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    Archived pages: 94 . Archive date: 2014-05.

  • Title: The Mackie's Domain
    Descriptive info: .. This site is seriously out of date.. The rest of the Mackie Family has decided to learn how to maintain a web site.. By the end of the summer this site should be interesting again.. Rob.. Nuclear Mackie's.. e-mail.. Sally.. Maria Hunter.. Bryson.. (new pic).. Gray.. Our Hawaii Trip  ...   Anne's pages.. Ken.. Cori.. Special Events topics.. Easter 2002.. Easter 2001.. Florida 2002.. May 2001.. Winter 2001/2002.. New Years Card (1/1/2001).. All the old family pictures.. Copyright Notice.. Please send comments to:.. Robert Mackie.. Last updated: 05/15/2011 -- by R.. Mackie.. Original copyright year: 2000 -- by R.. Mackie.. here..

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  • Title: Rob's Links to Important Questions
    Descriptive info: Rob's Links to Important Questions.. Dreams == Leadership.. Non-controversial interesting science and engineering.. quasi-turbine.. more again.. even more.. old stuff.. My old Rob's Place page.. NOTE.. Torque guide for common bolts.. FRC Electrical Guide.. Go to Top Page.. This page first copyright year: 2006.. Last updated: 11/21/2007 -- by R.. fun..

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  • Title: Sally's Page
    Descriptive info: Sally's Page.. Sally really needs to come up with some interesting content in all her free time.. She used to have some interactive content here, but someone vandalized it.. Please realize that she that the content that was placed here by the vandal was not placed here by Sally, but by some person trying to destroy the value of the web for their own profit.. First copyright year: 2000.. Last updated: 05/21/2007 -- by R..

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  • Title: Maria Hunter's Page
    Descriptive info: Maria Hunter's Page.. Hi, I'm Maria Hunter.. Here's an older picture.. Here's where I had my first slumber party (As you can see we took the 'slumber' part very seriously).. Here's where we went to the playground.. I like the playground alot.. Bryson was there, too.. Here's where I've been working hard in the back yard:.. We're so messy Mommy asked us to step outside:.. The sixties are over ?.. What kind of pose ?.. Early Maria Hunter Pictures.. Last updated: 05/20/2001 -- by R..

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  • Title: Bryson's Page
    Descriptive info: Bryson's Page.. Hi, I'm Bryson.. Here's my latest exploit.. We bought a brand new bike and look, Mom, both hands.. I did 5 laps my first day.. Then a mile of greenway path.. Here's me on the beach.. I went to Hawii recently.. The beach was great.. While we were there, Uncle Ken got married.. Here's what I looked like, when I wasn't covered in sand.. Here are some old pictures my Dad took while he was helping  ...   you sure ?.. Do you see this cool high chair my GrandDad made for my sister and me ?.. Are you going to make that bright light again ? (And look at that big patio my Dad I are building.. Maria Hunter is helping, too -- But she uses the little shovel.. ).. Just before bed one night long ago:.. I'll post some new pictures later.. First copyright year: 2000 - 12/20/2002.. Last updated: 03/19/2003 -- by R..

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  • Title: Gray's Page
    Descriptive info: Gray's Page.. Hi, I'm Gray.. I'm beginning to talk at you, but you probably won't understand me.. A movie of Gray.. I don't talk much yet.. Here I am with my family:.. More pictures soon.. First copyright year: 2004.. Last updated: 07/25/2004 -- by R..

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  • Title: Hawaii 2002/2003
    Descriptive info: The Big Event.. The big news this year is that Ken and Cori got married.. We all went out to Hawaii to spectate, vacate, and spend time with Ken and Cori.. We took lots of pictures.. So, while I haven't had time to write up much of what happened, you can see alot of what went on right here.. Clearly, I should pare down the photos shown here.. I've got a bunch of duplicates, etc, but, this was the quickest thing I could get up and already it's March.. We got back in mid-January.. Hopefully, over time, I'll organize this into more of a narative of our time in Hawaii.. Meanwhile, enjoy what you see.. Note: How this site works - Below you will see groups of thumbnails.. For each group of thumbnails, there is a single page with the larger versions of all of those thumbnails.. Clicking on a thumbnail takes you to that page.. You can scroll up and down to see the other pictures on the page to save yourself so much hitting of the back-button.. The whole set of pictures are broken up into smaller groups so that each page will load within a reasonable time..  ...   from Hawaii.. These are just a couple of shots that struck me as funny.. Hanauma Bay and the Toilet Bowl.. We visited Hanauma Bay a couple of times.. This was just Sally, Rob, Bryson and Maria Hunter.. Family in Hawaii.. These are lots of pictures of family members.. Hiking.. We took several hikes while on Oahu.. Octopus (or Rob learns Squid Wrestling ).. One day we took a glass bottom boat ride.. Rob got to go for a swim and learned to squid wrestle - catch octopus.. Paddling.. Both Bryson and Maria Hunter learned to kayak.. Rehersal Dinner.. I didn't get many pictures at the rehersal dinner, but it was a lot of fun.. Here are the few I got.. Sights.. These are a couple of fun pictures of places we happened to stop for a moment.. Surfing Hawaii.. Bryson and Maria Hunter learned to surf.. Rob got in some windsurfing.. Underwater.. We bought a couple of cheap disposable underwater cameras.. It's pretty fun to see what you can do with one.. Rob went a little crazy.. The Wedding.. Here are pictures from the actual wedding event.. Last updated: 03/13/2003 -- by R.. Original copyright year: 2003 -- by R..

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  • Title: The Mackie Family Photo Gallery Today
    Descriptive info: The Mackie Family Photo Gallery Today.. We've been busy this year, so this web site has fallen out of date.. Here are some more current photographs.. All of the photos have reduced resolution for faster loading across the web.. We have the original high resolution pictures available for family and friends by request.. Just email.. me.. and mention the name of the file you want.. If you don't know how to  ...   a trampoline stand.. Sally and Grandma Anne take the kids to the N.. C.. mountains for a week.. Our family trip to Florida, where we met Cori.. We've had a number of guests come through.. Some good and bad portraits taken at Easter.. Maria Hunter's pre-school class graduates.. Pictures of kids having a good time.. Pictures from around Christmas of 2001.. First copyright year: 2002.. Last updated: 7/8/2002 -- by R..

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  • Title: Dave's Page
    Descriptive info: Dave's Page.. Link to Obituary.. Archive of Dave's Page.. Last updated: 05/14/2011 -- by R..

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  • Title: Anne's Page
    Descriptive info: Anne's Page.. Photo Links.. Hike in Umstead.. May 2005 Mackie reunion with our Canadian Kin.. Mackies' Day at the Lake.. Dave and Anne Mackie -- 2004 Western USA Trip.. Monument Valley.. Grand Canyon.. Zion National Park (Southern Utah 1).. Snow, Coral Pink Sands, and Bryce (Southern Utah 2).. North from  ...   Park.. Green River Utah to Jackson Hole Wyoming.. Dave and Anne Mackie -- Florida Trip Various trips and events.. Smokies in June, 2003.. Wolking Family Reunion Take 1 and other pictures.. Fall 2002 Matamuskeet Trip.. Ken and Cori's Wedding in Hawaii 2002.. Last updated: 09/14/2005 -- by R.. Mackie, for A..

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  • Title: Easter 2002
    Descriptive info: Easter 2002.. Easter - 2002.. Granny and Pops invited us out to the petting zoo for Easter..

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  • Archived pages: 94