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  • Title: MA-URI® HEALING ARTS - A modern application of Polynesian navigator principles
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. MA-URI®.. Mythology.. The Name.. Spirituality.. The Institute.. Vision and Development.. Founders of MA-URI®.. Team of Trainers.. Training.. MA-URI® Healing Arts.. Training overview.. Institute Calender.. Mama MA-URI®.. Workshop info.. Practical details.. Projects.. New Esoteric Training.. Waka MA-URI.. Inspiration.. Sayings, quotes, principles.. Picture gallery.. Literature list.. News.. Newsletters.. Info about changes and updates.. Contact.. NAU MAI, HAERE MAI WELCOME TO.. MA-URI® HEALING ARTS.. Welcome to.. A modern application of Polynesian navigator principles and.. The  ...   self-discovery and inner healing.. A pathway towards personal transformation through.. Conscious Awareness, Dance Sacred Touch.. The discovery of your Spiritual Identity and.. The celebration of your connection with the Divine.. The Principles that lead to mastery of every aspect of your life; to the.. Discovery of new and ancient keys to fulfilling your Destiny.. LIVE PASSIONATELY!.. Navigate confidently within your professional career;.. Navigate lovingly within all relationships;.. Make BIG dreams come true!.. TIHEI MAURIORA!..

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  • Title: The Mythology of MA-URI®
    Descriptive info: The Mythology of MA-URI®.. The Ancient Source of the Sacred Knowledge of HUNA:.. The STAR People of Pleiades and the Lemurians of the Pacific.. Once upon a time so the story goes: By a pathway of light they came from the Stars of Matariki, the star constellation known to most as the Pleiades.. They came to the legendary Continent of Mu or Lemuria.. They came to find peace and a new home on Earth.. They took on human form and became known amongst the Mu people as Te Iwi O Mana Huna, the People of the Secret Power.. In Maori they were referred to as Nga tangata puhurunei , the hairy humans.. Indeed, they were a people of remarkable psychic powers and of advanced spiritual technology.. They shared their Sacred Knowledge with the Mu and demonstrated their ability to use energy and thought to align and harmonise the human body, mind and spirit.. By using a form of bodywork, the Mu and later the Polynesians developed this knowledge into an alignment system to harmonise a person s inner realm with the greater, outer Universe.. Chaos and turmoil would be brought forth from the darkness of the inner Being by the magic of chant, touch, dance and rhythm.. Changes would take place within the body and the mind, within the emotions and the soul.. Pathways  ...   which provide simple yet powerful principles concerned with the development of.. mastery.. within every aspect of one s life.. In its approach to life MA-URI follows Polynesian Navigator traditions and offers the tools and pathways for self-empowerment and self-healing to take place.. It provides the principles and ignites the passion within us towards fulfiling our purpose in life and a commitment towards making a positive difference in our world.. THE DREAM.. Grandfather, tell us more about the Dream.. The old one took in the group, studied each face as if for the first time and asked, Do you see the trail that brings you to this moment? No one spoke.. He continued, Pause and look within.. Stretch your mind and heart and see beyond the threads and separate colours to the greater weave.. Find your Excitement.. I say again, Find your Excitement and follow it.. Honour only that which gives you Joy and brings Energy and Purpose into your life.. Then you walk the truth of who you are.. Then you walk the Magic and the Dream.. You are called to carry the old things forward in a new way, invited to dance this trail with love and laughter and sing the harmonies of the Universe.. That is your Power and the Dream , he whispered.. Barry Brailsford.. , Song of the Circle, p.. 79..

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  • Title: What does 'MA-URI' mean?
    Descriptive info: What does MA-URI mean?.. The name MA-URI was created in 1990 by Hemi Fox to give identity and focus to the development of a modern medium or healing system that has its roots in Polynesian practices and follows the ancient principles of Huna.. True to its Polynesian roots, there are many layers of meaning encoded within each syllable and within every possible combination of consonant and vowels.. Let s see what happens when we look into a few layers of meaning that are kept within the syllables of this particular name.. One translation into English of MA-URI gives us the explanation that it is the descendant or child of the white light , i.. e.. the offspring coming from the Stars, from Matariki (c: the Polynesian name for the Pleiades), which supplies us with a reference to its spiritual Source.. For further details on a similar concept read for instance the story in Serge King s book, Kahuna Healing, pp.. 11-16.. Another encoded meaning is the descendant or offspring that is free of prohibitions , i.. free of inner restrictions or limitations.. In Maori uri means descendant or offspring and some of the meanings of ma are: white or white light and clean/pure and free.. So MA-URI can now be defined as.. a manifestation or expression of a sacred life principle or Essence, derived from and sustained by the energies of Matariki and offered to mankind by way of Polynesian ancestors.. The different layers of meaning suggest answers to the existential question: Who are you? When we address this question to MA-URI and ask, Who are you, MA-URI?, we are given a glimpse into its very nature as well as  ...   HUNA, as it became known as in this century.. Through the Whakapapa, i.. genetically, it was passed on from generation to generation and the kete the basket holding the gift of Sacred Knowledge was given into the hands of the ancestors and the knowledge got stored within the DNA of the bodies of each next, living generation.. Through the translation of MA-URI as the descendant or offspring that is free of prohibition, free of inner restrictions and limitations we are given a glimpse of what is passed on to us through this sacred gift, this taonga.. We are offered no less than the key to Freedom in its widest and deepest meaning namely the freedom that comes from fully knowing who you are, what you are, where you come from and where you are going.. Another way of putting it is that this taonga is a body of knowledge, a key to a way of being that enables a person to be in total mastery of his or her own life, totally connected and attuned to everything in creation.. It has been and continues to be the Institute s job to access and bring forth the principles and wisdom of this taonga and to create the techniques and methods as well as formulate the manual , that will make this wisdom understandable and applicable for people today.. The name MA-URI has been copyrighted by the Institute.. As a consequence, the right to use this name belongs to the Institute where the name was created.. This right is shared with students and trainers of MA-URI who honour the standards, the ethics and principles as set out by the Institute.. Kia Ora!..

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  • Title: Spirituality - MA-URI® Healing Arts
    Descriptive info: NEW TEXT IS BEING PREPARED..

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  • Title: Vision and Development - MA-URI® Healing Arts
    Descriptive info: VISION INTENT FOCUS.. On one level the aim and purpose of creating an Institute was to develop a successful teaching institution that would meet the requirements of education and health authorities in both Denmark/Europe and in New Zealand.. On another level it was to provide a platform for MA-URI to be developed as a Source of Knowledge to all future students and Trainers.. Also, it was to provide a platform for MA-URI to proclaim its presence in the world; a platform that its gifts and contributions could be shared from.. In terms of graduates and Trainers, the Institute s job was to outline requirements that would ensure high personal and professional standards on all levels.. By building up a high degree of goodwill and respect for MA-URI and those trained by the Institute, this would provide graduates with a ‘quality stamp’ and not only open up many doors for them in the future; most importantly, it would enable them to contribute profoundly to the well-being of others, i.. within their own families, their local community or country.. When the creation of the Institute was put in Katja’s hands in 1991 her initial vision for the Institute, however, came out of a spiritual focus.. The main reason for this was a commitment towards honouring the traditions that MA-URI has its roots in:.. ‘Right from the start I saw the Institute as a ‘vessel’ or receptacle for the spirit of MA-URI.. It was to supply the spirit of MA-URI with a ‘body’ and a.. voice.. to communicate the teachings of the Ancient Ones and the knowledge of the Ancestors.. My initial approach was coming totally from the symbolic or mystical realm.. From this perspective I saw the Institute as a ‘being’ empowered by the spirit of MA-URI; a being that was not to be tied down or limited in any way, but allowed to develop into a dynamic creation that would constantly change and challenge everyone’s beliefs and expectations.. I liked that idea.. In 1992 the Institute was formally inaugurated and officially recognized as a teaching institution for alternative health and healing practices.. As soon as this had happened, this creation began to let us know of its special nature.. It kept us on our toes, demanding ever better and more effective solutions and answers.. New and better training programmes were created and constant tests revealed our levels of understanding and ability for change and growth.. It kept us working hard and focused on the issues that needed attention and care.. In the beginning it was important for me to create an Institute that manifested itself primarily through the.. act of teaching.. the philosophies and healing arts of MA-URI, rather than to manifest as an entity that was associated with a specific building in a specific area of a specific country.. Focus was on.. content.. rather than on physical.. form.. and framework.. It just did not feel right to tie MA-URI down to a physical building, so I objected for a long time to the idea of buying a workshop centre and establish the Institute within the confines of solid brick.. I saw the whole essence and nature of MA-URI as so closely associated with the.. SEA.. ; so constantly changing, moving and unpredictable.. We therefore had to look beyond the usual associations and definitions of an Institute and find an alternative solution.. In no time: Bingo – suddenly the clue was given: The book ‘Beyond the Floating Islands’ by Eugenio Barba of the Odin Theatre in Holstebro, Denmark, was dumped into my lap.. Wow, reading the first couple of chapters left me absolutely breathless and excited.. Eugenio Barba presented me with the alternative I was looking for: The idea of developing the Institute as a ‘floating island’?!! An absolutely fascinating concept.. All the elements were there and we were ready to test out the ideas and concepts.. Priority was to be given to flexibility, mobility and change.. Personal and professional growth was focused on to enhance.. in terms of deeper understanding and in terms of wider perspectives on human potential.. I had no ambitions of creating a physical centre that would limit our mobility physically, mentally or spiritually and make other people dependent upon us and vice versa.. ‘All power comes from within’ is a principle of Huna that leaves no room for dependencies, but plenty of energy for creative and dynamic realities.. So what I.. did.. want to see develop was an Institute that would keep us all leaders, trainers and students on our toes, constantly  ...   out and do research into the effect and value of the training we were offering.. New discoveries were channelled into future programmes and everything was happening to the heart-beat of creation !.. The next 7 years, i.. from 1998 – 2005.. , became a phase where the development of MA-URI created conflicts with trainers and frustration amongst students.. In return also MA-URI was challenged on its credibility and effectiveness! It was time to sort out the training programme, our teaching methods and approaches to students and trainers.. It was time to decide on the roles and responsibilities that H K would have to fulfill in order to bring MA-URI on a new track and into the new Millennium.. The year 2000 saw the Institute take the first steps towards the development of a base for MA-URI in Aotearoa-New Zealand.. It was time to establish connections and to put down roots – it was time to allow the Spirit to be nurtured by the ancestral land and to be cleansed by the Sea of Tangaroa.. A block of land was purchased at Waiotira, North Island – four hectares containing native bush, tall trees and lush ferns plus all the wild life that thrives within this special setting.. Nature was embraced and invited into the daily activities and focuses of MA-URI.. With the new millennium came a gradual shift in focus, in roles and responsibilities – out there in the world and consequently also within the Institute and in the development of MA-URI.. It happened as a gradual shift from male to female leadership.. And interestingly so: Completely independent of each other, both Hemi and Kahu had made the same prediction: This work needs to be taken from the male perspective into the female perspective and as Kahu had put it, ‘into the time of the Grandmother’!.. It certainly has come to pass like that.. Towards the end of 2004 most of the issues and conflicting focuses within the Institute had been sorted out and dealt with fairly well.. So for the next 7-year period, i.. from.. 2005-2012.. , the time had come to ensure that.. depth.. of understanding and the.. purity.. of MA-URI’s spiritual source were conveyed through the training in accordance with the.. Navigator.. aspects of its philosophy.. Also, a focus on.. quality.. rather than on quantity and numbers was now put in place.. In terms of the Institute, a change needed to happen in the area of Institute leadership, i.. away from the guru-type, master/authority type of leadership, which was predominant in the 1990’es.. So a form of leadership was introduced, which centered its focus on the MESSAGE rather than the.. Messenger.. , meaning: it was time to direct people’s focus on to.. MA-URI.. and the many gifts it offers.. This meant that a new emphasis was put on high personal standards and professional integrity among students and trainers as well as within the Institute; and the emphasis on.. PRINCIPLES.. and.. introduced the concept of.. going for.. excellence.. in every aspect of life.. Another important focus was to develop.. TEAM.. effort and teamwork through ongoing communication with students and Trainers.. Every form of communication and every decision was and continues to be based on this principle: ‘Which approach/decision will bring out the best in us, bring out the best in the other person, and be of the greatest benefit to the situation we find ourselves in? This approach requires that all communication comes from a centredness within the.. Heart.. and that all decisions are based on the motivation: for the greater good of all !.. Since 2008 another important change was introduced, namely the practice of.. sharing.. workshop benefits and responsibilities.. So in.. 2008.. all level 4 workshops were given over to the Beginner Trainers, which meant that they now were in charge of the whole Module 1 training programme.. And in the following years other Institute created programmes were given over to qualified Trainers for the expansion of their businesses.. Giving over the full Module 1 training to Beginner Trainers had the significant consequence that the Institute buildings now lost their purpose as the Training Centre for MA-URI Healing Arts in Europe.. With the recession having a profound effect on students’ financial situation in e.. g.. Poland and Lithuania, Hungary and Romania, our spontaneous decision was to take over the travelling and offer the new E-2 Training in Poland and Hungary for the different European groups.. This meant that the Institute could again become the ‘floating Island’ that it started out as! Interesting development, indeed!..

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  • Title: Founders Hemi Fox is Maori from Aotearoa-New Zealand and Katja Fox from Denmark
    Descriptive info: Hemi Fox.. is Maori from Aotearoa-New Zealand.. At the age of 7 his great-grandmother Hira Moewaka Kemp-Johnstone, a woman of high Rangatira status in the Te Kapotai tribe, initiated his passage into the realm of spirit and healing.. She opened the appropriate channels and then left him with the challenge of finding out how to access and remember the ancient knowledge.. In 1987 the Hawaiian Kahuna Abraham Kawai i became the important key person and Challenger who gave him a brief glimpse into the ancient Hawaiian bodywork traditions.. Hemi Fox was never a student of Kahu Abraham Kawai i's, however.. In many subtle ways he was prodded by the Wairua in the direction of his Pathway.. The aboriginal elder, Gaboo Ted Thomas from Australia and the Hawaiian entrepreneur George Kanehale both played their significant roles in this process.. After more than 30 years of school teaching, occasional healing work and ‘ghost busting’ jobs amongst the people of his tribe, it seemed time now to answer the call of Destiny.. So he left the shores of his beloved homeland Aotearoa, left his family, his tribe and traveled to Denmark on a one-way ticket! From then on everything just started to happen in a way only the Spirit understands.. Knowledge came pouring through, doors and opportunities presented themselves and the right people appeared.. The Spirit of MA-URI was eagerly awaiting conception and  ...   were going to be part of her destiny as well.. Conveniently equipped with an M.. A.. degree in English and Art History and since 1986 working as a professional ceramic artist, she was now getting herself ready for the tasks ahead.. All the appropriate training and challenges were provided and in 1987 she was drawn into the whirlpool of ancient Knowledge and practices through a spiritual experience that completely changed the direction and focus of her life Furthermore, it prepared her well for the adventures yet to be revealed.. The vision that was given in that experience offered a perspective on life and a body of knowledge that later turned out to be identical with what we now know as Huna.. The spiritual message was as clear as it was challenging, ‘Now go and live it then teach and share it!’.. Within 3 years she had changed her career and family situation and in that process gained a whole new understanding and perspective on life.. Ready now for new adventures she was nudged, then dumped into this strange whirlpool of Destiny and discovering this crazy Maori fellar splashing around there with her! The ‘spirit of MA-URI’ was conceived and given birth; the ‘cradle’ for it provided in 1992 when the MA-URI Institute was formed! So, what else is there to do but smile and just give happiness free reins!.. Kia ora!..

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  • Title: Team of Trainers - MA-URI® Healing Arts
    Descriptive info: The following Trainers have all been licensed by the Institute to teach the.. Module 1.. of the Training Programme in MA-URI Healing Arts.. At the moment they are all offering this training in Europe and primarily in their own languages.. All trainers listed here have gone through the Teacher Training and are receiving ongoing super-vision and coaching by the Institute.. Those who are ACTIVE trainers in 2014 have all qualified for a renewal of their Teaching License for 2014.. Each of these trainers have sent their students to the Institute for evaluation and advanced training in the higher Modules of the Training Programme.. All teaching material and workshop timetables for the Module 1 workshops offered by these trainers are supplied and kept updated by the Institute.. DENMARK:.. www.. ma-uri.. dk.. At the moment this website continues to be in the care of Sussanne Hojlund who is no longer a Trainer in MA-URI, yet active as a Practitioner of MA-URI  ...   info.. pl.. These websites represent the MA-URI Institute in Poland and all Polish Trainers associated with the Institute.. The websites are in the care of Justyna Rychlewska-Suska.. Justyna Rychlewska-Suska.. 64-730 Wielen.. info@ma-uri-treningi.. ma-uri-treningi.. Training Centre 4 Winds in Wielen, Poland.. Magdalena Przezdziak Betlej.. 03-927 Warsaw.. magda@ma-uriway.. ma-uriway.. Katarzyna Kowalak MA-URI English teacher and Resource Person.. 00-710 Warsaw.. info@ma-uri.. co.. nz.. Monika Tomaszewska-Jagla - Having time out from trainer responsibilities.. 70-609 Poznan.. nikuhu@go2.. Ryszard Biskupski.. 70-416 Szczecin.. ruta7@op.. Retired as Trainer, taking on a new role in MA-URI as Resource Person.. Malgorzata Lucka.. 71-422 Szczecin.. mllucka@o2.. LITHUANIA:.. lt.. This website represents Lithuanian trainers associated with the MA-URI Institute This website is in the care of the Lithuanian trainers.. Raimonda Mazeikaite.. Vilnius.. Phone +370 614 06039.. raimonda@ma-uri.. Sigita Masalskiene.. 01209 Vilnius.. s3namas@takas.. HUNGARY:.. hu.. This website represents the Hungarian trainers associated with the MA-URI Institute.. The website is in the care of Zoltan Gyõrfi.. Zoltan and Zsofi Gyõrfi.. 1136 Budapest.. info@ma-uricentrum.. ma-uricentrum..

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  • Title: MA-URI® Healing Arts - A spiritual healing system
    Descriptive info: Amongst its many contributions, MA-URI offers a spiritual healing system, which has its roots in Polynesian principles and practices designed to facilitate profound transformation within a person.. One of the media used in this process is a form of Bodywork which combines Hawaiian style dance movements with long rhythmical strokes to enhance the energy flow within the body and mind.. Through the power of heightened awareness and deep connectedness, through breath and the application of sacred touch these movements are then intensified by a Maori focus on action and instant effectiveness.. This causes a whole new range of movement to be accelerated not just within the physical body.. It is accelerated also within beliefs, memories and emotions and extending into the person’s relationships, finances and job situations.. Throughout the development of MA-URI Healing Arts certain techniques and approaches have been selected and fine-tuned to suit a modern reality and to take into consideration the differences between Polynesian and Western cultures.. Similarly, the teaching methods and the progressive approach in the Training Program reflect the adaptation of ancient principles to our modern way of life.. MA-URI Healing Arts apply a spiritual approach that joins together the realities of all ‘4 Worlds of Perception’.. It is based on a philosophy of life that operates from a level of consciousness which brings WHOLENESS into our lives through the powers of our Heart and Spirit.. It does so by uncovering the important connections that build the ‘Web of Life’ we are part of.. Therefore, the very essence of MA-URI is concerned with seeing, expanding and nurturing ‘RELATIONSHIPS’.. This is so in order that we may find and understand our PLACE and role within the greater reality of Creation, realize our inseparable connection with ‘All that IS’ and celebrate our Oneness with God.. When we use terms  ...   revealed! Truly awesome, indeed!.. These very focuses are reflected in the Training Programme: Module 1 focuses on teaching the students to master their physical reality; Module 2 focuses on the development of mastery within emotional and mental realities; and finally Module 3, the ‘Kaitinana’ training, serves the purpose of developing the students’ understanding of spiritual realities.. All postgraduate training will explore pathways towards fulfilment of destinies and address our responsibilities towards the Earth and our collective humanity.. This will involve a conscious shift in our focus and awareness level to higher dimensions of consciousness.. Because MA-URI is deeply rooted in Polynesian navigator and kahuna/tohunga traditions, it is important to understand that its principles and approaches are developed so they become applicable to ANY situation and to every relationship in our lives – not just to a healing focus.. In MA-URI this is reflected in the training: No matter what desire or motivation students may have for theirr participation in this training, they are going to learn how to activate their inner resources, develop a strong and healthy body, heal experiences of the past, expand any limiting beliefs and discover that their spiritual identity is based within the Heart.. All the fundamental tools and principles are made available so each person can activate and unfold their full potential, begin to make conscious choices and thus focus on fulfilling their unique purpose in life.. This may be as an artist, chimney sweeper, boss or bell-boy; it may be as a practitioner of MA-URI Healing Arts, a doctor, nurse or teacher or as a resource person within the local community.. Whatever your choice may be, the bag of tools and the level of consciousness you’ll walk away with after your training: It is all there to make your journey a truly rewarding and fulfilling one!..

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  • Title: Training overview - MA-URI® Healing Arts
    Descriptive info: The Module 1 workshops herald the beginning of a fascinating journey, which over a period of approx.. 2-3 years will take students through.. 3 MODULES.. of life-changing experiences.. It is a journey that is designed to enrich your life and expand your personal FREEDOM.. The purpose of MA-URI is to give people a chance to live life fully and in accordance with the calling of their Hearts and Spirit.. Within the framework of the Training Programme every level and module can be explored as a step or passage into new and ever-expanding realities; into a deeper understanding and realisation of WHO you are and WHAT your purpose in life is.. Each step offers an opportunity to.. refine.. expand.. your awareness of self and to.. attune.. yourself to the world around you.. This is done through a combination of DANCE work, Sacred TOUCH and MA-URI Navigator Training.. AND it is done by giving emphasis now to this new requirement for students who wish to enrol in the Training Programme:.. Closely connected with the focus on expansion and deepening, the requirement of having good.. ENGLISH.. skills has now been introduced.. We live in a global world and English is one of the most successful communication languages we know of.. English allows us to connect beyond national borders and to communicate more fully and much deeper than ever before.. In the past too much important knowledge and insight, which was passed on through lectures and individual coaching, was lost in translation or was only partially understood.. Translation workshops have never worked well for MA-URI and they are therefore no longer an option.. Instead non English-speaking students are now encouraged to EXPAND their capacity by doing what it takes to learn sufficient English, so they ll be able to understand the teaching, the deeper meaning of principles and practices and able to follow all instructions.. Each country will have a MA-URI trained English teacher to help students develop and reach the level of English necessary for them to qualify and fully benefit from the higher modules of training.. So, each step is designed to build new strengths, new skills and to activate the wealth of resources students have within them.. With an eagerness and passion for.. on all levels, they can begin to apply and fully.. enjoy.. the range of their capacity and inner strengths and thus contribute to the World in new and creative ways!.. Module 1: Movement Dance SacredTouch Principle.. Throughout the basic training of Module I, the main focus is on MOVEMENT and on intensive DANCE training.. One of the many purposes of this dance training is to facilitate the shift away from habitual patterns of movement determined by cultural and individual patterns and restrictions.. Students will learn to develop physical strength, rhythm, fluidity and flexibility within their physical realities.. This will be developed through the combination of movement, practiced to the changing rhythms of Polynesian music, and the training in increased awareness and focus, correct placement of the body and new rhythms of breath.. The first stages in self-discipline are developed here.. Please be aware that in MA-URI, self-discipline means that YOU become the disciple of your own High Self.. So it is not something imposed on you from outside authorities like it is normally understood as! Furthermore, it is here the principles concerned with gaining mastery of your physical realities are introduced and practised.. Emphasis is put on exploring the many expressions of dynamic interaction between masculine and feminine energies something that is at the very core of MA-URI.. In their powerful interaction lies one of the most important keys to a successful and passionate journey through life.. Also here at beginner level this emphasis serves to enhance dynamic personal growth and to provide an ever-expanding experience of self and of MA-URI.. In terms of pre-bodywork training students will be taught the basic MA-URI techniques used later in the Module 2/E-2 training to warm up the body for a full bodywork session.. One purpose of introducing some of the basic techniques at this early stage is to make students aware of the sacredness of this work and let them experience the special quality of „Sacred Touch‟, i.. as done by the long rhythmical strokes of the forearm alternating with the touch of the palm..  ...   special qualities and effectiveness of MA-URI Healing Arts as a practice in.. self-healing.. Where the Module 2 training in New Zealand related many of its focuses to the realities of the.. Ocean.. and gave emphasis to a ‘navigator’ approach to Life, the E-2 training offers opportunties for students to explore connections with the.. land.. and with their European Ancestors and cultural traditions.. The focus is shifted to issues like: Where am I at in terms of level of consciousness what is my main level of calibratoins that I functing from? Furthermore: HOW to sustain life and raise our awareness of the privilege and responsibilities that go hand in hand as we ‘walk life’; how to manage resources – inner as well as outer – and be conscious of the CHOICES we make etc.. etc.. To enhance personal development students are given a chance also to develop a greater understanding of the effects of their national culture and history.. AND MA-URI Principles are put into practice to create EXPANSION of beliefs, attitudes and understandings of Life.. Like the Module 2 in NZ, this E-2 training in Europe encourages students to expand their emotional and mental range and capacity.. Amongst many other topics, the.. E-2 Training.. deals with the widespread factors of FEAR and old survival patterns.. It deals with the restrictions imposed by culture and national history and gives students a chance to clear their pathway of such baggage in order to gain greater personal FREEDOM.. The MA-URI Dances and bodywork sessions are dedicated to such work.. Extended techniques and new, deeper understandings of the MA-URI dances and bodywork approaches are also taught here at this level.. So, it is a truly intense and FULL workshop students will be involved in.. Module 3 Kaitinana Spiritual Development.. This Module 3 training is held in Aotearoa-New Zealand and it is of a month s duration.. So this is the module where students get a chance to fully benefit from the special gift of being welcomed into the very heart of Maori culture and spirituality, the Maori Marae.. And this is where they are given opportunities to dicover the healing power and nurturing beauty of New Zealand s Native Bush.. In this last Module of their training, students start to deal with deep traumatic experiences and address certain spiritual issues.. And to deal with such burdens of the past , the training brings in Kaitinana techniques and principles for advanced MA-URI Bodywork.. This is the part of the training where very effective release techniques, i.. of the non-invasive kinds, are taught.. This is where creativity, adaptability and resourcefulness become very important and necessary assets to develop alongside of profound connectedness and empathy with the person on the table.. An introduction to the spiritual focuses in MA-URI is provided quite powerfully and significantly by the environment here at Waikare.. Waikare Marae with its valley and surrounding mountains, its river and trees offer rich opportunities for us to include Nature and Maori Culture as very active Teachers during this training.. Furthermore, with the Marae placed right in-between the urupa (c: cemetary) and the kohangareo (c: language nest and kindergarten) this allows us to be constantly connected with the Spiritual Source of MA-URI and with both CHILD energies and ANCESTRAL energies so important in this work of MA-URI.. Part of this Kaitinana Training is to experience Maori ancestral beliefs in practice and to develop the knowledge and deeper understanding of Polynesian Navigator approaches in MA-URI bodywork, in training methods and in client work.. Further training is offered for the purpose of expanding students own spiritual abilities; of connecting with their own ancestors or spiritual guides and connecting with Maori song/waiata tradition.. Finally, students will experience the healing power of combining prayers and Blessings with special bodywork sessions.. Graduation Assignment:.. Every evening the students will be working on their KOROWAI, the ceremonial cloak and its creation myth.. Creating this Korowai constitutes one of the students graduation tests.. This Korowai will reflect the student s depth of understanding and where they are at in terms of their training.. It will reflect their ability to connect with Polynesian mythology and important concepts special to MA-URI.. Furthermore, it will portray in symbolic form the students spiritual relationship to MA-URI, the Earth, their Ancestors and to God..

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  • Title: MA-URI Institute Calendar 2014 - MA-URI® Healing Arts
    Descriptive info: MA-URI Institute Calendar 2014.. MAY.. 10.. – 21.. 05.. TEACHER TRAINING.. – 12 day workshop for New Trainer Candidates.. Venue: ‘4 Winds’, Wielen, Poland.. Tutor: Justyna Rychlewska-Suska.. Arrival: Friday 9th May after 17.. 00 and Powhiri next morning at 9:00.. Departure: 21st May at approx.. 3 pm after Poroporoaki+cleaning duties.. JUNE.. 02.. – 15.. 06.. MA-URI E-2 Training,.. Part 1.. – to be held at 4 Winds , Wielen in Poland.. Arrival: Late afternoon/evening of Sunday 1st June or before 9 am Monday.. Departure: Sunday 15th June at 2 or 3 pm after Poroporoaki+cleaning duties.. JUNE/JULY.. 28.. – 11.. 07.. – to be held at ‘Whare MA-URI’ in Magyarlukafa,.. Hungary.. Arrival: Late afternoon of Friday 27th June.. Powhiri Saturday morning at 9 am.. Departure: Friday 11th July at 2 or 3 pm after Poroporoaki+cleaning duties.. JULY/AUGUST.. 21.. – 03.. 08.. - to be held at the Zuvyciai Centre in.. Lithuania.. Arrival: Late afternoon/evening of Sunday 20th July.. Powhiri to be held next morning at 9 am.. Departure: Sunday 3rd  ...   10.. – to be held at the ‘Zuvyciai Centre’ in.. Arrival: Sunday late afternoon/evening of 21st Sept.. Powhiri Monday morning at 9 am.. Departure: Sunday 5th Oct.. at 2 or 3 pm after Poroporoaki+ cleaning duties.. OCTOBER.. 08.. – 12.. TRAINER MEETING.. for Established Trainers and New Trainers to be held in.. Venue yet to be found.. Arrival: Wednesday 8th October for Powhiri in the afternoon at approx.. 4 pm.. End of Meeting: Saturday evening of 11th Oct.. with Poroporoaki + Blessing.. Departure: Sunday morning of 12th Oct.. after breakfast + last cleaning duties.. Last week of October:.. Hemi and Katja to depart for New Zealand.. Dates not set yet.. TRAINING IN NEW ZEALAND 2015.. 01.. February 01.. March 2015.. MODULE 3, KAITINANA Training in Aotearoa-New Zealand.. NB!.. Send in your Application and make sure you have been given a place in this workshop BEFORE you book flight tickets to NZ.. Keep in touch with the Institute and check for any changes that may have happened due to unforeseen situations..

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  • Title: Mama MA-URI® - MA-URI® Healing Arts
    Descriptive info: The Project and Workshop Program.. - as started in 2008.. In spring of 2008 the Institute was ready to launch its vision for the Mama MA-URI Project and Training Programme.. Four MA-URI women were selected and invited into the Project Group with Helle Hestbjerg, Denmark, as the fifth member taking on the role and responsibility of Project leader.. The Project is based on ideas and research done by Helle Hestbjerg since the year 2000, when she applied to the Institute for permission to work with MA-URI in relation to pregnant women and the relationship between new mothers and their babies.. Helle went through a 7-year period with ever increasing MA-URI Huna training and challenges to get her ready and fine-tuned to take on the role as the Mama MA-URI Project leader.. In 2008 it was time to define the visions for Mama MA-URI and its development; it was time to create the training program and get ready to launch this project!.. The purpose of the Project Group is to follow the principles and Spirit of MA-URI as it manifests itself through experiences gained in working with pregnant women and their husbands, with new mothers and their babies.. The elements of the Project are:.. MA-URI Pregnant Massage where new techniques have been accessed and developed in cooperation between Katja and Helle;.. MA-URI Prenatal classes, where pregnant women and/or couples are introduced to selected dances, self massage techniques and some key principles of MA-URI Huna;.. MA-URI Baby Touch, the special baby massage that was brought as a gift through Helle s youngest daughter and now is under development in cooperation between Katja and Helle;.. MA-URI Postnatal classes, where mothers are introduced to MA-URI Baby Touch, selected dances and MA-URI Huna principles.. The work of the Project Group will naturally lead to further developments within each area.. All work will be developed in close co-operation with the Institute.. The Group members are also being trained to teach the Mama MA-URI techniques and principles to MA-URI practitioners in their country through the Mama MA-URI Workshop Program as described below.. The Mama MA-URI Workshop Program.. The Mama MA-URI Workshops are offered to female MA-URI practitioners who wish to be able to offer Pregnant Massage as part of their clinic practice (Module 2 students) and/or who wish to work with prenatal and postnatal issues from a MA-URI perspective (Module 3 graduates).. This Workshop Program is primarily for women who have been pregnant and given birth themselves this to ensure that the practitioners can guide and speak from their own personal experiences.. At  ...   the consciousness of babies are applied and the key concept is that our children are our teachers.. The participants will be taught the techniques of MA-URI Baby Touch for the purpose of enabling them to instruct mothers in this very special and beautiful way of communicating with their baby.. The postnatal work aims at helping mothers to use the full potential of their maternal leave for self-development i.. for their own benefit as well as for their baby and the whole family.. With the experiences from her 7-year Mama MA-URI training period, Helle will be the teacher in the first workshops in each country.. When they are ready, then some of the other project members will take over this role in their respective countries.. Each workshop will be a 6-day workshop.. All Mama MA-URI Workshops will be run under the auspices of the Institute and have input and supervision provided by Katja Fox.. The Institute will issue licenses to qualified students.. Mama MA-URI Workshop PART 1 in 2008.. The first Part 1 Mama MA-URI workshop was held in Hungary in September-October 2008.. This was a week of great fun and very sincere work.. A very fine group of Hungarian MA-URI practitioners have now qualified to offer MA-URI Pregnant Massage as part of their clinic practice.. This workshop drew attention to a genuine need for a special workshop for women who have not yet experienced pregnancies and childbirths themselves, but who wish to process and heal personal birth experiences and fears associated with getting pregnant.. We shall be looking into this possibility for 2009/2010.. Mama MA-URI Workshops in AUGUST 2009 and in 2010.. In 2009 another Part 1 workshop is planned for Poland and it will take place at 4 Winds , MA-URI Training Centre in Poland from 1st 6th August 2009 with Helle as the Instructor and Maria Kwiecien-Przekorzynska as the facilitator and translator.. If the interest is there, one will be offered again in Hungary and another in Scandinavia as well.. The first Part 2 workshop is likely to take place in Hungary in 2010 when more Hungarian students have had a chance to participate in the Kaitinana Training in Feb.. /March 2010.. This will qualify them for participation in Part 2 of the Mama MA-URI Workshop Program.. May the memories and KNOWING of our life-giving powers be activated from within us.. As gifts from our Ancestors to liberate and expand who and what we are as mothers.. As gifts from our Inner Essence to empower the lives of our Descendants!.. Helle Hestbjerg, Friland November 2008..

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