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  • Title: conference on human rights education » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: 30.. conference on human rights education.. 3-04-2010, 15:06.. : 4685 |.. Human Rights Education between the World Program.. and the National Efforts.. Cairo from 28 to 30 November 2006.. As part of the efforts exerted to implement the UN World Programme for Human Rights Education, the Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement has convened a conference in Cairo from 28 to 30 November 2006.. It brought together more than 120 participants including Arab and international experts, representatives of national, regional and international institutions, as well as national associations working in the field of education in Egypt and Arab countries.. The conference aimed to develop an Egyptian National plan of action for human rights education as well as benefit from and enhance the efforts intended to promote human rights culture in the Arab region.. Throughout the conference sessions, the participants sought to develop a local perspective on how to implement the World Programme, as well as a general framework for a plan of action to serve as a platform for executive plans to be developed in Egypt and the Arab region.. Conference goal.. Activate the implementation of The World Program for human Rights education in Egypt.. Specific objectives.. To develop a national plan for human rights education in Egypt.. Exchange of experience among national and regional NGOs on Human Rights education initiatives.. Involving all actors in the process.. Develop mechanisms for regional collaboration in the field of Human Rights Education, based on active sharing of practical experiences.. Invitees.. Egyptian Ministry of Education.. Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.. Egyptian Ministry of International cooperation.. UNICEF.. UNESCO.. ALECSO.. ISESCO.. Arab Institute for Human Rights.. UNDP.. British Council.. Donors Group.. NCCM.. NCW.. NCHR.. NGOs, national and regional.. Media.. The conference outcomes.. A national plan of action for human rights education.. Establishing a taskforce to follow up on the outcomes.. Cairo Declaration for Human Rights Education.. Exchange of experience among Egyptian, Moroccan, Tunisian, Lebanese, Palestinian and Yemeni NGOs working on Human Rights Education.. Declaration of Principles on Human Rights Education.. Issued by the Cairo Conference, 28 30 November 2006.. In light of the conference discussions, interventions revolved around local needs and challenges, the roles to be played by various governmental and non-governmental actors; and out of the commitment to the universal human rights principles stipulated in the International Bill of Right; also driven by the urgent need to play an active role in contributing to the application of the World Programme for Human Rights Education, participants agreed on this Declaration.. First: The Context.. The participants have acknowledged the urgent need to working together to build a human rights culture in the Arab Region.. This was based on the belief that promoting human rights culture will contribute to enhancing equality and stop human rights violations, as these rights constitute the foundation of a just and democratic society.. The participants unanimously agreed that human rights education is closely connected to the human rights situation in societies, which is in turn a reflection of local, national and international situation where power is not for democracy, but rather for dictatorship and hegemony.. This situation seriously hampers the progress of human rights education programmes.. The participants welcomed initiatives made by national institutions in Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, Lebanon, and Yemen to apply programmes for human rights education.. They asserted that such initiatives as a whole make a rich experience, which can help in developing future programmes.. The participants expressed the utmost importance of the political will and the respect for the principle of partnership among various parties, in order to ensure the development of an effective strategy for a successful implementation of the World Programme for Human Rights Education.. Second: Principles and Obligations.. The participants have affirmed their commitment to the definition of human rights education as included in the World Programme, i.. e.. " education, training and information aiming at building a universal culture of human rights through the sharing of knowledge, imparting of skills and moulding of attitudes directed  ...   in the field of human rights education.. Fourth: The Framework.. In light of these general principles and objectives, the participants decided to work for the establishing of a national mechanism (a human rights education network), and a regional mechanism (regional working group to promote human rights culture).. Such mechanisms are intended to activate the transformation of the Plan of Action into tangible reality in conformity with the principles included in the World Programme.. This can be achieved through the following measures:.. To study and develop the mechanisms required to identify local needs in the field of human rights education, and to suggest the means to meet such needs.. To contribute to laying down the guiding principles for the basic elements of human rights education.. To find out the means of developing criteria to measure the achievements of human rights education programmes and plans.. To establish, or strengthen, partnerships and coalitions that would contribute to the implementation of plans and programmes, including inviting the state and the media to lay the ground for a cultural environment that follows human rights values, standards and principles, and to promote this culture among all society sectors.. To clear school curricula of repetition and whatever may entrench discrimination (as to gender, religion, or any other reason), and develop tools that would deepen values and principles stemmed from the belief in the universality of human rights.. Print.. Home Page.. 15-12-2010 / 08:37.. Elemental Precision.. wow power leveling.. (3 points) - This talent.. reduces mana cost and chance targets.. resists your Frost and.. Fire.. spells by 3%.. Ice Shards (5 points) - Increases the critical strike damage bonus of your Frost spells by 100%.. Frost Bite (3 points) - Gives your Chill effects a 15% to freeze the target for 5 seconds.. Improved Frost Nova.. 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  • Title: PRESS RELEASE Democracy Status Report in Egypt VII oward building new democratic spaces » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: PRESS RELEASE Democracy Status Report in Egypt VII oward building new democratic spaces.. 3-04-2010, 15:05.. : 1063 |.. PRESS RELEASE.. Democracy Status Report in Egypt VII.. oward building new democratic spaces.. The return of the rulings against religious disbelief.. The decision of the Governor of Assiut to prevent the entry of women to the governorate Court except with men, human rights organizations demanding the confiscation of several books.. ,the harvesting of the protests, which reached 41 protest during the month of August.. The Bitter Harvest of the sectarian violence, the problem of financing of the civil work in Egypt.. these are the Key topics addressed in the report of the state of democracy in Egypt VII for the period from 1 to August 31, issued by the Egyptian Association for community participation Enhancement in its efforts "toward building new democratic spaces".. The report observed, in the frame of freedom of belief and religion, that sectarian violence continues with five incidents, "Three in Minya, one in Dakahliya and an accident in the city of Luxor, were fifteen people were killed and wounded.. In addition seven tents, two cars and a supermarket were burned and destroyed.. Also the family court sentenced of the annexation of the Muslim child to his grandfather after his parents converted to the Baha'i, which the court said in dicta that the parents and the defendant's daughter are apostates and therefore will not be recognized for the child custody and spousal support and that they are dishonest to raise the child.. In the context of freedom of opinion and expression, in an incident one of its kind, the report monitored the filing, of two human rights organizations; United Group made "Negad Co.. " and The Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Violence, of a complaint to the Attorney General for the forfeiture of several books in August 25th to the Attorney General to seize and forfeit a number of Heritage Books.. within the right to participate in public life through elections, the report monitored the early start of the atmosphere of the next parliamentary elections in 2010; the Muslim Brotherhood announcement proclaiming its intention to enter the next parliamentary elections, the "mass resignations" is the new policy being pursued by members of the National Party in the provinces as an objection  ...   from peaceful protest demonstrations and vigils, and labor strikes and sit-ins and hunger strikes.. In the framework of the rights of women, the report monitored El-Masaeya newspaper journalists who were protesting against the annexation of the newspaper to El-Akhbar institute faced harassment by the press officers of the Department.. Also the decision of Major General Nabil Ezabi Governor of Assiut to ban the entry of women to the building of the City Hall without a man, and the announcement of Dr.. Amena Naseer, a professor of religion and Islamic philosophy at Al Azhar University Al-Azhar sheikhs (men) do not want women to compete, because they see it on the basis that she is the mother of children in the area of advocacy, and discourage the appearance at all.. the acceptance of graduates from faculties of law and Sharia law and the police to fill the post of Assistant Representative, for the first time in the history of the State.. Under the right of association, freedom to form political parties, the report monitored the intransigence of the parties and the Center Party and its setting up of obstacles to the Reform and Development Party and the intransigence of the Ministry of Social Solidarity and resolution of the Board of University Teaching Staff Club in Cairo.. and in the framework of syndicates the right to form and join trade unions, the report monitored a Report of the State Commissioners Authority of the null of the elections of the lawyers general Council resolution and the decision of the general syndicate council of dissolving the branches' syndicates' councils.. the theme issue of the report is entitled problem of financing of the civil work in Egypt, which tackled the legal framework for the financing of civil work and the lack of practical experience of civil organizations in attracting local funding, and creating self-financing, and the priority to reflect collectively on the issue of plans and strategies for generating funds necessary for the activities of organizations of civil society in a way that achieves continuity and that encourages ordinary citizens to engage in the activities of organizations of civil society.. The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement (EACPE).. Tuesday, September 1st, 2009.. 27-11-2010 / 11:16.. custom Packers jersey.. ,.. Clay Matthews Jersey.. Aaron Rodgers Jersey.. A.. J.. Hawk jersey..

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  • Title: Articles for April 2010 Year » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: Democratic Status Report VI towards the building of new democratic spaces "the month of sectarian violence".. : 1157 |.. Bitter harvest of the events of sectarian violence.. The rumor of dissolving the parliament and.. The parties problematic funding aspects.. The development of protests and sit-ins.. These were the most important topics covered in the report for the period from 1 to July 31, issued by the Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement in its efforts "towards the building of new democratic spaces".. the report called last month, "the month of sectarian violence",.. The Fourth Democratic Status Report 4th report press release.. 3-04-2010, 15:04.. : 903 |.. The Fourth Democracy Status Report, pertaining to the period from May 1st to 31st, revealed an intensive legislative activity resulting in deliberations over 11 projects of law, in addition to other laws that have been adopted.. This was surrounded by suppositions and predictions regarding the dissolution of the parliament.. This led the executive authority and the representatives of the majority party to expedite the adoption of some laws with no regards to the interest of the citizen, which triggered objections from opposition delegates.. Press Release The Fifth Democracy Status Report.. 3-04-2010, 15:03.. : 662 |.. The Fifth  ...   on charges of forgery of signatures for the announcement of El Ghad political party, the Egyptian association for community participation enhancement rejects the unjust sentence against Dr.. Ayman Noor an important person in the Egyptian civil opposition, and one of the most noticeable human rights activists the association also sees that charges against him have other political motives,.. General indications of the initial analysis of results of monitoring presidential elections.. 3-04-2010, 14:34.. : 703 |.. On the night of the seventh of September 2005, the first presidential elections in Egypt has ended, and our association has observed, analyzed and studied the elections, through the monitoring of twenty distributed constituencies all over the country, a sample representing all of Egypt, including countryside and urban regions, north, south and amid of the country, border governorates, coastal governorates and Suez channel cities.. Analytical reading for the day of the referendum on constitutional amendments.. 3-04-2010, 14:33.. : 597 |.. The EACPE s Democracy Status Watch is closely following the events of the 26th of March of 2007, the day of the referendum on constitutional amendments to 34 article of the Egyptian Constitution, and the watch provides its analytical reading to the events of this day, as follows..

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  • Title: The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: : 28 |.. : 78 |.. : 96 |.. : 177 |.. : 1703 |.. : 214 |..

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  • Title: Following the bloody clashes between proponents of Morsy and the Egyptian people EACPE calls for immediate trial for those who incited violence » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: Following the bloody clashes between proponents of Morsy and the Egyptian people EACPE calls for immediate trial for those who incited violence.. 9-07-2013, 12:54.. : 231 |.. Following the bloody clashes between proponents of Morsy and the Egyptian people.. EACPE calls for immediate trial for those who incited violence.. The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement (EACPE) condemns the discourse of some leaders of the Islamic faction and Muslim Brothers (MBs), who incited violence and issued statements accusing demonstrators of Tahrir Square and the Presidential Palace, as well as Copts of being blasphemers and infidels.. EACPE demands their immediate trial.. Mohamed El Beltagi, an MB leader, had called upon protesters of Rabaa Square (proponents of Morsy) to be ready for martyrdom and to ask their friends and families to go down to all squares to prove that they are the majority, emphasizing that opponents of Morsy are merely a minority.. Wagdy  ...   affirms that all citizens have the right to express their opinions with every legitimate way possible, including peaceful assembly, which is a right guaranteed by the Constitution and international human rights documents.. EACPE also condemns the instigating discourse of most MB leaders and figures against protestors of June 30th and demands their immediate trial towards stopping bloodshed from both sides.. EACPE considers President Morsy and MBs the responsibility for all the violence against peaceful protestors.. It is worth mentioning that the area of Cairo University and "Al-Nahda" square have witnessed yesterday, Tuesday the July 2.. nd.. , 2013, clashes between the Brotherhood members and the opposition, which resulted in the deaths of 16 people from both sides, and more than 200 injuries.. Governorates of Gharbeya, Behira, Alexandria, Suez, Kafr Al-Sheikh and Qalubeya also witnessed clashes similar to that which took place in Giza governorate, which resulted in several injuries as well..

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  • Title: Conserved for the blood of all Egyptians and at the behest of the masses Community participation demanding President Morsi to leave And an immediate investigation into the events of violence » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: Conserved for the blood of all Egyptians and at the behest of the masses Community participation demanding President Morsi to leave And an immediate investigation into the events of violence.. 9-07-2013, 12:48.. : 198 |.. Conserved for the blood of all Egyptians and at the behest of the masses.. Community participation demanding President Morsi to leave.. And an immediate investigation into the events of violence.. Expresses the Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement expressed its condemnation of the violence witnessed demonstrations yesterday Sunday, June 30, 2013, warning of the consequences of rising violence in the country, which is likely to enter Egypt in a spiral of violence and counter-violence, demanding an immediate investigation into all incidents of violence witnessed by the various provincesand all parties comply Bslmah demonstrations, as demanded by the president at the same time Mohamed Morsi to leave and abandon power immediately, and it preserved the blood of all Egyptians, and at the behest of the masses in all fields.. He had gone a victim of the clashes that took place yesterday, Sunday, June 30, 2013 between the supporters and opponents of President Morsi about 16 people dead and nearly 900 injured, were distributed as such:.. sharp clashes took place between supporters and opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood in front of the guidance office mokattam on Sunday evening, killing 8 people live bullets and wounding nearly 70 injured.. In Assiut (3 deaths), where she was a march against President Marina fire from inside the headquarters of freedom and justice, injuring more than 25 wounded, and a variety of injury between pencil neighborhood places separate from the body and suffocation as a result take a large number of tear gas tear gas, were transported to hospitals in Assiut sporadic, while the word "Abba fair"  ...   too, had died Sunday evening Secretary inform the Egyptian Democratic Party social honestly Alexandria" Mr.. Mohammed Ismail applies, "after being beaten during clashes with members of the Muslim Brotherhood.. As for the patients were numbered in Cairo about 87 injured, In Kaliobeya 3 patients, and in Alexandria, 25 wounded, and Dakahlia 3 injured, East 15 injured, lake 312 injured, Damietta 7 injured, Western 38 injured, Kafr El Sheikh 31 injured, Almonofiyah 15 injured.. , Beni Suef, 38 patients, Minya infected and one, and Assiut 6 injured, Sohag 4 patients, and Aswan 5 injured.. In this regard, the renewal of the Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement claim the following:.. First.. : President Morsi claim to abandon the seat of government on the spot, in response to the demands of the demonstrators and the voice of the Egyptian people in the various provinces alike, and call for early presidential elections.. Second.. : The demand that all parties involved in the demonstrations of the Muslim Brotherhood and the revolutionary forces and the opposition Civil whether in the capital or in the provinces of Egypt different respect "peaceful" demonstrations and not to resort to the use of violence, and it is our right to the blood of the Egyptians and the sake of the success of the move popular peaceful democratic in achieving its objectives, and to make a scene " democratic "Egypt's Revolution neighborhood and the future.. It is noteworthy that the Egyptian Assembly had demanded that President Morsi, such as demonstrations go, and that in two cases, the first multi-million marched in demonstrations June 30, and the second in the case of the excessive escalation of violence and bloodshed of Egyptians during the demonstrations.. There have been two cases, So shall the departure of President Morsi immediately..

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  • Title: fourth Statement for community participation » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: fourth Statement for community participation.. 9-07-2013, 12:15.. : 176 |.. fourth.. Statement for community participation.. Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators messages "Dink's the most expensive of your and the food and freedom.. Victory religion only.. ".. Bearded Gharbia firing bullets at the demonstrators.. Egypt's judges and 25 feminist movement and endowments imams, priests and journalists involved demonstrations.. Marches for physicians, pharmacists, lawyers, teachers in Suez.. 40 thousand demonstrators shebin the Koum involved demonstrations.. The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement.. monitors.. All demonstrations June 30, 2013 in various Egyptian governorates, with the following statement this since 3.. 30 pm to 5.. 30 pm:.. Alexandria:.. Community participation observers monitoring the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, and activists groups and currents of political Islam to the crowd SMS "SMS" via mobile, including a message that says "Dink, the most expensive your food and the freedom.. Al-Gharbbeya:.. Attacked bearded march included hundreds of demonstrators in the village of Parma of the Center for Tanta, where they fired bullets towards demonstrators suffered a state of terror and panic extreme.. Prompting dozens of villagers to storm the headquarters of freedom and justice in the village and set fire to it, and that after the establishment of the Muslim Brotherhood opened fire on demonstrators.. Suez:.. I arrived at 4 pm marches includes physicians, pharmacists, lawyers, teachers, to forty square in Suez, amid loud cheers (dropping the rule of the guide), where rallies launched from the headquarters of the various unions through Army Street to the field of forty.. Almonofiyah.. :.. Gathered at 4 pm nearly 40 thousand demonstrators from the center of Shebin El Koum Menofia front of the field to maintain banners rejecting the rule of President Mursi and ask him to  ...   the headquarters of their union Street Abdel Khalek Tharwat in central Cairo to the High Court, referring to the solidarity of journalists with the judges, and then put a to Talaat Harb Street to move towards Tahrir Square, the march stopped in central Talaat Harb Sq where offset march again coming from the field towards the High Court, where participants called for the march to go to the Federal Palace.. The marchers carrying pictures of the martyrs of the journalists who were killed since the January 25 revolution, also carried the flags of Egypt and the Red card and chanted slogans against the regime of President Morsi, urging him to leave and early presidential elections.. At four o'clock pm joined the march of revolutionary forces coming from Helwan and the march of the Union of Women of Egypt to the march of Sayeda Zeinab, is scheduled to be launched rallies together after a little in the direction of Tahrir Square after joining the rest of the marches, the other coming from the door of creation and Abdeen, aesthetic and Al-Azhar and study.. The 25 women's movement of women's organizations and grassroots movements, led a "revolution of girls and I'm free and Women Without Borders" have announced their participation in the demonstrations June 30.. For its part, arrived at 5.. 00 pm the march of the Popular Movement for the independence of Al-Azhar and a large number of sheikhs and some imams endowments, in addition to a number of priests to Tahrir Square to participate in the activities of June 30, is scheduled to stop the march Square Altharirlelqa word platform, then turn then to the Palace Federal protesters there's participation in the activities of the day..

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  • Title: Third Statement of EACPE's Central Operations Room on the 30th of june » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: Third Statement of EACPE's Central Operations Room on the 30th of june.. 4-07-2013, 07:32.. 1,500 protesters from Suez residents are involved in the demonstrations at the presidential palace and Tahrir Square.. Defense Ministry demonstrators chanting against President "Morsi".. Port Said demonstrators "The people and the police and military are one hand against Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood".. Women, officers, lawyers and prosecutors in Sharqia courts are involved in the demonstrations.. 3 Women's marches in "Al-Behira".. The closure of some government departments in Kafr El-Sheikh.. Seniors participated in marches of Mustafa Mahmoud and Ittehadeya.. EACPE monitors all demonstrations on the 30.. of June, 2013 in various Egyptian governorates, the following statement summarize the situation till 3.. 2:00 pm, about 1,000 demonstrators from the people of Suez reached Tahrir Square, and 500 demonstrators reached the presidential Palace, about 2,000 protesters to Al, Arb'in square, Suez Governorate, and participated in the demonstrations of June 30th.. Port Said:.. At 2 pm, hundreds of people from Port Said gathered in Martyrs' Square "obelisk" calling on citizens to participate with them in the figures June 30, and on the other hand, the march in Mohamed Ali Street, demonstrators held a police officer over their shoulders and chanted "The people and the police and the army are one hand against Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, and the police officer shouted "people want to overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood".. Al-Sharqeya:.. Dozens of lawyers and prosecutors gathered in a protest in front of the primary Court of Zagazig to demand the overthrow of the regime and the  ...   Al-Behira:.. Launched at 2 pm, about 6 marches of civil powers in Damanhur heading to "al sa'aa" square, one marches Antfatt of the bar, and the other from the Social Club, and the third from the Service Center Abu Rish, 3 marches for women was launched from the city of Damanhur is on its way to the "al sa'aa" square.. Dozens of demonstrators began to assemble in front of Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque, Al-Mohandseen at 2 pm, in preparation for the commencing of the massive march, at 4 pm, to Tahrir Square in the June 30.. events.. And chanted slogans against president Morsi and the brotherhood and carried Egyptian flags and banners reading.. In Matareya, began dozens of demonstrators to assemble at two in the afternoon, and they were joined by a number of elderly people, willing to go out to Tahrir Square and presidential palace.. Demonstrators chanted slogans "I am not an infidel I am not an atheist, down with the Regime".. The protest Is scheduled to move the rally in the fourth afternoon.. It is expected that 4 marches will be launched to Tahrir Square this afternoon, one from Mustafa Mahmoud, one from the Sayeda Zeinab mosque, one from Al Istiqama mosque and one from the Ministry of Culture in Zamalek.. In the vicinity of the Ministry of Defense, increasing numbers of demonstrators, carrying the flags of Egypt and pictures of President Morsi marked with "X".. The demonstrators carried a soldier of the armed forces and were chanting "The army and the people are one hand"..

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  • Title: The Second Statement of EACPE's Central Operations Room on the 30th of june » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: The Second Statement of EACPE's Central Operations Room on the 30th of june.. 4-07-2013, 07:24.. : 179 |.. The Second Statement of EACPE's Central Operations Room on the 30.. of june.. A group of citizens got arrested for possessing "Police" clothing in Mahala,.. the manufacturer is a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate as announced by the police.. The closure of some government departments in Menoufia.. 8 marches in Alexandria gather in Sidi Gaber at night.. Demonstrations in Fayoum, Dakahlia and Qalyubia at 4 pm.. EACPE monitors all demonstrations on June 30, 2013 in various Egyptian governorates, with the following statement this until 2 pm:.. Al-Gharbia:.. According to an observer of EACPE, protesters in front of "Al-Gharbia" governorate's building had to arrest a police officer that was suspected to be a Muslim Brotherhood member dressed as a police officer..  ...   in Coordination with the Committee for June 30 in Alexandria, are organizing 8 marches from different parts of the city to move towards the Sidi Gaber sit-in at 4 pm, to withdraw confidence from President Morsi and call for early presidential elections.. Fayoum:.. Assembly observers reported that a number of people had begun to gather at 2:00 in the afternoon in the "Sawaqi" square, and they will join the march from the city of Sinnuras which will move at 4:00 pm to roam the rest of the province.. Al-Daqahleya:.. Several marches were reported out of Al-Nasr Mosque, Salab mosque and Mashaal Square in the city of Mansoura.. Marches started at 2 in the afternoon, to gather at the governorate building at 4 pm.. Kaliobeya:.. A number of demonstrators will gather at 4:00 pm Shebin El Qanater center..

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  • Title: The first statement of EACPE to monitor demonstrations on June 30 » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: The first statement of EACPE to monitor demonstrations on June 30.. 3-07-2013, 19:17.. : 236 |.. police officers involved in the demonstrations.. An Initiative (No to violence) launched by the youth of North Sinai.. Workers touring Shebin Al-Koum and Kafr El Dawar as part of the demonstrations.. Shiites call the march of Sayeda Zeinab to join Tahrir square and Ittehadeya Palace.. Close Tahrir Complex in front of his staff and to prevent their entry.. EACPE central operations room followed All demonstrations on the 3oth of June, 2013 through its observers deployed in the provinces of the north and the south of Egypt, and where able to monitor the following:.. Kafr El Sheikh :.. Started at exactly 12:00 am in front of the governorate of Kafr El-Sheikh to denounce the rule of President Morsi and chanted "The people want to overthrow the regime.. When the march passed in front of the police station Kafr El Sheikh, it was joined by some of the police officers of the demonstrators, whom they carried on their necks and chanted "the army and the people and the police are one hand.. Minya (Post lawyers demonstrations):.. Launched at 12 pm, a mass rally started in front of the building and Courts Complex demanding to overthrow the regime, and the flow of dozens of lawyers in Samalout, Bani Mazar, Maghagha, Malawi and Deir Mawas; to participate in the march, which toured the main streets and chanted against the regime and president Morsi.. North Sinai (No to Violence Initiative):.. Assembly observer reported that there is a youth march started in Sinai under the name of "No to violence" in "Bahari" Street area July 23, at 4 pm.. Monofiya (textile workers):.. Hundreds of workers gathered in front of the factory, and started a huge rally that toured the streets of Sabri Abu Alam and Gamal Abdel Nasser, and stopped before the Governorate building in Monofia, in solidarity with the rebels," and chanted against president "Morsi".. Al-Gharbeya:.. In the same context, it was announced that, workers  ...   campaign "rebellion" at Damietta gathered in front of Damietta governorate at 12 pm, in car rallies to mobilize citizens to participate in the demonstrations, which started from Pfarschor, and toured all the streets until it ended at Zarqa center.. The march will begin of Zarqa Center for political and popular forces from Shaheed square and Mohamed Yassin, touring all the villages and towns of the center, and then meet Fareskour protest, where the two protests will be directly heading towards Freedom Square.. Cairo (participation of teachers and Shiites):.. Tens of protesters arriving at Orabi square, Shubra Al Khaimah, in preparation for launching the march towards Shubra for "Andham" to the demonstrators at "Alkhazindara", then heads toward "Al-Ittehadeya" palace in a huge protest.. Demonstrators held flags of Egypt, in addition to a large banner saying "get out of Egypt".. Many of the college professors and other movements will gather this afternoon in Tahrir Square, to move with other marches and start moving towards the presidential palace.. Shiites will take part in the march as well, which will start in front of the Sayeda Zeinab mosque heading to Tahrir Square, and will merge with the protest from Shubra rotation heading to the presidential Palace.. In Tahrir, demonstrators raised the Egyptian flag and chanting slogans against the Muslim Brotherhood and demanding presidential with early elections, while some demonstrators are carrying red cards, as a symbolism for demanding the president to leave.. These protests are estimated to hold hundreds of thousands of protesters.. Ministry of defense witnessed huge protests in front of it as well.. As for the presidential palace, number of protesters increased by noon today, where protesters began arriving in the headquarters of the protest, chanting "Allahu Akbar", raising slogans condemning the current system and the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, while the observed intensification of security presence in front of entrances 3 and 5.. On the other hand,"Raba'a Al-Adaweya" Mosque Nasr witnessed noticeable increase in the numbers of demonstrators coming to the square to support President Morsi..

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  • Title: The first meeting on Women Rural Council is held in Fayoum Within the framework of EACPE's program "Supporting local candidates in Egypt" » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: The first meeting on Women Rural Council is held in Fayoum Within the framework of EACPE's program "Supporting local candidates in Egypt".. 18-06-2013, 13:41.. : 267 |.. Within the framework of EACPE's program.. "Supporting local candidates in Egypt".. The first meeting on Women Rural Council is held in Fayoum.. Women leaders held the first rural council meeting at Om El Masreyeen Association for Women and Community Development, the Mashreq village, Fayoum on the 11th of June 2013.. Twenty two members of the council attended to discuss the village's most pressing issues and come up with solutions for them.. The attendees affirmed that the main problems that the village encounters are lack of education, bad healthcare services and agriculture-related problems.. With respect to education, problems include high percentage of drop-outs, overcrowded school classrooms, widespread violence inside schools, and in addition, students usually resort  ...   into water canals, and farmers are unable to access agrarian equipment and tools owing to their high prices, plus, there is no proper drainage system in the village, which causes the deterioration of the health of residents of this village.. Add to all the above, the village suffers from a high percentage of unemployment among youth.. This meeting falls within the framework of EACPE's program "Supporting local candidates in Egypt", with the support of Electoral Reform International Services (ERIS), which aims at supporting the role women should play in politics, and build their capacities to empower them to participate in the different elections, whether Parliament or local councils.. It is anticipated that the Fayoum rural council takes steps and plans for mechanisms for field and legal intervention towards solving some of the most pressing issues in the current time, during its coming meeting..

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