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  • Title: Hyrax Release 1.8.0 Pending | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: ›.. Blogs.. ndp s blog.. Hyrax Release 1.. 8.. 0 Pending.. Tue, 01/10/2012 - 16:41 —.. ndp.. We are almost ready to freeze the code base for the upcoming release of Hyrax 1.. 0.. So far the WCS code is still getting qualified and small bugs are being fixed everywhere.. 1.. to post comments..

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  • Title: Fixing broken URLs | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: jimg s blog.. Fixing broken URLs.. Thu, 09/08/2011 - 11:28 —.. jimg.. Since moving from the old web site to this one we often get messages from people that say link X is now broken.. In almost all cases link X looks like.. www.. opendap.. org/someplace/page.. html.. and you ve probably noticed that Drupal pages don t end in.. For example, I got a message that.. org/download/hyrax.. was broken.. The fix for this is to alias the broken URL to the correct Drupal node.. Making an alias.. Login using an account that has admin privileges and go to Administer: Site building.. Down near the bottom of the list of options, you ll see URL Aliases.. Go there.. In many cases the correct link (e.. g.. , download/hyrax) is actually already an alias; you cannot alias an alias.. Look for the node/ number value for the page (e.. , node/71) and make an alias to that so that  ...   or the veiw on the right where the links for actually downloading the server reside! Bummer.. Another way.. Make a redirect using Apache.. I ve added the rewrite rule: RewriteRule ^(.. *)\.. html$ $1 [R,L] to our apache conf file.. This rule takes any request for a page ending in.. html and redirects the request to a URL that does not end in.. html (using HTTP s 302 response, which is the default return code for a rewrite rule - that s what the R in the optins means).. Yet Another way.. It turns out that you can move an entire tree of old (i.. , static) content into the drupal tree and apache will gladly serve it.. For example, the entire software archive is softlinked into the drupal directory and you can browse it just fine.. Don t do this with single links; use this for things link the RPM/tar.. gz downloads or the PDF papers..

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  • Title: Additions to the Drupal site | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: Additions to the Drupal site.. Tue, 07/19/2011 - 16:16 —.. I've made a number of additions to the web site, particularly by adding modules that provide custom behavior.. At the same time, I'd like to try using a blog to document the new features.. New Modules.. content_access.. Version: 6.. x-1.. 2.. This module provides access control that is both content-type and node-specific.. To set the access controls for a given kind of content, login as the administrator and go to Home Administer Content management.. Once there, select a particular kind of content (e.. , Story) and in the page that is shown choose.. Access control.. Set the default access controls for nodes of that type.. To enable node-specific access control, check the.. Enable per content node access control settings.. under.. Per content node access control settings.. This module enables us to write pages, stories, blogs, et c.. , that only users who are logged in can read (like this one).. customerror.. 1.. This module implements better 404 and 403 responses for the site.. It is configured using.. Home Administer Site configuration Custom error.. page.. The 404/403 pages can contain php and, most importantly, do not get included in the site statistics as successfully deliverd pages.. Also, this modules supports.. redirects.. without hacking the Apache conf file.. freelinking.. 10.. This was added because it can be used by the PEARWiki module (although I have it turned off now).. Could be removed?.. google_analytics.. x-3.. 3.. This module I added some time ago.. We can use Google Analytics to track  ...   hand.. site_verify.. I added this to simplfy site verification for the xmlsitemap and Google Analytics modules.. Could probably be removed.. views.. x-2.. 12.. This module is used to build things like the list of Hyrax releases shown in the right sidebar of teh download/hyrax page (although in that particlar case, using the Views module might be moot since the new organizatio has a fixed set of 'stories' that appear there.. However, the content on the front page where the most recent Stories (and Blogs?) appear is also a block controlled with/by Views.. To see that's the case you have to go to the View page under.. Administrator Site building.. xmlsitemap.. 0-beta3.. Builds a site map that conforms to.. 's specification (whcih Google, Bing, et c.. , all claim to grok.. Modules added by Ryan or Nehal.. These are modules that either Ryan Scot or Nehal Bathani added during the time they spent working on the site.. advanced_help.. Provides context-sensitive help for modules.. features/dt>.. I'm not sure I understand this module.. flexifilter.. This was added because it is a requirement of the mediawiki input format.. It might be that it we adopt the PEARWiki input format we can remove the other two wiki-based input formats and this module too.. Those formats are very limited compared to the PEARWiki code.. (Of course, the PEARWiki code is harder to maintain.. ).. securepages.. This implements SSL pages.. securepages_prevent_hijack.. 6.. This does what it's name suggests.. menu_breadcrumb.. Nehal added this.. It implements the 'breadcrumbs'.. wikitools.. This is required by flexifilter and PEARWiki..

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  • Title: Blogs | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › Blogs.. 3 - A major rewrite of the HDF5 handler.. Thu, 06/14/2012 - 14:20 —.. Release 1.. 3 of Hyrax is for the HDF5 handler rewrite.. The HDF Group, under a grant from NASA, have completed a major rewrite of the HDF5 handler for Hyrax.. The new software no longer uses compile-time switches; instead it now uses a small set of run-time options.. This means one binary distribution is all anyone needs and everyone can experiment with the new features.. In short, the new features enable the software to read many more HDF5 files than before and to render them as CF-compliant data.. 8 1.. 3 HDF5.. Read more.. Matlab command update.. Thu, 05/31/2012 - 12:35 —.. We have released an updated version of the.. loaddap.. command.. This update fixes a few problems with recent versions of Matlab and includes tests that work without an extra, third-party, testing framework.. Go to.. to get the new release or.. download.. to see all of our software downloads.. First beta release of the OPeNDAP WCS Service.. Thu, 03/08/2012 - 16:29 —.. Announcing the first beta release of the OPeNDAP WCS Service.. This service supports WCS 1.. 1 and is designed to be used in  ...   the update from the.. 8 release.. page (where there is more information about the fixes) or.. here.. release.. Matlab 2012a Includes OPeNDAP Support.. Fri, 03/02/2012 - 12:44 —.. Matlab 2012a Includes Built-in Support for OPeNDAP!.. Matlab 2012a was released on March 1 and includes the netcdf 4.. 2 library with OPeNDAP support turned on! This means that any OPeNDAP-served dataset that can be read with common netcdf applications (Panoply, Ferret, GrADS, IDV, ) can now be read using Matlab.. HDF5 handler 1.. 5.. 1 Released.. Wed, 02/01/2012 - 13:57 —.. I have released a bug fix update for the HDF5 Handler.. This update includes fixes for the new H5.. IgnoreUnknowTypes option and some (rare) uses of the varying length string type.. OLFS-1.. Fri, 01/27/2012 - 13:18 —.. Released OLFS-1.. 1 -.. I just updated the current OLFS release for Hyrax 1.. We found a couple of small issues in the OLFS-1.. 0 code and wanted to push a patch out right away.. This does not affect the overall Hyrax version.. If you have already downloaded Hyrax-1.. 0 you only need to update your OLFS distribution to the 1.. 1 package to get the full benefit of this upgrade.. The downloads are available here..

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  • Title: Drupal | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: Forums.. Drupal.. to post new content in the forum.. Topic.. Replies.. Created.. Last reply.. Taxonomy structure and function.. 0.. 2 years 25 weeks ago.. by.. n/a..

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  • Title: General Discussion | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: General Discussion..

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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions - Developers | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. Developers.. Frequently Asked Questions - Developers.. This category holds FAQ items for developers.. It covers revision control, development process, et cetera.. I m working on software checked out of SVN, how do I commit my changes to a new branch?.. Short answer: Use copy and then switch.. In the code you have - a local working copy - use svn copy to put a copy of that code into the repository at a new URL:.. svn copy.. new URL.. Then, still in the working directory, use svn switch :.. svn switch new URL.. This will create new URL in the repository, dump you stuff there and then switch the local copy so that subsequent svn commands use new URL.. How do I build the HDF4 library so that it will link with the Hyrax HDF4 handler?.. To build hdf4 so that it will link with our handler you have to do several things just a little differently than a normal build.. Build the jpeg library specially.. Build the HDF4 library specially.. Optionally, build hdf-eos2.. Here s how:.. Assumption: $prefix is the root of a shrew source checkout.. If you re not using the shrew SVN project, then you should read the explanation.. The short version, without explanation:.. For jpeg-6b:.. /configure CFLAGS= -O2 -fPIC --prefix=$prefix/deps/jpeg-6b; make; make install.. For HDF4:.. /configure --disable-fortran --enable-production --enable-shared --disable-netcdf --with-jpeg=$prefix/src/dependencies/src/jpeg-6b,$prefix/src/dependencies/src/jpeg-6b --prefix=$prefix/deps/hdf-4.. 5; make; make install.. For hdf-eos2:.. /configure CC=/$prefix/deps/hdf-4.. 5/bin/h4cc --disable-fortran --enable-production --enable-install-include --with-pic --with-hdf4=$prefix/deps/hdf-4.. 5 --prefix=$prefix/deps/hdf-eos2; make; make install.. Now with more words:.. To build the jpeg library, get a fresh source distribution of the jpeg-6b source (later versions might work).. When you configure the jpeg source, set the environment variable CFLAGS like this CFLAGS= -O2 -fPIC.. You can do that all on one command line by running configure like:.. /configure CFLAGS= -O2 -fPIC --prefix=/some/special/place.. The value of the --prefix option determines where the four executable programs will be installed; the library (a static library) and includes will stay in the source directory.. When you build HDF4, use the following options to configure: disable-fortran, enable-production, enable-shared, disable-netcdf, with-jpeg and prefix.. Of those enable-shared and with-jpeg are the ones you absolutely must have; the others are simpley a good idea.. Again, this is for a copy of HDF4 that will be used only by the Hyrax server.. The configure command looks like:.. /configure --disable-fortran --enable-production --enable-shared --disable-netcdf --with-jpeg=/the/jpeg-6b/source/dir,/the/jpeg-6b/source/dir --prefix=$prefix.. Pay special attention to the --with-jpeg option s value: It is the path to the source directory, listed twice (if instead you list just one directory, hdf4 expects to find the lib in /path/lib and the includes in /path/include, so you ll have to make those dirs and copy the library and includes by hand).. Note that we don t recommend using the --with-szip option because few files use that and it will break linking with hdf-eos.. Once built, install the library and you re ready to build the handler or.. Build the hdf-eos2 library.. For this build you will need to tell configure to use a non-standard compiler and provide a fair number of other options.. You change compilers using a special value for the CC environment variable.. Here s how you run configure:.. /configure CC=/home/jimg/src/hyrax_1.. 8_release/deps/hdf-4.. 5/bin/h4cc --disable-fortran --enable-production --enable-install-include --with-pic --with-hdf4=/path/to/hdf4 --prefix=/path/for/hdf-eos2.. I tried autoreconf and it didn t work.. What now?.. You need very recent version of the auto tools.. Here s what I m using:.. [jimg@zoey libdap]$ autoconf --version autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.. 68 Written by David J.. MacKenzie and Akim Demaille.. [jimg@zoey libdap]$ automake --version automake (GNU automake) 1.. 11.. 1 Written by Tom Tromey tromey@redhat.. com.. [jimg@zoey libdap]$ libtool --version ltmain.. sh (GNU libtool) 2.. On the mac (OS/X) all three tools are present, but generally the versions are old and in the way; update to new versions.. By default, the source packages build very easily and install into /usr/local/{bin,lib,.. } and will not break other things.. Make sure to add.. /usr/local/bin.. to $PATH in your  ...   svn ci.. to commit that change.. Until then, the file is in limbo and things like.. svn up.. and.. svn copy.. have no affect.. So first, complete the deletion and then use.. copy.. as follows:.. [jimg@zoey libdap]$ svn rm NEWS D NEWS [jimg@zoey libdap]$ svn ci NEWS Deleting NEWS [jimg@zoey libdap]$ svn copy -r 11906.. NEWS A NEWS [jimg@zoey libdap]$ svn ci NEWS Adding NEWS Committed revision 11934.. How do I back out a change?.. When you ve made a change and committed it to the repository and now you want to reverse that change.. The best way to remove it is to use the.. merge.. Suppose that you want to reverse a change in a in.. file.. c.. that s been recently committed.. Suppose the current version of.. is 5 and the version just before your change is 4.. You use the following to remove that change:.. svn merge -r 5:4 file.. How do I make a new project under /trunk?.. Create the directory you d like to add and then use the.. import.. When you import a new project and you want it to appear as /trunk/.. new_project.. , make sure to append the.. directory name to the URL you pass to svn import.. Here s an example of adding a new project named.. svn-tools.. :.. otaku:~ jimg$ mkdir svn-tools create/add files to the new directory otaku:~ jimg$ svn import -m New import svn-tools.. org/svn/trunk/svn-tools.. Adding svn-tools/svn_binary Adding svn-tools/svn_exec Adding svn-tools/svn_text Committed revision 11550.. otaku:~ jimg$.. When I check out code that contains two files with names that differ only in case, subversion gags with some odd message about the file not exisitng.. The checkout works fine on Linux.. The problem is that the default Mac OS/X HFS file system is case-.. insensitive.. -but-case-preserving.. Check out on linux, rename (svn mv) the files and the checkout will work on the Mac.. Or install a case-.. sensitive.. HFS on your Mac.. Subclipse on Mac OS/X doesn t work.. On the Mac (OS/X), to get the Eclipse subversion plugin to work, choose the command line interface mode, not the default based on javahl (JNI).. You ll the subversion client installed for this to work.. Goto Eclipse-- Preferences- Team- SVN.. What about CVS keywords?.. The Log keyword doesn t work with subversion.. See the subversion FAQ for explanation.. We should still use the $Id$ keyword; set the property svn:keyword Id (or use the svn_text script above).. How do I prevent CamelCase words I use from being flagged as wiki pages ?.. When entering a message string when checking code into Subversion, entering text on a wiki page or anywhere else where WikiFormatting is allowed UpperCamelCase words are automatically flagged as wiki pages.. Frequently, this is not the intent.. This feature be turned off by preceeding UpperCamelCase words with a !!.. How do I check changes back into subversion?.. Use the.. commit.. or.. ci.. sub command inside a directory that s already been checked out.. You should set the environment variable.. SVN_EDITOR.. so that svn knows how to prompt for comments.. svn ci.. How do I update code that s previously been checked out?.. Inside the directory that s been checked out, use the.. update.. up.. subcommand:.. How do I checkout code from subversion?.. Using the svn client, you d use the checkout or co sub command like this to checkout the libdap project code:.. svn co https://scm.. org:/svn/trunk/libdap.. How do I get help for the svn command line client?.. Use.. svn help.. svn help sub command.. How can I make/update a ChangeLog without lots of boring work?.. Easy.. First, make sure.. all your commit logs contain the names of the files being committed,.. then use the.. update_cl.. sh.. described above.. You might want to use Emacs to wrap the lines, but aside from that, the script will take only seconds to make a very useful ChangeLog file.. as long as you have included the names of the files in your commit logs..

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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions - General | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: General.. Frequently Asked Questions - General.. What is the OPeNDAP software?.. See our web page.. How do I make my data accessible?.. Available OPeNDAP servers are listed on our.. "Available OPeNDAP Servers".. web page.. If your data is in a format for which an OPeNDAP server has already been written, simply.. download the appropriate server.. and install it on your machine.. (See the.. User's Guide.. for details on how to install a server.. ).. If your data is not in a format with an existing server, you have two options.. First, you can describe your data using the.. FreeForm.. data description language.. Once you can describe your data with FreeForm, you can use the FreeForm server to make your data available.. The second option would be to write a new server for your data format.. The difficulty of this task would depend on the complexity of your data format.. For developing a server in C++, see the.. Programmer's Guide.. and the.. Programmer's Reference.. and the tutorial.. Writing a Server.. for more information.. For developing a server in Java, see the.. OPeNDAP Java JavaDocs.. Please contact us at.. support@unidata.. ucar.. edu.. to discuss the options before you begin.. What is the data format of OPeNDAP servers encoded ?.. The data of OPeNDAP server's response is encoded using the XDR standard (eXternal Data Representation), and packed into the second part of the response document.. For more information on XDR, see.. Internet RFC 1014.. For further details, see.. OPeNDAP Programmer's Guide Section A.. What servers are available?.. See our.. How do I look at data using OPeNDAP software?.. Available OPeNDAP clients are listed on our.. "Available OPeNDAP Clients".. Many of the available clients come OPeNDAP enabled.. Several of them need to be relinked with the OPeNDAP libraries.. Any application that can dereference a URL can be used as a simple OPeNDAP client.. For instance, a standard web browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer can be used to look at various aspects of a OPeNDAP dataset.. description of how to access OPeNDAP data with a browser.. Several spreadsheet applications (e.. , MS Excel and the StarOffice spreadsheet) can also be used as clients.. They still do not have any specific knowledge of the special capabilities of the servers but are more data savvy than completely genereic Web clients.. description of how to access data from an OPeNDAP server with a spreadsheet.. What clients are available?.. "Available OPeNDAP clients".. What is the version of.. ?.. A few possibilities:.. Run.. ident.. on a particular program.. This will give you the RCS $Id $ information for the pieces of software that make up that program.. For checking the version of a server, see the question.. How do I find a server's version?.. In Matlab or IDL run.. loaddods.. with the '-V' option.. What are the current versions of the OPeNDAP software?.. See our current.. Software Downloads.. What happens when an old (core 2.. 22 or before) client talks to a new (core 3.. 0 or after) server?.. The major change in the core software from version 2.. 22 to 3.. 0 is the addition  ...   list of known datasets.. at the top of that page, under the title, click on "Click here to submit a dataset" This will bring up a form asking for the basic information.. Fill out the form and submit it.. If there is other information you would like to provide to potential users, contact user support at.. OPeNDAP datasets automatically provide web pages to access the data.. The page is basic, and provides no special information about the dataset beyond the variables in it.. The next step in providing intelligent access for users is to.. Create a web page that describes the data and provides access to the data through OPeNDAP.. Examples of such pages are given on the NVODS site:.. http://nvods.. Click on the "Data Access Routes" button and go down the page to "Individual Data Provider Sites".. Examples of pages devised and served by various data providers are given there.. Once you have created and served such a page,.. let us know at:.. contact@nvods.. and we will add your page to the list if is appropriate to NVODS list.. Make sure that the web page you created provides direct OPeNDAP access to the dataset.. We will work with you to write an appropriate news release to broadcast on the DODS, NVODS, and OPeNDAP web sites.. OPeNDAP is a partner in the DODS (Earth Science Information Partner) in the ESIP Federation.. We will work with you to write an "ESIP Nugget" to send to the Federation for their publicity machine.. See esipfed.. org for more information about the Federation.. How do I get data as ASCII (or NetCDF).. For a given URL (e.. , http://test.. org/dap/data/nc/coads_climatology.. nc) and a given variable in that data set (e.. , SST), you would ask for a those data to be returned as ASCII using the following:.. http://test.. nc.. ascii?SST.. Note that you can take the base URL (http://test.. nc) and append '.. html' to it and get a web page that provides a way to see the names of the variables in a data file, a way to build up more complex constraints interactively and to get those data in several different formats, including ASCII and NetCDF, from any recent DAP server such as Hyrax.. Another way to get data as a NetCDF file is to use a client that can access OPeNDAP data and knows how to output netCDF files.. A simple example is the NCO (NetCDF Operators) package like this:.. ncks http://test.. nc?SST out.. The NCO package supplies various command line tools for manipulating netCDF files and can be made OPeNDAP aware.. See our "Available OPeNDAP Clients" web page for more information on NCO.. Notes:.. * NCO tools can also be used to dump data in ASCII (like the OPeNDAP '.. asc' extension) or IEEE binary format.. * In this example, the client expects to be passed a DAP URL, so the response format component is not used (i.. , ''coads_climatology.. nc'' is used with a DAP-aware client like NCO, while ''coads_climatology.. ascii'' is used with a browser that does not contain special code to process the DAP URL)..

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  • Title: What Will OPeNDAP Do For Me? | OPeNDAP
    Descriptive info: › What Will OPeNDAP Do For Me?.. What Will OPeNDAP Do For Me?.. OPeNDAP allows you to access remote data over the internet.. using familiar data analysis and visualization packages like:.. Matlab.. Ferret.. IDL.. For other available clients, see our.. partial list of OPeNDAP clients.. without worrying about data storage formats.. accessing only the data of interest.. OPeNDAP allows you to make your data available remotely.. Your data can be in a variety of data format, including netCDF and HDF.. For other available formats, see our.. partial list of OPeNDAP servers..

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  • Title: DODS Programmers Guide -- Index
    Descriptive info: Go backward to.. B Overview of the DODS Client.. Go up to.. Contents.. Go forward to.. Footnotes.. Index.. Symbols.. A.. B.. C.. D.. E.. F.. G.. H.. I.. J K.. L.. M.. N.. O.. P.. Q.. R.. S.. T.. U.. V.. W.. X Y Z.. asc(ii)|see(asc).. info|see(info).. ver|see(ver).. ancillary data.. API!implementing.. application!linking.. Array class.. asc!URL suffix.. ASCII data.. ASCII!CGI.. asciival.. ascii|see(asc).. attribute data.. attribute information.. attribute tables.. attribute!table.. AttrTable class.. BaseType class.. buf2val.. Byte class.. cache!DDS.. cache!objects.. caching.. CGI 1.. 1 standard.. CGI!ASCII.. CGI!data.. CGI!dispatch.. CGI!example dispatch.. CGI!example filter.. CGI!filter.. CGI!usage.. cgi-dir!DODS Dispatch method.. cgi-util functions.. class!Array.. class!BaseType.. class!Byte.. class!Connect.. class!Float32.. class!Float64.. class!Grid.. class!Int16.. class!Int32.. class!List.. class!Sequence.. class!Str.. class!Structure.. class!UInt16.. class!UInt32.. class!URL.. class!Vector.. client library.. client library!building.. client library!close.. client library!open.. client library!read.. client library!variable information.. client library!write.. client-server connection.. close!client library.. command!DODS Dispatch method.. compound.. compound types!sub-classing.. Connect class.. Connect class!request data.. Connect class!sub-classing.. Connect class!sub-classing!example.. connection!managing.. Connections class.. constraint expression.. constraint expression!evaluation.. constraint expression!example.. copy function.. DAS class.. DAS filter!CGI.. DAS object.. DAS!diagram.. DAS!internal vs.. external representation..  ...   contents.. DODSFilter Class.. DODS Dispatch.. expression!constraint.. extension!DODS Dispatch method.. filename!DODS Dispatch method.. filter.. filter CGI.. filter!CGI example.. filter!data.. filter!netCDF.. filter!writing.. Float64 class.. global attribute.. Grid class.. info.. service.. info!URL suffix.. installation notes!how to write.. Int32 class.. libraries!object.. linking!application.. List class.. local access.. map vectors.. netCDF filter.. non-parsing header.. nph-|see(non-parsing header).. object libraries.. object persistence.. object!DAS.. object!DDS.. objects!cache.. open!client library.. open!using Connect class.. performance improvement.. Perl!dispatch class.. persistence!object.. print error message!DODS Dispatch method.. print help message!DODS Dispatch method.. projection!constraint expression.. ptr duplicate.. query!DODS Dispatch method.. read function.. read!client library.. request data.. script!DODS Dispatch method.. selection!constraint expression.. Sequence class.. Sequence!translation.. server!building.. server!documentation!how to write.. Service!Usage.. simple.. simple types!sub-classing.. state.. Str class.. Structure class.. sub-classing!compound types.. sub-classing!Connect.. sub-classing!example.. sub-classing!simple types.. sub-classing!type classes.. sub-classing!vector types.. suffix!.. info.. toolkit!contents.. translation!data model.. Type Hierarchy.. typographic conventions.. UInt32 class.. URL class.. URL suffix.. URL suffix!asc.. URL suffix!info.. URL suffix!ver.. usage data!how to write.. usage service.. usage!CGI.. val2buf.. variable information!client library.. Vector class.. vector types!sub-classing.. ver!URL suffix.. virtual connection.. write!client library.. writing!filter.. Tom Sgouros, July 2, 2004..

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  • Title: DODS Programmers Guide -- Preface
    Descriptive info: 0.. 1 Who is this Guide for?.. Preface.. 2 Organization of this Document.. 3 Conventions..

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