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  • Title: Maine Library Association - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Remember me.. Forgot password.. Home.. About Us.. MLA Awards.. MLA Bylaws.. MLA Executive Council.. MLA History.. Past Presidents.. MLA s Tax Returns.. MLA Archives.. Committees/Interest Groups.. Archives Special Collections.. Communications Committee.. Reference Adult Services Interest Group.. Scholarship Loan Committee.. Conf Grants.. Loan Recipients.. S L Guidelines.. Youth Services Section Interest Group.. Lupine Award and Honor Books 2013-1989.. Lupine Award History.. Lupine Author/Illustrator/Photographer List (year of award).. Katahdin Award.. 2014 Lupine Committee.. Contact Us.. Events.. Conference Details.. Forums.. Forum 1.. Membership.. Library Membership.. News.. MLA to Z.. What a great conference on Nov 16-17th on Maine Libraries Expanding Your Possibilities.. Don't forget to fill out our conference  ...   the survey or contact hour certificate.. Mainelibrary@gmail.. com.. Some of our presenters from the conference have shared their resources with us.. Check out the links.. ********.. Can't find what you need on this site or have a question for MLA? Feel free to contact our Business Office.. MLA1@gwi.. net.. Upcoming events.. Recent blog posts.. RASI Meeting Report: MASL/MLA Library Conference November 16th 2014.. 20 Nov 2014 3:18 PM.. James Higgins.. Annual Report Now Available.. 15 Nov 2014 4:20 PM.. Nissa Flanagan.. Preparing to Close the Door and Turn Out the Lights.. 15 Oct 2014 9:00 AM.. Samantha Cote.. Maine Library Association.. Powered by.. Wild Apricot.. Membership Software..

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  • Title: Maine Library Association - Reset password request
    Descriptive info: Reset password request.. Reset password.. *.. Your email.. Invalid email format.. Code.. Type the 6 characters you see in the picture..

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  • Title: Maine Library Association - About Us
    Descriptive info: History and Objectives.. The Maine Library Association was established in 1891 to promote library interest in the State of Maine.. Over the years, MLA’s membership has grown to over 400 librarians, support staff and library supporters.. The objectives of MLA are to:.. Promote and enhance the value of libraries and librarianship.. Foster cooperation among those who work in and for libraries.. Provide leadership to ensure that information is accessible to all citizens via their libraries.. Adopt and publicize positions on issues and legislation affecting libraries.. Activities.. Networking.. Provides networking opportunities with colleagues in Maine, New England and countrywide.. Partnering.. Develops and fosters mutually beneficial working relationships with educational institutions,  ...   libraries.. Conference and Continuing Education.. Develops continuing education and professional development opportunities; helps organize the annual Maine Libraries Conference and other regional forums.. Be active in the Maine Library Association!.. MLA has standing committees, ad hoc committees, and special interest groups that allow MLA members to be directly involved in making decisions that shape the organization and library services in the state of Maine.. Interested in helping your library association and your fellow MLA members?.. Interested in making new professional contacts?.. Interested in making a difference?.. Whatever your interest and skills, there is an MLA position that would benefit you and the association.. MLA would love to have your help!..

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  • Title: Maine Library Association - MLA Awards
    Descriptive info: The Maine Library Association has instituted two awards to recognize excellence in the Maine Library Community.. Journalism Award.. Award Year.. Recipient's Name.. Recipient's Organization and Article Name.. 2013.. Russ Van Arsdale.. Bangor Daily News, "Free legal help now just a library away" "Technology boosts access to the law at public libraries".. Outstanding Librarian of the Year.. 2014 Nomination Form.. The Outstanding Librarian of the Year Award was created in 1993 to highlight professional achievement and service to the Maine Library Community.. The first recipient was Glenna Nowell, Director of the Gardiner Public Library who during her term as MLA President took on the fight against the rising tide to censor resources and materials in our state.. Her efforts along with others led to the defeat of the "Obscenity Referendum" and garnered her not only the Outstanding Librarian of the Year Award but also a Hugh Heffner Award for championing Free Speech.. Many deserving  ...   2011.. Yvonne Gloede.. Director, Jackson Memorial Library, Tenant's Harbor.. 2010.. NO AWARD.. 2009.. Rick Speer.. Director, Lewiston Public Library.. 2008.. 2007.. Barbara Keef.. Reference/Technology Librarian, Windham Public Library.. 2006.. Shirley Helfrich.. Southern Maine Library District Consultant, Maine State Library.. 2005.. Linda Packard.. Director, Guilford Public Library.. 2004.. J Gary Nichols.. State Librarian, Maine State Library.. 2003.. Valerie Osborne.. Director, Old Town Public Library.. 2002.. Barbara McDade.. Director, Bangor Public Library.. 2001.. Elaine Albright.. Dean of Libraries, University of Maine, Orono.. 2000.. Steve Podgjany.. Director, Curtis Memorial Library, Brunswick.. 1999.. Marilyn Clark.. Director, Emily Mark Turner Memorial Library, Presque Isle.. 1998.. Karl Beiser.. Technowizard, Maine State Library.. 1997.. Mary Peverada.. Children's Services, Portland Public Library.. 1996.. Benita Davis.. Northern Maine Library District Consultant, Maine State Library.. 1995.. Reta Schreiber.. Assistant Director, Bangor Public Library.. 1994.. Marcia Dwvorak/Bob Woodard.. Director, Thorndike Library, College of the Atlantic/Bangor Public Library.. 1993.. Glenna Nowell.. Director, Gardiner Public Library..

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  • Title: Maine Library Association - MLA Bylaws
    Descriptive info: Maine Library Association By-Laws.. Article I Name.. The name of this organization is the Maine Library Association (the "Association").. Article II.. Mission and Objectives.. Mission: The mission of the Maine Library Association is to promote and enhance the value of Maine libraries and librarianship, to foster cooperation among those who work in and for Maine libraries, and to provide leadership in ensuring that information is accessible to all citizens from their libraries.. Objectives: The Maine Library Association:.. -Advocates for Maine libraries and encourages their growth and development.. -Provides opportunities for continuing education, workshops, or conferences of members.. -Provides tools and mechanisms for members to exchange ideas and meet.. -Serves as a source of information about trends and issues.. -Works in partnership with non-library and library groups and organizations that also serve our membership.. -Encourages and fosters a spirit of cooperation among all who work in libraries.. Article III.. Members.. Section l.. Any person, library or other institution interested in library work may become a member on payment of dues as determined annually by the Council upon recommendation of the Membership Committee.. (See Dues Appendices) Members of the Association shall consist of:.. -Personal members who are entitled to full membership benefits, including but not limited to voting rights, newsletters and discounts at Association events and meetings.. -Business members are entitled to a single copy of newsletters but have no voting rights and receive no discounts at Association events and meetings.. -On recommendation of any member and by a two-thirds vote of the Council, the Association may elect as honorary members persons whose service to library work in Maine or elsewhere has been outstanding.. (See MLA Honorary Membership Guidelines at end of job descriptions in handbook.. ).. Section 2.. Members of interest groups shall pay dues according to the prevailing schedule of dues, two dollars of which will be designated for the interest group.. Members who choose to belong to more than one interest group shall pay $2.. 00 for each additional interest group designated.. The Chair of the Membership Committee will furnish to the Chair of each interest group a count of new and renewing members at the end of each membership year.. The Treasurer will ensure that each interest group is reimbursed by February of the next calendar year.. Article IV.. Fiscal Year.. The fiscal year of the Association begins on July 1 and ends on June 30.. The year for dues begins on January 1, and all renewals are due at that time.. Members in good standing are entitled to receive all benefits of membership including discounts negotiated on their behalf, an annual report of the Association and a financial summary upon request.. New members may join at any time, but dues received after October will be considered dues for the following calendar year.. The membership roll will be purged of inactive members at the end of the fiscal year.. Article V.. Officers.. The officers of the Association are President, Vice President/President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, the immediate Past-President and two Members-At-Large.. The Vice-President/President Elect and one Member-At-Large are elected biennially in odd numbered years.. The Secretary, Treasurer, and the other Member-At-Large are elected biennially in even numbered years.. These officers shall perform the duties prescribed by the bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the Association.. All officers except the immediate Past-President and President are elected by ballot, and shall serve until their successors are elected.. The term of office for officers begins on the first day of the fiscal year.. Balloting shall have occurred prior to the beginning of the fiscal year.. The right to hold office is restricted to members.. Anyone wishing to submit a name as a candidate for an office should contact the chair of the Nomination Committee at least 60 days prior to the date ballots will be distributed.. The Nominations committee may submit one or more names for each position to be filled.. Section 3.. Vacancies occurring before the date of balloting must be filled by the Council until the next annual election, except in the case of a vacancy in the presidency, when the Vice President/President Elect becomes President and shall serve until the end of the term.. Section 4.. The duties of each officer and committee will be described in the MLA Board Handbook.. Article VI.. Meetings.. An annual meeting of the Association must be held once a year at a time and place designated by the Council.. Special meetings may be held at such times and places as the Council may designate or upon the written request of ten members of the Association.. All members must be notified thirty days in advance of the time  ...   a special interest in common may organize into an interest group after obtaining the approval of their petition by the Council.. A petition for establishment of an interest group must state the purpose and demonstrate the need for the proposed interest group.. Such petitions must be signed by not less than ten members of the Association who thereby signify their intention of becoming charter members of the interest group.. Each interest group is entitled to a minimum of $50 per year for its activities or $2.. 00 per member from members' annual Association dues, whichever is greater.. All interest groups must file a request for disbursement of dues form to receive their dues allotment.. This form will be provided to each interest group by the Chair of the Membership Committee when he/she issues their membership count just prior to the beginning of the new membership year.. The Association has no other obligatory financial responsibility to an interest group.. However, requests for additional funds may be placed before the Council for consideration.. Funds unexpended from an interest group’s account will revert back to the Association upon official dissolution of said interest group or after a period of two years of inactivity on the part of an interest group.. Section 5.. Prior to the beginning of each membership year, the Membership chair will determine the two largest Interest Groups, each of which will then be entitled to a council representative for the ensuing fiscal year.. Section 6.. Each time an interest group changes officers, it must file with the Secretary of the Association the names and addresses of its officers.. If said interest group has been designated as one of the interest groups with Council representation, the Chair of the interest group must also provide the name of the interest group member who will represent them on the Council for the coming year.. Section 7.. By vote of the Association, an interest group may be discontinued when it has been inactive for two years.. Section 8.. Interest groups not specifically represented on the Council will be represented by the Members-At-Large.. Article X.. IRC 501 (c) (6) Tax Exemption Provisions.. Notwithstanding any other provisions of these articles, the organization is organized exclusively for one or more of the purposes as specified in Section 501 (c) (6) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, and must not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on by an organization exempt from Federal income tax under IRC 501 (c) (6) or corresponding provisions of any subsequent laws.. No part of the net earnings of the organization may inure to the benefit of any member, trustee, director, officer of the organization, or any private individual (except that reasonable compensation may be paid for services rendered to or for the organization), and no member, trustee, officer of the organization or any private individual is entitled to share in the distribution of any of the organization’s assets on dissolution of the organization.. No substantial part of the activities of the organization may be carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation [except as otherwise provided by IRC 501 (h)] or participation in, or intervening in (including the publication or distribution of statements), any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidates for public office.. In the event of dissolution, all of the remaining assets and property of the organization after payment of necessary expenses thereof must be distributed to such organizations as are qualified under 501 (c) (6) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or corresponding provisions of any subsequent Federal tax laws, or to the Federal government or State or local government for a public purpose, subject to the approval of a Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of Maine.. Article XI.. Parliamentary Authority.. The rules contained in the current edition of.. Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.. will govern the Association in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the Association may adopt.. Article XII.. Amendments and Review.. A copy of each proposed amendment to these bylaws must be distributed to every member of the association at least thirty days before the next annual meeting.. These.. amendments may be discussed and modified before a vote.. Proposed amendments become effective when approved by two-thirds of the members present at the annual meeting.. These by-laws must be reviewed biennially by the Council.. The date of revision is determined by the date of adoption as noted at the beginning of this document.. Adopted: October 30, 2009.. Biennial Review: October 2011..

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  • Title: Maine Library Association - MLA Executive Council
    Descriptive info: 2014-15 MLA Executive Council.. President.. Vice-President.. Treasurer.. Bryce Cundick.. Michael Dignan.. Merrill Memorial Library.. Mantor Library, UMF.. Paris Public Library.. 214 Main Street.. 116 South Street.. 37 Market Square.. Yarmouth, ME 04096.. Farmington, ME 04938.. Paris, ME 04291-1509.. 207-846-4763.. 207-240-7565.. 207-743-6994.. nflanagan@maine.. rr.. com.. bryce.. cundick@maine.. edu.. mdignan@paris.. lib.. me.. us.. Secretary.. Past President.. ALA Councilor.. Leigh Hallett.. Andi Jackson-Darling.. Jennifer Alvino.. Falmouth Memorial library.. Windham Public Library.. 5 Lunt Road.. 217 Windham Center Road.. Falmouth, ME 04105.. Windham, ME 04062.. 207-781-2351.. 207-892-1908.. lhallettprice@gmail.. ajdarling@falmouth.. jaalvino@windhammaine.. Member-at-Large.. NELA Representaitive.. Charlene Churchill.. Pamela Bonney.. Ellsworth Public Library.. Winslow Public Library.. 20 State Street.. 136 Halifax Street.. Ellsworth, ME 04605.. Winslow, ME 04901.. 207-667-6363.. 207-872-1978.. cchurchill@ellsworth.. pbonney@winslow-me.. gov.. Archives Special Collections.. Reference  ...   Street.. Westbrook, ME 04092.. 207-854-0630 x254.. kreiman@westbrook.. Intellectual Freedom.. Legislative.. Jim Campbell.. Alisia Revitt.. Mdular Media.. Falmouth Memorial Library.. Maine Infonet, UMaine.. PO Box 1119.. 5784 York Village, Suite 58.. Bucksport, ME 04416.. Orono, ME 04469-5784.. 207-548-2200.. 207-581-3095.. modmedia@earthlink.. alisia.. revitt@maineinfonet.. Nominations.. Scholarship Loan.. Debbie Lozito.. Edythe Dyer Library.. 269 Maine Road North.. Farmington, ME 04938.. Hampden, ME 04444.. 207-862-3550.. debbie.. lozito@edythedyer.. Ex-Officio Members (non-voting).. Archivist.. Business Manager/Parliamentarian.. Friends of Maine Libraries.. Anastasia Weigle.. Edna Comstock.. Laurel T.. Parker.. PO Box 634.. Augusta, ME 04332-0634.. 207-441-1410.. anastasia.. weigle@gmail.. ltparker@windhammaine.. Maine Association of School Librarians.. Maine State Librarian.. Joyce Lucas.. Linda H Lord.. Winslow High School.. Maine State Library.. 14 Danielson Street.. SHS #64.. Augusta, ME 04333-0064.. 207-.. 207-287-5620.. jolukeme@gmail.. linda.. lord@maine..

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  • Title: Maine Library Association - MLA History
    Descriptive info: The History of the Maine Library Association.. On March 19, 1891, a group of librarians met in Augusta, Maine for the purpose of forming a state association.. A constitution was adopted establishing the name of organization as the Maine Library Association (MLA) and stating its objectives as the promotion of library interests in the State of Maine.. In the next decade several meetings were attempted, but not until 1901 did the Association begin to hold annual meetings.. At this time there were twenty-seven “paid up” memberships.. Papers and discussion in the early meetings covered a broad range of subjects, including Faults and Failures of Library Buildings,.. How Can College and Public Libraries Cooperate?, Opening the Public Library on Sunday and People in the Library.. An effort was also made to present topics of special interest to trustees.. In 1918 the records of the Association reflected increasing interest in state-wide library development.. It was recommended that standards be adopted for public libraries and that measures be taken to introduce courses in library science in the normal schools of the state.. Committees on Interlibrary Loans, Library Cooperation and a Union List of Serials were working on plans for cooperative use of the state’s library resources.. However, these activities appear to have been short lived.. The records carry no further mention of them and in 1930 the Association approved a resolution “That we rededicate ourselves to the library cause in the State of Maine”.. A second resolution stated that the Executive Committee should devote some time to the consideration of higher library standards.. In spite of this call to action, the 1930’s and 1940’s showed little increased MLA activity.. A further call to action came in the form of an article by the state librarian entitled “Where Do We Go From Here, or Do We? which appeared in the MLA Bulletin in 1953.. In 1958 a Standards Committee was appointed and in 1962 the Association adopted Minimum Standards for Public Library Service in Maine, with the provision that they be reviewed every three years.. Efforts to involve trustees in the activities of the Association resulted in 1963 in the formation of a Trustee Section, with the official name of Maine Library Trustees.. A Scholarship fund was established in 1944 for the purpose of providing loans without interest to Maine residents attending library schools.. In 1973 the name was changed to Student Loan Fund and later a Scholarship Fund was added.. It was named the Ainsworth Fund for Phyllis Ainsworth the first Southern Maine Library District Consultant.. Today these two programs are administered by MLA’s Scholarship and Loan Committee.. From October 1939 to November 1970 the Association published a quarterly Bulletin which was sent to all members.. It contained articles of general interest to librarians and trustees, as well as news of Maine Libraries.. It was replaced in 1971 by a bimonthly Newsletter.. In 1973 it  ...   famous SACCE Committee and got into providing library classes and workshops.. to the membership on a regular basis.. In 1974, a program of voluntary certification for librarians-in-charge of public libraries was also adopted.. The 1970’ were growth years for MLA in other ways as well.. During the 70’s most of the sections (Small Public Libraries, Children’s and Young Adult, Special Libraries, etc.. ) came into being and there was even an attempt to hold joint conferences with school librarians.. If the 1970’s were exciting years for MLA then the 1980’s must be considered even more exciting.. Legislative prowess delivered increased State Aid and grant monies for preservation.. The 1980’s also saw the final acceptance of MAINECARD on a statewide basis, the defeat, on several occasions, of Obscenity bills, and a push to bring automation to Maine’s libraries via MAINECAT.. In the 1980’s MLA”S assistance along with other groups brought a satellite MLS program from the University of Pennsylvania at Clarion to Maine and later the University of South Carolina MLIS program.. MLA’s sections continued to grow as well.. Maine Academic and Research Libraries revived itself.. Government Documents and MAINEON became official sections in 1983 and 1986 respectively.. And a new attempt at holding a joint conference with Maine’s school libraries resulted in a continuing program of joint conferences with MEMA and then MASL which continued through 2008.. As MLA moved through the 90’s it turned its focus to legislative matters and technology issues.. The first represented by the library community’s successful effort to pass the Maine InfoNet Bond issue and increase funding of the Maine State Library’s book budget.. The Association also collaborated on LD 828 to create a state universal service fund.. At the same time MLA participated as an intervener in the PUC hearings which lead to the creation of the Maine School Library Network.. The late 80’s and early 90’s also engendered.. almost all of MLA’s award programs as MLA attempted to reward excellence in all aspects of the profession.. Among the awards created were Outstanding Librarian of the Year (1993), the MLA Journalism Award (1997) and the Youth Services Sections awards Lupine and Kathadin.. MLA also began examining its membership needs, including section and committee assignments looking for ways to position itself for the transition into the 21.. st.. century.. After a major revamp of the Constitution in 2004 officer terms changed and sections became interest groups in an effort to make them more responsive to the changing needs of members for support of their activities.. MLA also spent a great deal of time defending the rights of libraries during the 2000 decade as wave after wave of tax reform (TABOR and other plans)threatened libraries of all kinds in Maine.. Now as the second decade begins we are finding our place as leaders of the digital age through our web presence, Twitter and Facebook accounts, President’s blog and more……..

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  • Title: Maine Library Association - Past Presidents
    Descriptive info: MLA's Honor Roll of Past Presidents.. 2013- Nissa Flanagan.. 2011-13.. Andrea Jackson-Darling.. 2009-11.. Sonja Plummer-Morgan.. 2008-09.. Molly Larson.. 2007-08.. Rich Boulet.. 2006-07.. Nikki Maounis.. 2005-06.. Pamela Turner.. 2004-05.. Steve Norman.. 2002-04.. Anne Davis.. 2000-02.. 1998-2000.. Elizabeth Moran.. 1996-98.. Karen Reilly.. 1994-96.. 1992-94.. Barbara (Rice) McDade.. 1990-92 Nann Blaine Hilard.. 1988-90 Reta Schreiber.. 1986-88 Edna (Bayliss) Comstock.. 1984-86 Glenna Nowell.. 1982-84.. Schyler Mott.. 1980-82.. Claire Lambert.. 1978-80.. Benita D.. Davis.. 1976-78.. Richard Gross.. 1974-76.. Franklin Talbot.. 1972-74.. Elizabeth Dudman.. 1970-72..  ...   Bauer.. 1962-63.. Olga Aaskov.. 1960-62.. Helen Atchison.. 1960.. Ruth A.. Hazelton.. 1958-59.. John R.. McKenna.. 1956-57.. James Humphrey III.. 1955.. Freda Holman.. 1954.. Evelyn Jenkins.. 1953.. Ruth Rogers.. 1952.. E.. Frances Abbott.. 1951.. Edward Heintz.. 1950.. Grace Tappen.. 1949.. Mary E.. Marston.. 1948.. Ruth Lawrence.. 1945-47.. Mary Herrick.. 1943-44.. Maree R.. Griffeth.. 1939-42.. N.. Orin Rush.. 1938.. Alice Wetherell.. 1936-37.. Clarence C.. Little.. 1934-35.. Elizabeth Libbey.. 1932-33.. Marion B.. Stubbs.. 1931.. Louis T.. Ibbotson.. 1928-30.. Ada Britton.. 1927.. Ernest Marriner..

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  • Title: Maine Library Association - MLA's Tax Returns
    Descriptive info: All financial forms including tax forms are available in the MLA office.. For more information, contact..

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  • Title: Maine Library Association - MLA Archives
    Descriptive info: The records of the Maine Library Association contain historically significant materials which pertain to the associations function as a professional organization for Librarians in the State of Maine since 1891.. Among the materials are records of the presidents, reports, committee and section files, newsletters, conference information, and publications.. These records provide a broad overview of the history of the association, as well as information about its activities and programs.. MLA archives are located at the Maine State Library.. MLA Archivist:.. Anastasia Weigle..

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  • Title: Maine Library Association - Committees/Interest Groups
    Descriptive info: Committees.. The President of Maine Library Association shall appoint the following standing committees:.. Scholarship.. Members of the Association who are engaged in the same general field or have special interest in common may organize into an interest group after obtaining the approval of the petition by the Council.. Each interest group is entitled to a minimum of $50 per year for its activities or $2 per member from members' annual Association dues, whichever is greater.. In 2012-2013 the following Interest Groups are in existence..

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