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  • Title: KACTE
    Descriptive info: .. KACTE.. Home.. About.. History.. Board Items.. Minutes.. Handbook.. Executive Officers.. Representatives.. Membership.. Awards.. CTSO.. Leadership Day.. Entrepreneurship.. Education.. Summer Program.. Call for Presentations.. Registration.. TALENTS.. Issues.. Updates.. Policy Documents.. Advocacy Guidelines.. The Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education.. The Professional Association for Career and Technical Educators.. AWARDS -- Dr.. Tony Brannon receives ACTE National Educator of the Year honor.. ISSUES UPDATE -- CTE Funding Requests, posted Dec.. 17, 2013.. SUMMER PROGRAM -- Date change to July 21-24, 2014; registrtion fee remains the same.. MEMBERSHIP -- Announcing 2014 100 percent Membership Contest.. Now's the time to join!.. MINUTES -- KACTE Board of Directors Meeting of Nov.. 14, 2013.. Please explore the newly revised KACTE website.. It is intended to be easier to navigate and provide more concise information on KACTE and its programs.. If you have any questions or comments, please contact KACTE at 502-223-1823, e-mail.. krisstone56@gmail.. com.. or.. kmstone@mis.. net.. KACTE (the Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education) offers individual member benefits, such as professional publications, interactive websites,.. professional development opportunities.. , and various insurance options, including professional liability.. KACTE is the legislative voice for Career and Technical Education (CTE) at the state and federal levels.. KACTE is the independent information source on CTE, with programs planned, directed and implemented by Career and Technical educators.. KACTE is the professional association for.. ALL.. CTE, with members at all instructional levels (middle schools, high schools, secondary career and technology  ...   for ALL CTE.. Professionals.. KACTE asks all Kentucky Career and Technical Educators to review the pages on this website and become informed about the issues facing Career and Technical Education in the Commonwealth.. These issues affect your career, and making an impact on behalf of Career and Technical Education is a challenge for us all.. Please consider joining with your colleagues in KACTE to meet the challenges and support your career.. KACTE Delegation to ACTE Region 2 Leadership Conference.. Attending the ACTE Region 2 Leadership Conference in Pigeon Forge, Tenn.. , Sept.. 26-28, 2013, were, from left, KACTE Assistant Executive Director Kris Stone, KACTE Executive Director Mike Stone, KACTE Past President Cherie Mingus, KACTE President Doris Sikora, KACTE Past President Sarah Raikes, KACTE President-Elect Wayne King, KACTE Representative to the ACTE Region 2 Policy Committee Elizabeth Bullock, KACTE Teacher of the Yer Award Nominee RaAnn Miller, KACTE and ACTE Region 2 Educator of the Year Tony Brannon, and KACTE Past President Mary Kleber.. Dr.. Tony Brannon, right, received ACTE Region 2 Educator of the Year honors and now competes for the ACTE National Educator of the Year Award at Career Tech Vision 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dec.. 5-7, 2013.. Congratulating Dr.. Brannon is KACTE Executive Director Michael R.. Stone.. P.. O.. Box 4583, Frankfort, KY 40604-4583 | tel:502.. 223.. 1823 | email:.. web@kacteonline.. org.. | Copyright 2010.. Web design by Sullivan College of Technology Design, Dynamic Web Design students..

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  • Title: About
    Descriptive info: Welcome to KACTE:.. The Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education (KACTE) is the only professional association for.. Career and Technical Educators in Kentucky.. KACTE members work in all instructional levels of Career and Technical Education (CTE): middle schools, high schools, secondary career and technology centers, technical and community colleges, and universities, as well as at the Kentucky Department of Education and the Kentucky Community and Technical College system offices.. All CTE program disciplines are represented in KACTE s membership: administration, agriculture, business, communications, construction, engineering and technology, family and consumer sciences, health sciences, information technology, manufacturing, marketing, pathways to careers, and transportation.. KACTE s mission is to develop and provide leadership and advocacy to advance Career and Technical Education.. KACTE s current Board-adopted goals are:.. Increase membership by 40 percent by Dec.. 21, 2013, including growth among all program areas and professional associations by providing professional opportunities, communicating member benefits, and advocating for Career and Technical Education.. Pursue enhanced communication to strengthen professionalism and a commitment to community among Career and Technical Education professionals, including showcasing CTE students and teachers, along with their accomplishments, on the KACTE website and Facebook page.. Expand partnerships to support the implementation of college and career readiness standards and assessments for all Kentucky students.. Develop and implement a strong leadership development program for all Career and Technical Education professionals.. KACTE  ...   federal levels.. KACTE is an independent information source on CTE, with programs planned, directed and implemented by its members.. KACTE is dedicated to developing professional development opportunities for its members to enhance their knowledge and understanding.. KACTE is continually seeking to build partnerships and public awareness in support of CTE.. KACTE is a dedicated supporter of Career and Technical Education Student Organizations (CTSOs).. KACTE programs include:.. Management of the Annual CTE Summer Program, including stipends for middle school teachers to offset registration and expenses.. Scholarships for pre-service teachers to assist in the financial obligations encountered with student-teaching assignments;.. The.. (Teachers As Leaders -- Empowering New Thinking Skills).. Leadership Academy;.. Student Leadership Day, a civics program in Frankfort for CTSO officers and members;.. Sponsorship of the annual CTE Entrepreneurial Contest for high school students; and.. Presentation of the annual Career and Technical Education Awards of Excellence.. KACTE asks all Kentucky Career and Technical Educators to review the pages on this website and become informed about the issues facing CTE in the Commonwealth.. These issues affect your career.. Making an impact on behalf of Career and Technical Education is a challenge for us all.. KACTE is doing its part to represent CTE.. Please consider joining with your colleagues in KACTE to make.. OUR.. voice stronger in meeting the challenges.. It is an investment in.. YOUR.. career.. KACTE Action Schedule..

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  • Title: History
    Descriptive info: KVA-KACTE Legacy.. By Donnalie Stratton.. AVA (the American Vocational Association and the forerunner of the current Association for Career and Technical Education) was formed in 1926 by the amalgamation of two parent organizations -- National Society for Vocational Education (founded in 1906) and the Vocational Education Association of the Mid-West (organized in 1914).. The primary motivation for this merger was a desire for unified action in developing the national program of vocational education, which had been given an impetus by the passage of the federal Smith-Hughes Act of 1917.. From the time the Smith-Hughes Act was enacted, vocational education caught on in a hurry.. By the time AVA came into existence, there were thousands of vocational teachers and more than 900,000 students in agriculture, home economics, and trade and industrial education.. The objectives of AVA were:.. To assume and maintain active national leadership in the promotion of vocational education;.. To render service to state or local communities in stabilizing and promoting vocational education;.. To provide a national open forum for the discussion of all questions involved in vocational education; and.. To unite all the vocational education interests of the country through membership representative of the entire country.. Within a month of AVA s founding, nine state vocational education associations had affiliated, and in six months there were 27.. The first AVA convention was held in Louisville, and Kentucky also was chartered that year.. The first president of KVA (the Kentucky Vocational Association and the forerunner of today s Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education) was G.. Ivan Barnes, who represented Agriculture and served for two years.. The second president, Ethel Lovell, represented Trade and Industrial Education.. In 1934-36, Ms.. Ata Lee, representing Home Economics, served as president.. According to the records, all presidents served two years until 1948.. Also, the rotation plan -- Agriculture, Trade and Industrial, Home Economics -- continued until 1960 when John Maguire, representing Distributive Education, was elected president.. KVA membership as of February 1, 1927, was 205 and ranked eighth in the association, which had a total membership of 3,632.. States with a higher membership were California, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio.. At the national level, divisions were formed based on the federal legislation (i.. e.. , agriculture education, commercial education, home economics education, industrial education, part-time schools, and vocational rehabilitation).. KVA followed this pattern; however, these areas were commonly called service areas (e.. g.. , agriculture, home economics, and industrial education).. Later service (program) areas included distributive education, health occupations, business and office, manpower, and special needs.. There have been changes subsequently, such as manpower to employment and training.. In addition to the program areas, Kentucky also established KVA regions in 1965.. These regions were represented by regional officers, and the regional president served on the KVA Board of Directors.. Originally, thee were 10 regions throughout the state.. With restructuring in recent years, these were expanded to 15.. Regional meetings were held in conjunction with the Kentucky Education Association (KEA) fall district meetings.. (Note: The regions were eliminated by bylaw amendment in 2002.. ).. Annual meetings of the association have been held throughout the years.. Most of the meetings were held in Louisville; however, in 1962 the meeting was held in Lexington.. These meetings were held in conjunction with the annual meeting of KEA and were usually held at the Kentucky Hotel.. There  ...   since they are not allowed to use Perkins Act funds for professional development.. The CTE student Entrepreneurial Contest was funded with these monies.. A Professional Development Fund was rejuvenated with guidelines allowing payment for one-time, non-budgeted learning programs presented by agencies or associations.. Finally, dollars were directed to support leadership initiatives, which eventually developed into the KACTE.. Leadership Academy.. The Academy debuted in 2012-13.. KACTE maintains an active public awareness and legislative advocacy program.. Its presence on behalf of CTE is known both in Washington and Frankfort.. In 2010, KACTE was challenged to develop a definition of career readiness.. Two-thirds of the KACTE recommendation was adopted by the Kentucky State Board of Education and used as part of the state s College and Career Readiness Accountability System.. Several legislative initiatives supported by KACTE passed the Kentucky General Assembly and were signed by the governor.. The KACTE executive director is a member of the State Advisory Committee for Career and Technical Education.. KACTE has a proud legacy of achievement that continues to grow.. KVA-KACTE Presidents.. YearPresidentField of Service.. 1926-27 G.. Ivan Barnes Ag.. 1927-28 G.. 1928-29 Ethel Lovell T I.. 1929-30 Ethel Lovell T I.. 1930-31 M.. C.. Ford Ag.. 1931-32 M.. 1932-33 Ralph Woods Ag.. 1933-34 Ralph Woods Ag.. 1934-35 Ata Lee HEc.. 1935-36 Ata Lee HEc.. 1936-37 Paul Harris T I.. 1937-38 Paul Harris T I.. 1938-39 C.. F.. Criley T I.. 1939-40 C.. 1940-41 Ronella Spickard HEc.. 1941-42 Ronella Spickard HEc.. 1942-43 Watson Armstrong Ag.. 1943-44 Watson Armstrong Ag.. 1944-45 A.. H.. Meyers T I.. 1945-46 A.. 1946-47 Stephen S.. Wilson Ag.. 1947-48 Stephen S.. 1948-49 Fannie Porter HEd.. 1949-50 James L.. Patton T I.. 1950-51 Stanley Wall Ag.. 1951-52 Maurine Collins HEc.. 1952-53 Luther Safriet T I.. 1953-54 Fred Johnson Ag.. 1954-55 Virginia Rice HEc.. 1955-56 Devert Owens T I.. 1956-57 C.. Neal Ag.. 1957-58 Mable Harrison HEc.. 1958-59 George Ramey T I.. 1959-60 Jewell Colliver Ag.. 1960-61 John Maguire DE.. 1961-62 Pauline Adkins HEc.. 1962-63 Steve Marcum T I.. 1963-64 Arthur Corns Ag.. 1964-65 Marvin Cole Ag.. 1965-66 Christian Wallace HEc.. 1966-67 H.. Mathis T I.. 1967-68 James R.. Vaughn Ag.. 1968-69 Doris Schmidt McDowell Health.. 1969-70 Jean Karsner Bus/Off.. 1970-71 William Jeffrey DE.. 1971-72 Peggy Unger HEc.. 1972-73 Marvin Church T I.. 1973-74 Jim Wilds Ag.. 1974-75 Rebecca Forrest Health.. 1975-76 Carol Harvey Bus/Off.. 1976-77 Elizabeth Tate DE.. 1977-78 Ruth E.. Miller HEc.. 1978-79 Robert Bierman Adm.. 1979-80 Charles Byers Ag.. 1980-81 Mildred Winkler Health.. 1981-82 Kawanna Simpson Bus/Off.. 1982-83 Evelyn Watson DE.. 1983-84 James Montgomery Special Needs.. 1984-85 Phillip L.. Rudolph Ag.. 1985-86 Gerald Sloan Adm.. 1986-87 Jim L.. Couch T I.. 1987-88 Gary Coleman T I.. 1988-8 9Donna McAnelly Shaw Bus/Off.. 1989-90 Mike McMillen T I.. 1990-91 John Lacy Ag.. 1991-92 Bettye Brown HEc.. 1992-93 Carole Reed-Mahoney Adm.. 1993-94 Larry McGregor Adm.. 1994-95 Doug Roberts T I.. 1995-96 Sherry Baber Adm.. 1996-97 Mary Webb Bus/Off.. 1997-98 Ron Baldwin T I.. 1998-99 Richard Dockery T I.. 1999-200 0Brenda Oldfield Ag.. 2000-01 Keith Boarman T I.. 2001-02 Gary Shaffer Ag.. 2002-03 Phyllis Alderdice, Ph.. Bus/Off.. 2003-04 Chester Taylor T I/Adm.. 2004-05 Sarah Raikes FCS.. 2005-06 Mary Kleber Health.. 2006-07 Larry Helphinstine, Ed.. T I.. 2007-08 Cherie Mingus FCS.. 2008-09 Ahmed Sabie, Ed.. Adm.. 2009-10 Dale Winkler, Ed.. Bus/Adm.. 2010-11 Ken Talley, Ed.. 2011-12 Dexter Knight Adm.. 2012-13 Doris Sikora, PhD.. Teach.. Ed.. 2013-14 Doris Sikora, Ph..

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  • Title: Board Items
    Descriptive info: BOARD ITEMS.. Included in this secdtion are the.. of Board Meetings from the current and previous administrative years, and the current.. Policy and Procedure Handbook.. , which contains the current KACTE Bylaws.. provide a record of current KACTE programs and activities addressed by the KACTE Board.. Bylaws.. are the association's highest governing document and only can be approved at general membership meetings of the associatiion, which typically occur annually in conjunction with the Statewide CTE Summer Program.. The other items in the.. are reviewed and approved by the Board as the operating procedures for the association..

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  • Title: Minutes
    Descriptive info: KACTE Board Meeting Minutes.. KACTE Board of Directors Meeting, November 14, 2013.. KACTE Board of Directors Meeting, September 19, 2013.. KACTE Annual Business Meeting July 16, 2013.. KACTE Board of Directors Meeting April 25, 2013.. KACTE Board of Directors Meeting January 24, 2013.. KACTE Board of Directors Meeting November 8, 2012.. KACTE Board of Directors Meeting September 13, 2012.. Minutes earlier than shown are available upon request..

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  • Title: Constitution
    Descriptive info: Constitution.. Constitution and Bylaws adopted as amended July 10, 2002, July 17, 2006.. CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS.. HANDBOOK 7-11.. (PDF)..

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  • Title: Executive Officers
    Descriptive info: President.. Doris Sikora, Ph.. Western Kentucky University.. 414 Stone Crest Ave.. Bowling Green, KY 42101.. 270/745-3993.. doris.. sikora@wku.. edu.. Past President.. Dexter Knight.. Jessamine Career and Technology Center.. 881 Wilmore Road.. Nicholasville, KY 40356.. 859/881-8324 x-3501.. dexter.. knight@jessamine.. kyschools.. us.. President Elect.. Wayne King.. Office of Career and Technical Education.. 20th Floor, CPT.. 500 Mero St.. Frankfort, KY  ...   County High School.. 1852 South Main St.. Morgantown, KY 42261.. 270/526-2204.. leeann.. daugherty@butler.. Secretary.. Sheree Koppel, Ed.. Sullivan College of Technolgoy Design.. 3901 Atkinson Square Drive.. Louisville, KY 40218.. 502/456-6509.. skoppel@sctd.. ACTE Region II Representative.. Elizabeth Bullock.. 2004 CPT.. 502/564-4286 x-4253.. elizabeth.. bullock@education.. Executive Director.. Michael R.. Stone.. KACTE Office.. PO Box 4583.. Frankfort KY 40604-4583.. 502/223-1823.. net..

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  • Title: Representitives
    Descriptive info: Representitives.. Administration.. Brian Bailey.. Henderson County CTC.. 2424 Zion Road.. Henderson, KY 42420.. 270/831-8854.. brian.. bailey@henderson.. Agriculture.. Kelvin Howard.. Graves County High School.. 1220 Eagle Way.. Mayfield, KY 42066.. 270/674-6242.. kelvin.. howard@graves.. Robert Schmitt.. Livingston Central High.. 750 US 60 West.. 270/928-2065.. robert.. schmitt@linvingston.. Wes York.. Caldwell County High School.. 350 Beckner Lane.. Princeton, KY 42445.. 270/365-8015.. wes.. york@caldwell.. Business Education.. Connie Witt.. Estill County High School.. 2675 Winchester Road.. Irvine, KY 40336.. 606/723-3537.. connie.. witt@estill.. Family Consumer Sciences.. Kimberlea Embry.. 1852 S.. Main St.. kimberlea.. embry@butler.. Alesia Sallee.. West Jessamine Middle School.. 1400 Wilmore Road.. 859/885-2244.. alesia.. salle@jessamine.. Guidance.. Vacant.. Health.. Margaret Boils.. Pulaski County ATC.. 110 Oakridge Dr.. Somerset, KY 42503.. 606/688-0617.. margaret.. boils@pulaski.. Marketing.. Mark Gibson.. Glasgow High School.. 3536 Subtle Road.. Edmonton, KY.. 42129 270/651-8801.. mark..  ...   Engineering Technology.. Susan Thomison.. Warren Central High School.. 559 Morgantown Road.. 270/842-7302.. susan.. thomison@warren.. us.. Annual Conference.. king@educaiton.. Carl D.. Perkins Assistanceship.. Deborah Anderson.. Jefferson County Public Schools.. 3332 Newburg Road.. Louisville, KY 40218.. 502/485-3320.. deborah.. anderson2@jefferson.. Constitution and Bylaws.. Resolutions.. Donnalie Stratton.. College of Career Readiness Branch.. Capitol Plaza Tower, 20st Floor.. 500 Mero Street.. Frankfort KY 40601.. 502/564-4286 x-4220.. donnalie.. stratton@education.. Auditing.. Program of Work/Strategic Plan.. Historian.. 3901 Atkinson Square Drive.. Legislative Liaison.. Ken Talley.. CTE Department, JCPS.. 502/485-3045.. ken.. talley@jefferson.. Nominations.. Service Area Vice-Presidents.. KDE Liaison.. Capitol Plaza Tower, 20th Floor.. KCTCS Liaison.. Michael Quillen.. KCTCS System Office.. 300 North Main St.. Versailles, KY 40383.. 859/256-3610.. michael.. quillen@kctcs.. Website.. Kris Stone.. 502/227-8082 FAX.. Executive Director.. PO Box 4583.. Frankfort KY 40604.. 502/227-8082.. Assistant Executive Director.. KACTE Office.. 502/227-8082..

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  • Title: Membership
    Descriptive info: Announcing 2014 100 Percent Membership Contest.. NOW'S THE TIME TO JOIN KACTE.. Why Join KACTE?.. Consider these benefits of KACTE (the Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education) membership:.. Support from your colleagues and for your professional relationships.. An opportunity to serve and gain perspective.. Professional Development, including.. $50 reduction in Summer Program registration fee.. Legislative Advocacy, KACTE is the only Kentucky association representing all CTE levels and disciplines before both the U.. S.. Congress and the Kentucky General Assembly.. Information sharing at conferences, by e-mail blasts, and through mailed communication to members.. Leadersh.. ip Skills development, including the KACTE.. TALENTS Leadership Academy.. for teachers.. ACTE s.. Techniques Magazine.. KACTE s Website,.. www.. kacteonline.. , and Facebook page and Twitter account.. ACTE.. Career Tech Update.. , a daily summary of national educational news complied by ACTE and U.. News and World Report e-mailed  ...   and Technical Education and the community.. Career and Technical educators in Kentucky.. KACTE is the professional association for Career and Technical Education run by CTE professionals.. It is.. association.. Please consider joining KACTE to add.. voice to KACTE s chorus in support of CTE in Kentucky.. Please complete and send the membership application below.. Payroll deduction is available to Kentucky Department of Education and Kentucky Community and Technical College system staff, as well as anyone paid through the Commonwealth of Kentucky payroll system.. Insurance options are available to members only.. Please view this short.. video.. on the advantages and benefits of KACTE membership.. ACTE offers this short.. on the advantages and benefits of its membership.. If you need additional information or have any questions, please call KACTE s staff at 502-223-1823 or e-mail.. membership application.. Payroll Deduction.. Insurance Options Available to KACTE Members..

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  • Title: Awards
    Descriptive info: Congratulations to Dr.. Tony Brannon.. 2013 ACTE National Educator of the Year.. (Please see below).. AWARDS.. The Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education (KACTE) participates in the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) national awards program to promote excellence in Career and Technical Education (CTE).. The Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation has sponsored the annual Career and Technical Education Awards since 2003.. KACTE expresses its sincere thanks to the Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation for the support that makes these awards possible year after year.. The Annual CTE Awards seek to recognize:.. individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the field;.. programs that exemplify the highest standards; and.. organizations that have conducted activities to promote and expand Career and Technical Education programs.. KACTE conducts the awards program, which is organized under the guidelines established by ACTE.. There are 12 award categories, each with various criteria and eligibility requirements.. KACTE members and individual program areas are encouraged to participate each year by submitting nominations to the KACTE Awards Committee chair.. The Awards Committee reviews the nominees and selects the winners.. Information on awards, the criteria and the nominations process may be viewed on-line at the ACTE website:.. https://www.. acteonline.. org/awards/#.. UjH1G-DAqZg.. The short form nomination application for each year will be posted on this site as a downloadable PDF document by January 1 of each year.. KACTE award winners are entered into the appropriate ACTE national award category for the following administrative year.. In recent years, several KACTE members have been recognized nationally, including:.. 2011 ACTE National Outstanding Teacher in Community Service finalist Phyllis Sweatt, Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, Bowling Green High School.. 2010 ACTE National CTE Educator of the Year finalist Dale Winkler, Ed.. , then Principal, Montgomery County Area Technology Center; currently Kentucky CTE State Director.. 2009 ACTE National CTE Educator of the Year finalist Ginny Ellington, University of Kentucky, and 2009 ACTE National Teacher of the Year finalist Ellie Pribble, Health Science Technology, Harrison County Area Technology Center;.. 2007 ACTE National CTE Teacher of the Year Leslie Watkins, Family and Consumer Sciences, Reidland High School;.. 2004-2005 KACTE  ...   * *.. REPRESENTING KENTUCKY in the 2013 ACTE national award competition are last year s honorees:.. RaAnn Miller, Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, Jessamine County Career Technology Center, for Career and Technical Teacher of the Year.. Tony Brannon, Dean, Hutson School of Agriculture, Murray State University, as Outstanding Career and Technical Educator.. Jodi Adams, Business and Information Technology teacher, Eastern High School, Jefferson County Public Schools, for New Career and Technical Teacher.. Jarrod Hankins, Agriculture teacher, Webster County High School, for Outstanding Teacher in Community Service.. The first level is ACTE Region 2 competition.. Winners will be announced at the ACTE Region 2 Conference in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, September 26-28, 2013.. Regional winners will be forwarded to the ACTE Awards Committee.. National winners will be announced at Vision 2013, the ACTE convention, in Las Vegas, Nevada, December 5-7, 2013.. Tony Brannon, ACTE National Educator of the Year!.. Pictured below is Dr.. Tony Brannon, Murray State University, receiving the 2013 ACTE National Educator of the Year Award from Brenda Dann-Messier, U.. Assistant Secretary of Education for Adult and Vocational Education.. Brannon, who was 2012 Kentucky Farm Bureau Career and Technical Educator of the Year, was chosen from five regional finalists and announced as the winner at the ACTE Career Tech Vision Awrds Banquet in Las Vegas on December 4, 2013.. KACTE also was recognized at ACTE.. Picture below receiving the 2013 Quality Assopciation Award recognizing KACTE's successfully meeting benchmark standards for operations, programs, activities and member services is KACTE President-Elect Wayne King, left.. Presenting the award is ACTE President Doug Major.. Another Awards Note:.. KACTE extends its congratulations to Derek Hazlett, welding instructor, Carter County Career and Technical Center, who was named 2013 Carl J.. Schaefer Memorial Award recipient by NOCTI.. The award is based on an application describing personal goals, work experience, awards/honors received, professional memberships and leadership, and community service activities.. Please consider nominating outstanding individuals for their contributions to Career and Technical Education.. Short form submittal deadline is January 31, 2014.. 2014 KACTE Award Short Form Application.. (PDF, fillable form).. 2014 KACTE 27-Year Membership Application.. (PDF, fillable form)..

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  • Title: KACTE
    Descriptive info: CTSO Support.. The Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education (KACTE) supports Career and Technical Education Student Organiztions (CTSOs).. KACTE believes support of CTSOs contributes to strengthing the profession and encouraging development of future CTE teachers and administrators.. A KACTE representative attends and participates in the regular meetings of the Kentucky Department of Education CTSO Advisers.. KACTE supports CTSOs with two annual activities,.. Student Leadership Day.. and the.. KACTE Entrepreneurial Contest.. KACTE also provides support for one-time projects based on requests.. For the past three years, KACTE has purchsed the books for the annual.. Unite to Read.. program that CTSOs organize to improve reading skills among elementary students.. occurs annually in February, which is Career and Technical Education Month.. It offers  ...   Advisers.. KACTE provides the cash awards for the first four places in the contest.. Information on the contest is available from the Kentucy Department of Education, Office of Career and Technical Education.. KACTE helped develop documents to encourage entrepreneurism among students.. Thsse documents may be found in the Entrepreneurship subpage of this section.. In 2012, KACTE Executive Director Mike Stone, in cooperation with the State CTSO Advisers wrote a white paper on the value of CTSOs in Kentucky.. KACTE published.. Real Return on Investment.. , and copies were distributed through the Kentucky Department of Education, to the Kentucky General Assembly, and with partners and stakeholders that support Career and Technical Education.. A link to the PDF version of the paper appears below..

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