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  • Title: Machine Gun Preacher Angels of East Africa
    Descriptive info: .. Features.. The Store.. About Sam.. Kids Stories.. Donate.. Gallery.. Events.. Newsletter.. MGP Blog.. cart.. twitter.. facebook.. UPCOMING EVENTS.. Follow Sam on Twitter.. WATCH ON DEMAND.. MGP DOCUMENTARY WHERE TO WATCH.. MGP Can Be Seen ON DEMAND starting July 1st.. NORTH AMERICA MGP Fans Can Now Watch/View/Purchase/VOD!.. LEARN MORE.. LIVING ON THE EDGE.. LIVING ON THE EDGE Is the sage of a man who redirected his energy and bravery from drug dealing and debauchery to serving God in Africa.. A compelling, Frist Person account by Sam Childers.. The Machine Gun Preacher.. Detailing his battle to HELP the orphan children of Eastern Africa.. The book is the follow up to Sams best seller Another Mans War, which was made into the Hollywood movie, Machine Gun Preacher starring Gerard Butler as Sam Childers.. Click Here to get your  ...   Africa.. Click this link to see more about the documentary.. Machine Gun Preacher Movie DVD.. Machine Gun Preacher is the inspirational true story of Sam Childers, a former drug-dealing criminal who undergoes an astonishing transformation and finds an unexpected calling as the savior of hundreds of kidnapped and orphaned children.. Click here to buy the DVD.. Machine Gun Preacher Book.. The true story of one man s battle to save children in the Sudan.. In Another Man s War, follow Sam Childers s remarkable transformation from violent thug to a man of faith, and his ongoing battle to save children in one of the world s most lawless areas.. Click here to get your copy.. Click here to buy the eBook.. /.. contact us.. 2014.. Machine Gun Preacher.. Photography.. Kevin Evans.. Words by.. PointMan.. Website by.. timecodestudios..

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  • Title: Machine Gun Preacher | Features
    Descriptive info: ANGELS OF EAST AFRICA.. Angels of East Africa is a non-profit aid organisation established to provide a better future for orphaned children of war in Southern Sudan.. Angels of East Africa (AOEA), founded in 1998 by Machine Gun Preacher Sam Childers, has rescued over a thousand orphaned children from starvation, disease and enslavement by the brutal Lord’s Resistance Army.. Today these children live in the Children’s Village, a secure compound and oasis of calm in the Southern Sudanese village of Nimule.. Behind these protective walls the next generation of Sudanese leaders are housed, clothed, fed and educated, safe from the echoes of war that still traumatise the nation of Sudan.. Despite  ...   home of the Machine Gun Preacher is a place of refuge and worship.. Everybody is welcome.. The Shekinah Fellowship Church, Central City, PA, is the launching pad for the Machine Gun Preacher’s U.. S missions and home to the Shekinah congregation.. Sam and Lynn Childers built the church in 2001 with the vision that one day the organisation would become a beacon of hope and salvation for people across the world.. Today, the Church provides aid and support to a variety of projects in the U.. S.. A, Uganda, Sudan, Indonesia and Australia.. These projects include rescuing enslaved Sudanese children, feeding and clothing programs and the provision of shelter and education..

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  • Title: Machine Gun Preacher | Products Page
    Descriptive info: Shopping Cart.. Your shopping cart is empty.. CLOTHING.. Caps.. Tees.. ACCESSORIES.. MEDIA.. MGP Drink Coolers.. $5.. 00.. Key ring with LIGHT.. MGP Mouse pads.. $10.. MGP Shot Glasses.. MGP Dog Tags.. $15.. MGP Patches.. Another Mans War paperback.. $16.. MGP - DON T TREAD ON ME CD.. $18.. Living on the Edge Paperback.. 95.. Ball Caps.. $20..

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  • Title: Machine Gun Preacher | About Sam
    Descriptive info: Videos.. Images.. Another Man s War.. The Sam Childers Story.. Machine Gun Preacher Sam Childers grew up in the hills of Pennsylvania.. His parents were decent, honest people but at an early age Sam started to show a knack for getting into trouble.. His father, a former marine, grew fond of saying “Boy, somebody s gonna kill you one of these days!”.. line.. A Troubled Teen.. By his early teens Sam was constantly in fist fights, selling hard drugs and sleeping with married women.. He continued to slide deeper into a life of violence and crime until he became a Shotgunner – an armed guard for drug dealers.. It was during this stage of his life that he met Lynn, a stripper, who would later become his wife.. Unlearning a Life of Crime.. Sam, haunted by his father s words, became increasingly concerned that he was going to be killed because of drugs and slowly began to distance himself from his former life.. He found a job in construction and prospered despite his continuing drug and alcohol habit.. Lynn, meanwhile, returned to the Church she had forsaken as a young adult.. A Changed Man.. Sam also sought to re-establish his relationship with God and began to live a clean life.. Slowly, things began to change for the better.. Lynn gave birth to a healthy baby girl and Sam started his own construction business.. Little did they know that their greatest challenge was just around the corner.. An Education in War.. In 1998, Sam arrived in the village of Yei, Southern Sudan.. The African nation was in the midst of the Second Sudanese War, and Sam, urged by his Pastor in America, had joined a mission group to help repair huts damaged in the conflict.. During this assignment Sam stumbled across the body of a child torn apart by a landmine.. He fell to his knees  ...   it.. He returned to the U.. A, sold his construction business and sent the money to Africa.. Slowly the orphanage began to take shape.. During the day Sam cleared the brush and built the huts that would house the children.. During the evening, he slept under a mosquito net slung from a tree: bible in one hand, AK47 in the other.. Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, Lynn and Sam s daughter Paige fought a battle of their own.. The family car was repossessed and a foreclosure notice was issued on the house.. Sam had enough money to pay the outstanding mortgage or finish the orphanage.. He couldn t afford both so he sent the money to Africa.. With the orphanage finished, Sam began to lead armed missions to rescue children from the LRA.. It wasn t long before tales of his exploits spread and villagers began to call him The Machine Gun Preacher.. Surviving Against All Odds.. 13 years later the orphanage is the largest in Southern Sudan and has fed and housed over 1,000 children.. Today, more than 200 children call the orphanage home.. Unfortunately there are still many Sudanese children suffering and in need of rescue.. Sam and Lynn still live in the same house in Pennsylvania and are just as dedicated to the plight of the Sudanese children as they were 13 years ago.. Sam s biography, Another Man s War, is currently being made into a Hollywood feature film starring Gerard Butler.. The film is due for release in September 2011.. Want to Know More?.. Purchase a copy of Sam Childers biography, Another Man s War, to read about Sam s adventures in Southern Sudan.. All proceeds go to Angels of East Africa and The Children s Village.. LOOK GOOD + DO GOOD:.. Buy a Shirt, Build a Future.. Visit our store for more information on our shirts.. Shop at the MGP Store..

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  • Title: Machine Gun Preacher | Kids’ Stories
    Descriptive info: Maimed by War.. Walter s Story.. When he was an infant, Walter was the victim of a brutal and senseless Lord s Resistance Army (LRA) attack.. He was travelling in the family car with his parents and his sister, Angela, when the rebels struck.. “There was two soldiers behind, and in-front, and on either side.. So they told us to get out of the car and we started running and they shoot us so we fall down” Walter said.. Walter s parents were killed, Angela was shot through the neck and Walter was shot in the face.. The children, wounded and unmoving on the side of the road, were left for dead by the rebels.. It was only minutes before word spread and help arrived.. “Reverend Sam [Childers] came with the SPLA (Sudanese People s Liberation Army) and they took us to Gulu hospital”.. For several months the children were rehabilitated.. Angela learnt to walk again but Walter required specialist care.. Sam took Walter to America, where surgeons repaired his eye socket and fitted a glass eye.. After the surgery, Walter returned to Sudan and for a short time lived at The Children s Village in Nimule.. “The Children s Village was good.. You play with many children playing football, doing many kinds of things you feed well, drink well.. Very nice” Walter said.. It wasn t long before Walter and Angela moved to the Angels of East Africa mission home in the Ugandan capital of Kampala.. Today, Walter is a student at one  ...   If I don t do it then they would kill me” he said.. James was abducted during an LRA raid on his village when he was eight.. His parents were executed in front of him.. “So my mother tried to run, to help us so they killed my mother immediately.. So my father also wanted to run so they killed him.. The LRA abduct me and I have to go in the bush.. “I was a young soldier.. I carried my gun beside me and I walked with them” James said.. James was forced to participate in many LRA activities, including raiding villages.. “They burn everything, they shoot the people, they cut their lips, noses, everything.. “I didn t know what to do, so I started praying to God” he said.. James decided that he had to escape.. An opportunity presented itself when a Ugandan People s Defence Force (UPDF) helicopter stumbled across his platoon.. In the midst of an intense rocket barrage James summoned the courage to run and fled into the bush with three other children.. They ran to a nearby town and were taken before the local Sudanese People s Liberation Army (SPLA) commander.. The commander contacted Sam Childers, who agreed to care for the former child soldiers.. “After that I was ok and Sam bought me to his village” James said.. “For bringing me from a very dangerous place to a nice place I thank him very much.. Let God bless him for everything that he has done for me..

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  • Title: Machine Gun Preacher | Donate
    Descriptive info: Monthly Donation.. Enter the maximum amount you want to pay each month.. $.. USD.. Sign up for.. General Donation.. Donate:.. $ 5.. $ 10.. $ 50.. $ 100.. $ 200.. $ 500.. $ 1000.. Other*.. (* Choose 'Other' and you'll be prompted to to enter a custom donation amount in the next step.. ).. Help Purchase A Well for clean drinking water in orphanages.. COST: USD$6500.. $ 20.. Child Rescue in Sudan.. COST: USD$15000.. Our organisation is entirely dependent on donations: we  ...   is in your hands.. Maintaining this financial independence ensures that we can spend your money where it’s needed most.. We don’t pay ourselves ridiculous salaries, we don’t buy luxury vehicles and we don’t live in Beverly Hills.. Every cent of the money you donate will go straight to the front lines: helping to provide clean water, food, shelter, education, infrastructure, counselling or rescue.. Make a donation today and help the Machine Gun Preacher to create a better world for disadvantaged people everywhere..

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  • Title: Machine Gun Preacher | Gallery
    Descriptive info: Photos..

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  • Title: Machine Gun Preacher | Events
    Descriptive info: MACHINE GUN PREACHER EVENTS.. View Events For.. In the Shadow of the Valley of Death.. The Journey to Darfur.. 17 August 2010: The Machine Gun Preacher, an Australian film crew, and seven Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) soldiers journeyed from Nimule, Southern Sudan, to the border of South Darfur.. Conditions in the area, long rumoured to be troubled by war, were some of the worst that Sam and his team had ever seen.. In one particular town, the local villagers ate mud and drink sewage to survive.. Want to know more? Check out the blog section to read an expanded version of events.. Together we make a Difference.. September 2010 Children’s Village.. The September 2010 mission trip was a great success! The team erected a water tower, painted a heap of buildings, installed a second toilet and worked some magic on the shower  ...   on how happy the children were.. It’s testament to the great work of the Children’s Village staff that even our most traumatised children can be rehabilitated to enjoy their lives.. Thanks to the September 2010 team for making the effort to visit our orphanage in Sudan and become agents of change.. Special thanks to Dito and Joe who just keep coming back!.. On the Road.. Machine Gun Preacher Speaking Tour.. It’s official! The Machine gun Preacher is about to embark on another speaking tour.. Please check the dates and venues below to make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to meet the MGP and hear what he has to say.. Merchandise and signed copies of Sam’s auto-biography, Another Man’s War, will be available to purchase at each venue.. Head over to Sam s Facebook Page for latest tour dates and information..

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  • Title: Machine Gun Preacher | Newsletter
    Descriptive info: Stay Informed..

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  • Title: Machine Gun Preacher | Blog
    Descriptive info: MACHINE GUN PREACHER BLOG.. An Update From Sam.. Over the last couple of years, our work has really expanded into 3 different countries of Africa, one of them being Ethiopia Ethiopia We re working a few hours south of Addis in a place called Nazret which at this time we are fully running and caring for an aids orphanage (it does not mean that [.. ].. Tell us YOUR story of how Machine Gun Preacher has Changed your LIFE..  ...   Zac Simpson talks about the Machine Gun Preacher s recent trip to Darfur.. In hindsight, the journey to Darfur was equal parts exhilarating, daunting and horrifying.. Leaving the relative safety of the orphanage at Nimule we didn’t know what to expect, although we had considered that this journey could be our last.. The particular [.. Search.. Categories.. No categories.. Archives.. August 2014.. March 2014.. June 2013.. April 2012.. March 2012.. September 2011.. August 2011.. June 2011.. August 2010.. July 2010..

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  • Title: Machine Gun Preacher | WHERE TO WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY
    Descriptive info: WHERE TO WATCH.. MGP Can Be Seen ON DEMAND starting July 1st On the Following Sites:.. iNDemand.. Vubiquity:.. Verizon.. Suddenlink.. Charter.. Mediacom.. DirecTV.. Blockbuster.. Dish.. iTunes.. Amazon Instant.. Vudu.. Vimeo.. COMING SOON:.. Amazon Prime.. (monthly subscription).. Hulu Plus.. Hoopla.. (libraries).. Overdrive.. (Libraries)..

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