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  • Title: K12 Online Conference
    Descriptive info: .. About.. 2013 Schedule.. Goals and Core Values.. FAQ.. Professional Development Credit.. Home.. Subscribe to Our Mailing List.. Unsubscribe from Our Mailing List.. 2013.. 2013-Keynote.. Open Learning.. Outside Learning.. Leading Learning.. Building Learning.. 2013-Teasers.. 2013 Timeline.. 2012.. 2012-Keynote.. Getting Started.. Visioning New Curriculum.. Student Voices.. Kicking It Up a Notch.. 2012-Teasers.. 2012 Timeline.. 2011.. 2011-Teasers.. 2011-Keynote.. 2011-Story Time.. 2011-Team Captains.. 2011-Sandbox Play.. 2011-Level Up.. 2011 Presenter Backstories.. 2010.. 2010 Archive.. 2010-Keynote.. 2010-Kicking It Up a Notch.. 2010-Leading the Change.. 2010-Student Voices.. 2010-Week in the Classroom.. 2009.. 2009 Archive.. 2009-Keynote.. 2009-Getting Started.. 2009-Kicking It Up a Notch.. 2009-Leading the Change.. 2009-Week in the Classroom.. 2008.. 2008 Archive.. 2008 Keynote.. 2008 Getting Started.. 2008 Kicking It Up a Notch.. 2008 Leading the Change.. 2008 Prove It!.. 2007.. 2007 Archive.. 2007 Keynote.. 2007-Classroom2-0.. 2007-New-Tools.. 2007-Obstacles-To-Opps.. 2007-Prof-Learning-Networks.. 2007-Teasers.. 2006.. 2006 Archive.. 2006 Keynote.. 2006- Basic Advanced Training.. 2006- Overcoming Obstacles.. 2006- Pers Prof Development.. 2006- Week In The Classroom.. For Presenters.. Introduction Letter 2013.. Presentation Guidelines.. Best Open PD of 2013.. Posted by.. Karen Fasimpaur.. on December 9th, 2013.. K12 Online has been nominated for the.. Edublog Awards in the category of Open PD.. , and we d love to get your vote!.. There are some other great nominees as well, and you can vote for more than one.. Read More.. K12Online13 Day 10 1 November 2013.. Susan van Gelder.. on November 1st, 2013.. Welcome to day ten of the 2013 K-12 Online Conference! All presentations are listed and linked on our.. main conference schedule.. It s the last day of an incredible 2 weeks.. You can always come back and watch the sessions everything is archived.. Day 10 presentations include:.. LEADING LEARNING.. V.. Paige Hale:.. Leading by Example: Harnessing the Internet to Promote Professional Growth and Lifelong Learning.. Laura McBain:.. Deeper Learning Online.. BUILDING LEARNING.. Vinnie Vrotny and Sheryl Peterson:.. STEAM: Creating a Maker Mindset.. Claire Kreuger:.. Constructing Identity with an iPad.. If you’re not already, be sure to.. follow us on Twitter.. and.. “like” us on Facebook.. Subscribe to our email list.. if you’re not already receiving email updates from us.. Also remember all video presentations are available in iPad / iPhone / iPod touch compatible format.. in our iTunesU Portal.. ! If you tweet about the conference please use the.. Twitter hashtag #k12online13.. Constructing Identity with an iPad.. Ginger Lewman.. Presenter.. : Claire Kreuger.. Location.. : Moose Jaw, SK CANADA.. @ClaireKreuger.. Presentation Title.. : Constructing Identity with an iPad.. Presentation Description.. : “…everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head.. Always.. All the time.. That story makes you what you are.. We build ourselves out of that story.. ”.. ― Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind.. Join Claire Kreuger as she shares the ways in which she has used iPads in her classroom to help her students construct their own identity.. She will show you a variety of different apps and how to use them.. This presentation will be useful for all teachers interested in using or improving their use of iPads in their classrooms.. It is also of particular interest for teachers in Canada looking for ways to integrate Treaty Education into their programs.. In Saskatchewan, teachers are required to teach Treaty Education at every grade level.. This is a program that explores the historical relationship between the First Nations of Canada and the Canadian government.. For a variety of reasons, up until now, few teachers, the presenter included, have successfully integrated this area of study into their programs.. Over the past school year, with the help of a U of R research team, Claire Kreuger looked at how to use digital storytelling as a way of engaging students with learning about the treaties.. She approached this project as a learner herself and aimed to learn and create alongside her students.. The central question was What does it mean to be a treaty person?.. Additional Information.. :.. Blog:.. http://treatypeople.. edublogs.. org/.. Twitter:.. https://twitter.. com/ClaireKreuger.. LinkedIn:.. http://ca.. linkedin.. com/pub/claire-kreuger/74/145/7a4.. Jose Rodriguez.. : Laura McBain, Ryan Gallagher.. : San Diego, CA, USA.. @sdmcb.. ,.. @dlmooc.. : Deeper Learning Online.. : This video shows what deeper learning looks like from the perspective of a superintendent, teacher and student.. It also shows why we need deeper learning and defines the  ...   Stephen Ransom, Ph.. D.. : Rochester, NY USA.. @ransomtech.. : Making Space to Make.. : The idea of making things is nothing new.. It s timeless.. However, as culture and technology have shifted, we ve moved, as Dale Dougherty points out, from making things out of necessity and just being smart to being much more consumers of things and of information.. The culture of schooling has shifted right along with this as we watch standards and accountability take much more of a front seat, often resulting in kids making of interesting things and immersing themselves in interesting projects wane.. In this presentation, I share from a father s perspective how making at home keeps my kids interest and passion for learning sharp.. The tools of the trade are very much of the traditional kind, yet new tools have opened up new doors and new possibilities for them as they are able to pursue their passions and discover new passions like never before possible.. I suggest here that the same learning opportunity can and should happen at school and not be limited to a club or home experience.. Our new technologies and new interest-based/passion-based learning spaces make this more possible than ever before.. http://ransomtech.. org/2013/10/29/making-space-to-make/.. : Kelly Dumont.. : Sandy, Utah.. @kdumont.. : Creativity Rising.. : There sure are a lot of changes happening in education today, mandated this and have to do that.. One of the most important things that may be getting lost in this era is the chance for teachers and students to exercise creativity.. This presentation will suggest ways to keep creativity rising to the top of what happens in the classroom, despite everything else that is being imposed upon teachers and students.. http://journeyofanedtech.. weebly.. com/trainings-presentations.. html.. http://theeducationalmac.. com.. Older Entries.. Subscribe to our mailing list.. Latest news.. Announcing K-12 Online 2013 Presenters.. 2013 Marketing Flyer.. Announcing K12Online 2013 Keynoters.. About K-12 Online 2013.. Latest Posts.. Recent Comments.. Constructing Identity with an iPad | We are all Treaty People.. on.. Alice Artis-LaBorn on.. 2013 PRECONFERENCE KEYNOTE.. Transforming Learning.. One Voice At A Time.. Moving at the Speed of Creativity | 15 Reasons I m Thrilled to be a Grade 4-5 STEM Teacher in Yukon, Oklahoma.. Building Learning Keynote Making the Case for Making in Schools.. Sean McInerney on.. Keynote Outside Learning Connecting Classrooms: It s About Learning.. Ann Oro.. Tricia on.. Making and Sharing Fugleflicks.. Wesley Fryer.. Mindfulness and Neuroscience: How a Contemplative Curriculum for K-12 Students can Improve Focus, Connectedness, and Self-Regulation.. Categories.. Select Category.. 2006 (47).. 2006 Keynote (2).. 2006- Basic Advanced Training (10).. 2006- Overcoming Obstacles (13).. 2006- Pers Prof Development (12).. 2006- Week In The Classroom (11).. 2007 (75).. 2007 Keynote (2).. 2007-Classroom2-0 (10).. 2007-New-Tools (10).. 2007-Obstacles-To-Opps (10).. 2007-Prof-Learning-Networks (10).. 2007-Teasers (22).. 2008 (90).. 2008 Getting Started (18).. 2008 Keynote (6).. 2008 Kicking It Up a Notch (17).. 2008 Leading the Change (14).. 2008 Prove It! (12).. 2008-notK12 Online (1).. 2008-Teasers (22).. 2009 (98).. 2009-Getting Started (15).. 2009-Keynote (1).. 2009-Kicking It Up a Notch (11).. 2009-Leading the Change (15).. 2009-Teasers (19).. 2009-Week in the Classroom (16).. 2010 (71).. 2010-Keynote (3).. 2010-Kicking It Up a Notch (9).. 2010-Leading the Change (10).. 2010-Student Voices (10).. 2010-Teasers (5).. 2010-Week in the Classroom (11).. 2011 (69).. 2011-Keynote (1).. 2011-Level Up (11).. 2011-Sandbox Play (10).. 2011-Story Time (10).. 2011-Team Captains (10).. 2011-Teasers (10).. 2012 (62).. 2012-Keynote (1).. 2012-Teasers (12).. Getting Started (8).. Kicking It Up a Notch (11).. Student Voices (8).. Visioning New Curriculum (8).. 2013 (69).. 2013 Keynotes (3).. 2013-Teasers (12).. Building Learning (12).. Leading Learning (12).. Open Learning (12).. Outside Learning (12).. Announcements (220).. Asides (4).. Echo Webcasts (7).. Featured (2).. #k12online13 Twitter Buzz.. Tweets about "#k12online13 OR @k12online".. Tags.. 2006 - Keynote.. apps.. art.. assessment.. blog.. blogs.. chrisbetcher.. collaboration.. creativity.. credit.. curriculum.. education.. flat classroom.. global.. imovie.. innovation.. ipad.. iPhone.. k12.. k12online.. k12online08.. k12online09.. k12online10.. k12online11.. k12online12.. k12online13.. k12online2010.. leadership.. learning.. music.. online.. pbl.. Play.. programming.. project based learning.. science.. skype.. social media.. student.. teaching.. teasers.. technology.. twitter.. video.. web 2.. Subscribe.. Follow Us.. cross-posting status.. share us!.. About You:.. Thanks to:.. Copyright.. K12 Online Conference.. - 2013 Transforming Learning.. Powered by.. WordPress.. | Designed by: Best.. Free WordPress Themes.. | Compare.. Free WordPress 4 Themes.. , Download.. Premium WordPress Themes.. Free WP Themes..

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  • Title: About | K12 Online Conference
    Descriptive info: This is a.. FREE.. , online conference open to.. ANYONE.. organized by educators for educators around the world interested in integrating emerging technologies into classroom practice.. A goal of the conference (.. among several.. ) is to help educators make sense of and meet the needs of a continually changing learning landscape.. Please see our.. frequently asked questions (FAQ).. to get started with the K-12 Online Conference.. If you are a vendor or affiliated with a vendor, please see.. our Goals and Values page.. for clarification about vendor participation.. During the conference each year, presentations are posted to our conference blog.. (This site) Archived conference presentations and live events are also available, and accessible from the navigation links (organized by year) at the top of our blog.. Our WONDERFUL keynote speakers and strand presenters make our  ...   small group of subcommittees.. 2013 Conference Organizers.. (convening Building Learning ).. (convening Leading Learning ).. (convening Open Learning ).. (convening Outside Learning ).. Peggy George.. 2012 Conference Organizers.. (convening Getting Started ).. Kim Caise.. (convening Kicking It Up a Notch ).. Ginger Lumen.. (convening Student Voices ).. (convening Visioning New Curriculum ).. 2011 Conference Organizers.. (convening Sandbox Play ).. (convening Level Up ).. Darren Kuropatwa.. (convening Story Time ).. (convening Team Captains ).. Archived versions of our conference about page from.. are available.. All our conference organizers, past and present, wish to express appreciation and thanks to the MANY people who have contributed and continue to contribute to make our conference a successful learning experience for everyone!.. Some of our organizer team for K12Online10 at the ISTE11 Conference:.. Our YouTube sidebar icon was.. created by Artbees..

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  • Title: 2013 Schedule | K12 Online Conference
    Descriptive info: All times are EDT.. Direct links to presentations will be added as the presentations are published each day at 8:00 AM EDT.. Presentations links will also be published to.. Twitter.. Facebook.. and our conference.. video podcast channel in iTunesU.. Date and Time.. Strand/Event.. Presenter and Presentation.. 8:00 AM Monday, October 14 EDT.. Pre-conference Keynote.. Shannon Miller.. Transforming Learning.. 8:00 AM Monday, October 21 EDT.. Open Learning Keynote.. Steve Hargadon and Audrey Watters.. Learning and Technology: Openness, Agency, and Control.. Verena Roberts.. K12 Open Learning What is it all About? My Story.. Outside Learning Curriculum Keynote.. Kathy Cassidy.. Connecting Classrooms: It s About Learning.. Tressa Graveley.. Extreme Communication.. 8:00 AM Tuesday, October 22 EDT.. Tanya Avrith and Holly Clark.. EduSlam! Ideas for Crowdsourcing Your Professional Development.. Jane Park.. School of Open Courses for Educators.. JoAnn Delaney.. Science Is All Around Our Town.. Jaime Wood and Peter Lindberg.. Expanding Learning Possibilities through Crowdfunding Education Projects.. Todd Nesloney.. Connecting Classrooms Globally.. 8:00 AM Wednesday, October 23 EDT.. Alan Hudson.. The planning and development of a free online resource – ‘A Trifling History of the Moving Image’.. Bill Fitzgerald.. Bread and Butter: Civilization, Toast, and Open Content.. Tricia Fuglestad.. Making and Sharing Fugleflicks (student-created, art-related movies).. Leslie Pralle Keehn.. 5 Themes of Geography:  ...   about Collaboration and Sharing!.. Terra Bodkins and Bess Altman.. Blogging for Little People.. Erin Fitzpatrick.. Place-Based Education – Partnering with the Grand Traverse Conservation District.. 8:00 AM Monday, October 28 EDT.. Leading Learning Keynote.. Larry Ferlazzo.. Developing Leadership in Classrooms, Schools and communities.. Jenny Rankin.. If You Want Data to Transform Learning, Present It as “Over-the-Counter”.. Keynote.. Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager.. Building Learning Keynote – Making the Case for Making in Schools.. David Lockhart.. 20 Creation Apps in 20 Minutes.. 8:00 AM Tuesday, October 29 EDT.. Jeffrey Bradbury.. Learn how to create a WordPress Website in less than 20 minutes.. Betsy Hanger.. Mindfulness and Neuroscience: How a Contemplative Curriculum Improves Focus, Connectedness, and Self-Regulation.. Katie Ann Wilson.. A Story + A Green Wall = 1 Amazing Transformed Digital Story.. Carol Broos.. T3: Triple Threat in Tech Using Transliteracy.. 8:00 AM Wednesday, October 30 EDT.. Brad Waid and Drew Minock.. Game Changing Apps!.. Michael Boll.. Bringing Digital Badges to your School or Classroom.. Chris Betcher.. Coding for Kids.. Dan Whisler.. Energy 101: KidWind the SHS Chevy Volt Project.. 8:00 AM Thursday, October 31 EDT.. Julia Osteen.. Kelly Dumont.. Candice Clark.. Stephen Ransom.. 8:00 AM Friday, November 1 EDT.. Paige Hale.. Laura McBain.. Vinnie Vrotny and Sheryl Peterson.. Claire Kreuger..

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  • Title: Goals and Core Values | K12 Online Conference
    Descriptive info: The following are core values, ethics, and the mission / focus of the K-12 Online Conference.. Conference.. : Provide an annual opportunity for educators around the world to share ideas and best practices relating to the use of web 2.. 0 tools for learning through an online conference.. Archiving.. : Archive presentation content and blog conversations indefinitely for global access.. Noncommercial.. : Focus on learning tools, concepts and ideas which are not specific to vendors or directly marketing specific vendor-provided products and services.. Accessibility.. : Provide as broad  ...   to participate in the conference as an individual, rather than an official representative of an organization.. Open Source and Free Tools.. : Support open source tools and communities, as well as free tools available for educators worldwide.. If you are affiliated with a commercial vendor, please note that our conference is NOT a venue for advertising and direct marketing.. Anyone is welcome to participate in the conference as an individual, but if you spam others or engage in direct commercial marketing you will be banned from our learning community..

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  • Title: FAQ | K12 Online Conference
    Descriptive info: Contents.. When is the conference being held?.. Is there any cost involved?.. How do I participate? Do I need to register?.. What about blocked content?.. How can I receive updates on what s happening with K12Online?.. Where can I discuss presentations with others?.. Can I view previous year s presentations?.. Tips for first time participants.. Managing the information overload.. Divide and Conquer.. Professional Development Parties.. Asynchronous Professional Development.. In 2013, the preconference keynote will be posted online Monday, October 14.. Regular week presentations will be available for viewing the weeks of October 21 and October 28 and will remain online indefinitely.. Live events have not yet been planned and scheduled.. Check our.. 2013 Conference Timeline.. for more updates.. As presentations go live and are published, they are posted to.. our conference blog.. You can also view all of the presentations on.. YouTube.. or by.. subscribing to us on iTunesU.. No, this online conference is free and open to anyone, anywhere, to view and comment.. If you are affiliated with a commercial vendor, please see.. for clarification on participation as an individual.. No registration is required.. You are welcome to sign our.. Guest Book.. During the conference dates you participate by downloading the presenter s content or viewing it online, reviewing it, and then posting feedback or comments.. Comments can be posted on our conference blog.. The conference schedule identifies when a particular presenter s content will  ...   to discuss.. Yes! All of the presentations and supporting materials are available for the.. , and http://k12onlineconference.. org/?page_id=1091conferences.. Don t try to take it all in at once.. Pick a strand and follow it.. View, perhaps, only one presentation per day.. Try to attend the culminating live event if you can!.. Like any conference, you re best to review the.. program.. ahead of time and choose the sessions that most interest you.. Once the conference starts, you ll find things happening at fast/furious so it s best to plan ahead!.. Check out.. the presentation teasers.. to help you decide where to start your conference experience.. Work with a colleague to share the information.. Just like at an in-person conference, go to different sessions and get the information and handouts then report back.. Get everyone together for a keynote session, then assign people to report back on the key points in one presentation.. You, the presenter and several other colleagues: Why not make it a school event and get together after school, at lunch time, whenever to view the conference sessions with colleagues? Pick one that interests you and/or fits your school s goals.. If you re busy all week, remember, the conference is mostly asynchronous (not happening in real time) so you can catch up with the conference later.. All links to past conference presentations are accessible using the navigation links at the top of each page..

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  • Title: Professional Development Credit | K12 Online Conference
    Descriptive info: The K-12 Online Conference invites participation from educators around the world interested in innovative ways Web 2.. 0 tools and technologies can be used to improve learning.. You can get professional development (CPE) credit for participation in the conference providing this meets with the expections of your work place.. More information about the conference is available on.. k12onlineconference.. Please begin by.. reading the  ...   PD ) to navigate to other pages adressing professional development in this wiki.. Expectations.. PD Credit.. PD Guidelines.. PD Credit Submission.. via a Google Form.. FAQs.. Share how you use K12 Online videos for PD in your school / district.. See how others are using K12 Online videos for PD in their schools / districts.. (Creative Commons licensed image.. by Marco Torres.. )..

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  • Title: Subscribe to Our Mailing List | K12 Online Conference
    Descriptive info: We re using an email mailing list to send out periodic updates to K-12 Online Conference participants.. (We re no longer maintaining/paying for a Ning network.. ) Please enter your email below to subscribe, then check your email and CLICK THE CONFIRMATION LINK to join our list:.. *.. indicates required.. Email Address.. Email Format.. html.. text.. mobile..

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  • Title: Unsubscribe from Our Mailing List | K12 Online Conference
    Descriptive info: Click the link below and enter your email address to UNSUBSCRIBE from our mailing list.. Unsubscribe from our newsletter..

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  • Title: 2013 PRECONFERENCE KEYNOTETransforming Learning….One Voice At A Time | K12 Online Conference
    Descriptive info: on October 14th, 2013.. Presenters.. : Shannon McClintock Miller and Meridan Boyd.. : Van Meter, Iowa, United States.. @shannonmmiller.. : As educators, it is so important for us to stop and really listen to the young people we work with everyday.. In this keynote, Shannon McClintock Miller tells the story of being inspired by a moment when she truly stepped back to watch and listen to what her students wanted and needed.. She shares several thoughts and ideas from the voices of young people all over the world and tie it into what is happening within her school in Van Meter, Iowa.. By embracing the voices of our young people, we all can transform education and make a difference in the world.. Shannon s friend and student Meridan Boyd, Van Meter 4th grader, adds her voice and perspectives in this keynote presentation.. com/presentation/d/1y-Qb1yzBPy4d8S7JQm930ACaGXIuoZW-lZXtz-Or948/edit?usp=sharing.. Van Meter Library Voice.. http://vanmeterlibraryvoice.. Van Meter Library Voice on Twitter.. @vmlibraryvoice.. Shannon McClintock Miller on Twitter.. Van Meter Voice Facebook.. com/van.. voice.. Email is shannon.. miller [at] vmbulldogs [dot] com.. On this day.. Teaser - Thinking Big About Learning.. - 2012.. Teaser - Blended Learning.. Understanding Time During K12 Online.. - 2007.. Posted in.. 2013 Keynotes.. Tags:.. Making a Different.. Meridan Boyd.. Shannon McClintock Miller.. student voice.. Teaser: T3: Triple Threat in Tech: Art, Music, and Media.. You can.. leave a response.. , or.. trackback.. from your own site.. 12 Responses to 2013 PRECONFERENCE KEYNOTE.. One Voice At A Time.. Meg Jones.. says:.. October 19, 2013 at 2:17 pm.. Absolutely fabulous.. Thanks for the inspiration and possibilities.. You have lifted me up on this Saturday morning in Colorado!.. Thomas Ho.. October 20, 2013 at 9:54 am.. I am trying to help out at my daughter s school so I intend to apply the same principle by LISTENING to the teachers who I talk to, but it can be difficult to find time to talk to them because they are so BUSY!.. In the meantime, I hope to talk to the students themselves directly to find out  ...   I can relate to that because I feel that way sometimes when I get together with other teachers who are very passionate about using technology to learn, connect and share.. This is one of my favorite K-12 Online Conference presentations EVER, because of how strongly you shared the importance of student voice and many ways students can be empowered to share and learn.. The students at Van Meter are VERY blessed to have you as their teacher-librarian, Shannon.. Thank you SO much for sharing this fabulous presentation.. You ve both inspired me to find ways to help more students participate in conferences and professional learning experiences with teachers.. 2013 Schedule | K12 Online Conference | Teachers Tech.. October 22, 2013 at 8:15 pm.. [ ] Transforming Learning [ ].. Scott Merrick.. October 22, 2013 at 9:11 pm.. Shannon Miller totally rocks and I m so pleased to be able to catch up with her and her work and her passion for teaching with this keynote.. Thank you k12onlineconference.. org for choosing this marvelous human being for your keynote speaker.. I didn t get to play this year but I m so thankful that you are here for us and for our students.. DEN Blog Network.. October 24, 2013 at 11:44 am.. [ ] Guru Jen Wagner shared the Preconference Keynote of the 2013 K12 Online Conference by Shannon [ ].. Shelly Fryer.. October 24, 2013 at 9:31 pm.. Thanks Shannon! I feel totally inspired to activate my students voices.. I look forward to collaborating with my students and connecting them to the world.. Meridan, Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with others.. Alice Artis-LaBorn.. November 21, 2013 at 10:08 am.. I feel we can make a difference and transform education by asking our students to share what they want from teachers.. We need to spend more time listening.. Leave a Reply.. Click here to cancel reply.. Name (required).. Mail (will not be published) (required).. Website.. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.. Notify me of new posts by email..

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  • Title: Open Learning | K12 Online Conference
    Descriptive info: Archive for the Open Learning Category.. Writing It s All about Collaboration and Sharing.. on October 25th, 2013.. Presenter: David Wells, M.. Ed.. Location: Montpelier, Vermont, USA @principalwells Presentation Title: Writing It s All about Collaboration and Sharing Presentation Description: Educators are of two minds when it comes to standards love them or leave them.. But there is good news when it comes to modern writing standards.. Today’s writing standards, such as the [ ].. ccss.. common core.. writing.. 1 Comment.. Presenter: Naomi Harm Location: Brownsville, MN USA @nharm Presentation Title: Any Device Will Do! Best Practices of BYOD Implementation Presentation Description: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is more about instructional design and delivery, rather than tools, devices, or applications.. Teachers who implement BYOD effectively also facilitate and nurture learning communities in their classrooms while recognizing [ ].. Best_Practices.. BYOD.. Classroom_Management.. 2 Comments.. on October 24th, 2013.. Presenter: Harry Brake, Hay Chhoem, Alexandria Smith, Jack Little, Danielle J.. , Alexandra Salaman, Natalia Clarke Location: Mexico City, Mexico @RepentinoMag Presentation Title: Social /Library Media Project Based Learning Presentation Description: With incorporating the skills of a 21st Century Library and the activation of Social Media, armed with a collection of students wanting to make changes, [ ].. 21st Century skills.. Media Specialist.. Repentino.. No Comments.. Presenter: Vanessa Gennarelli Location: Brooklyn, NY @mozzadrella Presentation Title: Radically Learner-Centered: Badges at P2PU Presentation Description: How can your students use Badges in the classroom? P2PU has built a learner-centered platform for your classroom community to give feedback to each other and recognize skills.. Peer 2 Peer University has a different take on measurement: we [ ].. badges.. open education.. p2pu.. Open Online Experience.. Presenter: Brendan Muprhy Location: McHenry, IL  ...   New Synthetic Theatre.. Second Life.. theater.. theatre.. Presenter: Bill Fitzgerald Location: Portland, OR, US @funnymonkey Presentation Title: Bread and Butter: Civilization, Toast, and Open Content Presentation Description: This presentation takes an initial idea how to make butter in 15 minutes and traces how to bring this initial concept into a set of openly licensed resources that can be used in [ ].. early civilization.. open content.. on October 22nd, 2013.. Presenter: Jane Park Location: Los Angeles, California, United States @janedaily Presentation Title: School of Open Courses for Educators Presentation Description: A presentation on the School of Open, a global community of volunteers providing free education opportunities on the meaning, application, and impact of open resources and tools in the digital age.. Jane Park talks about [ ].. CC BY.. copyright.. creative commons.. educators.. k-12 education.. open educational resources.. openness.. School of Open.. teachers.. Crowdsourcing Your Professional Development.. Presenter: Tanya Avrith, Holly Clark Location: Montreal, Canada and San Diego, California @edtechschools, @HollyEdTechDiva Presentation Title: Crowdsourcing Your Professional Development Presentation Description: Tanya Avrith and Holly Clark co-hosts of the eduslam.. me vodcast show discuss how they are using their networks to crowdsource for best practices and professional development using some of the most innovative educators [ ].. crowdsourcing.. educatoinal technology.. eduslam.. me.. Holly Clark.. onine.. personal learning network.. Tanya Avrith.. 4 Comments.. on October 21st, 2013.. Presenter: Verena Roberts Location: Calgary, Canada @verenanz Presentation Title: K12 Open Learning What is it all About? My Story Presentation Description: I have been an Open Learner for just over a year.. The platform for open learning is sharing.. Once you take that first step, the rewards you receive are endless.. This is my [ ].. k12 Open learning.. moocs..

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  • Title: Outside Learning | K12 Online Conference
    Descriptive info: Archive for the Outside Learning Category.. Place-Based Education: The Greenspire School.. Presenter: Erin Fitzpatrick Location: Traverse City, MI @missfitztchs Presentation Description: Teachers with little experience or a wealth of experience can come to gain knowledge regarding place-based education.. Its seamless integration into a PBL environment makes for global citizens who know more about the world around them, and who can educate the community about [ ].. environmentaleducation.. middleschool.. PBE.. placebasededucation.. Blogging with Little People.. Presenter: Bess Altman and Terra Bodkins Location: North Myrtle Beach, SC USA @Bessaltman @TerraBodkins Presentation Description: Teachers often want creative and effective ways of taking their classroom learning outside of the classroom walls and into the future.. In this presentation, you will learn about the benefits of blogging, what you can do with blogging, [ ].. Transforming your Classroom from the Outside In.. Presenter: Janine Campbell Location: Dorr, MI @campbellartsoup Presentation Description: This presentation explores the following three ways to broaden the horizon of learning outside of the classroom walls: 1.. Connecting and Collaborating, 2.. Field Trips, 3.. Guests.. Through examples of each method, teachers will walk away with a variety of steps they can take to look [ ].. artsonia.. field trips.. guests.. outside learning.. 3 Comments.. Presenter: Luis Perez Location: St.. Petersburg, Florida @luisfperez Presentation Description: The saying from photographer Chase Jarvis that the “best camera is the one you have with you” captures the power of mobile devices as tools for documenting our lives through photography in ways that were not possible before.. Today’s mobile devices, including the iPhone and [  ...   Comments.. Presenter: Todd Nesloney Location: Waller, TX, USA @TechNinjaTodd Presentation Title: Connecting Classrooms Globally Presentation Description: Kids today live in a world where they can connect with anyone at any time.. As teachers we need to be utilizing the tools we have at our disposal to connect our students with other classrooms, companies, and people from [ ].. classroom champions.. connecting.. google hangouts.. nesloney.. Presenters: Peter Lindberg and Jaime Wood Location: Portland, Oregon, USA @Incit_Ed Presentation Description: In a 15-20 minute video, we demonstrate how educators are using crowdfunding to expand their ability to innovate, connect to community, and test new pedagogical ideas.. We share examples of several educators who have used IncitED (a crowdfunding platform for education) [ ].. crowdfunding.. education initiatives.. funding learning.. fundraising.. grassroots support.. IncitED.. Presenter: JoAnn Delaney Location: Hershey, PA USA @JdelaneyJoAnn Presentation Description: Join me and my students on this Appsmashing adventure, Science Is All Around Our Town! Students took a picture using their device of anything that was science related in their yard, neighborhood or town.. Using the location, a QR gps code was generated.. Students researched [ ].. Appsmashing.. augmented reality.. Educreations.. GPS.. LayAR.. QR code.. technology integration.. Presenter: Tressa Graveley Location: Elliston, MT, USA Ms Graveley Presentation Description: This presentation will share the story of my classroom being chosen by Skype in the Classroom to follow Mark Wood during his summit attempt of Mount Everest.. Educators will be exposed to the power of global communication when helping students become 21st century learners.. [ ].. Collaborative Learning.. Global Communication.. Mark Wood..

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