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    Archived pages: 405 . Archive date: 2014-01.

  • Title: DataLife Engine > Printable version> Fourth report to the midterm elections of Consultative Council 2010 Polling day until 4:00pm
    Descriptive info: Magrabi.. Net.. > بيانات, بيانات, تقارير, انتخابات مجلس الشوري >.. Fourth report to the midterm elections of Consultative Council 2010 Polling day until 4:00pm.. 1-06-2010, 06:28.. Author:.. nabil.. Fourth report to the midterm elections of Consultative Council 2010.. Polling day until 4:00pm.. The Supreme Committee has denied received any complaints - acts of violence to intimidate voters by supporters of the National Party's candidates - administrative interventions and overt security for National Party's candidates - to prevent voters - vote-buying - sued to stop the elections.. In the time when the President of the Supreme Committee for Elections denied receiving any complaints concerning the conduct of the electoral process, the Telegraph offices in all provinces were flocked with citizens sending faxes and Telegraphs to the distinguished Committee with the violations and irregularities in the electoral process, for example the delegates of Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the province of Dakahlia governorate Mansoura constituency Audis El Hagar village sent telegraphs to Mr.. Chairman numbers 241 974 and 241 975 complaining about being expelled from polling stations despite the existence of proxies to them from the candidate, Mohammed Faisal Abdul Aziz, Khaled Abdel-Hakim and Sameh Elsheme and Ahmed Omar Amr, as we have also sent the complaints and violations we received of our observers who monitored the process in the statement issued by the Observatory at 12:00pm to the Higher Committee to oversee the elections, but the Committee paid no attention to the statement and issued its own statement that there were no violations.. These grave violations ignored by the higher committee supervising the elections caused a number of candidates to announce the pullout of the delegates from the committees.. In Helwan Constituency, candidate Ali Fateh El Bab MP and Muslim Brotherhood candidate announced the withdrawal of his delegates because of security interventions, the same reason led the three candidates of the Muslim Brotherhood in Dakahlia to hold a press conference to announce the abuses and violations, and threatened to withdraw from the elections but did not take this decision until the issuance of this statement.. Cairo Governorate:.. 4th constituency, El Gamalia police station:.. In Khalil Agha school, in El Gysh street, which includes 2000 registered voters , those voters were prevented from entering the school at the time when our observers witnessed of NDP candidate carrying leather cases continuing a lot of money, referring to the beginning of vote-buying.. In Bab El She'rya Secondary School for Girls our observers monitored low turnout of voters ranged from f to four to seven votes only.. - In Nasser elementary school, there has been distribution of meals to the voters written by courtesy of the National Party.. El Hada'eq Constituency:.. Supporters of the candidate Mohammad Amin for professionals seat were surprised that the polling stations at Nokrashy boys secondary School were filled with voting papers Despite the low turnout of voters and they filmed them and so detectives force arrested them and them being Walid Awad, a lawyer, Mahmoud Gawish journalist and Mohammed Mustafa, the first and second were released and the third is still under arrest.. Mr.. Hussein Abu Jad leading figure in the constituency in the next People's elections, who is renowned for good financial state rented 30 bus hung with banners aby Jad elects Galal Ghorad and the people inside the bus "Abu-Gad told us  ...   of election day.. Northern Giza Constituency:.. All of the billboards of the candidates were torn except that of the National Party candidate Hamdi Khalifa.. All voters were denied access to the polling stations except those with red voting cards and ID cards, although they are registered voters.. Helwan Governorate:.. Ali Fateh El Bab, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in Helwan, withdrew his representatives from the Shura Council elections; in light of the abuses witnessed since the early morning on committees, and the forces stationed in front, after being prevented from entering, authorities also prevented voters from entering polling stations, and he thus filed a lawsuit to stop the Given the election the number of violations of 34 998 for the year 64 before the Administrative Court in Cairo determine its consideration at 5:00pm today.. Our observers witnessed the prevention of the entry of delegates at Hoda Shaarawi school at Hada' q Helwan, and Khadija Bint Khoylad at El Masaea committees and closing of the polling stations in the faces of voters in the committees reaching to30 electoral commission.. Menoufia Governorate:.. Ashmoun District Constituency:.. Delay in opening El Nahda School committees until the 10:45am, and the presence of thugs to intimidate voters in front of the school in the village Ramlah at Ahmad Hassanein School.. In the city of Ashmoun at village of Sayed Abu Shara thugs were there to intimidate voters before the committees of Junior School for girls, and supporters of the National Party candidates stuffed ballots inside polling stations.. And the siege of Abdul Raouf and Arashaid school at Hada'q Helwan.. 6th of October Governorate:.. Badrasheen constituency:.. In the constituency of junior girls high school at Hawamdia Committee No.. 283 revealed three signatures only, while the electoral boxes were filled by more than 80 votes.. In the Committees number 283 and 487; our observers witnessed the blackening of ballots for the favor of the candidates of the National Party.. Committees' heads have accepted customary proxies from delegates of Brotherhood candidates without being ratified just because they have the National Party's stamp.. Dakhlia Governorate:.. Mansoura constituency:.. The blatant security interventions in the electoral process have continued.. In Dakahlia Governorate at Mansoura constituency in Mansoura modern prep school, the dean of the police called Shaker Mohammed Qstr banned voters from entering polling station except for the those who hold a National Party advertisement.. There has been an abduction of Citizen Zakaria Abdul Hamid Radwan of the Muslim Brotherhood supporters from the polling station and went undetected until the report's release.. The reporter Mohamed Taha of El wafed newspaper while covering the proceedings to prevent the entry of voters to the Committees.. The expulsion of all the voters from the School of the village of El Bassala.. Alexandria Governorate:.. First Constituency El Montaza:.. Despite three rulings of the Administrative Judiciary Court in Alexandria, the first district numbers 12 591 for the year 64 and 13153 for the year 64 and 13 264 for the year 64 to suspend the decision of the suspension by the administration for the candidate Hussein Ibrahim, one of the candidates and suspend elections until his entry in the lists of candidates, but the committee overseen the election but it did not respond to these provisions.. The Democracy Status Watch of the Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement.. Cairo, 1/6/2010, 4:00pm.. Back..

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  • Title: DataLife Engine > Printable version> Third report of the midterm elections to the Consultative Council 2010 - the day of voting 1 June 2010 until twelve o'clock
    Descriptive info: Third report of the midterm elections to the Consultative Council 2010 - the day of voting 1 June 2010 until twelve o'clock.. 1-06-2010, 03:48.. The higher committee for Elections ignores implementing judicial rulings- our observers without protection- elections without voters, Ali Fateh El Bab, Brotherhood candidate went to give his vote at the first hour of the voting only to find that his vote has already been given by someone else.. There has been mass mobilization of voters by using state-owned means of transportation blatant fraud in some circles, work of bullying in front of some committees lastly the prevention of T.. and Satellite channels from entering the polling stations.. Within the work of the democratic status watch of the Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement it has observed the first electoral day of the renewable- term of the Consultative Council which is taking place today, Tuesday the first of June.. Elections were supposed to be in 67 constituencies on 88 seats.. But the ruling National Democratic Party has been able to settle the elections in 12 departments with acclamation and thus the competition was limited to 74 seats in 55 constituencies.. The Democratic status Watch has been able to issue two reports and an urgent statement which address the legislative structure and political climate and two phases of opening the nominations and the propaganda and behavior of both the Higher Committee and the National Council for Human Rights for their intransigence in their refusal to issue approval for the observers of the Democratic Status Watch and other serious Human Rights Organizations which makes the observers vulnerable to the violence of the executive authority which is an un-understandable act of the Higher Committee.. But the Democratic Watch insisted on observing the electoral process based on the international conventions and treaties signed and ratified by the Egyptian government, which became part of domestic law and in accordance with the provisions of Article 151 of the Constitution.. These conventions assured the right of the people in public participation by holding free and fair elections, which ensure the right to observe the elections as stipulated by the law of political rights ;thus the work of the higher committee would be organizing the follow up work of the Civil Society Organizations in monitoring the voting and counting.. Furthermore, the Higher Committee of elections did not respect the judicial ruling of the administrative Judicial Court to amend the titles of some candidates from professionals to laborers or vice versa; and also the return of independent candidates who have been withdrawn, especially candidates of four constituencies that have ended with acclamation in Alexandria.. Again there has been disregard to the rights of opposition candidates from issuing proxies from the notary to some of their deputies.. Some of the most important rulings that have been disregarded are the illumination of the National Party Candidate Hoda Tablawy in Kafr El Shikh where she filed a complaint at a non-specialized court with administrative rulings.. Again the Higher Committee disregarded a ruling in favor of Osama Abdel Fatah Brotherhood candidate in the constituency of Nesowq.. The Watch depended in its reports on some complaints from candidates and voters which it confirms them from its observers and the Watch will uncover its sources if it's from field monitoring of it's observers or if it s through complaints coming directly to the operation room.. Certain complaints were filed from more than one source about the abuse that some candidates were subjected to in more than one constituency 48 hours before the elections.. For example, what happened with the candidate of the Brotherhood in El Behira constituency, were it has been reported that police forces have fired rubber shots on the allies of the Brotherhood candidate in an electoral march.. El Tagmow candidate Salah Mosbah filed a complaint to the Higher Committee because all his fliers have been torn in his electoral constituency in Domiat; this incident was repeated with Abdel Rasheed Helal, candidate of El Tagmow in the second Constituency in the 6th of October governorate.. The Watch again received another complaint that 300 of the Brotherhood members imprisoned in 14 constituencies have been illegally arrested.. On the other hand, opposition forces that call for boycotting Shura elections and all different elections have called for demonstrating in front of Shura Council against the lack of fair elections and the disappearance of the judicial forces in monitoring the elections.. The Watch has also been noted that the satellite channels were forbidden from entering the electoral stations to follow the  ...   station of the School El Bahar El Sagheer at the committees number 152-154-155, and the candidate of The Brotherhood Abu Zaid Ibrahim Abu Zaid and Alla HAmed El MAsry.. In the polling station of Nozha School committees number 316 and 317 the voters of the Brotherhood candidate was thrown out on the hands of the National Party candidates' followers.. In the polling station of Seedy Younis, a microbus number 34345 was witnessed carrying boxes of papers entering the station after the beginning of the voting process, these papers were never identified.. First constituency El Montaza:.. The deputies of the candidate of El Taqmow Party Fathy El Desouky Laborers were prevented from entering the polling stations at Fouad Mohi El Deen School.. At Abbas El Akkad School, at the women station a public transportation bus number 3182 HAnouveel El Agamy line there was general crowding of a group of women from the Kilo 26 residence to vote in the polling stations at the school without voting cards.. In the Mansour Hassan School a group of women were witnessed right from the start of the voting process, voting without voting cards, this happened with the approval of committees' presidents since they are voting for the National Party's candidate.. At Ibn Sina School mixed elementary school, the workers of the Arab Company for spinning and weaving voting without electoral cards and voting as groups without the importance of secrecy of voting and even more the committees' presidents do not even care to know if the have ID cards.. At fouad Mohy El Deen School in El Mandara the women's committees were closed and the voters were prevented from entering.. At hanfy Mahmoud School in Abu Keer voters were prevented from entering the polling stations.. Mass mobilization was witnessed where Alexandria building company (Hisham Talalt Mostaoha )'s buses were filled with voters at El Khansa'a primary school for girls buses numbers 6796-1967-2341.. Above that there was an elections bride of 50 pounds and a lunch box provided by Alexandria building company ( Hisham Talalt Mostaoha(.. Assuit Governorate:.. Sahel Sleem constituency:.. In committee 92 at the Girls High School in Assuit, there was only one deputy where as there were 871 registered voters.. In committee 93 there were 1000 registered voters and yet it was opened with only 3 deputies and the voting process reached one vote up till the time of the report.. In committee 94 there were 944 registered voters and was opened with one deputy.. In committee 95 there were 800 voters and was opened with one voter.. There was severe police presence in the polling stations.. 6th of October governorate:.. El Badrasheen constituency:.. El Tagmoo Candidate Abdel Rasheed Helal was prevented from making any proxies to allow the deputies in the different committees after he asked for 250 proxies and received 23 and he asked for 240 proxies in El Ayaat and received only 40.. He was denied any proxies in el Hawmdeya, Abu El Nemres and Aby Radwan, also the voters were prevented from entering the polling stations except for the voters of the national party's candidate.. It witnessed the prevention of the voters from entering the polling stations and the sit-in of 150 lawyers because of their prevention from entering the stations.. Ali Fateh El Bab, Brotherhood candidate went to give his vote at the first hour of the voting only to find that his vote has already been given by someone else.. Blacking process of the voting cards after the voting number has reached 12 thousands votes bearing in mind the lack of voters.. Qalioubia Governorate:.. El Kanatar El Khyria constituency:.. The constituency witnessed police siege and the deputies of the Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Desouky for laborers seat were prevented as well as the voters except those with the national party's cards.. In El Mounira Elementary at El Kanatrer Constituency same thing was done for the National Party's candidate Abdeen Abdel Hady on the laborers seat and Naseef Hefnawy on professionals sear and it also occurred in the local unit in El Mounira besides the presence of police men who threatened the voters against secrecy of voting in order to vote in front of them.. There were no proxies given to El Tagmoo party's Candidate Shawqy El Kordy.. In Kafr Arab el Haswa in Tokh Centre voters were prevented from entering except those of the National party's candidate.. In Kafr Abad voters applications were blacked in favor of the National Party's candidate.. (DSW) Of The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement.. Cairo 1/6/2010 12:00 pm..

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  • Title: DataLife Engine > Printable version> Press Release The Fifth Democracy Status Report
    Descriptive info: > بيانات, تقارير, بيانات, تقارير, اصدارات >.. Press Release The Fifth Democracy Status Report.. 3-04-2010, 15:03.. emadxtc.. Press Release.. The Fifth Democracy Status Report.. The Fifth Democracy Status Report published by the Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement, covering the month of June 2009, has revealed the decline of the democratic dialogue in the Egyptian Parliament.. Which was clear in the way the representatives offence each other; and even threaten to kill one another, violating the principle of respecting others opinion.. At the end of the fourth session of the Legislative Council there have been Notifications and Questionings.. These have revealed drastic defects in the inner regulation organizing the work of the Council.. Those defects give the Council s President an unlimited Discretionary Power in managing the Parliament.. This in turn allows the National Democratic Party (NDP), the ruling party s delegates to go beyond limits in treating the opposition and independent delegates without any penalties.. They also insult the independent and opposition delegates, and they even sometimes get them banned from attending the sessions just because they practice their official right of monitoring the executive authority.. In general the performance of the delegates was in line with the rumors about the possible dissolution of the Parliament in order to change 75% of the actual delegates of the NDP in the next elections.. Consequently the delegates started to appear in their constituencies and to the officials in the ruling party.. They also tried to be active and show that they have what it takes to stay in the Parliament.. On the other hand the primary political parties have increased their activities by holding conferences and lectures in the Counties.. These parties held discussions with their cadres about the dissolution of the Parliament and whether they can compete with the ruling party in the next elections.. On one hand, some parties find that they must boycott the elections because of the absence of judiciary  ...   s custody room to force him to confess of murdering one of his friends.. On another level the continuity of the strikes and stands of workers and employees confirm the desperate economic and social life in Egypt, sheds a light and over the need of these workers and employees for independent unions to defend their rights.. For example 250 worker at the Beet Sugar Company started a strike at the company s headquarters on Thursday 11/6/2009, asking to view the 2008 budget, and to be paid their risk and work nature allowance over their total salary.. In addition the workers of the Linen Tanta Company continued their strike and demonstration which started at the end of May 2009 asking for their rights, in collaboration with the presidents and members of union committees of the Spinning and Weaving companies.. This need for independent unions was confirmed by the recommendations of the Second Democratic Forum which was held by the EACPE under the title The Challenges of the Unionist Work and the Future of Democratic Change in Egypt which will be covered in the next report.. The report s special topic covered the discussions of the different political parties as well as political and human rights activists about the Feminine Quota in Parliament.. This case has revealed an extreme duality in these parties and organizations.. Were at the time when they welcomed the idea of giving women their right for legislative representation, however, at the same time, their actions have confirmed their disapproval of these ideas as they argued that there is a crisis in the law itself and that we are in need for amending the legislations organizing elections in Egypt.. Also others find that the project presented by the government is only a response to pressures from abroad.. These situations have revealed the vision, of the parties and elite, concerned of the democratic development taking place in Egypt.. EACPE.. Sunday 12th July 2009..

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  • Title: DataLife Engine > Printable version> Urgent statement Dr. Ayman Noor sentenced five years in prison !!
    Descriptive info: > بيانات, بيانات >.. Urgent statement Dr.. Ayman Noor sentenced five years in prison !!.. 3-04-2010, 15:02.. Urgent statement.. Dr.. Regarding the five years imprisonment sentence issued against Dr.. Ayman Noor, based on charges of forgery of signatures for the announcement of El Ghad political party, the Egyptian association for community participation enhancement rejects the unjust sentence against Dr.. Ayman Noor an important person in the Egyptian civil opposition, and one of the most noticeable human rights activists the association also sees that charges against him have other political motives, and this was clear from the beginning of the investigation with him till the announcement of the sentence on Saturday 24/12/2005, although the association is not surprised with that sentence.. As it became obvious that any pretending speech by the state about political reform and supremacy of the law and all that stuff is just pure lies and games played by the government to avoid outside and inside pressures demanding a political reform, because what happened in the parliamentarian elections 2005, and the aggressive violations against citizens which resulted in the death of 14 Egyptian citizens and many others wounded, the excessive use of force to prevent the electors from voting, even assaults on judges observing the elections and other observers from civil society organizations, journalists and delegates of press agencies, and before that the ferocious actions by the security forces against citizens of the north of Sinai, assaults on villages in Egyptian countryside like Serando and Kamsheesh, the arrests, torture, harassments against women and then comes the comic play of Dr.. Ayman Noor trial, destroying all meanings of justice and democracy.. All those events killed the alleged project of political reform.. The Egyptian association for community participation enhancement at first didn t announce its opinion in the trial in respect of the Egyptian judgment and as the case was still undergoing, but the unjust sentence and what happened during the trial eliminated all reasons the association had to keep its opinion unsaid.. So, the association presents the following notes:.. Obviously, all charges issued against Noor are fabricated, as there was a suspicious deal between one of the accused who was recorded dangerous by the ministry of Interiors and the public money prosecution officer who drew up the minutes of the case, to lure Dr.. Ayman Noor and get him accused.. This method is a great danger to justice in Egypt, and everybody saw how criminals were used to prevent electors from voting and terrifying judges in the last parliamentarian elections.. This deal started after Noor insisted on crossing the red lines, and his insistence during the national dialogue of parties on the modification of substance 76 of the constitution and not slowing or delaying it till after the presidential elections 2005, just before the president launched his initiative to modify substance 76, and also Dr.. Ayman Noor s insistence on going through the presidential elections even before that initiative.. Procedures for removing Noor s parliamentarian immunity were full of infractions to rules and measures of parliamentarian and law procedures required, and he was areested and taken from in front of the parliament only half an hour after the immunity was removed, although the immunity removal wasn t announced, which means that arresting Noor was already intended and planned.. Security forces attacked Dr.. Ayman Noor after his arrest in Al Tahrir square in mid town, and he was searched in an insulting way in front of the people, also the complaint he filed to the attorney general about the assault on him and the excessive use of force wasn t well investigated and the attorney general in his statement, decided that Noor s injuries resulted from resisting the police while arresting him!!.. Referring Dr.. Ayman Noor to the higher prosecution for state security for his investigation although the case was a criminal case as the state decided, the renewal of his reserve arrest more than once without lawful reasons as his home address is known and he is a publicly known person who can t escape, also he can  ...   defense of Ayman and other lawyers of other accused of other cases.. The association observer witnessed some observers from European embassies very annoyed of offensive procedures to enter the hall and preferred to leave.. The truth is that methods practiced by the security forces during the observation and organization of many assemblies and gatherings became very unjustifiable and offensive to the dignity of the Egyptian citizens, and to the great reputation of this country and this civilization.. Security forces at last finished their acts by assaulting Dr.. Ayman Noor s loyalists using anti-disturbance forces after announcing the five years sentence issued against him.. Circle 4 felonies, headed by counsel Ahmed Abdel Salam Gom aa was very discriminate according to what was said by members of defense for Ayman Noor and many observers of civil society organizations and law experts as the court didn t enable the defense to accomplish many requests which prevents them from their right to present a defense, also the court didn t stop of cursing to Noor by the defense of other accused in the same case, and that in turn leaded to the defense and Noor himself to ask for changing the court, but their request was refused by court of appeal, then the lawsuit was reopened by the same court, and it was more appropriate for the court to withdraw from the lawsuit works in order to apply justice.. Some acts made by the head of the court in some cases of political nature, such as the sentence on Saad ElDin Ibrahim who was found innocent by the court of revocation, due to many infractions by the first degree court, observers also mentioned the sentence by the head of the court on the Iranian spy who was condemned by the court, and causation of the sentence contained praising to Mr.. President, and this praise was out of domain.. Also it became obvious that some secret acts were made to make Noor stand before that circle, because if we considered that the case is criminal then normally it would have been assigned another sitting and in front of another court, but it appears that the intention was to sentence Ayman Noor by that court.. Due to all said, the association sees that Dr.. Ayman Noor s case ignored many rules of law and rights, such as the infraction for substance 10 for the international agreement civil and political rights, ordering to treat the convicts in a humanly and dignity way, which was the opposite of the way of dealing with the accused during the arrest and during his reserve imrisonment, the infraction to the substance 14 from the international agreement for civil and political rights, and those rights were violated by the court, substance 17 from the same agreement not to hurt or mention the accused or his family by any non-lawful campaigns, which was not made by media and the press related to the state, also substance 21 from the same agreement assuring the right of peaceful gathering without restrictions, that rights was violated by security forces who surrounded loyalists of Ayman Noor and used excessive force to separate them, not to mention many other infractions that can t be listed in on statement, in clear violation to the Egyptian constitution and the international agreements signed by successive Egyptian governments and became a part of their interior laws.. Although the association highly denounce and grieve because of the wrongful sentence, reassuring the state s insistence on eliminating any voice for the civilian opposition whether liberal, leftist or national to seem isolated with their speeches confronting fundamentalist current brought by the state itself as a scarecrow for who demands democracy and reform.. In spite of all that, the association is assured that the fair Egyptian judgment will win for the justice; also the association salutes all the reform powers who joined forces with Dr.. Ayman Noor even if they disagreed with him politically, but they were on the side of democratic rules.. The Egyptian association for.. Community participation.. Enhancement.. 24 / 12 / 2005..

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  • Title: DataLife Engine > Printable version> General indications of the initial analysis of results of monitoring presidential elections
    Descriptive info: > بيانات, تقارير, بيانات, تقارير, الأنتخابات الرئاسية >.. General indications of the initial analysis of results of monitoring presidential elections.. 3-04-2010, 14:34.. General indications of the initial analysis of results.. of monitoring presidential elections.. On the night of the seventh of September 2005, the first presidential elections in Egypt has ended, and our association has observed, analyzed and studied the elections, through the monitoring of twenty distributed constituencies all over the country, a sample representing all of Egypt, including countryside and urban regions, north, south and amid of the country, border governorates, coastal governorates and Suez channel cities.. The election process had many diversities and differences in the performance of the same authorities in the different places, a prominence of roles of authorities and a retreat of roles of other authorities that we were used to its presence in such occasions.. One of the most significant roles, a role that will remain in the nation's memory for a long period of time, is the role of the Egyptian judges in the election operation, starting from their role in the administration of the committee of the presidential elections, and that Counsel / Mamdouh Marei, who was said to have played the role that the Ministry of Internal affairs have played in the previous elections, preventing huge number of judges who are different in opinion from participating in managing the election process, he also ordered the prevention of the Egyptian civil society enterprises from their constitutional right in the monitoring of the elections.. The role of administrative prosecution and the governmental royal, that was clearly conspiring with the violations that took place in favor of the National Party candidate, and not committed to the rules and the laws organizing the election process.. And lastly the honorable and tentative role of the most of sitting judges who maintained the committees administration that they managed according to the rules and the laws, starting from opening the election boxes and the reception of the electors, until the completion of the sorting operation and the declaration of the election results.. The initial indications of results of observation, follow-up and analysis are as follows.. The election campaign.. Our observers concentrated on a quantitative and qualitative observation and analysis for the election campaign of the candidates, where other supervisory institutions who are members in the coalition were concerned with the supervision of the election campaign in different mass media.. Our observers have noticed those observations.. The excessiveness in the election campaign of the National Party candidate that by no means matched with the election campaign of other candidates.. The election campaign of the rest of the presidential candidates gathered only what counted about 8% of the election campaign of the National Party candidate.. The election campaign presented to the National Party candidate from the members of the current People's Assembly and Shura Council, the supporters of the National party, businessmen and merchants, counted more than 90% of the party s total election campaign.. The National Party supporters showed their names, jobs and their party and social position many times using not only speeches but also huge pictures, in their election campaign and support of the National Party candidate, that seemed as if they were the candidates themselves, and that there is an election battle between them.. The election campaign of the supporters of the National Party candidate from the business men was immense, containing the election constituencies they were used to engage their parliamentary elections in.. The administrative and local authorities forced junior and mid-sized shop owners of different kinds to participate in the election campaign by placing signs to the National Party candidate, or else they would be exposed to different administrative penalties like the occupation of the road and other forms of violations that are probably disregarded.. Only few supporters of other parties candidates worked on the election campaign publicly in favor of the candidates of their parties, fearing their exposure to punishment, and those who did mention their names were harmed.. The election campaign of all candidates continued till the Election Day, all election campaign forms in favor of the National Party candidate were made inside the election committees in the Election Day itself.. The elections and the state institutions.. The wide use of the state authority, influence and capabilities in favor of the National Party candidate; forcing employees and workers to participate directly in the election campaign, the use of vehicles belonging to the governmental  ...   notes in the different governorates, the signing in the electors lists and by questioning some judges from the committees presidents who accepted the cooperation with the monitoring authorities from civil society institutions and with the exclusion of the offensive states of the forgery, we reached what follows.. First.. In the election committees headed by judges, order and discipline were enforced; no electors from governmental authorities, organizations, companies or enterprises were allowed to vote in the urban headquarters, the participation ratio ranged between 5 to 8%.. Second.. In the disciplined committees, containing electors from organizations and governmental authorities, participation ratio ranged from 15 - 20%, according to the ratio of number of those electors to the total recorded number in the committee, where the collective transfer took place to those electors from their work places to their corresponding voting committees using their departments and tourist transport vehicles.. Third.. The ratio of the participation in the countryside is in general higher than that in the urban regions.. Fourth.. In other, uncontrollable committees that did not consider rules and laws, and that allowed some offensive forms of forgery from the National Party supporters whether by filling election boxes with cards, or by permitting immense numbers of unknown citizens to vote without election cards and sometimes without personal identity cards.. The voting ratio in these committees sometimes exceeded 50%.. Some offensive violations form.. The presence of many of the election committees inside police stations headquarters, thus violating law.. The presence of the electors lists outside some of the committees with policemen and National Party members only.. The vote of out-comers in some of the committees by identity cards only, thus violating law.. Doubts were raised by the delay of the starting time of some committees.. The collective voting in some of the governorates by unknown persons to the constituent (Suez city for example).. The officials of some election committees for ladies directed the illiterate electors to place their print in the place corresponding to the National Party candidate.. Delegates of the National Party candidate sometimes accompanied the electors during the voting process in some of the committees, not respecting the voting secrecy.. General notes.. The National Party main battle was not with the competing candidates, but with the participants ratio where the main challenge to them was to raise the participation ratio to 50%, which couldn t be achieved except in limited committees, by the means already mentioned.. A side struggle was noticed on the sidelines of the elections process between the competitors from the National Party supporters on the nomination of the party to them in the coming parliament elections, where mutual insulting and fighting inside the committees headquarters took place as they were competing to prove who is most loyal to the party and most suitable to gather crowds in favor of the party candidate in the presidential elections.. Most of the judges performance was respectful, considering rules and laws.. Also one must take into consideration the insufficiency of their number which limited their ability to cover a suitable ratio of the committees.. Most of the judges allowed the presence of observers of the civil society inside the election headquarters and facilitated their task, some of them allowed the attendance of observers during the voting operation itself, at the same time the weakness of other committees presidents was noticed from the administrative prosecutions and governmental royal, whether regarding their ability to control committees, or their commitment to rules, laws, impartiality and fairness.. All of our observers noticed the wide-ranging use from the National Party candidate supporters to the state capabilities and in particular the use of the general vehicles and vehicles belonging to governmental companies, corporations and administrations in collective transfer of their working electors as well as the governmental authorities to their election headquarters and the assurance of their voting for the party candidate, as well as threatening those who won t vote for the National Party candidate.. Most of the preliminary results highlighted the advance of the National Party candidate on the rest of the candidates, El Ghad party candidate follows him, then EL Wafd Party candidate, taking into consideration the means of voting and violations that took place during the election process whether with the collective voting or with the addition of cards in favor of the National Party candidate which made the difference in the ratios a lot higher than the true difference.. Friday, 9 / 9 / 2005..

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  • Title: DataLife Engine > Printable version> Analytical reading for the day of the referendum on constitutional amendments
    Descriptive info: > بيانات, تقارير, بيانات, تقارير, الاستفتاء علي التعديلات الدستورية >.. Analytical reading for the day of the referendum on constitutional amendments.. 3-04-2010, 14:33.. The EACPE s Democracy Status Watch is closely following the events of the 26th of March of 2007, the day of the referendum on constitutional amendments to 34 article of the Egyptian Constitution, and the watch provides its analytical reading to the events of this day, as follows:.. First:.. Intensive security presence inside and outside the polling centers and stations either official or civil dressed, especially in locations where it is expected that the opposition parties organize demonstrations to express their rejection of the amendments.. Second:.. Members and leaders of national Democratic Party (NDP) (the ruling party) behave as if they organize internal elections in the party and it is not a popular referendum for all Egyptian citizens.. Third:.. General Federation of Egypt Workers and the Trade unions Committees have played a role in all regulatory and supervisory work in mobilizing workers and gathering them from the great companies and institution, in cars and buses and transferring them to the polling stations and follow up on their voting by (yes) to the constitutional amendments.. Fourth:.. (NDP) leaders, businessmen and members of the parliament (The People s Assembly) who belong to (NDP), have saved the government from a big scandal, as they made strenuous efforts to mobilize and gathering in the state vehicles and private vehicles, the workers of state institutions and some of their supporters to the polling centers and stations to make it not seems like abandoned areas not entered by anyone.. Fifth:.. With  ...   grant to be added to the monthly salary later, conditioned by going to the poling centers and stations and vote (yes) to the proposed constitutional amendments.. Ninth:.. All efforts for collective transportation were inadequate, as it happened among the workers in agencies, companies and state bodies institutions, which represent a small proportion of all the Egyptian voters, and had to found another way to fill the polling boxes with ballot.. Tenth:.. The lack of judiciary supervision in sub polling stations, as well as some of the polling centers, and assigning administrative staff for this mission, had lead to the spread of the phenomenon of forgery (to marked the ballots) widely with the help of NDP members, security officers and the executive bodies, without any objection, and perhaps be welcomed by the supervisors of the sub-polling stations, which indicate the desire of the government to announce high rate of participation, exceeding what was in fact.. Eleventh:.. Conclusion:.. Active participation for voting on referendum amendments was very weak.. There was a wide use of all the resources of the state in gathering voters and transporting them for collective voting, by executive leaders of the state, the General Federation of Egypt Workers , the (NDP) leaders, businessmen and members of the (People's Assembly) and (Shoura Council) who belong to (NDP).. Manipulation of voters who did not know anything about what they were doing was a widely spread phenomenon.. Combination between the absences of judges and the broadest process of forgery.. All details of the voting process as watched were under the care and protection of intensive security.. Democracy Status Watch.. 23/3/2007..

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  • Title: Comments » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: 30.. 28-11-2010 / 10:27.. El Beheira.. Kafr El Dawar.. Ismail El Askari s car (independent candidate, labor) has been destroyed by supporters of Gamal Abdel Atty and Mohamed Saad Temraz because El Askari objected to forging electoral cards in ElTamamy and Kom El Berka polling stations.. ---------------------------------------.. 28-11-2010 / 10:26.. Electoral cards have been forged in El neshoor El bahari polling center to favour Gamal Abou El Saeed, NDP candidate.. Citizens of El Fakoura, Kom El Dekka, El Nashr El Bahari and El Ma mal villages attacked the polling centers and destroyed ballot boxes in the polling centers.. Electoral cards were forged for the benefit of Mr.. Gamal Abdel Atty, NDP, candidate (professional), and Mohamed Saad Temraz, NDP candidate (labor).. 28-11-2010 / 10:25.. Giza.. Imbaba.. Thugs took control over the polling station located in Mubarak Secondary School.. Thugs with affiliation to the NDP had fights with voters in Al Nil Primary School and prevented them from accessing the polling station which was later closed.. The polling station in Al Mounira Primary School has been closed due to fights between supporters of Mr.. Abdel Moneim Emara, NDP candidate, professional and supporters of Mr.. Mohamed Morgan, NDP candidate, professional.. In Al Waraq Secondary School voters reported to our field observers that their names were included in the lists in the triple form, which prevented them from voting, since the directors of the polling stations refused to allow them to vote without their full (four) names.. 28-11-2010 / 10:24.. A large number of voters was gathered in a Toyota microbus no.. 2157 to vote for Abdel Monein Emara, (NDP candidate, professional) in the polling station loacated at Refaa el Tahtawi School, at Schools street.. Our monitors also reported taxis with license plates issued from Giza no.. 106259 and 104435 transporting voters for collective voting.. 28-11-2010 / 10:23.. Haram.. Ahmed Samih Darwish, NDP candidate (professional) and Abdel Nasser Al Gabri (laborer), used six women to attack female voters in Youssef Gad Allah School.. The same school was later closed and voting was stopped because, allegedly, all voters have voted, which caused a fight between voters and police forces.. Field observers reported that voters were transported by public buses for.. 28-11-2010 / 10:22.. Cairo.. Dar el Salam and Basateen constituency.. Supporters of Mr.. Akmal Kertam, NDP candidate, professional, were distributing breakfast to police personnel and security forces present in the polling stations located in the Architectural School, Dar El Salam Preparatory School and Ahmed Orabi Primary School.. Cars with microphones advertising for Heshmat Abou Haggar, NDP candidate, labor, were seen all over the constituency and the polling centers.. Security forces banned polling stations located in schools at El Fayoum street and in front of Technical Architectural School, Dar El Salam preparatory School and Ahmed Orabi Primary School.. Thugs and criminals were seen in polling stations at Ahmed Orabi School, in addition to security forces in front of and inside the schools, especially that a group of voters were voting in favor of the Brotherhood candidates.. 28-11-2010 / 10:21.. In Gamal Aabdel Nasser School, some people affiliated to the candidate Heshmat abo Hagar (NDP-laborer) were offered money to the voters in order vote in his favor.. Karim Reda and Shady Ahmed, observers of the Coalition, and a journalist in AL Sherook newspaper, were prevented  ...   electoral cards in favor of Nageh Galal (NDP- professional).. There was forgery in electoral cards in favor of Mr.. Atef el Ashmony (Wafd- professional) in Abatal el Obor school, polling station number 216 and in polling station number 5 Aqqad school.. In the polling station number 268 in Mesla School, there was forgery in electoral cards in favor of Mr.. Kamel Abu Abda (professional- independent).. 28-11-2010 / 10:16.. Gathering voters was observed in buses of the Egyptian Company of Projects to Aqad School and Shagret Mariam in favor of the candidate Mimi el Omda ( NDP- labor).. In Mohamed Motwaly el She rawy School, there was collective voting in polling station number 141 and 140 for women, in favor of the candidate Khaled Zoqla (laborer- independent) and they are the member of Saida Aisha Association and Al Balad Al Tayeb association.. The supporters of the candidate Atef Asmouny (wafd- labour) found the employees supervising the fifth polling station in Mohamdia school marking the election papers in favor of the candidates of NDP Mimi el Omda (labor) and Nageh Galal (professional) and a fight erupted as a result.. 28-11-2010 / 10:15.. El Sahel.. The candidate Abdel Kader Ahmed Taha (professional.. 28-11-2010 / 10:14.. Hadayeq.. The candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mr.. Amr Zaky, went to Abd el Aziz Ashmawey School to vote, and his name was not found in the lists.. In el Dar el Bidaa School the engineer Ms.. Doaa Youssef, the representative of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate was attacked by female thugs.. 28-11-2010 / 10:13.. Presence of thugs in front of el Aidia School and el Rehany School.. They prevented the candidates and the voters from entering.. Heliopolis and Nasr city.. In Misr el Gedida Secondary School around the voting area, there was huge campaigning materials for the candidate Mr.. Sameh Fahmy NDP, saying he is the good omen and the fighter against unemployment.. There was a truck with microphones advertising for him with license plates AB 5172.. 28-11-2010 / 10:12.. The buses of Petrojet Company, Petroleum companies and Ideal Company were transferring the voters to the polling stations.. The buses had photos of the candidate of the NDP the minister Sameh Fahmy placed on.. 28-11-2010 / 09:17.. Cairo- Heliopolis and Nasr city.. Supporters of Sameh Fahmi, minister of Petrol hold signs and badges with his photos, electoral signs and the name of the party in polls no.. 1 to 15.. 28-11-2010 / 09:16.. 6th October Governorate, Ossem.. Representatives of candidates Alaa Ghorab (EL Wafd Party, professionals), and Mahmoud Amer, (Muslim Brotherhood, professionals) were prevented from entering in to the polls.. Cairo, Abdeen.. Candidate Ragab Helal Hemida was marketing for humself using two cars transporting persons and music instruments.. El gharbeay- El mahala.. Mostafa El Nashar, lawyer, formal spokesman of Muslim Brotherhood, was beaten.. 28-11-2010 / 09:15.. Cairo, Kasr El Nil,.. More than 30 employees responsible for the polls in front of Kasr El Nil because they were not allocated to specific polls until 8:45 a.. m.. El Mattareya and Ein Shams.. Electoral cards have been falsified in polling center no.. 268 to favour Kamel Abou ebeida (indepenent professional).. 28-11-2010 / 09:14.. 216 at Abtal El Oboor School and in polling center no.. 5 at El Akkad School, to favour Atef El Ashmouny (El Wafd candidate, professional)..

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  • Title: Comments » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: Collective voting from members of El Sayeda Eisha Association and El Balad el Tayeb association has been reported in Mohamed Metwali El Shaarawy School in polling centers no.. 140 and 141 (women) to favour Khaled El Zokla (independent, labor).. 28-11-2010 / 09:13.. It was reported that voters were gathered in buses belonging to the Egyptian Company for Projects and tranfered to El Akkad School and Shagaret Mariam to vote to Mimi El Omda (NDP candidate, labor).. 28-11-2010 / 09:12.. Cairo,.. Supporters od Etef el Ashmouny (El Wafd, labor) reported catching supervisors in the fifth polling center located at El Mahmoudeya School while falsificating electoral cards in favour of Mimi El Omda, NDP candidate, labor, and Galal Nageh, NDP candidate, professional.. There was a fight inside the polling center for this reason.. 28-11-2010 / 09:11.. El Sahel.. Abdel Kader Ahmed Taha, independent professional, gathered voters to vote in group in Osman Bin Affan School in a microbus no.. 479 BDK.. Hadaek El Koba.. Thugs were seen in front of El Abedeya School and EL Rihani School, voters and candidates were prevented from entering into the polling center.. Amr Zaki, MB candidates, went to Abdel Aziz El Ashmawy School to vote and did not find his name on the voters lists.. Engineer Doaa Youssef, representative of MB candidates was attacked by women thugs.. 28-11-2010 / 09:10.. Heliopolis and Nasr City.. Large advertisements for Sameh Fahmi were reported around the polling center in Heliopolis Secondary Schools for girls, as well as a car with a microphone no.. 5172 SAB.. Buses belonging to Petrojet Company, other Petrol Companies and Ideal Company transferred voters to vore collectively, with photos of Sameh Fahmi, minister, NDP candidate, professional.. 28-11-2010 / 09:08.. Youssef Awaad representative of Nagua abbas, cEl Tagamo candidate, professional, was kept inside Mohamed Refaat School.. Other representative was forced to get out the polling centers in the School.. Bab El Shareya.. A fight was reported between supporters of Samira Ahmed, El Wafd candidate and supporters of NDP candidates because she was paying voters aoo EGP  ...   file a report for closure, but candidate Gameel Ismail filed a report regarding this.. 28-11-2010 / 06:06.. Cairo Governorate.. Abdeen Constituency.. Candidates Salah Abdel Moneim (Professionals/ Independent)and Mohsen Fawzy (labour /NDP) and Hussein Ashraf (Tagamuu / Professionals) used children aged between 9.. 28-11-2010 / 06:04.. In Girls Secondary Polling station, supporters of candidate Gamal Hanafy (Muslim Brotherhood.. 28-11-2010 / 05:59.. Supporters for candidate Ragab Helal Hemeida (Ghad Party /Labour) bought voices from in front of polling stations with prices starting from 20 LE and a meal.. 28-11-2010 / 05:54.. Abdeen constituency.. In the Commercial Dealings Secondary School Polling Station, security excluded supporters of Tagamuu candidate Hussein Ashraf from in front of the polling stations while allowing supporters of candidate Madiha Khattab (NDP /Professionals/Quota for North Cairo) to distribute food to voters.. 28-11-2010 / 05:47.. Daqahliya.. Atmeeda.. In Beshla Village,correspondent of Nile News and Haya channel was prevented from entering polling station.. 28-11-2010 / 05:46.. Security prevented voters from entering polling stations.. Delegate of candidate Mortada Mansour.. Professionals/ was banned from entering polling stations.. 28-11-2010 / 05:43.. Meet Ghamr.. NDP Candidate Abdu Abu Abbas.. Professionals campaigned during the election day using speakers in front of polling stations.. 28-11-2010 / 05:25.. Al Beheira.. Kafr Al Dawwar.. Ballot cards are being forged in El Neshew Al Bahary polling station in Kafr Al Dawwar for the NDP candidate professionals Gamal Abul Saeed.. 28-11-2010 / 02:10.. 28-11-2010 / 02:09.. 28-11-2010 / 02:08.. 28-11-2010 / 01:34.. Giza, Imbaba and El Warrak.. Voters are transferred by the public us with the number Giza 696 to Mubarak Secondary schools and are thenm transferred back to their places.. Cairo, EL Sahel.. Security forces prevent prpresentatives of the Muslim brotherhood candidates in Addullah EL nadim School.. 28-11-2010 / 01:33.. El Menia, Makiin village- Abou Kerkas,.. The mayor and the vice mayor states that the Muslim brotherhood candidates for professionals, Bakr EL Eleini, had withdrawn from electiosn.. El menia- Abioha village- Abou Korkas:.. The vice governor threats people who vote for Bakr El Eini, candidates of Muslim Brotherhood, to be arrested..

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  • Title: Comments » The Egyptian Association For Community Participation Enhancement
    Descriptive info: El Menia- Beni Mazzar.. Fights have been reported between security forces and El Wafd candidates.. A complaint of falsification has been filed against Sayed Berida , candidate of the National Democratic Party by Hatem Raslan.. In Azzakka village, a complaint for falsification for the benefit of the National Democratic Party has been reported.. 28-11-2010 / 01:32.. El Menia city.. The city is quiet.. Security forces are present in front of the polls, as well as candidates supporters, especially supporters of Muslim Brotherhood.. They have laptops to guide supporters to their polls.. Most of the list of names of the polls is incorrect.. El Dakahleya- Meet Ghamr.. Security forces prevent representatives of the Muslim brotherhood candidate, professionals, Metwali El Shenawy, in front of Meet Abou Khaled preparatory school.. EL dakhaleya- Atmidah.. The preparatory school in Bashla village: All ballot boxes are made in wood.. 28-11-2010 / 12:26.. Giza governorate.. Embaba and Waraq.. Intensive presence of thugs in front of Mubark secondary school and Mohamed el Barawy school and they are stopping the voters from entering.. Daqahlya governorate Atmeeda consistency.. In Olila village clashes happened between Mortada Mansor professional independent and Abdel Rahman Barka professional NDP and it resulted in the injury of Mohamed Soiluman a  ...   front of the polls and they went to the second floor of the school.. 28-11-2010 / 12:02.. Minya Governorate- Bander el Minya consistency.. The motto of Islam is the solution is distributed publicly in the streets , and in front of the respiratory system hospital , in the agricultural high way from Cairo to Aswan and infront of taxi stations a placard was hanged saying vote for Mohmed Saad and they are distributing CDs.. 28-11-2010 / 11:50.. On Friday noon, Major General Farouk Taha, the NDP s candidate (professional) withdrew at least 500 National IDs under the pretext of distributing food bags in Mansafis village.. 28-11-2010 / 11:49.. 28-11-2010 / 11:18.. Alexandria governrate.. The security directorate refused to approve the proxies of the opposition parties, independent candidates.. The police stations refused to ratify and approve the proxies of the sub committees and the delegates were sent to the directorate and they told them that the ratification should be done in the police stations they belong to.. Meit Ghamer.. The proxies of Dr Khaled Banoura Muslim brotherhood candidate in Atmida constituency were refused for invalid reasons, but he manipulated and issued proxies by the names of the substitute candidates like Hazem Dawood and Ibrahim Hawary..

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