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    Descriptive info: .. Made with MAGIX.. MacMillan Tartans.. MacMillan Pride.. Show your pride with a Clan.. MacMillan T-shirt.. Pacific Branch.. has T-Shirts in many sizes and colors.. Order on-line or see us at the one of.. the Highland Games on the Events.. Page.. Clan MacMillan Pacific Branch is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.. Clan MacMillan Pacific Branch.. Clan MacMillan Pacific Branch is a indepentant Non-Profit organization in.. California authorized by George MacMillan of MacMillan and  ...   the Southern California Highland Games.. Please come by and visit!.. Announcements.. May 10, 2014.. Pacific Branch s Annual General.. Meeting.. Time: 1:00 P.. M.. Please arrive at 12:00 P.. if you.. will be ordering food.. No food will.. be provided by Pacific Branch.. Location: The Olde Ship British.. Pub Restaurant.. May 24-25, 2014.. Costa Mesa Highland Games.. Orange County Fairgrounds.. June 28-29, 2014.. San Diego Highland Games.. Vista, CA.. Events.. Pictures.. Clan Orgins.. Clan Information..

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    Descriptive info: President.. Michelle Mullins.. Vice-President.. Ralph Mac MacMillan.. Treasurer.. Jerry Pilkington.. Secretary.. Judy Young.. Membership.. Ambassador.. J.. Connall Bell.. Immediate Past President.. Linda Harlow.. Newsletter Editor.. David Eddy.. Webmaster.. Ron Mullins.. Pacific Branch Officers.. Pacific Branch Documents.. Jane MacMillan Memorial Scholarship.. Clan MacMillan Pacific Branch has set up an scholarship to honor the.. memory of Jane MacMillan, the late wife of Chief George MacMillan.. The scholarship is open to all current members, their children and.. grandchildren for the purpose of post High School education..

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    Descriptive info: T-shirts.. Colors: Black, Green, Blue, Tan, Grey or Burgundy.. Sizes: S-M-L-XL-2XL-3XL.. Children Sizes: 6/8 10/12.. Ladies Scoop Neck.. Colors: Red Black.. Sizes: M-L-XL.. $18.. 50.. All shirts are made by Fruit of the Loom using HEAVY cotton.. Send your orders to:.. Judy Young.. Membership, Clan MacMillan Pacific Branch..  ...   payable to The Clan MacMillan.. List the style(s) that you require as well as color(s), size(s) and quantities.. S H is included in.. the price.. Please contact us to check on our current inventory.. Contact:.. Judy Young at sales macmillanclan.. org or call (619) 445-0850 (San Diego, CA)..

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    Descriptive info: Clan Macmillan The Clan Macmillan traces it's origins back to the very beginning of modern Scottish history, when the traditional tribal.. societies of the Gaelic speaking Celts were being supplanted by the conquering Normans from the south.. The Clan has been traced back to King MacBeth, the last of the Celtic kings, who reigned for seventeen years.. Malcolm Can More's.. son Alexander I (reigned 1107-1124) appointed the Culdee clergymen Cormac, a great-great-grandson of MacBeth, as the first.. diocesian Bishop of Dunkeld.. It is from this Cormac that Macmillans descend.. Through Cormac, Macmillans may claim both royal and.. Celtic Spiritual heritage.. The third son of Cormac, Bishop of Dunkeld, was named "Gillie Crisosd" (Gillchrist), or "Servant of Christ".. He is the true progenitor of.. the Macmillans.. He is remembered in the Macmillan Arms, where the three "mullets azure" (blue stars) at the top of the shield are.. heraldic representations of both an origin  ...   their patron.. They shaved their hair on.. the front of the head from ears forward, leaving the hair on the back to grow long.. This "Tonsure of Saint John" or (in Gaelic) "Mhaoil-.. lain", was the center of a heated controversy in the 8th century.. Gillie Crisosd was called "an Gillie Mhaoil lain" (Latin: "Malcolium.. McMolini"; Gaelic: "Mac'ille-Mhaoil-lain").. Macmillin is one of the oldest of the highland clans.. Our motto (from Virgil), "Miseris Succerrere Disco") means "I learn to succour the.. distressed".. Clan in Gaelic means "children"; Clan Macmillan can be interpreted as "Children of the sons of the Tonsured Servant".. Clan Macmillan was not allowed to remain in one area because they were removed from the land many times and placed in other.. areas.. There are Macmillans in Knapdale, Lochaber, Galloway, and now around the world.. The present Chief, George Gordon MacMillan of MacMillan lives at the Finlaystone Estate, Langbank, Scotland..

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    Descriptive info: Clan MacMillan Pacific Branch attends many of.. the Highland Games in Southern California.. We.. may also attend select other events.. Please.. contact us if you need to confirm if we will be.. setting up our tent at a event.. January 25, 2014.. Robbie Burns Dinner.. Carlsbad, CA.. February 15-16, 2014.. Queen Mary Scottish Festival..  ...   up a tent at the Queen.. Mary Games.. April 5, 2014.. Kern County Highland Games.. Bakersfield, CA.. Location: The Olde Ship British Pub.. and Restaurant, Santa Ana, CA.. August 30-31, 2014.. Pleasanton Highland Games.. September 13, 2014.. California Celtic Classtic World.. Highland Games Festival.. Dana Point, CA.. October 11-12, 2014.. Seaside Highland Games.. Ventura, CA..

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    Descriptive info: Clan MacMillan Septs.. Baxter.. Bell.. Blue.. Brown.. Walker.. Click more info for additional spellings associated with MacMillan.. Kilmory (or MacMillan) Cross.. The Kilmory Cross was erected around 1500 for Alexander MacMillan, son of Lachlan.. Og, MacMillan Chief, at Kilmory chapel, South Kintyre..

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    Descriptive info: The Kilmory Cross.. was erected around 1500 for Alexander MacMillan, son of Lachlan Og,.. MacMillan Chief, at Kilmory chapel, South Kintyre.. This note taken from the book MacMillan by Mary Beaton.. The following notes were taken from The MacMillan's and Their Septs by Somerled MacMillan, and.. quoted from Dr.. Hugh Macmillan.. This is one of the finest stone crosses in Scotland, said to be inferior only to St Martin's Cross in Iona.. It is about twelve feet high and is composed of solid chlorite slate.. On the right of the cross is the.. Virgin Mary with a halo around her.. Her head is slightly averted, as if turning  ...   John, the beloved.. disciple, with his right hand holding to his heart a copy of.. his gospel.. Below the crucifixion, there is a long two-handed sword.. finely carved.. On the other side of the cross there is an.. elaborate pattern of interlaced work at the top, filling all.. the rounded disk.. Below, on the shaft, is carved a representation of a.. Highland chief hunting the deer, which is remarkable as.. the earliest specimen of the Highland dress in existence.. Beneath the huntsman there is an inscription in ancient.. Saxon characters, which can be easily deciphered as.. "Haec est crux Alexandri MacMulen".. (This is the cross of Alexander MacMillan)..

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