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  • Title: Kala Sangam | South Asian Arts Organisation | Home
    Descriptive info: .. About us.. Meet us.. Work with us.. Support us.. Contact us.. Toggle menu.. Follow us.. X.. Facebook.. Twitter.. LinkedIn.. YouTube.. Flickr.. Home.. News.. Box Office.. Introduction.. Events.. Academy.. Research.. South Asian Arts.. Classes.. Workshops/Training.. Book a class.. Venues.. About St Peter's House.. Rooms & venue spaces.. Booking enquiry form.. Getting here.. Tenants.. Agency.. Artists.. Schools.. Schools education packages.. Case studies & testimonials.. Community.. Past Community Projects.. 17th February 2014.. div.. cycle-slide" data-cycle-prev=".. cycle-prev" data-cycle-next=".. cycle-next" data-cycle-swipe=true>.. The Colours of Holi.. A photographic exhibition by Matthew Page Curated by Padma Rao and Pavan Sembi.. Find out more.. 2.. Kala Jagran on the Maha Shivaratri.. We extremely delighted to host Kala Jagran on the Maha Shivaratri evening at KalaSangam on the 1st of March 2014.. 3.. World Dance at Disneyland Paris.. Disneyland Performing various arts workshop between 28th and 31st Aug'14.. 4.. South Indian Music Performance.. Kalasangam provides a great opportunity to learn various musical instruments.. 1.. Previous..  ...   functions.. In addition the Centre includes a new studio theatre with stage lighting/sound systems and more.. Latest news.. The Colours of Holi 22nd February, 2014.. 16th January 2014.. About this event The Colours of Holi.. Read more.. World Dance at Disneyland, Paris August 2014.. 9th December 2013.. On Twitter.. Subscribe to our e-newsletter.. Stay informed on Kala Sangam news, events and exhibitions with our e-newsletter.. Quote of the day.. "“The desire to be a politician should bar you for life from ever becoming one.. ” "Don't vote.. It just encourages them.. "".. - Billy Connolly, 1942- , Scottish comedian.. Company information.. |.. Accessibility.. Cookies.. Privacy Policy.. Terms of Use.. Sitemap.. St.. Peter’s House, 1 Forster Square, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK BD1 4TY.. Company no.. 3195878.. Charity no.. 1055488.. VAT no.. 890506024.. Copyright Kala Sangam 2014, all rights reserved.. Kala Sangam Arts Centre murals: Akari Maharani.. Arts Council England.. Lottery funded.. Bradford District Council.. Website by Digital Consortium..

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  • Title: Kala Sangam | South Asian Arts | Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Kala Sangam Arts Centre.. St Peter s House.. 1 Forster Square.. Bradford.. BD1 4TY.. tel: (01274) 303340.. fax: (01274) 303358.. General enquiries email:.. info@kalasangam.. org.. Academy classes email:.. academy @kalasangam.. Venues bookings email:.. bookings@kalasangam.. Facebook:.. http://www.. facebook.. com/Kala.. Sangam.. Twitter:.. twitter.. com/Kala_Sangam.. Flickr:.. flickr.. com/photos/kalasangam.. YouTube:.. youtube.. com/theKalaSangam.. Book tickets..

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  • Title: Kala Sangam | South Asian Arts Organisation | Blog
    Descriptive info: Kala Sangam Blog.. Hello and welcome to the Kala Sangam blog!.. Here you will find Kala Sangam news, industry updates and information about upcoming projects, events and opportunities, as well as highlights and achievements.. We welcome approaches for guest blogs on the topic of south Asian arts and artists.. Please do keep checking back to stay in touch with what s happening.. Filter..  ...   event The Colours of Holi A photographic exhibition by Matthew Page Curated by Padma Rao and Pavan Sembi Official Launch Saturday 22 February at 6.. 30 pm Preview followed by a talk by Matthew Page ‘Journey Through the Colours’ at 7pm Exhibition: 22 February - 30 April 2014 Dove, Kala Sangam Arts Centre, Bradford FREE [.. ].. Read story.. Page 1 of 1..

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  • Title: Kala Sangam | South Asian Arts | Box Office | Event Details
    Descriptive info: Box office.. - what's on.. Dear Friends.. We are delighted to inform you about an exciting partnership with Greatdays Holidays as a part of the Disney Performing Arts at Disneyland, Paris.. 2014 is the celebration of dance styles across the world with a focus on dance from southern Asia and Kala Sangam is delighted to be invited to lead on this wonderful opportunity.. This showcase for dance runs from.. Thursday 28.. th..  ...   Holidays will be presenting a road show on Saturday 25.. January 2014 @ 1 pm.. All are welcome.. This is a great opportunity for the teachers and the students and also one which is economically beneficial.. I look forward to your participation.. Have a good season and a wonderful 2014.. Thanks and kind rgs.. Geetha.. Saturday February 22nd 2014.. Information tickets.. Kala Jagran.. Saturday March 1st 2014 - Sunday March 2nd 2014..

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  • Title: Kala Sangam | South Asian Arts | Box Office | Events
    Descriptive info: Welcome to Kala Sangam Box Office.. Here is where you can find information about upcoming events at Kala Sangam Arts Centre and book tickets for our shows.. Tickets and booking information.. How to get to Kala Sangam Arts Centre.. Our new Summer season has now been announced.. Please browse our upcoming events below..

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  • Title: Kala Sangam | South Asian Arts | Academy | Introduction
    Descriptive info: Kala Sangam: Academy.. Kala Sangam Academy provides south Asian arts education, research and career development opportunities for students, artists and teachers.. This is done through classes, workshops, master classes, work placements, residencies, national and international performance opportunities, arts awards, and continuous professional development (CPD) opportunities for artists and performing arts teachers.. We aim to promote greater understanding and appreciation of the cultural traditions of  ...   of south Asia, including Bharatanatyam dance and Tabla percussion classes.. We have recently expanded our class timetable to include folk dance and Bollywood classes.. View our current class timetable.. The Academy offers weekly classes is south Asian dance, music and languages at Kala Sangam Arts Centre.. We also deliver regular classes across the region.. Kala Sangam s education work is kindly supported by Schofield Sweeney..

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  • Title: Kala Sangam | South Asian Arts | Academy | Research
    Descriptive info: Kala Sangam is involved in research projects looking at the social, economic and health impacts of participation in the arts, and at how south Asian arts have influenced the arts in the UK.. More details on this to follow soon..

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  • Title: Kala Sangam | South Asian Arts | Academy
    Descriptive info: Learn about south Asian arts.. South Asia is comprised of four countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.. South Asia has very rich and diverse history of arts and culture.. The artforms of south Asia include music, dance, crafts and literature.. South Asian Dance.. The dances of south Asia originate from many regions and are either classical or folk dances.. Classical Dances.. The seven types of classical dances from south Asia are: Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattam, Odissi, Kathakali Manipuri.. The most popular ones in UK are Bharatanatyam and Kathak.. Bharatanatyam.. is known as “a soul worship of the Divine”.. It is a south Indian style of classical dance and a blend of Bhava (Expression), Raga (melody) and Tala (Rhythm), stylised and perfected over 2000 years ago.. The dancer tells a story through gestures and facial expressions.. Find out about Bharatanatyam classes at Kala Sangam.. Kathak.. is a major classical dance from north India, traditionally danced by both men and women.. What distinguishes Kathak from other dance forms is its spontaneity, freedom from uniformity, innovation and improvisations.. The lightning pirouettes and intricate footwork variations in perfect unison with echoing drum beats and tinkling ankle bells present a fascinating spectacle.. Folk Dances.. The folk dances of India existed with classical dances for centuries.. They combine music, ritual and celebration, and were created by people in the community.. Dancers use colourful costumes and beautiful jewellery of each tradition and region.. Some of the popular folk dances are Bhangra, Ghoomar, Garba and Kandyan dance.. Bhangra..  ...   and Thiruvathira.. The festival Thiruvathira comes in Dhanu Maasam (January).. Thiruvathirakali is also called as Kaikottikali.. South Asian Music.. The music of south Asia can be classical or folk and presented as vocal or instrumental music.. Quawwali is a very popular musical form of Pakistan.. There are seven musical notes: Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni, which correspond to Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti.. When the notes are used in different combinations, the melody or ‘Raga’ is created.. The Tabla, Sitar, Harmonium, Veena and Violin are well known instruments throughout the subcontinent.. The main percussion instruments are Tabla and Pakhavaj from the north and Mridangam, Ghatam and Kanjira from the south of India.. Find out about Tabla percussion classes at Kala Sangam.. South Asian Poetry Literature.. South Asian art traditions are steeped in the rich diversity of literary poets, writers, philosophers and playwrights.. Some of the most prominent and well known literary personalities include Rabindranath Tagore from India and Faiz Ahmed Faiz from Pakistan.. South Asian Visual Arts.. The visual arts is one of the most prominent art forms to represent south Asian countries.. South Asian culture has inspired literally hundreds of visual art forms and genres from traditional to contemporary.. The range of visual art forms includes Calligraphy, Painting, Pottery, Textiles/Fabrics, Mixed media Acrylics, Embroidery, Sculpture, Photography and Filmmaking to name just a few.. If you are interested in booking a visual arts workshop for your school or community group, click below for more information:.. Community arts workshops..

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  • Title: Kala Sangam | South Asian Arts | Academy | Classes
    Descriptive info: Learn south Asian dance, music (singing and instruments)and languages with Kala Sangam Academy classes.. Kala Sangam runs weekly south Asian arts classes for young people of all abilities.. Have fun!.. Learn new skills!.. Dancing and music is a great skill to have, and classical South Asian art forms offer a link to the cultural heritage of the region.. Keep fit!.. Dancing is brilliant exercise so you can keep fit while having fun.. Make new friends!.. We have over 100 students at the Academy, both boys and girls of all ages.. Opportunity to travel perform!.. Kala Sangam students have recently performed in our annual Kala Utsav Show at Bingley Arts Centre and in  ...   Try it out for free!.. All new students are entitled to one free taster class.. If you decide to join the Academy, a one-off £5 registration fee is payable, then you can take as many classes as you like (individual class fees payable on top).. Follow the links below for details about all our classes.. To find out more, please contact Kala Sangam Academy.. Call (01274) 303340 or email academy[at]kalasangam.. Academy classes booking enquiry form.. South Indian Classical (Carnatic) Violin.. Indian Classical Violin.. More information.. Indian Bamboo Flute Carnatic.. Singing Lessons in Carnatic Music and Voice Training.. Keyboard Carnatic.. Bharatanatyam Dance: Beginners.. Dance.. Bharatanatyam Dance: Intermediate.. Bharatanatyam Dance: Advanced.. Tamil Language.. Language..

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  • Title: Kala Sangam | Academy | Workshops and Training
    Descriptive info: As an accredited ISTD centre, Kala Sangam Academy runs training and CPD events for south Asian dance teachers.. Kala Sangam also offers a varied programme of creative and professional development courses in the community.. Participants are encouraged to develop creative and personal, as well as professional, skills.. Kala Sangam recently ran Working in Partnership in the Youth, Arts and Cultural Sectors , the popular Artswork course  ...   participant Kate Plumb, Blue Print Facilitator, from The Garage in Norwich commented:.. ‘I learnt so much today.. It really fulfilled my aims for the day but has also given me confidence that I can deliver in partnership work effectively’.. There are currently no planned training workshops or CPD events, but do please keep checking back as we will update this section with details of all upcoming events..

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  • Title: Kala Sangam | Academy | Book a Class
    Descriptive info: Kala Sangam Academy offers weekly south Asian arts classes, including dance, music and languages.. Academy students, teachers and artists also have access to a variety of education, performance and career development opportunities.. If you are interested in joining the Academy or signing up for any of our classes  ...   Kala Sangam Academy class list here.. Full name*.. Date of birth*.. Primary contact (Parent or guardian if student under 18).. Address line 1*.. Address line 2*.. Town / City*.. County*.. Postcode*.. Contact telephone number*.. Contact email address.. Name(s) of Class(es)*.. Term start date*.. Additional notes.. *Denotes mandatory field..

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