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    Archived pages: 1108 . Archive date: 2014-03.

  • Title: K-3D | Seven Degrees of Freedom
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to main content.. Main menu.. Home.. About.. Downloads.. Documentation.. Wiki.. Forum.. Developer.. Donations.. Contact.. K-3D.. Seven Degrees of Freedom.. OS X 10.. 8 testing binary.. Submitted by.. Bart Janssens.. on.. Sat, 01/12/2013 - 08:49.. Having just bought my first Mac ever, I took a look at updating the OS X binaries, which were no longer working on the most recent versions of OS X.. You can find the download.. here.. One of the top items still on the todo list is to integrate the menu into the Apple menubar, and change the shortcuts from Ctrl to Command.. Read more.. about OS X  ...   our website was way overdue for a face lift.. Especially forum spam was becoming a big problem.. While all the old forum content has been migrated, we decided to delete the accounts and start from scratch, in order to eliminate all the spam accounts.. Please register a new account if you want to post on the forums.. about New web site!.. 2 comments.. Windows:.. 8.. 0.. 1.. 5:.. 8:.. 3 beta.. Source:.. 2.. User login.. Username.. *.. Password.. Create new account.. Request new password.. Content is available under.. GNU Free Documentation License 1.. K-3D is proud to be a member of.. Software Freedom Conservancy..

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  • Title: About | K-3D
    Descriptive info: K-3D is free-as-in-freedom 3D modeling and animation software.. It combines flexible plugins with a visualization pipeline architecture, making K-3D a versatile and powerful tool for artists.. Easy.. K-3D's interface uses your platform's look-and-feel, and it's consistent with the applications you already know.. New artists will find K-3D easy to understand, and professionals feel right at home.. K-3D is intuitive, consistent, and discoverable.. Powerful.. K-3D features procedural and parametric workflows.. Properties can be adjusted interactively and results appear immediately.. The powerful, node-based visualization pipeline allows more possibilities than traditional modifier stacks or histories.. Selection flows from one modifier to the next.. An advanced undo/redo system ensures you can always go back, and the pioneering undo tree  ...   the power of a node-based visualization pipeline: connect anything to anything else.. K-3D gives you the freedom to create combinations never before seen.. Work on one side of a model, show the other side mirrored, and see the end result welded together as a subdivision surface in realtime.. Using K-3D, complex workflows are easy to create and understand.. Go back, modify the beginning of a workflow, and watch as changes propagate automatically to the end.. Free.. K-3D is Free Software.. Run it on your choice of platform.. Adapt it for any purpose.. Receive it at no cost.. Share it with your friends.. All of the K-3D source code is available under the.. GNU General Public License..

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  • Title: Downloads | K-3D
    Descriptive info: K-3D is written in C++ with platform independence in mind.. As a result, K-3D is available for.. GNU/Linux.. ,.. MacOS X.. FreeBSD.. Microsoft Windows.. , and others.. You can either download a binary package for the system of your choice or build K-3D from sources.. Packages for common Linux distributions can be installed using the system specific package managers..

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  • Title: Documentation | K-3D
    Descriptive info: User documentation.. A good starting point is the.. documentation.. page on the wiki.. The wiki also contains a fairly up to date.. list of plugins.. Developer documentation.. Whitepapers.. Universal Relational Storage for Geometric Primitives.. provides a detailed discussion of how K-3D flexibly stores geometric data, and what this flexibility means for researchers and developers.. Overviews.. The K-3D.. Developers' Wiki.. covers a broad range of how-tos, design discussions, and architectural information.. Reference.. The.. C++ Reference Documentation.. covers namespaces, classes, methods, and members, and is automatically generated using.. Doxygen.. Python Reference Documentation.. is automatically generated using.. Epydoc..

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  • Title: Forums | K-3D
    Descriptive info: View Forums.. (active tab).. Active topics.. Unanswered topics.. Forums.. Topics.. Posts.. Last post.. No new.. General Discussion.. 208.. 793.. Finding right tool.. by.. 03/08/2014 - 23:47.. Help.. 55.. 273.. Manual?.. 10/24/2013 - 23:30.. Development.. 24.. 111.. subject.. Skull_auC.. 02/05/2014 - 23:12.. - Forum Tools -.. View active forum posts.. View unanswered forum posts.. New posts.. No new posts..

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  • Title: Developer | K-3D
    Descriptive info: K-3D is.. Free Software.. The source code is licensed using the.. As a result, K-3D can be built on.. , and other platforms.. We use.. Git.. for source-code management,.. CMake.. for our build system, and.. gtkmm.. for our user interface toolkit.. Required dependencies include.. Boost.. OpenGL.. , and.. libsigc++.. K-3D can be optionally built with integration for Collada, DBus, GLX, Gnome VFS, GTS, ImageMagick, ODE, OpenCASCADE, OpenEXR,  ...   com/K-3D/k3d.. git $ mkdir k3d-build $ cd k3d-build $ cmake.. /k3d $ make.. Run K-3D from the build directory:.. $ cd k3d-build $ make run/fast.. Install K-3D:.. $ cd k3d-build $ make install.. Make changes to the K-3D sources:.. Create a.. fork.. on Github.. Commit the changes.. Send a pull request.. You can also just create a patch, if needed.. For more on using Git see the.. guide..

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  • Title: Donations | K-3D
    Descriptive info: K-3D is a member of the nonprofit.. Thanks to the Conservancy, donations to support K-3D development are convenient, and may be tax-exempt in many jursidictions.. The K-3D project uses donations to further our goal of providing quality Free Software for professionals.. Thanks in advance for your interest in supporting K-3D!.. PayPal Donations.. Check Donations.. K-3D can accept check donations drawn in USD from banks in the USA.. (Donations from banks outside of the US or not in USD  ...   Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc.. and place.. Directed donation: K-3D.. in the memo field.. Checks should then be mailed to:.. Software Freedom Conservancy 137 Montague Street STE 380 Brooklyn, NY 11201-3548.. K-3D can accept donations via wire, but instructions must be sent on a case-by-case basis as they are different depending on the country of origin.. Donors wishing to send a wire should contact:.. accounting@sfconservancy.. org.. for instructions.. Please be sure to mention that your donation is for K-3D..

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  • Title: Contact | K-3D
    Descriptive info: Help for K-3D is available through the forums or from the mailing list:.. https://lists.. sourceforge.. net/lists/listinfo/k3d-development..

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  • Title: OS X 10.8 testing binary | K-3D
    Descriptive info: 8 testing binary.. 8 Comments.. Mac.. larum.. Thu, 04/11/2013 - 22:53.. I'm having trouble installing the mac version on OS X 7.. 5.. Any suggestions?.. Thu, 04/11/2013 - 22:54.. I assume you mean 10.. 7.. 5, but.. Sat, 04/13/2013 - 16:14.. 5, but I don't have that version.. Is there any error that you're getting?.. k-3d mac install.. eddyn.. Thu, 04/25/2013 - 18:11.. I'm trying to install k3d-setup-eac49f4-x86_64 on my mac 10.. 8.. 3 and it does'nt work.. here the error log:.. Process: k3d [556].. Path: /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/MacOS/K-3D.. Identifier: org.. k-3d.. K-3D.. Version: ???.. Code Type: X86 (Native).. Parent Process: launchd [128].. User ID: 501.. Date/Time: 2013-04-25 17:15:00.. 298 +0200.. OS Version: Mac OS X 10.. 3 (12D78).. Report Version: 10.. Interval Since Last Report: 76284 sec.. Crashes Since Last Report: 1.. Per-App Crashes Since Last Report: 1.. Anonymous UUID: 38993B39-9B18-278B-5ED7-FD2108FD90B4.. Crashed Thread: 0.. Exception Type: EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP).. Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000.. Application Specific Information:.. dyld: launch, loading dependent libraries.. Dyld Error Message:.. Symbol not found: _iconv.. Referenced from: /usr/lib/libcups.. dylib.. Expected in: /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libiconv.. in /usr/lib/libcups.. Binary Images:.. 0x1000 - 0x18ff3 +k3d (???) 5ADD853A-9349-1A4A-C3BD-AD0926BA9D88 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/bin/k3d.. 0x25000 - 0x2c0ff7 +libk3dsdk.. dylib (0) BE9F5F25-EAF3-DAEE-AB7B-2AA1604C0234 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libk3dsdk.. 0x59e000 - 0x5cefff +libboost_program_options-mt.. dylib (0) 3C4527CA-1B51-0D4C-B09E-0C53238F02F1 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libboost_program_options-mt.. 0x612000 - 0x638ff2 +libglibmm-2.. 4.. dylib (4) 048BCDC2-5B13-021F-D97D-4FD8504D83C9 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libglibmm-2.. 0x661000 - 0x694ff7 +libgobject-2.. dylib (2201.. 5) 1724345E-6F51-2308-514A-494BC2EBE009 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libgobject-2.. 0x6a5000 - 0x6a6ff4 +libsigc-2.. dylib (1) FECAFF72-7CA9-B268-BA13-8E32DB9E0CBA /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libsigc-2.. 0x6ab000 - 0x76bfe7 +libglib-2.. 5) 466751E5-8454-7B8E-7313-25D7099E54C9 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libglib-2.. 0x78a000 - 0x791ff3 +libintl.. dylib (9.. 2) 69B3F620-60FA-BB97-EA48-38CF8AB75214 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libintl.. 0x796000 - 0x88eff4 +libiconv.. dylib (8) 56E06087-68D0-BCFC-4A75-DF4B5A299AD0 /Applications/K-3D.. 0x89b000 - 0x8b7fe3 +libexpat.. dylib (7.. 2) 86BB4CCE-4C61-A5DB-862E-BFB991656809 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libexpat.. 0x8bf000 - 0x8d0feb +libz.. dylib (1.. 4) A77ED568-B1E7-D119-8A6A-52A50751FFFF /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libz.. 0x8d5000 - 0x917ff3 +libk3dsdk-half.. dylib (0) 069C9E91-3BD4-51CC-EF61-83D767D72BB8 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libk3dsdk-half.. 0x91b000 - 0x923fff +libk3dsdk-sgi-tesselator.. dylib (0) AADBC63B-5B68-8D3B-74C0-753B4114BC95 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libk3dsdk-sgi-tesselator.. 0x927000 - 0x94dff2 +libk3dsdk-glew.. dylib (0) 2741536F-4A75-094F-D8F5-28170FE52654 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libk3dsdk-glew.. 0x961000 - 0x97efe3 +libGL.. 2) 9CFA89D8-514A-23AE-213B-99118BEE6501 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libGL.. 0x9aa000 - 0xa03ff5 +libGLU.. 3) 46FEA5F0-8D44-3E3D-2840-BC0029800805 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libGLU.. 0xa37000 - 0xa38ff7 +libk3dsdk-parallel.. dylib (0) CB28AC6C-38E0-4625-A5B3-E40FFC57F9F0 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libk3dsdk-parallel.. 0xa3c000 - 0xab4fff +libboost_unit_test_framework-mt.. dylib (0) D77D9A8A-D086-220F-56BA-D6B2BD772F11 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libboost_unit_test_framework-mt.. 0xb68000 - 0xb6fff3 +libuuid.. 16.. dylib (17.. 22) B221235F-2D35-52E8-50B9-94A5F5AF076D /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libuuid.. 0xb74000 - 0xb75ffd +libgmodule-2.. 5) E89483C8-8E22-2D9C-F0C2-0A1719D470D1 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libgmodule-2.. 0xb79000 - 0xc80fef +libxml2.. dylib (10.. 7) 5542AEDB-2D71-C0F9-3606-E89E39A23D40 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libxml2.. 0xcae000 - 0xcbaffb libXplugin.. dylib (40) 4E5E6025-C984-3BB8-A8AD-505971DF868A /usr/lib/libXplugin.. 0xcc4000 - 0xcceff2 +libXext.. 6.. dylib (11) 1D99A518-720D-3954-3576-23D223FE0772 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libXext.. 0xcd4000 - 0xddafe7 +libX11.. dylib (10) 6F447196-BC53-5DA2-DA1D-FBA3DF3D294B /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libX11.. 0xdfb000 - 0xdfbffe +libXau.. dylib (7) 6A8F2466-2EF5-4306-4FED-2F34B03FC455 /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libXau.. 0xdff000 - 0xe01fef +libXdmcp.. dylib (7) 78B422C6-7E7B-6AF2-62E6-057B2533635E /Applications/K-3D.. app/Contents/Resources/lib/libXdmcp.. 0x8feed000 - 0x8ff1fe57 dyld (210.. 3) 23DBDBB1-1D21-342C-AC2A-0E55F27E6A1F /usr/lib/dyld.. 0x90007000 - 0x9009eff7 com.. apple.. ink.. framework (10.. 2 - 150) A9C3B735-7D5F-3D7D-AA70-2CC852D09CDE /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.. framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/Ink.. framework/Versions/A/Ink.. 0x9009f000 - 0x9009ffff libsystem_blocks.. dylib (59) 3A743C5D-CFA5-37D8-80A8-B6795A9DB04F /usr/lib/system/libsystem_blocks.. 0x900a0000 - 0x901abff7 libJP2.. dylib (849) B2D0E844-C390-376C-91D9-F3501B5C7A83 /System/Library/Frameworks/ImageIO.. framework/Versions/A/Resources/libJP2.. 0x90447000 - 0x90450fff com.. DiskArbitration (2.. 2 - 2.. 2) 89822A83-B450-3363-8E9C-9B80CB4450B1 /System/Library/Frameworks/DiskArbitration.. framework/Versions/A/DiskArbitration.. 0x9048e000 - 0x90793ff7 com.. CoreServices.. CarbonCore (1037.. 5 - 1037.. 5) 356AE2DF-ABB0-319C-8B5B-2F33D693889F /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.. framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CarbonCore.. framework/Versions/A/CarbonCore.. 0x90794000 - 0x907b0fff libPng.. dylib (849) BF2CB6F5-A2F1-35A4-93F7-ACA6D7F02084 /System/Library/Frameworks/ImageIO.. framework/Versions/A/Resources/libPng.. 0x907b1000 - 0x907b4ff7 libcompiler_rt.. dylib (30) CE5DBDB4-0124-3E2B-9105-989DF98DD108 /usr/lib/system/libcompiler_rt.. 0x907b5000 - 0x90bd2fff FaceCoreLight (2.. 1) 571DE3F8-CA8A-3E71-9AF4-F06FFE721CE6 /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/FaceCoreLight.. framework/Versions/A/FaceCoreLight.. 0x90bd3000 - 0x90c73ff7 com.. QD (3.. 42 - 285) 1B8307C6-AFA8-312E-BA5B-679070EF2CA1 /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.. framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/QD.. framework/Versions/A/QD.. 0x90c74000 - 0x90cd8fff com.. datadetectorscore (4.. 1 - 269.. 2) B4D53047-C613-32F8-9E08-0154EA81B487 /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DataDetectorsCore.. framework/Versions/A/DataDetectorsCore.. 0x90cd9000 - 0x9111bff3 com.. CoreGraphics (1.. 600.. 0 - 331.. 4) BC041647-FB5A-3D07-A253-F3D34E25BF6C /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.. framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CoreGraphics.. framework/Versions/A/CoreGraphics.. 0x9115f000 - 0x91188fff libxslt.. dylib (11.. 3) 0DE17DAA-66FF-3195-AADB-347BEB5E2EFA /usr/lib/libxslt.. 0x91189000 - 0x911edff3 libstdc++.. dylib (56) F8FA490A-8F3C-3645-ABF5-78926CE9C62C /usr/lib/libstdc++.. 0x911ee000 - 0x911f2ff7 libmacho.. dylib (829) 5280A013-4F74-3F74-BE0C-7F612C49F1DC /usr/lib/system/libmacho.. 0x91202000 - 0x91204fff libdyld.. dylib (210.. 3) 05D6FF2A-F09B-309D-95F7-7AF10259C707 /usr/lib/system/libdyld.. 0x91205000 - 0x91251fff libcorecrypto.. dylib (106.. 2) 20EBADBA-D6D6-36F0-AE80-168E9AF13DB6 /usr/lib/system/libcorecrypto.. 0x91261000 - 0x913eaff7 com.. vImage (6.. 0 - 6.. 0) 1D1F67FE-4F75-3689-BEF6-4A46C8039E70 /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.. framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/vImage.. framework/Versions/A/vImage.. 0x913ed000 - 0x91403fff com.. CFOpenDirectory (10.. 8 - 151.. 10) 3640B988-F915-3E0D-897C-CB04C95BA601 /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenDirectory.. framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CFOpenDirectory.. framework/Versions/A/CFOpenDirectory.. 0x91404000 - 0x917e7fff com.. HIToolbox (2.. 0 - 626.. 1) ECC3F04F-C4B7-35BF-B10E-183B749DAB92 /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.. framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/HIToolbox.. framework/Versions/A/HIToolbox.. 0x917f3000 - 0x917f6ff7 com.. TCC (1.. 0 - 1) ABE3CE50-C948-30B1-A343-837D8E7BA9F0 /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/TCC.. framework/Versions/A/TCC.. 0x923b4000 - 0x923b8fff com.. OpenDirectory (10.. 10) E3D2E1A4-6E55-3C23-BCB4-7B9D31EFD605 /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenDirectory.. framework/Versions/A/OpenDirectory.. 0x923ea000 - 0x9241dffb com.. GSS (3.. 0 - 2.. 0) 9566A96D-C296-3ABD-A12A-E274C81C0B25 /System/Library/Frameworks/GSS.. framework/Versions/A/GSS.. 0x9241e000 - 0x9252b057 libobjc.. A.. dylib (532.. 2) FA455371-7395-3D58-A89B-D1520612D1BC /usr/lib/libobjc.. 0x9252c000 - 0x92532fff com.. print.. framework.. Print (8.. 0 - 258) 3E10C488-C390-33BD-8A4F-568E3021811D /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.. framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/Print.. framework/Versions/A/Print.. 0x925d1000 - 0x925d9fff libcopyfile.. dylib (89) 4963541B-0254-371B-B29A-B6806888949B /usr/lib/system/libcopyfile.. 0x925e1000 - 0x9260effe libsystem_m.. dylib (3022.. 6) 93CEEC8C-FAB5-313C-B0BB-0F4E91E6B878 /usr/lib/system/libsystem_m.. 0x9260f000 - 0x92631fff libc++abi.. dylib (26) 3AAA8D55-F5F6-362B-BA3C-CCAF0D3C8E27 /usr/lib/libc++abi.. 0x926ab000 - 0x926edff7 libauto.. dylib (185.. 1) B2B5B639-6778-352A-828D-FD8B64A3E8B3 /usr/lib/libauto.. 0x92724000 - 0x92724fff com.. Accelerate (1.. 8 - Accelerate 1.. 8) 4EC0548E-3A3F-310D-A366-47B51D5B6398 /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.. framework/Versions/A/Accelerate.. 0x92725000 - 0x92725fff com.. vecLib (3.. 8 - vecLib 3.. 8) 83160DD1-5614-3E34-80EB-97041016EF1F /System/Library/Frameworks/vecLib.. framework/Versions/A/vecLib.. 0x92767000 - 0x92769fff com.. securityhi (4.. 0 - 55002) 79E3B880-3AB7-3BF3-9CDF-117A45599545 /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.. framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/SecurityHI.. framework/Versions/A/SecurityHI.. 0x9276a000 - 0x927efff7 com.. SearchKit (1.. 0 - 1.. 0) 4E947DC1-7985-3111-A864-58EDD6D955DC /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.. framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/SearchKit.. framework/Versions/A/SearchKit.. 0x927f0000 - 0x92b0eff3 com.. Foundation (6.. 8 - 945.. 16) C4D95341-B4FF-30AC-815A-A23C019C57A3 /System/Library/Frameworks/Foundation.. framework/Versions/C/Foundation.. 0x92b0f000 - 0x92b0ffff com.. Carbon (154 - 155) C0A26E7B-28F1-3C7E-879E-A3CF3ED5111C /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.. framework/Versions/A/Carbon.. 0x93077000 - 0x9307afff com.. help (1.. 3.. 2 - 42) 2B727B38-0E18-3108-9735-F65958924A91 /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.. framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/Help.. framework/Versions/A/Help.. 0x9307b000 - 0x9312ffff com.. coreui (2.. 0 - 181.. 1) 6BEEE83E-C878-3FE6-B521-8B32B3A35409 /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CoreUI.. framework/Versions/A/CoreUI.. 0x931d1000 - 0x931d8fff liblaunch..  ...   0x983edff3 com.. NetFS (5.. 0) FD429432-6DA7-3B41-9889-0E8B4ECB8A4F /System/Library/Frameworks/NetFS.. framework/Versions/A/NetFS.. 0x9841e000 - 0x9844aff7 libsystem_info.. dylib (406.. 17) 2731CC70-DF2E-3BD1-AE73-A3B83C531756 /usr/lib/system/libsystem_info.. 0x98737000 - 0x9873bfff com.. CommonPanels (1.. 5 - 94) 7B3FC9A4-0F71-31E7-88CE-1BD4CBB655B2 /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.. framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CommonPanels.. framework/Versions/A/CommonPanels.. 0x98798000 - 0x987a4ff7 com.. NetAuth (4.. 0) 52D23F12-0718-341D-B9DF-16C814022250 /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/NetAuth.. framework/Versions/A/NetAuth.. 0x987b3000 - 0x987b6ffc libpam.. dylib (20) FCF74195-A99E-3B07-8E49-688D4A6F1E18 /usr/lib/libpam.. 0x98811000 - 0x988cfff3 com.. ColorSync (4.. 0) B534DE6A-3AF0-307C-B274-A4FCFC5BC696 /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.. framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ColorSync.. framework/Versions/A/ColorSync.. 0x988d0000 - 0x988e5fff com.. ImageCapture (8.. 0 - 8.. 0) F681CA5B-2871-32CF-8E9F-9220EB387407 /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.. framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ImageCapture.. framework/Versions/A/ImageCapture.. 0x991bc000 - 0x99217fff com.. htmlrendering (77 - 1.. 4) CD33B313-7E85-3AC0-9EFF-6B0C05F10135 /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.. framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/HTMLRendering.. framework/Versions/A/HTMLRendering.. 0x99218000 - 0x99218fff com.. ApplicationServices (45 - 45) B23FD836-ECA1-3DF8-B043-9CA9779BE9DB /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.. framework/Versions/A/ApplicationServices.. 0x99219000 - 0x99227ff3 libsystem_network.. dylib (77.. 10) 11CAF6A8-17CF-3178-9348-57C5ED494BA8 /usr/lib/system/libsystem_network.. 0x99228000 - 0x99276ff3 com.. SystemConfiguration (1.. 12.. 2 - 1.. 2) 6E858B9F-337A-314E-88B7-24A274ACE568 /System/Library/Frameworks/SystemConfiguration.. framework/Versions/A/SystemConfiguration.. 0x99277000 - 0x99278fff libquarantine.. dylib (52) D526310F-DC77-37EA-8F5F-83928EFA3262 /usr/lib/system/libquarantine.. 0x99279000 - 0x9927afff liblangid.. dylib (116) E13CC8C5-5034-320A-A210-41A2BDE4F846 /usr/lib/liblangid.. 0x9927b000 - 0x992e1fff com.. PrintCore (8.. 3 - 387.. 2) 0F7665F5-33F0-3661-9BE2-7DD2890E304B /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.. framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/PrintCore.. framework/Versions/A/PrintCore.. 0x992e9000 - 0x992f0fff libsystem_dnssd.. dylib (379.. 37) 49A44FB3-559D-3C7E-AA40-23F5A8E612AC /usr/lib/system/libsystem_dnssd.. 0x996d8000 - 0x996daffd libCVMSPluginSupport.. 25) C8FC6227-5209-3138-89CD-03CAD11F3EC3 /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.. framework/Versions/A/Libraries/libCVMSPluginSupport.. 0x99766000 - 0x9985eff9 libsqlite3.. dylib (138.. 1) AD7C5914-35F0-37A3-9238-A29D2E26C755 /usr/lib/libsqlite3.. 0x998da000 - 0x998dbffd libunc.. dylib (25) 5E1EEE9E-3423-33D7-95B2-E4D17DD08C18 /usr/lib/system/libunc.. 0x998dc000 - 0x998e8ffe libkxld.. 13) ED37AAAA-B1C0-3ADF-A897-3D580A845843 /usr/lib/system/libkxld.. 0x998e9000 - 0x998f5ff8 libbz2.. dylib (29) 7031A4C0-784A-3EAA-93DF-EA1F26CC9264 /usr/lib/libbz2.. 0x998f6000 - 0x998f7fff libsystem_sandbox.. dylib (220.. 2) 61A79095-1978-3AAA-B0E0-658BC8E5F045 /usr/lib/system/libsystem_sandbox.. 0x999f6000 - 0x99a04fff com.. opengl (1.. 7 - 1.. 7) 0631EC1D-833B-39D2-A907-A9F7617E5504 /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.. framework/Versions/A/OpenGL.. 0x99a05000 - 0x99a08ffc libCoreVMClient.. dylib (32.. 3) 35B63A60-DF0A-3FB3-ABB8-164B246A43CC /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.. framework/Versions/A/Libraries/libCoreVMClient.. 0x99a09000 - 0x99a09fff libSystem.. B.. dylib (169.. 3) B81FAD7E-8808-3F49-807F-0AD68D0D7359 /usr/lib/libSystem.. 0x99a2f000 - 0x99b4bffb com.. desktopservices (1.. 3 - 1.. 3) 7157C51D-C695-3C9E-B532-F551E7E55B56 /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DesktopServicesPriv.. framework/Versions/A/DesktopServicesPriv.. 0x99bb7000 - 0x99bcaff9 com.. MultitouchSupport.. framework (235.. 29 - 235.. 29) 451701B6-03CE-3F26-9FF0-92D8DA1467EE /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MultitouchSupport.. framework/Versions/A/MultitouchSupport.. 0x99bf5000 - 0x99c01ffa com.. CrashReporterSupport (10.. 3 - 417) A4A45B14-8992-3739-82BC-3C5E5C2686F9 /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CrashReporterSupport.. framework/Versions/A/CrashReporterSupport.. 0x99c58000 - 0x99e40ffb com.. CoreFoundation (6.. 8 - 744.. 18) 68AFEE40-0078-347E-9DEE-32CFE0062A10 /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreFoundation.. framework/Versions/A/CoreFoundation.. 0x99e41000 - 0x99e86ff7 com.. NavigationServices (3.. 7 - 200) 6AB1A00C-BC94-3889-BA95-40A454B720CE /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.. framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/NavigationServices.. framework/Versions/A/NavigationServices.. 0x99e9f000 - 0x99eedffb libFontRegistry.. dylib (100) 97D8F15F-F072-3AF0-8EF8-50C41781951C /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.. framework/Versions/A/Resources/libFontRegistry.. 0x99eee000 - 0x99fabfeb libsystem_c.. dylib (825.. 26) 6E35A83F-1A5B-3AF9-8C6D-D7B57B25FB63 /usr/lib/system/libsystem_c.. 0x9a229000 - 0x9a283ffb com.. AE (645.. 6 - 645.. 6) 44556FF7-A869-399A-AEBB-F4E9263D9152 /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.. framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/AE.. framework/Versions/A/AE.. 0x9a2c9000 - 0x9a331fe7 libvDSP.. 6) 55780308-4DCA-3B10-9703-EAFC3E13A3FA /System/Library/Frameworks/Accelerate.. framework/Versions/A/libvDSP.. 0x9a332000 - 0x9a344fff libbsm.. dylib (32) DADD385E-FE53-3458-94FB-E316A6345108 /usr/lib/libbsm.. 0x9a350000 - 0x9a35dff7 com.. AppleFSCompression (49 - 1.. 0) 9A066D13-6E85-36FC-8B58-FD46E51751CE /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/AppleFSCompression.. framework/Versions/A/AppleFSCompression.. 0x9a35e000 - 0x9a40dff7 com.. CoreText (260.. 0 - 275.. 16) 7716C57B-E059-3B30-BBA8-AD7FF6EE3D35 /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreText.. framework/Versions/A/CoreText.. 0x9a40e000 - 0x9a419fff libcommonCrypto.. dylib (60027) 8EE30FA5-AA8D-3FA6-AB0F-05DA8B0425D9 /usr/lib/system/libcommonCrypto.. 0x9a41a000 - 0x9a5d6ffd libicucore.. dylib (491.. 11.. 2) 59A23F06-16AD-35F8-BA58-D17305232402 /usr/lib/libicucore.. 0x9a5d7000 - 0x9a5f4fff libCRFSuite.. dylib (33) 8E6E8815-406E-3A89-B96E-908FEFC27F0A /usr/lib/libCRFSuite.. 0x9a6ca000 - 0x9a6e7fff libxpc.. dylib (140.. 42) 1E419D55-C5C1-33FF-B52E-6C7FFBEA5E1F /usr/lib/system/libxpc.. 0x9a743000 - 0x9a747ffc libGIF.. dylib (849) 2F1DE1C6-4779-35A6-8ED5-BBF8ADD5962A /System/Library/Frameworks/ImageIO.. framework/Versions/A/Resources/libGIF.. Model: MacBookPro9,2, BootROM MBP91.. 00D3.. B08, 2 processors, Intel Core i5, 2.. 5 GHz, 4 GB, SMC 2.. 2f41.. Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000, Intel HD Graphics 4000, Built-In, 512 MB.. Memory Module: BANK 0/DIMM0, 2 GB, DDR3, 1600 MHz, 0x80AD, 0x484D54333235533643465238432D50422020.. Memory Module: BANK 1/DIMM0, 2 GB, DDR3, 1600 MHz, 0x80AD, 0x484D54333235533643465238432D50422020.. AirPort: spairport_wireless_card_type_airport_extreme (0x14E4, 0xF5), Broadcom BCM43xx 1.. 0 (5.. 106.. 98.. 100.. 16).. Bluetooth: Version 4.. 3f3 11349, 2 service, 18 devices, 1 incoming serial ports.. Network Service: Ethernet, Ethernet, en0.. Serial ATA Device: APPLE HDD HTS547550A9E384, 500,11 GB.. Serial ATA Device: MATSHITADVD-R UJ-8A8.. USB Device: USB Receiver, 0x046d (Logitech Inc.. ), 0xc50a, 0x14100000 / 1.. USB Device: hub_device, 0x8087 (Intel Corporation), 0x0024, 0x1d100000 / 2.. USB Device: hub_device, 0x0424 (SMSC), 0x2513, 0x1d180000 / 3.. USB Device: BRCM20702 Hub, 0x0a5c (Broadcom Corp.. ), 0x4500, 0x1d181000 / 6.. USB Device: Bluetooth USB Host Controller, apple_vendor_id, 0x821d, 0x1d181300 / 7.. USB Device: IR Receiver, apple_vendor_id, 0x8242, 0x1d182000 / 5.. USB Device: Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad, apple_vendor_id, 0x0253, 0x1d183000 / 4.. USB Device: hub_device, 0x8087 (Intel Corporation), 0x0024, 0x1a100000 / 2.. USB Device: FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in), apple_vendor_id, 0x8509, 0x1a110000 / 3.. can you please help me?.. tkx for your attention.. Hi,.. Sat, 04/27/2013 - 14:00.. I can't reproduce this, using the exact same OS X version.. Can you check in a terminal if DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH is set, using.. echo $DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH.. It should be empty.. Render not working.. tyty31.. Wed, 05/08/2013 - 03:27.. I have already added the path but rendering is not getting me anything and it will hang if i try to quit after pressing the render button.. Any help would be appreciated.. Thank you.. Rendering using Aqsis.. Wed, 05/08/2013 - 03:58.. Just to clarify, I have installed Aqsis and modified $PATH to include /Applications/Aqsis.. app/Contents/Resources/bin.. I think it's running aqsis but just nothing shows when I press the preview button.. Running on MAC OSX 10.. Re: Rendering using Aqsis.. Thu, 05/09/2013 - 10:35.. OK, this is indeed a problem on OS X.. The easiest workaround is to run K-3D from the Aqsis shell:.. - Just start Aqsis from the app icon and choose shell.. - open K-3D using something like open /Applications/K-3D.. app.. The reason it wasn't working is that you didn't set $AQSISHOME.. Using the aqsis shell sets $PATH and $AQSISHOME automatically, so K-3D detects everything correctly.. It's not nice to have to set these environment variables on OS X, I have created an issue at:.. https://github.. com/K-3D/k3d/issues/11.. Thanks for the feedback!..

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