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    Archived pages: 405 . Archive date: 2014-01.

  • Title: Second Press Release First Stage Campaigns Continue In spite of Illegitimacy of Pursuing Campaigns on Elections Day » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: Second Press Release First Stage Campaigns Continue In spite of Illegitimacy of Pursuing Campaigns on Elections Day.. 28-11-2011, 18:38.. : 689 |.. Parliamentary Elections.. 28.. th.. November 2011.. Second Press Release.. First Stage.. Campaigns Continue In spite of Illegitimacy of Pursuing.. Campaigns on Elections Day.. Transgressions by El Horeya W El Aadala Party.. Outnumbers those Committed by the Dissolved National Party.. Prepared by:.. The Independent Coalition for Elections Observation.. Chaos Continues.. Election Stations without Judges or Voting Cards (Applications).. Filled Voting Cards Given Out to Voters in Kafr el Sheikh.. Religious Parties Violate Regulations in Place.. of the Former National Party.. El Nour Fundamentalist Party Rallies Women to Vote.. The Independent Coalition for the Observation of Elections releases its second announcement.. First day of elections is characterized by a good deal of violations such as distributing filled voting cards or applications in Kafr el Sheikh (in front of An Artisans School) on the behalf of a candidate named Khaleefa Ahmed (independent candidate) and Mohammed El Ekhtyar (independent worker).. Violence.. Cairo Governorate:.. In Zeytoon constituency women supporters of El Horya W El Aadala Party instigated a fight with their counterparts supporting other parties.. One woman was found carrying cold steel weapon in front of Ansaar Sery School.. A scuffle between security forces and voters was witnessed in Matarya in front of El Obour School because it was closed.. Casual injuries were observed.. Kafr El Sheikh Governorate:.. Scuffle amongst supporters of one candidate using knives and swiss knives in front of a preparatory school for boys.. Asiout Governorate:.. In front of El Moabada School a group of people engaged in a fight and security forces managed to disperse them.. Luxor Governorate:.. El Zebedaya School in Arment in stations number 403 and 408 the wives of candidates got in fights  ...   arrival of voting cards.. In El Montazah constituency in stations 375 and 376 voting cards arrived as late as 12 pm.. Insufficient number of voting cards in Gaber Zaitoon west of Alexandria stations 62, 63, and 64 was observed.. Also, some cards were found unsigned or unstamped in Khorshed School and Agricultural Secondary School.. Voters namely Misr El Thawra in Asmaa Abu Bakr School in El Amereya constituency School issued a report against the president of the station bedause of late arrival of voting cards.. In stations 476, 477,478 group voting was tracked on behalf of Muslim Brotherhood.. Fayoom :.. Shusha village started voting at 12 because of late arrival of voting cards.. El Hawary School was closed from12:00 1:00 with the pretext that it is lunch time.. In Sensorus , Fatma El Zahraa there was group voting.. Asiout:.. The candidate Abdullah Mohamed Tamam was eliminated from workers category because he disapproved of the military services.. He pursued lawsuit in judicial court case number 1992for the year 23 because he was moved from workers to lists instead.. He requests the annulment of the elections.. Although illegal campaigns continue:.. In spite of the declaration of the end of campaigns some still continued inside voting stations.. In Port Saeed.. the wife of candidate El Badry Farghaly was advertising for her husband same like El Horeya and El Aadala Party.. In other places this very same party was distributing sugar, rice and other food items among voters.. In Cairo.. supporters of El Nour Party were encouraging and enticing voters to vote for.. El Nour Party.. In Luxor.. in stations 553,554,555 in Mohamed Mahmud Khamees School representors of El Horya and El Aadala Party directed voters to vote for their party.. Operational Room for Election Observation.. 02.. 00 pm.. Print.. Home Page..

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  • Title: Articles for November 2011 Year » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: First Announcement First Day Stage One.. 28-11-2011, 16:25.. : 505 |.. Two thousand four hundred and twenty observers and.. supervisors are present at numerous election stations.. These observers are affiliated to The Egyptian Association.. for Community Participation Enhancement ( EACPE ).. which is a member of the Independent Coalition for Election.. Observation that comprises Cairo Center for Human Rights.. Study and Center for Proper Communication Means for.. Development.. Crisis of Human Rights in Egypt The Bitter Results of Ten Months in the Grip of the Military.. 26-11-2011, 18:04.. : 617 |.. On the 19.. of November, 2011, Egyptians took to the streets and.. squares of Egypt once more in peaceful.. protest, demanding a true.. civil, democratic state consistent with their dreams of last January.. These peaceful, unarmed protestors were met with excessive  ...   condolences to Tahrir square martyrs families and all families of martyrs all over Egypt (martyrs of the second round of the Egyptian revolution); those who faced deliberate murder by security forces.. 33 Egyptian martyr and thousands were injured,.. some with impairments.. Security forces used lethal/toxic gases to break up the sit in,.. Invitation for the Press conference Announcing the progress report of the 1st phase of monitoring 2011 parliamentary elections.. 17-11-2011, 17:44.. : 893 |.. The Independent Coalition for Elections Monitoring, which includes both the Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement and the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, will hold a first press conference to declare the achievements of the first phase of monitoring of the 2011 parliamentary elections.. The conference will take place next Saturday, November 19, at 10:30 a.. m..

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  • Title: Parliament elections 2011 » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: Parliament elections 2011.. 13-10-2011, 14:31.. : 1103 |.. (The insistence of ministry of interior affairs on election's management- Changing the places for receiving the nomination papers which was against the superior committee resolution- Clashes between the nominees and their supporters- Harassment done to female nominees- Complete chaos due to the receiving of nomination papers for advisory and people's councils elections either for individual seats or party lists in one office for each governorate- Some supervising judges prevent parties' nominees from nominating on individual seats the ex-members of the dissolved party el Watany are most of the applicants).. In the frame of field Surveillance on the parliament elections 2011, The Egyptian association for community participation enhancement has followed the nomination procedure in each governorate except for El Wady El Gedid and Marsa Matroh, and so our 250 observers were sent to the 25 governorates specifically 10 observers for each governorate despite the abstention of the superior committee for elections to issue surveillance permissions to our observers which exposed them to the executive authority's bothering.. We noticed the following:.. 1- The judicial committee that supervises the nomination procedure was not abided with the legal time which starts at 9 am, since it started in some governorates at 11 am with no legal reason like Sohage and Alexandria, while at Red Sea, it started at 12pm.. 2- The judicial committee that supervises the elections has deliberately impeded the nomination procedures by forcing the nominee to go to the state security headquarters to issue a certificate that proves that he/she has registered his/her name in the nominees database, which makes the state security is in charge of issuing who can get his/her submission papers into the database causing some of them to refuse the issuance of these certificates in some governorates like Port said and in some governorates it forced the nominees to issue them from police stations.. 3- Complete chaos in receiving nomination papers due to the unavailability of suitable places since the submission of papers for Advisory and people's councils either individually  ...   must be 1000 LE.. 5- The observers and journalists were prevented from entering the headquarters of paper submission.. The superior committee still impedes the issuance of surveillance permissions up till now which caused our observers and journalists to be exposed to the executive authority's assault to prevent them from being present at some submission headquarters as in Sohag and Qena.. 6- The main feature of the first day was that a huge number of the nominees were ex-members of the dissolved party el Watany.. In Qena, out of 14 nominees on individual seats of people's council, 6 nominees were from el Watany, the most prominent of them were Abdel Rihem el Ghol, Fathy Kandil and Hassan Fayez Abou el Wafa.. In Alexandria, there were 4 of them, the most well known was Tarek Talaat Mustafa, the ex-member of the dissolved advisory council, this year he has submitted for people's council as an independent.. In north Sinai, 2 have submitted out of 9 members, the most known of them was dr.. Suliman Abaza, the dissolved party nominee for occupational seat in 2010 elections and Mr.. Mohammed Lofty, the party's lawyer as well as Hesham Kamal the ex- member in 2000 people's council and ex-nominee in 2010 elections.. In Menofia, 6 members of el Watany out of 10 nominees submitted up till now.. In Damanhur, Mr.. Shams el Din Anwar has submitted, he was the party's nominee in 2005 elections (occupational- Shubrakheit) and has rivaled in the 2010 electoral compound for the party.. In Beni Sweif, Mr.. Ali el Badry the.. ex- member (2000-2010) has submitted as well as Mr.. Hesham Magdy, an ex-member of advisory council.. Also in Cairo, Mr.. Said Abou el Einen (Shubra area) and Mr.. Nabil George Hanna (El Salam area) have submitted to the committee.. 7- Notices disorder in the process of receiving submission papers on party lists' seats in Port Said, where the submission committee refused to accept many submission papers over these seats.. Operations room.. The Egyptian association for community participation enhancement.. 12th October 2011, 12pm..

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  • Title: Summary for July 2011 Report: Democracy Status in Egypt » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: Summary for July 2011 Report: Democracy Status in Egypt.. 9-10-2011, 18:05.. : 677 |.. To view the full report press here :.. http://www.. en.. mosharka.. org/pdf/Summary for July 2011 Report.. pdf..

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  • Title: Press Release » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: Press Release.. 9-10-2011, 15:43.. : 591 |.. The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement (EACPE), in cooperation with Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), holds an international conference entitled" South-South Dialogue on Constitution Building Processes: Strengthening Constitutional Legitimacy through Inclusive and Participatory Drafting Processes during the period 10-12 October 2011 at Semiramis Intercontinental- Cairo, Egypt.. The conference aims at establishing a wide international and societal dialogue on drafting the constitution during the transition phase in Egypt.. The dialogue answers a set of questions and solves a number  ...   democratic process of drafting the constitution will strengthen the legitimacy of the constitution or not.. Furthermore, the conference tackles certain aspects such as decentralization of the process, the criteria of the constituent assembly and the different aspects of human rights.. The conference will be attended by a number of Egyptian, regional and international constitutional and legal experts, as well as members of constituent assemblies from Southern countries.. Attendees are coming from Egypt, the Arab World, Australia as well as Asian, African and Latin American countries.. Invitations are personalized..

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  • Title: Results and Recommendations on the Referendum on the Constitutional Amendments 2011 » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: Results and Recommendations on the Referendum on the Constitutional Amendments 2011.. 22-03-2011, 12:30.. : 1801 |.. The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement (EACPE) has followed the referendum on the constitutional amendments, which took place on Saturday the 19th of March 2011.. The Higher Judicial Committee supervising the referendum announced that the turnout rate was 41%.. EACPE issued a preliminary report about its vision for the constitutional declaration issued by the Military Council determining the articles to be amended, the formation of the committee that frames the amended articles, and the decisions of this esteemed committee, the stance of different political movements regarding these amendments and EACPE's vision for the amendments and to what extent they are valid to administrate a transitional phase that leads to a democratic transition in Egypt.. EACPE issues today a report on the indicators for the referendum as follows:.. Firstly:.. the Egyptian Citizens, who impressed the whole world with their revolution, were an example for civilization.. Those who claimed that it is not yet the right time for democracy, and that Egyptians are not ready to practice it, were the ones responsible for corrupting the Egyptian political life with their security agendas and their directed media.. They were the ones responsible for corruption, oppression and poverty for 30 years.. Without appropriate preparation, and while having an unstable security situation because of the reluctant police apparatus, and without having firm decisions by the army, the Egyptians arranged themselves with no recorded organized violence, thuggery or bribery.. Furthermore, the referendum did not witness some negative phenomena, which used to prevail before, such as preventing voters from accessing polling stations.. In addition, no obvious rigging or harassment took place, which proves the point we raised in our previous reports that the regime was responsible for these phenomena.. Although there was no real or genuine discussions about these amendments, the citizens' will to frame a new future and their belief that their votes are the price for freedom and democracy led to having this high turnout, especially among women, youth and Copts.. Secondly:.. weak preparation, planning and organization were the main features of the Referendum Day.. Although the Higher Committee for Supervising the Referendum, headed by Chancellor Dr.. Mohamed Attia, was integrate and neutral, it did not have the sufficient time needed for good preparation of the referendum, and to properly manage this day to meet this very high turnout, which was expected after the Revolution.. In addition, there was no separate administrative body, independent of the Executive Authority, to help the Committee in performing its duty.. Furthermore, the Committee did not have a separate budget.. All the aforementioned points, as well as expediting the issuance of these amendments without proper awareness for citizens, poor preparation of polling stations to receive voters, the unawareness of employees, assisting the judges about the rules of the electoral process due to lack of training, the unawareness of judges about  ...   aforementioned observations raise concerns about the future of democracy in the coming phase and need clarification and practical steps by the Muslim Brotherhood regarding their stance from respecting citizenship, equality values, equal opportunities and the democratic system.. Recommendations:.. We need a comprehensive review for the legislations organizing the Egyptian elections, and to delegate the organizing of elections to a neutral and independent committee.. This committee cannot be dissolved and shall supervise the whole electoral process starting with registration in electoral lists, candidacy, campaigning and the Election Day.. This committee should have a separate budget and a comprehensive administrative body that is permanent and work on fulltime basis.. The committee could also seek the assistance of and train university students and Civil Society activists during administering the electoral process.. Furthermore, polling stations should be prepared to receive voters in a manner that guarantees the confidentiality of voting and a humane treatment for voters and employees, and to guarantee free and easy voting for the elderly and the physically-challenged voters.. Furthermore, guarantees should be provided to prohibit the use of money, thuggery and influence as well as using religion to affect voters.. A national dialogue should be held around these guarantees and regarding whether to have an individual or lists-based electoral system.. The referendum on the constitutional amendments proved that it is almost impossible to hold an election in one day for numerous reasons, on top of which the limited number of judges to guarantee real judicial supervision on elections, and the very high turnout after providing guarantees for free and fair elections.. This means that more than 40 million voters will head to polling stations to practice their right of voting, which cannot be organized in one day.. The results of the referendum, and the discussion on the amendments by the society, proved that there are rising civil and democratic political movements that expressed their will to establish a modern civil state based on equality between all citizens.. These civil movements were prohibited from organizing and communication with citizens due to the fact that the administrative and security apparatuses of the Executive Authority monopolized the Egyptian Political life.. On the other hand, other political movements used religious discourse that touches the emotions of Egyptians.. Moreover, the fact that the security and administrative apparatuses of the Executive authority used to discriminate against them led to having more sympathy with them by the citizens.. Besides, these movements have the needed materials, in terms of money and organizing.. Therefore, the opportunity of organizing and communication with citizens must be allowed to these civil democratic movements, which is accompanied by expediting the issuance of Party-Establishment laws without unnecessary conditions and that political parties have to be established with only notification.. Finally, the parliamentary elections should be postponed for a year, and a constitutional declaration has to be issued to prevent the monopolizing of the political life in the hands of the military..

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  • Title: The referendum on the constitutional amendments 2011 Fifth Statement » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: The referendum on the constitutional amendments 2011 Fifth Statement.. 21-03-2011, 12:04.. : 1154 |.. The referendum on the constitutional amendments 2011.. Fifth Statement.. Greetings to the Egyptian citizen, who, in spite of the difficulties they encountered with voting, went through it bravely and patiently.. It was crowded, tight in time, and unprepared for in a flagrant manner.. Violations persisted, including breaching their confidentiality, group votes and to the non-use of phosphoric ink in some cases.. Mohamed Hassan and the Fundamentalist Sheikhs did not respect the queues of voters, Flooding crowds until the last minute.. The day ended without negatively affecting the will of citizens.. Egyptians surpassed themselves in their first democratic experiment post the revolution of the 25th of January.. The mal-preparation of the whole electoral process did not affect their morale and they still stood in long queues, patiently and enthusiastically, until after 7:00 p.. Breaching the confidentiality of votes, group voting and carelessness to dip fingers in phosphoric ink led a lot of youth to form popular committees to organize the queues of voters and to ensure that they use phosphoric ink properly.. When the filtering and counting process started, our observers were banned from accessing some polling stations.. Our observers at 6th of October Schools reported the attendance of workers of Al Tawheed Wa Al Nour stores  ...   Ammar Ibn Yasser polling station, Shubra Al Khaima, voting stopped because of the crowdedness.. In Drenka, Assiyut, only voters from Drenka were allowed to vote.. At Huda Shaarawi polling station, Madinet Al Salam, voting stopped at 6:30 due to the fact the lack of voting cards.. At Mahmoud Sedki polling station, Sidi Bish-Alexandria, fundamentalists controlled the polling station to push voters to vote "Yes".. At Abu Al Matamir, Al Behira, employees inside polling stations directed voters to vote "Yes".. At the "Hotel School" polling station, Heliopolis, the head of the polling station announced that he will stop voting at 7:00 p.. regardless of the crowdedness.. At Al-Rashad polling station, Mattareya, a woman accompanied a mentally-challenged guy to vote, he voted although this violated the law.. At Al-Zaher Secondary School for Girls polling station, our observers reported that one of the employees received phone calls from relatives and friends who asked him to vote for them; he wrote down their ID numbers and full names and voted on their behalf.. When our observer objected, the employee banned our observer from accessing the polling station during the counting and filtering phase.. Our observers at Warrak Al Hadar noted that an employee was directing illiterate voters to vote "Yes".. The Operations Room for Monitoring the Referendum- EACPE.. Cairo, 19th of March 2011, 8:15 p..

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  • Title: Referendum on the constitutional amendments 2011- Fourth Statement » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: Referendum on the constitutional amendments 2011- Fourth Statement.. 21-03-2011, 11:55.. : 1073 |.. Inhumane treatment for employees inside polling stations and complaints about mal-preparation a judge and a head of a committee doesn't know where he's going to count the votes till 16:00 continued interference by the Muslim Brotherhood and Fundamentalists to direct voters and terrorize them to vote "Yes".. Our observers received numerous oral complaints from employees inside polling stations from receiving inappropriate treatment, such as confiscating their IDs one day in advance, not providing a meal throughout the day, and the lack of communication with the Higher Committee to give them proper instructions.. At the same time, the head of committees 62, 63, 64 and 65 asked our observer about the place of filtering and counting at 4:00 a.. This means that he did not know where the counting process will take place.. This shows the mal-preparation of this important day.. Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood and the fundamentalists made use of this confusion by controlling polling stations, especially in rural governorates targeting illiterate voters to direct them to vote "Yes" under religious pretexts.. At Bashteel polling station, Giza, youth of the Muslim Brotherhood and fundamentalists controlled the polling station directing the voters  ...   started where six people were injured, namely: Salah Galal, Mahmoud Galal, Mostafa Salah, Mohamed Salah, Abdel Aal Mohamed and Ali Abdel Aal.. They were all transferred to the general hospital in Assiut.. At the Cornville Village, Qanater Khaireyya, Qalioubeyya, the head of the polling station voted on behalf of the voters.. Nag'e Hammadi, Qena, the voting cards were not stamped.. At the Amr Ibn Al Aass, Suez, our observers noted that the procedures were too slow, and that the there were group votes not stopped by judges.. At the King Fahad School, Nasr City, the personnel in charge of the polling stations misled illiterate voters to automatically check (The Green Box).. At Basateen Religious Institute Polling Station, the room had four different boxes and four different registers.. Voters were left to sign their names in any register and to throw their cards in any box randomly.. In Qaft City, Qena, a car roamed the streets urging citizens to vote "Yes" to assert our identities as part of an Islamic State.. At Sadat School, Haram, there was a blackout and people were banned from continuing their voting process.. The Central Operations Room.. Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement.. Cairo March 19th, 2011 at 6:00 PM..

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  • Title: Referendum on the constitutional amendments 2011 Urgent Press Release » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: Referendum on the constitutional amendments 2011 Urgent Press Release.. 20-03-2011, 14:23.. : 1185 |.. Urgent Press Release.. Developments:Dr.. Mohamed Baradei was assaulted.. Activists Seif Nasrawy, Fayrouz Karawya, and Ragya Omran were captured and a number of activists pro-Baradei were injured.. The Operations Room at EACPE (Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement) received a complaint from activists at the National Association for Change, as its head Dr.. Mohamed Baradei was assaulted while he was waiting to vote in front of Al Shaimaa School in Moqattam area, Cairo.. They reported that some fundamentalists and thugs loudly cheered "YES- YES" and  ...   the injury of the activist Ahmed El Gohary, and the kidnapping of Seif Nasrawi and Fayrouz Karawya, and their subsequent detention by the military police.. Also, Ragya Omran, (one of the observers of EACPE), and her sister were both detained near Cairo Southern Court.. EACPE pleas to the Higher Committee for the Supervision of the Referendum to interfere with the Military Police and the Military Council to immediately release these activists and to open an investigation for the attack against Dr.. Baradei and his supporters, and to ensure the protection of Ms.. Ragya Omran and her immediate release..

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  • Title: Referendum on the constitutional amendments 2011- Third Statement » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: Referendum on the constitutional amendments 2011- Third Statement.. 19-03-2011, 22:54.. : 1441 |.. Citizens vote and organize voting police records filed by voters for having unstamped voting cards Muslim Brotherhood and Fundamentalists play the same role of old security apparatuses some committees are still without judges No instructions given for voters Judges do not have specific instructions and do not know how to handle the situation.. It was almost midday and the voters were increasing in number.. And in spite of the extreme crowdedness, citizens organized themselves in front of the voting committees in a very civilized manner that reflects of Egypt post-revolution.. This image that was not tainted except with the behavior of the Muslim Brotherhood, assisted by the fundamentalists, who insisted on campaigning inside and outside the polling stations in order to urge, and sometimes force, voters to choose "Yes" whether owed to claims of stability, or instigating them against Copts in order to "save" the second article of the constitution from being removed, although it was never even suggested for amendment.. They went so far as to control the polling stations entirely, in a manner that reminds us of Security apparatuses pre January 25th.. Their mission was assisted by the shortage in instructions to voters as well as the increasing levels of illiteracy and the unawareness of supervising judges of numerous details that have to do with running the referendum as they were only assigned yesterday (as per what these judges have informed citizens).. Our observers reported the following:.. Four citizens in Al Moski neighborhood, Cairo including Ms.. Mona Abdel Salam filed police records under number 503, complaining that the voting cards were not stamped at the Rowaie School.. At the Amin Al-Raie polling Station in Maadi, our observers noted that voters were not given instructions on the technicalities of voting, which led many of their votes to be annulled.. This was reported to having been the mistake of the polling stations supervisors.. At the Red Sea School, Shorouk City, a number of women wearing niqab were pressing women voters to choose "Yes".. In front of the Boys Secondary School, Tama-Sohag, a car, with the Egyptian Flag, was seen putting a "Yes" sign instead of the license plate.. At the Religious Institute, Mansoura, our observers reported that the phosphorous ink is easily removed.. Numerous voters voted twice.. At Amin Al-Raie School, Maadi, our observers reported that the phosphorous ink is easily removed.. At Al-Shaimaa School, Sheraton  ...   Brotherhood give candies and napkins for those who voted "Yes" in front of Al-Nahda School, at Birket Al- Sabaa.. The Army pushed away two of them whose names are Diar El Birky and Ahmed Soliman Khalil.. At Al Nogoum School, Heliopolis, a voter has filed a police report No.. 2143 Administrative, to prove that the Phosphorous ink is easily removed.. At Al-Nile Primary School,Warrak-Giza, our observers reported that fundamentalists were found inside the campus of the school directing the voters to vote "Yes".. They also reported that voting cards were not stamped there as well as at Kabish Youth Center, Faial-Giza.. At the Village Council of Nida, Sohag, a number of young people were carrying "Yes" signs inside the polling station.. In Imbaba Sanaye' School, employees vote on behalf of voters.. At Mit Ya'ish Preparatory School, a number of Muslim Brotherhood members publicized for "Yes" and encouraging voters to vote "Yes" inside the polling station.. At the Girls School, Kafr Al Dawar- Beheira, a number of Muslim Brotherhood members publicized for "Yes".. Voters complained to the judge, who told them that he asked the police more than once to take them out but they refused to do so.. At Kolleyet Al Banat polling station, Heliopolis, no dark curtains are found to guarantee secrecy of voting, and employees inside the polling station tried to know whether voters chose "Yes" or "No".. At Tabary School, Heliopolis, no dark curtains are found to guarantee secrecy of voting, and employees inside the polling station tried to direct voters to vote "Yes".. At the polling station of Mohamed Koraim School, Ezbet Al Nakhl, some people were inside the playground directing voters to vote "Yes".. In Mansoureya, 6th of October, some Muslim Brotherhood members insisted to convince voters to choose "Yes".. In Zefta, Gharbeya, our observers noted the absence of judges inside five close polling stations: Kafr Shubra School, Hanout School, Kafr Sonbat School and Wehdet Sonbat and Dahtoura School.. This resulted in the delay of starting the voting process.. In Qena governorate, there were no judges inside the polling station of "Wehda Mogamma'a" village in Abu Tesht Center.. Administrative employees forced the voters to vote for "Yes".. In Hadayek Al Kobba constituency, the Muslim Brotherhood publicized for "Yes" inside and outside the polling stations of "Nokrashi" and "Abdel Aziz Ashmawi" Schools.. At Khansaa School, Somouha- Alexandria, our observers noted that the phosphorous ink is easily removed.. Operating room Saturday, January 19, 2011.. 3:30 pm..

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  • Title: The referendum on the constitutional amendments 2011 The Second Statement » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: The referendum on the constitutional amendments 2011 The Second Statement.. 19-03-2011, 20:08.. : 1376 |.. The Second Statement.. "We would like to plea to the Higher Committee for the Supervision of the Referendum to amend the current status quo and send Stamped Voting Forms to the Voting Committees to ensure that no playing around with the votes happens.. The personnel in charge of the committees are leading voters to choose "Yes".. The fundamentalists are encouraging voters outside voting committees to choose "Yes" to counter the votes of Christians.. The phosphoric ink is removable.. Crowds of "group votes" are formed, which is against the confidentiality of voting and which is used by the Muslim Brotherhood to push voters to choose "Yes".. Women who were "Niqabs- aka covering their faces" do not remove the veil off their faces nor remove their gloves to put the phosphoric ink".. The crowds flooded referendum committees among forms of poor preparation for the whole voting process, on top of which the shortage of stamped voting cards, a thing that might question the integrity of the referendum as a whole, and leave room for manipulating votes.. This is why we plea to the Higher Committee for the Supervision of the Referendum to interfere to fix the current status quo.. The Muslim Brotherhood, in collaboration with fundamentalist groups, continued their attempts to influence voters to choose "Yes" to counter the votes of Christians.. They were helped with personnel in charge of the voting committees, who were making claims that "Yes" will ensure stability.. Also, some of our observers asserted that the phosphoric ink is removable with as little as water and soap.. The fact that some of the voting committees were overcrowded and do not have curtains, allowed for group votes for "Yes" with the primary assistance of the Muslim Brotherhood.. Our observers made the following remarks:.. At the Tahrir Committee (Toukh Center, Qalioubeyya governorate) the employees of the committees are leading people to choose "Yes.. At Gankleez Secondary School, Alexandria, the voting cards are not stamped.. At the Khlofaa Rashedeen School, Haram, Giza, a number of people were campaigning inside the school for "Yes".. At the Qawmeyya School for Girls, Roxi, Cairo, the voting cards are not stamped and there are no curtains.. At the Red Crescent Committee, Sakr Qoreish, Maadi, Helwan, the voting cards are not stamped and the Brotherhood are mobilizing masses of citizens in buses to vote "Yes"..  ...   At the Tegara Girls School, Ismailia, the voting is run by employees from the Municipals without a judge and are directing voters to choose "Yes", the phosphoric ink is removable and the women wearing niqab do not take it off or ink their fingers for voting purposes.. At the Othman Ibn Affan School, Omraneyya, the voters protested for not having stamped voting cards and gathered in front of the committee, which led to the ceasing of the voting process there.. One of the voters declared that voters were guided to specific ballot boxes according to their religion as marked in the national ID Cards.. At the Ahmed Zwail School, Omraneyya, one of the voting committee supervisors (Mr.. Mohamed Abul Dahab) that he has no clue why the voting cards were not stamped and that he does not know who to go to for complaining, and that he was not aware that he is supervising the committee until yesterday only, hence is not aware of the decision making process/mechanism.. At Omar Ibn Abdel Aziz School in Karmouz and Attareen Preparatory School (Attareen) both in Alexandria, there were signs and banners all over the walls of the committees urging people to choose "Yes".. At the women committees, women with niqab refused to show their faces or ink their fingers for voting.. At Meet Abu Khaled Committee, Meet Ghamr, Cairo, the Brotherhood control the neighborhood and were urging people to vote with "Yes".. Since there are no curtains there for confidentiality, voters who chose "No" were cheered against as enemies of the nation.. At the Ezbet El Qousa primary school, gara committee and Refqa committee, Qena, there were no judges and voters were asked to vote in other places.. At the Abtal El Obour Committee, Matareya, Cairo, voters with expired ID Cards were sent away, against the instructions of the Higher Committee of the Referendum.. In Soleimaneya village, Qalioubeya, voters are told to vote "Yes" and cards are collected without being put in the boxes.. At the Ahmed Ramadan School, Ahmed Orabi School, Sami El Baroudi School and Ahmed Shawki School, in the Arbe3een area, Suez, banners were hanged insie the schools reading: "Yes" against removing the second article of the Constitution, "Yes" against Christians.. Members of the National Democratic Party were present inside these schools urging people to choose "Yes" for stability.. The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement.. Cairo.. March 19th, 2011 at 12.. 30 PM..

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