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    Archived pages: 850 . Archive date: 2014-03.

  • Title: ML: Macaulay Library
    Descriptive info: .. The Cornell Lab.. Macaulay Library.. Home.. ML Home.. ML Mobile.. Find.. Browse Taxonomy.. Staff Picks.. Users.. Public Bins.. Order.. Information.. Demos.. Place Order.. Guides.. Download Guides.. Retail Guides.. About.. Using the Archive.. Building the Archive.. Field Recording.. Raven Viewer.. Acknowledgements.. History of ML.. Cite Recordings.. Terms of Use.. FAQ.. Contact.. |.. Sign in.. Donate Now.. Location:.. Recordist:.. Catalog Number:.. Behavior:.. Age/Sex:.. Adult.. Immature.. Male.. Female.. Other Subjects:.. Environmental.. Effects.. People.. Audio Results:.. or Video Results:.. List.. Xls.. Thumb.. Search recordings by species:.. Loading.. Welcome.. We invite you to explore the world's largest archive of wildlife sounds and videos.. Our mission: to collect, preserve, and facilitate the use of wildlife recordings for science, education, conservation, and the arts.. Learn more.. What's New.. Now Available for Purchase.. Master Set.. The most comprehensive guide to North American bird sounds.. Listen.. Essential Set.. Explore the most common sounds of North American birds.. Staff Picks.. More ».. Redhead.. By.. Ben Clock.. The spring migration of waterfowl is one of my favorite sights to witness each year.. Thousands of waterfowl push north as the ice on ponds and lakes begins to thaw.. This is prime time for waterfowl courtship.. Listen to hundreds of male Redheads displaying in this recording! Each time a male gives this call, he pulls his head back and quickly tosses it forward.. Listen!.. Christopher L.. Wood.. Redhead.. Green Turtle.. Tom Vigliotta.. This recording presents a classic example of a marine cleaning station.. A bit slow to start, this clip gets much more interesting when a.. is fully revealed from behind the coral.. This is one of my favorite clips because it shows some really interesting behavior, but also the mutualistic relationship between different organisms.. Towards the end of the clip you get a real good look into the face of a Green Turtle.. Listen carefully and you'll hear whales in the background, probably some nearby Humpback Whales.. Watch!.. David Brown.. Green Turtle.. Pileated Woodpecker.. Jason van Staveren.. From :07 to 1:26 is a nice clean example of nest feeding, featuring a cool species.. Shot in HD with terrific  ...   diverse group from whales and dolphins, to bats, big cats, shrews and elephants.. One trait they all have in common—hair.. Listen to the astounding vocalizations of the nearly 70 marine mammal species in the archive or watch Polar Bears hunt in the high arctic.. Explore recordings for the more than 600 mammal species in the archive!.. Browse mammals.. Mammals.. Reptiles.. Despite being among the very first animals to travel this earth,.. reptiles.. are still very successful today.. With nearly 8,200 species described these scaly, cold-blooded creatures survive in some of the toughest climates on earth.. Like birds, most species lay eggs, but many snakes and lizards give birth to live young.. Check out some videos of a Galapagos Tortoise or listen to an American Alligator!.. Browse reptiles.. Reptiles.. Amphibians.. Frogs and toads, newts and salamanders, and snake-like caecilians comprise the diverse class,.. Amphibia.. Many species begin their life as aquatic juveniles and transform into terrestrial adults.. Amphibians are of particular conservation concern.. Of the ~6,300 amphibians, one in three are threatened with extinction.. Take a listen to any of the nearly 200 species in the archive!.. Browse amphibia.. Amphibians.. Arthropods.. Invertebrates with an exoskeleton, segmented body and jointed appendages are classified as.. arthropods.. This includes insects, centipedes and millipedes, and crustaceans—shrimp, lobsters and crabs.. Take a listen to the Snowy Tree-Cricket that varies how fast it delivers each note depending on the temperature.. Browse arthropods.. Wilbur Hershberger.. Arthropods.. Fishes.. This group takes the prize as the most diverse group of vertebrates, with nearly 32,000 species represented.. Fish.. were the first vertebrates to radiate the earth, dating back 500 million years.. The group includes the bony fish, sharks and rays, lungfish and coelacanths, hagfish, and lampreys.. Watch videos of a Whale Shark feeding or hear what a squirrelfish sounds like!.. Browse fishes.. Fishes.. Use the Archive.. Education.. Outreach.. Research.. Build the Archive.. Audio Curation.. Audio Most Wanted.. Video Curation.. Video Most Wanted.. Audio Equipment.. Audio Techniques.. Video Techniques.. Workshops.. About Us.. History.. Keep in Touch.. Facebook.. Pinterest.. Twitter.. Help.. Copyright 2014 Cornell University.. Privacy Policy.. Contact Us.. Close.. Title..

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  • Title: Macaulay Library
    Descriptive info: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.. FEATURED RECORDINGS.. 1.. Audio 106612.. Catharus guttatus.. -- Hermit Thrush.. 2.. Video 57985.. Pipra mentalis.. -- Red-capped Manakin --.. COLLECTION.. 3.. Audio.. 4.. Video.. Full Site.. Cornell University..

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  • Title: ML: Search Help
    Descriptive info: Search Help.. Search Help.. How to Explore the Archive.. 1.. Try searching for recordings by species:.. Click the search box, to get a cursor.. Begin typing your species (ie: owl, raven, etc).. View your list of options in the dropdown box.. You must select from the list.. (use the up/down arrow keys and press enter).. Press Enter again to search (or click "Find").. 2.. The Macaulay Library also has portals to several special collections, which offer unique options for exploring and finding even more audio and video recordings.. Currently the "Staff Picks" is available within the "Find" menu option.. The Macaulay Library staff has compiled a list of their own favorite recordings to share with the world..  ...   the archive may be more appropriate.. Choose "Browse by Taxon" under the "Find" menu option.. You can navigate through the Macaulay Library biological classification by drilling down through Kingdom Animalia to the rank of Species and Subspecies.. At each node in the hierarchy, you will see how many audio and video recordings are available for each taxon.. You can also easily discover the species for which there are no recordings available.. Browsing is an ideal solution when you're not exactly sure what you're after or when you want to easily see the holding for an entire group (like a genus or higher rank like family).. Give browsing a try.. It's a useful way to find and discover recordings..

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  • Title: ML: Staff Picks
    Descriptive info: The Hidden Gems of Macaulay Library.. Montezuma Oropendola.. - Audio 127299.. More.. ».. Mike Webster.. Mixing strange gurgling noises with slightly screeching overtones, the song of the male.. is one of the most impressive – and most strange – sounds you can hear the Neotropical rainforest.. The display that goes with this song is equally impressive, as the male typically will throw himself forward acrobatically while singing, often hanging completely upside-down with wings spreads out wide.. I studied the mating system of this species for several years, spending many hours sitting beneath colony trees while males gave their unbelievable displays above me.. And so I will always have a special fondness for this bird and its strange song.. Walrus - Audio 53276.. Rebecca Yale.. Walrus ».. Greg Budney.. Once heard, the “coda” song of the male walrus is one of those unforgettable sounds in the world.. It is comprised of two basic types of elements, series of evenly-delivered taps followed by an extraordinary bell or gong-like sound.. The ringing quality of this latter element is astonishing, especially in an aquatic environment, and that such a sound is produced by a walrus seems all the more improbable (but true).. The function is not fully understood, but may convey dominance status to potential mates and rivals.. Common Virtuoso Katydid - Audio 121695.. T.. J.. Walker.. Common Virtuoso Katydid ».. Martha Fischer.. Here is my favorite insect sound, the song of a common virtuoso katydid.. This cut includes 4 or five songs from a single male.. Listen to one of the 30-second long songs and see if you can hear the four different syllable sequences.. The scientist who recorded this used roman numerals to designate the sequences as follows: I) the rapid trill which is followed by II) a slower and harsher trill followed by III) a harsh ‘tsssk’ which is then followed by IV) a series of quiet ‘ticks’.. Can you pick them out?.. Environmental Recording - Audio 161053.. Temple in Vrindavin, India.. Radio Expeditions ».. David McCartt.. This is an absolutely fascinating surround sound recording from the NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions collection! The recording transports the listener to another time, place and culture.. The first 1 hour and 47 minutes will put you in the midst of a religious service, complete with bells, gongs, chanting, singing and drum sounds.. Scaly-breasted Wren - Audio 79750.. Hugo Loaiza.. Ted Parker ».. Matt Medler.. I find this recording by the  ...   forests from sea level to above 3,000 m – usually far away from human habitation.. Because cassowaries (even the “dwarf” one) are the largest animals in the New Guinean forest, they are widely hunted for food.. Cassowaries are flightless with rudimentary, difficult to discern, wings (if you look closely at the video, you can make out a few long black “shafts” sticking out from the sides of the bird’s body – those are actually the visible part of the wing!).. The Dwarf Cassowary mostly eats fleshy fruits that have fallen to the forest floor.. This one, captured by a remote controlled “camera trap”focused on the bower of male bowerbird (the structure on the ground in the center of the frame), was passing by and checked out the small fruits placed there as bower decorations by the bowerbird.. Dwarf Cassowaries have been shown to be important seed dispersers and are even hypothesized to help some trees with specialized "cassowary fruit" to disperse seeds uphill.. Big seeds naturally roll down hill, but cassowaries roost on ridge tops where the ground is drier.. And where a cassowary sleeps, a cassowary defecates, which means the large indigestible seeds get moved uphill.. I find this to be extremely cool!.. Redhead - Audio 59599.. Redhead ».. Green Turtle - Video 459485.. Cleaning Station.. Turtles and Tortoises ».. A bit slow to start, this clip gets much more interesting when a Green Turtle is fully revealed from behind the coral.. Wood Duck - Video 440343.. Timothy Barksdale.. Wood Duck ».. Bearded Seal - Audio 112595.. Fanus Weldhagen.. Bearded Seal ».. Matt Young.. If you were to imagine what outer space travel sounds like, then this Bearded Seal recording would be a nice fit – it has alien spaceships flying back and forth and many more otherworldly sounds.. This lengthy clip is one of the most amazing recordings in the entire collection.. Forest Elephant - Audio 148489.. Andrea Turkalo.. Elephants ».. Bill McQuay.. A nighttime recording of a bai, a large clearing in the center of the Central African rainforest where hundreds of forest elephants gather to commune under the full moon.. This recording, an excerpt taken from an entire evening recording session, is part of the NPR/NGS Radio Expeditions collection.. I was fortunate to be the show’s technical director at the time and was given the opportunity to make this recording along with my former NPR colleagues Carolyn Jensen and Alex Chadwick..

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  • Title: ML: Macaulay Library
    Descriptive info: Search Users.. First name begins with:.. Last name begins with:.. ML Staff:.. Previous.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 42.. 43.. Next.. Pam Abel/999.. Kenneth P Able/514.. C.. B Adams/3495.. Greg Adams/1303.. H.. P.. Adams/1902.. Jill Adams/3496.. Ruth Agden/1903.. Thomas Ager/1553.. Norton Agey/515.. David J Agro/389.. Anyelet Valencia Aguilar/6365.. Carl A Aiken/517.. David Ainley/1489.. Akio Akagi/518.. Allison  ...   Karen L Allaben-Confer/1427.. Arthur A Allen/520.. David G Allen/521.. Elsa G Allen/522.. Susan Allen/365.. Bradford Allicock/1905.. Ronald Allicock/523.. Khaldoun Alomari/388.. Renata D Alquezar/3484.. Stuart A Altmann/524.. Mauricio Alvarez/507.. Jose Alvarez-Alonso/366.. Thales Amaral/3489.. Michael J Andersen/140.. George Anderson/390.. John Anderson/1320.. Luciana Guimaraes Andrade/3506.. Mrs.. Andreae/1906.. Christian Borges Andretti/6292.. Dennis Andriashek/6285.. Robert F Andrle/525.. Robert B Angstadt/526.. Fernando Angulo/3447..

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  • Title: ML: Macaulay Library
    Descriptive info: Public Media Bins.. Bin Name.. Bin Notes.. User.. 180 - Birds of the Jordan - Online Study Week 4.. Carolina Roa.. 179 - City Creek birds - Online study practice - Week 3.. 174 - Manitoba Raptors.. Bryana Nicolas.. 173 - Manitoba Owls.. 166 - Empidonax, Warblers, GC Kinglet.. 164 - Birds of the Jordan.. 163 - Zion_Yellowstone.. bird calls common to both Zion and Yellowstone in spring.. Craig Blacklock.. 138 - Playbacks.. Marek Allen.. 122 - New Guinean birds and climate change.. These New Guinean birds were recently featured in recent research and press about how climate change.. Birds-of-Paradise Project.. 118 - Inochi2.. Mika White.. 113 - Videos.. Bryant Olsen.. 106 - Inochi.. 103 - Corvid Display.. Gateway Science Museum Corvid Interactive.. Elisabeth Johnson.. 100 - Pilot Whale.. Mike Radtke.. 99 - Beluga Whale.. 98 - Hump  ...   North America, some of which might be good biolog.. Matthew A Young.. 70 - Sound Lab NMNH.. Jimmy Garver.. 69 - Sections from the Birds-of-Paradise Project.. Notable audiovisuals from the Birds-of-Paradise Project archived in the Macaulay Library.. 61 - Pacific NW Seabirds.. 48 - Special Gulls from the North.. Birders in eastern North America are abuzz over the recent discovery of an adult Ross's Gull just ou.. Matthew D Medler.. 47 - Sounds of Sapsucker Woods--Late Fall.. November and December are quiet months at Sapsucker Woods, but attentive visitors to the sanctuary's.. 45 - Recent New Species.. New bird species recently added to the Macaulay Library audio collection.. 27 - QR Codes.. Chris Radek.. 6 - Video Favorites.. My videos to use for tours!.. Martha J Fischer.. Bins are private by default.. Edit your bin, to share it..

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  • Title: ML: Order : Information
    Descriptive info: HD Excerpts from the Video Collection #1.. Media Guides.. For personal use, '.. ' are collections of ML's best cuts of wildlife recordings.. These are available for online purchase (and some for free).. Your purchase or licensing of media supports our cause.. Looking for Digital Media?.. You can order video, sounds, or digital images in the Macaulay Library collection for personal, educational, research, commercial, or other uses.. Order Information.. The Macaulay Library is a major international supplier of animal sound and video recordings.. No project is too large or too small for us to handle!.. We have provided recordings for biological research by graduate students and other scientists, field guides and related productions, reference collections for conservation, education, and wildlife management, backgrounds for museum, aquarium, and zoo exhibits, species exemplars for public and commercial media, sounds for toys, smartphone apps, and audible book products, enrichment of online websites, tools for teachers and more.. Search.. The Macaulay Library is your source for nature audio and video clips to compliment any project.. Our goal is to make the sounds and footage in the archive readily accessible for a wide variety of users.. Many of our sounds are also available on productions, some of which can be purchased on CD or downloaded instantly from our website.. The first step in obtaining media from us is to find what you are looking for.. Enter the common or scientific name in the search bar at the top of the page or use the advanced search.. Listen or view material and note the catalog number of the selections you wish to obtain.. If you can’t find or  ...   can view your cart, and place your order through the "My Cart" item in our menu above.. You will be asked to supply us with your contact information, details of your project and the following additional information:.. Catalog number and/or species.. Description of recording.. Required format.. Delivery details.. We will respond to your order within a few days, with an estimate of the studio time and the licensing fee, if applicable.. You will not be charged until you approve the estimate and the order is complete.. Many simple orders can be prepared quickly, but please plan for at least two weeks to process an order.. If you need your order filled in less than two weeks, an expedited processing fee may apply.. Fees.. As part of the mission of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, we are dedicated to providing recordings and services at reasonable rates for each user.. Clips can be licensed at reasonable rates for commercial uses – the license fee depends on the term, territory, and usage requested.. We can also engineer and edit clips as needed.. Studio fees for engineering vary depending on how complicated the order is, whether the materials already exist in a digital format, and the extent to which they need to be edited.. Typically, the fee is $75 per hour to prepare recordings for commercial uses, $50 per hour for institutions, and $25 per hour for individuals.. There is no studio fee for student and research use.. Discounts and bulk rates are also available.. Everyone who licenses media from the Macaulay Library must complete either a commercial or a non-commercial use agreement (see samples)..

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  • Title: ML: Order : Demos
    Descriptive info: A quick glimpse into our renowned media collection will take you on a journey from Anna’s Hummingbird to Gray Wolves.. Spectrograms.. Before/After.. Download HD.. Southern California Video Selections.. Migration Celebration.. Ontario Soundscape.. Pacific Northwest Ambient.. Moving Spectrogram: Barred Owl.. Moving Spectrogram: Pacific Wren.. Edited Archival Audio.. Edited Archival Video.. Synched Archival Audio Video.. Download Sample HD Video:.. Osprey.. White-crowned Sparrow..

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  • Title: ML: Order : Place Order
    Descriptive info: Place Order..

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  • Title: ML: Download Guides
    Descriptive info: Now available for purchase!.. Cornell Guide to Bird Sounds: Essential Set for North America.. $12.. 99.. Cornell Guide to Bird Sounds: Essential Set for North America, USB Flash Drive.. $24.. Cornell Guide to Bird Sounds: Master Set for North America.. $49.. Cornell Guide to Bird Sounds: Master Set for North America, USB Flash Drive.. $64.. Digital Audio Guides.. Bird Songs of California.. Bird Songs of Florida.. $14.. Bird Songs of Florida Sampler.. Free..  ...   Warbler Guide.. $5.. Unexpected Voices of the Wild.. Voices of Ducks, Geese, and Waterfowl.. Voices of Eastern Backyard Birds.. Voices of North American Owls.. Voices of Sapsucker Woods.. $4.. Voices of Shorebirds.. Voices of Western Backyard Birds.. What is Missing?.. Digital Video Guides.. Voices of Eastern Backyard Birds, Video Edition.. Voices of North American Owls, Video Edition.. Voices of Western Backyard Birds, Video Edition.. Products using our multimedia.. Products available through retailer websites »..

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  • Title: ML: Retail Guides
    Descriptive info: Retail Audio Guides.. Our sounds have been used in many products.. You can purchase these guides online through retailers like Amazon and Barnes Noble..

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  • Archived pages: 850