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  • Title: People Demand…Monitoring the Referendum » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: 30.. People Demand…Monitoring the Referendum.. 13-03-2011, 11:27.. : 1303 |.. Cairo, March 10, 2011.. People Demand Monitoring the Referendum.. What the Egyptian people have done on the 25th of January is a real inspirational revolution for the whole world.. Egyptians have set a constructive model to follow for all peoples of the world demanding liberation.. Consequently, the Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement (EACPE) believes that the achievements of the great 25th of January Revolution should be maintained and enhanced in order to accomplish its main goal of having a democratic state that protects social justice.. EACPE urges all Egyptians to participate in the coming referendum on the constitutional amendments, whether by voting for, against or for having a new constitution.. Hence, EACPE decided to be part of this  ...   per democratic values that respect the people's will.. As an effective step to develop Egypt, EACPE calls upon the Egyptian Youth, which made the purest revolution in history and impressed the whole world, to participate with us in monitoring the referendum of the constitutional amendments.. We accept volunteering requests (including name, address, mobile number, a scanned copy of the National ID and two personal photos in order to issue a permit to access polling stations) on the following:.. Address: 13 Fareed St.. off Al-Thawra St, Al Keyad Al Moshtaraka, Heliopolis, Cairo- Egypt.. Telephone: (+2) 02 2290 9903.. Fax:+2 02 2415 05 46.. Mobile:.. +2 011 390 8447.. +2 012 766 5452.. +2 016 097 6404.. +2 012 829 0250.. +2 012 868 3801.. Email: referendum@mosharka.. org.. Print.. Home Page..

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  • Title: From Civil Society Organizations the Supreme Council of Armed Forces is urged to open the doors for democratic transformation and secure accountability of the Mubarak regime » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: From Civil Society Organizations the Supreme Council of Armed Forces is urged to open the doors for democratic transformation and secure accountability of the Mubarak regime.. 2-03-2011, 14:26.. : 1446 |.. The undersigned Egyptian human rights organizations are closely following the efforts of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces as it manages the country s affairs in this difficult period, during which the council must assume its responsibilities and honor its vows to respond to the demands and aspirations of the Egyptian people as expressed in the January 25 revolution.. Additionally, it must face the repercussions of the overthrow of the Mubarak regime and the disintegration and suspicious withdrawal of the security establishment that accompanied it.. The Council must also expose and curb the catastrophic consequences of theft, financial and administrative corruption, and the ruination of the country s political life perpetrated by a broad network of interests, including the office of the presidency, prominent figures of what was previously known as the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP), and influential leaders within the parliament and the executive branch.. We realize that the armed forces acted as a pillar of support for the Egyptian revolution, helping to achieve its first goal of the removal of the former president and the dissolution of the People s Assembly and Shura Council, which were stigmatized and delegitimized by flagrantly fraudulent elections.. Nevertheless, the undersigned organizations feel growing concern about the path being taken in the transitional phase, which should presumably lay the foundation for a democratic, civil state that respects human rights the overriding goal for which Egyptians made costly sacrifices.. In this context, we make the following observations:.. Making a clean break with the former dictator's regime required the immediate removal of the government created by him to mislead the people and contain their revolution.. Attempts to repair this government with piecemeal changes will not dispel the legitimate fears many people feel about the political survival of certain figures close to the deposed president and cannot so easily shirk their responsibility for both the wide range of crimes committed during Mubarak s tenure and the criminal misinformation campaigns designed to discredit the goals of the revolution and incite against those who were part of it.. Making a clean break with the policies and crimes of the Mubarak regime, restoring the rule of law, and subordinating state institutions to that law requires more decisive, transparent steps to hold accountable and punish figures responsible for crimes and grave abuses committed under Mubarak s regime in public and fair trials.. We regret to note that measures taken thus far seem selective and not aimed at establishing a legal system for accountability and punishment or announcing facts to the public.. In particular, the undersigned organizations note severe shortcomings, or at the very least an unjustified secrecy, surrounding the measures that must be taken to ensure accountability for major crimes, first and foremost:.. a) The identification and prosecution of those responsible for issuing orders to open fire on demonstrators.. b) The identification and prosecution of those responsible for giving the green light to acts of murder and paid thuggery in the name of loyalty to Mubarak.. c) Making public the facts surrounding the agencies and persons responsible for the suspicious withdrawal and disappearance of police forces and the release of prisoners and criminals from prisons, which left the country vulnerable to widespread looting and theft.. d) Former Information Minister Anas al-Fiqqi must be prosecuted for his responsibility in managing the media campaigns aimed at misleading public opinion, smearing participants in the popular revolution, and the xenophobic campaign inciting hatred of foreigners.. Confirming the legitimacy of the demands of the Egyptian labor movement since 12 February demanding its social and economic rights, the undersigned organizations announce their  ...   with regret that the desire on the part of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to complete its mission as soon as possible is liable to lead to the establishment of constitutional institutions in a manner that differs little from those under the Mubarak regime and will do little to enable the forces and youth movements that led this revolution to express themselves politically in new political parties and independent media.. Indeed, as it currently stands, the outcome of the coming elections will continue to be disputed by the ability of NDP members to mobilize factional sentiment and money and the organizational ability of the Muslim Brotherhood to employ religion and charitable work to attract votes.. We further stress that the blood shed by Egyptians to confront tyranny and restore their freedom and dignity makes it indispensable to provide a climate and adequate safeguards to ensure the realization of their aspirations by engaging in a real democratic transition and the construction of genuine constitutional institutions the noble goals for which they shed their blood.. The democratic transition process under the joint leadership of a presidential council and a new civil government should enjoy the wide partnership of the people represented in the forces that led the revolution women and men and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.. This needs opening an institutional dialogue with political parties and groups and civil society, led by youth groups who have instigated the revolution.. The dialogue should not be reduced to discussion with individuals and must provide the opportunity for the widest societal dialogue to make the aspired future.. The undersigned organizations stress that the democratic transition requires the rapid formation of a temporary presidential council composed of independent civilian figures along with a representative of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to assume the task of forming a transitional, technocratic government.. The presidential council should form a constituent assembly responsible for drafting a new constitution that reflects the aspirations of the Egyptian people, as expressed in the revolution, for a civil state that is impartial toward all religions and beliefs and the establishment of democratic parliamentary governance.. This council should also immediately take the necessary measures to ensure the exercise of civil liberties to enable equitable and fair parliamentary and presidential elections, based on the principle of equality and non-discrimination on the basis of sex or other considerations, and guarantee representation and expression for opinions and ideas across the political spectrum.. The undersigned organizations stress on the importance of putting in place sufficient guarantees for the representation of youth and women in the interim civil government and the constituent assembly drafting the new constitution.. We caution that holding elections after only minor constitutional revisions threatens aspirations for a real separation and balance of powers and runs the risk of preserving the same dictatorial prerogatives enjoyed by the president in the suspended constitution, with no accountability or genuine parliamentary oversight.. This threatens the perpetuation of the same autocratic system, only without Mubarak and some of his supporters.. Signatures:.. Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies.. Al Nadim Center for Treatment and Psychological Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence.. Alliance for Arab Women.. Appropriate Communication Techniques for Development (ACT).. Arab Penal Reform Organization.. Arabic Network for Human Rights Information.. Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression.. Association of the Women Development Forum.. Cairo Center for Development.. Center for Egyptian Women s Legal Aid.. Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement.. Egyptian Foundation for Family Development.. Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights.. Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination.. Helwan Foundation for Community Development Bashayer.. Hesham Mubarak Law Center.. Human Rights Association for the Assistance of Prisoners.. Land Center for Human Rights.. Nazra Association for Feminist Studies.. New Women Foundation.. Women and Memory Forum.. Youth Coalition of the Egyptian Revolution..

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  • Title: Articles for March 2011 Year » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: Results and Recommendations on the Referendum on the Constitutional Amendments 2011.. 22-03-2011, 12:30.. : 1803 |.. The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement (EACPE) has followed the referendum on the constitutional amendments, which took place on Saturday the 19th of March 2011.. The Higher Judicial Committee supervising the referendum announced that the turnout rate was 41%.. The referendum on the constitutional amendments 2011 Fifth Statement.. 21-03-2011, 12:04.. : 1156 |.. The day ended without negatively affecting the will of citizens.. Egyptians surpassed themselves in their first democratic experiment post the revolution of the 25th of January.. The mal-preparation of the whole electoral process did not affect their morale and they still stood in long queues, patiently and enthusiastically.. Referendum on the constitutional amendments 2011- Fourth Statement.. 21-03-2011, 11:55.. : 1075 |.. Our observers received numerous oral complaints from employees inside polling stations from receiving inappropriate treatment, such as confiscating their IDs one day in advance, not providing a meal throughout the day, and the  ...   while he was waiting to vote in front of Al Shaimaa School in Moqattam area.. Referendum on the constitutional amendments 2011- Third Statement.. 19-03-2011, 22:54.. : 1443 |.. It was almost midday and the voters were increasing in number.. And in spite of the extreme crowdedness, citizens organized themselves in front of the voting committees in a very civilized manner that reflects of Egypt post-revolution.. This image that was not tainted except with the behavior of the Muslim Brotherhood, assisted by the fundamentalists.. The referendum on the constitutional amendments 2011 The Second Statement.. 19-03-2011, 20:08.. : 1378 |.. The crowds flooded referendum committees among forms of poor preparation for the whole voting process, on top of which the shortage of stamped voting cards, a thing that might question the integrity of the referendum as a whole, and leave room for manipulating votes.. This is why we plea to the Higher Committee for the Supervision of the Referendum to interfere to fix the current status quo..

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  • Title: DataLife Engine > Printable version> EACPE Vision for the constitutional amendments
    Descriptive info: Magrabi.. Net.. > بيانات, بيانات >.. EACPE Vision for the constitutional amendments.. 28-02-2011, 21:18.. Author:.. nabil.. Cairo 28 Feb 2011.. The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement (EACPE) has been following the constitutional committee that was formed by the Supreme Council for Armed Forces (SCAF).. The committee was formed to amend some articles of the constitution regarding the powers of the president, the number of terms for the president, how to elect the president and deciding on the membership of the Parliament.. The constitutional committee announced the results they reached and were approved by SCAF.. EACPE has the following remarks on the work and formation of the committee.. For six years, EACPE has been involved in field monitoring for elections (presidential, parliamentary, syndicates, unions etc).. EACPE has been focusing on legislative and legal context in which Egyptian elections take place, which enables the Executive authority to intervene in the powers of the Legislative and Judicial authorities under the 1971 constitution and the 2007 amendments.. EACPE has always criticized the structure of the constitution as it does not provide balance between the three authorities, and gives absolute powers to the president of the republic being the sole powerful person in the state: s/he hires, fires, establishes bodies and dissolves others without observing or monitoring from any other entity.. EACPE has also criticized the way the constitution deals with public liberties and freedoms as it leaves these rights to constricting laws imposed by administrative bodies, affiliated to the Executive authority, that deprive citizens from the right of peaceful assembly or creating any entity as well as having a set of laws limiting freedom of expression and press.. EACPE believes that the Egyptian constitution is not suitable for establishing the state of law and that it should be changed, not only amended.. EACPE supported the demands calling upon SCAF to announce electing a temporary Constituent Assembly to frame a new constitution that protects human rights and public liberties and freedoms, and guarantees balance between the three authorities, then calling for new parliamentary elections that issue a set of law enhancing freedom of expression and belief and the right to establish peaceful entities, as well as forming a transitional government that does not include ministers from the National Democratic Party.. This is the only means to achieve the demands of the great 25th of January Revolution.. When SCAF formed this committee, it did not choose representatives from different political movements, whether the existing parties, youth coalitions, NGOs or Egyptian intellectuals.. It  ...   another condition, which is that the applicant, or any of his/her parents, never had another nationality, and that they are not married to a foreign spouse.. These conditions are exaggerated and practically they imply the elimination of some potential candidates such as Dr.. El-Baradei, Dr.. Ahmed Zowail among other people whose jobs necessitated having dual citizenships.. Moreover, the amended article did not specify a maximum age for the candidate.. Besides, the committee, when amended article 139, obliged the president to appoint a vice president (VP)or more within 60 days from coming to office, such that the president determines the powers of the VP.. The esteemed committee should have made choosing the VP through direct free elections.. The esteemed committee did not tackle or discuss some important laws such as the Law for Exercising Political Rights (LEPR), the Law for People Assembly and Shura Council, Presidential Elections Law and the Law for Political Parties (LPP).. These laws highly affect the Egyptian political life, and without being amended the suggested constitutional amendments would be formal.. EACPE believes the constitutional committee suggested some constitutional amendments that represent an aspiration for a huge sector of Egyptians; however, a discussion should be opened to discuss these amendments through a mechanism that enables all Egyptians to participate without discrimination based on culture, social standard, religion, ethnicity, sex or any other consideration before a referendum is held.. Furthermore, EACPE calls upon the military council to issue decree laws according to the jurisdictions it has per the fourth statement issued by SCAF.. These decree laws shall immediately amend the LPP, such that citizens can establish parties through notification and without intervention from the Political Parties Committee.. This shall take place before the coming parliamentary elections, so that serious and genuine political movements that were deprived because of administrative and security interventions before the 25th of January would be able to freely establish political parties and participate in elections.. EACPE demands halting the Law for People Assembly and Shura Council that allow the Minister of Interior, and other administrative entities of the Executive authority, to organize the electoral process and issue the "laborer" or "peasant" status, which constitute 50% of the Parliament.. The issuance of these statues witnessed explicit irregularities and breaches by administrative bodies.. In addition, LEPR has to be changed, through replacing the Supreme Committee for Elections, which was a partner in rigging the parliamentary elections 2010, due to the fact that the law allows security and administrative bodies to intervene in its work.. Back..

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  • Title: DataLife Engine > Printable version> Roadmap for a nation of rights and the rule of law Statement by the Forum of Independent Human Rights Organizations
    Descriptive info: > بيانات, بيانات, بيانات >.. Roadmap for a nation of rights and the rule of law Statement by the Forum of Independent Human Rights Organizations.. 14-02-2011, 13:27.. Long live the Egyptian popular revolution.. The dictator has fallen; now it s time to bring down the police state.. Roadmap for a nation of rights and the rule of law.. Statement by the Forum of Independent Human Rights Organizations.. Civilian body to oversee the country s affairs for a one-year transitional period, in conjunction with the armed forces, and the postponement of presidential elections.. Dissolution of the People s Assembly, Shura Council, and local councils.. Civilian figure to oversee the Interior Ministry and the dissolution of State Security Investigations, a crucial pillar of the police state.. The provision of public liberties, particularly the freedom to establish political parties, professional and trade unions, and civic organizations; and the dissolution of the Egyptian Trade Union Federation and the General Federation of Civic Associations.. A new constitution for a civil, democratic state that respects human rights and grants all citizens equal status regardless of religion, belief, or race.. No provision of legal immunity for the former president.. Cairo 12 February 2011.. The Forum of Independent Human Rights Organizations congratulates the Egyptian people for their successful revolution and the removal of the dictator Hosni Mubarak, who denied dignity and humanity to Egyptians for three decades.. The Forum especially salutes the revolution s martyrs and the young people who sparked the uprising, creatively mobilized and organized, and bravely fought to achieve the first goal of deposing the dictator under a coalition of youth leaders.. The Forum also salutes the peoples of the world, international rights groups, research centers, and the governments who showed their solidarity with the January 25 revolution from the first moment.. The Forum urges nations around the world holding the financial assets of former senior officials to facilitate the repatriation of Egypt s looted assets.. Furthermore, the Forum salutes the role of the armed forces in protecting the revolution and supporting its demands up to the achievement of its first goal.. In particular, it applauds the third communiqué issued by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which stated that the council will not be an alternative to the legitimacy approved by the people.. As such, the Forum calls on the supreme council to quickly release a timetable for the transfer of power to a civilian body to manage the transition phase to a civil, democratic state that respects human rights, in cooperation with the armed forces, and with the participation of civil society, which can monitor the implementation of the roadmap.. The Forum also urges the Supreme Council to issue urgent directives to Egyptian diplomats abroad, particularly Egypt s representatives at the UN and the UN Human Rights Council, to withdraw from international coalitions hostile to human rights.. Egypt s continued diplomatic support in Geneva and New York for the worst dictatorships in the world, and its complicity against upholding the rights of the victims of these dictatorships, is the greatest insult to the martyrs of Egypt s January 25 revolution.. To the civilian body that will assume responsibility in the transitional phase, and to the Supreme Council until such a civilian body is formed, the Forum offers the following proposals:.. I.. Dissolve the People s Assembly, the Shura Council, and local councils.. , which are the product of the most fraudulent elections in Egypt s history, in order to avoid any challenge to the legitimacy of legislative or constitutional amendments issued by the parliament.. Moreover, all officials involved in the administration of elections to these bodies must be investigated.. The Forum believes that holding parliamentary or presidential elections in the current corrupt legislative and political environment will produce results that differ little from the previous elections.. Indeed, the next elections must be held after a transitional period of at least one year during which time public liberties are respected in full, particularly the right to form political parties, professional and trade unions, civic associations, and all forms of media.. II.. Take immediate steps to hold accountable those responsible for all crimes committed against Egyptians since the beginning of the uprising on January 25.. This entails:.. No guarantee of immunity should be granted to former president Hosni Mubarak that prevents holding him accountable for any crimes he may have committed, directly or indirectly, during his time in power.. Immunity should be revoked if promises have already been made to the contrary.. All officials responsible since 25 January for orders to open fire, killing hundreds of demonstrators, and those responsible for the shutdown of internet and mobile phone services, should be referred to trial, starting with the former interior minister and his aides.. All officials responsible for the coordinated withdrawal of security forces and the subsequent release of prisoners, which lead to a wide spread intimidation and terrorizing of citizens, and looting and theft, must be held accountable.. An independent judicial body for truth and equity should be formed to investigate and receive complaints of corruption and human rights abuses committed before and after 25 January.. The authorities should guarantee and provide every facility to ensure the independence and impartiality of the body.. The latter should give priority to the investigation of crimes committed since 25 January.. Identify and prosecute those responsible for the massacre in Tahrir Square on 2 February and the attacks on the offices of several human rights organizations on 3 February.. The Public Prosecutor s investigation should be transparent and the public should be informed of the findings in a timely manner.. The minister of information should be brought to trial for his responsibility for the misinformation campaigns launched by state-owned media, along with one private satellite channel, designed to smear the participants in the January 25 revolution as foreign agents, as well as his orchestration of a xenophobic campaign of incitement to hatred and violence against foreigners.. It should be noted that these orchestrated media campaigns harmed the tourism sector  ...   The general assemblies of NGOs must have the sole authority to determine the policies of civic associations, their articles of incorporation, and the composition of their boards.. Guarantee the right of NGOs to establish general federations, networks, and alliances without administrative tutelage, as well as the right to join international and regional networks and alliances.. Prohibit the dissolution of NGOs or the dismissal of their boards by administrative order.. Prohibit the dissolution or suspension of any NGO but by a court order subject to appeal.. Guarantee the right of civil society institutions to develop their resources and receive the necessary funding for their activities.. Take the necessary legislative measures to ensure freedom of the media by:.. Ending the control of the executive and its ruling party over state-owned media.. ; taking action to restructure the radio and television broadcasting to strengthen diversity, competition, and free, democratic expression; and, transform the state-owned visual and written media into organizations at the service of the public that enjoy administrative, financial, and programming independence and with representative boards whose members are chosen based on competence and in consideration of a diversity of views and trends.. Grant the authority to license visual and aural media outlets to a national media council.. , composed of independent figures, which is not subject to the tutelage of the executive.. The law establishing this council should guarantee the right of judicial review of any of its decrees.. Abolish legislative and administrative restrictions on the circulation of information and the right of citizens to information, and adopt a law that guarantees media workers the right to access and publish information and punishes the obstruction of this right.. Abolish penal provisions that mandate prison time for publication crimes.. ; prohibit provisional detention for these crimes, including the crime of insulting the president; and, review provisions in the Penal Code and publications law to ensure that they cannot be used to stigmatize or limit freedom of opinion, expression, or the media.. Amend the judiciary law to guarantee the independence of the Public Prosecutor from the executive.. , prohibit intervention by the Justice or Interior Ministry in the legal process, guarantee that the general assemblies of the courts have the right to refer cases to the competent judges without interference, and uphold the independence of judges clubs.. Amend the law on the National Council for Human Rights to compel relevant state agencies to provide it with the necessary information and reports.. , respond to citizen complaints referred to them by the council, and reconsider the composition of the council to ensure real independence by appointing at least one-third of its members from independent human rights organizations.. Amend Article 126 of the Penal Code on punishment for crimes of torture.. in accordance with the comprehensive definition of the crime and its perpetrators as included in Article 1 of the UN Convention Against Torture: amend the Code of Criminal Procedure to guarantee victims of grave police violations or their families the right to file a criminal suit against those responsible for these abuses; and, stiffen the penalties for crimes of torture and prohibit discretionary leniency or clemency in sentencing to ensure the proper penalty for these crimes.. i.. Take legislative measures to ensure that civilians cannot be prosecuted before military tribunals and limit the jurisdiction of the military judiciary.. to military personnel who have committed crimes and violations in their units or during the course of duty.. Electoral reform.. Amend the law on the exercise of political rights and Law 174/2005 on the regulation of presidential elections.. to end the Interior Ministry s control over general elections, including presidential polls, and grant oversight of all elections to one independent judicial body chosen by judges through the courts general assemblies.. This body should be given the authority necessary to fully supervise the electoral process, starting from the preparation, review, and updating of voter rolls, and including the receipt of declarations of candidacy and challenges to them, the drawing of electoral districts and polling stations, the drafting of campaign rules and guarantees of compliance with them and the implementation of the legal provisions that criminalize thuggery, violence, and coercion of voters and vote-buying, as well as the use of religious slogans or houses of worship, public monies, or state facilities to support particular candidates.. This body should also be responsible for announcing election results.. This requires the establishment of judicial policing under the authority of the body, not subject to the Interior Ministry, to guarantee its directives are implemented.. Adopt a proportional, open list system.. , which can guarantee better representation for political parties and empower social sectors that have long been marginalized in political life.. Legalize the right of NGOs to monitor elections at all stages.. , facilitate their ability to act independently, end the National Council for Human Rights monopoly over permits for election monitoring, and accept international monitors for general elections.. Reconsider state funding for political parties in general elections to provide funding.. and incentives to encourage parties to include young people, women, and others besides Sunni Muslims on their electoral lists.. Implement court orders that ban police guards from university campuses.. , end security interference in student activities and academic and faculty appointments, end security and administrative intervention in faculty clubs and student union elections, and uphold the right of students to draft new bylaws for student unions.. V.. Draft a clear plan for the gradual activation of all economic, social, and cultural rights to meet the demands of the January 25 revolution, especially a minimum wage and pension standard that is commensurate with the cost of living.. Signatory organizations.. Andalus Institute for Tolerance and Anti-Violence Studies.. Arab Network for Human Rights Information.. Center for Egyptian woman s Legal Assistance.. Misryon against Religious Discrimination.. New Woman Research Center.. The Arab Penal Reform Organization.. The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement.. The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights.. The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights.. The Human Rights Association for the Assistance for the Prisoners..

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  • Title: DataLife Engine > Printable version> Second Round of Parliamentary Elections Third Statement
    Descriptive info: > بيانات, الأنتخابات البرلمانية >.. Second Round of Parliamentary Elections Third Statement.. 6-12-2010, 18:41.. In Itmida, security forces allows for bullying to resolve the conflict between Mortada Mansour and Baraka.. National Party manages elections in Karmouz from a mosque.. In Minya the Church calls upon the prayers to elect NDP candidates in Sunday mass.. In Itmida constituency, Dakahleya.. our observers noticed rigging in favor of the NDP candidates Abdel Rahman Baraka (professionals) and Mr.. Khaled Shalaby (laborer) at the polling station of Sadat School in the village of Aolela.. When the representatives of the independent candidate Mortada Mansour objected to that, a group of thugs, led by a cousin of Mr.. Shalaby, assaulted them with knives.. In addition, Al Youm Al Sabea newspaper's editor Mr.. Mohamed Haggag was also assaulted by the supporters of Mr.. Shalaby, and was detained within the polling station for a period of half an hour.. He has been released while being threatened with murder and the security forces took him off outside the village.. One of the supporters of Mr.. Mansour was beaten by supporters of Abdul Rahman Barka in front of the Religious Institute of Atimda because he placed a banner for Murtada.. This incident took place in the presence of security men who did not intervene, security men chased one of our observers, Mr.. Omar El Bahrawy to prevent him from monitoring even outside the polling station.. Later on, supporters of Murtada Mansour clashed with supporters of Abdel Rahman Barka within the polling station, which resulted in injuring more than 20 persons as a result of knife-fighting.. Our observers monitored rigging in favor of Mortada Mansour in the polling stations of Kom El Nour village.. In Aga constituency.. , our observers reported that in Samonoud village, which is the home town of El Tagmoa party's candidate Raafat Sief, NDP representatives have gathered the voters to vote for El Tagmow party's candidate against the NDP candidate.. In Cairo Governorate, in Bab El She'arya constituency.. , followers of the candidate Yasser Issa (laborer) cooperated with the followers of the candidate Mr.. Salah Zaki (professional) to direct the voters inside polling stations to vote for two candidates.. In Al Mattaria and Ain Shams constituency.. , representatives of the candidate Mr.. Atef El Ashmouny have been expelled off the polling station of Al Rashad School in Al Kharga area.. In Al Gamalia constituency.. , our observers noted that the car with license plate (BES 379)  ...   schools thugs, who are followers of the NDP candidates, were present.. The NDP candidate Mr.. Mohamed Abu Saleeb (Laborer) announced his withdrawal objecting to rigging and that goes in favor of other NDP candidates Ahmed Sameeh and Abdel Nasr El Garhy.. Prices of votes reached 250 pounds per vote.. In El Fayoum, in Sarnous constituency.. , the polling station number 15 in El Shaheed School and the polling stations of the Mohsen Tantawy School were rigged in favor of candidate Abdel El Haleem Zakria.. In Markaz El Fayoum Constituency, our observers noted rigging and fraudulence in the polling stations of Al Lahoun and Al Hawara villages.. In Suez, second constituency.. , our observers monitored Microbuses carrying Nubians to vote collectively in favor of the candidate Mr.. Abdel Hameed Kamal (Al Tagmoa candidate) and the professionals' NDP candidate Mr.. Mohamed Bayoumi.. Tye microbuses had license plates 448 and 5428 Suez.. The Coalition's observers also reported that the Governor and Executive Body of the governorate have voted in Al Ansary School and announced their support to NDP candidates.. One police officer has held the Coalition's observer Ghareeb Ebeid for half an hour and took his Coalition's ID card as well as his phone and erased all the information on it.. In Luxor, Armant constituency.. , in polling stations number 205, Shura Council Member Mr.. Mohamed Abdel Aleem, has forced the president of the committee to forge the electoral voting cards in favor of NDP candidate.. In Armant High School, one of our observers has been prevented from entering the school to monitor the electoral process.. In Qena, first constituency.. , Security forces have arrested 4 people carrying machine guns, in a private "Mitsubishi Lancer" with license plate 7038 Qena.. This car belongs to the professionals' NDP candidate Mr.. Mubarak Abu El Hag in the police checkpoint (Ambush) in Dandara.. In addition, 21 members of Al Ashraf tribe have been arrested and four members of Al Gabalawy family as well as 2 of El Hamidiat family members for bearing machine guns.. In Al Minia, in Bandr El Minia constituency.. , the church has called upon the voters to choose the NDP's electoral symbols during Sunday Mass.. Voters were registered in the polling stations of Nazlet Obeid No.. 177 to 183 which have around 8000 Copt registered voters.. The Central Operations Room of the Egyptian Association for community Participation Enhancement.. A member of the Independent Coalition for Monitoring the Elections.. Cairo 5-12-2010..

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  • Title: DataLife Engine > Printable version> Second Round of Parliamentary Elections Second Statement
    Descriptive info: Second Round of Parliamentary Elections Second Statement.. 6-12-2010, 18:26.. Security forces fraud electoral cards for the opposition candidates! Armed Militias of the NDP are present around polling stations Voting stock exchange has opened its door before midday and the vote price ranges from 20 pounds to 150 pounds.. The Coalition's observers noted that there have been a huge number of vehicles beside polling stations in a number of constituencies with a number of bullies carrying weapons and are in an alerting state to interfere at any moment for the benefit of the NDP's candidates.. Our observers noted the interference of the security forces for the benefit of opposition candidates.. Furthermore, biding on buying votes has started in the open constituencies where NDP candidates compete, and they came as follows:.. In Qena governorate, Naga Hamady constituency.. , our observers noted that in Farshout School for boys, security forces expelled the representatives of the candidates.. Besides, Civil Society Organizations who have permissions were prevented from accessing polling stations.. Security men abstained from organizing polling stations from the outside and left this issue to the followers of the the NDP candidate Mr.. Abdel Reheem El Ghool to force the voters to vote for him.. Supporters of Mr.. Ghool took control over the pooling stations of Naga Hamady Youth Center and Naga Hamady City Council by taking the electoral cards from the voters and voting on their behalf by force.. In Arment Constituency, the names in electoral lists were not full in polling station number 1 in El Hyd, the electoral lists of the voters came with only 3 names although the heads of the committees demanded that all names should be written in the "four-names format".. In polling stations No.. 59, 62, 63 and 64 in the Health Center in El Razgat village, followers of the candidate Bahagat El San cooperated with the head of the committee in forging electoral cards.. In Polling Stations No.. 203, 204, 205 and 206 in El Marees village, a number of bullies, who are supporters of the NDP candidates, have harassed the voters to prevent them from voting.. In Abu Bakr El Sedeeq School polling stations have been closed at 12:00pm, and fraudulence has started since then.. In Giza, In El Haram constituency.. , observers were prevented from accessing polling stations in Yousef Gad Allah School.. Besides, there has been an extensive security presence in El Haram Street in front of the polling stations.. In Aziz El Masry School  ...   station of Al-Farouk Institute in Suez.. , a number of bullies, led by a man with criminal record and whose name is Ahmed Ghaba, terrorized the benefit of the NDP candidate Abdel Nasser Mustafa (laborer).. Besides, in front of a number of polling stations, a number of armed bullies, linked to the candidate Mr.. Abul Wafa Basheer, were seen in microbus vehicles.. In Birket Al-Sabaa Constituency, Monufia Governorate.. Sobhy Omara (Professionals-NDP) were expelled off the polling station of the School of Commerce In Ganzour village.. In the same village, a number of bullies gathered inside a mosque close to the polling station of Al-Qaser school, carrying weapons and sticks and supporting the NDP Candidate Ali Hammad.. In the polling station of Al-Rawda village, a Major General with some security forces encircled the polling station and prevented voters from accessing ballot boxes.. In Tambasha School polling station, voters were also prevented from accessing ballot boxes.. In Ashmoun constituency.. , electoral cards are being forged for the sake of the NDP candidates Mr.. Mohamed Samaha (professional) and Mr.. Reda Maqlad (laborer) inside polling stations No.. 9,10 and 11 in the Agricultural School of Ashmoun and in the polling station of Agricultural Administration (women polling station).. In Batanoun constituency, supporters of the NDP candidate Mr.. Saied Al-Qassas (laborer) forged electoral cards for his benefit inside Nagati Primary School polling station.. In Boulaq Al-Dakrour constituency.. , Giza a fight erupted in Nahia district between supporters of the candidates Mr.. Khaled Al-Adawi (NDP-Professional) and Mr.. Mandouh Al-Husseiny (NDP-Professional) as they were competing on "buying votes".. In Montazah Constituency.. , Alexandria, the candidate Mr.. Abdel Fattah Mohamed Abdel Fattah (Tagammoa' Party) submitted a complaint to the head of the General Committee, calling for the annulment of the following polling stations: Atef-Al-Sadat school, Ibn Khaldoun school, Omar Makram school, Hanafy Mahmoud school, and Khorshid School.. This challenge was based on the fact that there has been collective voting for the NDP candidate Mr.. Ali Seif through buses of the company owned by Mr.. Talaat Moustafa.. Mr.. Abdel Fattah threatened that he would withdraw if no investigation was made in his complaint.. In Haramein Youth Center in Mandara.. , Mr.. Ali Seif (NDP) had gathered a large number of women and gave them 50 L.. E and a meal in order to vote for him.. Central Operations Room.. The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement, a member of the Independent Coalition for Monitoring the Elections.. Sunday, 5th of December 2010..

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  • Title: DataLife Engine > Printable version> Second Round of Parliamentary Elections First Statement
    Descriptive info: Second Round of Parliamentary Elections First Statement.. 5-12-2010, 15:44.. Second Round of Parliamentary Elections.. First Statement.. With the opposition withdrawing from the second round of elections, citizens followed suit and chose not to vote.. Yet as soon as the polls opened, the NDP tried to encourage voter participation by mass mobilization and vote buying.. Meanwhile, the opposition parties are divided.. Muslim Brother (MB) candidates remain committed to the boycott, while some Wafd party candidates have defied their party s decision and are participating in the elections.. Despite the minimal opposition or perhaps because of it, fraud continues.. Presumably to create a semblance of legitimacy in this year s Parliament, the security forces in Aga forged voting cards in favor of El Tagammu candidate forcing the NDP candidate to withdraw.. After the withdrawal of the main opposition parties (El Wafd, Muslim Brotherhood) from the first round of the People Assembly's elections, the NDP has sought to give the elections a veneer of legitimacy by pushing independent candidates to join parties that don t have any candidates.. For example, independent candidate Mahmoud El Khrouely for the workers seat has been urged to join El Geel party.. Brotherhood candidate Magdy Ashour was forced by security forces to join the second round in El Marg and Nouzaha constituencies.. 363 NDP candidates, 140 independent candidates (NDP loyalists), 6 El Tagammu candidates, and 1 Social Salam candidate are vying for 283 seats (269 regular and 14 quota) in this round, The elections are taking place in 32,792 sub-committees and 166 constituencies.. The most important violations thus far were as follows:.. All candidates' delegates- including NDP candidates- were prevented from entering the constituencies' committees (bolaq El Dakrour- Karmouz- Berkat El Sabaa- Bandr Qena and Qena center- Armant- Naga Hamaday- Bandr Sohag- Shobra constituency).. Committees were under  ...   El Dakrour constituency, there was an absence of security forces which enabled candidates representatives to control who was able to enter the polling stations.. In Shobra El Khyma constituency, cars transported numbered (e n r 716) and (w1m613) transported voters to polling stations to support NDP candidates Reda Wahdan (worker) and Fady El Habashy (professional).. Moreover, free meals have been distributed to the voters.. Central security cars blocked the streets leading to Safia Zaghlul School committee in Giza.. Giza taxis transported voters to polling stations to vote for NDP candidate (professional) El Mandouh El Hussieny.. Collective forging of votes is taking place in Ashoun constituency in Monofia for the benefit of the professionals' candidate Hamd Samaha in committees 20, 21, 22, 23.. Morever, candidates representatives are being expelled from polling stations.. In Suez, a statement has been issued against candidate Abdel Hamid Kamal, who organized a conference attacking in it the NDP leaders.. Votes have been forged for El Tagmow party's candidate Rafaat Sief in El Gomhouria School for primary education in Aga constituency in Dakahlia.. In response, NDP candidate Abdel Fatah Diab has withdrawn.. Moreover Diab could not obtain proxies for his delegates to enter polling stations.. 11.. In Luxor, votes were forged for NDP candidate Bahagat El San (professional) in committees 59,62, 63.. 12.. In Bolaq constituency at the Gamal Abdel Nasr School, illiterate women were brought together and instructed by the heads of sub-committees of the Election Commission to vote for NDP candidates El Mandouh El Hussieny, Sayed Mostapha, Khaled Sayed El Adawy, and Abdel Ghany El Gammal.. 13.. In El Dakahia in Atimda Constituency, security forces prevented voters at the El Shaheed Yehia El Adgham school in Koom El Nour from voting until 10:00 am,.. Member of the Independent Coalition for Monitoring the Elections.. Sunday 5/12/2010..

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  • Title: DataLife Engine > Printable version> Third Report on Election Day
    Descriptive info: Third Report on Election Day.. 28-11-2010, 23:55.. Elections have taste of blood and smell of gun powder Citizens are sacrificed for the NDP to remain in power.. The NDP s strategy: Start by expelling delegates and monitors in the beginning of the day, then terrorize citizens with security and thugs, last forge ballot cards.. Before sunrise on Election Day, the first victim, Amr Alsayed Mohamed Abu Amr, son of Independent Candidate Mohamed Abu Amr for the Matariya and Ein Shams Constituency, fell dead.. As voting commenced, there was a second death, Nagy Moussa Omran, in Monoufiya Governorate as a result of clashes in one of the polling stations.. In Sidi Beshr, Montaza Constituency Nafissa Abdel Hamed (79 years) died as a result of a diabetic coma inside a polling station.. In Qena, a 38 year-old man was injured and forced to undergo an emergency operation after being stabbed during a fight between supporters of rival candidates in Deshna Constituency.. In Daqahliya Governorate, Aly Beshir, was injured as a result of gun shots.. Cairo Governorate:.. Matariya and Ein Shams Constituency.. -At the Alrashad School polling station, Mahmoud Altaweel, representative of independent candidate Salah Kamel Abu Eida, slapped the polling station head for forging ballot cards for NDP candidate Nageh Galal.. -Ballot cards were also forged for the NDP candidate at the Shagaret Mariam School.. In addition, voting took place with phosphoric ink and without any identification verification.. -At the Matrawy Primary School, ballot cards were forged for NDP Labour candidate Mimi Alomda.. At the Metwaly Alsha rawy School, independent candidate Salah Kamel Abu Eida bribed voters with 500 LE.. -In the women s polling station, Alzahraa school, a group of thugs attacked women and harassed them by pulling away their veils and scarves.. -Independent professional candidates filed reports to the General Committee to annul ballot boxes 325 and 340 in Mahmoud Khater School and ballot boxes 115, 11, and 109 in Nageh Galal School.. Nasr City Constituency.. -Voters were bused in by the Petrojet company and other petrol companies to vote for NDP candidate (professional) and Oil Minister, Sameh Fahmy.. Meanwhile, Petrojet employees were driven in the company s private cars to vote.. -The Muslim Brotherhood candidate (professional) Manal Abul Hassan filed an appeal ( appeal # 8204 for the Judicial year 65) for the Administrative court to cancel elections after witnessing NDP candidates proxies committing forgery in front of the Girls Faculty Polling Station on Asma Fahmy Street in Masr Al Gadida.. These representatives would hand voters marked ballot cards outside of the polling station, the voters would then use these cards to vote and hand back empty ballot cards to the representatives.. Abdeen Constituency.. -At the Fathiya Baheeg School, NDP candidate Talaat Alkawas brought 35 thugs to the polling stations who entered without any identification verification and with the assistance of police officers to vote despite the opposition of other candidates representatives.. -Supporters of Muslim Brotherhood candidate (professional) Gamal Hanafy paid voters 20 and 30 LE to vote for their candidate.. -At the Elwehda Alarabiya School, collective voting took place by nurses of Ahmed Maher Hospital for independent candidate Ragab Helal Hemeida and NDP candidate Talaat Alkawas.. -In the Girls Nobar Prep School, supporters of Ragab Helal Hemeida attacked a female journalist.. Security then forced her to leave the polling station for taking pictures of them blocking voters from entering the station.. Hada iq al Qubba Constituency.. -At the Nakrashy Secondary school and Mahmoud Sami Amer school (women s polling station), security officials closed polling stations and banned voters from entering unless they presented both pink ballot cards and ID cards (rules stipulated that voters only need to present ID cards.. ) By noon, turn out was only two percent.. -Four ballot boxes full of forged ballot cards were discovered on the roof of Nakrashy Secondary School to replace the actual boxes.. -Independent candidate (professional) Hesham Taha, a former police officer, and independent candidate (Labour) Mahmoud Nabeel Elnemr were paying voters between 50 300 LE to support them.. Sahel Constituency.. -Collective voting took place for Wafd (professional) candidate Taher Abu Zeid.. There was also campaigning on public bus number 341 GND.. In addition, employees of the Cairo Medicine Company, to vote for Taher Abu Zeid.. Sayeda Zeinab Constituency.. -NDP candidate (professional) Fathy Sorour organized a march for his campaign where he played music loudly on speakers to attract attention.. Kasr El Nil Constituency.. -At the Alshaheed Abdel Hafez School, supporters of NDP candidate (professional) Hesham Mustafa Khalil were paying voters 300 LE.. -At polling station 81 in Alalfy, Alkhaleefa, and Almokatam schools, there was no phosphoric ink.. -At the Talaat Harb school polling station collective voting by staff of Misr Insurance Company for NDP Labour candidate Abdel Aziz Mustafa.. -Voters at Khedewy Ismail Secondary School were unsure whether they were in Kasr El Nil constituency or Sayedda Zeinab constituency.. -NDP candidate (labor) Abdel Aziz Mustafa hung posters on the headquarters of the Tagammu Party to intimidate Tagammu candidate Ashraf Hussein.. -At the Social Services Polling Station in Garden City, the head of the station was caught forging 50 ballot cards for the NDP candidate.. -The papers authorizing Bothaina Kamel to act as a proxy for independent candidate Gameela Ismail was stolen and a report was filed.. -Candidate Gameela Ismail reported that Chemistry Authority polling station 11 was closed, but the head of the High Elections Commission refused to write a report of the closure.. Giza Governorate.. Bolak El Dakroor Constituency.. Ballot cards were not stamped at Safiya Zaghloul School polling station.. Imbaba.. -At Mohamed Naguib Primary School, voters were banned from entering polling stations by thugs outside of the station.. Security beat the Al Masry Al Youm photographer, Raafat Saoudi, and broke his camera.. -Taxis were collectively transferring people for voting.. The taxis had registration numbers 104435 106259.. A taxi with registration number 107166 was shuttling voters to  ...   even though he had registered as an official representative.. Meet Ghamr Constituency.. -In villages of Meet Elezz, Aldabweniya and Kafr Alnaeem, security officers entered polling stations with envelopes of forged ballor cards for NDP candidates.. -Representatives of Tagamuu Party candidate (professional) Adel William was expelled from polling stations 156 and 157 (Nasser Amin School).. -Ballot cards were forged for NDP candidate (professional) Abdu Abu Aisha and NDP Labour candidate Abdel Fatah Al Bahrawi in polling stations 80, 81, and 83 in Meet Elezz Village, polling stations 24, 25, and 27 in Aldabweniya Village, polling stations 17 and 18 in Kafr Abul Eneen, and polling station 20 in Kafr Al Mohammadiya.. -At Alshaheed Nasr school, Muslim Brotherhood representatives were expelled and ballot cards were forged for NDP candidates Abdu Abu Aisha (Professionals) and Abdel Fattah Albahrawy.. -In Dakadous Village at the Ali Ibn Abi Taleb School the Independent Labour candidate Tarek Alghafeer took a number of ballot cards from three ballot boxes to nullify the voting.. Atmeeda Constituency.. -Three polling stations in Sentamy and Beshlalosh villages for Independent candidate (professional) Mortada Mansour.. -At Tefhana Prep school, polling was closed at 3 PM and ballot cards were forged for NDP candidate Abdel Rahman Baraka who gave hot meals to polling station staff.. Gharbeiya Governorate:.. Al Mahala Constituency.. -At the Sayeda Zeinab girls secondary school, supporters of the Independent candidate (professional) Mohamed Morgan broke one of the ballot boxes to stop voting in this station.. -At Sodfa primary school, polling station 124 was closed and at Nasser primary schools, polling stations were closed.. Samanood Constituency.. -Security service thugs fired live rounds outside the Azhar Institute to terrorize voters.. -Ballot cards were forged at AlShaheed Mahmoud Kheir school, Samanood boys primary school, Sadat girls secondary school, and Gamal Eddin Al Afghany school for NDP candidates.. -In Alkamala Village, ballot cards in the polling stations were forged for Wafd Party Labour candidate Mustafa Hamoud.. -In Shubra Bely Village, Independent candidate (labor) Abdel Hamid Basha rigged ballot boxes in his favor.. Sixth Constituency.. -Security forces attacked women wearing niqabs in Meet Habib Samanood Village.. Qalyoubiya Governorate.. Kafr Shukra Constituency.. -A security cordon was imposed in front of polling stations in Abu Bakr Alsedeeq primary school in Banha Centre.. -All candidates representatives were expelled from polling stations in Shablingiya and Meet Alseba a.. Shubra El Kheima Constituency.. -In Tanan Village, Independent Professionals candidate Abdel Hakim Shaddad fired a gun to terrorize voters.. His supporters forged ballot cards.. A New York Times crew was banned by security from entering the polling stations.. -At the 6 October primary school in Shubra El Kheima First, a NDP Professionals candidate paid for cars and motorcycles to transfer people for collective voting.. Bishop Murkus Matran, along with 10 pastors, passed through all polling stations to encourage Christians to vote.. NDP candidates hired criminals and thugs in all polling stations.. -At the 6 October School in Shubra El Kheima First, ballot cards were forged for NDP Labour candidate Atef Massoud and NDP Professionals candidate Megahed Nassar against other NDP candidates.. Nasserist Professionals candidate, Tawhid Al Banhawy, was detained by state security officers and was not allowed to leave the school until 5 PM.. Alexandria governorate.. Al Gomrok Constituency.. -In Al Anfoshy Girls School women s polling stations, women were mobilized to vote for NDP Labour candidate Almalky, and Independent Professionals Ashraf Abu Ashraf.. -In Karmooz at the Secondary Sadat School, the polls were closed to voters except for those voting for NDP candidates.. Security forces also compelled voters to vote for NDP.. -In Al Salam Secondary school, members of the Local Council forged ballot cards for NDP candidates.. -Cars with microphones roamed around the different constituencies, especially around polling stations and in condensed areas.. Cars with posters calling for citizens to vote for NDP candidate Dr.. Mofeed Shehab roamed the streets playing a famous song that was written especially for President Mubarak in 2005 elections.. Luxor Governorate:.. Luxor Constituency.. -In Al Deneiqa in Atfon, supporters of Independent Labour candidate Mohamed Diaa Eddin Al Betety, in coalition with supporters of NDP Professionals candidate Wael Zakariya Al Amir, fired gun shots to disperse voters and prevent them from voting against NDP Professionals candidate Abass Hazeen.. -In Al Deir girls Prep school at a women s polling station, women were prevented from entering the polling station throughout the day.. By 5 PM, some polling stations were already closed and NDP supporters finished forging all ballot boxes in Esna and Armant constituencies, especially at the Family Health Centre polling station in Marees Village.. Damietta Governorate.. Damietta Constituency.. -In Al Galaa Prep School at polling station 17, there was public forging of ballot cards for Aly Mabrouk, Indpendent Labour candidate, because he paid money to those willing to forge the cards.. Asuit Governorate.. Seventh Sahel Selim Constituency:.. -At polling station 176 in the Prep School in Tawya, there were violent clashes for half an hour between two NDP Labour candidates, Maher Ahmed Maher and Gamal Abdel Nasser, as they were competing for presence at the polling station.. The clashes led to injuries amongst their supporters and a tightened security cordon was imposed on Al Fima Village.. Voters were prevented from voting in polling stations 19 to 26 in Gad Al Wahed Secondary School.. -In polling station 156, work ended at 3:45 PM and ballot cards were badly printed with electoral symbols that were not clear.. Suez Governorate.. Second Constituency.. -NDP Professionals candidate Galal Mazen brought two microbuses with a large number of thugs carrying knives and sticks.. They gathered in front of the security directorate and clashed with protesters.. When they found that they were outnumbered and the protesters were willing to defend themselves, the thugs waited outside the protest to harass and attack people as they left.. They also attacked foreign press and satellite TV channels.. Correspondents of Aljazeera channel filed a report regarding the incident..

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  • Title: DataLife Engine > Printable version> Second Report For the Election Day
    Descriptive info: Second Report For the Election Day.. 28-11-2010, 20:10.. The Independent coalition releases the second report on the elections day, (10:00 a.. m.. to 3:00 p.. ).. Cairo governorate.. In the Moa'malat Tigaria Secondary School, the security expelled the supporters of the candidate Mr.. Hussein Ashraf, the Tagamou Party candidate, off the polling station.. Supporters of Ms.. Madiha Khattab (NDP- professional women quota Northern Cairo) were allowed to distribute food to voters.. Supporters of the candidate Mr.. Ragab Helal Hamida (Ghad Party- laborer) were involved in buying the votes for 20 pounds and a meal.. In Abdeen secondary school for girls , the supporters of Gamal Hanafy ( MB proffessional) used a person with mental illness and they gave him 5 pounds and a meal to vote.. Children from 9 to 15 years old were used to publicizing for Sayed Saleh Abdel Moneim ( professional-independent) , Mohsen Fawzy (labour- NDP) and Hussain Ashraf ( Tagamou- professional).. Kaser el Nile constituency.. In the poll no 11 the chemistry agency for women, the heads of the committee issued orders to write the names of the voters in the elections papers and this lead to the nullification of the papers and it contradicts with the principle of the privacy of the voting.. The poll was closed at 12:15 and the head of the committee decided not to write a closing report, so the independent candidate filed a complaint because of this.. Bab el She'ria constituency.. In el Nasser primary school there was big number of the supporters of the candidate Sai'd AbdelKhalq ( professional ) and Atef Hamam (labour) inside the polls and they were directing the voters to vote in favour of the NDP , and the voting take place without having curtains and under intensive security presence.. The candidate Sa'ied AbdelKhalq and a group of thugs controlled the polls in Khalil Agha secondary school.. a fight took place between the supporters of the candidate Samira Ahmed ( el Wafd) and the supporters of the NDP candidates because she was buying the vote for 100 pounds.. a police vehicle with plates number 13452 was carrying the banners of the NDP and it was going around the constituency.. Heliopolis and Madinet Nasr.. Detention of Mr.. Youssef Awad, the representative of the candidate Nagwa Abbas (professional- Tagamou), inside Mohamed Refaat School and dismissing the representatives of the candidates from the school's polling stations.. The buses of Petrojet Company, Petroleum companies and Ideal Company were transferring the voters to the polling stations.. The buses had photos of the candidate of the NDP the minister Sameh Fahmy placed on.. In Misr el Gedida Secondary School around the voting area, there was huge campaigning materials for the candidate Mr.. Sameh Fahmy NDP, saying he is the good omen and the fighter against unemployment.. There was a truck with microphones advertising for him with license plates AB 5172.. Hadayeq constituency.. Presence of thugs in front of el Aidia School and el Rehany School.. They prevented the candidates and the voters from entering.. The candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mr.. Amr Zaky, went to Abd el Aziz Ashmawey School to vote, and his name was not found in the lists.. In el Dar el Bidaa School the engineer Ms.. Doaa Youssef, the representative of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate was attacked by female thugs.. El Sahel constituency.. The candidate Abdel Kader Ahmed Taha (professional independent) gathered the voters for collective voting in Osman ibn Afan by the microbus with license plates number 479 BHK.. Matrya and Ein Shames.. The supporters of the candidate Atef Asmouny (wafd- labour) found the employees supervising the fifth polling station in Mohamdia school marking the election papers in favor of the candidates of NDP Mimi el Omda (labor) and Nageh Galal (professional) and a fight erupted as a result.. Gathering voters was observed in buses of the Egyptian Company of Projects to Aqad School and Shagret Mariam in favor of the candidate Mimi el Omda ( NDP- labor).. In Mohamed Motwaly el She'rawy School, there was collective voting in polling station number 141 and 140 for women, in favor of the candidate Khaled Zoqla (laborer- independent) and they are the member of Saida Aisha Association and Al Balad Al Tayeb association.. There was forgery in electoral cards in favor of Mr.. Atef el Ashmony (Wafd- professional) in Abatal el Obor school, polling station number 216 and in polling station number 5 Aqqad school.. In the polling station number 268 in Mesla School, there was forgery in electoral cards in favor of Mr.. Kamel Abu Abda (professional- independent).. In the polling station number 268, in Om Kolthum School, the representatives of Al Wafd candidate and Muslim Brotherhood candidate were dismissed and the representatives of NDP candidates were allowed to stay.. In the poll station number 325 in Mahmoud Khater School, there was forgery in electoral cards in favor of Nageh Galal (NDP- professional).. The candidate Ahmed Ramy was attacked (Muslim Brotherhood- professional) after the dismissal of his representatives from polling stations and marking the cards in the polls.. Dar el Salam and Basateen constituency.. The representatives of the candidate Mohamed Zaki (laborer-Tagamou) and the candidate Walid Mohamed Mahmoud (professional-independent) were prevented from entering the polling stations in Ahmed Orabi School and the voters were prevented from entering the school for half an hour.. In Gamal Abdel Nasser School, it was observed that there were collective gathering in a public bus GAR 497, belonging to southern Giza Garage el Moneeb, and inside the bus almost 60 voters voting for the NDP candidates.. The banners of Heshmat Abu Hagar and Akarm Qaratem, the NDP candidates, were placed on the bus.. A microbus with license plates number Giza 107394 was transferring voters to vote for the NDP candidates; this incident took place frequently.. The observers testified that some voters voted with the national ID only and they do not have electoral ID and they vote for the NDP and after voting they were gathered inside El Meamria technical school waiting for money, the vote was for 50 pounds.. They agreed on this with one of the brokers of the elections.. In Gamal Aabdel Nasser School, some people affiliated to the candidate Heshmat abo Hagar (NDP-laborer) were offered money to the voters in order vote in his favor.. Karim Reda and Shady Ahmed, observers of the Coalition, and a journalist in AL Sherook newspaper, were prevented from entering into polling stations located in the Schools group in Dar El Salam.. Security forces banned polling stations located in schools at El  ...   independent, professional, second constituency.. - El Sayed Raafat El Abed, MB, professional, first constituency.. - Randa gharib, independent, labor, quota seat.. - Hanan Mohamed Ali, independent, labor, quota seat.. - Zakeya Teima, independent, labor, quota seat.. - Suzan Saad Zaghloul, MB, professional, quota seat.. Helwan Governorate:.. 1- Representatives of Mostafa Bakry, independent candidate, (professional), were prevented from accessing polling stations located at El Kholafaa El Rashedeen School, although they were holding valid proxies.. 2- Ms.. Mona Ibrahim Ahmed Mohamed, a voter, registered at polling station no.. 202, located at Al Nahda School, complained to representatives of the Coalition, that she found a tick mark next to her name on the voters' list when she went to vote.. This sign meant that she had already voted, although she has not yet done.. This proves that electoral cards and voters lists have been forged in some women polling stations.. 3- Supporters of Mr.. Sayed Meshaal, NDP candidate (professional), entered Abdel Moneim Wassel School in Kafr Al Elw, advertising for him inside the school without interference from the polling station supervisors or security personnel.. 4- Gathering of workers in military plants 360, 63, 54 and 45 has been reported.. Workers were transferred by two tourism buses with license plates no.. 972-NSK, 479-SNG).. Alexandria:.. Raml constituency:.. The candidate Mr.. Sobhy Salem, Muslim Brotherhood (professional), was assaulted by thugs in Ibbis area and was transported to Ibbis Public Hospital.. In Ibbis second constituency, a number of thugs, backed by security and police vehicles, prevented voters from accessing polling stations.. A microbus with license plate 7925, in which the passengers were women, was seen repeatedly visiting women polling stations in Raml constituency.. A manifesto, allegedly belonging to Mr.. Sobhy Saleh (Muslim Brotherhood- Professionals), was distributed announcing his withdrawal.. Saleh denied this rumor, in person, publicly.. Gomrok and Mansheya Constituency.. A police officer expelled candidates' representatives from polling stations despite the fact that they were registered by the committee's head.. This incident occurred in the following polling stations: 83, 84 and 85 in Trandeel School.. Karmouz Constituency:.. Candidates' representatives were expelled in the following polling stations: 107, 111 and 112.. Amreya Constituency:.. A security cordon was imposed in front of Al-Hassan Ibn Al-Haytham School in Amreya constituency; voters were prevented from accessing polling stations.. Sherif Boktor, NDP's candidate (professional).. Moharram Bik Constituency:.. Gharb Al Delta buses, with license plates 2870, 2894, 2869, 4867, 2287 and 3634, and buses for Alexandria University, with license plate 1376, were used to gather voters to vote for the NDP's candidate, Mr.. Mofeed Shehab.. A vehicle belonging to the Water Company, with license plate 1965, was seen transporting voters to polling stations to vote for Ms.. Nadia Abdou (NDP, quota seat, professional), the CEO of the Water Company.. Bab Sharq constituency:.. One of the heads of a sub-committee in Al- Orwa Al-Wothqa School for Boys, asked a voter about the candidates he is going to vote for due to the fact that the names of some candidates were not enlisted in the final list.. Minia Governorate:.. Bandar Al-Minia constituency.. Security forces imposed barriers around the following schools: Ittihad Preparatory School, Kafr Al Mansoura and Taha Hussein; voters were prevented from accessing ballot boxes.. Qina governorate:.. Bandar and Markaz Qina constituency:.. Electoral cards were forged for the benefit of the NDP in Abdul Moneim Ryiadh School.. The polling station was closed, and candidates' representatives were expelled.. In addition, supporters of Mr.. Mubarak Abul Hagag (NDP, professional) threw Molotov cocktail inside the polling station of the religious institute due to the fact that he does not have a lot of supporters inside this polling station.. Bini Suef Governorate:.. In Wusta constituency, the house of the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate, Mr.. Khairy Farag, was set on fire by the supporters of the NDP's candidate, Mr.. Ahmed Al-Ridy.. Fishn constituency:.. In Shukr village, a fight with guns erupted between supporters of Mr.. Ali Abdul Fadeel (NDP, professional) and supporters of Mr.. Abdullah Ragab (Muslim Brotherhood, professional).. All polling stations in this constituency were closed before the due time.. A fight erupted in Hataba village between both candidates of the NDP: Mr.. Abdullah Mabrouk and Mr.. Waddah Abu Jabal (professional).. In this fight the village's mayor, Mr.. Monged Mabrouk, who is the brother of Mr.. Abdullah Mabrouk was injured.. In addition, 12 citizens of Maymouna village were injured.. Fayoum Governorate, Sannoures constituency:.. In Bini Atman New School, the head of polling station number 29 had forged electoral cards for the benefits of the NDP candidates, Messrs Refaat Saied Dawy and Abdul Alim Zakareya.. A similar incident took place in polling station number 35 in Bini Atman Old School, in which electoral cards were forged for the benefit of Mr.. Zakareya.. Candidates of the NDP and the Muslim Brotherhood had distributed Viagra packs as electoral bribes among male candidates.. Markaz Al Fayoum constituency:.. In Lahoun village, Mr.. Mohamed Moustafa Khouly (NDP) used thugs with criminal records to expel candidates' representatives with the assistance of some police officers.. These thugs include: Ragab Ahlam, Magdy Ahmed Taha, Nasser Mossad Negm and Mohamed Ibrahim Darwish.. Furthermore, Mr.. Khouly attacked a handicapped representative of the candidate Mohamed Rabee (Muslim Bortherhood) and expelled him out of the polling station.. Luxor:.. In polling station number 171, electoral cards were forged by the polling station members for the sake of the candidate Mr.. Diaa Al-Omda (Independent- Laborer).. Later on, Mr.. Omda had a deal with the NDP candidate, Mr.. Faisal Abdul Rahman, regarding forging electoral cards for both candidates.. In Atfoun village, an extensive security cordon was imposed, especially in areas of influence of the Muslim Brotherhood.. In Hela village, the security forces surrounded polling stations to prevent candidates from accessing ballot boxes.. In Kamal Turk and Mataana polling stations, forging electoral cards for the benefit of the NDP candidates was reported.. Monufia:.. In Birkit Al-Sabaa constituency, the Secretary General of the NDP in the Western Izba of Shebeen Al-Koum, Mr.. Sonhy Al-Shahed, fired gunshots to terrorize voters.. In the polling station, located inside the School of Commerce, voters voted more than once for the NDP without using the phosphorus ink, and candidates' representatives were expelled from the following polling stations: 215, 216, 217 and 218 in Miniet Dowaib.. In Ashmoun constituency, supporters of the NDP candidate for the laborers seat attacked the lawyer Dr.. Nasr Ezzat and used violence against him; Dr.. Ezzat filed a police record with this incident.. Supporters of the NDP also assaulted one of the Brotherhood's supporters, Mr.. Abdullah Sayed Nakhla.. The Central Operations Room, 28th of November.. 4:00 p..

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  • Title: DataLife Engine > Printable version> First Report For the Election Day November 2010
    Descriptive info: First Report For the Election Day November 2010.. 28-11-2010, 13:01.. First Report.. For the Election Day.. From 8 am to 10 am on Election Day, monitors from the Independent Coalition for Election Observation reported the following:.. The Interior Ministry refused to legalize candidates proxies (representatives who enter the polling centers).. Moreover, representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood and other opposition candidates who did receive accreditation, were not allowed in the polling stations.. Meanwhile, supporters of the National Democratic Party (NDP) continued advertising for their candidates inside the polling centers, even though campaigning is forbidden on Election Day.. Security forces attacked candidates and their representatives as well as media.. Thugs were also used to attack candidates and their supporters.. Specific incidents include:.. Proxies prevented from entering polling stations.. 1- The Interior Ministry in the El Beheira district refused to issue proxies for El Tagamo candidate (labor/women s quota) Aisha Abou Samada.. It only issued one general proxy and requested her to apply for the issuance of partial proxies from each police station independently a very difficult task given that the governorate of Beheira contains 16 administrative divisions and 13 districts.. 2- In the district of Shoubra, the legalization of 100 proxies for the candidate Mohamed El Beltaguy was rejected and 48 of his representatives holding proxies legalized by the Notary Public were forced out of the polling centers.. In the Nasr Experimental School (Shoubra El Balad), only NDP representatives were allowed to enter polling centers.. 3- In the district of Berket EL Sab' (El Beheira governorate), El Tagamo candidate Mohemd Shalaby complained to the Independent Coalition for Elections Observation that his proxies were rejected yesterday.. 4- The Interior Ministry in the El Sharkeay district refused to grant proxies to Dr.. Hamdi Allam, Muslim Brotherhood candidate in Menia El Kamh.. 5- The representative of Mohmed Ismail, El Tagamo' candidate in Imbaba, was prevented from entering the polling centers.. 6- The representatives of the candidates of El Wafd Party, Muslim Brotherhood and independents were prevented from entering the polling stations at El Arish in the North Sinai governorate.. 7- The representatives of  ...   Attacks and arrests of opposition party candidates and supporters.. 12- Four supporters of Manal Abou EL Hassan, Muslim Brotherhood candidate (professional) in Nasr City, were arrested.. Moreover, her registration number in the election documents has been changed from 16 to 25, confusing voters when they vote for her.. 13- Security forces attacked Mosatafa El Nashar, representative of Saad El Hosseini who is the Muslim Brotherhood candidate (professional) in the El Mahala district,.. 14- The son and the nephew of Muslim Brotherhood candidate (professional) Akram EL Shaer, were arrested at the El Dawahi police station in Port Said.. 15- The representatives of Mohamed El Beltagui, Muslim Brotherhood candidate (professional) in Shoubra first district, were attacked inside the polling center at El Sharkaweya Preparatory School for Girls.. 16- Supporters of NDP candidate Khaled Shalaby attacked Mohamed Emasha, El Wafd Party candidate (labor) in the Atmida district.. 17- The president of the local council of Fakkous city was arrested yesterday for stuffing ballot boxes.. 18- Fights broke out in Oleila village at the Sadat school in Meet Ghamr city, between supporters of independent candidate (professional) Mortada Mansour, and the supporters of NDP candidate (professional) Abdel Rahman Baraka.. Fighters were using arms and one of Mansour's supporters, Mohamed Soliman, was wounded.. 19- An Al Jazeera reporter in Suez was arrested while covering a protest demonstration organized by the Muslim Brotherhood, other independent candidates, and the Tagamo Party in front of the Ministry of Interior building.. He is still under custody at the time of this report s release.. 20- Representatives of NDP candidate (professional) Heshmat Fahmi used arms to threaten the representatives of Muslim Brotherhood candidate (professional) Amr at a school in El Hadaek, Cairo.. Representatives of Tarek El Awad, independent candidate (professional), were prevented from entering into the polls.. Independent candidate (professional) Adel Abou Leila, has been attacked by thugs.. 21- Voter Faten Ramadan Ali was attacked in Suez, by the son of NDP candidate (professional) Galal Mazen for objecting to the head of the polling center s claims that she needed to choose four candidates in addition to the quota candidate..

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