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  • Title: International Kalachakra Network - home
    Descriptive info: .. Note: The JavaScript support is disabled in your browser, so the navigation of this website cannot be properly shown!.. This website is also accessible via the.. sitemap.. International.. Kalachakra Network.. Register as Member.. Forgot your member login details?.. View Site Map (main pages only).. The Home of Kalachakra.. The initiation to the Kalachakra is one of the most important….. because it takes everything into account,.. the body and the human mind,.. and the whole external aspect – cosmic and astrological.. We firmly believe in its power to reduce conflict.. and we believe it is capable of creating….. peace of spirit and therefore peace in the world.. His Holiness the Dalai Lama.. Attention members:.. The password-protected area for members is again functioning.. However, in the struggle to recover, all data were lost of members who signed up after august 2011.. If you registered between August 2011 and early February 2013, please register again and mention you were an approved member already.. Sorry for the inconvenience.. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has given the Kalachakra Initiation frequently all over the world, and we consider that the Kalachakra forms a fundamental element in his mission to our planet in this time.. We wish to extend the effectiveness of that mission through offering practical support for pure traditional practice of Kalacakra.. To quote from our.. Memorandum of Intent.. , we want to provide world-wide, trans-sectarian support for Kalachakra practice and study in authentic lineages, by acting as a non-hierarchical communication platform between vajra brothers and sisters, with the deepest respect for the advice of fully qualified teachers such as His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.. The Network began in 1997, and is quickly growing far beyond an informal email link between a few people and a small website.. Some of us are scholars/translators, and making authentic practice materials available to practitioners is one of the aims of our Network, currently in 12 languages.. With the help and donations of people who joined our Network, we managed to organise our first unique teachings by a very qualified teacher early 2004, and the translation of a major Kalachakra commentary has been completed in July 2005.. Both are.. now available to Initiates.. for free (for more information on our plans, check our.. Wish List.. ).. The IKN is interested in supporting the development of Kalachakra Practice Groups around the world, and we can give advice from our experience  ...   in Delhi, India.. Includes:.. 16 night stay in Leh, Ladakh, for 14 days of Kalachakra rituals,.. teachings and preliminaries.. Offered by: Tibetan Buddhist Rimé Institute.. (English).. Kalachakra Initiation and public teachings.. by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.. July 3-14,.. 20.. 14.. in Leh, Ladakh, India.. July 3-5: Consecration, rituals and creation of the sand mandala.. July 6-8: Preliminary teachings.. July 9: Ritual dance by the monks of Namgyal monastery.. July 10-13: Kalachakra initiation.. July 14: Long life empowerment.. Kalachakra Pilgrimage to Mongolia.. with Professor Vesna Wallace.. July 15 - July 27, 2014.. Harmony in Kalachakra.. July 23.. rd.. -30.. ,.. Location: Tushita Meditation Centre, near McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala.. An Intermediate Level Course, suitable for students who have attended one of our 10-day introductory courses or equivalent.. Kalachakra Six Session Guru Yoga Approximation Retreat.. led by Andy Wistreich.. August 2.. nd.. -18.. 16 days of retreat with concluding Fire Puja.. 1 day of training for future Kalachakra Retreat Leaders.. Open to those who have received the Kalachakra initiation.. Kalachakra Ceremony.. by Namgyal monks from India and Ithaca.. September 1-14, 20.. in Ithaca, New York US.. Location: Namgyal Monastery Institute of Buddhist Studies, Ithaca, NY.. Kalachakra Approximation Retreat.. November 7.. - November 23.. , 2014.. For initiates only.. Kalachakra retreat.. guided by Khensur Jhado Tulku Rinpoche.. May 17 to 31,.. 2015.. at Northern Shambhala, Italy.. The retreat will be based on Kalachakra Six Session Guru Yoga.. and there will be a Kalachakra Fire Puja at the end of retreat.. More information to follow later, see also.. www.. northernshambhala.. org.. TIME FOR PEACE.. Did you receive a Kalachakra initiation and.. would you like to join us in.. world-wide meditation?.. You are invited to join us.. every Saturday.. Time.. : around.. 13:00 - 16:00 GMT.. Suggested practices (available for initiates via the.. English resources page.. ):.. -.. Kalachakra 6-session Guru Yoga.. - '.. The Best of Jewels.. ' from Buton Rinchen Druppa.. An excellent Vase of Nectar.. ' from Detri Rinpoche.. Tsog offering for the glorious primary Buddha Kalachakra, fulfilling the desire for great bliss.. '.. Of course, any other Kalachakra practice would be great as well.. For more information, and your local time to practice, see the.. Time for Peace page.. You can now download our special.. Kalachakra Screensaver.. and.. desktop wallpapers.. for free!.. Home.. |.. Previous Page.. ^Top of Page.. | Next Page -.. Introduction to Kalachakra.. Contact us.. Last Updated: 22 April, 2014..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Site Map of Main Pages.. Kalachakra Tantra.. Mandala.. Time Astrology.. Resources.. About Us.. Introduction.. Dutch Resources.. News.. History.. The Kalachakra Mandala.. Tibetan Calendar.. English Resources.. Purpose.. Taking the Initiation.. Explore the Palace.. Tibetan Astrology.. French Resources.. Wish-list.. Shambhala.. Explore the Surroundings.. German Resources.. Centres Groups.. Kalachakra Masters.. Members Area.. Hungarian Resources.. Meetings.. Jonang Tradition.. Bliss Deities.. Italian Resources.. 10-Fold Powerful One.. Wisdom Deities..  ...   on Kalachakra.. Speech Deities.. Portuguese Resources.. Forgot Your Password?.. War Peace.. Body Deities.. Russian Resources.. My Membership Profile.. Miscellaneous.. Serbian Resources.. Spanish Resources.. History - Members.. Tibetan Resources.. Outer Kalachakra.. Vietnamese Resources.. Inner Kalachakra.. Kalachakra Books.. Initiation.. Email Discussion Forum.. Generation Stage.. Glossary A-Z.. Completion Stage.. Glossary of Numbers.. Donations.. Weblinks.. Screen Saver Wallpaper.. Starting a Practice.. Worldwide Meditation.. Last Updated: 1 February, 2010..

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  • Title: Tenfold Powerful One
    Descriptive info: The Tenfold Powerful One.. Below is an interactive Flash image to explain the 10-Fold Powerful One.. (courtesy of.. http://www.. kalachakra-graz.. at.. If no image appears below (this 55kB file may take a while to download ),.. you may need to.. download and install the Flash Player.. The Kalachakra seed syllable (rnam bcu dbang ldan) or Tenfold Powerful One is the best known symbols of the Kalachakra system, and probably of the entire Tibetan tantric tradition.. The symbol consists of an ornamental ring of fire, then the main symbol which combines seven individual syllables, on top are a crescent, a disc and a curved shape, making ten.. Surrounding the main symbol is a kind of frame made of flames, which corresponds to the outermost Circle of Wisdom of the mandala.. On the left and right of the actual Tenfold Powerful symbol are the Lantsa characters for E and VAM, representing the union of respectively emptiness (E) and bliss (VAM).. The individual syllables are represented in a in a stylized version of Sanskrit Lantsa (or Ranjana) characters.. (Lantsa is an Indian Buddhist script, probably of late Pala origin, derived from Sanskrit, although certain scholars date it as late as the seventeenth century.. It was used in Nepal until recent history.. It is specifically used for mantra syllables and the titles of sacred texts.. ).. The symbol usually stands on a lotus (which also symbolizes the heart chakra) and three or four discs, like the Kalachakra deity: a white moon disc, a red sun disc, a black/blue Rahu disc and a yellow Kalagni disc.. (The Rahu and Kalagni discs are often combined into one black Rahu disc.. ).. The symbolism given here is taken mainly from teachings by ven.. Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche (Graz 1999 and Bodhgya 1990).. However, it must be realised that there can be some differences between the various Kalachakra traditions.. For example, in the explanation  ...   the Kalachakra mandala.. The symbolism goes much further though, for example in Inner, Outer and Secret Kalachakra (see.. Kalacakra seed syllable.. ), the ten Shaktis, the ten main channels at the heart, the ten perfections etc.. The individual forms shown are not the normal forms they would take as a syllable, but the shapes in stylised form to combine them in the overall figure.. The seed syllable further can symbolize for example:.. - Aspects of the Outer Kalachakara, like the elements and the ten planets.. - Aspects of the Inner Kalachakra, like channels and chakras.. - Aspects of the Alternative Kalachakra, like the initiations, the 10 powers, 10 forces and 10 perfections (paramitas).. A -.. not drawn (implicit in Sanskrit consonant syllables).. The A refers to the green Space circle around the mandala.. LANTSA or.. RANJANA.. CHARACTER.. The.. nada.. or.. tilaka.. refers to the mind mandala.. white disc.. refers to the body mandala.. The.. crescent.. refers to the speech mandala.. The symbol for.. HAM.. refers to the Enlightened Wisdom of the mandala Deities.. KSHA.. refers to the Body, Speech and Mind of the Deities.. MA.. refers to the Mandala Palace, with its four different colors in the four main directions.. LA.. refers to the yellow Earth circle around the mandala palace.. WA.. refers to the white Water circle around the mandala palace.. RA.. refers to the red Fire circle.. YA.. refers to the black Wind circle around the mandala palace.. E.. refers to Kalachakra (Method).. VAM.. refers to Vishvamata (Wisdom).. Protective Fire Ring.. represents the outermost Wisdom circle around the mandala.. Also, this symbol can be found in numerous different forms, sizes and materials, like below, or have a look at.. Jan Haag's modern version.. Kalachakra Screensaver.. which contains the Tenfold Powerful One for free! It is suitable for Windows only, just unzip the file and double click to install.. Last Updated: 23 April, 2014..

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  • Title: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
    Descriptive info: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.. You are the mother, you are the father.. In the world, you are the spiritual mentor, you are a relative and a good friend.. You are a protector, you are a bestower, you are the gift of goods and wealth, and the state of Perfections.. You are the final beatitude, you are the abode of the best qualities, and you are free from faults.. O protector of the wretched, you are a wish-fulfilling gem.. I take refuge in you, Lord of Jinas.. Verse 180 of the Laghu-Kalacakra-tantra-raja.. (transl.. Vesna Wallace).. This site would not be complete without an attempted tribute to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, one of the greatest and most influential Kalachakra masters of this era.. As far as we know, he has given the Kalachakra Initiation in public more often and to more people than any other master - ever.. Words are simply insufficient to describe this amazing person.. In case you do not understand what this means, do try to meet him - you may well feel the same afterwards.. His Holiness is considered by Tibetans to be an incarnation of Avalokiteshvara.. Whenever I meet even a 'foreigner,'.. I have always the same feeling:.. 'I am meeting another member of the human family.. '.. This attitude has deepened my affection.. and respect for all beings.. His Holiness the Dalai Lama.. Many web sites describe His Holiness better than we can; see for example the site of the.. Tibetan Government in Exile.. His Holiness often says, "I am just a simple Buddhist monk - no more, nor less.. " He follows the life of Buddhist monk, which in many ways is not simple, especially with all the responsibilities of the Dalai Lama as spiritual and secular leader of the Tibetans.. Living in a small cottage in Dharamsala, he rises at 4 A.. M.. to meditate, pursues an ongoing schedule of administrative meetings, private audiences and religious teachings and ceremonies.. He concludes each (usually long) day with further prayers before retiring.. May I become at all times, both now and forever.. A protector for those without protection.. A guide for those have lost their way.. A ship for those with oceans to cross.. A bridge for those with rivers to cross.. A sanctuary for those in danger.. A lamp for those without light.. A place of refuge for those who lack shelter.. And a servant to all in need.. His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama November 6, 2000.. In explaining his greatest sources of inspiration, he often cites a favorite verse, found in the writings of the renowned eighth century Buddhist saint Shantideva:.. For as long as space endures.. And for as long as living beings remain,.. Until then may I too abide.. To dispel the misery of the world.. I pray for a more friendly, more caring,.. and more understanding human family on this planet.. To all who dislike suffering,.. who cherish lasting happiness -.. this is my heartfelt appeal.. BRIEF LONG-LIFE PRAYER FOR HIS HOLINESS  ...   supremely serene, a jewel-treasure of enlightenment, stainless, unchanging, eternally good, and the glory of all virtues, which actually liberates beings from the sufferings of the three worlds, to you, we offer our prayers with fervent devotion: That Tenzin Gyatso, protector of the Land of Snows, live for a hundred aeons.. To all members of the enlightening, noble spiritual community, who never stray from the thoroughly liberating adamantine city, who possess the wisdom eye that directly sees the profound truth and the highest valour to destroy all machinations of cyclic existence, to you, we offer our prayers with fervent devotion: That Tenzin Gyatso, protector of the Land of Snows, live for a hundred aeons.. To the assembly of heroes and dakinis, heavenly beings of the three worlds, who appear in the highest paradises, in the sacred places, and in the cremation grounds, and who, through creative play in the hundred-fold experiences of bliss and emptiness, support practitioners in their meditation on the excellent path, to you, we offer our prayers with fervent devotion: That Tenzin Gyatso, protector of the Land of Snows, live for a hundred aeons.. To the ocean of protectors endowed with eyes of transcendent wisdom - the powerful guardians and upholders of the teaching who wear inseparably on their matted locks the knot symbolising their pledge to the 'Vajra Holder' - to you, we offer our prayers with fervent devotion: That Tenzin Gyatso, protector of the Land of Snows, live for a hundred aeons.. Thus to this congregation of excellent, undeceiving refuge, we pray that by the power of this prayer expressed from a heart filled with fervent devotion and humility, may the body, speech and mind of the sole [Protector] of the Land of Snows, the supreme Ngawang Lobsang Tenzin Gyatso, be indestructible, unfluctuating and unceasing; may he live immutable for a hundred aeons, seated on a diamond throne, transcending decay and destruction.. You are the jewel-heart embodying all compassionate, beneficial deeds; O most courageous one, you carry upon your shoulders the burden of all the Buddhas of the infinite realms.. May all your noble aspirations be fulfilled as intended.. By virtue of this may the heavenly doors of the fortunate era open eternally as a source of relief and respite for all beings; And may the auspicious signs reach the apex of existence and release, as the sacred teachings flourish through all times and in all realms.. May the nectar-stream of the blessings of the 'Lotus Holder' always enter our hearts and nourish it with strength.. May we please you with our offerings of dedicated practice, And may we reach beyond the shores of perfect, compassionate deeds.. Through the blessings of the wondrous Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, by the infallible truth of the laws of dependent origination, and by the purity of our fervent aspirations, may the aims of my prayer be fulfilled without hindrance.. English translation by Dr Thupten Jinpa Langri.. In our Resources section, you can find translations of several great Kalachakra masters of out time.. Last Updated: 31 January, 2010..

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  • Title: IKN History and Purpose
    Descriptive info: Purpose, Structure and History of the IKN.. HIS HOLINESS THE DALAI LAMA AND KALACHAKRA.. Following the example of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in his role as leader of all the Tibetan people, the International Kalachakra Network is non-sectarian, and with equal respect supports Kalachakra practice within all major traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, Gelug, Jonang, Kagyu, Nyingma, and Sakya.. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is also the vajra master for the great majority of Kalachakra initiates in the International Kalachakra Network.. Out of our respect for him as leader of the Tibetan people, as well as our vajra vows to him as our vajra master, the International Kalachakra Network is committed to following his advice, and cannot support anything that is knowingly harmful to him.. It is our sincere wish to assist in his lifelong mission of world peace through Kalachakra.. IKN MEMORANDUM OF INTENT.. With the deepest respect and admiration for all authentic Kalachakra lineage masters of the past and present to support world peace analogous to the Kalachakra tradition, which symbolises a powerful force for peace in our world and an antidote to war, the undersigned endorse the following purposes of the International Kalachakra Network, to sustain the Kalachakra tradition:.. To provide world-wide, trans-sectarian support for Kalachakra practice and study in authentic lineages, by acting as a non-hierarchical communication platform between vajra brothers and sisters, with the deepest respect for the advice of fully qualified teachers such as His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.. To promote effective and efficient communication and cooperation between teachers, practitioners, scholars and translators as well as the Kalachakra Practice Groups and Centres about teaching programmes, retreats and any other related activities.. To support emerging Kalachakra Practice Groups and Centres.. To promote the translation, creation and production of practitioner-friendly Kalachakra texts, commentaries and practice materials.. To preserve and make accessible traditional Kalachakra texts for practitioners, translators and scholars by creating and maintaining a catalogue and repository of available texts.. To safeguard tantric secrecy by ensuring that access to practice texts is restricted to initiates and practitioners.. To provide basic information to non-initiates in order to avoid serious misunderstanding of Kalachakra practice, while avoiding a popular mass-media focus.. To discourage an approach to Kalachakra practice related materials merely for personal or professional gain.. To protect the purity of individual lineages and to recognize the value of discussion and friendly, constructive debate between different commentarial traditions.. This Memorandum was undersigned by.. Ven.. Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche.. WHAT IS THE IKN?.. As described above, the IKN has developed quite naturally and initially without any structure.. However, as we becoming an international network, certain things need to be agreed upon, like how to make tantric commentaries available for serious practitioners, while avoiding that our tantric secrecy vows are broken.. For these kind of decisions, we have asked a number of people to join the IKN-executive discussion forum.. There, we try to discuss and agree on specific areas of interest.. So far, this group consists of prominent Western scholars, translators and representatives of the Kalachakra centers and practice groups with who we have established contacts and who agreed to our Memorandum of Intent.. We are not (yet) an official organisation, as nobody has had the time and energy to take care of all the red tape and paperwork that would cost.. Our Advisory Team:.. Name.. Function.. Nationality.. Geshe Thubten Jinpa.. Scholar/translator.. Tibetan.. Robert Thurman.. Scholar/translator.. US-American.. Alexander Berzin.. Scholar/translator/.. Practice Group Berlin.. Sofia Stril-Rever.. Practice Group Paris.. French.. Vesna Wallace.. Gavin Kilty.. English.. David Reigle.. Scholar/translator/co-founder IKN.. Tenzin Tsepag.. Translator.. Michael Sheehy.. Scholar/translator -.. Jonang Foundation.. Andy Wistreich.. Co-founder IKN/.. Practice Group London.. Dr.. Manfred Klell.. Director.. Shedrup Ling.. Austrian.. Allessandro Bracci.. SDK - Italy.. Italian.. Roy Sutherwood.. Alberto Brum.. Practice Group Brasilia.. Brazilian.. Beate Zweytick.. Kalapa/Practice Group Graz.. Anh Ho.. Translator (English/Vietnamese).. Vietnamese/Australian.. Barbara Kropiwnicka.. Translator (English/Polish).. Polish.. Joy Paulson.. Practice Group Namgyal Ithaca.. Dino Cirulli.. Pundarika Retreat Center.. Italy.. Lama Yeshe Jinpa.. Lions Roar Dharma Centre.. Jane Sellers.. Maitripa College.. group.. Michael Mueller.. Liaison with the Private Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.. German.. Rudy Harderwijk.. Webmaster.. Dutch.. In May 2005, aiming to run all IKN matters as effectively as possible, a five-member executive team was formed which will take day-to-day decisions, based upon the thorough consultation and supportive advice given by our advisory group members.. Our Executive Team:.. Chair.. scholar/translator.. Member.. Member, scholar/translator.. Member/ webmaster.. IKN FUTURE.. Yes, we have many plans and wishes - helping all sentient beings towards enlightenement being the overriding one.. On a bit more modest scale, we hope to assist Kalachakra practitioners in whatever way we can by making materials available, coordinating and assisting Practice Groups and Centers, trying to preserve the teachings, organizing the translation of important texts, and to generate a sincere feeling of Spiritual Friends among practitioners.. For some of the current projects, have a look at our.. Wish-List.. Any suggestions and of course donations are most welcome!.. If you like to donate something in time or money, or you would like to see details of the accounts, please contact directly.. HISTORY OF THE IKN.. 1986.. After the Rikon Initiation in 1986, Andy Wistreich proposed the formation of a 'Kalacakra Institute' to support the study and practice of Kalachakra.. The proposal was sent out with Alex Berzin's "Graded Materials" which were at that time the only available translations of Kalachakra sadhanas.. The idea of an Institute had the support of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who recommended a feasibility study.. The Institute did not come about.. One problem with establishing a physical Institute was the question of where to situate it.. Around this time Lama Zopa Rinpoche also expressed keen interest in the idea, and shortly afterwards asked Hermes Brandt to take Kalachakra teachings from Kirti Tsenshap Rinpoche.. This initiative led to  ...   expanded with information without the fear of breaking the secrecy vows.. The new design comes basically from Ricky Swaczy, many thanks to him! End of the year, a new section called the.. Kalachakrapedia.. was added, in which all initiates can contribute information in a hopefully fast-growing knowledge-base.. The website now attracts over 3000 visitors per month.. The number of available texts keeps increasing steadily, and not only in English; we are now happy to provide texts in Polish, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, French, German, Italian and Dutch.. Much effort has gone into editing existing sadhanas for recitation; for example the Long Kalachakra Sadhana by Mipham (thanks to Phil Lecso), and a set of sadhanas translated by Alexander Berzin have correct diacritics added.. Also the adding of further practice-aides in the texts are being considered.. For us, the most remarkable event of 2004 was the Kalachakra initiation by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Toronto; suddenly the time seemed right to start a series of Kalachakra Practice Groups in Canada and the USA.. We experienced a rush on our website, and the number of Kalachakra initiates who registered with us for access to the restricted materials is now over 550, and some 80 people have qualified as 'practitioner' for full access to all the resources.. The discussion Forum for Initiates has grown to over 130 members.. 2005.. The year hardly begun, and already we could add Phil Lecso's new translation of.. Chapter 3 of the Kalachakra tantra.. in the collection of Mipham's commentary 'the Vajra Sunshiner'.. We also received an extensive.. A Compendium of the Trainings of Secret Mantra.. by Panglung Rinpoche to add to the resources.. Just before Losar, a Polish translation of the Kalachakra tsog and the first online audio teachings on the site in Russian, also the first Russian text: the Kalachakra 6-Session Guru Yoga, justifying a Russian Resources page.. Later in the year, several other texts could be added to the Russian page.. In May, aiming to run all IKN matters as effectively as possible, a five-member executive team was formed which will take day-to-day decisions, based upon the thorough consultation and supportive advice given by our advisory group members.. During the summer, after many discussions among ourselves, His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave us advice on the issue of giving access to tantric materials, and we have tried to follow up on that end of the year by introducing a new system for membership registration, deleting the difference between 'initiates' and 'practitioners'.. End of the year, we could introduce the new password protection system.. In September, Jhado Rinpoche kindly gave the second part of his commentary on the long Kalachakra sadhana at Kalapa center, Austria.. Jhado Rinpoche has inofficially requested His Holiness the Dalai Lama in our name for Kalachakra teachings, but His Holiness did not give a direct response.. End of the year, we had some 750 registered initiates (and a handful registered with the new system), and about 190 members of the discussion forum for initiates.. 2006.. The year began with a bang: the Kalachakra initiation by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Amaravati.. We hoped to have a short audience with him to formally request Kalachakra teachings, but the schedule of His Holiness did not allow this.. We did manage to indirectly present His Holiness, Jhado Rinpoche and Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche a specially printed beautiful book (produced by Beate Zweytick Manfred Klell) which contains the Kalachakra 6-session Guru Yoga in 12 different languages as a symbolic gift to show our intentions.. During the initiation, we were also finally able to establish proper contacts with some lamas of the Jonang tradition (Khenpo Kunga Sherab Saljay Rinpoche from Tibet and Khentrul Jhamphal Lodroe Rinpoche living in Australia) and Michael Sheehy of the Jonang Foundation.. Phil Lecso has amazed us with English translations of the Nikodessa and commentaries.. CAUTION.. Access to authentic Kalachakra materials has always been restricted.. There is a tremendous increase today in the numbers of people internationally who have received the initiation, and there is also widespread access through the Internet, magazines and television to images of the mandala or general introductory information about Kalachakra.. The IKN website will likewise contain some generally accessible information.. However, the proposal for the IKN is set up within the awareness and experience that at a deeper level, the access to appropriate materials for Kalachakra practice has to be restricted.. For example, for those who have attended an initiation, a number of brief materials are commonly available, such as the Six-session Guru Yoga according to Kalachakra by the late Ling Rinpoche.. The number of people who do such practices is very small compared to the number who take the initiation.. Far smaller still, is the number who regularly undertakes a sadhana such as the Mind Mandala or Body, Speech and Mind Mandala Sadhanas.. It could be said that the IKN is especially for those who are in these last two categories, or on the move from the first to the second.. The purity of the Kalachakra tradition is very powerfully protected.. This protection makes authentic materials hard to access.. The most famous example of this is that the Root Tantra is not available in our world - only in Shambhala.. Furthermore, experience has shown that of the materials available in our world, many are hard to acquire.. The IKN will only succeed if it respects these powerful protective forces and takes great care to ensure that materials it develops for practitioners are not made available to a wider audience.. See also the article:.. Why the International Kalacakra Network is important to me.. , by Andy Wistreich.. ; if you are interested in donating or seeing the details of the accounts,.. please email directly.. IKN Meeting Notes.. Last Updated: 14 May, 2014..

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  • Title: IKN Wish-list
    Descriptive info: IKN Wish-List.. Yes indeed, we have many wishes - helping all sentient beings towards enlightenement being the overriding one.. On a bit more modest scale, we hope to assist Kalachakra practitioners in whatever way we can by making materials available, coordinating and assisting Practice Groups and Centers, trying to preserve the teachings and to generate a sincere feeling of Spiritual Friends among practitioners.. Many worthwhile projects are possible, but much will depend on your financial and physical support.. If you like to help,.. please.. contact us.. If you like to donate money, please see our.. donations page.. The origin of many of these projects can be traced on our.. Meetings Page.. Please see also the the list of.. IKN Completed Projects.. Interested members can see the.. current accounts.. here.. Current Projects.. Last update: October 29, 2005.. Estimated.. Costs/needs.. ( in U$ ).. Currently.. Promised/paid.. ( in U$).. 1.. His Holiness the Dalai Lama accepted our request for Kalachakra teachings.. !.. We hope to present His Holiness with a gift, money will be needed to sponsor the teachings, tea for the Sangha, texts as handouts for students and if possible a translation of the main commentary etc.. ?.. Translator saught.. approx.. 700.. 2.. Translating the text:.. dpal dus kyi  ...   lung and compile a separate set of CDs.. Project led by Lorraine Lester.. Phase 1: 1,300 U$.. Phase 2: to follow.. Ph 1:.. complete.. Ph2: 100 Paid.. 5.. Costs for our.. website-server domain name.. 120U$/yr.. Paid for 2007.. 6.. Setting up a.. Kalachakra Archive of (rare) texts.. of all lineages - Research to be done on possibilities.. Maybe photocopies/digitised texts/keyed-in texts etc.. ; this could be an extensive project to preserve the traditional texts!!.. no fixed budget.. help needed.. 7.. Developing a.. consistent vocabulary and format for Kalachakra sadhanas and commentaries.. costs unclear.. limited start, possibly a separate part of the website.. 8.. Editing existing texts.. for consistent vocabulary, easy recitation and proper diacritics (see also 7).. costs minimal.. work in progress.. 9.. Translation of our.. into Tibetan.. translator needed.. 10.. Making Kalachakra teachings available in audio for download.. quality recordings required.. limited funds required.. 11.. Fire Puja text translation and Commentary.. costs unclear.. in progress.. Your suggestion?.. Please.. Projects on Hold.. Reason.. Translation of the complete Kalachakra Laghutantra and Vimalaprabha.. : - note: we heard rumours that Vesna Wallace plans to translate the last remaining untranslated parts.. possibly not needed?.. If you are interested in donating or seeing the details of the accounts, please.. Next Page - Donations..

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  • Title: Discussion Forums
    Descriptive info: Discussion Fora.. We have three online Discussion Fora:.. - The Open Forum one is for everyone interested,.. - The Initiates Forum is only for people who have taken the Kalachakra initiation including all commitments, and have.. - The Language Study Forum is intended for members only to study Sanskrit and Tibetan.. OPEN DISCUSSION FORUM.. Click here to join.. Group Home Page:.. http://groups.. yahoo.. com/group/kalachakranet.. Members can send emails to:.. [email protected].. INITIATES DISCUSSION FORUM.. You can join us in three steps:.. Click here to register as Initiate.. via an email to us (if you have not already done that before).. Then click here to REGISTER with Yahoo to obtain an Yahoo!ID.. , unless you already have one.. In that process, Yahoo will verify your email address.. Next, click here to sign  ...   if this is a bit complicated, but we need to create an environment where members can talk freely about the Kalachakra tantra without the risk of breaking vows of secrecy.. In case of problems, please.. contact the webmaster.. Group Homepage:.. com/group/ikn-initiates.. Sanskrit Tibetan LANGUAGE STUDY FORUM.. For members, but non-members may be allowed to join.. IKN language study forum is established to discuss the contextual meaning of terms found in the Buddhist texts, to learn etymology of Dharma terms, and deepen our understanding of Dharma language - both in Sanskrit and Tibetan.. It has been established as a part of International Kalachakra Network to give a platform for its members to share with vajra-friends their experience and knowledge within the field of the linguistic studies of classical Buddhist texts.. http://uk.. groups.. com/group/ikn-language-study/..

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  • Title: English Resources
    Descriptive info: English Resources.. Most files below are in a compressed.. zip-format to save download time.. You can download the free.. FreeZip.. program to extract these files.. pdf files can be read with the free.. Adobe Reader.. Texts marked with CSX+ were written using the Times Roman CSX+ font to represent the correct diacritics.. Please see the.. Sanskrit Fonts page.. for more info and downloads.. CONTENTS.. Public Texts on Kalachakra.. General Introductions on Kalachakra.. General Articles on Kalachakra.. Long Life Prayers of Kalachakra Masters.. Other Public Texts.. Materials from Other Sources.. CDs Videos.. Online Audio Video.. Restricted Area for Members.. PUBLIC TEXTS ON KALACHAKRA.. doc.. txt.. rtf.. pdf.. GENERAL INTRODUCTIONS TO KALACHAKRA.. Explanation of the Kalachakra Initiation.. by Alexander Berzin, Maasbommel, Netherlands 1985.. This text is a great introduction to Kalachakra.. 526Kb.. 1355Kb.. 712Kb.. Mipham's commentary on the Shambhala sections of the Kalachakra Tantra.. Extensive text from the.. Tibetan Buddhist Text download Site.. ; translator unknown.. 73Kb.. 63Kb.. 70Kb.. by Jhado Rinpoche, Bodhgaya 2002.. 34Kb.. 28Kb.. 29Kb.. Questions and Answers to the Kalachakra Initiation.. 16Kb.. 13Kb.. 14Kb.. The Kalachakra Mantra.. by Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche: Graz, Austria, September 1999.. Translator: Peter Roberts, transkript: Michaela Puntigam.. 2001 Edition.. She Drup Ling Graz.. 31Kb.. 6Kb.. 19Kb.. Understanding Kalachakra empowerment and lineage.. by Khentrul Jamphal Lodro Rinpoche.. 297Kb.. GENERAL ARTICLES ON KALACHAKRA.. The nineteen samayas of the six Buddha groups according to Kalachakra.. By venerable Lati Rinpoche at the Institut Vajra Yogini, France in July, 1996.. web-page.. The nineteen uncommon samayas.. of the six Buddha groups according to Kalacakra.. excerpt from Kalachakra, Rite of Initiation.. Six-Session Guru Yogas and the pledges to the five Buddha groups.. On Kalacakra Sadhana and Social Responsibility.. , b.. y David Reigle.. By Andy Wistreich.. The Dalai Lama's Time Machine -.. A Kalachakra Diary.. (personal diary of the Kalachakra initiation Graz, 2002),.. by Christopher Gilchrist and Mary Finnigan.. Some Interesting Views on Kalachakra.. a collection by various scholars.. How can we make our Kalachakra practice relate to the modern world?.. By Beth Gilmoor.. Notes from the void.. by Roy Sutherwod.. Trans – Sectarianism.. by Andy Wistreich.. Short Solitary Retreat.. ,.. b.. y Andy Wistreich.. Buddhism and Armed Conflict: Kalacakra, War Peace, past and present.. by Roy Sutherwood.. War and Peace.. a collection by various teachers.. Why is the Bodiless (ananga) Gnostic Body (jnana-kaya) Considered a Body?.. By Vesna A.. Wallace.. 187Kb.. The body as a text and the text as the body: a view from the Kalacakratrantra’s perspective.. 293 Kb.. The Kalacakra Tantra on the Sadhana and Mandala: A Review Article.. by David Reigle.. A review of.. The Kalacakra Tantra: The Chapter on Sadhana, Together with the Vimalaprabha Commentary.. , Introduced and Annotated by Vesna A.. (Treasury of the Buddhist Sciences Series, Tengyur Translation Initiative).. New York, The American Institute of Buddhist Studies, Columbia University Center for Buddhist Studies, and Tibet House US, 2010.. 204Kb.. LONG LIFE PRAYERS OF KALACHAKRA MASTERS.. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.. 12Kb.. 24Kb.. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama:.. A Long-life Prayer for the Embodiment of Chenrezik, Perfect Guide for Samsara and Nirvana,  ...   Holiness, the Dalai Lama, translated by Thubten Jinpa, transcript Phillip Lecso, Melbourne, Australia May 19-22, 2002.. 74Kb.. 69Kb.. The Sphere of Wisdom.. By venerable Geshe Namgyal Wangchen at Manjushri London Centre, May 3rd, 1985.. Buddha Nature.. y venerable Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche, Toronto, August 8, 1990 Translated by Ken McLeod, transcript by Phillip Lecso.. 38Kb.. Manjushri Namasamghiti,.. translated by Ronald M.. Davidson.. A text closely related to Kalachakra.. 17Kb.. Study Guide to the Namasamgiti.. , With Reference to the Vimalaprabha,.. edited and tabulated by Phillip Lecso.. 101Kb.. ABOUT THE INITIATION.. Detailed Outline of the Kalachakra Empowerment,.. study document: co.. mpilation of texts by Alex Berzin and Jeffrey Hopkins made by James Postell Rudy Harderwijk, Saka Dawa 2004.. 50Kb.. 40Kb.. 347Kb.. RESTRICTED MATERIALS FOR MEMBERS.. For people who took the Kalachakra initiation and.. register with us.. we have an extensive collection of.. practice materials.. KALACHAKRA MATERIALS FROM OTHER SOURCES.. See also the page on.. for available publications and the.. weblinks page.. for other websites.. Alex Berzin's.. BerzinArchives.. com.. website contains a great collection of.. Kalachakra texts and commentaries.. as well as many other teachings.. List of publications by John Newman on Kalachakra in.. pdf-format.. (you will need.. Acrobat Reader.. List of Kalachakra-related publications by Giacomella Orofino.. CDs Videos for Sale.. CD-Rom: 'Buddhist Basics and Kalachakra Animated'.. (contains unique virtual images of the Kalachakra mandala, main deity with consort and the Shaktis, including an animation of the Kalachakra 6-session Guru Yoga), available via.. Snow Lion.. or.. Kalachakra Graz/Shedrup Ling.. Video (VHS): Buddhist Basics and Kalachakra Animations.. (collection from most animations of the CDRom), available via.. Video (VHS): Kalachakra Mantra and Mudra.. , referring to the Kalachakra 6-Session Guru Yoga, performed by Jhado Tulku, available on VHS cassette from.. Shri Dhanyakataka.. in Italy.. CD: Kalachakra Chant.. , by Monks of Palyul Nyingma Tradition.. 27 min.. Available via.. CD-Rom: Kalachakra: The Tantric Buddhist Ritual Given by H.. the Dalai Lama.. , photostory by Bojan Brecelj, text by Maja Megla of the Kalachakrakra initiation in Spiti, 2000.. Audio and videorecordings.. of all teachings of the.. Kalachakra Graz.. event in English and German can be ordered at.. Shedrup Ling Center.. :.. - Public talk by His Holiness the Dalai Lama (1.. 5 hrs).. - Pre-initiation teachings by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, mainly based on the 'Stages of Meditation' by Kamalashila.. - Introductions to Bon, Nyingma, Sakya, Kargyu and Gelug by prominent lamas.. - Introduction to Kalachakra by Jhado Rinpoche.. - Kalachakra Initiation (3 days) by His Holiness the Dalai Lam.. - White Tara Initiation by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.. Audio teachings in Real Media format available at the.. website of Jonang.. :.. Introduction to Jonangpa and Kalachakra practice part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4:.. Extensive online.. streaming videos.. by the Austrian Television on.. the Kalachakra Initiation in Graz.. by his Holiness the Dalai Lama.. (2002).. Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche's.. teachings on the.. Kalachakra Grounds and Paths.. (September 2004 at Land of Medicine Buddha USA) can now be heard on.. FPMT Radio.. , and seen on.. LamRim.. tv.. !.. Last Updated: 5 November, 2012..

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    Descriptive info: Kalachakra Desktop Screensaver.. The desktop image of the Kalachakra Mandala.. is available in the following sizes:.. 800x600px.. 1024x768px.. 1280x800px.. 1280x1024px.. 1440x900px.. How to install the desktop image in Windows (sorry, I don't know how it works on other operating systems):.. Right-click on one of the images above and chose 'save target as' to download the image to a location on your computer.. Right-click on a free space of your desktop and chose 'Properties'.. Chose the 'Desktop' tab.. Chose 'Browse' and locate the file '.. desktop-kalachakra-mandala-xxxxxx.. jpg.. '.. Click 'Open', then OK and enjoy your new desktop.. O.. ur special Kalachakra Screensaver - sorry, Windows only.. How to install the screensaver in Windows:..  ...   kalachakra_screensaver_setup.. zip.. The file is compressed in.. zip format and needs to be extracted first.. (You can download a.. free version of Winzip here to extract these files.. Now you can double-click the file kalachakra_screensaver_setup.. exe to install it on your computer.. You can change the number of floating images on you screen by right-clicking on your free desktop area, and chosing 'properties', next click the tab 'screensaver'.. Here you can find all the installed screensavers (including 'Kalachakra') and when you click on 'Settings' you can make it move faster or slower, and choose how many images of the Kalachakra symbol and mandala you see floating on your screen.. Love clear light,.. Rudy..

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    Descriptive info: Introduction to Kalachakra.. May I be inspired to accomplish the meditations.. Of the supreme yogas of the profound tantric path.. Of Kalachakra, the king of tantric traditions,.. And thus purify and dissolve all physical materiality,.. Giving rise to the dance of the empty body.. In union with the great unchanging bliss.. That in turn induces highest enlightenment,.. The state of the primordial Buddha Kalachakra.. From Prayer of the Kalachakra Path, by the Sixth Panchen Lama.. (Translated by Glenn Mullin [6]).. INTRODUCTION.. Kalachakra means Time-Wheel, as "Ka la" is Sanskrit for Time and "Chakra" (or Cakra) is Wheel in Sanskrit (In Tibetan his name is dus.. 'khor).. It is also translated as Time-Cycles.. Much in this tradition revolves around the concept of time and cycles: from the cycles of the planets, to the cycles of our breath and the practice of controlling the most subtle energies within one's body on the path to enlightenment.. The Kalachakra deity represents omniscience, as everything is under the influence of time, he is time and therefore knows all.. Similarly, the wheel is beginningless and endless.. Among the five main Tibetan schools, the Kalachakra practice appears most prominent in the Jonang tradition, although the practice is found in all five schools.. Jonang tradition.. is not well known due to historic reasons, but very significant for Kalachakra practice.. They established Kalachakra as their main system for practice and have preserved a unique lineage of the Kalachakra practice.. The Dalai Lamas have had specific interest in the Kalachakra practice, specifically the First, Second, Seventh, Eighth, and the current Fourteenth Dalai Lama.. In Tibet, the Kalachakra.. astrological system.. forms one of the main building blocks to compose astrological.. calendars.. The astrology in the Kalachakra is not unlike the Western system, where for example, complicated calculations are required to determine e.. g.. the exact location of the planets.. Very often, the phrase 'as it is outside, so it is within the body' can be found in the Kalachakratantra to emphasize similarities between ourselves and the cosmos; the basis for astrology, but also for even more profound connections and interdependence as taught in the Kalachakra literature.. Time is the substance from which I am made.. Time is a river which carries me along, but I am the river;.. It is a tiger that devours me, but I am the tiger;.. It is a fire that consumes me, but I am the fire.. Jorge Luis Borges.. KALACHAKRA AND OTHER RELIGIOUS TRADITIONS.. Among the other practices of the Highest Yoga Tantra (Anuttarayoga in Skt.. ), the Kalachakra is in many aspects somewhat unusual.. Many details in this system deviate from the other Buddhist tantras, but they are often also complementary to the other tantric systems.. In fact, when the Kalachakra was first introduced in the great Buddhist university of Nalanda (India), these differences did cause some confusion.. After extensive study, the greatest masters agreed the system was genuinely Buddhist, and the Kalachakra received its own place in the vast array of Mahayana Buddhist teachings.. In many aspects, the Kalachakra system clearly shows its Buddhist core with concepts like renunciation, bodhicitta, emptiness, enlightenment etc.. being of major importance to the practice.. Kalachakra is also called the "clear" tantra, because its language is unusually clear and straightforward as compared to most other Highest Yoga Tantras.. As Vesna Wallace notes in [5], the Kalachakratantra appears to combine aspects of several different systems, including non-Buddhist systems of thought.. For example, just in the part of cosmology, aspects can be found of the Vaibhashika, Puranic, Samkhya, Jaina, and of course the Buddhist Abidharma.. Similarly, terminology of several Hindu traditions can be found, as well as terms from Ayurvedic medicine.. the Kalachakratantra adopts and redefines concepts characteristic of non-Buddhist systems, it  ...   six elements of earth, water, fire, air, space and wisdom; and all objects of smell, sight, taste, touch, sound and Dharma.. Another division follows the cosmic buildup of the universe; the center made up by Mt.. Meru, surrounded by the four continents and the eight subcontinents.. Around its' peak circle the planets of our solar system, the moon, sun, stars and so forth.. This system is dictated by time cycles of years, months and days; also described as "the procession of the external solar and lunar days.. ".. consists of the body and mind of living beings, the psychophysical aggregates, the sensory and psychic capacities so forth.. This includes the six types of living beings (gods, demigods, humans, animals, hungry ghosts and hell-beings), the six energy centers (chakras) of the body, the ten vital energies, the energy channels, the eight drops that carry the instincts of the two obscurations, and so forth.. Inner Kalachakra deals with the astrological relationships of the internal energies, chakras, channels and drops to mental and emotional states, physical organs, and transformation processes.. The basic theory is that on the body's subtle energies normally move in synchronicity with the cycles of the planets.. This movement of planetary energies within the body is the subject of the astrology of the Internal Kalachakra.. In other words, Inner and Outer Kalachakra include all the living beings and the external world in an astrological relation to the living beings.. The relation is similar to the Greek expression as above, so below.. Alternative (or 'Other') Kalachakra.. describes the spiritual method leading to enlightenment in the form of Kalachakra.. It describes the initiation, the Generation and Completion Stage Yogas.. These two Yoga stages are the methods that have the power to purify the Outer and Inner Kalachakras (living beings and the universe).. Outer and Inner Kalachakras are the bases to be purified, whereas Alternative Kalachakra refers to the yogic practices that effect this purification and produce the three purified results.. There exists an archetypal pattern behind both {inner and outer Kalachakra}, and it is this pattern which is the "other", shown in the Kalacakra mandala.. Through the practice of the Kalacakra sadhana, the practitioner who is the microcosm, can become an instrument for manifesting in the world, which is the macrocosm, the cosmic order or universal harmony from the blueprint which is the Kalacakra mandala.. the whole cosmos is a single living entity, and all that makes it up is interconnected.. This single living entity is depicted as the Purusa, or "cosmic Person", in the Vedic teachings, and as the Adi-Buddha, or "cosmic Buddha" in the Kalacakra teachings.. A Buddha is described as one who has the thirty-two major marks and the eighty minor marks of a Maha Purusa, or "Great Person", and in Kalacakra this is applied to the Adi-Buddha, which represents the cosmos.. David Reigle [4].. The Kalachakratantra also takes a firm stand on social issues, specifically against the Indian caste system.. As Vesna Wallace writes in [5],.. It regards social discrimination and the interpretation of scriptures that support such discrimination as detrimental to both the socio-political, material, and spiritual welfare of society and to the psychological and physical well-being of the individual.. BIBLIOGRAPHY.. [1]:.. Taking the Kalachakra Initiation.. , Alexander Berzin, Snow Lion, 1997 ISBN 1-55939-084-0.. [2]: Commentary given by Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche December 1989, Bodh Gaya India.. [3]:.. The Wheel of Time, the Kalachakra in context.. Geshe Lhundub Sopa et al, Snow Lion, 1985.. [4]:.. , David Reigle, Spirit of the Sun Publications 1996.. [5]:.. The Inner Kalacakratantra.. , Vesna Wallace, Oxford University press 2001.. [6]:.. The Practice of Kalachakra.. , Glenn H.. Mullin.. An excellent introduction to Kalachakra and for the taking the initiation is this.. by Alex Berzin.. |..

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