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  • Title: Kafila | media | politics | dissent
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to content.. Kafila.. media | politics | dissent.. Home.. Submissions.. About.. Comments policy.. When Are Foreign Funds Okay? A Guide for the Perplexed.. June 13, 2014.. tags:.. IB report on foreign funding.. ,.. Narmada Bachao Andolan.. Pierre Omidyar.. by.. Nivedita Menon.. The Intelligence Bureau has, as we know prepared a document,.. updating it from the time of the UPA regime.. (which had reportedly started the dossier).. indicating large scale foreign funding for subversive anti-development activities.. Such as claiming that you have a greater right to your own lands and to your livelihood than monstrous profit-making private companies.. Or raising ecological arguments that might stand in the way of the profits to be made by private corporations and the corrupt state elite, from mining, big dams, multi-lane highways and so on.. The IB report, signed by IB joint director Safi A Rizvi — alleges that the areas of action of the foreign-funded NGOs include anti-nuclear, anti-coal and anti-Genetically Modified Organisms protests.. Apart from stalling mega industrial projects including those floated by POSCO and Vedanta, these NGOs have also been working to the.. detriment of mining, dam and oil drilling projects in north-eastern India, it adds.. Imagine working against the interests of POSCO and Vedanta! Is there no end to the depraved anti-nationalism of these NGOs!.. These folks must have made millions of dollars.. In 2012, people affected by the Omkareshwar and Indira Sagar dams protested the raising of dam storage levels by staying in neck-deep water for over a fortnight (Photo: Narmada Bachao Andolan).. The average observer of Indian politics being like me, not as sharp as the IB might be a little befuddled by this apparently anachronistic allergy of two successive governments and its intelligence gathering organization, towards foreign funding, in an era in which the slightest slowing down of the pace of handing over the nation s resources to multi-national corporations, is termed as policy paralysis , and attacked as detrimental to the health of the mythical Sensex.. Older readers might remember that the inspiring slogan of the legendary Jaspal Bhatti s Feel Good party was.. Sensex ooncha rahe hamara.. This post is just to help you figure out then, when it is Okay to applaud foreign funding and when it is not because otherwise you might post something on your FaceBook page that attacks foreign funding when it is actually Okay and then how stupid and anti-national you ll look.. Read more.. 27 Comments.. from.. Capitalism.. Ecologies.. Politics.. Right watch.. Airing the unheard from Polavaram: Mohammed Omais Shayan.. Gautam Bhan.. Guest post by.. MOHAMMED OMAIS SHAYAN.. As the Nation is welcoming its 29.. th.. state, Telangana is upbeat with hope of starting a new chapter of progress.. Amongst the jubilations in Telangana, voices of people affected by the Polavaram dam are being lost.. “.. Dam’ned.. ”, a film by Saraswati Kavula is an attempt to air the unheard voices.. It’s a must watch for all concerned as the movie touches the links of people, land, livelihood and development.. The film aims to bring ground realities through interviewing the people of the affected region, technical and environmental experts.. Before getting into content of the film, a very brief introduction of the project.. Polavaram project is going to be the largest dam in terms of number of people being displaced.. The dam will be constructed at Polavaram village in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.. The dam aims to irrigate 2910 km.. 2.. of area in Andhra Pradesh [1].. It will also provide drinking water to Vishakapatnam City and many villages besides water for industries in Vizag.. The project aims to transfer 80 TMC water from Godavari to Krishna basin.. The dam will submerge 300 villages of Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Orissa.. This submergence area will cover 3,500 acres of biodiversity rich forest and also partially submerge the Papikundulum wildlife sanctuary [2].. The people living in these areas are predominantly ‘adivasis’ belonging to Koya and Konda Reddy tribes.. 1 Comment.. Movements.. Violence-Conflict.. Ideas to Occupy Economics A Note on Michal Kalecki: Pranjal Rawat.. heterodox economics.. Keynesianism.. markets.. Michal Kalecki.. Pranjal Rawat.. Aditya Nigam.. PRANJAL RAWAT.. A revolution of sorts is on the cards for the students of economics amidst a great surge of international support for radical restructuring of the subject and its pedagogy.. From the politically incorrect ‘Non-Autistic Economics’ movement to the Post-Crash Society in Manchester to the Jadavpur University Heterodox Economics Students’ Association (JUHESA) in Kolkata we see an underlying common theme.. The narrowness of the neoclassical economics is being criticized.. Take for instance what the preamble of JUHESA has to say about Neoclassical Economics, “.. Students have rightly found it appalling that a theory which could neither predict nor suggest remedies to the biggest recession in more than half a century, continues to be taught as the sole approach to economic analysis the whole world over.. ” This so-called revolution will remain just a source of media income and wash over without changing much, unless scholars of economics take it upon themselves to destroy the inertia and raise arms against the old order.. Revolutions exists only in retrospect, the rest is all popular gossip.. For that purpose, it would do well to draw strength from the life and work of Michal Kalecki (1899 1970), a post-keynesian economist, whose work has remained relevant for  ...   i.. e.. the National Eligibility Test, be passed as a requirement for the teaching of History at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels, except in the case where the candidate has a PhD.. Those who score highly are given the Junior Research Fellowship which greatly strengthens their candidacy for the Ph.. program.. We the undersigned, as teachers and researchers of History, believe that the NET exam as it exists does not measure competence in History as a discipline in any imaginable sense.. The NET’s own understanding of History is fundamentally different from the practice of the discipline across the world.. This understanding, as reflected in the question papers, holds History to lie solely in the memorization of facts.. Therefore, in the NET’s version of History, the mechanical retention and retrieval of information appears to be the only competence required for the teaching of the subject.. 9 Comments.. Education.. Older Entries.. Search.. Join 52,503 other followers.. AAP.. AFSPA.. Afzal Guru.. Anna Hazare.. Arundhati Roy.. Arvind Kejriwal.. Assam.. Bangladesh.. Batla House.. Binayak Sen.. BJP.. Capital punishment in India.. caste.. censorship.. Chhattisgarh.. Congress.. corruption.. CPI(M).. CPI (Maoist).. CPM.. Dalits.. Dantewada.. Delhi.. Delhi Gang Rape.. Delhi police.. Delhi protests.. Delhi University.. democracy.. Freedom of Speech and Expression.. Gujarat.. Gujarat 2002.. Hindutva.. human rights.. India.. India-Pakistan.. Indian Media.. Indian Muslims.. Internet Censorship in India.. ishrat jahan.. Israel.. Kashmir.. Kashmir azadi.. Kashmir conflict.. Kashmir human rights.. Kerala.. Kudankulam.. labour.. LTTE.. Manesar.. Maoists.. Maruti-Suzuki.. mayawati.. media.. Mumbai.. Muslims.. Nandigram.. Narendra Modi.. nepal.. Pakistan.. Palestine.. Partition.. Prakash-Karat.. rape.. RSS.. Section 377.. secularism.. sedition.. Shiv Sena.. sri lanka.. terrorism.. Uttar Pradesh.. violence against women.. We Are All Seditious Now.. West Bengal.. June 2014.. M.. T.. W.. F.. S.. May.. 1.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. RSS - Posts.. RSS - Comments.. Pages.. Meta.. Register.. Log in.. Entries.. Comments.. WordPress.. com.. Follow @kafila on Twitter.. Follow @kafila.. Last 15 posts.. Media Freedoms, Coercive regimes and Blasphemy-mania: M.. Amer Morgahi.. #youhadonejob: Or, A Quick Legal Primer for Publishers.. Or, What (Not) to Do When Dinanath (and other busybodies) Strike.. Statement on the Hate Crime in Pune: Concerned IT professionals.. Religion, Modernity and Politics Some Reflections on Secularism.. Looking back – and forward – from Modi s election: Shashank Kela.. All Is Not Well at AUD: Natasha Narwal.. Enough is enough: Anand Teltumbde.. A Chronicle of an Event Foretold? Sankaran Krishna.. Last 15 comments.. ayushkatheria.. on.. Ramray on.. Excitotoxins and MSG.. (Or, the Modi Style of Governance).. Observer on.. Shattering perceptions about the Muslim world | ZoneAsia-PkZoneAsia-Pk.. Some Myths About Muslims.. Srijeet on.. Gaon chodab nahin.. K on.. A on.. Osama on.. aakanksharulz.. Suresh Gopalan on.. Eleven things India must do in Kashmir: Justin Podur.. SK on.. Chander Patel on.. Aditya on.. Nivedita Menon on.. mukund on.. Aarti Sethi.. Ahilan Kadirgamar.. Aman Sethi.. Dan Husain.. jdevika.. Mahmood Farooqui.. Lawrence Liang.. mukulsharma.. Shuddhabrata Sengupta.. ponni.. prashantjha.. ravikant.. Ravi Sundaram.. Shivam Vij.. Sohail Hashmi.. Sunalini Kumar.. Zainab Bawa.. Categories.. Select Category.. Bad ideas (1,011).. Capitalism (396).. Centre watch (428).. Countryside (214).. Culture (419).. Debates (762).. Ecologies (148).. Education (19).. Empire (266).. Everyday Life (518).. Excavation (209).. Feminism (41).. Frontiers (347).. Genders (229).. Good Ideas (33).. Government (677).. Identities (612).. Images (166).. Language (191).. Law (590).. Left watch (233).. Media politics (354).. Metropolis (119).. Mirror Worlds (242).. Movements (356).. Politics (855).. Right watch (440).. Scams (86).. Sex (159).. Sports (14).. Technology (65).. Theory (74).. Violence-Conflict (967).. Archives.. Select Month.. June 2014 (15).. May 2014 (60).. April 2014 (43).. March 2014 (34).. February 2014 (34).. January 2014 (55).. December 2013 (52).. November 2013 (22).. October 2013 (38).. September 2013 (35).. August 2013 (39).. July 2013 (50).. June 2013 (39).. May 2013 (54).. April 2013 (47).. March 2013 (73).. February 2013 (87).. January 2013 (71).. December 2012 (56).. November 2012 (39).. October 2012 (28).. September 2012 (39).. August 2012 (41).. July 2012 (29).. June 2012 (22).. May 2012 (65).. April 2012 (48).. 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  • Title: About | Kafila
    Descriptive info: ABOUT US.. This team blog is a collaborative practice of radical political and media critique, and an engagement with the present.. – a Hindi word derived from Arabic, it means a caravan, a procession or a collectivity in travel.. It could be a kafila of a nomadic group, a pack, a procession, a parade or simply the most pervasive yet unacknowledged figure of the modern world – the refugee/s in all its forms – including development refugees: people rendered homeless and placeless by capitalism and the relentless modern drive of mapping, accounting, categorizing and normalizing – in short, defining a place and a norm for every one and everything, which leaves most people without place.. is a team effort of concerned individuals – scholars, activists, writers, journalists – to create a space for critical engagement on a wide range of issues of the contemporary world.. The effort arises from the recognition that the space of critical public discourse has been so completely colonized by the corporate media that dissenting voices rarely, if ever find any sustained reflection there.. Contemporary corporate media (TV channels, newspaper corporations, web portals) today are firmly part of the business elite, and shares that elite s close relationship to power.. arises from a recognition that in the contemporary world, all knowledge and information is mediatised.. We inhabit a media ecology: the only way of creating critical spaces is through connecting various radical and critical media practices and forms.. We could say that the only answer to media empires today is becoming media ourselves, connecting different forms – the internet, print (non-corporatised small magazines and journals), political media forms like posters, leaflets – into a whole parallel network of information and knowledge production and exchange (as opposed to dissemination ).. We at.. also believe that this is only possible if we also combine these critical media practices with sustained, theoretical reflection, which steps back from the immediacy of the moment.. Through this activity we hope to facilitate critical public engagement with contemporary issues that we consider essential for radicalising democracy.. The idea of the.. kafila/ karavaan.. as we envisage it, then, is best rendered in this well-known couplet by.. Majrooh Sultanpuri.. :.. Main akela hi chalaa tha jaanib-e-manzil magar.. Log saath aate gaye karavaan banta gaya.. [Alone I was when I started towards my destination, but.. People kept coming along, the caravan kept growing].. We invite you to join in our conversations.. DISCLAIMER.. The views expressed by us on.. are our own.. and are not necessarily shared by the organisations we are associated with.. There is no particular.. Kafila line.. on any subject, as we are not a political party, NGO or corporation.. We do not have a CEO, spokesperson or editor.. The views expressed by.. ‘s authors are their own and not that of all of.. or.. all.. its authors.. Similarly, the views expressed in a.. guest post.. are that of the guest writer only and may or may not be shared by the Kafila author who has published the guest post.. Kafila is not an organisation, a media house, an NGO or a corporation.. We’re just a blog.. We have received many queries about regular writing arrangements, jobs and internships, and some have sent CVs.. We would like to clarify that we have  ...   in general, and the rights and lives of gay, lesbian, transgendered communities in particular.. gautam dot bhan at gmail dot com.. J Devika.. works at.. Centre for Development Studies.. , Trivandrum, Kerala.. Her writing has been mostly about gender, social reform, politics, and development in Kerala.. devumol at gmail dot com.. is a co-founder of the.. Alternative Law Forum.. (ALF), Bangalore, India, a collective of lawyers who engage with issues of law, legality and power.. His key areas of interest are law, technology and culture, and the politics of copyright.. He has been working closely with SARAI, New Delhi on a joint research project on Intellectual Property and the Knowledge/Culture Commons.. lawrence at altlawforum dot org.. is a Delhi based freelance writer and performer.. He dabbles in several things to the dissatisfaction of many and works as a Fellow at.. Sarai.. when he is not performing.. Dastans.. or worshipping Bholenath.. mahmood dot farooqui at gmail dot com.. Mukul Sharma.. has been a journalist, a writer, a human rights activist and a development professional.. He has worked with Navbharat Times, Amnesty International, ActionAid International, Mahidol University , AIDS Society for Asia and the Pacific, World Social Forum and others.. He is presently working with LEAD (Leadership on Environment and Development) India (.. www.. leadindia.. org.. lead.. ).. mukul1961 at yahoo dot co dot in.. Nivedita Menon.. teaches Politics at School of International Studies, JNU, Delhi.. She’s a feminist activist, writer, and translator largely from Hindi into English, (but has once or twice had the temerity to dabble in translating Malayalam into English); with a history of involvement in citizens interventions on a range of issues secularism, workers’ and women’s rights, sexuality, and opposition to the nuclear programme (yes, even for peaceful purposes ).. Ponni Arasu.. is an activist, researcher and theatre practitioner, presently pursuing a PhD on the history of Tamilnadu from a feminist perspective.. Prashant Jha.. is a journalist with The Hindu in New Delhi.. He was earlier based in Kathmandu, and has extensively covered Nepal s political transition.. Ravi Sundaram.. was born in Bangalore but now lives and works in Delhi.. He is interested in critical ideas, urban experiences and life after media.. Also that of life that does not often qualify as politics.. Ravikant.. is a Fellow with the.. Shivam Vij.. is a writer and journalist based in Delhi.. Shuddhabrata Sengupta.. is a media practitioner, artist and writer with the.. Raqs Media Collective.. shuddha at sarai dot net.. is Delhi based, has worked in the media, walks in the unreserved forests and unprotected ruins of Delhi regularly, writes irregularly.. Loves to cook and eat.. sohailhashmi at gmail dot com.. Subhash Gatade.. is an activist of the revolutionary left movement, associated with the Hindi journal Sandhan , writes regularly for Hindi and English publications.. teaches in the political science department at.. Lady Shri Ram College.. , Delhi, and works occasionally on her PhD.. Zainab Bawa.. is currently pursing her Ph.. at the.. Centre for the Study of Culture and Society.. on economic and political networks in Bangalore and Mumbai.. She has been a researcher with Sarai and has done ethnographic research on spaces in Mumbai.. zainabbawa at yahoo dot com.. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS.. The Kafila header was designed by.. Amitabh Kumar.. This page was last updated on 28 August 2011..

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    Descriptive info: Update:.. Since 29 March 2013, comments on Kafila need to be posted through a WordPress, Twitter or Facebook login.. If you have none of these, click at the WordPress button below the comment box in any post and follow the steps to get yourself a WordPress.. com login ID.. We regret the inconvenience.. *.. We look forward eagerly to your visits and your comments, including political/intellectual criticism.. However,.. comments are considered submissions and we reserve the right to not publish them.. Please note:.. Personal attacks are not okay.. Passionate, even angry critiques are great, but you want to hold off on the invective.. This is an online forum, not a prize contest on the bad words we are sure everyone knows.. We want.. to be a forum in which we can explore complex ideas together.. Polarised for/against debates or Big Fight-type slanging matches do not help us  ...   on.. belong to their authors.. The author of a post has the right to deal with comments on a post made by her or him.. There are some of us who share administrative tasks but we merely help the rest.. Comments posted on.. are held for moderation and may take up some time to appear.. The authors of posts reserve the right to not publish a comment, to delete one after having published it, or to close a thread.. Our archives speak of our tolerance of diagreement, debate and dissent; our only concern is to keep the debate civil and relevant.. While authors are not bound to explain their decision, we try as far as possible to ensure that all voices and views are given fair airing.. Off-topic comments, that is, comments that are in no relation to to posts or the discussion, may also be disallowed..

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  • Title: When Are Foreign Funds Okay? A Guide for the Perplexed | Kafila
    Descriptive info: Apart from being arrested and hauled off to jail, a.. few other innocent people might be killed,.. for as we know, if you did post something objectionable to the Hindu Right/India, you re not innocent and may be legitimately killed.. The street gangs of the Hindu Right.. have been in readiness for this moment when Their Man is PM.. for some years now.. They also know that Their Man may not publicly defend them at all times depends on whether they carry out their work in a non-BJP state or not.. And whether state assembly elections are coming up there or not.. That is called being Drigdarshi.. Far-sighted.. So in Maharashtra, Mohsin s killing was described in an apparent paradox by the BJP s central government Home Ministry as communal and by the state s Congress government.. as merely a law and order problem.. But in fact, not a paradox at all.. The BJP is always keen to point out communal violence in states in which it is not in power.. And the Congress plays the secular/communal card with the same unprincipled cynicism.. But I digress.. So When are Foreign Funds Okay?.. a) Foreign Funds are Okay if you are BJP.. The Delhi High Court indicted both Congress and BJP in March 2014 for accepting foreign funds from Vedanta subsidiaries in violation of provisions of Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act.. (Vedanta clearly believes in covering all its bases after all, who knows who will come to power).. BJP and Congress in their defence had argued that Vedanta is owned by an Indian citizen, Aggarwal, and its subsidiaries are incorporated here,.. therefore they are not foreign sources.. That s the kind of fine distinction you must learn to make.. For instance, there is no cap on parties expenditure during elections, only on individual candidates spending.. Thus, Narendra Modi s face on the front page of every newspaper and on huge hoardings all over the city did not get counted towards his poll expenditure.. A Hindustan Times premium front page advertisement costs.. Rs 3950 PER SQUARE CENTIMETER.. How many advertisements like this one did you see? In how many newspapers? Over how many days?.. And what about the American PR firm, APCO Worldwide, whose job was to build up a public impression about Modi s track record of growth in his state of Gujarat and forge favorable alliances worldwide,.. especially in the business community.. Modi hired this firm for approximately $25,000 a month.. Where did all this money come from?.. We don t know.. Says Amy Kazmin in Financial Times:.. It may never really be known how much money Mr Modi and his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party spent on the dazzling, high-tech campaign to persuade millions of voters that he was the man to lead India out of its current economic and governmental malaise.. But the technology that permitted Gujarat’s chief minister to simultaneously address 100 rallies – in the form of a 10-feet-tall hologram – while images of the crowd were beamed back to him at the BJP’s Ahmedabad offices cannot have come cheap.. Nor could the scores of trucks and buses – and the army of nearly 4,000 workers – required to move and install the satellite dishes and projectors at one remote site after another.. In Indian cities, bus shelters, billboards and newspaper front pages were plastered with so many advertisements bearing Mr Modi’s brooding face it was hard not to feel that Big Brother was indeed watching.. Television broadcasts of the popular Indian Premier League cricket matches also aired a relentless series of Modi ads during commercial breaks.. Advertising industry executives estimate the BJP spent at least $500m on traditional media advertising alone.. A member of Citizens for Accountable Governance, which helped run Mr Modi’s campaign, says the campaign spent around $670m over eight months.. Others say the true spend is probably far higher.. A BJP spokeswoman was unable to.. provide any official estimate at all.. [1].. But Remember It does NOT matter, because Foreign Funds are Okay if you re the BJP.. (Of course, today you can say that it is totally Not Okay for Congress to get foreign funds or have foreign people in the family and so on.. It s Open Season on the corrupt and arrogant Congress, and who cares).. Interestingly, the IB Report apparently.. plagiarized a paragraph from a 2006 speech by Modi.. attacking anti-Hindu NGOs in which he said, in part:.. Funds are obtained from abroad; an NGO is set up; a few articles are commissioned; a PR firm is recruited and, slowly, with the help of the media, an image is created.. I couldn t decide whether I was more struck by the IB s promptness in wagging its tail for its new master, or by Modi s wildly successful replication of what he claims to be his enemy s strategy!.. b) Foreign Funds are okay if you re the RSS.. In Britain,.. Awaaz, South Asia Watch Limited, released.. an investigative report.. in 2004 which showed that.. a) RSS’s front organizations have received millions of pounds raised from the British public.. These funds were collected by the Leicester-based registered charity, Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) and its fundraising arm Sewa International.. b) HSS and Sewa International are UK branches of the RSS and the main purpose of their fundraising is to channel money to extremist RSS fronts in India, despite their claim to be nonsectarian, non-religious, non-political and purely humanitarian organizations.. c) Sewa International’s deep connections with the RSS were not made known to donors and the British public who gave funds in good faith for Indian humanitarian causes.. These connections were also unknown to patrons of Sewa International appeals.. In the USA.. , a report on the India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF) documented the links between the organization, a Maryland, US based charity, and organizations of the Sangh Parivar in India.. The IDRF operates in the US under the rules governing tax-exempt charitable organizations.. These rules prohibit such organizations from participating in political activity of the kind that involves funnelling money overseas to violent sectarian groups.. Further, the report provides evidence to argue that IDRF s claim of being a non sectarian organization that funds development and relief operations in India is disingenuous at best, and that this claim is strategically designed to insert IDRF into the cultural milieu and goodwill of the Indian diaspora as the charity of choice.. The report on a close scrutiny of the projects that the IDRF funds, of the IDRF itself, of the affiliations of its office-bearers, and of the organizations that support it and raise funds for it, concluded that.. the IDRF is fully linked with the Sangh Parivar and the Hindutva movement in India.. c) Foreign Funds Are Okay in the Defence Sector.. Soon after taking over, the Narendra Modi government gave the go-ahead to 100 percent FDI in the Defence Sector.. About this, retired air chief marshal.. Fali Homi Major said:.. “It’s an excellent move.. We want to be indigenous and we must.. When I say indigenous, the product should be Indian and the intellectual property rights should be Indian.. But that does not mean you can’t take foreign assistance with foreign technology—that is needed.. ”.. Major said this move will allow international companies into the sector and dismantle the public sector’s monopoly, for of course, the worst monopoly is the public sector s monopoly the monopoly of multi-national companies is healthy and historically inevitable.. Foreign Investment caps have been raised in many other sectors too (because that s OKAY) Telecom, Petroleum, Natural gas and Refining.. “Allowing automatic route for foreign investment is the single most critical thing about today’s FDI limit enhancement announcement,” said Devraj Singh, executive director, tax and regulatory practice, at global professional services organization EY.. He added that the move will give a boost to FDI as most investors are.. “scared about the current rules and regulations”.. Of course, towards that heaven where investors are no longer scared of rules and regulations THAT s where every democracy should boldly go.. d) Foreign Funds Are Okay in setting up nuclear plants.. (No, NO not protesting at SETTING UP).. Not just state funds, but private companies, like the French company.. AREVA NP.. (a joint venture between AREVA and Seimens) and private US companies.. GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy.. and.. Westinghouse Electric.. have all invested in nuclear plants in India.. (Of course, the US companies have to.. export.. their nuclear reactors, because not a single nuclear plant has been commissioned in the US since the 1979 Three Mile Island accident.. This is the phenomenon of outsourcing of dirty technology which the enlightened Western public will no longer accept in their backyards.. Like the flooding of India with petrol guzzling SUVs that are no longer welcome.. on European.. American roads).. e) Foreign Funds Are Okay for building roads, infrastructure and clean energy.. These are.. large corporations.. stepping in.. they are swooping down for the profits,.. not to build an ecologically sustainable world! What will this mean for poor people s (i.. the majority of India s) access to basic needs?.. Of course, where profits are doubtful the government has to step in, for risks can be taken only with taxpayers money, not with the money of shareholders of companies, right? Thus, the government has decided to fund the Rs 4,500-crore Eastern Peripheral Expressway project, after it received no bids from private players due to various delays.. At the time of request for qualification, Reliance Infrastructure, IRB, Srei-OHL consortium and IL FS showed interest in the project but nobody turned up with price bids.. Thanks to delays, the private developers got cold feet and.. their calculations on revenues and margins went haywire.. - (translation: possibility of fewer profits).. UPDATE.. Since I posted this, I have learnt that Greenpeace came out with a Fact Sheet on the industrialist Gautam Adani, Modi s bosom buddy (or should that be chaddi buddy?), which shows that there are charges of money laundering, duty evasion, land scams, illegal clearing of mangroves in Mundra, and so on against Adani.. (Aha, the click of things falling into place!).. (And for those who do not understand the significance of mangroves, it is well established that coral reefs and mangroves acted as a buffer against the fury of tsunamis, saving many lives,.. while concrete structures crumbled.. See the full Fact Sheet on Gautam Adani here.. The much hyped solar energy park in Gujarat is.. an Adani project.. The Modi-Adani combo is deadly, and of course, they will use all opportunities to generate profits.. It is well known.. Adani’s empire has benefited from Modi’s emphasis.. on economic ‘development.. ’ Solar energy is fine, but handed over to private interests focused only on profit? As for conventional energy, not only was most of Gujarat’s electricity capacity installed before Narendra Modi came to power in 2001, but during his term.. very little has been added.. f) Foreign Funds are Okay if they come from eBay owner Pierre Omidyar.. Omidyar Network is the philanthropy arm of eBay billionaire Pierre Omidyar.. Since 2009, Omidyar  ...   share it.. Arun Kumar.. June 14, 2014 11:54 AM.. If this is the meaning of economic security what is going to stop the BJP from declaring all civil society bodies working on secularism, justice and peace as threat to social security ? What is going to prevent them from declaring criticisms of Modi or the BJP and their corporate cousins as treason? And they say that fascism is a cliched!.. john dayal.. June 14, 2014 2:27 PM.. great work.. need to share it widely.. cpgeevan.. June 14, 2014 2:42 PM.. A nagging feeling that industrial groups like Adani, Vedanta, etc have a lot to do with IB s urgency.. Check out these links.. Campaign by Greenpeace to save the Great Barrier Reef.. The present Australian Govt.. decided NOT to conserve this World Heritage Site.. It has opened it up for unrestricted mining.. Adanis have very big stakes in this.. *.. Don t trust this company!.. Adani s expansion of coal port will kill Great Barrier Reef.. Tony Abbott green light for destruction.. Great Barrier up for destruction.. Payal Puri.. June 14, 2014 3:32 PM.. This is what you call a well researched article!! The source for vilification of Omidyar is a complete rant by some conspiracy kook without any proof or such necessities! And Nivedita Menon is supposedly a professor LOL!!! No wonder Indian higher education in such doldrums if our children are taught by such professors.. June 14, 2014 9:19 PM.. Payal, your puerile and mindless comment is entertaining for its sheer idiocy, so thank you for a bright moment in my life.. Do you have an argument? CAN you make an argument without recourse to illiterate terms like LOL?.. What proof are you looking for?.. I dont need to vilify Omidyar.. There is world-wide suspicion about him.. The links between Omidyar and the Washington-backed regime in Ukraine are no secret, that information was.. made public by his own site.. New York Times reported.. that among the first moves of the new Ukraine government was to announce two appointments on Sunday of two billionaires — Sergei Taruta in Donetsk and Ihor Kolomoysky in Dnipropetrovsk — and more were reportedly under consideration for positions in the eastern regions.. The strategy is recognition that the oligarchs represent the country’s industrial and business elite, and hold great influence over thousands of workers in the east.. The ultra-wealthy industrialists wield such power in Ukraine that they form what amounts to a shadow government, with empires of steel and coal, telecoms and media, and armies of workers.. A scenario that may not be very alien for India soon ?.. Omidyar works with.. Hernando de Soto,.. the architect of transforming common property to individual private property in the interests of big capital, in Peru.. From Chris Floyd in Counter Punch:.. Omidyar’s philanthropic vision lies largely in the monetizing of poverty relief efforts — of turning them from charitable or government-based programs into money-making enterprises which reward investors with high returns while often leaving the recipients worse off than before.. As nsfwcorp.. com reports, these include micro-financing initiatives in India that have led to mass suicides among the debt-ridden poor, and “entrepreneurial” programs which bestow property rights on the small plots of slum-dwellers — who, still in dire straits, sell them, for a pittance, to large-scale operators who then clear the ghettos for profitable developments, leaving the poor to find.. another shanty-town elsewhere.. Omidyar has also poured millions of dollars into efforts to privatize, and profitize, public education in the United States and elsewhere, forcing children in some of the poorest parts of the world to pay for basic education — or go without.. The point in my post is that if Omidyar funded the Modi campaign, he did not do it out of love for Hindutva, but because he expects some other kinds of transformations altogether.. Aditya.. June 15, 2014 3:29 PM.. Hey Nivedita,.. Just to add to what you have written about Omidyar network and transformation of local commons to private property for corporate benefits;.. here s a link detailing amongst other things, Omidyar s investment in.. SKS microfinance and the perverse agenda behind it.. Nikhil Pahwa.. June 14, 2014 5:50 PM.. On your point on omidyar networks, please get your facts right : eBay operates a marketplace, and a marketplace model is allowed in India.. EBay does not retail.. It s a tech platform connecting buyers and sellers.. Like snapdeal, which eBay has invested in, they don t need approvals to raise funding.. Flipkart switched to marketplace model.. June 14, 2014 8:39 PM.. Nikhil Pahwa seriously? You re the authority? You don t need to give any backing for your claim, any links, that bare statement of superior knowledge will do?.. Here s some information from a Reuters report from June 5th, about easing of restrictions for foreign on-line retailers from July:.. Global online retailers like Amazon and eBay are currently banned from selling products they have sourced themselves, and must rely on third-party suppliers.. Their platforms, which they own fully, are marketplaces for these outside suppliers.. The government is likely to end this ban, paving the way for global retailers to bring their formidable supply chain, and cheaper goods, into India, potentially boosting consumption and.. benefiting small manufacturers and traders.. Learning to get facts straight yes, that might be something to put on your agenda.. Whether this move will actually benefit small traders, as claimed, we may like to learn from the history of these developments in Europe and America.. But that s another story.. Mohit Soni.. June 15, 2014 10:59 AM.. Well written article with some excellent research good points but full of naiveté misses the larger picture.. You need to really read how even projects are stalled by competing countries.. The best book for understanding these issues is Confessions of an Economic Hitman.. June 15, 2014 11:28 AM.. Mohit, have you bothered to read even one review of the book you mention, let alone the book itself? You wouldn t have made such a huge gaffe if you had.. In that book, John Perkins details how for many years he worked for an international consulting firm where his main job was to convince less developed countries around the world to accept multi billion-dollar loans for infrastructure projects and to see to it that most of this money ended up at Halliburton, Bechtel, Brown and Root, and other United States engineering and construction companies! Covertly recruited by the United States National Security Agency and on the payroll of an international consulting firm, he traveled the world—to Indonesia, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other strategically important countries.. His job was to implement policies that promoted the interests of the U.. corporatocracy (a coalition of government, banks, and corporations) while professing to bring about development.. He describes how as a highly paid professional, he helped the U.. cheat poor countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars by lending them more money than they could possibly repay and then take over their economies.. This is exactly what many of us have been suggesting is going on now.. The book shows that.. US security agencies step in on behalf of big corporations and the development projects out of which they make mega bucks.. Not on behalf of people s protests against development ! What on earth did you think that book was about?.. You call me naive words fail me as to what to call you!.. (And to those commentators who come in to tick me off for being sarcastic and rude in my replies to some of the comments, I just want to state quite clearly that I give as good as I get.. If a juvenile commentator sniggers LOL, what sort of Professor are you or another admonishes me curtly to get the facts straight while getting them wrong himself, I see no need to wear velvet gloves around them.. ).. Osama.. June 16, 2014 1:20 AM.. Why is there no like button on comments :).. I so love each one of ur replies Nivedita.. Dilip Simeon.. June 15, 2014 1:33 PM.. Thank you Nivedita, for this much needed reminder.. Here s something to jiggle the memory of our current rulers (and the IB):.. Furore over tax summons to Vishwa Hindu Parishad.. The VHP s Long Tax Holiday.. Our PM talks of financial stringency.. In case the VHP s charitable activities are not confirmed, his finance minister could calculate the arrears due over 24 years, and the nation would surely benefit.. Dilip Simeon blogs at.. Dilip Simeon s Blog.. mukund.. June 15, 2014 3:05 PM.. Can i translate in marathi? i am supporter of Narmada Andolan and Member of Purush Uvach.. June 15, 2014 3:26 PM.. Please do! It would be an honour.. Chander Patel.. June 15, 2014 3:52 PM.. It s one thing to express humanitarian or environmental concern; it s another to prevent or stall projects in India, because certain countries or organisations simply don t like India progressing very far in certain areas, namely nuclear, aerospace, biotechnology, supercomputing etc.. And this under the cover of social/ecological concern.. There s the example of a German visitor who had a map of nuclear facilities on his computer, another of a Dutch individual who jumped from Kashmir to the North East to Bangkok, Thailand.. SK.. June 15, 2014 7:45 PM.. It is well established that protectionism, heavy investment in education and support to indigenous scientific research and development are the best ways to develop a nations technical acumen.. Are we doing anything significant (compared to countries like China) in either of these things???.. Corporate/Corporate controlled media fawning over NaMo is understandable but why is the bureaucracy bending over?? These guys aren t stupid, it seems that they just share the same social darwinist values.. A.. June 16, 2014 9:21 AM.. The fact that people like you and platforms like kafila exist gives me hope about the future.. Thank you so much for your work.. K.. June 16, 2014 10:15 AM.. Thank you writing such an informative piece.. Its very thought provoking.. Observer.. June 16, 2014 5:49 PM.. Excellent as usual, Nivedita.. As for people wanting to access the whole FT article, take the article s headline which you can find from the link and key it into Google Search and then click on the results.. You will be able to access the whole article.. Used to do this when I worked in a research firm, still works.. We look forward to your comments.. Comments are subject to moderation as per our comments policy.. They may take some time to appear.. Cancel reply.. Enter your comment here.. 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