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    Archived pages: 580 . Archive date: 2014-01.

  • Title: The OPeNDAP Data Connector | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: About Software Downloads.. All Software.. Hyrax.. WCS.. Matlab - loaddap.. IDL Client.. libdap.. Java Library.. OC.. ODC.. Software from other groups.. ›.. › ODC.. The OPeNDAP Data Connector.. Overview.. The OPeNDAP Data Connector (ODC) is a program which allows you to search for and retrieve datasets published by OPeNDAP data servers.. OPeNDAP servers (also known as DODS servers) located at major institutions around the world serve a wide variety of data including: climatic data, satellite imagery, and ocean sensor results.. The ODC allows you to find these datasets, download them to your machine, save them, and import them into client applications like IDL, Matlab, SPSS, Excel, or into databases  ...   Web Guide.. Tutorial.. Plot Gallery.. Features.. Search union list of hundreds of well-known OPeNDAP servers.. Search NASA's Global Change Master Directory.. Navigate server directories with intuitive interface.. Retrieve dataset structure specifications and field attributes/descriptions.. Sophisticated GUI for dataset querying.. Send output to text view, table view or plotter.. Plot pseudocolor, vector, line, scatter, histogram.. Plotter provides highly sophisticated color control and generation.. Plotter has built-in 1 km coastline with 0.. 04 km available by download.. Built-in image viewer.. Interprocess server allows external applications to communicate with the ODC, to either retrieve fully qualified URLs or data values.. Contact.. For questions or to express interest please email us at support@opendap.. org..

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  • Title: ODC Installation - Quick Linux Instructions | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › ODC Installation - Quick Linux Instructions.. ODC Installation - Quick Linux Instructions.. logon as root.. cd /usr/share.. download the file ODC-2.. 57-unix.. tar.. gz to /usr/share.. download the file j2re1.. 4.. 2_05-x86-linux.. tar xzvf ODC-2.. gz.. tar xzvf j2re1.. cd /usr/share/ODC/2.. 57.. sh startup.. The program should start.. exit the program by clicking the 'x' at the top of the window.. chmod -R a+wr (make sure all files are readable and writable by all).. More detailed instructions are in the program directory..

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  • Title: The OPeNDAP C API (oc) | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › ocapi.. The OPeNDAP C API (oc).. The New OPeNDAP C API (oc) is an OPeNDAP DAP 2.. 0 client implementation written in generic C.. This new API allows for more functionality and less complexity than the original C API, Ocapi.. It has the following properties: It is completely implemented in C.. Supports the complete OPeNDAP type system, including nested Sequences and arrays of Structures.. The OC library was designed and implemented by.. Unidata.. and is bundled with their.. netcdf 4.. software distribution.. It provides a complete API that does not require knowledge of the internals of OC.. This interface was strongly influenced by the netCDF.. This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No.. 0721628.. Any opinions, findings  ...   Version 2.. 0 in a tar file.. oc-2.. 0.. gz.. (.. sig.. ) Required: You will need libcurl and xdr to be available on your system.. Most Linux and OS/X systems have these packages.. oc 1.. 0 (20 August 2009).. Fedora Core 8 x86_64.. Fedora Core 8 i386.. Mac.. Mac i386.. Mac ppc.. Win32 build.. Version 1.. oc-1.. See our.. Third-party software.. page for links to these packages.. You will also need the pthreads package which is required by libcurl.. Other versions of Unix probably do not.. oc 0.. 1 (29 July 2009).. Version 0.. 1 in a tar file.. oc-0.. 1.. 9 (09 April 2009).. 9 in a tar file.. Contributed builds.. 25.. Contributed:.. Sharing your binary builds for those operating systems not available here..

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  • Title: Java-DAP2: A pure Java implementation of the DAP2 Protocol | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Java DAP2 Library.. Java-DAP2: A pure Java implementation of the DAP2 Protocol.. The Java-DAP2 SDK is a pure Java implementation of the DAP2 (Data Access Protocol, version 2).. Software written using this SDK is fully interoperable with software written using the.. DAP++.. (a C++ implementation of DAP2).. Java-DAP2 1.. 0 (14 August 2012).. This new release of the Java implementation of the DAP2 protocol contains the same fundamental design as the older releases along with a number of new features and capabilities.. The base package names have been migrated from dods to opendap.. dap2-1.. tgz.. (2.. 7M) - This is the client library distribution for Java implementation of the OPeNDAP DAP2 protocol.. It contains:.. The DAP2 client library jar file located in top level directory.. Additional documentation located in the docs directory.. Ancillary libraries required by the client library.. Files located in the lib directory.. Code examples for how to use the library to access DAP2 data in the src directory (which are also compiled in to the library)..  ...   The ANT build.. xml file located in the top level directory.. See the HTML documents in the docs directory for more detailed installation, usage, and configuration information.. Older Versions.. JDAP 1.. 7 (31 August 2004).. Note that version 1.. 7 uses a different organizational scheme; if you re upgrading from a previous version, be sure to take a look at the.. README.. file here.. JVM 1.. Binary jar file.. (426 KBB) - Unpacks to a library directory containing the dods library and required ancillary libraries.. Note that with version 1.. 7 we re now using Ant to build the source.. This drops our build time from half an hour to less than one minute!.. 7.. source jar.. 0 MB) - Includes API documentation, configuration information, developers notes, Ant build files, and libraries required to compile the source code.. documentation jar.. (1.. 5 MB) - Contains API documentation, configuration information, and installation notes.. 5 (12 March 2004).. 4 MB).. 5.. (6.. 7 MB),.. (980 KB),.. source, binary and docs jar.. (11..

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  • Title: About Software Downloads | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Download.. On this page you will find background information about the software we have available for download.. This information includes the public key we use to sign our software, access to the complete archive and information for software developers who use our toolkits about our open software revision system.. We manage several different open-source software packages and you can download either source code or pre-built binaries from here.. Some of these packages have their own pages that you can access using the links at the right; for others use the All Software link.. Package that have their own pages are:.. Our modular data server.. loaddap.. A Matlab client that can read from any OPeNDAP server and import data directly into Matlab.. loaddap for IDL.. An IDL client that can do the same for IDL.. The OPeNDAP Data Connector is a client that can read and produce plots for many different kinds of data.. It is written in Java and runs on Windows, OS/X and Linux.. ,.. , and.. JavaDAP.. Software development toolkits that can be used to build clients and servers using C++, C and Java.. If you don t see what you are after here, check the All Software page.. If it is not there, contact us at support@opendap.. Note that we also maintain a list of.. Software developed by other groups.. that can read from OPeNDAP servers and that there are several other groups that make servers besides us.. OPeNDAP s Public Key.. OPeNDAP s Public Key is available.. here.. We now (November 2007) sign all of our software releases using.. gpg.. and a key created just for this purpose.. The.. public key.. is bound to the email address.. security at opendap.. The address is real in the sense that email sent there will be answered, although we ask that support questions be sent to the.. support at opendap.. address instead.. To verify a particular software package using its digital signature:.. Import the.. public key into your key ring (see the.. documentation for help on that);.. Download both the package and the.. sig..  ...   By Release.. Nightly Builds.. We run a suite of builds every night.. Each nightly build is created using code checked out from SVN.. Mostly we use the nightly build process on our current release, although some other software, such as the current development code, is also built.. You can see the status of the.. most recent nightly build.. , although we do not run nightly builds on all of our platforms.. Subversion (SVN).. Another way to get source code is to use anonymous access to our SVN repository.. In Spring of 2005 we switched from CVS to SVN.. Our CVS repository required a login for read access as well as write access.. Our SVN repository provides public read-only access without a password or login.. You ll need an account for write-enabled access; email.. webmaster at opendap.. for more information.. There are several ways that you can get software using svn.. You can use a web browser; visit the URL.. https://scm.. opendap.. org/svn/.. This is a good way to read over source code if you have specific questions about how a particular function has been implemented.. Note that we re currently reorganizing the sources so there is some duplication in the repository.. Email.. opendap-tech.. if you have questions about what s under active development and what s not.. You can use a web browser to view our.. Trac.. web site, which provides a browser-based interface to our svn repository.. You can use a variety of subversion clients to read from the repository.. Generally, you will want to check out source code from the repository s trunk using the URL https://scm.. org/svn/trunk/.. There are many subversion clients available and many plugins for IDEs.. Where to find specific software in the repository.. There are many projects in our.. subversion repository.. , here are some:.. : The C++ DAP2 library.. Java-OPeNDAP.. : The Java DAP library for both clients and Servers.. This is use by both the netcdf-java library and the TDS (both from Unidata).. : A pure C implementation of DAP for clients.. Used by the netcdf C library..

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  • Title: CGI Server netCDF file module | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › CGI Server netCDF file module.. CGI Server netCDF file module.. Handlers.. This page lists all of the data handlers we provide, in any form, for either the.. CGI Server.. or for.. There are three broad classifications of handlers listed here:.. Handlers for which we provide full support: We ensure these work with the latest data server and we provide binary builds.. Handlers for which we provide source releases: We often test these against our current server, but not always.. We don't, as a rule, provide binary builds for these handlers.. Handlers for which we do not release on a schedule: These are stored in our source code management system (which uses 'subversion') which is open for read-access to all and write-access by request.. If you've written, or are in the process of writing a handler, and you would like us to distribute it, let.. someone at OPeNDAP know.. Handlers with full support.. HDF4.. This handler reads data stored in HDF 4 and HDF-EOS files.. To run this you will also need the HDF 4 libraries on your system.. HDF5.. HDF5 is a widely used data format used both in and outside of the science community.. Soon to be released.. NetCDF 3.. This handler reads data stored in netCDF 3 files.. It looks for COARDS-compliant files and, if found, promotes arrays to DAP Grid variables so that software that's not COARDS-compliant can make use of bound dimensions.. FreeForm.. The handler is designed to work  ...   of Miami.. JGOFS.. JGOFS is the data system for the JGOFS (Joint Global Ocean Flux Study) data system developed by Glenn Flierl.. This handler can both read data files that the JGOFS data system can read and act as a gateway between a DAP server and a JGOFS server.. Handlers in our source code control system.. We don't have a page in the web site for most of these, so the link points to our source code control system.. You can browse the source using the link or use a.. Subversion.. client to check the code out using the SVN link.. Some of these were written by folks outside of OPeNDAP and I've tried to give the authors credit.. My apologies if I leave out anyone's name; if you do notice an omission, please let me know at.. jgallagher@opendap.. Also, if you would like to add to the description, please send that information along and I'll include it.. CDF.. This handler was originally written by Charles Faulkenberg for a demo at the SISIC meeting.. Subsequently Patrick West updated the code.. svn.. ).. CEDAR.. Written by Jose Garcia and Patrick West.. FITS.. GDAL.. GDAL is a library which simplifies reading from geo-referenced data sources.. The GDAL handler can read from any of file formats GDAL supports.. The formats include geotiff and many other formats common in the GIS world.. Written by Frank Warmerdam.. Matlab.. This handler was written for Matlab 4 files by Reza Nekovei..

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  • Title: CGI Server Base Software | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › CGI Server Base Software.. CGI Server Base Software.. This is the foundation software for the CGI-based OPeNDAP data server.. It is written in Perl and C++.. Use this along with one or more of the format modules to serve.. netCDF.. files or data sources.. There are a number of other data handlers available for use with this server which we do not distribute on this page because they are targeted at too small an audience or serve only a subset of files.. If you're interested in serving data in a format that's not listed here, ask us if we have software which supports your specific data! Examples of other handlers and DSP, Matlab, HDF5,.. A complete list can be found on the.. data handlers.. page.. Starting with version 3.. 5, the software uses a very different installation procedure from previous versions.. The server now installs into prefix  ...   includes no new features for the CGI-based data server, but the security patch posted on.. 27 April 2007.. has.. been applied, other fixes have been made and the Usage, ASCII and WWW form interface handlers have been updated for the latest version of libdap.. This release will be a source-only release unless there are many requests for a binary release.. Because of the security issues with the older versions of this software, we encourage people to upgrade to this version or switch to.. We will provide access to older versions of this software only if you specifically request it and understand that older versions do have known vulnerabilities which have not been patched.. Version 3.. 2.. :.. General purpose handlers.. (includes the CGI Server Base software).. 3.. Requires:.. NetCDF Handler.. 6.. FreeForm Handler.. HDF4 Handler.. Contributed.. : Sharing your binary builds for those operating systems not available here..

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  • Title: BES Software | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › BES Software.. BES Software.. BES is a high-performance back-end server software framework that allows data providers more flexibility in providing end users views of their data.. The current OPeNDAP data objects (DAS, DDS, and DataDDS) are still supported, but now data providers can add new data views, provide new functionality, and new features to their end users through the BES modular design.. Providers can add new data handlers, new data objects/views, the ability to define views with constraints and aggregation, the ability to add reporting mechanisms, initialization hooks, and more.. OPeNDAP provides the tools to build these new modules that can then be dynamically loaded into the BES.. As an example, the.. CedarWEB.. project at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) provides four new data views (info, tab, flat, and stream), authentication, a reporting class to keep track of user data access, MySQL database access of file information (data containers), and more.. OPeNDAP also has available ready to load modules for netcdf, cdf, fits, freeform, hdf4, hdf5 and jgofs.. Only a few of these are supported and/or in the current source-only release.. If you are looking for the OPeNDAP 4 Data Server (aka Hyrax) software, the.. page provides a single place where each of the components of Hyrax can be downloaded and also provides information about which versions work together to properly support Hyrax's various features.. Our software distributions are signed using a public/private key pair.. See.. Public Key.. BES Software 3.. 0 (14 Sept 2010).. Moved BES.. Catalog.. catalog.. RootDirectory parameter to.. bes.. conf.. so users have to edit only one.. conf.. file for initial configuration.. files may include required module configuration files, which makes it simpler to get the server's configuration correct.. For example, if the NCML module requires the dap module, then the NCML module can include the dap module so that it gets loaded and configured first.. This change also takes care of a problem where a configuration file included multiple times was mistakenly causing an error.. Error message have been improved to be less generic and more informative.. Linux (x86_64).. CentOS 5.. 2 RPMs.. (gcc 4.. 1).. Linux (i386).. tar.. gpg signature.. Required:.. libdap 3.. 11.. Contributed:.. 4 (04 June 2010).. Fixed problem in logging where the actual command being executed wasn't being logged to the log file.. Fixed bug in BESKeys where = was adding to a definition instead of replacing.. Logging the received requests to the BESLog log file.. Was just saying [xml document].. Fixed potential bug in BES Uncompression Cache code when failure to uncompress a file and checking size of current cache.. 10.. 2 (6 April 2010).. Changed the way BES configuration is modified for the different handlers.. Before, changes were made using either a target to make (make bes-conf), or running a script (bes-x-data.. sh), or making changes directly to bes.. This is no longer the case.. The file bes.. conf will have miner modifications (administrator email address, user and group BES should run as, etc.. ) and that's it.. All module configuration will be in their own files in the etc/bes/modules directory.. The bes.. conf file will include module configurations in the directory that end in.. Any files that end with.. conf in that directory will be loaded.. This way, bes.. conf will never need to be modified after installation.. conf files that are already out there will still work.. This is the new, preferred method of configuration and we recommend that you move to this format.. Added a new besd script that can be used to run the BES at boot/reboot using chkconfig on linux systems.. Please see besd script for more information and ask your system administrator about gettig this installed in the proper location.. Added a new command to test error handling by clients.. , where x is 1-5 and represents the following: 1.. Internal Error - the error is internal to the BES Server 2.. Internal Fatal Error - error is fatal, can not continue 3.. Syntax User Error - the requester has a syntax error in request or config 4.. Forbidden Error - the requester is forbidden to see the resource 5.. Not Found Error - the resource can not be found.. Removed all old OPeNDAP CGI server 3 references and files.. DataDDX support added to the BES in the dap module.. Cleaned  ...   the bes for the binary distributions:.. The besdaemon process now takes an option which controls where run-time files are located.. This simplifies building the RPM distributions and helps make the BES function as people expect.. Fedora Core 6 RPMs (gcc 4.. ) , PPC DMG.. 3.. 2 (14 November 2007).. This version of the BES include many bug fixes and new features:.. Processing of data file compressed using the Unix compress command (file with the '.. Z' extension) is now fully supported.. New features to support debugging modules.. Multiple catalogs are now supported.. The BES now tests the full pathname of a file to determine which handler should be used.. In the past it only used the filename's extension.. The besctl script has new options and a new script to start Hyrax (hyraxctl) is also included.. The 'hyraxctl' script will start both the BES and OLFS (and Tomcat) with one command.. 1 (21 May 2007).. This version of the BES fixes a problem where some large 32-bit floating point arrays could trigger an early end to data transmission.. Fedora Core 4 RPMs (gcc 4.. 0).. Solaris.. Solaris 5.. 8 (gcc 3.. 3).. 0 (14 May 2007).. This version of the BES fixes several security vulnerabilities.. The previous release patched these by disabling support for compressed data.. In this release we have completely reimplemented data file decompression.. The BES includes support for files compresses using gz and bz2 (support for Z - Unix compress - will be released soon).. Also included is an improved cache for the decompressed files.. If you're updating an existing copy of Hyrax, be sure to update all of your handlers since this version of the BES is not binary-compatible with older versions.. No binaries were made for this release.. 2 (3 May 2007).. This is part of the first official release of.. (aka Server4).. See the Hyrax page to download the complete data server.. This version contains bug fixes.. 1 (12 Mar 2007).. This version contains bug fixes from the beta release (version 3.. 0, below).. 0 (12 Feb.. 2007).. This is part of the second beta release of.. This version contains bug fixes from the alpha release (version 3.. 1, below).. 1 (3 Jan 2007).. For the current alpha release, binaries will be added when they are available.. Optional (but highly recommended):.. dap-server 3.. Data Handlers.. These data handlers work with this version of the BES:.. netcdf_handler-3.. freeform_handler-3.. hdf4_handler-3.. 0 (18 Sept 2006).. This release of the BES is the second source release for use with OPeNDAP's Server4 and is a source-only alpha release.. New Features in the BES include:.. A control script (besctl) that can be used for for starting, stopping, restarting, and checking the status of the bes daemon and listener processes.. Executables are again in $prefix/bin instead of sbin and have been renamed besdaemon and beslistener.. The bescmdln is also in $prefix/bin.. Modules dynamically loaded by the bes should now be built with the -avoid-version and -module flags in LDFLAGS.. This will not put version information in the module names themselves.. All modules should be of the form xxx_module.. dap-server now has bes support for getting ascii, info, and html responses from the bes.. Check the README for both bes and dap-server for these updates.. To use these modules, simply add ascii_module, usage_module and www_module to the list of modules for bes to load.. This means that the BES now builds these responses; it is possible to build front ends for the BES that have no DAP-specific code in them!.. Modules are now named using the name from the configuration file.. The data types are also named using the name in the BES.. modules list.. For example, for the hdf4_module if you use BES.. modules=dap,cmd,h4 then the handler will handle data of type h4.. For example:.. set container values c,hdf/test01.. hdf,h4;.. BES will then look for the data handler h4 to be loaded.. Transmitter code (derived classes of BESTransmitter) only handle BESInfo objects.. For additional types of response objects, such as the OpeNDAP responses das, dds, data, etc.. developers will register functions with the different transmitters to handle those types.. See BESDapTransmit for examples.. 1 (1 July 2006, updated 20 July 2006).. This release of the BES is the first source release for use with OPeNDAP's Server4 and is a source-only alpha release..

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  • Title: OLFS: The Hyrax Front End | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › OLFS: The Hyrax Front End.. OLFS: The Hyrax Front End.. The OPeNDAP Lightweight Frontend Servlet (OLFS) provides the public-accessible client interface for.. The OLFS communicates with the.. Back End Server (BES).. to provide data and catalog services to clients.. The OLFS implements the DAP2 protocol and supports some of the new DAP4 features.. We hope that other groups will develop new front end modules that will implement other protocols.. New Features:.. Provides THREDDS Catalogs responses.. Prototype SOAP interface.. page provides a single place where each of the components of Hyrax can be downloaded and also provides information about which versions work together to properly support Hyrax s various features.. OLFS 1.. 1 (24 September 2010).. Part of.. release 1.. This 1.. 1 release of the OLFS contains an important bug fix: The patched bug prevented the OLFS from building correct THREDDS catalogs and WebStart links when used in conjunction with the Apache HTTP server.. See the.. Trac ticket.. Look at our.. documentation site.. for.. Hyrax release notes.. Compressed tar file containing the Web Archive binary and instructions.. Unpack using:.. tar -xvf olfs-1.. 1-webapp.. Binaries built using Java 6 (java version 1.. 0_17 ) and tested on.. Tomcat 6.. x.. SoapTestClient.. ) - A client for testing the prototype SOAP interface.. Documentation.. SoapTestClient jar.. 0 (17 September 2010).. Not compatible with earlier versions of Hyrax.. This release contains the following new features:.. An RDF version of the DDX.. The OLFS web application can run in any context.. Previoulsy it was confined to run in the opendap context.. Static THREDDS catalogs support dataset scan inherited metadata.. WebStart service that provides context sensitive links to Java WebStart applications taht can be used to view a dataset.. (Additional webstart applications can be added fairly easily).. 0-webapp.. 2 (25 June 2010).. This release contains bug fixes for:.. A problem with the automatically generated THREDDS catalogs from the BES.. Ticket 1579.. A problem in which thredds:datasetScan elements in static THREDDS catalogs were leaking into the catalogs returned to requesting clients.. Ticket 1572.. 2-webapp.. 1 (13 May 2010).. This release contains:.. Automatically generated THREDDS catalogs now have a file service.. If a file is not identified as data by the BES then it is listed as a dataset with just file access.. Bug fix (.. org/trac/ticket/1408.. Netcdf_fileout response has been changed to be compatible with certain 3.. 3 netcdf clients.. org/trac/ticket/1295.. Binaries built using Java 5.. 0 (JVM1.. 5) and tested on.. 0 (10 February 2010).. If a file is not identified as a data by the BES then it is listed as a dataset with just file access.. 4 (31 March 2010).. This release contains minor updates to the default configuration.. 4-webapp.. 0 (12 April 2008).. Performance enhancements (Roughly 10 times faster for small requests.. ).. New THREDDS implementation.. Fast.. Scaleable.. Presentation views (HTML pages) generated using XSLT.. Minimal configuration - works out of the box.. Simple robot blocker for those plagued by bots that consistently ignore robots.. txt.. If you are updating from an older version of Hyrax you will need to update your olfs.. xml file!..  ...   installation:.. cp.. olfs-1.. /opendap.. war $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/.. Restart Tomcat.. Done!.. Look at.. our documentation.. site for.. Tomcat 5.. 2.. 1 (14 November 2007).. 1.. This release includes:.. Version Update.. 0 (14 November 2007).. Bug fixes.. Hyrax control script -.. Simplifies starting and stopping Hyrax when running the BES and the OLFS on the same machine.. 3 (21 May 2007).. This minor release corrects a problem with the transmission of 32-bit floating point arrays.. 3-webapp.. - A client for testing the prototype SOAP interface.. 3.. 2 (1 May 2007).. This minor release corrects a problem with the DAP version (.. ver) response in the OLFS.. md5.. -.. 1 (27 April 2007).. This minor release patches a concurrency problem in the OLFS.. 0 (23 April 2007).. We have added two major features:.. Support for multiple BES s.. : Data providers may configure a single Hyrax installation to work with multiple BES s.. The OLFS dispatch code has been refactored to allow 3rd party dispatchbhandlers to be added simply by modifying the configuration and adding the java class files to the Tomcat library directory.. ATTENTION.. For those of you that already have Hyrax this change will render your current.. olfs.. obsolete.. You have two options, either:.. Remove the directory.. $CATALINA_HOME/content/opendap.. Restarting Tomcat will cause it to be recreated with a new compatible.. file.. OR.. Copy the file from the web application:.. cp $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/opendap/initialContent/olfs.. xml $CATALINA_HOME/content/opendap.. You will want (need?) to read the.. new configuration documents.. to localize your new installation:.. jar -xvf olfs-0.. 5-webapp.. 1 (19 March 2007).. Partial release 1.. 1 is part of.. Bug fixes (Tickets:.. 740.. 785.. 786.. 800.. 821.. and others).. OLFS 0.. 5 (.. beta.. ) (9 February 2007).. Release beta-0.. 5, part of.. This release features:.. 767.. 784.. 789.. 793.. , and others).. Partial implementation of logging (Ticket.. 5.. 4 (.. ) (6 November 2006).. 4.. This release adds support for:.. HTTP/1.. 1 persistent connections.. Improved OPeNDAP directory response.. Prototype SOAP Interface.. Server UUID on top level directory for improved web searchability.. Persistent content (configurations, user supplied documents/web pages, etc.. Improved internal efficency via BES client connection pooling.. 4 -.. binary jar.. , Built using Java 5.. TestClient jar.. 3 (.. alpha.. ) (15 September 2006).. Release alpha-0.. 1 caching - Support for conditional GET using.. If-Modified-Since.. If-Unmodified-Since.. headers.. Peristent Configurations - Now local configurations will not be destroyed when installing new versions of the software.. Configurations are stored in the.. $TOMCAT_HOME/content/opendap.. directory.. Advanced THREDDS catalogs - These require thoughtful modification of the catalog.. xml file located in the persisent content/configuration directory.. A prototype SOAP interface.. This is documented at:.. http://rsg.. org/server-4/templates/soapAPI.. html.. A SoapTestClient that utilizes the prototype SOAP interface.. For all of the jar files, unpack using jar -xvf file.. jar and follow the instructions in the README file.. 3 -.. 6 MB), Built using Java 5.. SOAPTestClient.. 6MB).. jar and follow the instructions in the README or index.. html files.. 6 MB),.. 3 MB).. SOAPTestClient source code jar.. 2 (.. ) (1 July 2006).. 2 -.. Built using Java 5.. Web Archive file.. 6 MB).. 0 MB),.. 5 MB)..

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  • Title: Hyrax 1.8.0 release | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Hyrax 1.. 0 release.. Mon, 01/23/2012 - 20:00 —.. jimg.. 0!.. Released on 23 Jan 2012.. Updates:.. Updated the OLFS on 1/27/12 to 1.. 1: misc fixes.. Updated the HDF5 handler on 2/1/12 to version 1.. 1: The H5.. IgnoreUnknownTypes didn t always work and Varying Length String attributes were sometimes garbled.. Source available today; RPMs to follow.. New Features and fixes:.. RDF output for metadata.. XML response for data: it s now possible to request data encoded in XML (as ASCII).. This is primarily intended for use in semantic applications although it likely has many other uses.. Not intended for large data volumes!.. FITS: We have added FITS format support.. New Administrator s interface!.. Start, stop, control logging.. and more from a browser.. Beta.. : ISO 19115 output for metadata plus a Rubric that indicates the degree of conformance with that particular standard.. We have an update pending for this that will be out in a few weeks.. At that time, all you ll need to do is drop an new opendap.. war file in the tomcat webapps directory - easy! Until then, the.. iso.. rubric.. links won t show up in a browser, but you can get these responses by adding.. iso and.. rubric at the end of the URL in a browser.. Updated online documentation for the.. server.. and for.. specific handlers.. Features and fixes for specific formats or modules.. Fixed the bug in uint16/uint32 type attribute handling.. Correced the handling the scale/offset for MODIS products.. The MODIS scale/offset equation is quite different from the CF standard.. Added the support for LAMAZ projection data.. Fixed memory release error that occurs on iMac (OS X Lion) with the STL string:string Map.. Added.. H5.. IgnoreUnknownTypes.. which follows the behavior pattern established for/by the netcdf handler.. When set, data types that cannot easily be represented in DAP2 are simply ignored.. When not set, an error is returned when an unknown type is found in a data file.. The int8 to int16 conversion is now handled correctly.. NetCDF 3 and 4.. The handler now reads all  ...   satisfy with YUM/RPM on linux.. For OS/X, our packages will contain references to all of the required dependencies.. Roughly speaking, for a complete server hears what you ll need:.. libxml2, libcurl, libreadline.. hdf4, hdf5, netcdf4, icu, cfits - these you needs only if you want to read data from the corresponding handler.. That said, on any of RedHat family of Linux distributions, all you need to do is type.. yum install hdf hdf5 netcdf4 icu.. What To Get Here.. To run the Hyrax server, you will need to download and install the following (from source or binary):.. OLFS (which is a Java binary and runs on any computer with Java 1.. 6).. BES.. General Purpose Handlers (aka dap-server).. One or more data handlers depending on which data you wish to serve.. Java.. 1 Web Archive File.. ) Unpack using tar -xvf filename and follow the instructions in the README file.. (Requires.. Built using Java 6.. Tested against.. ) -.. If you are upgrading an exisiting installation you will need to update your olfs.. xml file to reflect the many changes in the OLFS.. The new file can be found here $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/opendap/initialContent/olfs.. Localize it to reflect your BES configuration and other options and copy it to.. $CATALINA_HOME/content/opendap/olfs.. Linux (CentOS 5.. 3) x86_64 RPMs.. libdap-3.. BES-3.. General purpose handlers-4.. (aka dap-server).. Netcdf Data Handler-3.. HDF4 Data Handler-3.. Note that this RPM does not include HDFEOS2 support.. HDF4 Data Handler with HDF-EOS.. HDF4 Data handler with HDF-EOS and the Short-names Option.. HDF5 Data Handler-1.. - uses the stock hdf5 rpm (version 1.. 5-patch1).. FreeForm Data Handler-3.. Fileout for netCDF Handler 1.. NcML Module 1.. Gateway Module 1.. CSV Handler 1.. XML Data Handler 1.. FITS Handler 1.. 3) i386 RPMs.. OS-X (10.. x or higher) Package Installer.. Not quite yet.. bes.. General purpose handlers (aka dap-server).. 4.. NetCDF Handler.. FreeForm Handler.. HDF4 Handler (with enhancments for HDF-EOS).. HDF5 Handler.. 1.. Fileout NetCDF Handler.. NcML Module.. CSV (Comma-Separated Values) Handler.. Gateway Module.. XML Data Response.. FITS Handler.. OLFS (requires Java 1.. 1 source.. (.. 1 documentation.. release.. to post comments..

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  • Title: Hyrax 1.7.1 Release | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: 1 Release.. Sun, 08/21/2011 - 16:39 —.. 1!.. Released on 21 August 2011.. Problems fixed:.. Compressed file caching problem where the cache size set in the configuration file was not honored.. (This was fixed in 1.. Two problems with the HDF4 handler have been fixed: Some data sets failed because the handler confused similarly named variables and some HDF-EOS files did not work with the handler when it is not compiled and linked with the HDF-EOS2 library.. This release fixes a problem on 32-bit computers.. If you are not using a 64-bit computer to run Hyrax, there s no need to get this version - 1.. 0 works fine on 64-bit computers.. New Feature Summary (from version 1.. 0):.. This release includes three new handlers:.. A Gateway handler that can be used to serve data accessible from remote services.. A Comma Separated Values handler that can be used to serve data stored in CSV formatted files.. The NetCDF handler now reads NetCDF4 files that use the classic NetCDF data model..  ...   as.. ncISO.. To use this, you need to edit the URLs by hand for now.. To get the ISO19115 response for a given dataset, replace a DAP suffix like.. dods with.. iso.. To get the ncISO rubric, use the extension.. rubric.. In a future release these will be links on the directory pages.. Thanks to Ted Haberman and Co.. for help with this! Examples:.. ISO 19115.. http://test.. org/dap/data/nc/coads_climatology.. nc.. iso.. Rubric.. rubric.. 1 server running, you will need:.. Individual handlers may have their own external dependencies as well --- please see the individual handler pages for specifics.. 6).. 2 Web Archive File.. - - uses the stock hdf5 rpm (version 1.. The OS/X package for Hyrax 1.. 1 contains a complete copy of the data server - including tomcat and all of the libraries not included on a stock OS/X 10.. 5 or higher computer.. For more information about how the package was built see the.. page on our documentation wiki.. describing the build.. Hyrax_1.. pkg.. 2 source.. 2 documentation..

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