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  • Title: Machik - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About Us.. Our Work.. Get Involved.. Newsroom.. Machik Community.. CHUNGBA PROJECT.. An organic model of community-based education.. more.. YOUTH LEADERSHIP.. A portal to peace through the next generation.. WOMEN S INITIATIVE.. Investing in women and the education of girls.. SUMMER PROGRAMS.. Building understanding through learning and shared experience.. GOVERNANCE.. Advancing new insight and perspective.. SOCIAL  ...   NY.. C from Nov 21-23.. Register for Machik Weekend 2014.. Check out the Machik Album.. Join Machik s White Crane Circle.. Make a monthly gift of $10 or.. Watch 2013 Summer Enrichment Program Video.. Add your voice.. to the Charter for Engagement.. here.. Support rural college education in Tibet.. Learn about Machik Programs.. Download.. Contact Us.. News.. Blog..

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  • Title: Machik - Home
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  • Title: Machik - Home
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  • Title: Machik - About Us
    Descriptive info: About Us.. The work of Machik began with a primary school in the heart of Kham, Eastern Tibet.. Opened in 2002, the.. Chungba Primary School.. became a runaway success story in its first year of operation by placing first across 53 schools in the county.. In the years since then, the Chungba Primary School has become a model for rural  ...   Tibetans.. With the Chungba Primary School at the heart of our efforts, the work of Machik has expanded year after year, growing organically and incrementally in new directions.. Our work is currently organized around six program areas:.. The Chungba Project.. ,.. Summer Enrichment Programs.. ,.. Women s Initiative.. Youth Leadership.. Social Entrepreneurship.. and Governance.. Vision.. History + Approach.. Who We Are..

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  • Title: Machik - Our Work
    Descriptive info: Our Work.. Incubating Social Innovation for Tibet.. Our work has grown organically around an effort to build a community-based education project from the ground up in one rural Tibetan township.. At the heart of the work have been direct interventions building an award-winning school, bringing clean energy and safe drinking water, establishing a library and an organic greenhouse, repairing roads and rebuilding homes, facilitating healthcare missions and caring for the  ...   of our work by establishing a women s scholarship program and by investing in training programs and digital media projects as well as dynamic individuals who embody the ideals of community service, learning and social entrepreneurship.. These efforts have, over time, enabled us to create a portal for developing new partnerships and synergies on a regional scale.. , Social Entrepreneurship.. The Chungba Project (TCP).. Summer Enrichment Programs.. Women s Initiatives.. Governance..

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  • Title: Machik - Get Involved
    Descriptive info: Get Involved.. GET INVOLVED.. DONATE.. You can help strengthen communities on the Tibetan plateau by making an.. online donation.. to Machik now.. Or send a check payable to Machik to:.. Machik.. 1609 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 400.. Washington DC 20009.. USA.. SIGN.. THE CHARTER FOR ENGAGEMENT.. Add your voice to the.. Charter for Engagement.. and join the call.. for.. a commitment to the principles of direct.. engagement.. and solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet.. JOIN THE MACHIK E-LIST.. Stay informed about our work and upcoming events by joining our.. Machik e-list.. and tell a friend about our efforts.. Please also visit the.. page.. LIKE MACHIK ON.. FACEBOOK.. Keep yourself updated with our frequent.. facebook.. posts and show your.. friends our page.. FOLLOW US ON.. TWITTER.. Get our.. twitter.. updates and share them with your friends and family.. SHOW TIBETAN FILMS.. Email.. info@machik.. org.. for recommendations.. INVITE MACHIK SPEAKERS TO YOUR EVENT.. For  ...   Or create one your own page at:.. www.. causes.. com.. GIVE YOUR TIME.. Machik began as an all-volunteer organization.. Without the efforts of our expanding circle of volunteers, interns and grassroots supporters, this work would not be possible.. Learn how you can become a.. volunteer or intern.. for Machik.. ORGANIZE LOCALLY.. Support this effort to rebuild Tibetan communities by organizing a local event to raise funds and awareness.. Learn more about how you can become a grassroots organizer by contacting us at info@machik.. LINK YOUR WEBSITE TO MACHIK.. Spread the word by putting a link to Machik on your website.. Machik is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization under Section 501(C)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Service Code with tax identification number 03-0377568.. Your donation is deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.. Our tax exemption letter from the IRS is available upon request.. Ways to Give.. Organize Locally.. Volunteer + Internship Program..

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  • Title: Machik - Newsroom
    Descriptive info: Newsroom.. Spring Milestones.. Monday, 23 June 2014.. Earth Day 2014.. Wednesday, 23 April 2014.. Wishing you a Happy Earth Day from Machik!.. Machik WeekendX: Connecticut.. Wednesday, 19 March 2014.. Engage Tibet: Building New Bridges and New Models.. March 8, 2014.. Losar Tashi Delek!.. Wednesday, 05 March 2014.. Losar Greetings from Machik.. One Day in Xining.. Friday, 21 February 2014.. Through the Lens of Young Tibetans.. Machik Album.. Friday, 07 February  ...   are, and what we wish to see in the world.. Social Innovators.. Friday, 24 January 2014.. Invest in Future Tibetan Social Innovators.. I'm from Rural Tibet.. Friday, 17 January 2014.. I could plan a city one day, I m from Rural Tibet.. I could.. I could cure cancer one day, I m a Tibetan Girl.. Start.. Prev.. 1.. 2.. Next.. End.. Results 1 - 9 of 16.. Upcoming Events.. Past Events..

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  • Title: Machik - Machik Community
    Descriptive info: Machik Community.. Welcome to the Machik Community section.. Here we will be creating an online gathering space for grassroots supporters and volunteers of Machik work.. Media Gallery.. Your Stories..

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  • Title: Machik - The Chungba Project
    Descriptive info: The Chungba Project (TCP).. The Chungba Project.. An Organic Model of Community-based Education.. Machik s work has grown organically around an effort to build a community-based education project from the ground up in a rural Tibetan township.. At the core of the work have been direct interventions building award-winning schools, bringing clean energy and safe drinking water, establishing a library and an organic greenhouse, repairing roads and rebuilding homes, facilitating healthcare missions and caring for the elderly and the poor.. Education forms the backbone of Machik work.. Building local capacity whether in the form of creating new opportunities for learning, training, knowledge production or skills development is  ...   scholarships, training programs, libraries and online resources.. Community Social Enterprise and Adult Learning.. Since the beginning, Machik s Chungba Project has been about building a community-centered approach to education and sustainability.. With the goal of providing young adults with learning and skills development opportunities, Machik has seeded a center for community social enterprise.. Having acquired and renovated an old granary, we have supported the development of the first Tibetan-owned motorcycle repair shop in Lithang county as well as a bakery.. Machik has also invested in the revival of the traditional medicinal craft of incense-making.. Chungba Schools.. Economic Opportunities.. Multimedia + Digital Tech.. Conservation Green Tech.. Machik Khelen Fund..

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  • Title: Machik - Youth Leadership
    Descriptive info: Youth Leadership.. A portal to peace through the next generation.. Machik has pioneered peace-building dialogues between young Tibetans and Chinese.. From our roots in grassroots service and education work in a remote rural township of Tibet, Machik has grown to become a unique and respected platform for a global conversation about civic engagement, youth leadership and individual responsibility toward our collective global future.. Drawn together by a shared concern for the challenges confronting contemporary Tibet, young Tibetans, Chinese and other young global citizens convene at Machik youth leadership events to participate in dynamic and thoughtful.. conversations about issues that often divide them.. Through events like the annual.. Machik Weekend.. and.. Machik R.. etreat.. , young Tibetans and Chinese are provided a forum to  ...   commitment of young people to work toward sustainable peace and reconciliation through the project of civic engagement.. Machik Weekend is an annual gathering that draws an array of outstanding young global citizens to meet, connect and discuss the challenges of service and engagement in the context of Tibet.. The weekend features a day-lon.. g Machik Forum that involves roundtables and panels on current topics and issues.. In 201.. 3.. , the Machik Weekend was held in New York.. City where more.. over 300.. Tibetans,.. Chinese and.. global.. yout.. h participated in.. the.. conversation.. The.. third.. was hel.. d.. in Marshall, Virginia to provide an opportunity for young Tibetans for intense discussion and exploration of the contentious Tibet issue.. Machik Retreat 2013.. Machik WeekendX..

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  • Title: Machik - Women’s Initiatives
    Descriptive info: Women s Initiatives.. Investing in Women and the Education of Girls.. Strong communities begin with equal access to resources and opportunities for all.. In line with our core mission to incubate social innovation in Tibet, one of our main priorities is to innovate ways to level the structural inequalities facing women in Tibetan society.. We have pursued these goals not only through specific programs that address the special needs of women - projects such as midwifery training - but also through longer term efforts to plant seeds to strengthen girls and women s capacity to become equal partners in community leadership.. In addition to insisting on 50% girls enrollment of the.. and  ...   to continue their education through middle, high school and college.. In the past, through the.. Tibetan Women s Writing Program.. , we have sponsored the production of two milestone Tibetan-language publications, the first ever collection of contemporary Tibetan women s writing, and the first ever Tibetan-language periodical on Tibetan women,.. Snowland Tibetan Women s Journal.. We also partnered with.. the Pentok Institute.. , a Tibetan women-led, grassroots organization that works with local people to improve education opportunities for women.. As a matter of course, Machik seeks to work with and promote women in our programs, staff and boards.. You can.. support our women s initiative.. here.. Mother's Wish Program.. Women s Writing Program..

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