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  • Title: Maatkit
    Descriptive info: .. Maatkit.. Power tools for open-source databases.. Home.. Users.. Sponsors.. Developers.. Documentation.. Presentations.. Synopsis.. Developer Documentation.. Release Notes.. Download.. Support.. Maatkit has become part of.. Percona Toolkit.. , and there will be no further development or releases of Maatkit separately from Percona Toolkit.. Maatkit is named after the Egyptian goddess Ma'at, who represents order and truth.. Maatkit is a toolkit for users, developers, and administrators of open-source databases.. It is high-quality, formally tested software that is well documented and has an active open-source developer community.. It has some unusual goals: all tools are standalone, with minimal dependencies and no need for installation.. You can simply download them and use them.. Documentation is embedded in the tools themselves.. There are many  ...   with many GNU/Linux distributions such as Debian and CentOS.. You can use Maatkit to prove replication is working correctly, fix corrupted data, automate repetitive tasks, speed up your servers, and much more.. In addition to MySQL, there is support for PostgreSQL, Memcached, and a growing variety of other databases and technologies.. Maatkit is generously.. sponsored.. by many organizations and individuals who rely on its functionality every day.. RSS.. Google.. Youdao.. Xian Guo.. Zhua Xia.. My Yahoo!.. newsgator.. Bloglines.. iNezha.. Twitter.. Recent Tweets.. Careers at Percona.. MySQL Remote DBA [US Asia-Pacific timezones].. MySQL Junior Remote DBA [US Asia-Pacific timezones].. Senior Front-end JavaScript Developer.. Project Manager [Support].. PCT User Success Specialist.. Categories.. No categories.. Blogroll.. Archives.. Meta.. Log in.. Top.. Copyright 2010-2011 Maatkit..

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  • Title: Maatkit » Sponsors
    Descriptive info: Many thanks to the following companies and individuals who ve agreed to be recognized for their generous contributions to Maatkit.. If you d like to be listed here, please contact the project developers via the mailing list.. Maatkit s primary sponsor is Percona, who employs its creator (Baron Schwartz) and a full-time contributor (Daniel Nichter).. If you need commercial.. Maatkit and MySQL Support.. , or if you d like Maatkit customized for your needs, Percona can help.. Company.. Description.. Blue Ridge Internetworks offers hosting, internet access, and IT services.. Engine Yard provides hosting, support, and services for Ruby On Rails, and a Rails Cloud for on-demand deployment and management of your Ruby on Rails applications.. At Kongregate we re building the leading site to play games or to make them.. We have thousands and thousands of the best  ...   MySQL support.. ,.. MySQL training.. , and.. MySQL development.. services to build high-performance applications around open-source technologies.. Maatkit is a core productivity toolkit for Percona s consultants.. Pythian provides remote database services for Oracle, Oracle Apps, MySQL and SQL Server.. Paid Search Marketing RKG offers a full-service paid search management solution for programs on Google, Yahoo, and MSN.. Maatkit was invented at RKG, and nurtured there for the first two years of its life.. Ronald Bradford, MySQL Expert.. MySQL Performance Tuning MySQL Scalability Database Architecture MySQL Consulting Disaster Recovery Planning MySQL Optimization MySQL Monitoring MySQL Database Administration High Availability Education Knowledge Transfer MySQL Replication.. Since 2002 Vantage Media has been a leader in Performance Search Marketing, specializing in integrated, customized search marketing campaigns that harness the power of search traffic and turn it into concrete business opportunities for clients..

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  • Title: Maatkit » Developers
    Descriptive info: Maatkit has two primary developers, and an active community with many people contributing in various ways.. You can contact the developers and other community members through the project s mailing list.. Daniel Nichter.. Daniel is the main developer, and has been working on Maatkit since 2008.. He is the author of many powerful tools,  ...   full-time.. Baron Schwartz.. Baron created Maatkit in 2006 to solve his own problems.. He doesn t write very much code these days, but he is still actively involved, especially in defining new tools and features.. He is a consultant at Percona, and tries to help make life easier for DBAs, users, and other consultants..

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  • Title: Maatkit » Presentations
    Descriptive info: This page lists conference talks on Maatkit tools.. Baron Schwartz:.. Query analysis with mk-query-digest.. (PgEast 2010).. Akinori YOSHIDA:.. Maatkit の紹介.. (An introduction to Maatkit, Japanese)..

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  • Title: Maatkit » Synopsis
    Descriptive info: If you re not familiar with Maatkit, this page might help.. Maatkit has such rich functionality that it s hard to describe in one short page, but we ll try to point you in the right direction.. General Overview.. Maatkit tools try to make complicated tasks simpler and more reliable.. Most of these tasks involve something like gluing together difficult commands inside MySQL.. Most of the tools try to do something useful by default.. Some of them are only for advanced power users who really know what they re doing.. All of the tools go to great lengths to be careful and safe with your data, sometimes to the point that users think there s a bug when they re really seeing unexpected behavior that protects them from some obscure problem they didn t think of.. Replication.. Replication in MySQL seems simple, but there s much more depth than you d expect.. Maatkit has many tools that are centered around replication.. Here s some of what you can do:.. Check that your slaves are the same as the masters: mk-table-checksum.. Synchronize slaves to their masters: mk-table-sync..  ...   Export or import data in many threads simultaneously: mk-parallel-dump and mk-parallel-import.. Log Analysis and Replay.. Analyze a MySQL slow query log or general query log: mk-query-digest.. Filter, transform, aggregate, and re-execute queries: mk-query-digest.. Capture and analyze TCP traffic from MySQL, HTTP, or Memcached: mk-query-digest.. Analyze PostgreSQL log files: mk-query-digest.. Analyze an error log: mk-error-log.. Log InnoDB deadlocks: mk-deadlock-logger.. Log InnoDB foreign key errors: mk-fk-error-logger.. Re-execute queries to generate load against a server: mk-log-player.. Execute queries against two servers and compare the results to test for upgrade problems: mk-upgrade.. Analyzing Queries, Schema, and Settings.. We re currently building a suite of mk-advisor tools to help you analyze queries, schema, and settings for problems.. Making Hard Things Easy.. Format EXPLAIN so you can understand it: mk-visual-explain.. Export GRANT statements in a nice way: mk-show-grants.. Execute queries and profile their STATUS counters: mk-query-profiler.. Watch a server and do something when a condition is true: mk-loadavg.. Watch a server and kill undesired queries: mk-kill.. Find tables and execute actions on them: mk-find.. Find duplicate indexes and foreign keys: mk-duplicate-key-checker.. Make a single huge appear to be many small files: mk-fifo-split..

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  • Title: Maatkit » Developer Documentation
    Descriptive info: Our Google Code project contains two types of developer documentation for Maatkit:.. A.. developer s guide.. , including instructions on how to work with the project s code.. Auto-generated reference.. documentation of the code..

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  • Title: Maatkit » Release Notes
    Descriptive info: Release notes for each monthly release are emailed to the.. discussion list.. and posted on the.. wiki..

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  • Title: Maatkit » Download
    Descriptive info: Maatkit has a new release every month.. Each release has several flavors of files:.. Source distributions (zipped and tarballed, with installation instructions included).. An RPM for Red Hat and derivative systems.. A Debian/Ubuntu package file.. You can download Maatkit from.. http://code.. google.. com/p/maatkit/.. But there are many other ways to get Maatkit.. Downloading Directly.. You don t need to install Maatkit tools to run them.. You can just download them and run them with no further ado.. You can get the latest release of any tool without the need to get the whole kit:.. wget http://www.. maatkit.. org/get/toolname.. Where toolname is the name, or fragment thereof, of any tool such as mk-table-checksum.. You can also get the latest committed SVN code in a similar way:.. org/trunk/toolname.. From Your OS Distribution.. A lot of OSes are including Maatkit these days.. It s part of the standard MySQL client install on Debian, for example; and it s included in many other popular  ...   s source tarball has a.. spec file included, which works for many RPM-based distributions.. You can also write your own (please contribute it if you do?).. To build an RPM from a source tarball using the included.. spec file, just run.. rpmbuild -ta maatkit-123.. tar.. gz.. To build an RPM with your own spec file, you need to copy the spec file into the RPM SPECS directory, and a maatkit source tarball into the RPM SOURCES directory.. Then you run.. rpmbuild -ba --clean maatkit.. spec.. And it should perform the building and packaging.. Unfortunately the resulting RPM is again distro-specific (particularly because of the Perl version).. (Thanks to LenZ for these instructions.. ).. There are more spec files in the.. trunk/spec/.. directory in Maatkit s Subversion repository.. Using From a USB Key.. It s possible to run Maatkit even without Perl installed.. See.. this tutorial.. on creating a USB thumb drive that will let you run Maatkit from any computer..

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  • Title: Maatkit » Support
    Descriptive info: There are several options for free or commercial support for Maatkit.. Free Support.. The primary support channels are as follows:.. There s a.. mailing list.. for general discussion.. The #maatkit IRC channel on Freenode is a good place to find developers and users.. You can.. join with your web browser.. if you don t have an IRC client.. You can file  ...   s developer documentation on the.. Google Code project wiki.. Commercial Support.. You can get commercial support for Maatkit from the following sources.. If your company provides support, please contact us and we ll list you here, too.. Percona includes support for Maatkit in its.. MySQL Support.. contracts.. Percona also provides.. support, consulting, and development services.. for Maatkit on a pay-by-the-hour basis..

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  • Title: Maatkit › Log In
    Descriptive info: Username.. Password.. Remember Me.. Lost your password?.. Back to Maatkit..

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  • Title: Maatkit documentation: a toolkit of utilities and tools for MySQL
    Descriptive info: Essential command-line utilities for MySQL.. mk-archiver.. Archive rows from a MySQL table into another table or a file.. mk-checksum-filter.. Filter checksums from mk-table-checksum.. mk-config-diff.. Diff MySQL configuration files and server variables.. mk-deadlock-logger.. Extract and log MySQL deadlock information.. mk-duplicate-key-checker.. Find duplicate indexes and foreign keys on MySQL tables.. mk-error-log.. Find new and different MySQL error log entries.. mk-fifo-split.. Split files and pipe lines to a fifo without really splitting.. mk-find.. Find MySQL tables and execute actions, like GNU find.. mk-heartbeat.. Monitor MySQL replication delay.. mk-index-usage.. Read queries from a log and analyze how they use indexes.. mk-kill.. Kill MySQL queries that match certain criteria.. mk-loadavg.. Watch MySQL load and take action when it gets too high.. mk-log-player.. Replay MySQL query logs.. mk-merge-mqd-results.. Merge multiple mk-query-digest reports into one.. mk-parallel-dump.. (DEPRECATED) Dump MySQL tables in parallel.. mk-parallel-restore.. (DEPRECATED) Load files into MySQL in parallel.. mk-profile-compact..  ...   print statistics, or measure activity caused by other processes.. mk-show-grants.. Canonicalize and print MySQL grants so you can effectively replicate, compare and version-control them.. mk-slave-delay.. Make a MySQL slave server lag behind its master.. mk-slave-find.. Find and print replication hierarchy tree of MySQL slaves.. mk-slave-move.. Move a MySQL slave around in the replication hierarchy.. mk-slave-prefetch.. Pipeline relay logs on a MySQL slave to pre-warm caches.. mk-slave-restart.. Watch and restart MySQL replication after errors.. mk-table-checksum.. Perform an online replication consistency check, or checksum MySQL tables efficiently on one or many servers.. mk-table-sync.. Synchronize MySQL table data efficiently.. mk-table-usage.. Read queries from a log and analyze how they use tables.. mk-tcp-model.. Transform tcpdump into metrics that permit performance and scalability modeling.. mk-upgrade.. Execute queries on multiple servers and check for differences.. mk-variable-advisor.. Analyze MySQL variables and advise on possible problems.. mk-visual-explain.. Format EXPLAIN output as a tree..

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  • Archived pages: 48