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  • Title: Kailash Centre - Kailash Centre - Oriental Medicine Practitioners, Complementary Therapies St Johns Wood London NW8
    Descriptive info: .. News.. Oriental Medicine.. about Oriental Medicine.. Acupuncture.. Ayurvedic Medicine.. Chinese Herbal Medicine.. Japanese Herbal Medicine.. Tibetan Medicine.. Vietnamese Medicine.. Ayurvedic Massage.. Daoyin Tao.. Facial Rejuvenation.. Indian Head Massage.. Royal Thai Massage.. Shiatsu.. Thai Yoga Massage.. Tui Na Massage.. Complementary Therapy.. about Complementary Therapy.. Art Psychotherapy.. Aromatherapy Massage.. Core Process Psychotherapy.. Craniosacral Therapy.. Homeopathy.. Hypnotherapy.. Massage various.. Osteopathy.. Psychotherapy.. Reflexology.. Reiki.. Rosen Method Bodywork.. Structural Integration.. Classes.. Class Timetable.. Meditation.. Pilates.. Vedanta.. Yoga.. Courses.. about Courses.. Kanpo Japanese Medicine.. Tibetan Yantra Yoga.. Other Courses.. About.. Rent a Room Hire Space.. Practitioners.. Tibet Charitable Trust.. Contact Find.. Search.. Kailash Centre.. Kailash is a leading complementary health centre, specializing in traditional Oriental medicine.. We aim to provide alternative health care, offering a high standard of treatments by experienced practitioners.. Kailash is a non- profit organization, donating all proceeds to the.. Kailash  ...   following points to assist you in finding appropriate treatments:.. All the practitioners at Kailash are fully qualified, have at least 5 years experience and are registered members of a professional body.. Kailash has some of the leading practitioners in the United Kingdom.. We provide detailed information about our therapists and therapies to enable you to make an informed choice.. You can even contact the practitioner directly via phone or e-mail for more information.. Some practitioners offer short taster sessions or consultations to help you choose an appropriate treatment.. You can contact reception for general information about treatment.. Please note:.. The Kailash Centre (The Tibet Charitable Trust) only provides the space for private practitioners to conduct their practice and does not take responsibility for the outcome of treatments carried out at the premises.. Individual practitioners are responsible for their own clients..

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  • Title: Kailash Centre - News
    Descriptive info: THE PARENTING WEEKEND COURSE.. Kitty Hagenbach, co-founder of Babies Know and parent/child therapist with over 20 years’ experience.. Read more.. Sarah Lidsey BHSP, Energy Field Therapist, Healer and Spiritual Guide.. Mindful Family and mindfulness based courses and activities.. Sylvia Hensher, Clinical Nutritionist BSc Hons Dip BCNH, CNHC, mBANT BSc Econ.. Bernard Porter LSSM Dip.. Sports massage.. Ann Herreboudt.. Alex Kolaczynski, herbalist,  ...   one of the UK’s largest Tai Chi and Yoga retreat providers, are teaming up with Kailash Centre in St John’s Wood, to bring you the Urban Retreat.. Pregnancy Yoga and Mum Baby yoga.. Pregnancy Yoga Tuesday 18:10-19:10 Mum and Baby Yoga 14:15-15:15 www.. yogatherapylondon.. com Email: yogatherapylondon@hotmail.. com.. Shang Shung Institute of Tibetan Studies.. Welcome to the London School of Tibetan Studies..

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  • Title: Kailash Centre - about Oriental Medicine
    Descriptive info: about Oriental Medicine.. The term Oriental medicine refers to the healing traditions of Asia.. These medical systems have evolved over centuries of practice and due to encounters with other cultures.. In the West today, Oriental medicine comes under the umbrella of complementary or alternative medicine, although in Asia they are often practiced alongside biomedicine.. What distinguishes Oriental medicine is that it is based on large bodies of traditional knowledge and are influenced by religious philosophies such as Buddhism, Hinduism or Taoism.. Although they are distinct and complete systems, they share similar principles and practices.. Oriental medicine is based on various ancient theoretical frameworks; such as  ...   environmental factors.. All the processes of the human body are seen to be interrelated and in constant interaction with the natural world.. Health is therefore the result of finding balance within the body and living in harmony with the seasons and one's environment.. The traditional systems of tongue and pulse diagnosis or urine analysis are employed, which give a detailed indication of a person's internal functioning.. The patient is viewed as a whole, although presenting symptoms help the practitioner to understand and treat disease.. There is also a large emphasis on preventative medicine and the maintenance of health in the broadest sense of the word..

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  • Title: Kailash Centre - Acupuncture, Acupuncturists, Central London St Johns Wood NW8, Regents Park NW1, Baker Street W1, Primrose Hill NW3, Camden NW5, Maida Vale W9.
    Descriptive info: Acupuncture.. Traditional acupuncture is a healthcare system based on ancient principles which go back nearly two thousand years.. It has a very positive model of good health and function, and looks at pain and illness as signs that the body is out of balance.. The overall aim of acupuncture treatment, then, is to restore the body's equilibrium..  ...   physical, emotional and mental are seen as interdependent, and reflect what many people perceive as the connection between the different aspects of their lives.. for more information please visit.. http://www.. acupuncture.. org.. uk/acupuncture/acupuncture.. html.. Practitioners of Acupuncture.. Eli Afshar.. George Askounis.. Gretchen De Soriano.. Phuoc Huyhn.. Ana Maria Lavin-Parot.. Yong zhi Li.. Tim Mulvagh.. John Renshaw.. Massih Yaghmaie..

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  • Title: Kailash Centre - Ayurvedic Medicine Therapists London St Johns Wood NW8
    Descriptive info: Ayurvedic Medicine.. The classical medicine of India is called Ayurveda (the science of life and longevity).. It is a comprehensive and holistic system, outlining the substances, qualities and actions that are life-enhancing and it covers all aspects of life.. The use of herbal medicines is primary but Ayurveda employs many types  ...   is renowned for preventative health care, illustrating how to stay in balance according to one's constitution and in relation to seasonal changes.. The basis of Ayurvedic medicine is a profound understanding that living well is only possible when mind and body are in harmony.. Practitioners of Ayurvedic Medicine.. Dr Mauroof Athique..

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  • Title: Kailash Centre - Chinese Herbal Medicine
    Descriptive info: Chinese Herbal Medicine.. Herbal medicine is an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).. Herbs are prescribed holistically according to the patient's individual condition (not only on the basis of current symptoms).. Herbal medicines are used to regulate the natural balance of the body and restore health.. They come in the form of pills, powders, tinctures  ...   herbal medicine has been used for centuries to treat most health conditions and as a preventative dietary supplement.. They can also be used safely in conjunction with many western therapies.. Diagnosis is made by talking to the patient, looking at physical characteristics and employing the ancient arts of tongue and pulse diagnosis.. Practitioners of Chinese Herbal Medicine..

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  • Title: Kailash Centre - Japanese Herbal Medicine
    Descriptive info: Japanese Herbal Medicine.. Kampo is Japanese herbal medicine, which has a long history of clinical application.. Kampo uses precisely measured herbs to treat illness, based on the skillful use of well-known formulae, valued for their impact on clear as well as vague conditions.. (Kampo does not use rare or endangered plant  ...   method of diagnosis through abdominal palpation.. Kampo medicine is based on the theory that diseases arise because of a disharmony in the flow of Ki (Chi).. By stressing prevention, Kampo helps the patient to maintain good health according to natural principles.. For more info please visit.. kampouk.. Practitioners of Japanese Herbal Medicine..

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  • Title: Kailash Centre - Tibetan Medicine
    Descriptive info: Tibetan Medicine.. It is known as.. gSo-ba Rigpa.. in Tibetan, meaning 'the science of healing'.. The basic principle is to balance the three principal energies of the body.. The practitioner employs the ancient tools of pulse diagnosis and urine analysis, to find the root causes of disease.. Treatment is carried out through diet, lifestyle adjustments and herbal medicines grown naturally in Tibet and the Himalayas.. Tibetan Medicine is based on Buddhist principles and the close relationship between mind and body.. Practitioners of Tibetan Medicine.. Tamdin Bradley..

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  • Title: Kailash Centre - Vietnamese Medicine
    Descriptive info: Vietnamese Medicine.. Traditional Vietnamese Medicine (TVM) evolved together with Traditional Chinese Medicine, both having influenced each other and sharing the same root.. Chinese medical theory was adopted by Vietnamese folk medicine and in exchange, the practical and empirical Vietnamese use of herbs was incorporated into Chinese medicine.. It also  ...   Vietnam.. The distinguishing feature of TVM is the emphasis on nourishing the blood and vital energy, rather than concentrating on specific symptoms.. TVM views building up the blood and energy as the key to good health.. The main treatments employed by TVM are:.. Herbal Medicine.. Moxibustion.. Practitioners of Vietnamese Medicine..

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  • Title: Kailash Centre - Ayurvedic Massage
    Descriptive info: Ayurvedic Massage.. It forms an important part of the complete system of Ayurvedic Medicine and is often prescribed by Ayurvedic doctors, particularly for relieving pain and balancing the nervous system.. Regular massage has also been used for centuries in India for maintaining good health.. Practitioners use traditional massage techniques, working along the.. marma.. points (Indian pressure points) and use specific ayurvedic massage oils chosen to suit the patients.. dosha.. (constitution).. Ayurvedic massage stimulates the internal organs while nourishing the skin and is also often used as part of detoxification programmes..

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  • Title: Kailash Centre - Daoyin Tao
    Descriptive info: Daoyin Tao.. Daoyin Tao is a specialised Chinese massage of the face, neck and shoulders.. During treatments, gentle yet powerful massage techniques from both Oriental and Western traditions are applied.. Specific points are stimulated during the half hour sessions, which produces a sense of relaxation and general feeling of well-being.. There is often tension in the head, neck and shoulder areas, producing headaches and pain.. Daoyin Tao eases muscle tension and improves circulation throughout the body.. Practitioners of Daoyin Tao.. Adeline Tsang..

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  • Archived pages: 87