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  • Title: Qualscape - Dr. Kakali Bhattacharya's Qualitative Research
    Descriptive info: .. Navigating the Landscape of Qualitative Inquiry.. Qualscape.. Home.. Courses I teach.. EDLEA 838: Qualitative Research in Education.. EDLEA 838 READINGS.. Qualitative Research Handbook.. Sample Assignments.. EDLEA 838 Rubrics.. Qual838.. EDLEA 838 Helpful Information.. EDCEP 816: Research Methods in Education.. Handbook - Research in Education.. EDCEP 816 Rubrics.. EDCEP 816 Lecture Presentations.. EDCEP 816 Sample Exam and Quizzes.. EDCEP 816 Resources.. EDLEA 986/938: Advanced Data Analysis in Qualitative Methods.. EDLEA 986/938 Rubrics.. EDLEA 986/938 Sample Assignments.. EDLEA 986 READINGS.. Sample Dissertation Proposals.. Sample Dissertations.. IRB and Qualitaive Research.. Chapter 3's.. General Resources.. Materials from Previous Courses.. Data Analysis Resources.. NVivo.. Journals Friendly to Qualitative Research.. Interviews.. Scholarly Sources on Interviews.. Interview Examples.. Observations.. Scholarly Sources on  ...   to Dr.. Kakali Bhattacharya's cozy qualitative corner.. Back in the day it was known as the qual hall.. I think I still have a sign that says so.. This website contains information about classes I currently teach or have taught in the past, information about contemplative inquiry and practices, and my consulting services.. I am an Associate Professor in the Department of.. Educational Leadership.. at.. Kansas State University.. I believe in moving out of one's comfort zone to discover transformative possibilities.. As a result, for the past two years Dr.. I have entered into an integrative mind-body fitness experience to push myself out of my own comfort zone.. Inquire within to represent the world around you..

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  • Title: KSU Course: Qualitative Research in Education - Qualscape
    Descriptive info: Syllabus.. Readings.. Handbook.. Articles.. Rubrics.. Helpful Information..

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  • Title: EDLEA 838 Rubrics - Qualscape
    Descriptive info: This page contains rubrics for assignments associated with EDLEA 838.. Please follow these rubrics closely as they will be your guide in navigating through the assignments and working with my feedback.. Research Purpose, Questions and Rationale.. Theory Statement.. Peer Research Inspiration Project.. Draft of Chapter One.. Subjectivity Performance.. Book Review.. Peer Research Inspiration Presentation.. Academic Writing Repository..

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  • Title: Qualspace: Helpful Information for EDLEA 838 - Qualscape
    Descriptive info: Helpful resources.. This page contains information and resources that could be helpful for students as they journey through qualitative research methods.. All About Isms.. Codes, Categories, and Themes Exercise.. Interview Notes.. Phenomenological Research.. Understanding Various Paradigms.. Worksheet 2.. Practical Matters - Literature Review.. Narrative Analysis.. Madonna Reinvented Isms.. APA Manuscript Template.. Feminist Theories.. Paradigms of Postpositvist Inquiry.. Qualitative Interview Guide.. Worksheet 1.. Worksheet 3.. Thinking About Your Research Project.. Writing Qualitative Research Purpose and Questions.. Subjectivity Story..

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  • Title: EDCEP 816: Research Methods in Education - Qualscape
    Descriptive info: Lecture Presentations.. Resources.. Sample Quizzes.. and Exams..

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  • Title: EDCEP 816 RUBRICS - Qualscape
    Descriptive info: Rubrics for EDCEP 816: RESEARCH METHODS IN EDUCATION.. The following rubrics should be used as guidelines for this course.. Please know that not all the rubrics are applicable to you in the semester that you are taking this course.. Refer to your syllabus for the applicable rubrics.. Please communicate with your instructor at any point during the course if you have questions.. Discussion and Participation.. Final Research Design - Qualitative.. (Previous semesters).. Final Research Design - Quantitative..

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  • Title: EDCEP 816: Lecture Presentations - Qualscape
    Descriptive info: Lecture presentations.. The following are some PowerPoint presentations of the chapters assigned for reading in the Creswell text.. Depending on which edition you are using the title of the chapter and the chapter number may or may not match.. Go through the presentation and focus on the title and content of the chapter instead of matching  ...   a Research Problem.. Chapter 5: Specifying a Purpose, Research Questions Hypotheses.. Chapter 7: Analyzing Interpreting Quantitative Data.. Chapter 9: Analyzing Interpreting Qualitative Data.. Chapter 13: Survey Designs.. Chapter 2: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches.. Chapter 4: Reviewing the Literature.. Chapter 6: Collecting Quantitative Data.. Chapter 8: Collecting Qualitative Data.. Chapter 11: Experimental Designs.. Chapter 18: Action Research Designs..

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  • Title: EDCEP 816: Sample Exam and Quizzes - Qualscape
    Descriptive info: Sample exam and Quizzes.. There are some sample exam and quizzes in your handbook.. However, if you needed to practice more, here are some more quizzes and sample exams for you.. Please keep in mind these are reviews used in other institutions with different syllabi and the content of these exams and quizzes may or may  ...   of what might be expected in these assessments.. Additionally, in the past sometimes the students had to take a surprise quiz.. In this course, there will be NO surprise quizzes.. All quiz dates are announced in the syllabus.. Sample Quiz 1.. Sample Midterm Review.. Sample Midterm.. Sample Quiz 2.. Sample Final Exam Review.. Sample Final Exam..

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  • Title: EDCEP 816 Resources - Qualscape
    Descriptive info: helpful resources.. The following are some resources put together for you that might be of use to you during various parts of the semester.. Qualitative Research Scenarios.. Sample Research Purpose and Questions.. Cheat sheet.. Quantitative Research Scenarios.. Worksheet for Research Design..

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  • Title: EDLEA 986/938 Rubrics - Qualscape
    Descriptive info: Data Inventory and Project Description.. Arts-based research paper.. Final publishable paper.. Inductive Analysis Paper.. Chapter 3.. Community Engagement..

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  • Title: Qualspace: Sample Dissertations - Qualscape
    Descriptive info: sample dissertations.. The following are dissertations on various topics driven by qualitative inquiry, that are publicly available for downloading and educational purposes.. Technology Integration.. An exploration of Internet use by Salvadoran immigrants.. (Participatory approach and constant comparative analysis.. ).. Social studies teachers' perspectives of technology integration.. (Interview study, inductive analysis.. K-12 Education and Instructional Practices.. When am I ever going to use this? Teachers' instructional practices with contextual problems.. (Grounded theory.. Sociocultural context of young adolescent girls' motivation for school mathematics: An ethnographic case study.. (Ethnographic case study, Inductive Analysis, Math Education.. An autoethnography: A mathematics teacher's journey of identity construction and change.. (Autoethnography, Math Education.. The perspectives of veteran high school teachers participating in a voluntary peer coaching program.. The acquisition of pedagogical content knowledge by provisionally certified science teachers.. (Symbolic interpretivism, Grounded theory,.. science education.. Aesthetic development through sociocultural learning: A challenge for standards in the elementary art classroom.. (Arts-based Educational Research, Narrative Analysis.. Deconstructing Disability and (Special) Education: A Rhizoanalysis.. (Deconstructive poststructural ethnography, rhizoanalysis.. An arts-based narrative inquiry Into co-planning and teaching elementary science using the visual arts.. (Arts-based narrative methods, Science Education.. The dynamics of agency in two secondary level inquiry-based classrooms: A focus on struggling.. readers.. (Ethnographic methods, inductive analysis, science education.. Negotiating the mentor protégé.. relationship: What can be learned from the experience?.. (Ethnographic methods, narrative analysis, science education).. Living in a fishbowl: Teachers' emotions.. during a comprehensive school reform initiative.. (Symbolic Interationism, ethnography.. An archeology of emotional disturbance..  ...   Latino students with learning disability at the postsecondary level: A narrative journey.. (Interpretivism with Narrative representation.. The journey into self-regulation and identity: Students' perspectives of the transition to higher education.. (Interpretive study informed by phenomenology and constructionism.. A Phenomenological study of Asian graduate students' identity formation in Art Education and Art Management Programs in the United States.. (Phenomenology, Art Education.. Developing higher order thinking Skills: Chinese graduate students in programs of social science, humanities, and education in the United States.. Literacy Studies.. Authoring self: Framing narratives of women Diagnosed with mood disorders.. (Narrative inquiry, case study.. To be African or not to be: An Autoethnographic Content Analysis of the Works of Dr.. Asa Grant Hilliard, III (Nana Baffour Amankwatia, II).. (Autoethnography, content analysis.. Troubling identity and literacy: Young adolescents' subjectivities and literacies using popular culture texts.. (Poststructural theory, rhizoanalysis with influence of interpretivism.. Literacy practices of four Korean-English bilingual students in three contexts: A multiple case study.. (Case study, ethnographic methods, inductive analysis.. Multiliteracies and design: Multimodality in the Appalachian trail thru-hiking community.. (Ethnography, inductive analysis.. (No)Bodies in education: Blurred boundaries in teacher-student relationships.. (.. Feminist, quasi poststructural theoretical framework, Interview Study, Inductive Analysis.. Protecting white privilege: A legal historical analysis of desegregation in Kansas, 1881-1951.. (Legal historical analysis.. "I am no angel but that doesn't mean that I can't fly": Working class girls' constructions of identities within the context of a youth center for "at-risk" girls in the southern U.. S.. (Ethnomethodology and ethnography..

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