privacy online.. Works Cited.. Kirkpatrick, D.. (2010).. The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World.. New York: Simon Schuster.. Privacy in the Age of Facebook: discourse, architecture, consequences.. Smith, J.. (2007).. Facebook Friends Lists let you manage your ‘friends’ more effectively.. Retrieved September 21, 2008 from http://www.. insidefacebook.. com/2007/12/19/facebook-friend-lists-let-you-manage-your-friends-more-effectively/.. Stutzman, F.. , Gross, R.. , Acquisti, A.. (2013).. Silent Listeners: The Evolution of Privacy and Disclosure on Facebook.. Journal of Privacy and Confidentiality.. ,.. (2).. Retrieved from http://repository.. cmu.. edu/cgi/viewcontent.. cgi?article=1098 context=jpc.. Zimmer, M.. (2008).. Facebook’s Zuckerberg on Increasing the Streams of Personal Information Online.. Retrieved from http://michaelzimmer.. org/2008/11/08/facebooks-zuckerberg-on-increasing-the-streams-of-personal-information-online/.. comments.. 6.. Just say no to e-health records, because your doctor might think you re a bitch.. July 21, 2011.. Think your privacy is protected because.. you have nothing to hide.. ?.. I was making a follow up appointment at my dermatologist s office today.. On the reception desk right in front of me, in plain view, was a print out of a patient call list.. Certainly, this was a minor violation of patient confidentiality in itself.. But what caused me real concern was what was written in the column labeled comments next to one of the patients names:.. bitch.. I couldn t believe what I was seeing.. Since the term is a.. gendered, hate word used to disempower uppity women, I consider bitch to be as offensive as any racial slur.. (and am surprised it s still socially acceptable to use, while racial slurs are not).. So, not only was this patient s privacy being violated in a most unprofessional way, she had officially been labeled as a bitch in a document at her doctor s office.. What was even more concerning was that this list was a print out, meaning there was also an electronic copy on the office computer.. Anyone who uses the internet knows how easily information can move around, accidentally or consciously being repurposed for uses other than the one originally intended (see.. David Lyon s concept of leaky containers.. Anyone standing at the desk could see this list, but the potential audience of an electronic document is much wider and perhaps even more of a threat.. Who knows if that description is in her medical records, or if it will follow her to future doctors.. It has the potential to compromise her medical care, for example her doctor might be less open or accommodating given that she is apparently a bitch.. Yet.. another reason.. why paper-based heath records are better for protecting privacy.. PS I m still trying to figure out what to do about this discovery as it is in violation of Ontario/Canadian privacy law, and I m certain whatever ethics/codes govern Ontario doctors.. I wanted to tell my doctor, but my next appointment isn t for another year and there is no way to get to her unless I go through a receptionist.. Edit (July 21, 2011):.. Based on some of the feedback I ve been getting, I d like to further clarify that my main point was to highlight the unprofessionalism of what I saw at my dermatologist s office.. My point about e-health records was secondary, but seems to be getting more attention, so I ll support/clarify that argument a bit more with a few other examples (below) of why digital records pose more of a threat than paper.. And no, I am not saying paper is 100% safe and private, rather that it is more private than digital records.. Furthermore, arguments that I should trust doctors to be professional and keep my info safe with digital records because they will follow the strict protocols are pretty much invalidated by what was written in that patient call list.. Indeed, it is human error/unprofessionalism that is the main problem here, but the properties if digital databases/ICT magnify these issues.. 1.. ) Digital records threaten privacy through obscurity see the.. Facebook newsfeed example.. ) Digital records allow for function creep and leaky containers see the.. reuse of a digital database of photos taken for driver licensing being used to identify potential criminals.. 9.. May 7, 2011.. hack.. phishing.. playstation.. playstation network.. psn.. security.. UPDATE May 6, 2011, 14:07 ET.. Michael Oliveira.. (thanks!) has suggested that this is a legit email, even though the links go to a third party rather than a Sony domain often a clear giveaway for phishing.. In this case, Michael points out the third party does appear to be legit.. However, the email was also suspicious to me because it for an SR number (which I was never given), moreover I don t remember giving Sony my details when I called about the hack.. Either way, you d think Sony would do a better job making their emails look authentic given how careful people are now being.. Playstation sent me an email on April 27 to tell me that my information had probably been stolen in the hack, but couldn t confirm anything.. But it became pretty obvious when I started receiving way more spam than usual, including the following elaborate, targeted phishing email, playing on the fact that people have probably been calling Sony to get information about the hack.. Not really a surprise, though:.. Sony Computer Entertainment America:.. Customer Satisfaction and Product Service Survey.. ***Please do not reply to this message.. This is a system-generated email and your message will not be read.. ***.. Dear KATE RAYNES-GOLDIE,.. Thank you for your recent contact to Sony Computer Entertainment America Consumer Services Department for support with your PlayStation® system.. We are very interested to hear about the service you received and would appreciate your feedback regarding your support experience.. We continually strive to provide you with high quality support and service and your comments and suggestions enable us to better serve your future needs.. Please take a moment to complete this brief survey.. (Completion time is five minutes or less).. You will need either your 9-11 digit Service Request number (e.. g.. SR Number 1-xxxxxxxxx or W-xxxxxxxxx), or the phone number and area code you provided when you contacted us.. To begin, please click the link below.. Click here to take this survey.. We are unable to respond to replies sent to this survey email account, nor are we able to contact you directly if requested us to do so via your survey response.. If you are in need of additional assistance regarding your PlayStation® system, please contact us at:.. Email Consumer Services.. Phone: 1-800-345-7669.. Hours of Operation:.. Monday through Saturday 6:00am – 8:00pm.. Sunday 7:00am through 6:30pm.. We appreciate the time taken to give us your thoughts and suggestions.. Sincerely,.. PlayStation Consumer Services.. Sony Computer Entertainment America.. DON T KNOW THE SENDER?.. ======================.. You are receiving this email because you contacted SCEA for assistance with your PlayStation® system.. If you believe you received this email in error, please contact Sony Computer Entertainment America Consumer Services Department at.. us.. playstation.. com/Corporate/ContactUs/ConsumerServices.. To unsubscribe from future PlayStation® surveys please.. click here.. Information provided will only be used to enhance customer experience and is not used to sell any products or services.. To view our Privacy Policy, please visit.. com/support.. aspx?id=privacypolicy.. Sony Computer Entertainment America 919 E.. Hillsdale Blvd.. Foster City, CA 94404.. April 2, 2011.. coupons.. groupon.. UPDATED April 28, 2011.. Groupon.. and other similar group coupon sites are currently a huge online trend.. Consider that Groupon recently turned down a buyout.. offer from Google for $6 billion.. , prompting.. Google to start their own version.. Google Offers.. For the uninitiated, these sites offer huge discounts at local businesses if a certain number of buyers put down their money up front.. If the set limit of buyers isn t met, the deal is off.. The coupon merchant takes a percentage and the local business gets a large amount of cash before actually providing their product or service, as well as access to a large group of new, potentially loyal, customers.. Being a PhD student for the past few years has turned me into an excellent deal maven, so I love these sites.. But a recent example here in Toronto has revealed the dark side of these coupons, especially as they become more popular.. Aside from the.. privacy issues.. inherent in these sites (I suspect a large amount of revenue is actually coming from data mining and consumer research rather than the commissions on the coupons themselves), there is huge potential for abuse by business who want to game the system.. I ve been watching this situation unfold for a few weeks now.. I ve sent it to a few media outlets and I m disappointed no one has picked it up.. These group coupons are becoming hugely popular, so people need to be aware of what they re getting into.. Here s the story: Starting in January,.. The Butchers.. a local, family-owned business in Toronto began using a number of the deal sites to offer huge discounts on their products (as much as $50 for $150 of meat).. They used.. Dealgetters.. Webpiggy.. (twice),.. DealByDay.. DealFind.. and probably a few more that I haven t found yet.. They sold a huge volume of coupons, more than they could manage to fulfill.. Customers.. started.. complaining.. , about rude staff, poor quality products (or no products at all), reduced business hours, massively inflated prices for coupon holders (but no one else) and even a refusal to honour the terms of the coupons.. Some are even calling it a scam.. Despite this, the folks at the Butchers keep using whatever new group coupon site they can find to do another offer.. A rep at Webpiggy confirmed that by March, they had likely sold.. $1.. 5 million.. worth of coupons a seemingly impossible amount of product for a small business to honour.. The Webpiggy rep also told me that the owners of the Butchers are opening a fish store across the street, which suggests that all this group couponing is not an effort to get new customers (they re doing a horrible job if that s their goal), rather it is fundraising effort for their new business venture at the expense of customers who are not having their side of the bargain held up.. Full disclosure here: I bought a few of these coupons from Webpiggy.. After being yelled at or hung up on by staff multiple times, getting my order delivered 3 weeks after placing it, and finding.. dirt and human hair on my chicken.. , I had them all refunded.. The staff at the Butchers blamed the amount of coupons they had sold for their troubles, which makes it even more suspicious that they kept offering more deals on more sites.. The issue now, which presents an interesting problem for an unregulated industry, is that a large number of customers are asking for refunds.. I was lucky, getting a refund early.. But others.. are posting saying Webpiggy is no longer offering refunds.. , and.. Dealgetters has just told unhappy customers to deal with it.. From what I m reading on the forums, Webpiggy and other sites were covering the refunds out of their own pockets, rather than getting it back from the Butchers.. There is no clarity on who is responsible here.. The customer is essentially at the mercy of the coupon provider, and has no recourse with the business itself if they are unhappy with the product or service.. The local business provides the service, but the money is prepaid to someone else.. It presents a very difficult situation for customers in cases like this where businesses are essentially gaming the system for their own benefit.. In any other situation, I m pretty sure this would be illegal.. I recently had a conversation with Jon DiMauro (who runs.. Evoke Salon.. ) about this story.. They ran their own group coupon deal but they did it the right way.. His insight, which I thought was brilliant, was that the first rule of social media for businesses should be actually being a good, ethical business that treats its customers well.. If you ve got that down, you re set in the social media space, and you don t have to worry about hoards of angry comments and how to manage them.. Social media marketers seem to just think its all about adding me on twitter and sending me spammy tweets, but that s a whole other post.. Update (April 28):.. The negative side of the Butchers group deals is finally getting some mainstream press coverage:.. Ellen Roseman Why You Might be Wary of Internet Coupons (Toronto Star).. Jim Richard s Showgram (NewsTalk1010).. (I did a radio interview for this one).. Also, a few very unhappy people have told me that the Butchers is now putting restrictions how much you can spend per visit on the $400 coupons (again, unfairly changing the terms of the contract they have with coupon holders).. Last week it was $150 per visit, and on Monday it was $25, which considering their prices, doesn t get you very much.. Update (April 18):.. I got a hold of Eddie at Acadian Beef.. This is what he told me:.. - He does.. not.. supply organic meat to the Butcher.. - He instead sells naturally raised which he told me means no antibiotics and they eat corn BUT are still intensively farmed (a nice way of saying.. factory farmed.. - He himself buys meat from suppliers and cannot say exactly where or which farms the meat comes from.. What does this mean?.. The Butchers advertises.. and charges the same high price you d pay for 100% certified organic  ...   stories describing the latest Facebook privacy issue, for example).. The Social Network, Aaron Sorkin s cinematic account of Facebook s founding and early days, portray site creator and CEO Mark Zuckerberg as a somewhat socially and emotionally inept genius,.. motivated to create the site by a desire for women and entry into one of the prestigious Harvard final clubs.. This account is perhaps unsurprising, given that the film was adapted from Ben Mezrich s book The Accidental Billionaires, which was based on evidence from many parties, except from anyone actually at Facebook, including Zuckerberg himself.. Nick Bilton, a New York Times tech writer says that when he asked a Facebook employee what Zuckerberg thinks about privacy, the employee laughed and said.. He doesn t believe in it.. This gets us a bit closer to what is really going on: Zuckerberg doesn t believe in privacy because he believes in.. radical transparency.. instead.. As.. Anil Dash put it.. : Facebook is philosophically run by people who are extremists about information sharing.. Time and time again, Zuckerberg has said that Facebook s goal is to make the world more.. open.. connected.. transparent.. He truly believes that improving communication by making it more.. efficient.. will make the world a better place.. In 2008 at the Facebook Developer Conference,.. Zuckerberg stated.. : In the world we’re building where the world is more transparent, it becomes good for people to be good to each other.. That’s really important as we try to solve some of the world’s problems.. Earlier this year, Zuckerberg inadvertently revealed a (secret?).. Facebook insignia.. , hidden inside his hoodie, which doesn t appear anywhere on the site or in any official Facebook communications.. Among other things, the insignia reads Making the world open and connected.. But here s where it gets interesting.. What no one seems to have asked is why are Zuckerberg and everyone at Facebook so into transparency or why he thinks being transparent and communicating efficiently will save the world.. This sort way of thinking about the world long pre-dates Facebook, indeed, it runs throughout the philosophies embedded in the modern internet.. It is the culture of the Californian Bay Area that has codeveloped along with the technologies it has created.. Described most simply, it is a form of.. technological utopianism.. whose rhetorical roots lie in Norbert Wiener s.. of the 1940s and 1950s and 1960s American counterculture fused with the computing and digital networking technologies of the 1980s and 1990s.. One of the core tenants of this mode of thinking was the belief that flattened hierarchies and the blurring of traditional boundaries enabled by computing and networking technologies would bring about a more equal and democratic world where individuals could be themselves and would be free to determine their own destinies.. The 1990s saw the infusion of the.. New Right.. s celebration of free markets and economic liberalism into the mix, which further.. blurred hierarchies and the boundaries between work/play, personal/professional and producer/consumer.. This evolution and merging of philosophies and ideas gave us.. The Californian Ideology.. in the 1990s, which spawned.. in the mid 2000s.. But the most important aspect for our discussion of privacy, which draws on Wiener s cybernetics, is the notion that most world problems are problems of inefficient, closed communication, disorder or poor information sharing.. Computers, as systems, can be seen as sources of moral good as they can solve these problems (see.. The Human Use of Human Beings.. for more on this).. If the entire.. universe is code.. (a favourite notion of.. Kevin Kelly.. ), then the conversion or merging of the.. analog with the digital.. would turn the physical world into a manageable system, one that can be indexed, managed, sorted and redistributed (and of course aggregated and datamined as well), thus making the world ordered, open, efficient and transparent.. In other words, better.. Sound familiar?.. Speaking to journalist Jose Vargas in 2010.. , Zuckerberg said the following: “Most of the information that we care about is things that are in our heads, right? And that’s not out there to be indexed, right? Think about what we re doing when we use Facebook.. We re creating digital versions of our relationships, activities, even our identities.. We re turning parts of our lives into code.. And it s not just Facebook.. Consider Kevin Kelly s predictions from.. his 2007 talk at EG.. :.. There s like a billion social sites on the web.. Each time you go into there, you have to tell it again who you are and [who] all your friends are.. Why should you be doing that? You should just do that once, and it should know who all your friends are.. So that s what you want, all your friends are identified, and you should just carry these relationships around.. All this data about you should just be conveyed, and you should do it once and that s all that should happen.. And you should have all the networks of all the relationships between those pieces of data.. That s what we re moving into where [the internet] sort of knows these things down to that level.. what it s doing is sharing data, so you have to be open to having your data shared, which is a much better step than just sharing your webpage or your computer.. And all of these things that are going to be on this are not just pages, they are things.. Everything we ve described, every artifact or place, will be a specific representation, will have a specific character that can be linked to directly [the internet of things where a] physical thing becomes part of the web so that we are in the middle of this thing that s completely linked, down to every object in the little sliver of a connection that it has.. (italics mine).. Note here that Kelly, too, is advocating that for this better world of openness through the merging of atomic and digital.. All we have to do is be open to it.. Indeed, the atomic and the digital can be seen as blurred boundaries, which brings us back again to to the legacy of cybernetics in Facebook.. The cybernetic belief that flattened hierarchies and blurred boundaries are a social good can be seen in what has been called.. context collapse.. on Facebook, where everyone from various contexts of our lives (friends, ex-lovers, acquaintances, employers and so on) are treated as essentially the same, and we have to present ourselves accordingly.. This is not how things usually work in the physical world.. We can go drinking with friends and not get in trouble at work, until someone posts drinking photos that your boss sees on Facebook.. When I spoke to Zuckerberg at SXSWi in 2008, he told me that he had concluded (based on research he had read) that people were happiest when they were the same in all contexts of their lives, and that was why he had designed Facebook the way he had, with only one profile for all life contexts.. Overall, when this set of philosophies is applied practically in Facebook, this has meant the (further) blurring of boundaries of time and space, public and private, online and offline.. Users are now faced with.. flattened social hierarchies; context collisions; confused relationships and identity management issues.. All of which, are essentially, issues of privacy.. But, in Zuckerberg s conception, these are not problems nor threats to privacy.. They are simply the growing pains as we get used to a more transparent, more open, more connected, more efficient, and thus improved world.. In Zuckerberg s better world of the future, privacy is obsolete.. I should note here there is a lot more nuance to this story that I m glossing over here for simplicity s sake (see Fred Turner s.. From Counterculture to Cyberculture.. for an a meticulous and fascinating historical account, or Pim van Bree s nice summation.. 12.. Privacy, safety MMOs for girls.. November 24, 2010.. children.. kids.. mmos.. I took a short break from my PhD thesis to spend part of the summer researching autonomy, privacy and social media for kids with.. at Ryerson s.. I had the honour of presenting our findings at the recent.. conference in Toronto.. If you weren t able to check it out, my talk on MMOs (.. Massively Multiplayer Online games.. ) for girls and the privacy issues inherent in them was.. recorded.. (along with awesome talks on kids, hacking and autonomy by Alison Gaston,.. Yukari Seko.. Alexandra Bal.. My main argument is that MMOs for kids (especially those exclusively for girls, such as.. Barbie Girls.. which.. Sara Grimes.. has done some.. fascinating work on.. ) present themselves as safe spaces where kids can play online and parents don t have to worry about sexual predators or online bullying.. However, MMOs for kids reinforce fear and the rhetoric of stranger danger (despite the fact that.. studies have shown that children are more likely to be harmed by people known to them.. ) while obfuscating other very the real dangers that are actually created by the design of the MMOs themselves, especially in terms of reinscribing disempowering gender roles for girls and exposing them to endless marketing messages.. For example, the objectives and activities in.. Club Penguin.. Webkinz.. are all based around passive consumption of digital goods rather than creativity.. And, more alarmingly, MMOs propose to keep kids safe by only allowing conversations through predetermined pull down menus of phrases, many of which limit a child s expression to disempowering gender roles or advertising for the MMO itself (eg Someone made fun of my outfit! I looked like a dork in gym class! , My crush found out I like him! (Barbie Girls) or I like to answer surveys to earn KinzCash.. (Webkinz)) The thought is that by preventing kids from sharing information about themselves online, they will be protected from stranger danger.. The irony of all this is while youth are blamed for oversharing,.. 84% of Canadian children under the age of 2 have a digital footprint created by their parents.. A more broad and less obvious concern is the connection between autonomy, privacy and critical thinking (I thank Jason Nolan for this insanely brilliant insight).. There is a huge body of research in early childhood education and developmental psychology that links privacy as a requirement for the development of autonomy and vice versa, as well as a host of other skills, such as making judgements, trust and analytical thinking (see.. Marx Steeves, 2010.. ;.. McKinney, 1998.. Coleman Hagell, 2007.. ; and.. Davis, 2001.. In the context of this research, the design of MMOs for kids tends to:.. Discourage creativity, autonomy, critical thinking.. Hider development of skills needed for privacy and trust.. Normalize covert surveillance.. Encourage self worth derived from consumption, economic buying power and appearance.. To see the whole talk,.. check out the video.. Jason Nolan,.. and I have a paper forthcoming on all this.. 0.. Facebook vs Facebook: The Movie.. October 2, 2010.. I just came back from seeing.. The Social Network.. on opening night, in a packed theatre complete with a Tweetup filling the first two rows.. I was impressed (especially after reading the rather disappointing.. The Accidental Billionaires.. , the book the film was based on).. But you can go read another.. much more excellent blog post.. about its cinematic, narrative or artistic merits.. Instead, I d like to offer my take on The Social Network as a Facebook researcher.. Gone Hollywood.. In 1997, when I was a nerdy teenage girl sitting in my basement talking to my nerdy internet friends on IRC and ICQ, I never ever would have thought one day I would be seeing a Hollywood movie about the creation of anything to do with the internet (and written by Aaron Sorkin, directed by David Fincher, scored by Trent Reznor and starring Justin Timberlake, no less!) Back then, the internet was like my private, secret thing.. I got a weird twinge the first time I overheard the cool girls in the hallway whispering about how they were talking to boys they liked on ICQ.. I realise it wasn t just mine anymore.. I still get this twinge whenever I m reminded just how mainstream socializing online has become (even that phrase seems so outdated) like today, when I went to see The Social Network on opening night.. The thing that most interested me was how the film would portray Zuckerberg, his motivations and the events that lead up to the Facebook we know today.. As Aaron Sorkin admitted on the Colbert Report last night, no one other than those directly involved really know what happened.. In some places, the film was very true to the available evidence.. In the scene where Zuckerberg is creating the original Facebook site, the blog posts he makes are pretty much taken directly from his actual.. online diary.. which was used as a court document and later put online by 02138 magazine (.. and then, taken down because of legal battle with Facebook.. As a wonderful nerd reference, Zuckerberg is shown to be blogging on LiveJournal under the account.. zuckonit.. As awesome as it would be, I don t think Zuckerberg used LiveJournal to host his blog from back then (anyone know? the source code shown in the court documents seem to indicate no).. Zuckerberg s motivations.. Like the LiveJournal reference, more often than not the film takes a lot of artistic license, especially with Zuckerberg s motivations.. The film s plot revolves around Zuckerberg two supposed motivations for creating Facebook: women and getting into a.. final club.. The scene where Zuckerberg creates Facemash (a pre-Facebook site like.. Hot or Not.. ) right after being broken up by Erica Albright (.. Zuckerberg s blog.. reveals this isn t her real name) supports this notion because in the movie version, Facemash only compares female students.. This assertion is also found in The Accidental Billionaires, which is supposed to be non-fiction.. However, the.. original Crimson story on Facemash.. (Harvard s student paper) seems to indicate that both genders are comared, which makes Zuckerberg seem much more interested in creating something interesting rather than just wanting revenge on the general population of women for rejecting him.. His preoccupation with Erica s rejection runs throughout the film, which (spoilers!) closes on Zuckerberg looking lonely and deciding whether to Friend her or not.. Again, the film leaves out an important detail Zuckerberg had a girlfriend (Priscilla Chan, who is is still dating and will.. probably marry.. ) throughout most of the events depicted in the film.. The inaccuracies are not a surprise given that the film (and.. the book it was based on.. ) are entirely based on everyone else s accounts of what happened, with no input from any actual Facebook employee or Zuckerberg himself.. What the film does get totally right is that Zuckerberg is not motivated by money.. Clearly, something else drives him, otherwise he would have sold Facebook to the hiddest bidder (and there have been many offers in the billions).. But this.. something else.. probably isn t as simple as women or getting into a final club.. As Karel Baloun, an early Facebook engineer, reports in his book.. Inside Facebook.. , Zuckerberg really believes he s making the world a better place.. Anti-social networks.. Like.. Temple Grandin.. s unique outsider perspective that enabled her to create more humane slaughterhouses (terrible analogy, I know) The Social Network ingeniously picks up Zuckerberg s outsider-enabled ability to pick out the core social motivations and structures of humans that lead to the success of Facebook.. Zuckerberg can only do this because he is on the outside looking in.. This, on one hand gives him the critical distance to see what others can t, but on the other leads, ironically, to the creation of a social network site that is actually.. profoundly anti-social.. All in all, The Social Network.. underscores a cultural phenomenon.. (duh).. Go see it.. More?.. In time with the release of The Social Network, I was on MTV News this week to talk about Facebook and what it all means.. Check it out.. (it s clip 4).. Previous Entries..

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    Descriptive info: email: kate at k4t3 dot org.. skype: katierg.. twitter:.. @oceanpark..

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  • Title: The Philosophy of Facebook (or, the real reason Facebook doesn’t care about privacy)
    Descriptive info: Tweets that mention The Philosophy of Facebook (or, the real reason Facebook doesn’t care about privacy) -- Topsy.. 03.. 10 at 11:49 am.. World Spinner.. 10 at 2:38 am.. 12.. 10 at 11:48 am.. Don t forget your shovel.. 01.. 11 at 7:29 pm.. Which Facebook employees will resign in protest of Facebook s approach to privacy? - Quora.. 05.. 11 at 10:49 am.. NativeHQ s take on Facebook, in the Western Mail today | NativeHQ.. 11 at 3:43 am.. Wabasso.. 10 at 10:28 pm.. Great work and very cool! Can I read your thesis when you re done?.. The stuff Kevin Kelly says is really creepy.. I think I m one of the few people who actually wants to have my life completely encoded and indexed, but I want it to be in MY control.. That s the elephant in the room these guys seem to be missing.. Tad.. 10 at 11:19 pm.. Wabasso.. Yeah that s the trick with Zuck s version of openness he wants it all in his walled garden.. If they were really concerned with radical transparency, they would be looking to something *standards based,* rather than finding a way to make FB a Wrapper for the Whole Internet.. If it were based on open standards, YOU could control where your social graph did and did not go, and where you house it.. Only having one option is ultimately insufficient.. The trick is, I should be able to port my identity from Facebook to Friendster or Myspace or wherever, and keep it with whomever I trust.. Or even set up my own distributed social network manager.. Tim Boudreau.. 10 at 2:01 am.. I think you may be reading a little too much into the flattening of hierarchies here it s more of a technical constraint than a philosophical choice (though it s entirely  ...   still a failed experiment.. What is much easier is to get people to generate data and behave in ways that are pre-cooked for being chewed on digitally.. Facebook is another step in the co-evolution if you can get people to conduct more of their interpersonal interactions mediated through a machine that offers a limited set of gestures for those interactions, then you get better quality machine-ready data about people.. Similarly, cell phones are little generators of machine-friendly data about human interactions and behavior.. To be pedantic for a moment: We re not turning parts of our lives into code code does things and reacts and can even theoretically rewrite itself.. We re turning parts of our lives into data which is passive what Facebook does is motivate human beings to babysit that data, and update and add to it.. Krupo.. 10 at 2:53 am.. @Tim there s a false dichotomy, as Ontario s privacy commissioner would have you know, between trading off between technical constraints and privacy.. Yes, if you lump privacy onto the back of a model where it was not considered important from the start, you will face horrible processing issues.. You can embed privacy in the very design of your solution so the argument about a technical constraint therefore becomes moot.. It s too hard to do it that way, shouldn t be an excuse.. Sharron Clemons.. 22.. 10 at 5:49 am.. Wabasso Yeah that s the trick with Zuck s version of openness he wants it all in his walled garden.. Latoya Bridges.. 10 at 4:59 pm.. ] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Shaun Dakin, kate raynes-goldie and Chris Hoofnagle, kate raynes-goldie.. kate raynes-goldie said: @trebors love to get your feeback:.. http://bit.. ly/gJ4bz4.. it s a better articulation of what i was trying to get at in our chat at #diy10 [..

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  • Title: Radical Transparency: Privacy after a Decade of Facebook
    Descriptive info: trackback.. This week in apps App Store turns 5.. 13 at 1:33 pm.. Nicola Wright.. 13 at 5:26 pm.. Thanks Kate,.. Really interesting stuff, I m sorry I missed your talk.. I tend to have a laissez faire approach to privacy on Facebook along with a general I have nothing to hide mentality, but as you rightly point out there are threats to users with this attitude the biggest being in my mind those from troubled or ex relationships.. My sister is in the unfortunate position of having been stalked and harrassed by an ex partner for almost 10 years and consequently feels unable to share personal information  ...   blog for my website please.. Im at ANZCA.. ask Renae and she will introduce us.. Ali.. 13 at 2:34 pm.. Thanks! Yeah, the trouble with radical transparency when applied to personal information is that it works for some (ie straight, rich white guys like Mark Zuckerberg) but can be really dangerous for others.. You end up with things like this:.. http://gizmodo.. com/5470696/fck-you-google.. There s also a really interesting book that I just finished reading called.. The Boy Kings.. written by Kate Losse, who was employee #51 at Facebook.. She touches on many of these issues, and has wonderful insight as a non-technical, female, philosopher and outsider on the inside..

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  • Title: Just say no to e-health records, because your doctor might think you’re a bitch.
    Descriptive info: Pavino Ciambellone.. 11 at 5:22 pm.. You could label somebody as bitch on paper just as easily.. So why is this a specific argument against e-health records?.. I do agree that they shouldn t carelessly leave this information on a screen for others to read.. But this is not a general argument against e-health, but against the measures that hospital takes to protect the privacy of it s patients.. It could just as well happen with paper documents.. I can easily scan or take a picture of paper documents and put them online.. wabasso.. 11 at 8:52 pm.. I am not sure I follow how this is a case for the security of paper records.. Had paper not been used you wouldn t have seen the list.. And the labeling of that individual is unacceptable regardless of the medium on which it was stored.. To clarify, was bitch written by pen or was it printed text?.. I find it disheartening when it s argued that a technology should be avoided because it can be used for evil (or ignorantly) and not just for good.. The issues of privacy here are not limitations of the technology but the people using it.. These bad practices, as your story illustrates, cause privacy issues regardless of the technology being used.. 11 at 12:00 am.. @wabasso it was printed text.. i totally agree with you that it is unacceptable to write such a label, no matter how it is stored.. my point was more to say that is it even more dangerous for it to be on a computer rather than just written in with a pen since it can go much further and be seen by more people.. digital technology violates privacy through obscurity.. its like when facebook created newsfeeds:.. mendeley.. com/research/facebooks-privacy-trainwreck-exposure-invasion-and-social-convergence/.. 11 at 12:11 am.. @Pavino thanks for your comment!.. my point, as i mentioned in my reply to wabasso, was not that privacy is 100% protected in paper  ...   Kate,.. I agree that online records as a form of sousveillance can be problematic, but also I think there s certain aspects of the reverse.. For example, just as this places the patient under the surveillance of a larger system of oversight be insurance companies and government who can access private information, there s also the possibility of undersight (sousveillance or inverse surveillance) in which, as you did, wrongdoing by doctors can leak out or be discovered.. David Lyon s leaky containers totally miss the two-sided nature of veillance == leaks flow both ways, not just top-to-bottom (the few watching the many) but also bottom-to-top (the many watching the few).. Did you manage to see the doctor s name?.. Whereas it makes sense to keep the patient s name private, it might make sense to make the doctor s name public == let the doctor face the music so to speak.. That would be an interesting example of sousveillance and the inverse leak of the container flowing backwards, i.. e.. we now live in a veillance (sur and sous) society not just a surveillance society.. Bernadine.. 10.. 11.. 13 at 11:31 pm.. Incredible story there.. What occurred after? Thanks!.. My blog post obama care.. -.. Rodrick.. 13 at 3:03 pm.. Appreciation to my father who told me about this website, this.. website is in fact awesome.. Also visit my web site :: repeal obamacare bill (.. Sherman.. 29.. 13 at 12:43 pm.. My developer is trying to convince me to move to.. net from PHP.. I have always disliked the idea because of the costs.. But he s tryiong none the less.. I ve been using WordPress on several websites for about a year and am concerned.. about switching to another platform.. I have heard good things about blogengine.. net.. Is there a way I can import all my wordpress posts into it?.. Any help would be greatly appreciated!.. Also visit my page web design [..

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  • Title: Targeted phishing of Playstation Network victims begins?
    Descriptive info: 05.. 11 at 2:02 am.. Unprotected links! You monster.. The signature at the end is a really good closing touch.. Not to mention I m used to receiving email in broken or nonsensical English so the bar has been lowered.. For the people on PSN who  ...   cerdit card info with the account or were one-time transaction records stolen as well? I never associate my credit card with an online account unless it s a recurring bill.. 11 at 2:05 am.. @wabasso lol if you click those links after reading the title, well.. yeah..

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  • Title: The Dark Side of Online Group Coupons
    Descriptive info: The Butchers in Toronto Are They Scamming Bargain Hunters? |.. 04.. 11 at 8:32 am.. The Butchers scams Toronto? | davehamel.. 06.. 11 at 12:33 am.. 41.. Jeff Blake.. 11 at 8:03 pm.. What I am wondering is if they are declaring all of this extra cash inflow as revenue.. I see on RFD someone else posted that they never received a receipt after paying and neither did I.. I think that Revenue Canada should take a closer look at this business for potential tax invasion.. Sure would be an easy way to save money if you don t run it through your normal cash register system and don t declare the revenue.. 11 at 10:41 pm.. This was a great read and I ll be more mindful of using these sites.. I try to only use them when I have something in mind that I am going to use right away (that being said, I have a massage coupon that came ridiculously cheap and no set plans to use it).. Magda.. 11 at 6:07 am.. It boggles my mind that they just keep doing deals after the others are falling through? Who s drinking the kool-aid over there? A really bad look for the organic independent business image, and proving naysayers right that capitalism wins above all.. There must be something else happening here and you seemed to get on the right track in thinking this is a quick scheme to get money for their other shop.. But how can they think they will keep customers? Some social marketing guru is throwing it heavy on the Kool-Aid and they re thirsty.. Btw, love your writing style Kate.. :).. Bill Heilmann (CEO, FabFind).. 11 at 2:57 pm.. I d like to commend you on your point-of-view.. Not only do businesses have an obligation to operate ethically, but deal sites should use better judgment when deciding which businesses to feature.. We, just like every other social commerce site, had the opportunity to showcase The Butchers.. Our site chose to walk away.. While the lure of revenue is obvious, we simply will not participate in a situation that has the hallmarks of a ponzi scheme.. We hope that our competitors will start to demonstrate a bit more restraint the trust of customers is on the line.. MikeJefe.. 11 at 11:36 pm.. The Toronto Star didn t want to make The Butchers look bad since that would in effect paint all the deal sites negatively too, which would hurt WagJag (which they own).. The Butchers social media strategy seems to be to employ shills to go into every blog and forum they can find and flood them with claims of excellent service, great meat, great prices, Marlon is great, I went in today and the fridge was full and they kissed my ass Yongeman on Chowhound and Tom on Yelp are two of the worst.. I wished forum moderators would clue in on these and delete such posts.. Instead Chowhound moderators let Yongeman post at will but will not allow anybody to challenge.. Chris.. 15.. 11 at 10:47 pm.. Chowhow Mods have repeatedly deleted posts that are critical of The Butchers under the guise that they aren t topic even though the topic itself is ta-da.. The Butchers!!!!.. I get the sinking feeling they re in on the grift too (somehow).. mark.. 11 at 11:06 pm.. More dirt on TheButchers:.. and.. David Magazzinich CEO Dealathons.. 16.. 11 at 6:32 am.. After a week spent reading the horrible venom being spoken of our industry, I would like to take this opportunity to let it be known that certain Group Buying websites had butcher contracts but chose not to feature them for reasosn that are very logical, it does not make sense! Dealathons, and many other sites have all had the opportunity but have used the better judgement given to us to turn away.. Many sites may be in this to make a quick buck, but let me assure everyone that the daily deal industry as a whole does operate swith dignity, and respect for both the merchant and the customer.. Without either, we would not be able to offer these amazing deals you see every day.. So before anyone decides that the whole industry is a scam or everyone is in this for the quick buck, please stop and see that there are actual companies that work their hearts out every day to offer the best deals, the most ethical deals and the best experience to our visitors.. Dealathons would also like to take this opportunity to offer a 10% cash rebate to anyone who purchases Dealathons Deals and has had a previous bad experience with this butcher fiasco.. We will provide the 10% rebate on your first 5 purchases so you can judge and see the difference when a company actually cares.. David Magazzinich.. CEO Dealathons.. Sunshine.. 17.. 11 at 12:58 am.. Nice deal, HORRIBLE service.. Been waiting TWO weeks for a meat order, supposed to come yesterday (Friday) didn t, supposed to come today hasn t.. Went to the store in person twice, CLOSED DURING the normal BUSINESS hours.. Phone goes to machine so you can t talk to anyone.. E-mail takes a week to get a response.. Absolutely HORRID customer service.. Vivek.. 11 at 12:59 am.. As the Community Manager of Yelp in Toronto I read all the time about the devastating effect that some group deals have on local businesses — and customers experiences.. Of course, it s not always the fault of groupbuy websites; The Butchers fiasco is well-documented by reviewers on our site and it seems they have extended themselves into too many deal sites.. I couldn t speculate as to why, but I definitely appreciate Kate s research into the matter.. Just to respond to MikeJefe s point about Tom on Yelp.. We do not remove any reviews from the site (unless they grossly violate the terms of service), but sometimes suspicious reviews are moved by the automated review filter.. It looks like his review has been so filtered.. Vivek S.. Yelp.. 11 at 1:16 am.. @sunshine,.. who did you buy your coupon from? have you tried getting a refund?.. 11 at 6:35 am.. Mr.. Magazzinich:.. I just want to make it clear I have no issues against the group buying industry.. I have bought many deals over the last year or two, for various businesses (restaurants, retail, and services) and have had no issues at all.. These businesses accepted my coupon and gave me the meal, products, or services I expected, and I never felt treated like a second class customer because of it.. It was no different than, say, bringing a $50 gift card into a store to redeem.. The gift card is as good as cash and should be treated as such.. And I admit, because of this treatment most have earned my repeat business, without coupons.. That is what group buys are supposed to accomplish.. I got to try places I might not have considered before, and they gained a new customer since they impressed me by the quality of their product/service enough for me to be willing to pay full price.. What is wrong is how The Butchers has totally ruined the spirit of group buying and to some people, has unfairly painted the whole industry negatively when the negativity needs to go to one place and one place alone.. Why else won t the Star touch this story with a 10 foot pole? Because they own WagJag, a group buy site that ironically has never sold The Butchers deals.. I will continue to buy group deals.. I just won t buy any from The Butchers anymore.. 11 at 8:40 am.. Chris, I said the same thing on RFD today.. It seems that Chowhound is either being paid off by The Butchers and/or group deal sites to try to silence criticism but allow shills to post, or worse, The Butchers and/or deal sites have threatened them with lawsuits if they refuse to silence the critics.. Their moderators can be ridiculously ham-fisted at times but this is one situation they are clearly in the wrong.. But they arrogantly do what they want and ignore users complaints or questioning.. There was a pizza restaurant that for whatever reason, the moderators decided to pick on and delete any post about it.. And these were posts by longtime users who did go eat there and had good experiences.. It s as if the mods, for some unknown reason, were trying to get this place to fail.. Well, sure enough 2 years later that place is out of business.. Thanks for nothing, Chowhound.. You killed an honest business for NO REASON but you allow a scam like The Butchers to shill at will.. 11 at 9:04 am.. @MikeJefe: The point of my post was not a rebuttal to your point.. In fact I agree 100% with you and with most of the comments being said this week.. The point I  ...   easily get naturally raised chicken (antibiotic free, hormone free, free range, vegetable grain fed etc) at my local grocery store at a cheaper price.. There were lots of chicken breasts, very little beef, 2 kinds of sausages and that was it.. They now also imposed a rule of only 3 steaks purchase per visit which was ridiculous as I have a family of 4.. It was very difficult to redeem the $100 voucher because there was no meat to buy literally (more than half of the fridge was empty).. Michael P.. 11 at 9:19 am.. Interesting take on the Groupon-type deals.. Have a look at this post to see why The Butcher’s and other deals like it are so screwed up:.. ly/j3DgOv.. Sasa.. 18.. 11 at 10:37 am.. I have purchased four $100 worth $400 coupons from Webpiggy.. I went to the store to check out before ordering on-line so that I knew what kind of meat I would be getting.. It was a Sunday morning.. Their counter was basically half empty, mostly were chicken products and ground beef.. Definitely did not see any steaks, beef, pork.. A young teenage politely said that their fridge compressor was out of order and their delivery was not arrived and was very sorry.. It seemed broken compressor was used often as an excuse.. I also e-mailed asking meaning of organic and naturally raised.. Their reply, came back in about 4 days, was chicken and beef are organic and pork usually naturally raised.. I wished I have google first before I brought.. I found a lot of negative comments.. They changed their store hours, posted limit for redeeming coupon and all of a sudden their website became one page site.. I felt something was not right and wanted to use my coupons ASAP.. I placed an order on end April.. But to this date, there was no reply or confirmation.. I was worried that I would lost my money, so I requested refunds from Webpiggy.. To my surprise, it was handled immediately and I got my money back through credit card in about a week s time.. Don t they said their fish shop would be opened in early May.. For sure this won t happen until The Butchers closed down.. What a scam!!.. Eunji.. 28.. 11 at 2:04 am.. I am also a victim of their so-called deals.. They recently changed their store rules AGAIN, and now they are not honoring vouchers till the end of May.. This is absolutely ridiculous.. I feel angry every time I spend 1 hour one way to use the voucher and end up coming home empty-handed.. One time I had to BEG them to let me use my voucher.. It is not fair that I haven t been made aware of these stipulations before and they keep on adding new rules as they go, against the voucher holders.. Is this even lawful? I wonder if people could get together and file a class action.. GreySon.. 11 at 2:24 pm.. Wow, this is brazen: The Butchers in Toronto Further Restricts Coupon Fulfillment!.. ly/jnnSbt.. 11 at 2:15 pm.. You sounded great on CBC today!.. danno.. 08.. 11 at 10:34 am.. Interesting read after falling victim to The Butchers.. Went there on the weekend and it was closed! After a little searching stumbled across your site.. I have emailed deal find and will say what they come back with.. Interesting to note too, my girlfriend has been trying to get into Ostara Spa here in Toronto with a coupon bought through deal find as well, when she tried to book appointment she was told they would take her info and call her if there was a cancellation.. She has just informed me that after checking their website that they have gone out of business! Another example retailer losing money through this game? And in the end we are the victims, we have been able to use 2 vouchers out of 5 purchased.. Voucher Holder.. 11 at 4:43 am.. The Butchers website says they plan to re-open mid-September.. Their FAQ says:.. Q3.. Given you couldn t keep up with demand from this campaign, why did you keep doing it.. A.. We were contractually bound.. We were naive we hadn t realized the conditions when we agreed the contract with a number of the coupon companies that meant even though we d sold more coupons that we d expected, we were contractually bound to run a second campaign.. This really compounded the problem.. Can any deal site folks confirm whether this sort of agreement exists or is typical for the on-line deal/coupon industry? I am curious as to whether or not what they are saying is true.. hilda.. 24.. 11 at 2:39 am.. i m surprised no one from the Ministry or even our candidates for election in Ontario is taking a stab at this truly the public is being robbed.. 11 at 2:46 am.. thebutchersorganic.. com/faqs.. well seeing they are supposed to be open in mid September and I don t think they are.. they certainly must think the public is stupid.. Steven.. 12 at 7:16 am.. Stay far far away from this place.. The customer service with this company is horrible and that’s putting it nicely.. I purchased a coupon to use at a local business to use from this dealathons website.. Something went wrong with the merchant and I was let down by their service.. When I called I was expecting the person to at least listen to my concerns at dealathons, but instead of listening to my concern the rep only insulted me for redeeming the voucher in the first place.. I was told by “David M.. ” that it was too bad that I didn’t have a good experience with the company I bought the voucher for.. The website for dealathons refund policy states: “At Dealathons we strive to offer the best experience for our subscribers.. We also understand that life happens, so we offer a 14 day refund policy on all of our deals, but remember that most of our deals don t expire so just hold on to it until you are ready to use it.. “Dealathons stands behind every business featured on our site.. Our mission is to offer our subscribers the best their city has to offer.. We expect our subscribers to be treated well and to have a positive experience.. If for whatever reason you feel you did not receive the services offered by the voucher you purchased or you were treated unfairly, please contact Dealathons at 416 461 4552 or email us at.. support@dealathons.. and we will do our best to resolve the matter.. ”.. The person even repeated the same refund policy on the site as we spoke.. Everything I asked he countered as if I was personally attacking him.. He said that he could not refund me as it would take away from Dealathons profits.. They say they stand behind the businesses they promote but that is not true at all.. This David M person said he was “the one and only working there”.. Turns out this David M who really is David Magazzinich the CEO for this company, which truly now shows how the company is run.. I will not be purchasing anything from this site again nor recommend it to anyone ever.. Threed.. 08.. 13 at 3:18 am.. I had an expired coupon from webpiggy.. I called and explained, and they have just told me that because it is expired i get no refund OR credit.. As they did not provide the service I paid for, I find this dishonourable.. Quite unlike WagJag or Groupon.. j.. 13 at 3:19 am.. I bought a coupon from Dealticker for a spa package with TWC image spa.. TWC cannot provide me with any appointments for months and TWC asked me to contact Dealticker for a refund.. I have contacted Dealticker and they refused to provide me with a refund.. I have been very patient and followed DealTicker’s advice, to wait for TWC image hair spa to contact me to schedule an appointment.. However, this has not happened.. Essentially I have paid for a $35 non-service, having received absolutely nothing in return.. I have not received a satisfactory response after multiple emails.. It has been months.. Dealticker finally confirmed with me today that they will not provide any refund even when TWC cannot provide me any service/good.. Don’t ever buy from Dealticker!!.. Issdichschlau.. Ch.. 13 at 9:00 pm.. We re gonna apply force angling solutions straight up,.. In fact, ideas are recycled within the game?.. But anyway, how to cast a fishing pole works.. Flywheels are used more.. often than you may think.. I got, are that pretty freakin awesome, they relittle sidekicks that angling solutions you can learn how to apply conceptts forr specific.. tools or specific methods, the tool doesn t matter.. These are: Surrounded By Shards Flashwing fires crystal shards in all.. directions, so handling enemies with her is no sweat..

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