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  • Title: Machrihanish Airbase Community Company
    Descriptive info: .. Diary.. About.. Future.. Contact.. MACC Development Ltd.. Machrihanish Airbase Community Company.. Photo Gallery.. AGM Minutes.. Acknowledgements.. MACC support for Community Groups.. From the Community perspective MACC has already facilitated events for the Scottish Model Aero Club, the Young Fire Fighters and the Young Farmers, and is in negotiation with The Pipe Band, the Kintyre Youth Motocross Club, the Campbeltown Railway Trust, the Campbeltown Camera Club and a world speed record attempt.. Read more.. Health and Safety.. Matthew Willis has researched the Health and Safety issues and is devising a plan to address these, given the professional advice received from EVH and Rydens.. Water provision to businesses.. The issue of MACC Group providing non-potable water to businesses is being explored with Scottish Water and Business Stream.. MACC have discovered that being a licensed provider is far more complex than at first anticipated.. MACC may decide to ask an established licensed provider to take this on.. MACC AGM 11th.. October.. MACC’s Annual General Meeting took place in.. Campbeltown.. 's Red Cross Hall on 11th October 2012 at 7pm.. A notice had been placed in the Courier giving a minimum of 3 weeks notice (as prescribed).. 1 attachment.. Campbeltown - Glasgow Air Service.. A response has been sent from MACC to Michael Russell MSP, Fergus Ewing MSP and Keith Brown MSP regarding the current service obligation contract between Transport Scotland  ...   as Business Manager on 17th.. September and is completing his induction with Ian Wardrop.. Matthew has also attended the MACC Group Board Meetings held on Tuesday evenings to gain an understanding of how MACC and MACCDL Boards operate, providing valuable contributions to the discussions.. Logo competition.. MACC is arranging a Logo competition with the Campbeltown Courier and Oban Times.. There will be 3 categories with a prize for each and a prize for the overall winner.. Controlling weeds, pests and grass.. A Pest Control Contractor has been appointed.. Weed Control Contractors have been contacted for a price.. An initiative to introduce 400 sheep to keep the grass short is being investigated, with plans to alternate the grazing areas by utilising electric fencing.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. next ›.. last ».. Partners Sponsors.. Collective assets.. A large variety of around 200 buildings, including: a huge aircraft hanger; own church; own medical centre; vast workshops; bars clubs catering for 500.. A 10,000 foot runway.. A number of utilities: oil; electricity; private water supply.. Sports facilities for football, tennis, squash.. Accommodation for approximately 400.. Exceptional access.. More than 1,000 acres of land.. PLUS: A substantial number of opportunities for the community of South Kintyre.. Copyright © 2009-12 Machrihanish Airbase Community Company.. All Rights Reserved.. class="statcounter">.. class="statcounter".. href="http://www.. statcounter.. com/drupal/">.. src="http://c.. com/6005286/0/554e5622/1/".. alt="drupal counter" />.. Site hosted and maintained by.. Trevox..

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  • Title: Diary of Events | Machrihanish Airbase Community Company
    Descriptive info: You are here.. Diary of Events.. What we have been doing since starting in March 2008!.. 20 February 2008 - Future uncertain – agreed to set up a preliminary meeting to consider situation.. 01 March 2008 - First meeting at Ian’s house with seven interested persons – agreed to proceed.. 29 April 2008 - Meeting at DE Machrihanish – 8 present – considered how to do it.. Satisfy OSCR, SEERAD, HIE, Co Act.. 30 April 2008 - Web site commissioned.. 19 - 30 May 2008 - Research construct Memorandum Articles of Association.. 06 June 2008 - Met with Mrs Gallacher of C D Mactaggart solicitors to engage them as our lawyers – advised to go it alone (little finance).. 13 June 2008 - Meeting with Alan Reid MP.. 17 June 2008 - Meeting at DE Machrihanish - £1k secured.. 25 June 2008 - Submitted draft Memorandum Articles of association to OSCR and SEERAD.. 01 July 2008 - Received approval of Memorandum Articles of Association from OSCR.. 09 July 2008 – Received approval of Memorandum and Articles of Association from SEERAD legal department with minor remarks, happy to proceed.. 15 July 2008 - Meeting at DE Machrihanish – site visit by others.. 29 July 2008 - Instructed C D Mactaggart to incorporate company.. 31 July 2008 - Meeting with Jim Mather MSP.. 19 August 2008 - Meeting with Colin Gray/Yvonne Davidson of Community Assets Branch - Bellochantuy.. 22 August 2008 - Letter of content form Rural Communities Division.. 22 August 2008 - Letter from C D Mactaggart Oswalds requiring additional forms for incorporation.. 26 August 2008 - Forms complete and returned to C D Mactaggart.. 02 September 2008 - Phone from C D Mactaggart(Mrs Gallacher) requiring further details electronic copy.. 03 September 2008 - Meeting with Brian Keating.. 11 September 2008 – Received letter of registration of company from Oswalds, via C D Mactaggart.. 07 October 2008 - Meeting of incorporation election of Directors held in DE office.. 28 October 2008 - First Board meeting, held at Heritage centre.. 04 November 2008 - Committee meeting, held at Heritage centre.. 10 December 2008 – Directors company members meet in Town hall with 3 local councillors, D Kelly, R Colville and J Semple to inform them of our group and our aspiration for the ex RAF Machrihanish base.. 14 January 2009 - Board meeting (Ians’ house) Prelim advertising material.. 16 January 2009 - London meeting with Morgan – est.. 21 January 2009 – Company meeting.. Board meeting in guide hall to make up leaflets and membership forms to inform public of our group and our aims.. Board photo.. 19 February 2009 - Spoke at Rotary re distribution of leaflets.. 20 February 2009 - Rotary Group Argyll Hotel to organise routes names.. Brass band to fill in.. 21 February 2009 - Volunteers meet Argyll Hotel 2pm supply leaflets.. 21 February 2009 – Rotary Group distributes leaflets and membership forms round doors in PA28 6 area of Kintyre.. 26 February 2009 - Supply 1000 inserts to above at Rotary.. 04 March 2009 – Public meeting in Lorne Lowland Church to inform public of our groups aspirations for the ex RAF Machrihanish base.. 05 March 2009 - Met Colin Gray in office.. 10 March 2009 - Board meeting in Guide hall – wash up after public meeting.. 24 March 2009 - Board meeting in Guide hall – new Directors.. 03 April 2009 - Meeting Alan Reid MP - Ardshiel Hotel (Ray, Rory, Ian and Don).. 15 April 2009 - Board meeting Guide hall (closed) adjourn to Ians’ house.. 05 May 2009 - Board meeting Guide hall.. 09 May 2009 – Submitted application to register an Interest in the ex RAF Machrihanish base with, at that time, support from approximately 13% of the public.. (First submission).. 15 May 2009 – Application submission returned for more questions to be answered and information required.. 22 May 2009 - Meeting with MEP Struan Stevenson.. 01 June 2009 – Re-submitted application to register an interest.. (Second submission).. 08 June 2009 - Received reply form above – now late registration.. 12 June 2009 - Re-submitted application for registration.. 15 June 2009 - Informed new/revised application form effective as of today.. 15 June 2009 – Returned application submission for the second time.. This time we were informed that there were new forms to complete and, that now we were a late submission and would require answering additional questions and increasing our public support from 13%.. 15 June 2009 to 22 December 2009 – After some hundreds of hours working on completing the new forms and collating the information to resubmit our register of interest we also had to go out and canvas more support from the public taking us up from 13% to 17% of the voting public within PA28 6 area of  ...   said a little about the future plans for the airbase.. There were a number of questions from the floor and the meeting ended on a high note with support expressed by Argyll's newly re-elected Westminster MP Alan Reid who undertook to take up our cause in Westminster.. Support was also expressed by the three local Councillors, Donald Kelly, John Semple and Rory Colville.. At the end of the meeting 37 volunteers added their details to a list of people to help with the ballot.. 13 May to 24 May 2010 - Community Ballot - we need a turnout of at least 50% of the voters in PA28 6 and of those over 50% must vote in favour of the community's bid to buy the base for £1.. 14 May 2010 - Ballot papers issued.. 17 May 2010 (Monday) - Ballot papers start being received by households.. Why Vote?.. 20 May 2010 – The Scottish Ministers have 21 days to notify the MACC group of their decision.. The decision must achieve 50% return of ballot papers with support in excess of 25% of supporting registration of Interest.. 21 May 2010 – The MACC group have 6 months or a later date as may be agreed between the MOD Defence Estates and the Community body to conclude the buy out and a date of entry.. 21 May 2010 (Friday) - Open Forum for all interested parties involved in buyout, at the Burnet Building, Campbeltown.. 21 May 2010 - Meeting of invited parties (Burnet Building).. 21 May 2010 -.. Open Forum.. attracts support of elected representatives.. 24 May 2010 (Monday) - Deadline for return of Ballot Papers, which could be posted into a sealed Ballot Box in the Burnet Building, Campbeltown or in Jim Martin Supplies, Longrow, Campbeltown.. 25 May 2010 - Ballot paper count – Burnet Building.. 25 May 2010 -.. Result of Community Ballot.. is a massive "Yes".. 26 May 2010 - Result of ballot reported.. 27 May 2010 - Directors Business case workshop in SHQ.. 01 June 2010 - Tender for consultant on website.. 13 June 2010 - Tender board - short list determined.. 16 June 2010 - Interviews of tender short list.. 17 June 2010 - Report on tender board.. 22 June 2010 - Directors meeting.. 01 July 2010 - First meeting with Business Plan Consultants (DTZ).. 06 July 2010 - Meeting with DTZ.. 14 July 2010 - Directors meet in Glasgow with Scottish Government, DTZ, Defence Estates, Highland Islands Enterprise and Argyll Bute Council.. 21 July 2010 - Directors meeting – Land use plan.. 26 July 2010 - Directors meet Jim Mather.. 27 July 2010 - Open meeting in Town Hall.. 04 August 2010 - Directors meeting.. 11 August 2010 - Ballot extinguished by Scottish Government.. 12 August 2010 - Directors meeting.. 17 August 2010 - Directors meeting.. 23 August 2010 - Meeting with Annabel Goldie Jamie McGrigor.. 24 August 2010 - DTZ workshop.. 26 August 2010 - Directors meeting.. 31 August 2010 - Directors meeting.. 07 September 2010 - Directors meeting.. 14 September 2010 - Directors meeting.. 15 September 2010 - Directors meet with Argyll Bute Council in Kilmory.. 21 September 2010 - Directors meeting minute of Kilmory meeting.. 05 October 2010 - Directors meeting.. 08 October 2010 - Conference in Glasgow with Directors, Defence Estates, Argyll Bute council, Highlands Islands Enterprise, DTZ and legal team.. 13 October 2010 - Directors meet with area councillors.. 02 November 2010 - Directors meeting.. 11 November 2010 - Meeting with DTZ, Highlands Islands Enterprise, Scottish Government Argyll Bute Council.. 20 November 2010 - Received notification of £1 value.. 23 November 2010 - Directors meet to consider ballot.. 30 November 2010 - Public meeting in Victoria hall with DTZ.. 03 December 2010 - Posting of 2nd ballot papers.. 03 December 2010 - Completion of final Business Plan.. 17 December 2010 - Result of 2nd ballot.. 95% in favour of buyout.. Hundreds of votes delayed in post, missing the deadline.. 16 June 2011 - EGM to discuss proposed amendments to the Memorandum Articles.. Red Cross Hall, Kirk St, Campbeltown - 7:30pm.. From start of our company on 1st March 2008 to date we had regular meetings and email correspondence with the following politicians, who are in full support of our endeavours to rejuvenate the ex-RAF Machrihanish base:.. Jim Mather MSP, Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Tourism.. George Lyon MEP.. Struan Stevenson MEP.. Jamie McGrigor MSP.. Alan Reid MP.. Cllr.. Donald Kelly (Argyll Bute Council).. Rory Colville (Argyll Bute Council).. From the start of our company we were also in dialogue with:.. MOD Defence Estates.. Argyll Bute Council.. Scottish Charity Regulator.. HIE Community Land Unit.. Machrihanish Dunes Golf Club.. Welcon Windmill Factory.. Highland Islands Airports Ltd.. (To name but a few of all the companies and bodies involved in the Kintyre area.. )..

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  • Title: About Us | Machrihanish Airbase Community Company
    Descriptive info: About Us.. OUR GROUP:.. The Machrihanish Airbase Community Company is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status owned and controlled by local people within the postcode area of Kintyre PA28 6.. The group was launched 1st March 2008 with people from all walks of life within the PA28 6 postcode area to represent the community as stated in the Land Reform Act 2003.. We know we have approximately 660 members with support at this time from approximately 17% of the voting public in Kintyre.. WHY WE DECLARED AN INTEREST IN THE EX-MACHRIHANISH BASE FOR THE COMMUNITY:.. The MACC group want to create a sustainable business within the airbase for the long term future of the area, keeping all revenues raised within our community.. To create as many jobs and opportunities as possible for the local public and business to expand.. Working with Scottish Government, HIE and Argyll Bute Council to encourage a many industries and businesses as possible to set up within the ex-RAF base.. To explore new types of businesses and industries with the view of reducing the carbon foot-print in the area.. Explore the prospects of building ecological friendly buildings within the base, also bring in ideas for renewable energy project in the base to create and are of excellence for green project  ...   Why here? – because all aircraft flying to and from Canada and USA to U.. and Europe go directly over our base making it easy for this type of industry and business.. If you have lived in Kintyre for a number of years you will know that we have seen many companies and industries come and go creating a boom and burst economy.. This is something the MACC group would hope to stop by creating more diverse businesses within the airbase giving the opportunity to our up and coming youth of the area to have high tech work without having to move from the area.. We also want to keep the money generated from the base in the community for the greater good of the community.. In a nutshell.. We ARE about:.. Wanting to work with others.. Wanting to share accrued benefits.. Wanting to retain Machrihanish Airbase as a unit.. We ARE NOT about:.. Being negative - our interest is in moving Machrihanish Airbase forward for the benefit of the whole community.. We do not want to prevent development.. The Company.. Chairman.. Ian Wardrop.. Vice Chairman.. Don Mitchell.. Secretary.. Andrew Hemmings.. Business Manager.. Malcolm McMillan.. We have a number of directors, several employees, hundreds of ordinary members and even more supporters.. Machrihanish link to Bismarck sinking..

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  • Title: Future Direction | Machrihanish Airbase Community Company
    Descriptive info: Future Direction.. OUR AIMS FOR THE FUTURE BUSINESS.. We would hope to work very closely with MOD Defence Estates, Scottish Government, HIE, and Argyll Bute Council to create the following:-.. The MACC group would run the airbase by leasing out the buildings, land, runway and associated facilities, also supplying the maintenance and security for the above.. The Business plan income will be generated from leases and sharing of profit on joint business ventures with companies operating inside the airbase and there will also be income from the maintenance side of the business.. Our vision for this project is that it will be a model of sustainable development for the community of Kintyre, to develop lasting benefits for the area from a range of possibilities bringing long term employment.. It is for the community to now get  ...   to reflect the views of the community.. We gained the support of significant numbers of the population of PA28 6 (at least 10%, approximately 600 persons) and succeeded in the community buyout.. We need continuing community support:.. To be involved and to help us evolve our plans for the assets of the Airbase.. To join us in making the Airbase a community success.. With your support:.. We shall move forward, carrying out the required work.. We shall keep all members of the community continually informed and involved.. We shall continue to seek out funding support.. And we shall start to take your suggestions and make them part of our forward strategy for the Airbase.. We believe, that collectively, supporting each other, we can create opportunities for the future which will benefit the whole community of South Kintyre..

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  • Title: Contact us | Machrihanish Airbase Community Company
    Descriptive info: Contact us.. The staff of MACC and MACC Development Ltd.. are here to respond to any of your queries.. Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8 a.. m.. - 5 p.. Our contact details are listed on the right hand side of the page.. iwardrop59@gmail.. com.. 07881-972093.. manager@maccdl.. co.. uk.. 01586-551555.. 07767-165-917.. MACC.. Building 79.. Machrihanish Airbase.. Argyll.. PA28 6NU.. "Mail us, phone us, fax us, email us, join us!".. T: 01586-551555.. F: 01586-551784.. macc@machrihanish.. org.. Andy Hemmings, Director.. Join us!.. Download application form..

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  • Title: Community Airport & Renewable Development Park | Machrihanish Airbase Community Company
    Descriptive info: Community Airport Renewable Development Park.. Purpose.. To manage the community airport and associated assets for the benefit of the Community and the public in general, following principles of sustainable development.. Sustainable development meets the requirements of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.. Opportunities.. is looking for partners to exploit the vast potential of this Airport and Development Park, providing opportunities for employment and recreation for the beautiful but remote area of South Kintyre.. Please browse our web site for more information about our Community Airport Renewable Development Park..

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  • Title: Photo Gallery | Machrihanish Airbase Community Company
    Descriptive info: Buildings at Machrihanish Airbase.. Attachment.. Size.. GaydonHangarExteriorDoorOpen_small.. JPG.. 10.. 16 KB.. B175_compressed.. 24.. 42 KB.. B175A_Internal1_compressed.. 27.. 32 KB..

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  • Title: MACC AGM 11th. October | Machrihanish Airbase Community Company
    Descriptive info: 2012-10-11_AGM_Minutes.. pdf.. 81.. 5 KB..

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  • Title: Acknowledgements | Machrihanish Airbase Community Company
    Descriptive info: Site theme/style.. Adapted for Machrihanish Airbase Community Company by.. The first theme came from Conglomerate Version 1.. 0, an original design by.. Free CSS Templates.. released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.. 5 License and described as "a two-column fixed width template suitable for corporate use".. In October 2012 this was replaced by 'Marinelli', described by its Italian creator.. Lioz (Matteo Leoni).. as a 3 column, tableless layout theme with a wide image banner and a "top-tabbed" primary-links system.. Licence: GNU General Public License Version 2.. Content Management System.. The comprehensive and flexible.. Drupal.. 6 CMS is used  ...   Drupal and its use at.. www.. drupal.. However, there is a learning curve involved in getting the best from it.. Two very useful books for administrators are available as eBooks from Packt at.. packtpub.. com/drupal-books.. They are Drupal 6 Site Builder Solutions by Mark Noble, and Drupal 6 Site Blueprints by Timi Ogunjobi.. Some pages use direct HTML mark-up - see the.. W3C MarkUp Guide.. for help with that.. Photography.. All photography supplied by Machrihanish Airbase Community Company or Trevox.. GIMP.. is used to create composite graphics and to resize originals.. User login.. Username:.. *.. Password:.. Request new password..

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  • Title: MACC support for Community Groups | Machrihanish Airbase Community Company
    Descriptive info: The Scottish Model Aero Club held a weekend event on the taxiway.. The Young Fire Fighters held a weekend exercise in the Seals Building.. The Young Farmers had a successful tractor competition on the Parade Ground.. The Pipe Band has viewed Building 81 and wish to utilise it 2 evenings a week for practice and competitions.. The Kintyre Youth Motocross Club is currently  ...   has approached MACC to see if they can site a narrow gauge railway on the Base.. The Campbeltown Camera Club wish to arrange a visit to take photographs.. MACC have been approached by the designer of a prototype bicycle to see if he can go for the world speed record on the taxiway (he hopes to reach speeds in excess of 83 MPH)..

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  • Title: Health and Safety | Machrihanish Airbase Community Company
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