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  • Title: It seems that something has changed about the handling of "deflate" in vesion 3.4, which is preventing my client from reading station data off the GDS. | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: ›.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Problems Bugs.. It seems that something has changed about the handling of deflate in vesion 3.. 4, which is preventing my client from reading station data off the GDS.. Wed, 05/11/2011 - 17:11 —.. nehal bathani.. What is the problem?.. Using geturl, a 3.. 2 client can read compressed responses from both 3.. 2 and 3.. 4.. 4 client can read compressed responses from 3.. 4 but not 3.. 2.. Uncompressed responses work without any problems.. Recommendation.. The problem is that 3.. 2 servers return garbled compressed responses.. The 3.. 2 clients, due to a separate problem, don't ever ask a server for a compressed response, so the problem with the responses didn't show up.. When a 3.. 2 server sends a compressed response, the compressed body winds up preceding the response  ...   problem shows up because compression is handled by having the body data filtered through a sub-process.. The headers are written to a FILE* and then the output of the sub-process is tied to that same FILE*.. However, it may be that by using dup2() what is actually happening is that two FILE* are accessing oe underlying file descriptor.. By using a flush() call we can synchronize the two writes; without it the xdr calls seem to write data that 'wins the race' (maybe because they are calling flush()?).. What to do about reading from the 3.. 2 servers?.. 1) Compression is off by default; warn users about the problem.. Tell them how to ask a server its version.. 2) Encourage people to upgrade their servers.. Explain that a bug will prevent optimal use.. to post comments..

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  • Title: User account | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › User account.. User account.. Log in.. Request new password.. Log in using OpenID:.. What is OpenID?.. Username:.. *.. Enter your OPeNDAP username.. Password:.. Enter the password that accompanies your username.. Log in using OpenID.. Cancel OpenID login..

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  • Title: User account | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: Username or e-mail address:..

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  • Title: jimg | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › jimg.. jimg.. View.. Track.. History.. Member for.. 3 years 27 weeks.. Blog.. View recent blog entries..

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  • Title: Matlab 2012a Includes OPeNDAP Support | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: Blogs.. jimg s blog.. Matlab 2012a Includes OPeNDAP Support.. Fri, 03/02/2012 - 12:44 —.. Matlab 2012a Includes Built-in Support for OPeNDAP!.. Matlab 2012a was released on March 1 and includes the netcdf 4.. 1.. 2 library with OPeNDAP support turned on! This means that any OPeNDAP-served dataset that can be read with common netcdf applications (Panoply, Ferret, GrADS, IDV, ) can now be read using Matlab.. The interface supported is based on the netCDF API, with some nice tweaks for Matlab s scripting language.. To get help on the netcdf interface, type help netcdf at the Matlab prompt.. The response is a summary with links to more information about netCDF suite of Matlab operations.. Here s an example of a simple data access (note that the underlying file happens to be an HDF4 file, compressed with gzip - it could be anything OPeNDAP can serve):.. % To open a remote dataset, use its URL: modis= http://test.. opendap.. org/dap/data/hdf/MOD08_D3.. A2001153.. 003.. 2001207172930.. hdf.. gz ; ncid = netcdf.. open ( modis ); % If you  ...   through 22 -9999 11924 12044 12135 12226 12298 12386 12513 12619 12712 12820.. -9999 11942 12037 12128 12220 12313 12413 12518 12612 12720 12820.. -9999 11899 12019 12121 12214 12299 12418 12511 12621 12721 12823.. % How about subsetting and sampling those data? This pulls values at indices 2, 7 to indices 12, 15.. subsampled_data = netcdf.. getVar(ncid, 3, [2,7],[10,8]); subsampled_data subsampled_data = 12511 12621 12721 12823 12916 13000 13077 13142 12521 12623 12727 12819 12909 12989 13055 13108 12524 12630 12724 12817 12900 12975 13032 13142 12525 12622 12721 12810 12889 12959 13056 13167 12533 12629 12725 12803 12878 12962 13071 13173 12533 12626 12712 12794 12875 12984 13091 13189 12531 12623 12705 12784 12889 12989 13106 13210 12523 12621 12708 12790 12896 13005 14806 13219 12529 12615 12938 12803 12911 13014 13117 13223 12525 12608 12711 12819 12914 13024 13124 13222.. This quick demo just scratches the surface of what the inteface can do! And, of course, you can use it to read local files if you have those as well.. ;-)..

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  • Title: OPeNDAP in the Cloud | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › OPeNDAP in the Cloud.. OPeNDAP in the Cloud.. Wed, 06/26/2013 - 12:05 —.. This 20 slide set is an.. Ignite talk.. presented by James Gallagher at the NOAA EDM virtual meeting, June 26 2013.. The talk describes how we used the Hyrax data server to serve data stored in Amazon s cloud system.. The data were stored in S3 and our solution addressed making minimal changes in Hyrax.. It was a successful prototyping project.. Attachment.. Size.. NOAA EDM OPeNDAP Cloud 6.. 26.. 13.. pptx.. 218.. 54 KB..

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  • Title: Hyrax 1.8 release | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: Hyrax.. › Hyrax 1.. 8.. 8 release.. Mon, 02/13/2012 - 02:00 —.. 8!.. Updated 14 June 2013.. Jump down to the software.. , skipping all the info about versions and features.. FITS Handler bug fix.. A problem in the FITS handler that prevented it from reading attributes from many FITS files has been fixed.. A second problem that resulted in a memory error deep in the cfitsio library has also been fixed.. The new version is labeled 1.. 0.. 9 and is available in source form.. If you need binaries, please let us know.. New for the 1.. 8 release:.. This release includes improved support for both hdf4 and hdf5, particularly when requesting netCDF files as responses.. Also included in this release is a beta release of software to support the GDS/F-TDS server expression syntax.. It is easy to use this syntax to run server functions defined in/by hyrax.. Also included in this beta release is a new expression caching system.. To turn this cache on, simply make a directory for the cache.. Email us for details if you want to participate in the beta test!.. All new RPMs for CentOS 5 and CentOS 6 are included in this release, as well as the source distributions.. 7 release:.. This release includes an update for the HDF5 handler to version 2.. This version improves the performance of the handler when dealing with big files with thousands of internal datasets.. Version 2.. 0 of the handler introduced a re-engineered version of the CF option.. Now the CF option is on by default and instead of being a compile-time option, this can be toggled at run-time using a server parameter.. Also, the handler includes a new parameter that can be used to control the parsing of large Structure Metadata records that are often not needed by end users of the data but which take up significant space in responses.. 6 release:.. This release is a both a fix for the new GeoTiff/GRiB/JP2 (GDAL) handler and an update for the HDF4 handler.. The fix for the GDAL handler (0.. 2) addresses a build issue and requires the updated BES (version 3.. 11.. 0).. The updated libdap (version 3.. 5) is suggested as well since it fixes a memory leak triggered when the server returns XML responses.. The GDAL handler is still beta software.. We d really like feedback on it, especially WRT it s representation of GRiB2 data.. The updates to the HDF4 handler (3.. 10.. 0) include much better support for CF conventions (the handler translates existing metadata into CF!) configured using a Hyrax run-time configuration parameter (no more compile-time switches) and works both with and without the hdf-eos2 library.. Thanks to THG for this update!.. Jump down to the.. Source distributions.. to get this software.. 5 release:.. This release adds beta support for GeoTiff, GRiB2 and JPEG2000 files, based on the GDAL 1.. 1 library.. The handler is available as source only for now.. Please let us know what additional features you would like for this new handler.. We are trying a new way of bundling the handler s dependencies with the source, so that you do not have to get a separate copy of GDAL to build the handler.. If you already have a copy of the GDAL library, the handler s configure script will automatically find and use that.. 4 release:.. This release of Hyrax addresses a security problem.. Only the OLFS needs to be changed.. Simply download the OLFS, Unpack using tar -xvf filename and follow the instructions in the README file.. Here s a direct link to the upgraded.. OLFS.. (.. sig.. ).. 3 release:.. A major rewrite for the HDF5 handler.. See the README for more details; here s a summary:.. No more compile-time options - now use run-time options settings to control the handler.. Better support for the CF conventions (.. EnableCF.. run-time option, etc.. ).. Better integration with the DAP2 data model.. The RPM (CentOS 6 only) works with your existing Hyrax 1.. 8 binaries.. 2 release:.. An updated OLFS (1.. 3) package provides the following bug fixes:.. Repairs problems  ...   and fixes for specific formats or modules.. HDF4.. Fixed the bug in uint16/uint32 type attribute handling.. Correced the handling the scale/offset for MODIS products.. The MODIS scale/offset equation is quite different from the CF standard.. Added the support for LAMAZ projection data.. Fixed memory release error that occurs on iMac (OS X Lion) with the STL string:string Map.. HDF5.. Updated for version 2.. 0 of the handler, released on 6/14/12.. Works with the existing Hyrax 1.. The.. H5.. IgnoreUnknownTypes.. run-time configuration parameter has been replaced by.. EnableCF.. See the README and INSTALL files for more information.. The int8 to int16 conversion is now handled correctly.. NetCDF 3 and 4.. The handler now reads all netcdf 4 files and externalizes all but a very small number of its native data types (64-bit ints, vlens and groups are yet to be supported).. Also added to the handler are several configuration parameters.. Briefly, they are:.. IgnoreUnknownTypes.. ShowSharedDimensions.. PromoteByteToShort.. NCML.. Fixes for Grids so that their Map vectors now appear as top-level variables to mimic the shared dimensions hack used to make older netcdf-based clients work.. Added a new configuration parameter to address the question about just what to do with top-level (global) attributes.. The parameter is named.. GlobalAttributesContainerName.. and if present and set to a value, a container of that name will be used to hold all of the top-level attributes.. Gateway.. Added.. NoProxy.. switch to the handler s conf file so that it can be configured to.. not.. use the proxy server for certain hosts (e.. g.. , localhost).. Required External Dependencies.. In order to get the basic Hyrax 1.. 0 server running, you will need:.. Java 1.. 6.. Tomcat 6.. x.. Individual handlers may have their own external dependencies that you can satisfy with YUM/RPM on linux.. For OS/X, our packages will contain references to all of the required dependencies.. Roughly speaking, for a complete server hears what you ll need:.. libxml2, libcurl, libreadline.. hdf4, hdf5, netcdf4, icu, cfits - these you needs only if you want to read data from the corresponding handler.. That said, on any of RedHat family of Linux distributions, all you need to do is type.. yum install hdf hdf5 netcdf4 icu.. What To Get Here.. To run the Hyrax server, you will need to download and install the following (from source or binary):.. OLFS (which is a Java binary and runs on any computer with Java 1.. 6).. libdap.. BES.. General Purpose Handlers (aka dap-server).. One or more data handlers depending on which data you wish to serve.. Our software distributions are signed using a public/private key pair.. See.. Public Key.. for more information.. Binaries.. Java.. Updated.. OLFS 1.. 5 Web Archive File.. gpg signature.. ) Unpack using tar -xvf filename and follow the instructions in the README file.. (Requires.. Built using Java 6.. Tested against.. ) -.. Note:.. If you are upgrading an exisiting installation you will need to update your olfs.. xml file to reflect the many changes in the OLFS.. The new file can be found here $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/opendap/initialContent/olfs.. xml.. Localize it to reflect your BES configuration and other options and copy it to.. $CATALINA_HOME/content/opendap/olfs.. Linux (CentOS 6) x86_64 RPMs.. (all RPMs new for Hyrax 1.. 8).. libdap-3.. 7.. BES-3.. General purpose handlers-4.. (aka dap-server).. Netcdf Data Handler-3.. HDF4 Data Handler-3.. , or with.. HDF-EOS2 support.. (from The HDF Group, Inc.. HDF5 Data Handler-2.. (built with HDF5 1.. 6 from EPEL).. FreeForm Data Handler-3.. 5.. Fileout for netCDF Handler 1.. NcML Module 1.. Gateway Module 1.. CSV Handler 1.. XML Data Handler 1.. FITS Handler 1.. Linux (CentOS 5.. 7) x86_64 RPMs.. (All RPMS new for 1.. , or with.. HDF-EOS2 Support.. with the.. HDF5 1.. 10 RPM.. OS-X (10.. x or higher) Package Installer.. (coming soon).. Source code.. *All updated for 1.. 8*.. 3.. ,.. bes.. General purpose handlers (aka dap-server).. 4.. GeoTIFF, GRiB2, JPEG2000, NITF (GDAL) Handler:.. 0.. NetCDF Handler.. FreeForm Handler.. HDF4 Handler (with enhancements for HDF-EOS).. HDF5 Handler.. 2.. Fileout NetCDF Handler.. 1.. NcML Module.. CSV (Comma-Separated Values) Handler.. Gateway Module.. XML Data Response.. FITS Handler.. OLFS (requires Java 1.. 5 source.. 5 documentation.. release..

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  • Title: pwest | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › pwest.. pwest.. 3 years 13 weeks..

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  • Title: HDF4 Handler | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: About Software Downloads.. All Software.. WCS.. Matlab - loaddap.. IDL Client.. Java Library.. OC.. ODC.. Software from other groups.. › HDF4 Handler.. HDF4 Handler.. This is the HDF4 file module for.. Note: This page lists our full releases of the handler.. Sometimes we make source-only releases or internal releases and don t bother to include them here.. That is why the version numbers you see here have gaps.. HDF4 handler 3.. 1 / Hyrax 1.. 2 (Updated 15 September 2010).. This version is part of the Hyrax 1.. 2 release and requires this version of the server to function properly.. This version is compability update to allow the 3.. 0 version of the module to work with the Hyrax 1.. 2 server.. Please see the 3.. 0 release section below for the significant changes incorporated into 3.. 0 for Hyrax 1.. Linux (x86_64).. The RPM named eos has support for HDF-EOS while the one named eosshort has support for HDF-EOS and Shortnames (i.. , COARDS).. CentOS 5.. 2, RPMs.. (gcc 4.. 1).. Linux (i386).. Source code.. Version 3.. tar.. gz.. Required:.. libdap 3.. bes 3.. Also, to build the handler from the source and include the special features for HDF-EOS, you must have HDF-EOS2 library installed.. Contributed builds.. Contributed.. :.. 0 / Hyrax 1.. 1 (Updated 1 Sept 2010).. Improved support for HDF-EOS.. Much improved support for common visualization tools like IDV and Panoply.. The HDF Group has incorporated many changes into the handler in support of HDF-EOS and also to make the output of the handler work more seamlessly with software that recognizes when data are using the COARDS conventions.. Tools such as IDV and Panoply are now well supported.. In addition to several new RPMs (which are fully compatible with Hyrax 1.. x), there s a new source release.. Please read the.. special instructions.. that apply to building this source with support for HDF-EOS and/or CF.. the README.. for more complete information.. Technical notes and demos related to the HDF-EOS data support under:.. CF.. ;.. Limits.. ;and.. OPeNDAP 4 Demo.. 1 (Updated 13 May 2010).. The handler now implements its own transfer_attributes code to merge attributes from its DAS response into the DDS.. Because this source code requires the HDF-EOS2 libraries and because those are not available in RPM form, our binary releases have not been built using these options.. Thus if you want to serve HDF-EOS or HDF-EOS2 data, including HDF-EOS Swath data, you will need to build the modules from source code.. Here s some more information about the new HDF-EOS features from the developers at The HDF Group:.. This source code of HDF-EOS2 module in this version is the same as 3.. 0, which ONLY supports limited HDF-EOS swath and grid files.. The next version will support much more HDF-EOS swath and grid files.. The next version is expected to be released in in early August.. If you want to know more about of the current progress of the HDF-EOS module or have other questions, please send an email to eoshelp at hdfgroup.. org.. A helpful.. installation guide.. ; and.. : Sharing your binary builds for those operating systems not available here.. 0  ...   is an update from 3.. 12 and has one fix and one new feature.. The fix addresses a problem with cached attribute objects.. Now those treat quotes in a way that s consistent with the other Hyrax 1.. 5 handlers and with objects that are not cached.. The new feature is that caching of these objects can now be controlled from the bes.. conf file.. Setting HDF4.. CacheDir to the empty string ( ) will disable caching.. Intel DMG (gpg signature) , PPC DMG.. 12.. 12 (13 April 2009).. Many memory leaks fixed.. The handler was leaking memory due to a series of fixes added after the past release; these have been fixed.. This code has also had the updates needed to work with the new BES features.. -beta2.. (17 March 2009).. See the NEWS file for more information.. 9 (20 June 2008).. This version of the handler fixes a bug where files with multiple SDS with the same names did not work.. In some cases this bug could result in bad values being returned by the handler.. Binaries will be added as time permits.. Fedora Core 8, RPMs.. (for Hyrax this is required to build the BES modules).. 8 (14 March2008).. This version of the handler includes bug fixes and updates for libdap 3.. 0 and bes 3.. One issue is outstanding: See trac #.. 905.. to follow this (summary: This problem is encountered when a Vgroup contains a Vgroup and that inner Vgroup contains an SDS, if that SDS s name matches the name of another SDS nested in a.. second set of objects with the same structure.. , the first SDS will always be returned.. It s likely that this bug has been present for some time if not since the handler was first written.. Fedora Core 6, RPMs.. 7 (4 December 2007).. Fedora Core 6, RPMs (gcc 4.. Intel DMG.. ) , PPC DMG.. 6 (14 November 2007).. 5 (13 March 2007).. Fedora Core 5, RPMs.. Fedora Core 4, RPMs.. SPARC/Solaris.. Solaris 5.. 4 (13 Feb 2007).. SGI/IRIX.. IRIX 6.. (for the new server this is required to build the BES modules).. 1 (17 Mar 2006).. Linux (x86_64/i386).. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, RPMs.. (gcc 3.. 3).. dap-server 3.. (287 KB).. Contributed:.. Sharing your binary builds for those operating systems not available here.. 0 (31 Oct 2005).. (1.. 2 MB).. 5 MB),.. HDF4 file module 3.. 3 (9 July 2004).. Win32.. Coming soon!.. Mac OS/X.. OS/X 10.. 3 (Panther), tar.. gz format.. (719 KB).. Build: dynamically linked.. Linux (x86).. Red Hat 7.. 3, tar.. 3 MB).. Build: gcc 3.. 0, glibc 2.. 5, Kernel 2.. 20, statically linked.. Red Hat 8.. 0, tar.. 2, glibc 2.. 2, kernel 2.. Fedora Core 1, tar.. (685 KB).. 22, dynamically linked.. Solaris 2.. (811 KB).. 2, dynamically linked.. 1 MB).. Build: gcc 2.. 95.. Alpha/OSF1.. OSF1, v5.. (2.. 0 MB).. 3, dynamically linked.. (246 KB).. libdap++ 3.. 7 MB).. asciival 3.. (86 KB).. www-interface 3.. (79 KB) and.. packages 3.. (4.. 8 MB).. 2 (17 March 2004).. Linux (i686).. (753 KB).. (691 KB).. (768 KB).. 6 MB).. (289 KB).. 4 MB).. (85 KB).. (76 KB) and.. (6..

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  • Title: nehal bathani | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › nehal bathani.. 2 years 39 weeks..

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  • Title: netCDF Client Library | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › netCDF Client Library.. netCDF Client Library.. The netCDF client library has moved!! As part of a two year effort funded by the National Science Foundation, the software originally included here as libnc-dap has been moved into the source code maintained by Unidata and distributed as libnetcdf.. At the same time the software was rewritten to use the C programming language - a feature change that means it is no longer necessary to use a C++ compiler/linker when building software that uses netCDF to access a DAP server.. Because DAP access is now part of the netCDF library, you no longer need to get any special software to build a netCDF library that includes support for DAP.. Getting the netCDF library.. While Unidata completes the final stages of beta testing, you will need to get a recent beta version of the netCDF library and make sure to run configure with the --enable-dap option.. Once the beta period is over, you will not need to use this option in most cases since DAP support will be built whenever the libcurl HTTP library is present (virtually all Linux and OS/X versions still in use).. At that time binaries will be available, too.. We.. recommend.. that you get the.. netCDF 4.. 1 beta 2.. distribution.. which can be found at.. ftp://ftp.. unidata.. ucar.. edu/pub/netcdf/netcdf-4.. 1-beta2.. tar.. instead of the nightly snapshot builds.. release is contains the most complete version of DAP support while newer snapshots are likely to contain unrelated features that might not be as completely tested as would be the case with a beta release.. The main.. netCDF software distribution page.. contains a link to the above.. source distribution and a short note about DAP protocol support.. In the future, this will be the place to get new releases of netCDF with DAP support.. What is the.. The netCDF.. Client Library.. is/was an alternative implementation of.. Unidata s.. netCDF.. 6 API.. It has now been superseded by a project to move the functionality back into the official netCDF software distribution.. Both implementations of the netCDF API have the capability to dereference OPeNDAP URLs.. You can substitute our version of the library when linking your application and then simply pass an OPeNDAP URL in where you would normally use a file name.. Note: The new version of the library being distributed by Unidata is completely self contained and no longer depends on or uses C++.. You do not need to get any other software library from us to make it work.. However, to use our old version of the API,  ...   some build fixes and binaries.. x series will likely be that last of this software from OPeNDAP as we are working toward merging this software into Unidata s official version of the netCDF API library.. 1 (20 June 2008).. 1 release is an update for the ABI/API changes in libdap 3.. Binaries will be added as we have time to make them available.. This was a source-only release.. 0 (28 Nov 2006).. 0 release includes the upgraded to Unidata s 3.. 2 netCDF beta 4 library code.. This means that we now support the big file stuff when our library is used to read/write local files.. Use the --enable-64bit flag with configure to turn this feature on.. Note that the binaries we provide are not built with this flag; to get 64bit file support you ll need to build from source yourself.. Win32-3.. 0 Zip.. Solaris.. Solaris5.. SGI/Irix.. Irix 6.. 0 (01 Mar 2006).. This is an updated release so that it builds with libdap 3.. It includes a bug fixed where nc_inq_att(.. ) did not function as documented.. 2 (24 Aug 2005).. This is an update to the 3.. 1 beta release of early June.. It includes fixes for build issues on a number of platforms.. A problem with HDF data sources when accessed with Ferret using the library still remains.. See NEWS, README and.. the Release 3.. 2 milestone in Trac.. This version of the library will not build with libdap 3.. 4; you must use libdap 3.. 2 or newer.. (~750 KB).. 7 MB).. 1 beta (9 June 2005).. 0 beta release of mid May.. The fixes include problems with nco 3.. 0, memory leak checks and a new build process which uses automake.. The source tarball is now significantly smaller.. Testing using the Unidata regression tests now defaults to test.. See NEWS and README for more information.. 1 or newer.. This is release is for source code only.. (423 KB).. 4 MB).. 0 beta (13 May 2005).. This version of the netCDF Client Library can read from data sources which use the Structure and Sequence types.. In addition, it translates DAP2 strings into character arrays in the virtual netCDF file.. To learn more about these new features, see the file README.. translation in the source code.. (737 KB).. 7 (9 July 2004 updated 1 Nov for Win32).. Win32 InstallShield.. (23 MB).. (251 KB).. (0.. 9 MB).. (348 KB).. (533 KB).. (479 KB).. 7 MB) and.. 6 (17 March 2004).. Installer.. (13.. (897 KB).. Red Hat 9.. gz format.. Comming soon.. (252 KB).. 4 MB) and..

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