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  • Title: Why can't I get my FF server to serve my data? | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: ›.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Server Issues.. Why can t I get my FF server to serve my data?.. Wed, 05/11/2011 - 16:29 —.. nehal bathani.. Here are a few suggestions for troubleshooting your FF server:.. 1) First, test that your format files are defined properly and that it fits your data files by running.. chkform.. on them.. You can also check that your data is being interpreted as you desire by running.. newform.. Both.. and.. are FreeForm tools that come with the DODS FreeForm Server distributions.. (They should be located in the bin/ directory of your distribution.. ).. So that.. can display your data, you will need an  ...   the whitespace in your data files.. FreeForm will gag if whitespace extends beyond the line length determined by the format description.. For instance, if the format descriptor fits.. '34.. 523 1.. 45'.. FF will give an error on.. 45 '.. There needs to be whitespace filler if the data in a line doesn't cover the entire format.. For instance, if the format descriptor fits this data.. 456 234.. 456'.. FF will die on this data.. but will not die on.. The enote type doesn't seem to work quite like that.. For instance, if the format fits.. 456 2.. 34e-2'.. FF will die on.. 3e-2 '.. to post comments..

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    Descriptive info: QuickStart.. Support.. Documentation.. User Documentation.. Design Documentation.. Movies.. Project Documentation.. Available Clients.. Available Servers.. Workshops Presentations.. Sources of Data.. Mail Lists.. OPeNDAP Wiki.. › ABOUT DATA SECURITY.. ABOUT DATA SECURITY.. There are two levels of security which DODS data servers support: domain restrictions and user restrictions.. In conjunction with a World Wide Web server, access to a DODS server can be limited to a specific group of users (authenticated by password), specific machine(s) or a group of machines within a given domain or domains.. NOTES:.. DAP 3.. 4 includes support for Digest authentication, which significantly increases the robustness of password access.. DODS versions 3.. 2 and greater software contains significant improvements in the way password authentication is handled.. Older versions of the DODS clients prompted for the password with each and every interaction between client and server.. Now credentials may be embedded in URLs and are remembered and reused for the duration of a session.. The security features of DODS servers depend heavily on the underlying WWW daemon because we felt this was the best way to solve the thorny problem of ensuring only authorized users accessed data.. By using the daemon's authorization software we are ensuring that the security checks used by DODS have been tested by many many sites.. In addition, WWW daemons already support a very full set of security features and many system administrators are comfortable and confidant with them.. The tradeoff with using the web daemon's security system for our servers is that two security settings must be made for each group of data to be configured and more than one DODS server may be needed even if you're serving only one type of data.. Because the security features rely almost entirely on the host machine's WWW server, the steps required to install a secure DODS server will vary depending on the WWW server used.. Thus, before installing a secure DODS server, check over your WWW server's documentation to make sure it provides the following security features: access limits to files in the document root on a per user and/or per machine basis, and the ability to place CGI scripts within the document root directory.. As an alternative to the second requirement, a server may provide a way to place access limits on a CGI script not within the document root directory hierarchy.. IMPORTANT.. Because security features are used to protect sensitive or otherwise important information, once set-up they should be tested until you are comfortable that they work.. You should try accessing from at least one machine that is not allowed to access your data.. If you would like, we will try to access your data, assuming that our machines are among those not allowed, to help you evaluate your set-up.. Since the security features are provided by a WWW server, it is highly likely that they are functional and extensively tested.. While problems with these features have shown up in the past (e.. g.. , the Netscape SSL server bug) they are generally fixed quickly.. Thus there is good reason to assume that your data are safe if you choose to set-up your DODS server as a secure one.. However,.. there is a chance.. that a defect in the WWW server software will allow unauthorized people access; how big that chance is depends on the WWW server software you use and how extensively its security features are tested.. That level of testing is completely beyond our control.. It is important to distinguish securing a DODS server from securing data.. If data are served using DODS then those data are also also accessible through a web browser (although it might be hard to figure out the URLs, it is still possible for the data to be accessed).. So the data themselves need to be stored in directories that have limited access.. If all data access will take place through a DODS server this limitation can exclude all access.. except.. the local machine.. This is the case because some the DODS server's function requires being able to read the data through the local host's web server.. For example, if the DODS server cannot read information about the dataset as DODS objects then it cannot build the INFO document.. It bears repeating: If you're serving sensitive information with DODS, that information is accessible two ways, one via the DODS server and two through the WWW server.. You need to make sure.. both.. are protected.. In the past  ...   Deny from all # ALLOW SERVER (IP OF SERVER) MACHINE TO REQUEST DATA ITSELF Allow from __YOUR_SERVER_HERE__ Require valid-user # ALL VISITORS NEED USERNAME AND PASS BUT NOT SERVER Satisfy any AuthType Basic AuthUserFile /etc/httpd/conf/htpasswd.. groups AuthName "Secure data".. ScriptAlias /secure/ "/home/httpd/html/secure/".. The first group of lines establishes the options allowed for the `secure' directory, including that it can contain CGI programs.. The lines following that establish that only users in the Apache password file can access the contents of the directory, with the exception that this server is allowed to access the directory without authentication.. This last bit is important because DODS servers sometimes make requests to themselves (e.. , when generating an ASCII response) but don't pass on the authentication information.. *.. Regarding the 'Satisfy any' directive, Brock Murch says:.. I thought that one needed an "Allow from all" since I want my users to connect from anywhere, which would have necessitated a "satisfy all" since I needed the passwd authentication as well.. I didn't know that the "Deny from all" would still allow anyone in so long as the AuthType etc was included and authentication took place.. Since this is the case a "satisfy any" will do as I have denied all ip access except for the server itself.. The second group of lines secure the data itself from accesses which bypass the DODS server.. The ScriptAlias line tells Apache that executable files in the directory are CGIs.. You can also do this by renaming the nph-dods script to nph-dods.. cgi and making sure httpd.. conf contains the line:.. AddHandler cgi-script.. cgi.. The AuthType directive selects the type of authentication used.. Apache 2.. 0 supports 'Basic' and 'Digest' while other servers may also support GSS-Negotiate and NTLM.. Version 3.. 4 of the DAP software supports all these authentication schemes, although only Basic and Digest have been thoroughly tested.. Configuration of Apache 2.. 0 for Digest authentication is slightly different then for Basic authentication, but is explained well in Apache's on line documentation.. Copy the server into the new directory.. Copy the CGI dispatch program and the server filter programs in to the newly created directory.. Use the `installServers' script for this.. The script is available in the etc directory of our source distributions and is also bundled with our binary distributions.. Note that if you're using the extension `.. cgi' to tell Apache that nph-dods is a CGI you must rename nph-dods to nph-dods.. cgi.. If you forget to do that then you will get a Not Found (404) error from the server and debugging information generated by the DODS server won't appear in Apache's error_log even if it has been turned on.. You are done.. Tips.. Here are some tips on setting up secure servers:.. Using the per-directory limit files makes changing limits easier since the server reads those every time it accesses the directory, while changes made to the httpd.. conf file are not read until the server is restarted or sent the HUP signal.. Using httpd.. conf for your security configuration seems more straightforward since all the information is in one place.. Using the installServers script it is easy to set up a suite of DODS servers and then use symbolic links (make sure to turn FollowSymLinks on in httpd.. conf) to `mount' datasets under those servers.. When doing this look for `loops' in Apache's DocumentRoot that will allow users to circumvent your security by accessing data using a different path.. If the protections are set up so that it is impossible for the server host to access the data and/or the DODS server itself, then an infinite loop can result.. This can be frustrating to debug, but if you see that accesses generate an endless series of entries in the access_log file, it is likely that is the problem.. Make sure that you have `allow from.. ' set for both the directory that holds the DODS server and that holds the data.. Also make sure that the server's name is set to the full name of the host.. Configuring a secure DODS server can be frustrating if you're testing the server using a web browser that remembers passwords.. You can turn this feature off in some browers.. Also, the geturl tool supplied with DODS can be useful to test the server since it will not remember passwords between runs.. Thanks.. * Brock Murch.. worked out some thorny configuration details for securing the Apache/DODS combination..

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  • Title: OPeNDAP Mailing Lists | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Mail Lists.. OPeNDAP Mailing Lists.. OPeNDAP encourages users to get involved.. Please feel free to join the lists below and learn about and contribute to OPeNDAP as much as you desire.. NOTE.. : At the start of December 2010 we switched from a mailman server to Google Groups.. Until we move the mailman archives into the Groups, we will have links to both on this page.. For information prior to Dec 2010, you wil have to search the old mailman Archives.. We apologize for the inconvenience.. The OPeNDAP support archive.. [.. Email OPeNDAP Support support at opendap.. org.. ] [.. Support rchive (before Dec 2010).. ][.. Group (Dec 2010 onward).. ].. This is an archive of all the support questions and their answers.. The OPeNDAP technical mailing list.. ( opendap-tech  ...   [.. Announce Archives.. This list provides a way for us to contact users, and those who run our servers.. This is a very low-traffic list, only OPeNDAP can post to it and we will limit our posts to only those that contain very important time-sensitive information.. We are making these limits because we want everyone who uses our software to subscribe.. The other lists will carry the day-to-day traffic.. The OPeNDAP mailing list.. ( OPeNDAP at opendap.. Low Traffic [.. OPeNDAP Archives.. ] This list is for discussions of all things OPeNDAP: Data; Policy; and Community efforts.. It s fine to use this list to ask questions, but the.. support@opendap.. org.. email address is more appropriate for detailed questions and the.. opendap-tech.. list (below) is probably a better place for technical discussions..

    Original link path: /getinvolved?q=maillists
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  • Title: Documentation | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Documentation.. User documentation.. Information for users and implementers of DAP2 clients and/or servers.. Design documentation.. Information covering the design of OPeNDAP s software.. Project documentation.. Includes funded proposals, workshop notes, and presentations.. Many of these documents are old and no longer describe the software correctly.. In general, the concepts they describe are correct, but many of the details have changed since these were written.. If you have specific questions please contact us at.. Thanks for your patience while we work to update these!.. What s new in OPeNDAP.. News and announcements about the current state of the OPeNDAP project.. Quick Start Guide.. Getting started with the OPeNDAP Software.. User s Guide.. Provides a full description of the OPeNDAP Software, and all the information needed to use a client, as well as to create clients, convert existing applications into clients, and set up servers.. Hyrax Data Server Documentation.. How to install a server.. DODS FreeForm Server User Manual.. Updated Feb 2006.. Describes the DODS FreeForm server.. DODS Catalog/Aggregation Server Guide.. Describes an old version of the.. THREDDS Catalog/Aggregation Server.. , a service designed to create logical groupings of individual data files.. Even though the documentation is old, it may still be of some use.. However, make sure to check for newer documentation at the THREDDS site (follow the above link).. Some of the non-reference documents are old and no longer describe the software correctly.. DODS C++ Programmer s Guide.. and.. DODS C++ Programming Reference.. Provides information about the core software, programming tools, and the DAP (Data Access Protocol) classes.. Porting Code to libdap 3.. 5.. (PDF).. How to port your 3.. 4 (and older) code to libdap 3.. Many of the new methods in libdap 3..  ...   as a Recommended Standard (submitted on 8/8/2004, accepted 10/8/2007).. The official NASA.. ESE/RFC distribution point for DAP2.. may provide a more up to date version and also has additional documentation regarding NASA/ESE s adoption of DAP2 as a community standard.. DODS Java Design Documents.. An assortment of design documents on the DODS Java code.. DODS Data Access Protocol, DRAFT, version 4 (DAP4).. A DRAFT technical description of the DODS Data Access Protocol, version 4 (DAP4).. DAP Web Services (DRAFT).. (.. pdf.. ).. This white paper describes how we re looking at continuing to develop the OPeNDAP web services.. The white paper contains a brief description of the REST and RPC architectures as well as SOAP/WSDL technology and two potential interfaces we can deploy.. This is a description of different choices we think are interesting, not a set in stone design.. DODS Ancillary Information Service SRS.. The requirements document for the AIS.. These papers are older and are here mostly to provide background and context for our current designs and implementations.. Don t expect them to hold true to the current state of the software!.. Data Delivery Architecture.. An overview of the architecture of the communication between the DODS client and server.. Data Delivery Design.. The design for communication between the DODS client and server.. Uniform Resource Locators.. The specification for the use and extension of URLs in the DODS system.. Data Access Protocol.. The methodology for exchanging data between the DODS client and server.. These documents provide a context for the DODS project.. Refereed Papers.. CODATA Data Science Journal.. An account of metadata issues encountered in the development of OPeNDAP software, including the metadata taxonomy used in the project.. To download the OPeNDAP paper directly, click.. here..

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  • Title: OPeNDAP Software Wish List | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: Get Involved.. Developer Blogs.. Forums.. Software from other groups.. OPeNDAP Trac.. Developer s TWiki.. › OPeNDAP Software Wish List.. OPeNDAP Software Wish List.. The DODS and NVODS OPeNDAP projects have long been Open Source.. Members of the user community are encouraged to support them.. One way to do this is to contribute to the development of the software (other ways include spreading the word about the projects and their goals and/or serving data).. Here is a list of changes and additions to our software that we have identified as desirable.. This is is not meant to be exclusive! If you have an idea for a new feature, or would like to see an existing feature changed, please jump right in --- we will be happy to work with you to ensure that your work will become part of the project.. Changes/Additions to the DAP itself:.. Remove the dependency on libxdr.. We could adopt the netCDF xdr-replacement code, for example.. This change would simplify building the DAP on non-Unix platforms.. Integrate transmission of compressed  ...   can be broken into several steps and each will yield significant improvements in server performance or robustness.. Complete the netCDF file output tool.. Write HDF4, HDF5, Matlab and IDL file output tools.. Extend the current statistics-gathering code.. We'd like to switch to a DODS-only log file to simplify analysis of server usage data.. Servers:.. Write tests for the HDF5 server.. Our servers use a hodge-podge of testing schemes.. Typically a server must be completely installed before the tests can be run.. End-to-end tests are needed, but it's possible to use the geturl tool bundled with the DAP to test servers without installing them.. It would be a boon to the project if the tests were modified to uniformly use this in-place testing of the servers.. Write a Perl interface to the C++ DAP.. This could be done using SWIG (a suggestion from Steve Hankin) or by creating a C interface and gluing Perl to that or.. No matter how it is done, a Perl interface to the DAP would be a huge plus..

    Original link path: /getinvolved?q=OPeNDAP_Software_Wish_List
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  • Title: Hyrax 1.8.3 - A major rewrite of the HDF5 handler | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: Blogs.. jimg s blog.. 8.. 3 - A major rewrite of the HDF5 handler.. Thu, 06/14/2012 - 14:20 —.. jimg.. Release 1.. 3 of Hyrax is for the HDF5 handler rewrite.. The HDF Group, under a grant from NASA, have completed a major rewrite of the HDF5 handler for Hyrax.. The new software no longer uses compile-time switches; instead it now uses  ...   all anyone needs and everyone can experiment with the new features.. In short, the new features enable the software to read many more HDF5 files than before and to render them as CF-compliant data.. This will greatly enhance interoperability with the large number of client applications that understand CF.. Get the new handler from the.. 8 release.. page.. 1.. 8 1.. 3 HDF5..

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  • Title: Matlab command update | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: Matlab command update.. Thu, 05/31/2012 - 12:35 —.. We have released an updated version of the.. loaddap.. command.. This update fixes a few problems with recent versions of Matlab and includes tests that work without an extra, third-party, testing framework.. Go to.. to get the new release or.. download.. to see all of our software downloads..

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  • Title: First beta release of the OPeNDAP WCS Service | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: ndp s blog.. First beta release of the OPeNDAP WCS Service.. Thu, 03/08/2012 - 16:29 —.. ndp.. Announcing the first beta release of the OPeNDAP WCS Service.. This service supports WCS 1.. 1 and is designed to be used in conjunction with one or more Hyrax data servers.. The Hyrax servers may be either local or remote to the WCS service.. The WCS services uses semantic web technologies to create mappings between DAP data sets and WCS Coverages.. More information on the download page:.. http://www.. opendap.. org/download/wcs..

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  • Title: Hyrax 1.8.2 Update | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: 2 Update.. Fri, 03/02/2012 - 16:28 —.. We have pushed out an update for the Hyrax 1.. 8 release with fixes for the front end component of the server.. All you need to do for this update is grab the OLFS package a Web ARchvie (war) file and drop it into tomcat s webapps directory; no need to restart the server.. Get the update from the.. page (where there is more information about the fixes) or.. release..

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  • Title: HDF5 handler 1.5.1 Released | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: HDF5 handler 1.. 1 Released.. Wed, 02/01/2012 - 13:57 —.. I have released a bug fix update for the HDF5 Handler.. This update includes fixes for the new H5.. IgnoreUnknowTypes option and some (rare) uses of the varying length string type.. In some cases the did not correctly ignore (really elide) 64-bit intergers when the H5.. IgnoreUnknowTypes option was set.. That s been fixed.. At the same time, the set of things that the option applies to has been expanded to include certain types of errors that the HDF5 API will flag as fatal but really aren  ...   size, this will be flagged as an error by HDF5.. When H5.. IgnoreUnknownTypes is true, the handler will ignore that error.. This is a bit of a stretch for an option that calls itself Ignore Unknown Types since this case is not an Unknown Type , but I thought it was better not to introduce a new option for so closely-related a case.. Also included in the update is a fix for HDF5 attribtues that use the varying length string data type.. In some cases attributes of that type had garbage for values.. See the.. Hyrax download page..

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  • Title: OLFS-1.9.1 Released. | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: OLFS-1.. Fri, 01/27/2012 - 13:18 —.. Released OLFS-1.. 1 -.. I just updated the current OLFS release for Hyrax 1.. We found a couple of small issues in the OLFS-1.. 0 code and wanted to push a patch out right away.. This does not affect the overall Hyrax version.. If you have already downloaded Hyrax-1.. 0 you only need to update your OLFS distribution to the 1.. 1 package to get the full benefit of this upgrade.. The downloads are available here..

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  • Archived pages: 580