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  • Title: home | Macha Works
    Descriptive info: .. Also follow us on:.. Contact.. Communities.. About Macha.. Home.. Partners.. What we do.. News.. Projects.. Local heroes.. How can i help.. Macha video.. Macha Works believes that the key to structural development is to inspire the most talented people, our local heroes, to stay within their  ...   in Macha.. 12/27/2011.. NTS Kalene is online.. 11/26/2011.. NTS Chilonga online.. 10/21/2011.. 2nd MICS House is roofed.. More news.. Take a look at the projects that were submitted by our local heroes and that are essential for the development of their own villages.. © Macha Works 2014..

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  • Title: Home | Macha Works
    Descriptive info: Volg ons ook op:.. Gemeenschappen.. Over Macha.. Partners Sponsoren.. Wat we doen.. Actueel.. Projecten.. Talenten.. Hoe kan ik helpen.. UNZA.. MachaWorks heeft een eigen visie op armoedebestrijding en ontwikkelingshulp, Bekijk.. hier.. onze video-animatie.. 01-02-2012.. 27-12-2011.. Nurse Training School Kalene life.. 26-11-2011.. Nurse Training School Chilonga.. 21-10-2011.. Tweede MICS House heeft een dak.. Meer nieuws.. Bekijk de projecten die door de lokale talenten zijn voorgedragen en die essentieel zijn voor de ontwikkeling van hun dorp.. Lees meer..

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  • Title: Contact Macha Works | Macha Works
    Descriptive info: Contact Macha Works.. Macha Works Zambia.. Postal address:.. Macha Mission.. P.. O.. Box 630 722, Choma.. Phone: +260-97623611.. E-mail:.. info@machaworks.. org.. Macha Works USA.. P/a ITEC.. 23 Green Hollow Road.. Montoursville PA 17754.. Phone:.. +1 570.. 433.. 0777.. Macha Works Netherlands.. Charloisse Lagedijk 536.. 3084 LG Rotterdam.. 085-7737525.. Macha Works UK.. P/a Computer Aid International.. Unit 10, Brunswick Industrial Park.. Brunswick Way.. London.. Phone.. +44 (0) 208 361 5540.. «.. Terug..

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  • Title: Other communities | Macha Works
    Descriptive info: Typical housing for rural farmers.. Other communities.. Chikankata (Southern province).. Chitambo.. (Nothern province).. Chikanta.. (Southern province).. Chilonga.. (Northern province).. Chitokoloki.. , (North-Western province).. Kalene.. (North Western province).. Katete (Eastern province).. Mapanza.. Macha.. Minga.. (Eastern province).. Mukinge.. (North-Western province).. Murumbinda.. (Zimbabwe).. Sesheke.. (Western Province)..

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  • Title: About Macha | Macha Works
    Descriptive info: Typische traditionele huisvesting in Macha.. Macha is an isolated rural community in Zambia and the place where the innovative approach has been tested and successfully implemented.. Macha ligt.. Macha is situated in the Southern province of Zambia, 75 kilometers from Choma and 380 km by car from capital Lusaka (a one hour direct flight).. The area is mainly wooded and is at an altitude of 1000m.. Macha has a tropical climate with a rainy season from the end October till the beginning of April.. A limited number of people in Macha have electricity but in the rainy season there are power cuts several times a day.. In the Southern province, most people are subsistence farmers.. Approximately  ...   49.. 5 per 1000 inhabitants and the infant mortality rate is 107 in 1000.. Average life span is 39 due to the enormous impact of the AIDS epidemic.. Average wage is just USD1 per day.. Until 2003 the only means of communication with Choma (provincial capital) was an erratic VHF radio connection.. Until the end of 2006, Macha was not connected to the telephone network and there was no mobile phone coverage.. Up to 2003 and due to the lack of development opportunities, lots of talented young people look for work in the capital Lusaka to earn a living for themselves and their families.. Read more:.. -.. Macha as an example for the community building in Zambia..

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  • Title: Partners | Macha Works
    Descriptive info: Works.. the.. last.. years.. by.. a.. growing number of organizations.. with.. expertise.. supported.. campagnerotterdam.. campagnerotterdam is a full-service communication agency with 45 professionals.. campagnerotterdam has a special relationship with Macha Works, for one of its employees, Wilko Knippenberg, takes part in a number of activities regarding the board of the foundation.. Therefore, campagnerotterdam takes care of all communication of Macha Works including Web site, branding and communication strategy.. http://www.. campagne.. nl.. NCDO.. NCDO (National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development) helps people and organisations in the Netherlands that are dedicated to improving the position of people in developing countries.. NCDO gives advice and funding to support these local development projects.. The establishment of the MICS Host House was partly made possible through a financial contribution by NCDO.. ncdo.. Computer Aid International.. Computer Aid International is a UK registered charity that aims to reduce poverty through practical ICT solutions by providing refurbished computers for reuse in education, health and not-for-profit organisations in developing countries.. Computer Aid has provided over 150,000 PCs to more than 100 countries across Africa and South America, making us the world's largest and most experienced ICT for Development provider.. Computer Aid and Macha Works share the ambition to build up a computer refurbishment center in Macha by building up local expertise.. Computer Aid supports the launch of Macha Works in the UK.. www.. computeraid.. Cordaid.. The Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid is a Dutch development agency operating worldwide..  ...   individual career development programs and executive coaching programs for employees of companies and institues, and for private individuals.. Carl Lens is the chairman of Macha Works Foundation.. lensandpartners.. com.. Samhoud.. The mission of Samhoud is: realising breakthroughs by inspiring and connecting people.. This fits in well with Macha Works's goals.. Macha Works stimulates innovative people and initiatives -the beginning of a possible breakthrough.. The focus of the Macha Works approach is connecting people.. Samhoud provides time and means to support Macha Works in making the organisation more professional, enabling Macha Works to realise their ideas.. samhoud.. Schoklandfonds.. Het Schoklandfonds stimuleert initiatieven uit de samenleving die bijdragen aan het behalen van de millennium ontwikkelingsdoelen in 2015.. Het fonds ondersteunt de komende vier jaar de expansie van het ICT bedrijf LinkNet met training en huisvesting voor werknemers en bezoekers in Zambia.. Het Schoklandfonds is onderdeel van het ministerie van Ontwikkelingssamenwerking.. akkoordvanschokland.. Turing Foundation.. The Turing Foundation aims to provide education for children and young people that can help them to become more independent and self-reliant.. This makes them better-equipped to contribute to the improvement of their community.. The Turing Foundation views education as a constructive, fundamental and respectful way to provide extra opportunities for people.. Not only the individual benefits from education, but also the environment and the community.. It is a sustainable way to combat poverty.. The Turing Foundation contributed to the construction of MICS's new school building by granting an amount of € 50,000.. turingfoundation..

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  • Title: What we do | Macha Works
    Descriptive info: Health care.. Education.. Enterpreneurship.. ICT.. Energy and Water.. Transport.. Theory of Change Macha Works.. Africa is urbanising, with young people drawn towards cities to find a job.. It is perceived that it’s difficult to improve the standard of living in rural areas.. Subsistence levels of income prevent small-scale farmers from lifting their families and communities out of poverty.. There are two fundamental inhibitors for structural rural development:.. The community lacks the capacity to attract and retain talented people, because they are reluctant to establish themselves permanently within the community.. High distribution and transaction costs present significant barriers to economic activity and the ability of government, businesses and local organisations to reduce the significant gap in service provision.. Many rural institutions have difficulties attracting good people.. Rural schools with only 8 out of 12 approved teacher slots filled are no exception.. In that context, it’s fundamental to keep the people that work, within the organisation.. Most rural institutions face high attrition rates of 40% to sometimes 50% of employees, year after year.. Any capacity building program in that context is set up to fail.. Similarly, efforts to implement stand-alone interventions in single areas such  ...   less opportunity for their children.. So what makes capable people stay? During the past years in rural Zambia it has become clear that the decision to stay is linked to opportunities for people to learn and develop.. Good quality education for their kids and a learning environment within their jobs are key reasons for people to establish themselves permanently.. The successful Macha Works approach therefore comprises of three fundamental steps:.. Internet Connectivity.. Community initiated solutions.. Macha Works helps build the capacity of talented people within the community, our local heroes, whilst simultaneously creating a learning environment for them.. Retaining these people is as important as building capacity.. Internet connectivity helps our local heroes to connect to peers and professionals and be part of the learning environment.. The infrastructure also contributes to lowering distribution costs to reach the people in the communities.. There is consensus that the only people that can develop Africa are people from Africa itself.. Macha Works puts them in the drivers seat to decide what is needed and implement solutions that work within the context of their own community.. What has been achieved in Macha.. Holistic approach.. Relational African culture..

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  • Title: Current | Macha Works
    Descriptive info: Latest news.. Archive.. Newsletter.. Events.. In the press.. Facebook news.. 02/01/2012.. Over 100 supporters in Macha has been part of the first two games during the Africa Cup in Macha.. The new Community Hall is roofed on time to offer a great soccer palace to all supporters of the Zambian national team.. Zambia has almost made it to the second round.. ».. 12/27/2011.. NTS Kalene is connected to the worldwide web.. Kalene is a extreme isolated community with a good and stabel NTS.. The internet connected computer class and access to the community of NTS peers is a important step to make it more attractive for teachers to apply to NTS Kalene.. 11/26/2011.. The Nurse Training school in Chilonga is connected to the internet.. NTS Chilonga is one of the three NTS in Zambia with computer classes and Macha Works trains the teachers and NTS students in basic ICT skills.. An inspiring environment is key for teachers and students.. 10/21/2011.. The second MICS House is roofed.. The new building will  ...   The lack of access to electricicity is presented as a key inhibitor for development of the community of Chikanta during the festival.. 09/15/2011.. My class at MICS.. The first school pictures of the 6 grades at MICS are there.. The school grows each year significantly and next year the first grade 7 graduates will start the year.. Time to visualise the kids of MICS within the various grades.. 06/21/2011.. Nurse Training project expands.. The UK donor THET has awarded 20K£ to NHS Education for Scotland.. NHS partners with Macha Works to expand the Nurse Training project to NTS Chitambo, Chipata and other NTS in Zambia.. The first grant enables us to train local heroes from Chitambo in basic ICT skills.. 05/20/2011.. MICS expansion takes off.. The Waterloo Foundation from the UK has confirmed to donate £58,162 for internet connectivity at 6 rural schools euro in Macha and Mukinge.. Waterloo Foundation is the first large English private fund that support Macha Works.. A great success for our UK partner Computer Aid..

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  • Title: Projects | Macha Works
    Descriptive info: Projectwizard.. Search project.. Choose theme.. Building.. Communication.. Energy.. Healthcare.. Research.. Water.. Choose location.. Monze.. Mukinge, North West.. Plattelandsdorpen.. Various.. Various communities.. Choose amount.. 1.. 000,-.. 000,- tot 5.. 5.. 000,- tot 25.. 25.. 000,- tot 100.. 100.. Choose project.. 1 euro per month for internet connectivity.. Adopt a local hero.. Adopt a rural community.. Adopt an AIDS orphan.. Bio-gas for a primary school.. Biogas for Habulile primary school in Chikanta.. Build a house for an ICT professional.. Comprehensive Community Care project.. Donate computers to schools in Zambia.. Generator for Radio Macha.. Give a child access to quality education.. Help expand Ubuntu campus.. ICT for Hamoonde Basic School.. ICT for Macha Central Basic School.. ICT for Mukinge Basic School.. ICT training for a local hero.. Improve Water Quality for Health Center.. Interior Care House.. Interior new clinical laboratory.. Interior of Macha Restaurant.. Invest in Jatropha plantation.. Jatropha bio oil for farmers.. New location for the Macha market.. New programs for Radio Macha.. Nurse Training School Kalene.. Nurse Training School Monze.. Nurse Training School Mukinge.. Playroom Expands with an extra space.. Playroom Macha.. Quality water for Macha Mission Hospital.. Rural bank agent of Zanaco.. Solar technology for an internet cafe.. Solar technology for Health Center.. Sport facilities for talented young  ...   linked to the national Electricity grid and require alternative energy solutions first.. Amount 20.. 000,- one-time investment.. amount left 20.. 000,-.. Works Macha gets many requests for support from several rural villages in Zambia.. The value of the Internet for a rural town is known and people are eager to get access to the same services.. Macha Works can´t connect these communities to the internet due to limited funding for expansion in Zambia.. Amount 40,- one-time investment.. amount left 40,-.. What would you do without electricity at home? Most of the families in Macha have no access to lighting and have to use wood for cooking.. Macha Works wants to make the local farmers self-sufficient by growing there own energy supply.. 000 seeds of Jatropha can help the farmer to produce roughly 150 liters oil per year.. Amount 250,- per year.. amount left 249,-.. Newest project.. In LinkNet IT Academy (LITA) in Macha offers basic ICT Training to people living in rural communities.. The number of people that would like to understand the value of a computer in their daily activities is substantial, so the critical factor is to find teachers.. And getting teachers starts with offering a them a house.. Amount 8.. 000,- per year.. amount left 8..

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  • Title: Talents | Macha Works
    Descriptive info: Talentwizard.. Search talent.. Mazabuka.. Murumbinda, Zimbabwe.. Expansie HIV/AIDS en TB aanpak.. Inrichting Care House voor AIDS patiënten.. Sponsor een Aids wees.. Geef een kind toegang tot kwalitatief basisonderwijs.. Micro krediet voor lokale boeren.. Jatropha bio olie voor eigen gebruik.. Sport faciliteiten voor de jeugd.. De inrichting van het restaurant.. Plattelandsbank Zanaco.. Adopteer een dorp.. Help de bouw van de Ubuntu campus in Macha.. Kwalitatief drinkbaar water voor het Macha Mission Hospital.. Geef een local hero een ICT training met baangarantie.. ICT voor de Macha Central Basic School.. ICT voor de Hamoonde Basic School.. ICT voor Mukinge Basic School.. 1 euro per maand voor internet-connectiviteit.. Solar technologie voor een internet cafe.. Bio-gas voor een basisschool.. Help met de uitbreiding van  ...   de Jatropha plantage.. Investeer in de Jatropha plantage.. Verbeter kwaliteit water voor Health Center.. Solar technologie voor Health Center.. Bio-gas voor basisschool Chikanta.. Breidt de Playroom met een veranda.. Comprehensive Community Care project (Triple C).. Inventaris nieuw klinisch laboratorium.. Doneer computers voor scholen in Zambia.. Adopteer een local hero.. Bouw een huis voor een ICT professional.. Meet our local heroes.. Selected talents.. Veronica.. 01 January 1973.. Discipline:.. ICT trainer in Mukinge.. Location:.. Specialty:.. Education, working with students.. Phillimon.. 13 March 1989.. ICT training for local people in Minga.. Owen.. 01 January 1987.. Running internet cafe,.. Training basic ICT skills to people from community.. Newest talent.. Moses.. 01 January 1986.. Running internet cafe Murumbinda.. Training people in basic ICT skills..

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  • Title: How can i help | Macha Works
    Descriptive info: Become a volunteer.. Become a donor.. Collecting supplies.. How can I help?.. Join in! There are several ways in which you, or your organisation can support Macha Works! You will find some examples below:.. Organise a campaign:.. Would you like to organise a campaign for Macha Works? Or do you have a campaign and are you looking for a good cause for your campaign? Would you like to get going  ...   Financial donations:.. Please let us know through the website which project you would like to support with your donation.. Donations in kind:.. You can help to provide schools and/or hospitals with in kind donations of products and equipment.. Become a Volunteer:.. For several projects, we are looking for professionals who would be willing to support us.. We would like to discuss with you personally what you would like to focus on..

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