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  • Title: Bukoba - Kagera - Tanzania - The official webguide
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About Kagera.. Economy.. Culture.. Tourism.. Travel.. Forum.. Contact.. Search.. Karibu Kagera - Bukoba - Tanzania.. Kagera Region is located in the northwestern corner of Tanzania.. Bukoba, Kagera Region's capital, is a fast growing town with an attractive waterside setting.. Situated on the shore of Lake Victoria, Bukoba lies only 1 degree south of the Equator and is Tanzania's second largest port on the lake.. Kagera comprises of five administrative districts: Bukoba, Muleba, Karagwe, Ngara and Biharamulo.. The region neighbors Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi and lies across the lake from Kenya.. This location makes Kagera an ideal place for business and a perfect stop for tourists traveling between any of these nations and Tanzania.. You may arrive in Kagera by air from Mwanza, road from Rwanda or Uganda or by ferry from Mwanza.. Kagera.. org  ...   objective of harmonising the actions of Kagera Region's business community and industry.. This site is meant to highlight both nationally and internationally Kagera Region's business, industry, agriculture and tourism potential.. About this website.. This website presents a profile of Kagera by providing information about.. Kagera region.. in general, its.. economy.. ,.. culture.. tourism.. and.. travel.. This website is for people who live and work in Kagera or would like to come to Kagera, such as investors, travelers, volunteers and other workers.. It is our hope that this website will also prove useful to Tanzanian students studying about the Kagera Region.. In the future we hope that this site will become a platform for communication, information sharing and teamwork between local Kagera organisations, communities and businesses.. Please e-mail your questions or comments to:.. info@kagera.. org.. Free counter..

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  • Title: Location - About Kagera - Kagera - Bukoba - Tanzania - The official webguide
    Descriptive info: Location.. Historical.. Population.. Climate.. Geology.. Organisations.. Education.. Health.. Water.. Language.. Links.. Location Kagera Region.. Kagera Region is situated in the northwestern corner of Tanzania.. The regional capital is Bukoba Town, which is about 1,500 km from Dar Es Salaam by road.. Kagera Region shares borders with Uganda to the North, Rwanda and Burundi to the West, the Kigoma and Mwanza Regions to the South and Lake Victoria to the East.. Kagera Region lies just South of the equator between 1,00 and 2,45 degrees South latitudes.. Longitudinally it lies between 30,25 and 32,40 degrees East  ...   40,838 sq.. km.. Out of the total area, 28,953 sq.. is land and 11,885 sq.. is covered by waters of Lake Victoria, Lakes Ikimba, Burigi, and Ngono and Kagera rivers.. Kagera region is Tanzania’s 15th largest region and accounts for approximately 3.. 2% of the total 883,749 sq.. land area of Tanzania.. Kagera lies at 3,750 feet above Sea level.. It has reasonably fertile old soils but over used in some parts of the region has lead to soil exhaustion and a need for the use of fertilizer.. For Map of Bukoba, click here..

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  • Title: Economy - Kagera - Bukoba - Tanzania - The official webguide
    Descriptive info: Activities.. Contact TCCIA.. Investment.. Banks.. Infrastructure.. Economical activities.. The main industrial activity in Kagera is agriculture, while the main commercial product is coffee, and the main food crops and dietary staple are matoke (large green bananas that are roasted or steamed) ,maize and beans.. Gross Domestic Product (GDP).. The performance trend of the region over the last seven years from 1995 – 2001 reveals economic growth.. Kagera region recorded a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Tsh.. 288,445 million at current prices.. Kagera contributes at around 3.. 80% to the nation’s economy.. The average individual annual income in Kagera region has improved greatly over the last years (Tsh.. 149,828 in 2001).. Agriculture.. This is the mainstay of the Region, which accounts for 50% of the Region’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).. Main crops are green bananas, coffee, beans, cotton, cassava and tea.. Other crops include sugar, sweet  ...   the Region with an estimated 6,000 heifers.. Traditional livestock keeping is mostly practiced in Biharamulo and Karagwe Districts.. Industrial activities.. TANICA Ltd.. ,.. BUKOP Ltd.. and other private plants e.. g.. –.. Amir Hamza (T).. , Legal and others at Kemondo Bay which are based in Bukoba also process coffee.. Three private owned plants based in Karagwe process coffee.. Maruku Tea factory.. processing tea.. Kagera Fish industry.. Kagera Sugar factory.. processing sugar canes.. Chato cotton ginnery.. for cotton.. Cooking oil and cotton seed cake is processed by this factory.. Other relatively small industries are in soft drinks, grain mills, saw mills, carpentry and tailoring units.. Mining activities.. Gold in Biharamulo District, nickel in Ngara District and tin in Karagwe District are the minerals which have been identified in the Region but have not been exploited fully.. Bukoba has a tour operator, Kiroyera Tours and many hotels..

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  • Title: Culture heritage and traditions - Kagera - Bukoba - Tanzania - The official webguide
    Descriptive info: Museum.. Culture heritage and traditions.. Traditional dance.. “Ngoma” is the major traditional dance.. Traditional dances come in a variety of styles including Omutoro, Amayaga, Mulekule, Amakondele, Akasimbo.. There are traditional songs, which differ in area of origin and status, such as funeral ceremony songs, spiritual and wedding songs.. There are a variety of music instruments and dancing attire too.. Story telling.. SStories and legends of ancient times are commonly told at night when the family gathers for exchanging views.. Stories are normally narrated by the elders.. They have their meaning in strengthening norms and conducts of the young and the roles of gender.. They are called “Engano” in Kihaya.. Traditional architecture / crafts.. Traditional houses are called “Mushonge” these are round grass houses strengthened by large poles of tree (enyomyo).. What is unique is that the construction begins with the roof rather than the ground foundation.. People have gradually changed to muddy houses and iron sheet roofs.. Presently most people construct brick houses and iron sheet or tile roofs.. The Region has craftsmen dealing with basketry, pottery, canoe and boat building and various other forms of art and crafts.. Western architecture (German and English) as well as Arab architecture (especially mosques) can be seen in many places.. Traders and explorers of those origins introduced them.. Rural agricultural practices rural life.. This is a very broad area encompassing the full culture of the people of this land.. Rights of passage are very elaborate and people are closely knit in grief and in joy.. Kagera Region’s inhabitants are mostly peasants tending small  ...   over 40 diseases.. In Bukoba, a group of 5 professionals have initiated a garden to preserve and conserve traditional medicinal plants of Kagera.. The project located 5 kilometres from Bukoba Town center is named LAVIBOGAM (Lake Victoria Botanical Garden of Medicinal plants).. Iron smith works.. Rocks rich in iron ores are widely found in Kagera and there are several well-known clans of iron smelters in the region.. Their activities have been speculated to date back to the Iron Age.. Close to Bukoba there lies the village of Kibuye where one of these ancient iron smith clans still live.. Religious shrines and rock art.. Historically there were large trees that were used as places of sacrifices and prayer to the ancestors (Ekigabiro).. There were miniature huts and other forms of spiritual following.. Today, these are rare if any.. With Christianity, Kagera Region became famous in producing the first African Roman Catholic Cardinal (the now Late Cardinal Laurian Rugambwa) and a world famous leader of the Lutheran Church (the Late Bishop Kibira).. Of the Catholic Church there is Nyakijoga a shrine world famous for the miracle powers of the healing waters blessed in the name of the Virgin Mary the Mother of Jesus.. Every year thousands of pilgrims from all over the world convene at this shrine which is indeed recognized as the Lourdes of Africa after the Lourdes of France.. Close to Nyakijoga you come to Nyangoma ancient rocks paintings have been discovered.. There are hundreds of these paintings in caves overlooking a very attractive valley.. There are located in Bukoba District..

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  • Title: Tourism - Kagera - Bukoba - Tanzania - The official webguide
    Descriptive info: Tourist centre.. Where to go?.. Things to do.. Where to eat?.. Where to stay?.. Shopping.. Kagera is considered to be one of the loveliest parts of Tanzania given its staggering scenic beauty, variety of nature, friendly inhabitants and strong cultural history.. Bukoba is located in the heart of Africa just next to the equator on the Tanzania western shore of Lake Victoria.. It is the major commercial center of Kagera Region.. To see a map of Bukoba, click here.. Lake Victoria.. The first foreigner to discover lake Victoria was explorer John Speke, after months of braving dense forests and tropical diseases in his search for the source of the Nile.. Lake Victoria, shared by Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, was named after the Queen of England and is the world's largest tropical lake and the second largest freshwater lake.. Covering a total of 69,000 square kilometers, the lake is as large as Ireland.. Despite its huge size, the murky lake is not that deep - only 100 meters at its deepest.. The lake lies in the Rift Valley of East Africa, a 3,500- mile system of deep cracks in the earth's crust running from the Red Sea south to Mozambique.. Although this region of Africa is  ...   National Parks.. Kagera Region hosts Biharamulo, Burigi, Ibanda and Rumanyika and Orugundu Game Reserves, a National Park situated on Rubondo Island and a wildlife sanctuary based on Saa Nane Island.. Rubondo Island.. Rubondo Island, in the southwest of Lake Victoria is Tanzania’s only island National Park.. The 240 km2 island provides a unforgettable experience for visitors, combining the breathtaking natural beauty of a forest refuge with the relaxing tranquility of sandy lake-shore beaches.. Rubondo Island boasts a unique diversity of flora and fauna.. Only here can the visitor be sure of seeing sitatunga and have the chance of observing chimpanzees (experimental stage).. Other mammals frequently seen include hippo, otters, bushbuck, vervet monkeys.. Rarer sightings are colobus, genet, marsh mongoose, suni antelope and elephant.. Rubondo is a paradise for bird-lovers with nearly 400 species documented on the island.. The island has an abundance of herons, storks, ibises, egrets, cormorants, kingfishers, bee-eaters, flycatchers, hornbills and birds of prey, including the highest density of fish eagles anywhere in the world.. Visitors have the freedom to explore the forest and lake shores by foot or boat allowing each person to create his or her own magic of Rubondo and to leave with a uniquely personal experience of the island..

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  • Title: Travel to / from Kagera - Kagera - Bukoba - Tanzania - The official webguide
    Descriptive info: To/from Kagera.. In Kagera.. Outside Tanzania.. Travel to / from Kagera.. If you are coming to Kagera, you can travel in a variety of ways.. Here are most common ways:.. By Air.. Visitors to Kagera region can travel through Entebbe airport (EBB) in Uganda (with BA, Emirates KLM and SN Brussels).. From Entebbe Airport one has to travel to Kampala, where you can get a bus to Bukoba (takes about 5-6 hours).. Dolphin Bus Company has a bus to Bukoba every day (Tsh 10.. 000).. Kiroyera Tours.. can arrange a private transport between Entebbe and Bukoba.. You can also travel trough Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar or Nairobi.. Fly to Mwanza with Precision Air and then get a connecting flight to Bukoba.. From Dar es Salaam there are 4 flights everyday to and from Mwanza.. Bukoba airport is on Aerodrome Road near the lake.. The Precision Air office is near the bus stand in Bukoba.. Always confirm your flights two days before you fly.. Precision air agent office in Bukoba:.. Att: Ms.. Rose Kajilita,.. Tel: +255 28 2220545.. E-mail:.. bkmachinery@twiga.. com.. Precision air office in Dar es Salaam:.. Tel: +255 22 2130800.. Fax: +255 22 2113036.. information@precisionairtz.. Website:.. www.. precisionairtz.. You can also book your flights with.. By Boat.. Night Ferry.. The ferry leaves Bukoba on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9.. 30 pm (after the horn sounds twice) and arrives in Mwanza the next morning around 8 am.. It leaves Mwanza on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at about 9 pm and arrives in Bukoba the next morning around 8 am, the boat stops first at Kemondo Bay,  ...   Second classes sit.. TSH 13.. 000.. TSH 18.. 300.. Third class.. TSH 12.. 600.. TSH 17.. By Train.. Trains do not come to Bukoba, but there are trains from Mwanza to Dar (which take two days) or Kigoma via Tabora.. First or second class is recommended.. Book trains well in advance at the tourist center Bukoba,.. !!! AT THE MOMENT THE TRAIN FROM MWANZA ONLY RUNS TILL DODOMA !!!.. By Bus.. Book a bus at the tourist center Bukoba,.. (+255 28-2220203) or at the bustand.. The bus stand is in the centre of Bukoba town.. Jaguar/ Gateway / Dolphin Bus Services (+255 744786364) runs from Bukoba to Kampala everyday at 7.. 00 am (Tsh 10.. A bus from Kampala to Bukoba runs everyday at 11.. 00 am.. Tawfiq Executive Falcon (+255 28-2221683) runs every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to Nairobi (Tsh 28.. 000) and Dar es Salaam (Tsh 45.. There are Tawfiq offices in Muleba and Bukoba.. Tashrif (+255 282220427) have a bus that does the central line to Dar on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from Bukoba via Kahama , Nzega, Singida, Dodoma, Morogoro, to Dar es Salaam (Tsh 35.. Salatoga Line has a bus to Kigoma (Tsh 14.. 000) every Tuesday and Saturday.. Rajabar Visram and Sons has a bus to Biharamulo (Tsh 5.. 000) everyday except Sunday.. A bus to Ngara (Tsh 8.. 500) every Friday and to Kigoma (Tsh 12.. 000) every Monday and Wednesday.. Scandinavia runs from Kampala to Arusha and Dar es Salaam, via Nairobi.. You can board it from Kampala through Jaquar Bus Services.. All the Scandinavia booking you can do trough..

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  • Title: Kagera - Forum
    Descriptive info: The Kagera forum is a platform for communication, information sharing and teamwork between people, organisations, communities, businesses and anyone else who is interested in the Kagera region.. Join now!.. Have a look at Kagera.. Go to Kagera.. If you would like to post at the forum then please register here.. It is for free and it only takes two minutes:.. Register as Kagera.. org Forum member.. When you have registered as a member you can log in to the Kagera Forum:.. Log in to Kagera.. Contact us.. Kagera forum is for everybody who has something  ...   as investors, travelers, volunteers and other workers.. If you have any questions or suggestions for the Kagera.. org Forum please send us an e-mail.. Also when you want to be more involved with the forum and for example want to become one of our moderaters please contact us at.. The Kagera.. org Forum will only become a success if we have enough members.. Please tell all the people in your network that have something with Kagera about our Forum!.. Let us make the change together and move Kagera forward!.. See you at Kagera.. org Forum!..

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  • Title: Home - Kagera - Bukoba - Tanzania - The official webguide
    Descriptive info: Credits.. Disclaimer.. kagera.. org is an initiative of the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture, Kagera (TCCIA.. ) This website is a work in progress.. If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve it, we would appreciate the input.. Digital photo's of Kagera are very welcome.. Please mail your comments to:.. If you want your information on this website.. If you are a company, organisation, school  ...   page on this website.. For information about creating your own page on this website please contact.. About TCCIA.. For information about the TCCIA please contact:.. Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture, Kagera.. P.. O.. Box 1275.. Bukoba.. Telephone No.. 255-028-2220673.. tcciakgr@yahoo.. About tourism.. For any information about tourism contact the tourist office Bukoba, Kiroyera Tours.. PO BOX 485, Bukoba, Kagera, Tanzania.. Phone: 255-28-2220203.. Mobile: 0741 526649.. Fax: 255-28-2220009.. Email:.. info@kiroyeratours.. kiroyeratours..

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  • Title: Home - Kagera - Bukoba - Tanzania - The official webguide
    Descriptive info: www..

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  • Title: Historical - Kagera - Bukoba - Tanzania - The official webguide
    Descriptive info: Historical background.. Kagera region was formally known as West Lake region.. It was renamed Kagera region after the war between Tanzania and Idd Amin of Uganda.. The region takes its name from the Kagera River, which flows from Rwanda through northern Tanzania before it penetrates the waters of Lake Victoria, to emerge as the river Nile, the second longest river in the World.. This makes Kagera River to be the real source of the river Nile.. Cultural history.. For a period of about five centuries Kagera Region had 9 different Kingdoms and a highly hierarchical society.. It was during this time that coffee was introduced as a cash crop and bananas were introduced as a  ...   kingdoms came after Tanzania gained its independence and president Nyerere saw them detrimental to creating National unity.. These kingdoms are Kihanja, Karagwe, Kiziba, Misenye, Bugabo, Kyamtwara, Ihangiro, Bukara and Biharamulo.. The regimes of these kingdoms were blended into the Germans who colonized Tanganyika in 1890 who are reported to have liked the Haya, the ethnic group of Bukoba and Muleba Districts.. Later the British took over from the Germans.. Kagera region is considered to be the first area where Lutheran missionaries settled.. Roman Catholic and other denominations also now enjoy a large following in the region, which is evidenced by the physical presence of the impressive cathedrals, mosques, jamats and churches found everywhere in the region..

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  • Title: Population - About Kagera - Kagera - Bukoba - Tanzania - The official webguide
    Descriptive info: Kagera Region comprises of five Administrative Districts: Bukoba, Muleba, Karagwe, Biharamulo and Ngara.. It has six Councils, which include Bukoba Town, Bukoba Rural, Karagwe, Muleba, Biharamulo and Ngara.. According to the 2003 National Census, the population is at 2,003,888 with an annual growth rate of 3.. 1% and its population is divided as follows:..  ...   81,221.. 19,259.. 4.. 2.. Bukoba Rural.. 395,130.. 90,502.. 4.. Karagwe.. 425,476.. 89,047.. 8.. Muleba.. 386,328.. 79,107.. 9.. Biharamulo.. 410,794.. 67,131.. 6.. 1.. Ngara.. 334,939.. 49,082.. Total.. 2,033,888.. 394,128.. 5.. Male population: 999,941.. Female population: 1,033,947.. Projected population for 2007: 2,417,000.. Population density: 70.. 2 people per km2.. Source: National Census Statistical Book – 2003..

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