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    Archived pages: 580 . Archive date: 2014-01.

  • Title: OPeNDAP in the Cloud, AGU version | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › OPeNDAP in the Cloud, AGU version.. Tue, 12/17/2013 - 12:35 —.. jimg.. The two prototyping efforts show the extraordinary potential these services present along with some reasons to proceed with eyes wide open, especially regarding costs and use-patterns for your data.. Attachment.. Size.. AGU_OPeNDAP_Cloud_12.. 13.. 2013 compat.. ppt.. 1.. 19 MB.. to post comments..

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  • Title: Hyrax 1.9 release | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: ›.. Hyrax.. › Hyrax 1.. Tue, 08/27/2013 - 20:01 —.. Requirements.. Software Downloads.. Server Documentation.. New Features:.. New server functions including a new way to build arrays with constant values.. This is documented on our page that covers.. server functions.. shipped with the server by default.. We have included experimental support for POST with this server.. Look at the olfs.. xml configuration file for more information.. This new feature provides a way to pass very large constraint expressions to the server.. We would like feedback on this feature.. Hyrax now supports the server function calling syntax used by the GDS and FTDS servers.. We have modified the constraint expression syntax in three important ways: It s possible to use a * for the end count in an array subset operation, so you can say x[10:2:*] to get every second element from 10 to the end of the dimension; The server supports multiple function calls separated by commas in a single expression; and the server will return metadata responses for server function calls.. This means server functions will work with clients built using the netCDF C and Java libraries.. The server includes a new handler that returns GeoTIFF files for variables with recognized geospatial metadata.. Tweaks: Version 1.. 1 adds a change in libdap to normalize the behavior of the handler s read() method for the Sequence data type.. This affects only the FreeForm, netcdf file response and hdf4 handlers - those are updated while the remaining handlers should work just fine with the 3.. 12.. 1 version of libdap.. Features and fixes for specific formats or modules.. HDF4 and HDF5.. Enhanced support for the CF conventions.. While many HDF4 and HDF5 files from NASA and other Government agencies contain the information covered by the CF convention, they often do not express it in a conformant way.. The HDF handlers have expanded support for CF with the latest version of Hyrax.. More details can be found in the.. HDF4 handler documentation.. as well as the.. HDF5 handler documentation.. Here are two papers that describe the mapping to CF for these handlers (.. HDF4 to  ...   if you ve set up the EPEL repository.. To set that up see the.. EPEL home page.. or just install its.. rpm.. ).. For a source build of the complete server hears what you ll need:.. libxml2, libcurl, libreadline.. hdf4, hdf5, netcdf4, icu, cfits - these you needs only if you want to read data from the corresponding handler.. Software downloads for Hyrax 1.. 1.. To run the Hyrax server, you will need to download and install the following (from source or binary):.. OLFS (which is a Java binary and runs on any computer with Java 1.. 6).. libdap.. BES.. General Purpose Handlers (aka dap-server).. One or more data handlers depending on which data you wish to serve.. Our software distributions are signed using a public/private key pair.. See.. Public Key.. for more information.. Binaries for Hyrax 1.. Java.. OLFS 1.. 10.. 0 Web Archive File.. (.. gpg signature.. ) Unpack using tar -xvf filename and follow the instructions in the README file.. (Requires.. Built using Java 6.. Tested against.. Tomcat 7.. 0.. x.. ) -.. Note:.. If you are upgrading an exisiting installation you will need to update your olfs.. xml file to reflect the many changes in the OLFS.. The new file can be found here $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/opendap/initialContent/olfs.. xml.. Localize it to reflect your BES configuration and other options and copy it to.. $CATALINA_HOME/content/opendap/olfs.. Linux (CentOS 6) x86_64 RPMs.. libdap-3.. BES-3.. General purpose handlers-4.. 3.. GDAL Handler-0.. GeoTIFF file response handler-0.. 2.. Netcdf Data Handler-3.. HDF4 Data Handler-3.. 11.. or the.. Handler built with HDF-EOS support.. from The HDF Group.. HDF5 Data Handler-2.. FreeForm Data Handler-3.. 8.. 7.. Fileout for netCDF Handler 1.. NcML Module 1.. Gateway Module 1.. CSV Handler 1.. XML Data Handler 1.. FITS Handler 1.. Source code for Hyrax 1.. 3.. ,.. bes.. General purpose handlers (aka dap-server).. 4.. GeoTIFF, GRiB2, JPEG2000, NITF (GDAL) Handler:.. 0.. GeoTIFF file response handler:.. NetCDF Handler.. FreeForm Handler.. HDF4 Handler (with enhancements for HDF-EOS).. HDF5 Handler.. 2.. Fileout NetCDF Handler.. NcML Module.. CSV (Comma-Separated Values) Handler.. Gateway Module.. XML Data Response.. FITS Handler.. OLFS (requires Java 1.. 0 source.. 0 documentation.. release..

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  • Title: All Software | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: About Software Downloads.. All Software.. WCS.. Matlab - loaddap.. IDL Client.. Java Library.. OC.. ODC.. Software from other groups.. › All Software.. Clients.. THREDDS Catalog Crawler 0.. 4.. This software crawls DAP servers that also support THREDDS catalogs (e.. g.. , TDS, Hyrax, and likely others) and automatically builds either EML Ecological Markup Language) or NCML (Netcdf Markup Language) metadata.. In this software, EML is used to describe an entire dataset while NCML is used to build aggregations (logical datasets that consist of many URLs).. The software was written by OPeNDAP as one part of it s participation in the REAP (Real-time Analytical Pipelines) project (NSF award #0619060).. Implemented in Java, you will need Java 1.. 6 and Postgres.. This is an alpha version of the software.. Downloads:.. Source.. sig.. ),.. Binary.. Revision control (SVN):.. https://scm.. opendap.. org/svn/trunk/thredds_crawler.. , or via.. Trac.. Matlab: loaddap.. Load data directly into Matlab from the command line or your own Matlab scripts.. The Matlab 2009 version has an installer for Windows XP that includes libdap, so all you need to do is grab the installer listed here.. OS/X and Linux users need to install libdap separately.. Matlab 2009.. Versions:.. Mac Intel 32-bit.. libdap 3.. 3 for OS/X Intel 32-bit.. Intel Mac 64-bit (snow leopard).. 3 for OS/X Intel 64-bit (snow leopard).. Win32.. Linux i386.. (libdap 3.. 3 required), (.. 3 for linux i386.. Linux x86_64.. 3 for linux x86_64.. More.. The 2007 and 2008 versions have installers for both Windows XP and OS/X that include libdap, so all you need to do is grab the installer listed here.. Linux users need to get libdap separately.. Matlab 2007/2008.. Mac PPC.. Intel.. ix386/ix86_64/Fedora Core 8.. 1 required).. Source Code.. Note.. We have done a fair amount of work updating this client for use with the.. OPeNDAP/URI Matlab Ocean Data Toolbox.. The toolbox is quite nice and provides interfaces for some widely used data sets and it s also only a small fraction of the total package - most of the package is the loaddap binary.. Matlab OPeNDAP Toolbox.. This toolbox provides Graphical User Interfaces to access a number of ocean data sets via OPeNDAP as well as tools to plot the acquired data.. The strength of these interfaces is that they expose complicated data sets (often multi-variable, multi-file data sets spread over a number of directories) in an easy to use interface, allowing the user to request only the subset of data -- parameters, spatial and temporal range and resolution -- relevant to his or her needs.. The OPeNDAP IDL Client is an IDL tool which provides access to OPeNDAP data in IDL.. The IDL client now uses the OPeNDAP C API(Ocapi-1.. 3) in place of the Ocapi-1.. 33.. This client was compiled with IDL 6.. The  ...   IDL code is now optional at compile time.. /ix386/Linux/Fedora Core 8.. /x86_64/Linux/Fedora Core 8.. /ix386/OS/X.. /pc/OS/X.. DAP++.. This version is a minor upgrade from 3.. 2 and contains a fix for the Attribute parser so that quotation is preserved when attribute objects are both read and written.. This version of libdap is binary-compatible with 3.. i386/Linux/Fedora Core 8.. x86_64/Linux/Fedora Core 8.. Java DAP.. The Java DAP class library implements DAP 2.. It is completely interoperable with the DAP++ library above, although it was written by developers at JPL and OSU.. The library contains an implementation of the DAP 2.. 0 plus server specific classes.. This software supports building servlets (the DAP++ library s server-side supports CGIs).. Note that version 1.. 7 contains some important organizational changes.. Each of the distribution files will need to be unpacked (using jar) prior to use.. If you re upgrading from an older version, be sure to read the README file.. README.. Binary (jar file).. (426 KB),.. Source (jar file).. (2.. 0 MB).. Documentation (jar file).. (1.. 4 MB).. Development Kits from other groups.. There are several other Development Kits that provide APIs different from the one we designed and implemented in the DAP++ and Java DAP class libraries.. Some are object oriented and some are functional.. If you know of a SDK that s not on our list, please tell us about it!.. OPeNDAP C API (Ocapi).. Support for the Ocapi is being phased out in favor of the.. OC API.. The OPeNDAP C API (OCAPI) is an OPeNDAP DAP 2.. 0 client implementation written in generic C.. The goal of this implementation is to provide a C code base that can be compiled easily on any platform without the complexities found in C++.. 3 is a source release plus binaries.. This release fixed a buffer overflow error and duplicate attribute error.. Removes outdated code and debugging messages.. Servers.. is the OPeNDAP 4 Data Server.. Each server version contains bug fixes and new features.. The latter can include new capabilities in existing modules or completely new modules supporting different data or response formats.. Please refer to the.. page for more information.. Comprehensive list of Data Handlers.. OPeNDAP maintains, at varying levels, many different data handlers which work with the.. (and.. CGI-based.. ) data server.. Some are widely used and we coordinate their release with the server packages.. You can download those handlers from the Hyrax or CGI-based servers pages.. This page provides a listing of all the data handlers we provide, including those for which we provide binary builds, those that are released as source code only and those that are available from our source code repository.. If you have questions about any of the handlers, or an idea for a new handler, please contact us!..

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  • Title: Hyrax Data Server | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Hyrax.. Hyrax Data Server.. Hyrax is the next generation server from OPeNDAP.. It utilizes a modular design that employs a light weight Java servlet (aka OLFS) to provide the public-accessible client interface, and a back-end daemon, the BES, to handle the heavy lifting.. The BES uses the same handlers that are used with Server3 (also know as the.. CGI Server.. ) but loads those at run time.. Hyrax configuration documentation and design documentation.. for detailed information about the server.. Use the links of the right to download Hyrax.. Benefits:.. The servlet architecture is faster, more robust, and more secure than CGI invoked Perl scripts.. A single installation can handle multiple data representations (hdf4, hdf5, netcdf, etc.. THREDDS catalog functionality.. A prototype SOAP interface for OPeNDAP data services.. Hyrax documentation:.. Hyrax documentation.. Server framework downloads (for  ...   out which versions of those packages work together correctly.. It s possible to get each of the packages from their own page, too.. All of our software downloads are signed using GPG.. Ask us for the public key if you want to verify the signatures.. Other software you will need:.. Tomcat.. , and optionally.. Apache.. This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No.. 0430822.. Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation (NSF).. Support for the development of Hyrax has also come from NASA and NOAA.. Hyrax Releases.. 8 release.. February 13, 2012, 2:00 am.. 0 release.. January 23, 2012, 8:00 pm.. 1 Release.. August 21, 2011, 4:39 pm..

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  • Title: WCS Service | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › WCS.. WCS Service.. Beta release of WCS service.. Supported WCS Version: 1.. 1.. (specifically 1.. 2).. This WCS service is designed to be used in conjunction with one or more Hyrax data servers.. The Hyrax servers may be either local or remote to the WCS service.. The WCS services uses semantic web technologies  ...   It returns data as netCDF.. System Requirements.. The WCS services needs:.. 6 virtual machine.. or newer.. Tomcat 6.. (The WCS service has not been tested against Tomcat 7.. x).. In addition the WCS service requires DAP datasets served by.. WCS Service web application version 1.. 0-beta.. Detailed Installation and Configuration Instructions can be found here..

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  • Title: The Matlab loaddap Command Line Tool | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Matlab - loaddap.. The Matlab loaddap Command Line Tool.. The Matlab.. loaddap.. Tool provides a way to read any DAP-accessible data into Matlab.. This is the second major update to the older Command Line Tool and this version adds the ability to preserve structures in data sources by creating Matlab Structure variables where appropriate.. This version should be used in place of the older Command Line Tool where possible.. We re maintaining the older version as resources permit.. You can use the tool within scripts.. Also note that.. Matlab 2012a Includes Built-in Support for OPeNDAP!.. This capability takes advantage of new features in the netCDF C library developed by OPeNDAP and Unidata under support from NSF.. The blog post includes a tutorial using same data from our test server.. Matlab.. Tool 3.. 2, 31 May 2012.. Version 3.. 2 of loaddap fixes a handful of problems with newer versions of Matlab.. The configure script now recognizes Matlab 2010a and on.. The tests work again!.. When an incompatible binary is used, a more helpful error message is displayed.. This is a source-only release.. We will build binaries as time permits; please let us know if you have a particular need and we will try to accommodate it.. However, we are stretched pretty thin, so any help from the community with builds, especially for Windows, would be greatly appreciated.. Source code.. To build from source, first build and install libdap, then build and install loaddap.. Check the INSTALL and README files distributed with each package for specifics.. The general process is to run the.. configure.. script, followed by.. make.. and.. make install.. tar.. gz.. Required:.. Note that we used libdap 3.. 3 for this update but it is likely that versions back to 3.. x will work.. 0, 4 Dec 2009.. 0 of loaddap is built with libdap 3.. You must have.. Matlab 2009a.. or newer to use these binaries.. For older Matlab versions, see.. loaddap 3.. 1/2.. Unfortunately due to changes in the OS/X and Linux package maker, you must now get separate libdap and loaddap packages and install the libdap package first, then install the loaddap package.. The win32 binary has an installer that includes libdap, so all you need to do is grab the loaddap win32 binary here.. It s still fairly easy.. Binaries.. Win32-3.. Win32 package.. Mac OS/X.. ).. Intel Mac 32-bit.. 3 32-bit.. Linux CentOS 5.. 2.. x86_64/CentOS 5.. ; (.. libdap x86_64 CentOS 5.. i386/CentOS 5.. libdap i386 CentOS 5.. See below, Contributed builds, for additional binaries.. Required packages.. The Matlab structs tool version 3.. 0 was built with.. libdap library.. version 3.. Required third-party packages.. On win32 the libdap binary distribution contains all the third-party libraries you need; on platforms like linux and OS/X (especially 10.. 5  ...   so even though libdap is listed as required software, you only need to download the loaddap packages listed here.. Linux users still have to get the libdap rpms in addition to the loaddap rpms here.. 27 Feb 2009.. New version and installer with an important bug fix for Widows XP/Vista.. We fixed a problem where loaddap would force you restart to Matlab every so often (once every 500 times loaddap was called).. This fix is in version 3.. 2 and the fix only applies to the WinXP binary; the software is unchanged for the linux and OS/X platforms.. 23 July 2008.. New installer for Widows XP/Vista.. We ve fixed a problem with the installer.. Grab the new one from the link below.. The version number is the same since there s no change to the software at all - just some additional run-time libraries from Microsoft.. 20 June 2008.. Updated the OS/X packages so that they include libdap.. ) Note that this version was built against libdap 3.. 2, not 3.. 1 as with the other binaries in this section.. OS/X 10.. 4 PPC.. Intel Mac.. Linux.. ix86_64/Fedora Core 8.. libdap i86_64 FC8.. i386/Fedora Core 8.. libdap i386 FC8.. The Matlab structs tool requires the.. , version 3.. 1 or 3.. Do not use the new 3.. 0 libdap with ml-structs 3.. (note that the Windows XP installer includes the correct version of libdap).. On win32 the libdap binary distribution contains all the third-party libraries you need; on platforms like linux you should look at the requirements for libdap.. The Mac falls somewhere in between.. 4 or greater.. 2 MB) (.. libdap++ 3.. 3 MB) (.. 0 (4 May 2008).. The 3.. 0 distribution of loaddap was released bundled with the OPeNDAP/URI Matlab Ocean Data Toolbox on 28 Feb 2008.. We intended to provide loaddap distributions, but the toolbox is only slightly larger than the loaddap binary by itself, so until we make those distributions, we suggest you get the new version of loaddap from the.. toolbox download site.. If you would like a source release of loaddap 3.. 0, please email.. support at opendap.. 5.. 2 (28 April 2006).. 4(Tiger) package.. ix386/ix86_64/Fedora Core 4.. i386/RedHat Enterprise3.. The libdap binary distribution contains all the third-party libraries you need.. The Mac users may need to install libxml2.. pkg.. zip.. (loaddap for the intel mac).. 3 MB).. 1 (30 Dec.. 2005).. (3.. 7 MB).. 0 (14 Dec.. 5 (9 July 2004).. Linux (x86).. Red Hat 7.. 3, tar.. gz format.. 2 MB).. Build: gcc 3.. 0, glibc 2.. 5, Kernel 2.. 20, statically linked.. Red Hat 8.. 0, tar.. 2, glibc 2.. 2, kernel 2.. Fedora Core 1, tar.. (0.. 9 MB).. 22, dynamically linked.. tar.. (640 KB).. 7 MB) and.. packages 3.. (4.. 8 MB)..

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  • Title: The OPeNDAP IDL Client | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › IDL Client.. The OPeNDAP IDL Client.. IDL (a commercial data analysis and visualization package) is required.. The client now uses the OPeNDAP C API(v-1.. 3) in place of the Ocapi 1.. Also note that IDL, as of version 8.. 2, has.. built-in support for OPeNDAP servers.. The OPeNDAP IDL Client 3.. 1 (21 April 2009).. MAC power  ...   idl-client has been tested using IDL 6.. 3 although it s possible the software will work with IDL 6.. 0 or newer.. The $RSI/IDL/bin directory must be on your path or given to configure using the --with-idl option.. You should have gcc/g++ 2.. 95.. x or greater.. The OPeNDAP IDL Client (21 April 2009).. MAC i386.. 33 or newer..

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  • Title: The DAP++ SDK | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › libdap.. The DAP++ SDK.. A C++ SDK which contains an implementation of DAP 2.. 0 and the development versions of DAP3, up to 3.. This includes both Client- and Server-side support classes.. DAP++ SDK 3.. 0 (2 Oct 2013).. The main additions to the library are in the Constraint Expression parser and evaluator as well as some new server functions.. New server functions, including a new way to build arrays with constant values, are documented on our page that covers.. Server functions are no longer baked into libdap; they are now loaded from external modules by the BES.. It s easy to write your own modules and/or migrate server functions to the new interface.. Linux (x86_64).. CentOS 6.. 4, RPMs.. (gcc 4.. 4).. The libdap 3.. 12 software requires libcurl 7.. 6, libxml2 2.. 16 and a modern pthreads library.. To build from a fresh SVN checkout, you ll need automake 1.. 11, autoconf 2.. 61 and libtool 2.. Required: libcurl, libxml2 and pthreads.. On linux you ll need the regular packages plus the -devel development packages for these.. They are commonly present on machines configured for development.. See above.. For Windows, we suggest using the OC library for client side access or building/running the server using.. CygWin.. 7 (7 Nov 2012).. Bug fixes.. If the server function cache directory is not defined, the cache simply is not used.. CentOS 5.. 7, RPMs.. 1).. 3, RPMs.. x software requires libcurl 7.. 10, autoconf 2.. If you are building the source on Windows XP, Vista or Window 7 you will need a fairly complex collection of tools.. Assuming you have Visual C++ 9.. 0 (aka 2008) using the.. OPeNDAP Tools 1.. ) installer will set up a build environment for you.. This is the build environment used to make the binaries distributed here.. 6 (31 OCt 2012).. This release includes a modification to the constraint expression parser so that metadata responses can be returned when server-functions are used in URLs.. In addition, the results from server-function calls are cached so that functions are run only once for a given combination of dataset, variable(s) and parameter(s).. This release contains a few fixes for builds on various platforms.. 2 (23 Jan 2012).. This is a bug fix release - check the trac site for information about specific issues that are fixed.. 2, RPMs.. Linux (i386).. 61 and libtool 1.. 24.. 1 (23 August 2011).. The new DAP3.. 3 Keywords are supported by the library.. Constraint expressions can now include multiple function calls.. Previously, when a function was used in the projection part of the CE and it was not a projection function, but a function that returns data, only function could be called in the CE.. Now the evaluator supports calling a series of functions.. The results are returned in a Dataset object as before.. Because this is a new behavior for the library I have bumped up the minor revision.. This version is backward compatible with the previous version of the library.. Grid now prints the XML declaration correctly when a constrained Grid variable s type decays to a Structure.. The expr-test program now has an XML option (-x) for use with constrained DDS/DDX output.. This bug affected the usefulness of the DDX response.. The geogrid() function now takes both (grid, box points ) and (grid, lat array, lon array box points ).. 2 (13 May 2010).. This release changed the way the DAS object s attributes are merged into a DDS object, which did two things.. First, the process of merging the attributes has a default behavior that will work if the DAS and DDS are built according to the DAP 2.. 0 specification, and second, the handlers can specialize the process to suite their own needs.. This means that new handlers that build odd DAS objects will need to specialize the transfer_attributes() method defined by BaseType, Constructor and Grid.. This is already done for the current handlers we re distributing as part of Hyrax.. This means that attributes from the netCDF handler appear correctly in Grid maps.. Speaking of the netCDF handler, it now builds with netcdf 4.. Build fixes galore, including new Requires: lines in the rpm spec files which should make it easier to short circuit installation problems with the handlers.. The DDX no longer contains attribtues with 0xdd; escape codes.. When an XML document declares that it is UTF-8 codes 0x20 are not allowed.. We re using octal escapes again.. The preceding fix, along with the corrected processing of the DAS object mean that two major issues with the DDX that hindered the use of that response in semantic web applications are gone.. 2 software requires libcurl 7.. If you are building the source on Windows XP or Vista you will need a fairly complex collection of tools.. Contributed:.. 0 (09 February 2010).. In this version we have removed the Server 3 (CGI) software from the dap-server package and, with that change, we have removed the deflate program from this library/package.. The geogrid() function has been much improved.. It will now answer requests where the latitude is upside down in the dataset and flip the result so that the north pole is up.. It will also handle requests that wrap around the date line.. Error messages are also improved.. This library now implements DAP 3.. 3 including the OtherXML DAP attribute type (which will become AnyXML in DAP 4).. The library now implements simple version negotiation and a DDX response that is DAP version sensitive.. See the online DAP4 design documentation for more information (docs.. org).. Many, many fixes and extensions for DAP4 and NcML support.. (NB: the NcML handler is a separate project).. 0 software requires libcurl 7.. Modern versions of Linux come with the needed libraries.. 3 (18 May 2009).. Provided as time permits.. 32-bit Intel.. Win32 installer.. If you get one of our other Win32 packages (e.. , the one for loaddap) then you do not need to get this.. This installer is intended for software developers using libdap on WinXP/Vista.. 3 software requires libcurl 7.. 10 or greater.. 10  ...   2007).. 8 is mostly a bug-fix release, however, this version also includes support for pkg-config.. The NEWS file contained in the source release, along with the matching ChangeLog file, detail the fixes.. There are no API changes in this release.. Briefly, the fixes include:.. Memory error with the Regex class on 64-bit machines;.. Memory error when reading HTTP headers from an older server;.. Fedora Core 4, RPMs (gcc 4.. 0).. SPARC/Solaris.. Solaris 2.. 8 software requires libcurl 7.. You will need to install libxml2; libcurl and pthreads are already present.. SGI/IRIX.. For these and other Unix distributions you will need to get libcurl, libxml and maybe pthreads.. 7 (3 May 2007).. 7 is a bug-fix release.. Build issues with the libraries libdapclient and libdapserver;.. Fixed a handful of platform-specific build issues;.. There are some minor performance improvements to the constraint evaluator;.. Repaired some problems with the server-side functions.. 7 software requires libcurl 7.. 6 (13 March 2007).. 6 is a bug-fix release.. A problem with the linear_scale() server-side function with Array variables was fixed;.. A build problem with the Matlab client was fixed.. Fedora Core 5, RPMs.. Fedora Core 4, RPMs.. 4 (Tiger) package.. 6 software requires libcurl 7.. 5 (12 Feb 2007).. 5* is a bug-fix release.. Problems found with the new server-side functions.. Build problems when using gcc 4.. Windows XP port improvements.. Added methods for the BES.. *The 3.. 4 public release was not announced here, but there was a source release for that version of the library.. Win32 package and Win32 Prerequisites Package.. IRIX 6.. 5 software requires libcurl 7.. 3 (27 Nov 2006).. 3 version of libdap++ includes new features and an implementation change, which now returns the DAP protocol version number, 3.. 1, in an HTTP response header.. It also contains an implementation of the DDX object/response.. 3 version of libdap is required for the soon-to-be beta release of Server4.. This version of libdap contains a beta release of the server-side functions geogrid(), geoarray(), linear_scale() and version().. These can be used to select parts of Grids and Arrays using latitude and longitude values instead of array position indexes.. The linear_scale() function can be used to scale variables (including those return by other function) using y = mx + b.. The version() function can be used to find out which versions of the functions are installed.. *We skipped the 3.. 0 to 3.. 2 public releases.. Win32 package.. Win32 Prerequisites Package.. Intel Mac.. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, RPMs.. (gcc 3.. 3).. 2 (17 Mar 2006).. This update to 3.. 0* includes fixes a problem where Grids with two or more dimensions with the same name were flagged as broken (by Grid::check_semantics).. Now they are allowed as per the specification.. A new method get_parent() is added to AttrTable.. Methods marked as deprecated in version 3.. 5 have been removed from the library.. See the documentation in the source distribution for a listing of those methods.. 0 and 3.. 1 public releases.. 3 (31 Oct 2005).. 2 includes fixes to problems reported with the 3.. x beta releases and a vastly reworked build.. The build now uses autoconf/make and libtool and produces both a static and shared library.. Included with the source is a RPM spec file which can be used to produce both RPM source and binary distributions.. Both the Makefile builds and the rpm builds have had extensive work to bring them inline with the Fedora project s requirements, thanks to Patrice Dumas and others.. Also included is a semi-automated way to build Mac OS/X 10.. 4 (Tiger) packages.. The GNURegex class has been rewritten so that it uses only the POSIX interface for regular expressions, which introduces a few subtle changes in the library s behavior.. There are a number of applications out there that use the 3.. 2 library and there have been a number of changes to the API since then.. Here s a.. short paper.. pdf.. ) that explains how to migrate code from 3.. 2 to 3.. This version of the library is required by the new data handlers that work with the latest version of the server, which will also be released today.. Required: You may need libcurl and/or libxml2.. 6 and libxml2 2.. See our.. Third-party software.. page for links to these packages.. You may also need the pthreads package.. 2 (15 Aug 2005).. 1 includes fixes to problems reported with the 3.. 1 and 3.. 0 beta releases and a vastly reworked build.. Other changes: The code now builds and passes all tests on the AMD64 (running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3).. It also now builds with gcc 4.. 0 (on FC4).. See the OPeNDAP.. 2 Release milestone.. for more information about specific problems that have been fixed.. Fedora Core 3, RPMs.. 1 beta (13 May 2005).. 0 fixes some minor problems with the build.. These fixes are needed to build with libnc-dap 3.. New to the software is an rpm spec file.. Use this to make binary RPMs for those Linux distributions that support them.. Our next release will include RPM binaries.. Currently this is only a source release.. 1 beta.. 0 and libxml2 2.. 0 beta (5 May 2005).. This version of libdap++ includes support for the AIS, a new factory-based class instantiation mechanism, the first of the DAP3 features (XML encoding for data previously held in the DAS and DDS) and a streamlined build process.. However, the version 3.. x clients and servers are not compatible with this version of the library.. If you want to build those, get.. See the README, INSTALL and NEWS files included with the source for more information.. This version of the library has been built on Linux (Fedora core 2,3 and RedHat Enterprise v.. 3) and Mac OS/X 10.. 0 beta.. 8 (9 July 2004 updated 1 Nov for Win32).. 6 MB).. 2, dynamically linked.. 1 MB).. Build: gcc 2.. Alpha/OSF1.. OSF1, v5.. 3, dynamically linked.. 7 (17 March 2004).. a href= /pub/dods/DODS-3.. 4/3.. 3/binary/mips-sgi-irix6.. 5n32-mips3/DODS-dap-library-3.. 7-mips-sgi-irix6.. gz%20%3E%20%20IRIX%206.. 5%3C/a%3E%20%28891%20KB%29.. %3C/dd%3E%20%0A%3C/dl%3E%20%0A%0A%3C%21--%7Bcke_protected%7D%7BC%7D%3C%21%2D%2D%20Contributed%20builds%20go%20here%20%2D%2D%3E--%3E%20%0A%3Cb%3ESource%20code%3C/b%3E%20%0A%3Cdl%3E%20%0A%3Cdt%3E%3Cb%3EVersion%203.. 7%3C/b%3E%3C/dt%3E%20%0A%3Cdd%3E%3Ca%20%20data-cke-saved-href=%20 pub= dods= dods-3.. 4= 3.. 3= source= dods-dap-3.. gz = tar.. gz (1.. (6..

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  • Title: Java-DAP2: A pure Java implementation of the DAP2 Protocol | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Java DAP2 Library.. Java-DAP2: A pure Java implementation of the DAP2 Protocol.. The Java-DAP2 SDK is a pure Java implementation of the DAP2 (Data Access Protocol, version 2).. Software written using this SDK is fully interoperable with software written using the.. (a C++ implementation of DAP2).. Java-DAP2 1.. 0 (14 August 2012).. This new release of the Java implementation of the DAP2 protocol contains the same fundamental design as the older releases along with a number of new features and capabilities.. The base package names have been migrated from dods to opendap.. dap2-1.. tgz.. 7M) - This is the client library distribution for Java implementation of the OPeNDAP DAP2 protocol.. It contains:.. The DAP2 client library jar file located in top level directory.. Additional documentation located in the docs directory.. Ancillary libraries required by the client library.. Files located in the lib directory.. Code examples for how to use the library to access DAP2 data in the src directory (which are also compiled  ...   Ancillary libraries required to compile.. The ANT build.. xml file located in the top level directory.. See the HTML documents in the docs directory for more detailed installation, usage, and configuration information.. Older Versions.. JDAP 1.. 7 (31 August 2004).. 7 uses a different organizational scheme; if you re upgrading from a previous version, be sure to take a look at the.. file here.. JVM 1.. Binary jar file.. (426 KBB) - Unpacks to a library directory containing the dods library and required ancillary libraries.. Note that with version 1.. 7 we re now using Ant to build the source.. This drops our build time from half an hour to less than one minute!.. source jar.. 0 MB) - Includes API documentation, configuration information, developers notes, Ant build files, and libraries required to compile the source code.. documentation jar.. 5 MB) - Contains API documentation, configuration information, and installation notes.. 5 (12 March 2004).. 7 MB),.. (980 KB),.. source, binary and docs jar.. (11..

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  • Title: The OPeNDAP C API (oc) | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › ocapi.. The OPeNDAP C API (oc).. The New OPeNDAP C API (oc) is an OPeNDAP DAP 2.. This new API allows for more functionality and less complexity than the original C API, Ocapi.. It has the following properties: It is completely implemented in C.. Supports the complete OPeNDAP type system, including nested Sequences and arrays of Structures.. The OC library was designed and implemented by.. Unidata.. and is bundled with their.. netcdf 4.. software distribution.. It provides a complete API that does not require knowledge of the internals of OC.. This interface  ...   2.. 0 in a tar file.. oc-2.. ) Required: You will need libcurl and xdr to be available on your system.. Most Linux and OS/X systems have these packages.. oc 1.. 0 (20 August 2009).. Fedora Core 8 x86_64.. Fedora Core 8 i386.. Mac i386.. Mac ppc.. Win32 build.. oc-1.. You will also need the pthreads package which is required by libcurl.. Other versions of Unix probably do not.. oc 0.. 1 (29 July 2009).. Version 0.. 1 in a tar file.. oc-0.. 9 (09 April 2009).. 9 in a tar file.. 25..

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  • Title: The OPeNDAP Data Connector | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › ODC.. The OPeNDAP Data Connector.. Overview.. The OPeNDAP Data Connector (ODC) is a program which allows you to search for and retrieve datasets published by OPeNDAP data servers.. OPeNDAP servers (also known as DODS servers) located at major institutions around the world serve a wide variety of data including: climatic data, satellite imagery, and ocean sensor results.. The ODC allows you to find these datasets, download them to your machine, save them, and import them into client applications like IDL, Matlab, SPSS, Excel, or into databases such as Access and Oracle, and plot  ...   Search NASA's Global Change Master Directory.. Navigate server directories with intuitive interface.. Retrieve dataset structure specifications and field attributes/descriptions.. Sophisticated GUI for dataset querying.. Send output to text view, table view or plotter.. Plot pseudocolor, vector, line, scatter, histogram.. Plotter provides highly sophisticated color control and generation.. Plotter has built-in 1 km coastline with 0.. 04 km available by download.. Built-in image viewer.. Interprocess server allows external applications to communicate with the ODC, to either retrieve fully qualified URLs or data values.. Contact.. For questions or to express interest please email us at support@opendap..

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