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  • Title: Kalahari Peoples Fund
    Descriptive info: .. To stay up to date with events.. and news, be sure to visit our.. related websites and like us on.. Facebook:.. Kalahari Peoples.. Network.. Ju/ hoan Transcription.. Group (on Facebook).. Welcome to the Kalahari Peoples Fund.. The Kalahari Peoples Fund was founded in 1973 by members of the Harvard.. Kalahari Research Group, and has held 501(c)(3) status since 1978.. For.. almost 40 years our organization has been composed of volunteer.. professional anthropologists, development workers, linguists, educators and.. other experts; who have worked closely with these peoples and are familiar.. with their contemporary situations.. Our volunteers respond to requests by the.. San, Nama, Tyua and other indigenous Kalahari communities to advocate,.. advise, research and fundraising for emerging situations and much needed.. community projects.. Our organization provides responsible information and research on the.. Kalahari peoples for lawyers, students, volunteers and eco-travelers interested.. in Southern Africa.. We also give talks and workshops at many national and.. international venues to inform academia and the public about the current state.. of the Kalahari peoples.. Kalahari Peoples Fund 2010.. Kalahari Peoples Fund.. Promote Your Page Too.. SASI Will Be Hosting the.. First Ever Kalahari Desert.. Festival in 2013!.. The purpose of the festival is to.. bring indigenous and "world"..  ...   will host.. this event close to human rights.. day (which is on 21st march).. The.. event will also be used as an.. opportunity to promote various.. rights issues, and because next.. year is the.. centenary of the 1913 Land Act in.. South Africa, we will be focusing.. on land and environmental issues.. For this first event, we would like.. to incorporate musicians and.. dancers from Namibia, Botswana.. and Angola.. It is with Great Sadness.. We Mourn the Passing of.. Dr.. Alexander Campbell.. (1932-2012).. Alec Campbell, co-founder of.. The Botswana Society, died on.. Saturday, 24 November 2012.. He.. was 80 years of age.. Alec was.. one of Botswana s foremost.. experts on the country s people,.. their history and pre-history, and.. the nation s physical heritage.. Alec has supported and inspired.. countless individuals in their.. endeavours to broaden knowledge.. and understanding of Botswana.. Alec was predeceased by his.. children Clare and Ian, and is.. survived by his wife, Judy, sons.. Colin and Niall and daughter.. Heather.. Funeral services will be.. conducted at the Campbell.. residence, Crocodile Pools, on.. 2nd December 2012, at 7 a.. m.. For a complete copy of the.. obituary, please.. click here.. to.. download.. For a biography and.. list of published materials, please..

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  • Title: Kalahari Peoples Fund Page 2.
    Descriptive info: The San Peoples.. Formally referred to as "Bushmen," the different San language groups of.. Namibia met in late 1996 and agreed to allow the general term "San" to.. designate them externally.. The KPF website provides updates on the.. struggles for political, economic and cultural self-determination of the.. indigenous inhabitants of Namibia, Botswana, and other countries of.. Southern Africa.. Currently, there are over 95,000 people defined as San in Southern Africa.. Nearly half of these people are in the Republic of Botswana, and a third are in.. Namibia.. Some of these people face economic difficulties in part because.. they have not been able to take advantage of some of the opportunities.. offered to their fellow citizens due to remoteness, insufficient information.. about the availability of funds, or lack of technical assistence.. Frequently Asked Questions.. To what extent are the San people still "pristine"?.. The question of "pristine-ness" is a troublesome, and to an extent, old-.. fashioned concept to most anthropologists.. There is a vast amount of oral,.. linguistic, ethnographic and archaeological evidence to suggest that San.. people have had relationships (trade, kin, etc.. ) with surrounding ethnic.. groups  ...   the only means by which people feed themselves.. The San are often.. characterized as hunter/gatherers or foragers, and to an extent this obscures.. the (much messier) reality that their cultures can be hallmarked as.. extremely fluid.. In other words, people of the Kalahari will turn to.. capitalism, agriculture, horticulture, pastoralism, hunting and/or gathering.. as the situation calls for it.. This is a fitting subsistence strategy given the.. climate of the Kalahari.. I am a filmmaker, documentary or otherwise, hoping to film.. members of the San community.. Can KPF provide me with the.. information/contacts necessary for me to accomplish this?.. Yes, KPF is willing to help filmmakers by providing contact information.. with the local leaders and representatives necessary to film members of the.. San community.. To request this information, please email us at:.. information kalaharipeoples.. org.. and include answers to the following.. questions:.. (1) What is the concept of the film/documentary? Please be specific about.. role of San peoples within the proposed film.. (2) How will local people be involved in the production of the film or.. documentary?.. (3) How will local people benefit from the film or documentary?..

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  • Title: Kalahari Peoples Fund Page 3.
    Descriptive info: Current Projects.. Kalahari Peoples Network.. Kalahari Peoples Network is a project of, and strongly linked to, the Kalahari.. Peoples Fund.. It is designed to be just that bit in advance of a change that is.. rapidly taking place in even the most remote rural communities.. High-speed.. connections are being installed and gradually improved.. People speaking San.. languages are working on computers, communicating and learning through.. them.. The Internet has arrived.. Launched in late July, 2008, the site has already proved to be a focus of.. interest.. But this is just the beginning.. It will take time to build confidence.. and skills in new writers.. It will take time to collect and collate material that.. is currently stored all over the world, all over the web.. So view this, please,.. as a starting point.. We welcome contributions from anyone with an item of.. news, a photograph to share, a point to raise, a link to their own website to.. publicise; a story to tell.. To submit a new item to KPN, please email us at.. media kalaharipeoples.. net.. , or vist our website:.. kalaharipeoples.. Central Kalahari Game Reserve Support.. KPF is one of a large group of non-governmental and quasi-governmental.. organizations, both in Southern Africa and outside of it, that concern.. themselves with the troubled situation of the G/wi and G//ana Bushmen and.. other peoples of Botswana's Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR).. KPF's.. role within this important grouping has been to provide factual information.. for legal actions taken on behalf of the peoples of the CKGR--before and.. after the recent landmark success of their suit to be allowed to  ...   such projects in Africa.. Community Water and Resource Development.. KPF has provided major funding and consultation to a group of projects in.. Namibia and Botswana that fall under the heading of Community-Based.. Natural Resource Management (CBNRM).. Funding has supported borehole.. drilling so that water and land rights coud be established; geneological work.. and land use mapping to support land claims; local community development.. liaison officers to consult for and monitor collective action projects; the.. provision of professional environmental information to support sustainable.. development; and the protection of community water supplies against.. elephant depradation.. Kalahari Healing Narratives, Folklore and Oral History.. KPF has been asked to provide training so that the San and other peoples of.. the Kalahari can themselves produce texts and visual materials for their.. community schools and archives.. To fulfill this request, KPF members who.. are professional linguists and anthropologists are calling on over three.. decades of informed knowledge of the languages and traditions of these.. peoples.. Computer literacy and training in digital recording technology.. began in 2001 and will continue for as long as there is a community desire for.. this assistence.. Construction has begun on a high speed internet connection.. in Nyae Nyae, Namibia to facilitate materials produciton, archiving and.. access.. To read more about folklore and oral history, please visit our.. Resources page.. Administrative Support.. For almost 40 years, KPF's projects have been carried out with the volunteer.. labor of professional anthropologists, linguists, educators and writers.. Though our overhead costs are minimal, KPF relies on your donations for the.. administrative expenses necessary to support all of our projects.. We.. appreciate your help!.. Past Projects..

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  • Title: Kalahari Peoples Fund Page 5.
    Descriptive info: Resources.. Below is an archive of resouces made available through donations from.. members of the San community, as well as professional anthropologists.. and linguists working with the San people.. To suggest or donate a new.. resource, please email us at:.. org.. Kalahari Peoples Fund on Facebook.. Current Situations Facing the San Peoples of Southern Africa.. Indigenous South African Tea Proving to be a Health Remedy.. Legal Assitance Centre-Namibia.. The Botswana Center for Human Rights.. International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs.. Indigenous Peoples of Africa Co-ordinating Committee on Facebook.. Working Group of Indigenous Minorities in Southern Africa.. United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII).. Steps in the Formation of Community-Based Resource Management.. Institutions and Legal Bodies for Conservation and Development.. Activities in Botswana.. Kalahari Debate Bibliography.. Ju/'hoan San Bibliography.. Human Rights Bibliography.. Health, Nutrition and Genetics of the San Khoekhoe of Southern.. Africa Bibliography.. The Kalahari Basin Area.. Documentation of Endangered Languages (DoBeS).. Endangered Languages Archive (ELAR).. The Ju|'hoan Transcription Community Trust on Facebook.. Ju/ hoan Folktales: Transcriptions and English Translations: A.. Literacy Primer by and for Youth and Adults of the Ju/ hoan.. Community.. The Ju/ hoan San of Nyae Nyae and Namibian Independence:.. Development, Democracy, and Indigenous Voices in Southern Africa.. J.. utta Vogel Stiftung.. C.. ultural Survival.. K.. uru Family of Organizations.. onvention on Biological Diversity.. N.. yae Nyae Development Foundation of Namibia.. List of Non-Governmental Organizations in Botswana.. yae Nyae Conservancy NASCO Profile.. Working Group of Indigenous Minorities in Southern Africa.. (WIMSA).. Ju/ hoan  ...   San of.. Nyae Nyae and.. Namibian.. Independence:.. Development,.. Democracy, and.. Indigenous Voices in.. The Ju/'hoan San, or Ju/'hoansi,.. of Namibia and Botswana are.. perhaps the most fully described.. indigenous people in all of.. anthropology.. This is the story of.. how this group of former hunter-.. gatherers, speaking an exotic.. click language, formed a.. grassroots movement that led.. them to become a dynamic part.. of the new nation that grew from.. the ashes of apartheid South West.. Africa.. While coverage of this.. group in the writings of Richard.. Lee, Lorna Marshall, Elizabeth.. Marshall Thomas, and films by.. John Marshall includes extensive.. information on their traditional.. ways of life, this book continues.. the story as it has unfolded since.. 1990.. Peopled with accounts of.. and from contemporary Ju/'hoan.. people, the book gives newly-.. literate Ju/'hoansi the chance to.. address the world with their own.. voices.. In doing so, the images.. and myths of the Ju/'hoan and.. other San (previously called.. Bushmen") as either noble.. savages or helpless victims are.. discredited.. This important book.. demonstrates the responsiveness.. of current anthropological.. advocacy to the aspirations of.. one of the best-known.. indigenous societies.. Click here to.. purchase on.. Amazon.. com.. Music of the Kalahari.. San.. CD.. The 'Music of the Kalahari San'.. CD features San healing songs.. featuring voices, instruments, and.. drums.. The CD has 18 tracks and.. is 70 minutes in length.. All proceeds are returned to the.. San Communities in which the.. Kalahari Peoples Fund serves.. 00 USD plus shipping and.. handling..

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  • Title: Kalahari Peoples Fund Page 6.
    Descriptive info: We would also like to thank our corporate and individual sponsors for.. making it possible for the Kalahari Peoples Fund to assist the communities.. in the Kalahari.. Our corporate sponsor:.. The Redbush Tea Company.. Donations.. The Kalahari Peoples Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization, relies on donations.. from individuals, families, businesses, and foundations.. Your on-going.. support means a great deal to KPF, and even more to the communities it.. serves.. KPF accepts general contributions or donations earmarked for specific.. projects, which go directly to the communities in Namibia and Botswana with.. no overhead withdrawn.. Our office in Austin, Texas, is our indispensable base for more than ten yearly.. projects in education and community development for the Kalahari region.. In.. recent years, we have sent more than $45,000 to $50,000 each year to  ...   Individuals, foundations and corporations interested in contributing to the.. Kalahari Peoples Fund by mail, may reach us at the following address:.. PO Box 7855.. University Station.. Austin, Texas 78713-7855.. USA.. Donors will receive receipts of their donation in via mail or Email,.. respectively, for tax purposes and personal records.. To make a secure online.. donation via PayPal, please click on the button below.. Thank you for your interest and support!.. Individuals Making a Difference:.. Every year we are humbled by the gifts of gernous individuals, some of whom.. wish to remain anonymous, who have impacted the lives of so many in the.. Kalahari.. Several of these individuals who have given so graciously that we wish.. to introduce them as our featured young donors.. Learn more about these generous.. individuals.. here..

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  • Title: Kalahari Peoples Fund Page 8.
    Descriptive info: Board of Directors.. Megan Biesele, Ph.. D.. Biesele, Director of KPF, helped to found the organization in 1973 along with other.. members of the Harvard Kalahari Research Group.. For periods in the 1970s, 1980s,.. and 1990s, she worked with the Ju/'hoan San communities in Botswana and Namibia as.. an advocate and documentarian, and served as director of a non-governmental.. organization, the Nyae Nyae Development Foundation of Namibia during the years.. spanning Namibia's transition to independence (1987-1992).. She is a former member.. of the Committee for Human Rights of the American Anthropological Association.. She.. currently holds adjunct professorships in anthropology at Michigan State University.. and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, as well as a Research Associateship at the.. Texas Archaeological Research Lab of the University of Texas at Austin.. Robert K.. Hitchcock, Ph.. Hitchcock, Executive Board Member of KPF, is a Professor of Anthropology and.. Chair of the Department of Anthropology at Michigan State University, East Lansing,.. MI.. In addition to his administrative and teaching duties, he has worked for the past.. twenty-four years in applied research and development monitoring, evaluation and.. implementation, primarily in southern and eastern Africa.. His research interests.. include human rights, indigenous peoples, international social and economic.. development, hunter-gatherers, Africa, te Middle East, and Native North America.. From 1979 to 1997 he served as Co-President, with James I.. Ebert, of the Kalahari.. He is a founding member of the Committee for Human  ...   Dr.. Ebert is a forensic scientist.. and provides expert witness testimony in legal cases for a variety of clients and.. organizations.. Some of the work of Ebert and Associates focuses on land and water use.. rights of Native American tribes.. Ebert was part of the University of New Mexico Kalahari Project, and worked in.. the eastern Kalahari Desert (the Nata River and western sandveld regions of Central.. District, Botswana) in 1975-76.. Besides his work on San, Dr.. Ebert has done land use.. planning and remote sensing training work in Swaziland (1986) and spatial analysis,.. mapping, and distributional archaeology at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania since 1989 as part.. of Rutgers University s Olduvai Landscape Paleoanthropology Project (OLAPP).. He is.. the author of Distributional Archaeology (University of New Mexico Press, 1992;.. University of Utah Press, 2001) and over 200 other articles, papers, book chapters, and.. volumes on subjects ranging from African archaeology to remote sensing and.. photogrammetric applications.. Ebert, Hitchcock, and Biesele have written several.. articles about the San and the work of the Kalahari Peoples Fund.. Advisors.. Consultants.. Lesley Beake.. Magdalena Broermann.. Ebert.. Mathias Guenther.. Jennifer Hays.. Melissa Heckler.. Ulla Kann.. Braam LeRoux.. Willemien LeRoux.. Barbara Macy.. Amanda Miller-Ockhuizen.. Alan G.. Osborn.. Lee James Pratchett.. Jiro Tanaka.. Axel Thoma.. Polly Wiessner.. Fund Founders (1973).. Irven DeVore.. Nancy DeVore.. Patricia Draper.. Henry Harpending.. Nancy Howell.. Richard Katz.. Melvin Konner.. Richard Lee.. John Marshall.. Lorna Marshall.. Marjorie Shostak.. John Yellen..

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  • Title: Kalahari Peoples Fund Page 9.
    Descriptive info: Austin, TX.. 78713-7855.. T: (512) 453-8935.. e:..

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  • Title: Kalahari Peoples Fund Page 4.
    Descriptive info: Past Funded Projects.. Ngamiland Research-Liasion for Basarwa Development, Botswana.. Ngamiland Agricultural Extension, Botswana Brukaros.. Irrigated Gardening Project (Berseba, Namibia).. Rural Development Project (Manxotai, Botswana).. Women's Handicraft Grants (Central District, Botswana).. Community-Based Education Projects.. Epako San Preschool (Gobabis, Namibia).. =Oenie School, !Xoo Community (Marienthal, Namibia).. Namibian College of Education Secondary Extension for Ju/'hoan San.. (Nyae Nyae, Namibia).. Gqaina School (Omaheke Region, Namibia).. San Language Curriculum Develpment Moremogolo Trust, Bana ba.. Metsi School (Maun, Botswana).. Equipment and Uniforms  ...   (National Museum of.. Namibia).. Dobe Land-Mapping Project (Ngamiland, Botswana).. Highlights of KPF Personal Research and Consultation.. Impacts of the Tribal Grazing Land Policy on peoples of the Kalahari.. Impacts of the Special Game License System on San Peoples.. (Botswana).. Provision of Technical Assistance and Information to Local-Level.. Resource Management Projects (Namibia and Botswana).. Documentation of the Formative Years of the Nyae Nyae Conservancy.. (Namibia).. Ju/'hoan Orthography, the Village Schools Project and Curriculum.. Development (Nyae Nyae, Namibia)..

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  • Title: Kalahari Peoples Fund Page 7.
    Descriptive info: The 8th grade curriculum at Hawken Middle School in Lyndhurst,.. Ohio, challenges all students to make a difference in the world.. Unlike most of his classmates, however, Aaron Kohn did more than.. write a paper or a letter to Congress.. Inspired by a short.. documentary feature on the DVD of "The Gods Must Be Crazy,".. Aaron made a documentary of his own.. Then, he invited the.. documentary maker, Daniel Riesenfeld, as well as Megan Biesele.. and Robert Hitchcock of KPF, to speak at a conference at his school.. in order to raise awareness regarding the issues facing the Kalahari.. Preceding the conference, Aaron organized media coverage on.. NPR, local TV stations and printed press, as well as mounting a.. photo exhibit and publicizing the event at his school.. KPF volunteer.. Catherine Collett also visited middle school language classes to.. give presentations on Ju|'hoan language and culture.. The event was.. a great success, bringing together San scholars, the Cleveland.. community, Hawken students, and attendees from across the US as.. well as Botswana, and raising over $4,000 for KPF sponsored projects.. As a 9th grader, Aaron organized a second set of conferences and brought two San leaders to speak at his school, a local.. radio and TV station, and a university in Cleveland.. Through these events, he raised $5,000 for the Nyae Nyae.. Conservancy, the Ju/'hoan peoples organization.. If your school or organization is interested in hosting a similar event, contact KPF for more details.. "The reason why I chose Kalahari Peoples Fund as the charity for my.. donation which was part of my award from school, was due mostly in.. part that I have spent the past summer living in Botswana in a.. homestay and working with Habitat for Humanity.. I lived in the.. rural village of Oodi in a 2 room house with 7 siblings and my.. "mother".. I became extremely close with them, overcoming the.. language barrier and learnt an infinite amount about the country.. and its situation, including the  ...   Botswana and make a difference, for I have traveled the country myself and met many san who have.. told me their detailed stories.. I have also visited Jwaneng, and questioned people involved in Debswana andknow that what.. is happening in the country must not go unchallenged.. Besides Botswana, I have done a lot of charity work for various organizations including Free the children.. (freethechildren.. org) and CARE Canada's Sudan initiative.. For the past year I have been having bakesales and organizing.. events raising a lot of money for the genocide in Sudan but once I realized the plight the san were facing in the country I was.. to be living in, I knew immediately I wanted to do something more than just live in the country.. I miss Botswana so much and would do anything to return but since that is not an immediate possibility, I plan to continue to.. fundraise more for KPF and send letters to my family at 'home' in Oodi.. ".. -Martha Chertkow.. Michael Marx attends Monte del Sol Charter School in Santa Fe, NM.. He.. celebrated his Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, September 11, 2004, at Temple.. Beth Shalom in Santa Fe.. His choice for his 'Tzedakah' project was to.. support the San.. Tzedakah is the Hebrew word for justice.. Michael's.. decision came when he learned that some San people had been evicted.. from their homeland in Botswana's Central Kalahari Game Reserve.. Five San people from Botswana and South Africa visited Monte del Sol.. School in early September 2004, where they participated in a film.. project with classes there.. Michael's Rabbi commented that he was very glad Michael was making.. the connection between the Jews and the San, as both were exiled from.. their ancestral homelands and struggled to maintain their identity,.. language, and traditions.. KPF is very thankful to Michael for his.. donation, as we are for the donations of other middle school and high.. school students over the years.. Aaron Kohn.. Martha Chertkow.. Michael Marx..

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