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    Archived pages: 580 . Archive date: 2014-01.

  • Title: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-3.4
    Descriptive info: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-3.. 4.. Name.. Last modified.. Size.. Description.. Parent Directory.. -.. 3.. 2/.. 23-May-2008 16:22.. 3/.. 4/.. 23-May-2008 16:24.. RC1/.. 23-May-2008 16:23.. RC2/.. RC3/.. RC4/.. RC5/.. 23-May-2008 16:21.. RC6/.. binary/.. contrib/.. logs/.. source/.. win32/.. Apache/2.. 2.. 3 (CentOS) Server at opendap.. org Port 80..

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  • Title: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-3.5
    Descriptive info: 5.. DODS-ODC/.. 23-May-2008 16:20.. MacOSX/..

    Original link path: /pub/dods/DODS-3.5/
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  • Title: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-Java-1.0
    Descriptive info: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-Java-1.. 0.. dods.. Binary.. jar.. 361K.. Combined.. 5.. 3M.. Doc.. 705K.. Src.. 9M.. 385K.. v_1_0.. 358K.. 703K.. 382K.. v_1_0_1.. 359K.. v_1_0_2..

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  • Title: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-Java-1.1
    Descriptive info: 1.. 1.. 1/.. 23-May-2008 16:19.. 5/.. 7/.. SERVLETS.. 21K.. dods-doc.. 4M.. dods-libraries.. 426K.. dods-src.. 2.. 0M.. 403K.. war.. 5M..

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  • Title: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-ODC-Beta
    Descriptive info: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-ODC-Beta.. Unix-ODC-2.. 0b.. zip.. 6M.. Windows-ODC-2.. 21M..

    Original link path: /pub/dods/DODS-ODC-Beta/
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  • Title: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-java-Beta1.0
    Descriptive info: Index of /pub/dods/DODS-java-Beta1.. Java-DODS.. Beta_1_0.. 588K.. bin-old.. 1M.. bin.. 533K.. combined.. 8M.. docs.. 543K.. src..

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  • Title: Index of /pub/dods/decFITS
    Descriptive info: Index of /pub/dods/decFITS.. nph-fits.. gz..

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  • Title: Index of /pub/dods/misc
    Descriptive info: Index of /pub/dods/misc.. DODS-ml-cmdln-ML6.. 0-sgi/.. asciival-sgi-n32m3.. designJavaDocs.. tar.. 450K.. hi.. sgi.. 8.. 7K.. matlab4/.. web-pages.. 93K..

    Original link path: /pub/dods/misc/
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  • Title: Index of /pub/dods/ps-docs
    Descriptive info: Index of /pub/dods/ps-docs.. agg.. pdf.. 221K.. ps.. 125K.. api.. 503K.. can-97-mtpe-01.. 827K.. catalog-service.. 481K.. data-delivery-arch.. 423K.. data-delivery-design.. 478K.. dff.. 130K.. dods-ws1.. fromURI.. 538K.. dods_ffnd.. ff.. 161K.. ffnd.. guide.. 582K.. 195K.. install.. 340K.. 114K.. mgui.. 616K.. pguide.. 333K.. 107K.. pref.. 473K.. quick.. 2M.. regex.. 55K.. 22K.. stds.. 108K.. urls.. 411K.. writing_client.. 36K.. writing_server.. 146K.. 46K..

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  • Title: What's New with OPeNDAP | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: QuickStart.. Support.. Documentation.. User Documentation.. Design Documentation.. Movies.. Project Documentation.. Available Clients.. Available Servers.. Workshops Presentations.. Sources of Data.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Mail Lists.. OPeNDAP Wiki.. › What s New with OPeNDAP.. What s New with OPeNDAP.. 2011/03/10.. YourKit provides open source project support.. YourKit is kindly supporting the OPeNDAP project with its full-featured Java Profiler.. YourKit, LLC is the creator of innovative and intelligent tools for profiling Java and.. NET applications.. You can learn more about YourKit's software products here:.. YourKit Java Profiler.. and.. YourKit.. NET Profiler.. 2011/03/01.. THREDDS Catalog Crawler 0.. : We've released the initial version of a THREDDS catalog crawler that can automatically build EML and NCML metadata for the discovered resources.. EML (Ecological Markup Language) is used to describe datasets for discovery purposes; NCML (NetCDF ML) is used to build aggregations of multifile datasets so they can be accessed (and described) as a single dataset.. Currently the NCML writer only supports automatically building JoinNew aggregations.. Requires Postgres and Java 1.. 6.. See.. THREDDS Catalog Crawler.. for more information and to download.. 2011/02/18.. IDL 8.. 0 OPeNDAP client.. : We've released an update for the IDL command line client for IDL 8.. This release consists of both source code and an OS/X 10.. 6 (Snow Leopard) binary.. Thanks to Ned Gardiner for help in testing the build and OS/X binaries.. WCS.. 2011/01/18.. Narragansett, RI, January 11th, 2011.. - The Open Source Project for Network Data Access Protocol, or OPeNDAP, today announced that its current president, Peter Fox, is taking a seat on OPeNDAP's board of directors and that David Fulker (currently a director) is becoming the corporation's president, effective immediately.. The president's role (chief executive officer) was assumed voluntarily by Fox in May 2006, complementing other work as a prominent scientist and information technologist, currently at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, New York.. Fulker has led a number of information-technology endeavors, most notably (as founding director) the Unidata Program at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado.. OPeNDAP is a not-for-profit corporation that develops and supports systems and software in widespread use (at prominent institutions such as NASA, NOAA and DOE) for Internet-based "publication" of complex scientific data on large scales.. The Fox/Fulker role exchange occurs as OPeNDAP repositions its business model to leverage its service-provision strengths, while becoming less vulnerable to the uncertainties of funding for leading-edge research and development.. 2010/11/03.. WCS 1.. This 1.. 1 release of the WCS service contains the new semantic web driven WCS engine form OPeNDAP.. The WCS service is a Tomcat servlet and is designed to work in conjunction with one or more Hyrax servers of version 1.. 2 or newer.. 2010/09/24.. OLFS 1.. 7.. 1 release of the OLFS contains an important bug fix: The patched bug prevented the OLFS from building correct THREDDS catalogs and WebStart links when used in conjunction with the Apache HTTP server.. OLFS.. 2010/09/17.. Many exciting new features: Server pages have new features; NcML now supports JoinExisting; HDF4 support for HDF-EOS and CF; Multiple function calls in constraint expressions; Improvements to the geogrid() server-side function.. Hyrax.. 2010/09/01.. HDF4 Handler update - HDF-EOS and CF!.. Improved support for HDF-EOS and CF.. This means that visualization tools such as IDV and Panoply now work seamlessly with served HDF4 data files.. or.. HDF4 Handler.. to download.. 2010/06/25.. 2 Binary and Source Release.. 2: Bug fixes for issues with both static and dynamically generated THREDDS catalogs.. This version is compatible with Hyrax 1.. x.. 2010/05/13.. 1 Source Release.. This version of Hyrax includes support for NcML aggregation.. 1 uses libdap 3.. 10.. 2 and bes 3.. 8.. 4 as well as new versions of various handlers.. 2010/02/25.. 6 Source Release (beta).. This version of Hyrax includes support for NcML.. 6 uses libdap 3.. 10 and bes 3.. 0 as well as new versions of various handlers.. 2009/12/07.. loaddap 3.. 0 for WinXP, Mac OS/X, and CentOS.. The loaddap (Matlab) client version 3.. 0 is a release of the client that utilizes Matlab R2009a or newer.. The binaries also utilize libdap 3.. 3.. See the.. Loaddap.. page for information and to download.. 2009/11/20.. SNCTOOLS Matlab client.. The snctools Matlab client can read from both local netCDF files and remote OPeNDAP data servers.. The client works on R2009b all the way back to R14sp3.. Using SNCTOOLS and OPeNDAP.. tutorial for more information.. 2009/11/18.. nctoolbox Matlab client from MBARI.. MBARI has made available a new client for Matlab that reads from OPeNDAP servers as well as netCDF and HDF5 files.. This works with Matlab 2009a/b.. Thanks MBARI!.. nctoolbox.. 2009/10/14.. Update for HDF4.. A file was missing from the source release.. Fixed.. HDF4/5 HDF-EOS.. 2009/10/06.. HDF4/5.. Special source-only release of the HDF4 and HDF5 handlers including new features implemented by The HDF Group.. (October 6 2009).. These versions of the handlers present information stored in HDF-EOS and HDF-EOS2 files in a far more friendly way than the previous handlers.. The resulting data sets are much easier for client to process and users to understand and use.. 2009/08/20.. oc 1.. 0.. 0 is available.. This release is the first official source release and binary release (win32, macosx, fc8)of the new C API 'oc'.. This release coincides with the new netCDF 4.. 1 beta 2 release, pushed out by Unidata.. The netCDF library now contains full support for DAP 2.. 0 implemented in pure C using this particular C API.. The 1.. 0 release of oc fixes various bugs, including a client parameter bug and adds support for parameter merging.. Doxygen generated documentation was added along with a missing function to the API.. Non-autotest testing was removed as well as the executable property on the.. c and.. h files.. And an OSX_Resource directory was added for mac osx builds and IDL code is now optional at compile time.. oc.. 2009/08/17.. NetCDF.. The NetCDF client library software is now being distributed by Unidata.. The newest implementations of netCDF available from Unidata now contain built-in support for DAP that is much simpler to use.. The netCDF Client Library.. for more details and to download the new software.. 2009/07/29.. oc 0.. 1.. 1 is available.. This is the second source release and first binary release (macosx, win32, and fc8)for the new C API See.. 2009/07/22.. libnc-dap 3.. 4.. 4 is a release provided to work with the latest release of libdap, 3.. linbc-dap.. 2009/07/08.. 2 Update.. This update from 1.. 1 includes fixes for the attribute values shown in the DDX response - extraneous double quotes are that were added for the DAS print representation are no longer included in the DDX response.. NetCDF Fileout fix.. 2 release includes an important fix for the netcdf fileout feature.. The software was not bulding correct files from HDF4 data sets and was instead reusing dimensions in ways that made for some very confusing data files! It now works correctly.. 2009/05/18.. 1 Update.. This update includes a new version of libdap (3.. 3) that's binary-compatible with 3.. 2 and hdf4_handler 3.. 13.. This update includes a fix for cached attribute objects and cache conrol for the hdf4 handler.. You only need this update if the error with HDF4 attributes was a problem you need solved.. Source code and both 32- and 64-bit Hyrax 1.. 5 binary packages (RPMs) for CentOS 5.. 2 are now available.. 2009/04/27.. 5 RPMs.. Both 32- and 64-bit Hyrax 1.. 2009/04/22.. Ocapi 1.. 3.. 3 is available.. This release is a source release as well as binary release for Ocapi 1.. The debugging messages and some old code (example_interactive and example_static) were removed.. Ocapi.. 2009/04/21.. idl-client 3.. 1 is available! This version of idl-client requires Ocapi 1.. 3 and is compiled with IDL 6.. 3 See.. IDLClient.. 2009/04/13.. 5.. 5 is available! This version of Hyrax can return data packaged in a NetCDF file, includes a robot blocker and a brand new THREDDS implementation (based on XSLT) that can be set up with zero hand-written THREDDS catalogs.. 2009/04/09.. 9.. 9 is available.. This is the initial release of the new C API See.. 2009/03/26.. This release fixed a buffer overflow error and a duplicate attribute error.. 2009/02/27.. 2 for WinXP.. 2 is a special release of the client that contains an important fix for Windows XP and Vista users.. Linux and OS/X users are unaffected by the problem and do not need this update.. In fact the update is.. only.. in the WinXP software.. 2009/02/02.. 0 beta.. 0 beta is available.. This is a source-only beta release for Hyrax 1.. 0 which includes some important new features.. Hyrax can now return data using a netCDF file in a manner similar to the way it can return data encoded in ASCII.. In addition, Nathan, Patrick and Fedor Baart have worked on the performance of small responses, resulting in a 10-fold reduction in response times.. There are many bug fixes in this release, in addition to the new features.. The documentation for parts of this release are still a little raw, so email support at opendap.. org with questions.. 2008/12/03.. 2.. 2 is available.. This release contains support for proxies-host, port, username, and passwords.. Support for http authentication-username and passwords, cookies, compression, and SSL.. Added functionality to read and write.. dodsrc files and parsing capabilities for the proxy server in.. dodsrc.. Added tests for proxies, http authentication and SSL.. Added support to parse a URL with username and password.. Fixed Curl calls so compatible with older versions of Curl.. Fixed an errant call to parseURL.. And deleted extraneous code.. 2008/09/08.. 3 is a bug-fix release only.. This includes a fix for a link-time error from Patrice Dumas.. 2008/08/22.. 1 in source code is available.. This release contains updated test files, fixes for memory problems, fixes for the OSX build problems and a couple critical bugs.. 2008/08/01.. NetCDF client library 3.. This updated release builds with libdap 3.. 2, includes some build fixes and Binaries.. 2008/07/23.. New Windows XP Installers.. We've made new Windows XP installers for both loaddap (the Matlab client) and libdap (a library for software developers).. These contain the Microsoft runtime libraries needed by some machines.. download page.. to get these new installers.. HDF5 handler 1.. The HDF5 Handler 1.. 3 release fixes a problem with the handler when using both the CF conventions support and the short-names option.. 2008/07/22.. 0 in source code is available.. This release contains updated parsers, fixes for memory problems and a new test driver.. 2008/07/08.. ESIP Tutorial VM.. A new Virtual Machine containing Hyrax 1.. 2, plus other software, and intended for use in the ESIP Federation Hyrax Workshop, is available.. ESIP Federation Hyrax workshop.. 2008/06/27.. This version of Hyrax includes the HDF4 handler fix from the 20th of June, updated FreeForm handler, libdap and bes components.. 2008/06/26.. bes 3.. This version of the BES uses the newer libdap and includes performance and interface improvements.. 2008/06/23.. libdap 3.. Updates for HTTP cache and the server-side ancillary data API.. 2008/06/20.. hdf4 handler 3.. Bug fix! A problem that can result in bad values being returned for files that contain several SDSs with the same names is fixed in this release.. hdf_handler 3.. Update: libnc-dap 3.. 1 contains fixes for the new ABI/API in libdap 3.. 2008/06/13.. The first unbundled release in over two years!.. This is largely the same code (a few updates) as the version bundled with the Ocean Data Toolbox See.. 2008/06/12.. Updates for proxy server support and WIndows clients.. 2008/04/25.. 0 Windows XP.. A binary release of libdap for Windows XP.. 2008/04/14.. An update for Hyrax 1.. 4 is now available.. This update fixes a memory error in the 1.. 0 version.. You only need to update the BES for this update.. 2008/03/19.. HDF5 1.. Source code and Binaries for the HDF5 handler, version 1.. This release includes a bug fixes for NASA HDF5 EOS files.. HDF5 Handler.. 2008/03/14.. HDF4 3.. 8.. Source code and Binaries for the HDF4 handler, version 3.. 8 are now available.. This release includes bug fixes.. Note that one outstanding issues remains - be sure to read the source code NEWS, README or handler download page.. 2008/03/12.. 1 are now available.. This release includes bug fixes and is also the first binary release of this handler.. 2008/02/29.. Source code and Binaries for Hyrax 1.. 0 are now available.. This release includes bug fixes for issues found in version 1.. 1 plus changes that have greatly increased response speeds and made the server easier to integrate with the look and feel of existing web sites.. 2008/02/28.. OPeNDAP/Matlab Ocean Toolbox 2.. A toolbox designed to access ocean datasets using OPeNDAP technology.. The software allows a user to enter time, location and variable information directly into an interface to obtain the data in the workspace.. This version of the software fixes previous problems related to one of the datasets and the merging tool.. Matlab Ocean Toolbox.. 2008/01/28.. OPeNDAP/Matlab Ocean Toolbox 1.. 1 beta.. 2008/01/18.. HDF5 Handler 1.. 0 beta.. A source release for the HDF5 Data Handler.. This version of the handler has special modes for reading CF-compliant data files as well as NASA EOS5 data files.. Developed by THG, Inc.. in cooperation with OPeNDAP.. 2007/12/04.. This is a bug-fix release for Hyrax 1.. One problem which affected smaller machines was fixed and some improvements were made to the binary packages.. 2007/11/28.. libdap-3.. This update is a fix for the data encoding functions - on smaller machines the new functions could run out of space.. See the NEWS and ChangeLog files for details.. Download at.. 2007/11/21.. Binaries for Hyrax 1.. A handful of build-related issues were patched and will be available shortly in source form as well.. 2007/11/14.. This update to Hyrax includes important bug fixes, a new Hyrax control script and support for Unix compress.. 2007/11/13.. This update is a fix and refactor release.. 2007/10/10.. DAP2 RFC.. The DAP2 Description submitted to NASA Earth Science Enterprise Software Process Group has now been accepted as a.. Recommended Standard.. ESE/SPG web site.. for more detail; you can find a copy of the.. document.. on our web site as well.. 2007/07/03.. CGI Server 3.. The version.. 2 release.. includes no new features for the CGI-based data server, but the security patch posted on.. 27 April 2007.. has.. been applied, other fixes have been made and the Usage, ASCII and WWW form interface handlers have been updated for the latest version of libdap.. This release replaces the 3.. 1 release.. 2007/06/29.. been applied and the Usage, ASCII and WWW form interface handlers have been updated for the latest version of libdap.. 2007/06/27.. This release introduces support for pkg-config and fixes two dynamic memory errors.. libdap.. page for more information and to download the software.. 2007/05/25.. 1 and libdap 3.. OS/X Intel Binaries for.. 2007/05/21.. 1: OLFS 1.. 3 and bes 3.. Fixed a problem with the transmission of some large 32-bit floating point arrays.. bes.. pages for more information and to download the software.. Also see the.. page to get the complete Hyrax data server.. 2007/05/14.. 1 and bes 3.. Revamped support for compressed data files.. This release of the BES addresses some important security issues.. 2007/05/03.. This is a bug fix release.. to get the complete Hyrax data server.. This bug fix release fixes a problem with the build of the libdapclient and libdapserver libraries.. There are a few other minor fixes.. There are no API changes.. 2007/05/01.. This minor release corrects a problem with the DAP version (.. ver) response in the OLFS.. 2007/04/27.. This minor release patches a concurrency problem in the OLFS.. 2007/04/23.. This release features support for multiple BES's: Data providers may configure a single Hyrax installation to work with multiple BES's.. 2007/04/06.. Download information for OPeNDAP software.. Six years of.. software download information.. have been assembled and show that software downloads increased significantly in 2005, coinciding with University of Rhode Island's NASA REASoN Grant.. 2007/03/21.. A minor update for the.. that fixes the Java WebStart links in the THREDDS catalog pages.. Added to.. 2007/03/13.. 1 is out.. This release features bug fixes and a new install feature that sets up the server with some test data for each handler.. 2007/02/27.. The 2007 OPeNDAP Developer's Workshop.. The Workshop was held on February 21st, 22nd and 23rd in Boulder CO.. A meeting report will be forthcoming.. Until then, see the.. Agenda.. , which has links to all of the presentations.. 2007/02/15.. The second beta release of Hyrax (aka Server4) is available.. We have also improved the documentation and tested and documented configuration of Hyrax with Apache.. This makes it easy to install Hyrax and ensure that all of your old URLs still work!.. We also have a new web page for the server which collects all of the components in one place (.. ) and a modified page for the old.. CGI-based.. server.. Lastly, we have a new page that lists.. all of our data handlers.. , including those that are only available from our source code control system.. 2007/02/12.. The C++ DAP library libdap version 3.. 5 is available.. This is a bug-fix release made in coordination with the next beta release of Hyrax (aka Server4).. 2007/01/29.. The OPeNDAP Data Connector (ODC) 2.. 63 is now available.. Bug and Behavior Fixes and Upgrades.. New Java-OPeNDAP compatibility fix.. Legal statement added to source code.. the OPeNDAP Data Connector.. 2007/01/23.. 60 is now available.. This release adds bug fixed and upgrades.. New Java-OPeNDAP jar and JDOM jar.. Fixed problem with GCMD being cancelled in mid-operation.. Help file has been upgraded with more up-to-date information.. Problem with axes in plotter fixed.. The size of the window is remembered and restored on subsequent uses of the program.. 2007/01/03.. Server4 Software 1.. 1 Beta Release.. This release adds support for several new features.. HTTP/1.. 1 persistent connections.. Improved OPeNDAP directory response.. Prototype SOAP Interface.. Server UUID on top level directory for improved web searchability.. Persistent content (configurations, user supplied documents/web pages, etc.. ).. Improved internal efficiency via BES client connection pooling.. Server4.. 2006/12/14.. 59.. 1 is now available.. This release is existing functionality upgrade.. Most of the changes are bug fixes, smoothness enhancements, internal plumbing reworking's and other changes designed to create long term stability and increase the reliability of the software.. includes these major enhancements:.. Compatibility Changes.. default mail settings changed.. bug post functionality upgraded to work with new bug tracking system (Trac).. GCMD protocol updated to fit changes in GCMD query and DIF format.. Feature Changes and Improvements.. the activity monitor has been changed to a more standard dialog box with a cancel button.. Bug and Behavior Fixes and Upgrades.. retrieve panel output shows only valid and working choices.. type checking no longer being on retrieved URLs (obsolete).. DODS errors being returned from servers on directory accesses now properly handled.. some lingering status messages now cleared at the appropriate time.. the labeling for banded color specifications has been fixed.. the image viewer has had a threading bug fixed.. a line calculation problem with the coastline functionality has been fixed.. Internal Enhancements.. retrieve panel changed to a list format (used to be table).. URL storage and management now uses an MVC design.. 2006/11/28.. 0 is now available.. The 3.. 0 version of libnc-dap includes the upgraded to Unidata's netCDF 3.. 2 beta 4 library code, which means that we now support the 'big file' stuff when our library is used to read/write local files.. libnc-dap.. 2006/11/27.. libdap++ 3.. 3 is now available.. 3 version of libdap++ includes new features and an implementation change, which now returns the DAP protocol version number, 3.. 1, in an HTTP response header.. It also contains an implementation of the DDX object/response.. 3 version of libdap is required for the alpha release of Server4.. libdap++.. 2006/11/07.. The Matlab OPeNDAP Oceanographic Toolbox is now available.. This toolbox provides Graphical User Interfaces (GUI's) to access a number of ocean data sets via OPeNDAP as well as tools to plot the acquired data.. The strength of these GUI's is that they expose complicated data sets (often multi-variable, multi-file data sets spread over a number of directories) in an easy to use interface, allowing the user to request only the subset of data -- para maters, spatial and temporal range and resolution -- relevant to his or her needs.. Matlab OPeNDAP Toolbox.. 2006/10/12.. The OPeNDAP IDL Client is now available.. The OPeNDAP IDL Client is an IDL tool which provides access to OPeNDAP data in IDL.. The IDL client now uses the OPeNDAP C API(v-1.. 33) in place of the OPeNDAP CPP API.. This removes the problems caused by runtime incompatibilities.. The idl-client code, both.. PRO files and external reference modules (idl_opendap.. c) have been modified to work with the new OCAPI implementation.. The behavior of the new IDL client remains consistent with previous versions of the client code.. The code base for this client has been named idl-client which differentiates it from the previous client that was named  ...   variables are displayed next to each other in a user selectable row or column.. Updated scripts to allow automated access to a LAS data server.. All required Perl modules included in distribution.. You may download LAS from the following page:.. http://ferret.. wrc.. gov/Ferret/LAS/Downloads/.. Updated installation and configuration documentation is available at:.. gov/Ferret/LAS/Documentation/.. For a list of systems on which the server has been tested, please see:.. gov/Ferret/LAS/FAQ/os_browser_table.. You can view the 6.. 0 server in action by going to:.. http://stout.. pmel.. gov/las_v60/servlets/dataset.. Source code for LAS (in Perl and JavaScript) is included in the download tarball.. The latest snapshot of LAS is also always available via anonymous cvs (see the installation documentation for more info).. LAS version 6 requires that MySQL be installed on your server.. 2002/09/05.. DODS Matlab Toolbox (GUI) is now available.. The Matlab GUI has been designed to facilitate data requests and the use of data when they are returned to the Matlab session.. In addition, the GUI provides a rudimentary plotting capability based on Matlab plotting functions.. The user specifies the target data set, variables of interest in the data set, the spatial and temporal range of interest and then requests the data.. The data are scaled to a common set of units on return and renamed using a consistent naming convention - the same convention used to select the variables.. The user is then presented with a display widget that may be used to generate plots of the data.. There are two classes of projects that we anticipate will define the bulk of the uses made of the GUI:.. A user wants to get a "feel" for a particular parameter (e.. , cloud cover) at a given location and time.. This might be for a proposal that s/he is writing or to see if the values that s/he has obtained from some other source are reasonable.. The user wants to learn how to generate URLs for a specific data set, variable, region and time.. S/he generates a couple of requests with the GUI and then uses the URLs that the GUI generates to write a Matlab script that automatically generates URLs for other times, variables, etc related to the data set of interest, obtains the data defined by these URLs, processes them, etc.. In addition to these two user groups, there will also likely be those who use the GUI to do all of the data acquisition for their projects.. This version has significant changes from the previous (3.. 2) version.. For more information and to download the software, go to.. DODS Matlab GUI 5.. 0a1.. The DODS C++ software this version of the DODS Matlab Toolbox is based on is an alpha release.. However, it is known to work well and is in alpha mainly because the DAP software is missing certain features.. 2002/09/03.. Arctic Ocean Model Intercomparison Project (.. AOMIP.. ) data are now available.. The Arctic Ocean Model Intercomparison Project is an international effort to identify systematic errors in Arctic Ocean models under realistic forcing.. 2002/08/22.. A new version of the Aggregation server is ready for beta testing.. Important new features are:.. uses THREDDS catalogs version 0.. 6 for configuration.. Type 1 aggregations on Arrays.. improved coordinate variables on Type 1.. multiple aggregations.. see.. edu/projects/THREDDS/tech/aggServer/AggServer.. 2002/06/19.. 2 is now available.. This is a major update to the GDS, with a new XML-based configuration mechanism, expanded documentation, major internal code improvements, and many new features.. 2002/06/18.. 1b10 is now available.. This fixes a bug in previous distributions of GDS 1.. 1, which prevents CTL files without "TITLE" records from loading properly.. GDS versions 1.. 2b1 and up are not affected by this bug.. 2002/06/05.. The changes are mainly comprised of two significant bug fixes: a fix to the DAS/DDS parser; and a fix to how constraint expressions are handled in the DRDS.. 2002/05/30.. DODS 3.. 1 release now available.. DODS (C++) 3.. 1 includes these enhancements and bug fixes:.. Improved build process.. Improvements to both the Matlab and the IDL command line clients (the IDL client now works on 64-bit architectures).. Major rewrite of the HDF server (more efficient and fixed problem with big files).. Also, now allows restriction of variables served (using ancillary DAS files).. NetCDF client library fix to ncopen's return value, now returns appropriate return value when given a bad DODS URL.. Various other bug fixes.. If you are using the HDF server, the Matlab command line client, or the IDL command line client, we strongly advise you to upgrade.. 1 source code and binary builds can be downloaded from our DODS 3.. 2 FTP site:.. 2/3.. 1 release is available:.. 2002/04/17.. The DODS Aggregation Server.. , part of the Java/DODS Servlet library, allows physical files to be logically aggregated and served as a single DODS dataset.. The Aggregation Server (AS) also presents all available datasets in an integrated THREDDS Catalog, and is also a netCDF file server.. The AS is currently in beta testing.. The configuration files are expected to change somewhat, and a 1.. 0 release will be made by the end of May, 2002.. edu/projects/THREDDS/tech/aggServer/AggServerConfig.. for details.. 2002/04/15.. The release has fixed many bugs from previous release 1.. 0, we redesigned and implemented Clause classed/interface, updated Sequences to match the DODS C++ 3.. 2 Sequences, added new server side functions, the servlets are now thread safe and the servlet distribution process has been greatly improved (now delivered as a.. war file and setup parameters are now in the web.. xml file).. 2002/02/22.. The latest version of the MATLAB Graphical User Interface was successfully demonstrated at the Ocean Sciences 2002 meeting.. in Honolulu, 11-15 February 2002.. After a few refinements are made and the documentation is updated, the new GUI will be released for general use.. If you are running Linux and have MATLAB 5 or 6, you can get a (beta) test version by contacting Peter Cornillon at:.. pcornillon@gso.. uri.. edu.. The new Import Wizard, which allows traversing the metadata tree from high level discovery of datasets down through inventory metadata to allowing direct access to the data you want and need, was demonstrated also.. Watch this web site for the releases and related information.. 2001/12/10.. 2 has moved out of Beta testing.. Due to the.. new features in 3.. , we encourage all DODS users to upgrade their DODS software to 3.. Due to a problem reading Sequences served by pre-3.. 2 DODS servers (see.. known bugs.. ), we strongly encourage upgrading all DODS servers, especially FreeForm, JGOFS, or HDF servers.. 2 source code and binary builds can be downloaded from our.. 2 FTP site.. More information on the.. is available.. 2001/11/02.. Announcement of the NVODS/DODS Technical Working Conference.. to be held on 9-11 January 2002 in Boulder, Colorado.. The goal of the conference is to exchange technical information on the current state of the NVODS/DODS projects, and to discuss future developments.. More information is available in the.. full announcement.. 2001/10/22.. 2 Release Candidate 5 (RC5) is now available.. It looks good for RC5 to move out of Beta testing and become the final DODS 3.. 2 release, except for bug fixes.. Source code and binary builds (as they become available) can be downloaded from our DODS 3.. 2 RC5 FTP site.. 2001/10/01.. 2 Release Candidate 4 (RC4) is now available.. 2 RC4 FTP site.. 2001/08/23.. 2 Release Candidate 3 (RC3) is now available.. 2 RC3 FTP site.. 2001/05/22.. Live Access Server for the NOPP-funded Virtual Ocean Data Hub is operational.. A Live Access Server (LAS) based upon LAS V5 has been installed for the NOPP-funded Virtual Ocean Data Hub (see.. gov/nopp/.. The goal of LAS within the VODHub project is to provide a guaranteed minimum ability for users to preview any data set within the VODHub.. This server will expand continually with the growth of the VODHub.. The initial version provides access to approximately 75 data sets from 7 distributed institutions with data.. The plans for scalability of the server are discussed in.. this on-line document.. 2001/05/20.. Version 5.. 0 of the Live Access Server (LAS) now available.. LAS.. is a community-based tool that works in conjunction with DODS networking and the NOPP Virtual Ocean Data Hub.. LAS is a highly adaptable data server that makes georeferenced scientific data available to users through a web browser.. LAS works with Ferret or other scientific applications to produce on-the-fly custom graphics and formatted data subsets.. 2001/05/11.. VisAD can now be used as a DODS client.. VisAD is a Java component library for interactive and collaborative visualization and analysis of numerical data.. For more on VisAD, see the VisAD home page:.. ssec.. wisc.. edu/~billh/visad.. 2001/03/27.. Redesigned (and updated) DODS dataset list released.. 2001/02/23.. Beta release of new NetCDF Java package contains experimental interface to DODS data.. edu/packages/netcdf-java/.. 2001/02/13.. 0/.. The release includes two pieces of software:.. the Java version of the DODS core library (DAP Java) supplies tools for developing DODS clients and servers in Java.. the DODS Relational Database Server (DRDS) allows you to serve data from any SQL database that has a JDBC driver.. It is a basic implementation that can be expanded upon.. 2001/02/01.. Redesigned DODS web pages released.. edu/packages/dods/.. 2000/09/22:.. A Beta release of our native Windows port (which uses the Visual C++ compiler) is now available.. See our.. Windows Port.. web page for more information and to download our self-extracting archive.. 2000/09/07:.. The DODS Java code (Beta 1.. 0) is now available.. It contains the Java version of the DODS core libraries (DAP Java) and the DODS SQL server.. As a Beta release, many of the details remain unfinished (such as documentation) and the structure of things could change, perhaps radically, in the full release (in particular the DODSServlet and its children).. You can download the software and find documentation from our.. Java web page.. 2000/09/05:.. NCO (netCDF Operators) as DODS clients.. NCO is a suite of tools for manipulating netCDF and HDF files, e.. , averaging values, differencing values, and concatenating multiple files.. The most recent NCO release (1.. 1) simplifies building NCO as a suite of DODS-enabled tools.. The NCO home page is.. http://nco.. sourceforge.. net/.. 2000/08/31:.. Source code is now available for the following:.. The DAP version 3.. 10 (dap-3.. 10) includes a bug fix which allows text info from servers on Win32 machines to be handled appropriately (LF/CR vs CR).. To download, go to our our.. software download page.. 2000/08/29:.. The Matlab command line client version 3.. 7 (ml-cmdln-3.. 7) includes a bug fix dealing with disallowed characters in Matlab variables.. 9 (dap-3.. 9) includes a bug fix dealing with disallowed characters in Matlab variables.. 2000/06/29:.. Binary releases are available for the Matlab command line client version 3.. 6 and the DAP version 3.. 7 on Sun, Linux, and SGI but not on DEC.. 6 (ml-cmdln-3.. 6) adds DAS/DDS support.. 7 (dap-3.. 7) includes changes required by ml-cmdln-3.. 2000/04/26:.. New binary releases are available for the Matlab command line client version 3.. 3 (i.. , ml-cmdln-3.. 3) on Sun, Linux, and DEC Alpha but not on SGI.. 2000/04/24:.. Source code is now available for the following:.. 3 (ml-cmdln-3.. 3) adds support for N-dimensional arrays, and fixes various memory errors.. The FreeForm server version 3.. 4 (ff-dods-3.. 4) fixes a problem with byte data seen in some datasets.. 2000/04/15:.. New binary releases are available for the following:.. DAP version 3.. 5;.. HDF server version 3.. 4;.. Matlab command line client version 3.. 2; and.. netCDF server, client, and library version 3.. 2 (no source code changed in netCDF but the DAP changes affect the netCDF clients).. On these platforms: Sun Sparc Solaris 2.. 7, PC Linux Redhat 6.. 1, DEC Alpha OSF 4.. 0e, and SGI Irix 6.. 5 (except for the Matlab command line client).. 2000/03/31:.. 5 fixes some problems with indexing of strings and range checking of bytes and floats.. Mainly for HDF server, also affects netCDF clients.. 4 cleans up error messages and extra semi-colon problems.. Also fixes some problems that appear on 64-bit machines.. 2 fixes a number of dynamic memory handling problems and moves from the ML 4 to ML 5 API.. (I.. , the DODS Matlab command line client no longer supports Matlab 4).. 2000/03/17:.. Binary builds for DODS 3.. Several builds are missing items: Linux Redhat 6.. 1 is missing the HDF server; Linux Redhat 5.. 2 is missing the Matlab server; SGI is also missing the Matlab server.. The IDL client should be out as a beta release soon.. To access DODS 3.. 1, go to.. We have been working on a Windows port for some time.. A server-side only port using Cygwin for Unix emulation is available as a Beta release.. A native Windows port using the Visual C++ compiler is underway.. For more informtion, see our Windows Port web page at:.. A Java version of the DODS core is being tested.. We are hoping to release a Beta version in April.. However, if you really want to play with it before then, you can grab it from our CVS repository, see the next item.. We have added anonymous read-only access to the DODS CVS repository.. More information is available at:.. edu/packages/dods/archive/management/anonymous-cvs.. txt.. 1999/07/27:.. Release of DODS version 3.. The primary change is the addition of several new data types.. Other changes include: security fixes to the servers; a new date and time server-side function to the FreeForm server; a fix to the nagging progress indicator - it will return shortly in a much more robust form; and the JGOFS servers are now standalone.. 1999/01/08:.. Released the first version of the FreeForm server to have the new DODS File Server code built in.. Part of this software may eventually wind up in the core software library.. 1999/01/04:.. During the previous seven weeks we have updated the Matlab GUI several times.. This includes bug fixes in the interface itself, fixes in the command line tool used by the interfaces and new datasets.. In addition, the source file for the FreeForm server (version 2.. 18) now contains a beta release of our new File Server.. Documentation will be out soon.. 1998/11/11:.. Released version 2.. 19 of the core software.. This fixes misc.. bugs and memory leaks.. 17 of the HDF server; it now contains a full testsuite.. 17 of the netCDF server; this fixes a bug when accessing local files.. 18 of the writeval source distribution; this fixes the infamous loaddods crash under Linux.. 1998/09/02:.. 17 of the core software.. Since April many changes have taken place, here's a summary: 1) Our web site has moved to Unidata and they are now providing user support for the project.. 2) We have released a server that uses FreeForm to access data files.. 3) Our core software has had many bugs fixed.. 4) We n longer are making one huge software release; instead each piece of software will be treated (and released) individually.. The version number of DODS will be the version number of the core software.. However, each client and server will now have its own version number which may be different from the core's version number.. This will allow us to make bug fixes in the clients and servers more quickly.. 1998/04/24:.. 15.. This release contains bug fixes, support for server-side data compression and improvements in the Matlab loaddods command.. This release also includes all the packages used by the core DODS software (WWW library, etc.. These are now built in their own subtree so the likelihood of conflicts with other copies of these third-party packages will be greatly reduced.. 1997/11/25:.. 14d.. This release contains bug fixes only.. In particular, a problem which caused clients to fail when reading datasets with certain characters in identifier names.. Note that the Matlab graphical user interface has its own update mechanism - the GUI is updated more frequently than the whole body of DODS software.. 1997/09/25:.. 14c.. This release contains the first release of our graphical interface to Matlab.. This map-based interface is a powerful tool for accessing data from DODS data servers.. All data loaded by the interface are interned in Matlab's workspace so all Matlab tools, including the ones you have written yourself, can operate on the data.. Documentation is skimpy right now but we are writing a comprehensive user's manual which will be released shortly.. The release also contains a number of bug fixes in almost all of the servers.. 1997/08/12:.. 14b.. This release contains many bug fixes including the removal of the broken compression code (compression will reappear by version 3.. 0 in a more robust guise).. This release also has a number of new features that will play roles in version 3 of DODS but that are of little interest to end users of the system (for example, we can no create aliases within attribute objects, something that will simplify development of data `catalog servers').. 1997/03/26:.. This release contains many bug fixes.. In addition, we have added a version number feature to all the software we write (for servers append.. ver.. to a DODS URL to see the version of the server you're accessing; for clients use.. -V.. on the command line) and a new server filter that provides documentation for the dataset.. This filter, called.. usage.. can be customized for by each site and for each dataset.. The output of the.. filter is HTML; to access the information it provides append.. to a DODS URL.. Finally, we have made compression the norm for all data transmissions within DODS.. For most datasets this will significantly lower the time it takes to dereference a URL.. Both the binary and source releases have been updated.. 1997/01/10:.. This release contains bug fixes and new features.. Check the ChangeLog files for bugs fixes.. Important new features: the Matlab client has been improved including the ability to rename variables on the fly (e.. , so that a new variable `lat' won't overwrite an existing variable with same name).. The data servers can now be configured so that only certain users can access them (see the file SECURITY in the top level directory of the source or binary tree).. 1996/11/15:.. 09a.. This is a bug fix for various build problems.. 1996/11/06:.. Updated the current release of the DODS source code distribution.. This is version 2.. 09 of DODS and includes netCDF and JGOFS clients and servers, HDF, Matlab and DSP servers and the much anticipated Matlab interface.. Also updated are the binary distributions.. 1996/09/20:.. 08.. This version contains bug fixes and uses the latest version of the World Wide Web library (5.. 0a) from the W3C and the latest version of Tcl and Expect.. 1996/08/27:.. 07 of DODS and includes netCDF and JGOFS clients and servers which perform some limited data model translation and full constraint expression processing.. 1996/08/22:.. Added.. The DODS User's Guide.. This contains information of use to a broad audience; users of DODS clients, providers of data and people interested in an overview of DODS.. It includes and index and glossary.. 1996/08/02:.. A list of Presentations.. about DODS.. This includes a much improved.. Overview.. presentation about the system.. 1996/04/05:.. Updated.. version 2.. of the DODS core software.. This release, still alpha, contains fixes for the SGI as well as the fixes sent in for version 1.. 1996/03/21:.. The Distributed Oceanographic Data System: Requirements for Data Analysis Applications.. Presented at the Twenty-sixth International Symposium on Remote sensing of Environment, on 25 March 1996.. 1996/03/05:.. Updated version 2.. 0 of the DODS core software.. This is an alpha release for developers.. 1996/02/29:.. DODS 1.. 1 released.. This is the final (really!) release of DODS 1.. It includes support for both JGOFS and NetCDF and compiles on Suns (Solaris and SunOS), Dec Alphas and SGIs.. It will probably build on most other UNIX platforms with little work.. 1996/01/26:.. Added the.. DODS toolkit.. how-to paper.. This paper describes how to use the DODS toolkit software to build data servers and client-libraries.. 1996/01/12:.. Updated the DODS data delivery white papers.. The following is a list of pointers to the sections with the most important changes, followed by a complete list of the changed sections.. Process configuration.. Building the Data Read Program.. Data Delivery and URLs.. Data Access Protocol Entry Points.. In the Data delivery design paper:.. Reading the Values of Variables from a Data Set.. Adding Local Access to a DODS Client Library.. In the URL paper:.. Syntax of the DODS URL.. In the Data access protocol paper:.. Operators.. 1995/12/23:.. Version 2.. 0 of the DAP.. released.. It is a `mostly complete' implementation of the constraint expression evaluator described in the.. DAP paper.. 1995/12/14:.. Data Transport Within The Distributed Oceanographic Data System.. was published in the first issue of the World Wide Web Journal and presented at the.. Fourth International World Wide Web Conference.. 1995/11/16:.. Version 1.. This version contains support for both NetCDF and JGOFS as well as some bug fixes in the core software.. 1995/11/04:.. Overview presentation.. was updated on 4 November 1995..

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  • Title: Writing an OPeNDAP Client
    Descriptive info: Writing an OPeNDAP Client.. Dan Holloway.. Revision: 1.. 1 Preface.. 2 Writing your own OPeNDAP client.. 1 Choose a language.. 2 Client Architecture.. 3 The DAP Architecture.. 1 The DAP uses HTTP which in turn uses MIME.. 2 The DAP defines three objects.. 3 The DAP also defines services.. 4 Connecting to the server..  ...   data types.. 1 A quick review of the data types supported by the DAP.. 2 Creating the subclasses.. 6 Accessing the DDS object.. 7 Accessing the DAS object.. 8 Getting Data: Accessing the DataDDS object.. 9 Notes.. A How the Java DAP library differs.. References.. Footnotes.. James Gallagher jgallagher@gso.. edu , 2004/04/24, Revision: 1..

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